The Butcher – part 2

LIVE COP Processing

A few days later Franco was working in the front of the store and looked up to see a young, handsome tall man with black hair with dark deep-set eyes in a police uniform. Franco’s cock began to harden as he gazed upon the hunky uniformed visitor.

Before any words were spoken, Franco could tell the Cop was a well-developed muscular piece of prime beef with broad shoulders and thick thighs. The white blemish-free skin of his face offset by the jet-black hair and dark-set eyes accentuated his handsomeness. Without seeing the rest of his body, it must also be beautifully white and blemish free. Franco thought. A perfect piece of man meat. Franco could see that he was also horse hung. His big hose bulging through the tan uniform pants. The soft fat cylinder of his manhood hung down his right pant leg at least seven inches with its large shelving head shape being forced to show itself thru the fabric. It must be resting over a pair of huge balls. Franco thought. He couldn’t believe his luck. Two prized bulls in less than two weeks. It was difficult not to stare at him and continue to fantasize. Franco finally asked ‘what can I do for you officer?’

‘Hi there, my name is Officer David Adams and I’m looking for a possible missing person named Paul Asher. He’s a big muscular guy that works out at the gym a few blocks away and lives in an apartment down the street. He’s a big beefy guy. If you ever saw him I’m sure you’d remember him.’ The Cop said.

‘Yeah, I do remember him. He used to come in occasionally and buy meat. Haven’t seen him for a week or more.’

‘This isn’t an official investigation. I’m just looking for him on my own. We used to work out together at the gym and seems no one has seen him.’

‘Your hunting for a big bull. He should be easy to find, if he isn’t already ground beef.’

‘Really. After we became friends, he would tell me this strange fantasy that he had about being slaughtered by a butcher for his meat.’ Said the Cop.

‘Well, he was a big fucking bull. He mentioned to me one time about having me take him to a farm and watching the animals being castrated. He had this curiosity about such things.’ Franco said. ‘And, how can I say this delicately, -butchered.’

‘That’s fucking weird for sure.’ The Cop said.

‘I was going to arrange for him to go with me next time I went to the farm and pick out beef and pork for the shop; but, I haven’t seen him for at least a week.’ Franco said. ‘I figure that someone took him up on his plan.’

‘You were going to help him out by taking him to a farm?’ said the Cop.

‘Yeah, I’m disappointed not to have had him go with me and maybe even get some of his meat. I’m sure he would be real tasty. He’s probably consumed by now.’ Franco said laughingly.

‘You’d eat his meat?’ the Cop said.

‘Sure, I’d planned on it for a long time.’

‘I’ll ask around and see if anyone has seen him, Officer.’ Franco said.

‘I was sort of his sponsor and had plans for him. He was the perfect specimen, exactly what I needed. Without his knowing, I had selected him for butchering.’

‘As I said, I’ll ask around.’

‘Rumor has it that you are butchering longpigs occasionally for food and supplying the local Chinese restaurant with these special cuts of meat.’ said the Cop.

’I was planning to fill my personal freezer with that bull’s meat. I became his sponsor so I could select the meat that I desired and needed. I’d like to get you in the backroom. I’d butcher you in a minute. You’re obviously prime beef.’ Franco said.

‘So it’s true? You did butcher him.’ The Cop said.

‘I just gave him what he wanted.’ Franco said. '‘Wow man, I can’t believe you.’

’Why don’t I lock up so I can suck that fucking big dick of yours. It’s just hanging down your pant leg begging for someone to put their mouth around it.’ ’I’m not sure I want a man eater to put his mouth on my dick. ‘You might bite it off.’

’I like my meat cooked. I’d have to cook you before I would eat you.’

’Damn I’m getting so horny listening to your story. You’re really making me fucking hot. I feel as though I could ejaculate down my pants leg. It wants to get out. It wants you to suck out its’ load of cum.’ Said the Cop.

