Greg has been working in pottery for decades.

These are Red Clay body hand rolled 'ruffle bowls' with a turkish brown exterior. The 'Happy Accident' is when typical window glass was introduced on top of the interior glaze, and left a ghost image of it's placement as it melted and 'pooled' in the bottom. These are very stunning pieces.

These have been shown, and sold well in Scottsdale Art Galleries.

One of a Kind Red Clay body tea set. Created by a mix of wheel
work, and slab work: : $95.00

(Item: Pottery001)

Smaller Bowl (Dragon Fly imprints): $250.00

(Item: Pottery002)

Smaller Bowl: $250.00

(Item: Pottery003)

Large Bowl: $350.00

(Item: Pottery004)

Small pink/green/black crystal glaze bowl: $200.00
(Item: Pottery005)

Large Bowl: $350.00 (Sold)