Friends and Family

(Click on picture for large image... most of the time)

Greg and his mom in Atlanta, 2001

Another shot in Atlanta, at the trade show

Adam's 30th Birthday!!!

Adam's 30th Birthday

More of the 30th...

Starting to loosen up!


These are really big BLOW UP photos of Adam as a youth, that his mom sent to us! Very Fun!!

Anthony petting his cats.

Greg's art at Art One in Scottsdale

More art

Nick and Zane all dressed up!

One of Nick's Fabulous Parties!

This is a friend from highschool! Colleen Griffin!

Colleen mugging for the camera



David and Lance's Housewarming party in Flagstaff, 2002...

Zane at the housewarming... getting warm!


This is Greg and Bill Urban dressed up for Halloween in 1980!!!

The next several photos are from Jim and Diane's wedding, and the following reception!

Later that night, in the MEN'S Bathroom!!

Peter promised he's wear Gold-Lamay

Absolutely beautiful!

The Men's bathroom again

Melaina and Greg

The next several photos are from our trip to Kauaii, in 1999. Our friend Tom Williamson came with us!!

The beach

Our friend Kelly serving dinner!

Nick and Mark, on Mark's Birthday, 2003

Nick on a tour!!!

Nick is our most colorfull friend!

Nick again

Nick as Richard Simmons!

Churchlady getting carried away...

Richard Simmons getting Throttled by Alice Cooper!

Nick with.... ladies of the night.

Greg his Dad and Helen, in Coronado


Coronado again.

Greg and Nick at Balboa Park

Uncle Mark, Auntie Phyllis, Grandma Rose, and My Dad.

A pool moment

A Renaissance moment

Russ and Greg

Tom with his movie camera, about to shoot a bunch of rabbits!!!

The Rabbits!

Will Green, Tom Williamson, and Greg, at the opening of Generations (Star Trek) (Duh)

Steve Hill had a Great Summer party.... 1997?

Steve Hill's party again

Charlie, Tom, Chris and Greg

Nick doing 'Poppeye'

This is from our House Warming, in 1996. See Nick as Mellonhead?!?!

The next several pics are from a Summer party at our house, 1997...

Ok, These next several, are from Tom Williamson's 40th Birthday party at our house, 1999:

David and Lance


The next several are taken at Chris StClaire's house, during 2001 Thanksgiving Day!

Greg's Family

Annie and Anthony... Anthony is Charlie's Nephew from NewYork, and Annie is his wife from England.

They visited us here in 2001!

Tom and Greg 'pooling'

Ok, now the next few are from Will Green's 50th Birthday party! It was really fun and wild!

This is March 2003, at Will and Adam's housewarming! This is also their new house (duh)