’I can see that. The damn thing is hardening as we speak. The Cop was so horny he was willing risk his safety for a quick blowjob. Thru his pants, the Cop’s big hand gently moved up and down the thick blood filled shaft. Franco could see that the soft seven inches had grown to what appeared to be an even thicker and longer piece of meat, perhaps approaching ten or eleven inches. Even thru the fabric, the helmet shaped head had enlarged to what looked like twice its original size.

’Do you think you can handle this big piece of meat? Suck the semen out of my balls? I’ll warn you when I’m this horny my balls will release several long steams of thick and creamy cum; and, I can shoot a second load within just a few minutes.’ said the Cop.

"Why don’t you just go into the backroom. I’ll be back in a minute. I see a customer coming across the street."

Franco ushered the big Cop into the backroom, but left the door ajar so he could watch him disrobe.

’Strip down I want you totally naked. I want to look over that beautiful physique of yours and taste the sweetness of your cock meat.

’Man I’m so horny my balls must be overflowing with cum juice. I really need you to suck my cock and drain these big oysters.’ The Cop proceeded to start unbuttoning and removing his uniform shirt and then pulled his t-shirt over his head. Franco quickly tried to help the customer. All the time taking glances into the back to observe the now half naked Cop. Franco saw the hugely muscled arms, well-developed slabs of pec meat along with the muscled abs. Franco was finishing packaging the customer’s order and went to ring it up, looking again into the back to see the Cop had removed his shoes and socks and was lowering his pants and underwear.
Look at the size of that arse, Franco thought. The customer had now paid for his purchase and was leaving the store. Franco locked the door, pulled down the shade and reversed the ‘open’ sign. He walked back toward the door and looked in only to see a totally naked male standing next to the butcher table neatly folding his clothes into a small pile.
I was right. Franco thought. There’s not so much as a blemish on his body. Franco picked up the phone and called Lau. Get over here right away, he said. I’ve got another piece of prime beef, all the while peering thru the crack of the door and salivating over his good luck.
The Cop was very well built with large thick thighs and calves, a large well-rounded ass, with a muscled chest. He had a soft covering of black hair on his chest and his wide, well-rounded pecs each had an overly large nipple attached. A thick bush of black hair encircled the base of his cock. His balls didn’t hang low like the muscled guy, but were clumped together in a large rounded scrotum directly under the root of his cock.
No wonder his limp cock was pushing thru his pants. It reminded Franco of a large but hairy grapefruit. Franco opened the door causing the Cop to turn in his direction. His cock really was a thick round tube with a large shelving purple head. It was half erect, sticking outward and bent slightly to the right exposing the plumpness of his ball sac.
‘Is this what your looking for?’ the Cop said. Without hesitation, Franco walked toward the Cop. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lau had let himself in and was hiding near a post starring in almost in disbelief at a second hunk of man meat standing near the butcher table. Franco got on his knees in front of the Cop took hold of the now erect penis and started to lick off the precum dripping from it’s head and running down the underside of the shaft.
He pushed the penis up against the Cop’s stomach and started to slurp on his balls. He wasn’t able to get either of the large nuts in his mouth so he licked the bulging skin working his tongue toward the Cop’s anus.
When the Cop felt Franco’s tongue trying to reach his arsehole he responded like the muscle guy by spreading his legs farther apart, and pushing his pelvis forward feeling the tip of Franco’s tongue tickling his hole. This caused the Cop to moan and Franco could feel the penis lurching to become hard as a rock.
Franco wrapped his hand around the shaft, pulling it downward and then for a few seconds with the cock at eye level, admired the fat head with it’s large pee slit. He then shoved the head into his mouth and began sucking on it enjoying the sweetness of the oozing precum. The Cop groaned and started to pump his hips.
