The Butcher - Part 1

There is a butcher shop over on sixty-seven street. The butcher there is named Guido. He is an expert butcher. He learned from his father. People come in wanting good cuts of meat. They know that Guido only butchers the best. Every once in a while a guy will come in wanting longpig. He knows what longpig is. His father said that during the war, they butchered lots of longpigs.

He usually answer stupidly that I never heard of longpig. The customer usually doesn’t push it.

He knows that the customer is longing for the taste, the taste of freshly butchered meat.

If Guido ever want to butcher a longpig, He knows one that it would be. The guy comes in the shop for lean meat once or twice a week. He is a freaky body builder. Built like a fucking huge bull. He’d be prime beef. He is three hundred pounds of meat on the foot. He is not really a long pig more like a man steer. A beefy animal. Sometimes he comes in after a heavy workout, he all beefed up.

Veins sticking out the sides of his thickly muscled neck. His big thick arms bulging with heavy muscles. His big legs like two big fucking monstrous hams. He is good butchering meat. He is weak and muscle bound after a heavy workout. That would be the time to go in for the put-down.

He wears a pair of cut off sweat pants. You can see his huge prick pressing against the cotton fabric.

His huge nuts hanging down like tennis balls. Castrating that bull is Guido’s dream. Nothing hotter than slicing open a bull’s sack and harvesting the contents. Feeling those two extracted oysters in Guido’s opened hand. Guido can picture his big body hanging from the meat hooks in the back over the draining tub. That big bull gutted and skinned.

Guido would set a trap to catch the big bull.

On Tuesday, the guy came in. Guido started up a conversation, being really friendly.

"How can I help you my friend?"

"I just came in for some fresh meat. You’ve got some of the best lean cuts in town."

"Thanks we try to serve the best. A guy as massive as you must eat a lot of meat You are a big fucking animal."

"Thanks I really work at it. I fucking feel like a fucking animal sometimes. Lifting weighs for 8 hours a day five days a week."

"You’re a fucking bull, big fucking bull. You better be careful somebody might want to cut your throat and butcher you!" Guido laugh loudly.

"Let them try. I’d rip them apart!"

"When I was a kid by uncle told about how they would pick a stud bull and five guys with knives would go after the him. They would following until they could catch him all alone. Down a dark alley or at the park. The prize was the big nuts. Some of the guy got pretty well bruised up, but one got down and wrapped his hand around the sack as the bull fought to keep is manhood, he was no match for the five guys, one quick move the bull"s balls were harvested. The guy who cut the nuts would parade around holding up the detached prize. The others guys would cut the bull’s throat and start gutting him."

All the time he was talking Guido was checking the reaction to what he was saying.

"I sure won’t want five guys come after my big nuts. They would have to kill me first." the muscle man said. His big hand cupped his balls. " Taking my big balls as some kind of trophy. Parading around with my bloody nuts held high. I’d be ready to die if they took my nuts."

"You probably not big enough in the balls department to worry about them being prize nuts."

He step back from the counter and pulled his shorts up to expose two huge man nuts.

"Are those stud nuts big enough for you!" Proudly show off his gonads. He dropped his shorts covering his fat balls.

"Damn you’re a bull. Ain’t no doubt about it."

"I got to go. I’ll miss my bus. How much is this?"

"Pay me next your in if you are running late. I think I can trust you."

Guido dick was stiff as a board. He knew he would have to have that big bull. It was time that he butchered his first long pig. He watched the muscle man bull walk out of his store.

The thought about has father and his stories of how he and others would trap long pigs and butcher them for food to stay alive in hard times. How the meaty ones became unsuspecting prey. No knowing until a knife moved along his neck that he was chosen.

That week end he went to visit his father who now lived with a relative in the country. I wanted to ask his father a few questions hoping not to raise his suspicions. His father was old now and maybe he would have forgotten what had happened years back.

He was setting on the front porch all along and Guido thought that it would be a good time to ask questions about long pig.

"What does long pig taste like, papa.?" He asked almost whispering.

"Why do you ask such a question."

"I just remember you talking about it when I was young. I was just curious that all. It’s not important."

"Don’t lie my boy. You know what it taste like. You ate it as a child in the old country. You have a animal you would like to butcher. I can tell. There’s excitement in your voice. Tell me, son?"

"The animal is a male. A big bull, a big hunk of a man. He comes in my shop twice a week to buy meat. The must weight 300 lbs and he all muscle."

"What are you going to do with all that meat. Are you interested in the meat or you interested in putting the animal down."

