Jewelry that excites the soul visually and is constantly changing

Sweet Earth Arts dichroic glass jewelry and art is dynamic, alluring and captivates anyone who gazes upon it. Magically enchanting. The use of dichroic adds a new dimension to your next jewelry selection and purchase. Visually stunning jewelry worn by you making you the extension of our art! Dichroic glass energizes, compels and captivates - it is an amazing material that adds color and intrigue.

Nick Tarr make each piece of jewelry by hand in their Phoenix studio. Their use of dichroic fused designs create a dazzling rainbow of color that changes right before your eyes. They encourage you to view it from a variety of angles, on different backgrounds and in a wide range of lighting and you will see something new every time.

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We are thrilled that one of our dichro pieces has been adapted in another person’s art in the form of a wonderful Black Walnut Native American style flute.

The "totem/bird" on top of the flute is Gary Cremeens carving of an extinct whale that lived 40 million years ago called Protocetus, meaning First Whale which is also the name of this piece.

You might still be asking yourself “What is “Dichroic” Glass?” Dichroic means two colors which make this glass appear to be different colors when viewed from different angles in varying degrees of illumination. Designed for satellites by N.A.S.A. dichroic glass is created by adding a thin layer of metallic oxides which transmit certain light wavelengths while reflecting others, causing an iridescent effect.