Franco took his mouth off the cock turning the man around so his ass faced Franco who then slowly pushed the Cop’s left knee up on the table causing the large rump cheeks to separate even more exposing the pinkish hairy anus. Franco coughed a few times to generate more saliva in his mouth and then rammed his lips and tongue against the Cops pink cherry hole making sucking noises as though he was devouring the Cop’s rectum.
Before long, the Cop started to groan loudly turned to face Franco grabbing the back of his head shoving half of the cock into his mouth just as he let out several huge jets of jism into Franco’s mouth. You could see Franco’s cheeks and throat convulse as he tried to swallow all of the thick milky fluid. As the fluid diminished the Cop pulled his cock from Franco’s mouth letting him lick off the little bit of fluid still leaking from its slit.
Then holding the cock against his stomach he asked Franco to lick and suck on his balls again. Within a few minutes the Cop, pumping his cock, pointed it’s head within a few inches of Franco’s open mouth and said he was going to shoot again. The cock let loose several long streams of white goo into Franco’s open mouth allowing Lau to see the Cop’s last ejaculation. Franco took hold of the softening penis slowly pumping out any remaining globs of cum into his mouth and then let his tongue clean off the remnants left on its head.
The Cop’s softening penis was still quite thick and long as it started to soften. As the Cop turned and walked toward the table where he had left his clothes Lau and Franco watched the large muscled ass quiver with each stride and the still fat penis flopping from side to side. He then leaned over the table from exhaustion saying ‘thanks Franco that was great’.
Franco stood up, looked at Lau and then grabbing a loaded syringe walked up behind the Cop and while raising his right knee he pushed it into the Cop’s lower back forcing him against the butcher table. Then with his left hand took hold of his thick head of hair pulling his head back and with one swift plunge injected the paralyzing agent into his thick bull neck.
The Cop’s hands reached up to clasp his neck; and, with an astonished look on his face fell forward onto the table, eyes wide open darting around, but unable to move.As Lau and Franco watched he slowly slid to the floor with his eyes wide open.
Franco looked at Lau and said ‘ok, you know the routine. Let’s get him hung over the drain and process this live hunk of meat.’ Lau uncoiled the hose turning on the hot water and began washing the meat while Franco secured the cuffs around the ankles and inserted the leg separator. He then turned on the hoist’s motor and began lifting the body upwards until the head was inches from the ground.
His cock flopped forward across his stomach. Throbbing rock hard again, a side effect of the paralyzing agent. Several remaining globs of cum dribbled out the end of the penis slithering down his stomach toward his pecs. Franco took the side of one finger and running it up the stomach caught the thick droplets wiping them across his tongue. ‘Let’s wash off the body and shave off as much hair as possible.’ Franco said.
The cops eyes showed his terror. He realized he had been tricked, trapped and was about to meet the same fate as his muscled buddy had! They covered the thick black wet pubes, chest, underarms, and legs with shaving cream. Lau held the rock hard cock steak out of the way so Franco could shave the pubic bush. In less than twenty minutes the two had shaved the body free of hair.
Lau turned the water back on and washed down the now hairless body. Then taking a large clean towel wiped off the excess water. Franco had been right. The Cop’s entire body was flawlessly white and blemish free. He addressed the cop, “You’ve probably never even had so much as a pimple in his life, have you?”
Running his hands over the dried skin of the body felt almost baby soft and smooth. A chef’s dream. “You’re not going to enjoy this much, but I prefer to butcher my meat while it’s alive – keeps it fresher” The cop was terrified, he was going to be butchered alive! He tried screaming, tried to move but only succeeded in a slight twitch.
Franco took the sharp gutting knife, felt for the pubic bone and sliced through to the sternum. He tied off the rectum and started to remove the internal organs setting the useable organs aside. The cop was awash in screaming pain, feeling each slice, and cut.
After washing out the empty cavity, they moved the body over to the butcher table and lowered it with the front side up removing the ankle cuffs and leg separator. Each leg now dangled over each side of the table exposing the huge rock hard fleshy genitals to full view.