"I want to castrate him. He has huge balls. He walks around letting them hang low. I am intent on cutting that pair of low hangers. I am hungry to eat his big fucking balls. I become obsessed with butchering a long pig. I want him to be the first because he is so huge."

"My son, be careful. I have a chinese friend that will buy all the long pork you can get. He name is Lau Dung he has a restaurant down the street for your shop."

"Yeah, I’ve eaten there. I think I had some sweet and sour long pork there but I didn’t know what he was saying. I thought it was just pork."

"Once you have selected your animal you must know as much as you can about him. So you will know when you can harvest him with no trace to you. Lau Dung with help you with deposing of unwanted scraps"

Guido headed back to the city more confused than ever about his desire to harvest a long pig.

On the first day back, Mr. Dung pay him a visit. He was interested in purchasing some fresh meat.

He wanted the meat in forms of good cuts of meat. That he could prepare his restaurant. He asked Guido if he was good enough butcher to handle the work. Long pig was different that other animal but like the pig. They made a pack.

The big muscle man didn’t come into his store the next week. Guido was about to give up on the big beast when one day he appeared again.

"I guess you thought I ran out on you. I had to move and I had to missed coming to gym for a week."

"Oh, I knew you be back. I have sharpened my knives, thinking about you, in case I would have to come hunting for you."

Guido laugh out loud again.

"I guess I should be one the watch for a butcher like you. All this meat I’m carrying is a target for a guy like you. I could end up in some stew or on a spit with a metal rod rammed up my ass and out my mouth. Slowly cooking until my meat just falls away from my bones ." The man joked with Guido.

"I don’t have a problem with that. Whatever turns you on. I’d love to see you on a spit. That body of yours slowly roasting as it turns over the fire. I’d love cooking your fucking big body alive. Watching your eyes glass over as you begin to cook. Your body no longer able to take the heat. Yeah, If I ever get you in the back. You’d belong to me. That big fucking body of your is just meat to me. I’m a butcher it doesn’t matter what animal I have. I could have you cut up and in my display case while your still warm."

"Shit let me pay you before you come after me with a knife. How much."

"$10.23 is all you own me.

"I going to have some long pork next week, if every thing works out."

"I’m not much on pork."

"You are running late aren’t you going to miss you bus?"

"No, I just moved down the street a bit. I lost my sponsor, I couldn’t handle him. He was always wanted to suck my dick. He was always draining me. Almost every night after a heavy work out he come around. I would be all weak from all the work. He’d milk me was I lay on the massage table. I would be helpless as be took my semen down his throat. Milking me like a calf sucking a tit. I was beginning to believe that he was living on my sperm. He was demanding more of my juices, it was like he couldn’t get enough. It seemed that he couldn’t get enough of me. He was sapping my strength. I told him to get fucked. So I ‘m out on my own now. No cocksucker for a sponsor."

"I bet you could fed him some cum with those huge balls of your."

"What do we have here, a queer butcher. Man, who would have thought that ,huh."

"What makes you think I am queer?"

"Oh, the way you look at me when I come in. You zero in on my balls and cock. That’s why I don’t wear a jockstrap. Just let my heavy meat swing. I let them swing freely as I walk. I know my big meaty balls turn you on and I can tell you want them. I can just tell."

"Is that what you think. Yeah I guess your right, I do want them. I want to taste them. Feel your meat in my mouth." Guido was excited. He just found a hook to pull in the big bull.

"If you’re nice to me I might let you a have a good taste of my prick."

"I’m more interest in those big heavy balls of yours. I thinking how I’d like to harvest them with my knife. Turn you into a helpless castrated animal."

"You wouldn’t want to castrate a big bull like me."

"Why don’t you drop those shorts down a little and let me see those big nuts of your?" Show me what you got for a horny butcher."

"You want to worship me and all my muscles. Worship that big muscle between my legs."

"I don’t know if you have a peanut dick maybe not."

The big man pulled down his shorts and exposed his huge fat uncut prick and those oversized balls to the butcher.

"Does this look like a peanut dick to you? Eight inches of prime uncut man meat that I’d love to feed to your hot drooling mouth."

"I going to have to try that one of these days. When you’re really horny. You and me can go into the backroom. I’ll work on you like you never been worked on before. You’ll be one helpless bull.

"Your getting me horny, now!"

"Are you horny enough to lay on the butcher block and let me work on you. Surrender your meat over to me."

The big man got a funny look on his face.

"Your talking about something different than I am, aren’t you?"

