Greg and Charlie Pictures

These are not in chronological order...

(Click on image for larger picture.... most of the time)

This is Charlie, by our treehouse

This is Greg looking out of the dinning room

Greg and Charlie, at Jim and Diane's wedding!

Greg in Coronado Island

Greg and Nick went to Coronado island!

This is at David and Lance's housewarming party in Flagstaff, 2002.

Halloween 1998, at our house!

This is Charlie as Mr. Hyde

Greg as Dr. Jekyl

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde!

This is overlooking a beautiful Plateau, in PrinceVille Kauaii, 1999.

The balcony of our timeshare on the North Shore of Kauai, 1999

Looking out from the balcony in Kauaii

On the Beach in Kauaii

Kauaii agagin

A Lighthouse in Kauaii

A Luau in Kauaii....

1/2 way up the volcano... at the top, you couldn't see ANYTHING!

The next several pictures are from our trips to
LaCenter, Washington, at Steve and Anthony's home

This is July/August 2001

The back stairwell

Charlie in Orange...

The front room

What a fireplace!!

The back 'yard' of Steve and Anthony's home

Nice Flower!

I Think this is a mill in La Center, we found while hiking.

There's the mill in the background. What a beautiful area!

I get to mow!!!

Charlie reading in the great room

Out back

This is Charlie's graduation day, 1999!!!

This is at Jim and Diane's pre-wedding party!

This is Seattle Washington,
Friday November 17th, to Friday November 24th, 2000...
to visit our friend Kelly

The Troll



Back home, in our treehouse

This is our UNION Day! 1987!!

This starts a bunch of pictures from Washington again,
June 27 through July 7 2002...

Steve and Anthony's gardens


I went tubing! That was exhausting!!!

The columbia River, on a trip with Steve Hill!