‘Ok Lau, why don’t you slice off the cock and balls the way you want? Boy, these two oysters could really produce a load of cum.’ Franco said. Lau took the sharp paring knife and while pushing the fat cock out of the way he took a firm hold of the fat rounded ball sac in his left hand and slowly sliced through the center of the scrotum from the base of the penis to the anus. The cop was actually able to emit a small gasp as he felt his prized genitals being brutally carved from his big beefy body.
The two huge nuggets gently eased their way through the opening and plopped onto the table beneath the penis followed by the long cords, which slowly uncoiled and oozed through the opening to lie atop the balls.
‘The last muscled guy had all of that scrotal skin to work with. This one has it all in one tight package.’ Lau said. I may have to fix only the skin of the penis for my customer. I think I’ll slice open each ball and individually stuff them?
Why don’t we LIVE barbeque him, Lau said. I’ve got a great recipe and sauce for longpigs. I’ll call my favorite customer to see if he is interested and wants to bring his friends. He’ll pay big time for a whole live pig.
Go call him now Franco said. So we’ll know whether we should cut up the body to sell. In a few minutes Lau came back and said it’s a ‘go’. He wants to bring several friends for tonight, if it’s ok. We have plenty of time. Go ahead and get the stuffing and we’ll get his stomach stuffed and sewn shut. The preparation and cooking should take 3 to 5 hours. It’s about 11:00. Call him back and tell him to be here about 5:00pm. Lau went back to his restaurant and brought back the refrigerated stuffing.
The two clipped out the remaining colon from the anus, then turned the body on its side to inspect the rump to ensure the sphincter muscle was tight enough to insert and hold the metal spit.
The cop was still very much alert, in amazing agony and pain. Feeling his body parts being cut up. He was going to be cooked alive! Lau looked into the cops eyes, “That’s right, you going to be cooked alive on a barbeque! Don’t worry, you’ll be alive for your entire butchering! Such fun and such good money you bring us. We love to watch the terror in your eyes, and your big muscles twitch as they removed!”
Laying the cop on his back, Lau began stuffing the stomach until the two loose flaps of abdominal meat could be brought together and sewn shut. A hidden outdoor barbeque was behind the restaurant and only used for large cuts of beef. The large amount of charcoal that had been placed in bottom of the barbeque and lit earlier was now just glowing a bright red.
A bucket of barbeque sauce with a large brush was set aside; then both Lau and Franco turned the body on its side and while Lau pulled the rump cheeks apart exposing the anus, Franco took several fingers full of Crisco and massaged them over and around the Cop’s anus and then slowly inserted all three digits into the muscled hole feeling the beginning of the stuffing mix.
Franco then coated the entire stainless steel rod with a liberal coating of grease; then, pulling the rump meat apart, placed the pointed end against the rectum and slowly turned and pushed the lubricated end until it slipped past the sphincter muscle. The cop thought – OH MY GOD I’m being SPITTED alive! This can’t be happening!
Franco slapped the big ass rump roast of the cop, then pushed the spit slowly through the stuffing, twisting and turning it until he could tell it was near the esophagus. ‘Lau grab that large apple and push it between his teeth while I force the jaw open. Bend the neck over the side of the table so I can finish pushing the spit through the throat and out of the apple.’ Franco said.
He moved back to the rump; and, holding the cop steady, pushed the sharp end through the throat muscles until it exited the apple by nearly fifteen inches.
A liberal coating of warmed garlic butter was brushed over the entire body. Thin metal wire was inserted thru the holes at each end of the steel rod, knotted and then slowly entwined it around the legs, trunk, and arms to secure it to the rod and ensure the cops twitching wouldn’t loosen him as its rotation on the barbeque.
Lau took aluminum foil and gently wrapped and secured the penis to avoid it being burned. The balls and their cords were put in a bowl to take back to the restaurant. Franco opened the door to the alley and they each grabbed an end and hoisted the shocked cop slowly carrying it to the barbeque. The cop was in hell, feeling his weight entirely supported by the rod running through his meaty body, each step they took sent WAVES of agony through him. He moaned around the spit.