"I’m a butcher and you’re a bull. I’d love to have your meat! Lots of quality beef on your bones. Love to harvest that big proud oversized body, knowing how much time and effort you spent producing all that fine quality meat. Turn you into edible substance. An animal your size could bring in some big bucks. There are people that would pay for quality meat like yours. People with special tastes. People who don’t mind doling out lots of money for just a piece of animal like you. Love to have you on display in my meat case. Special cuts of freshly dressed bull. I have a display case in the back for special customers. One freshly butchered bull. Food for the gourmet."

"You’re shitting me, aren’t you?"

"Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think I could turn down butchering a bull like you."

"Man you were talking some weird shit"

"Sorry, I just telling you what I think about what I like to do to you. Doesn’t mean that I will. Just the thought of having you excites me. Makes my peter hard as a rock!"

"Shit, give a couple pounds of ground round." The big man had a look on his face like Guido was reading is mind.

"Did I frighten you." Guido scooped the meat and wrapped it in white paper. He handed to the big man in front of the counter.

"There we go. It’s eight fifty."

"No, I can take care of myself. I was just caught off guard. That’s all."

"Here’s ten just keep the change. When you ready I’ll be here."

The big guy turned around and walked out of the shop.

Guido thought to himself that the big man would be back. Guido had hit a nerve It was just a matter of time before he has his bull right where he wanted him. If he ever gets in that backroom he would be transformed into saleable hunks of beef.. No longer a man but freshly trimmed pieces of meat.

Days past and the big man didn’t show. Guido thought that he might of scared the guy off. What a waste, he thought. Then one night right at closing the big guy shows up.

"I thought you might be closed already." He was drunk. He was slurring his words.

Guido looked up. The big guy was wearing a pair of white cut-off sweat pants. No shirt and no shoes. His big body ripped and pumped.. A man ready to show the butcher what he had to offer.

His male basket was full of gourmet meat. Guido could see the man’s prick and balls nestled in the crotch of the fabric almost hard. The big man had tortured look on his face. As if had been grappling with a decision.

"No I am still open, but not for long. Looks you’re out on the street showing off. Letting every body see what a big beast you are. You look tired.’

"Yeah, mother fucker I haven’t been able to sleep since you and I had that conversation."

"You just come for the gym. You look all pumped."

"Yeah, about two hours ago."

"This would be a good time."

"Time for what.

"Take you. Take you for harvest.

"Man, you’re something else." Guido relentless in his pursuit. Letting the man know just what he wanted from him.

”You want my fucking meat, don’t you? You want to butcher me. I ‘m just an animal to you. You know you will get what you want. It’s shows in your eyes. You want me to be your bull. An animal like me that you can take down, cut up and sell."

"Joke or not, I think it had an effect on you I think you have dreamed about becoming handled ."

"Yeah! I was thinking how easy it would be for you to do what you said. Take some unsuspecting guy back there. Slicing his throat open. Bleed him out. Process him. Nothing left but special cuts of muscle beef packaged up. An animal you picked for butchering, like you pick out a goat or a lamb.. He comes into your shop. You said to yourself I have to have this fine specimen He is your prime selection. You start carefully fucking with his mind until your ready."

"I’m fucking with yours right now. I picked you out the minute you walked into the shop. Your easy picking. You’re my choice pick?" My helpless bull. My fucking drunk fucking bull."

"Yeah, I could become a helpless bull in yours hands. You making me want to become yours."

"I turned you on, didn’t I you big horny bull! Your all pump up for me. You want to show me what you got. What you have for me. Parade around in front of me. Show me those well defined muscles of your. What a bull looks like when he is ready. More than anything you want to become harvested animal meat."

"Yeah, but it scares me."

"Why is that? Cause you fantasied about me butchering you. You want to surrender you body to me. You want someone to take you and parcel you out. It all that fucking meat your giving to me as a present You’re an over size bull who doesn’t know what to do with all this meat you have developed. The only logically final step is what you would do with any animal, butcher him!"

"You think all I’m good for is butchering, to be taken down. You never saw me as anything but meat to be taken. My big oversized body cut up and on display. Hungry customers lined up to taste my meat. Carrying me away in small packages."

"You can’t stop thinking about being put down, can you. You want to become meat. You want to be processed. It’s a big turn on, thinking about people wanting to eat your meat. Your eager to join the food chain. You know that I can give you what you want. A castrated bull having his carcass processed. Your meat doled out to hunger customers piece by piece. Until there’s nothing left.

"Maybe. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. Someone wanting it to happen. Want to become butcher man’s meat." Guido’s bull finding it hard to stand up.

"Why don’t I lock up and close the blinds. Me and you can have some privacy."

"You want me all alone, here. You know that I ‘m drunk and you can do what you want with me. A big animal that you can get in the backroom. You know I won’t resist."