‘Damn, this guy is heavy, and still very much alive. Just wait till the heat hits him!’ Lau laughed.
They lifted each end into the barbeque supports then attached the rotation motor to the one end to slowly rotate the Cop’s body. Lau put the bucket of barbeque sauce near the barbeque and slowly started to baste it as it turned. Within an hour the body was starting to turn a golden brown while Lau periodically continued to apply the sauce. Juices from the body would occasionally splatter on the coals. About 4:30 Lau’s customer arrived before his guests to inspect the still living longpig.
By this time the body was a light golden brown and the meat thermometer inserted into the meaty portion of the rump was showing medium-rare.
Franco turned off the motor to stop the rotation, and then Lau and Franco took a sharp knife and sliced off a small piece of thigh meat. This woke the cop from his rotating burning hell. At the first cut, he was able to emit a high pitch screech around his spit! “He’s still with us! You’re a Great chef Lau!” Franco said.
They both took a taste as some of the juices squirted onto the coals. I think the meat is just about finished Lau said handing the customer a taste. ‘Excellent. Moist and juicy with just the right seasoning.’ Lau removed the foil covering the genital area.
The penis juices that had collected from the cooking were entrapped in the foil. ‘Go ahead and slice off the cock for me and save these juices. I want the cop to feel this big piece of meat being cut from his huge meaty body’ The customer said.
Lau grabbed the sharp carving knife and carefully carved off the huge rock hard swollen half cooked fat cock to place on a plate. As he did so, more cooked body juices, as well as, a few large globs of white cum slithered through the cock’s pee hole, which he caught in the foil and then emptied into a bowl. The cop shuttered again at the loss of his prized huge cock steak.
Franco, I don’t think you totally drained his balls showing Franco the two long white strands of cum floating on top of the juices. I’m sure your customer will enjoy it, Franco said, after all he’s paying big bucks for this party.
Let’s get the meat into the private party room while he’s still with us, and set him up in the center of the buffet table. All of the gravy, salads, and condiments are ready to be set out. They each took an end of the spit and carried the barbequed Cop into the banquet room. The cop groaned yet again at the pain of being moved around on the spit.
Lau had setup the large anchor on the table so they could insert the lower part of the spit into it allowing the cop to be supported in an upright position over a large silver tray. They hefted the huge meaty cop into position and inserted the bottom end of the spit so that the body was in a kneeling position at about a 45-degree angle with its legs widely spread and the skewer still protruding through the apple in its mouth as the cop now had to stare at the ceiling.
Lau took a long chefs fork and inserted it into the stomach; then, with a pair of scissors cut the strings holding in the stuffing. As the abdominal skin separated, Lau took a large spoon and checked the doneness of the stuffing mix. He then brought in the customer and his friends who had been drinking at the bar. There was a vocal gasp of delight from everyone as they surrounded their live barbequed meat. The cop was fading fast, the cooking, pain, and carving having overcome what the drugs could do to keep him conscious. He just stared wide eyed at the ceiling, listening to people marvel over his big rare cooked muscled body, now being served up as dinner! He hoped he tasted good.
‘Gentlemen, please meet Officer Adams.’ Lau said proudly. They each took a plate and told Lau which parts they wanted sliced from the still hot and steaming body. Lau stuck a long chefs fork into the breast, rump, or thigh and sliced off the pieces each requested. The cop actually twitched a few more times, and let out a few more moans. Then faded away. His blank eyes still staring at the ceiling.
They each took the spoon and scooped out a portion of the stuffing onto their plate, followed by vegetables, potatoes, and salad. Lau then brought out a small plate with the cock and stuffed testicles, along with a gravy bowl containing the captured juices still with the strings of cum floating on top. Perfect, the customer said as he ladled the juices over the meat and filled his wine glass with some chilled white wine.