"You’re too fucking drunk to resist. That’s the way you want it, isn’t it. You had to get drunk so you can’t defend yourself. So you can’t change your mind. Your going to be a quick and easy kill!"

Guido walked from behind the counter and quickly locked the door. He know that he would be taking his big bodybuilder, it was time. Turned the open sign to closed. Pull down the shade. The big guy just watched passively as the butcher closed off the world. The two were alone together.

"Why don’t you slide out of those cut-offs. I want to see you naked, animal. I want to see some fine cuts of meat. Show off those big fucking pumped muscles."

"I’m not so sure about this. Letting you take me for butchering.

"Of course, you are and so is your dick, it knows just what you want.

Drop those shorts and I want to look at my naked bull. I’m going work on you."

The big guy slid his thumbs under the fabric. He pushed his tight jersey cut off to the floor. Slowly sliding over twin globes of his well muscled rump then over the thick muscle hams of his thighs down over the bulging muscled calves. He fell forward up against the counter. Even drunk he was turned on like he had never been, knowing that the butcher wanted him. He wanted him in a way no other had. Purely as meat. The butcher’s knives would be carving him up. He had found the man that would do the job. A man eager to transform him into packaged beef. Beef to be consumed, eaten."

His fine thickly muscled ass was exposed to Guido. He grabbed it and massaged it with both hands as the man bent over half laying on the counter. The big man let out a moan

"You’re prime beef. You’re a big beefy bull. I need to give you what you want. I’m so horny to make you into delicious meat."

"Yes, do it!" The bodybuilder wanted to do a job on him.

The big guy stood up his prick was hard and stood straight out.

"Your so fucking ready."

Guido walked around in front of the guy. The reached down and cupped the man huge balls in his hand.

"Big fat oversized man nuts."

"My big fucking nuts?"

"I’m eating them."

"Yeah, eat my nuts, my fucking oysters. A meal for my butcher. Take my meaty fucking nuts. Castrate me."

The excitement of what was going to happen had the big muscle man shaking.

"You want me to suck your dick?"

"Do what you want, I give my body to you."

"Milk your hefty nuts. Be like your sponsor, use you for food. Make you feel like an animal. Maybe more than that you want to go into the backroom with me."

"I’m a big fucking bull whose been looking for someone like you for a long time.

I can’t stop this. I don’t want to. I want you to take all my meat and sale it.

"You are primed beef. You’ve been ready for awhile now.

Guido dropped down in front of the huge bodybuilder. He took his long fat cock into his mouth.

Then he held just the head in his mouth. He sucked on the guys huge meat. Then it came out of his mouth with a pop. His hands moved around the man’s powerful chest and abs feeling the man’s heavy meat.

"Good God, man. I going to take you. You’re a huge bull and your going to let me, huh! You’re here for me to butcher you, aren’t you?"

"That fucking crazy sponsor put all those ideas into my head. That’s why I left him. Always sucking my cock. Telling me how he was living off me and my juices. That someday he was going to take me and have me butchered so he could live off my meat. He said I was a big dumb animal, all I was, was his meat. I was just one of his bulls that he had grown for meat."

"Your sponsor was right. That’s why you left him, because he didn’t have you processed. You just a big fucking bull that wanted him to do what he promised . Tomorrow I will have you on display. Have all your meat ready to be sold."

Guido walked up behind the man. Roughly grabbed a handful of hair and pull the muscled guys head back. He had a knife in his hand that the man never saw.

"Time to butcher the bull, ready?"

With those words, he took a syring and plunged it into the bull’s neck. He had lied to the bull, he intended to prepare and cook him while he was alive and aware… The Bull was paralyzed. Guido reached down and grabbed his ankles pulling the huge bull onto the floor. Bull was making a gurgling sound as Guido began to drag his huge muscled body forward the back door.

"Fresh meat that’s what you are now, my big fucking bull. You’re going to feel every cut and experience me cooking you. I had to do that way, I was afraid that you might want to change your mind if I told you the truth. Couldn’t chance it" Guido shut the door. Guido opened the shop for the day. His belly full of bull balls and eggs.

This dick was hard as a rock all day. All he could think about was how easy it was to trap and butcher his first long pig.

A few days later a yuppie customer came into his shop. He was alone but he was usually with his buddy who was a big muscular guy with a shaved head.

The blond guy came into the shop alone.

"Where’s your beefy friend." Guido asked.

"His ass is still in bed. He’s a lazy bastard. He getting fat as a pig. He won’t look for a job. I don’t know what to do with him.

"Well, if he was pig you could bring here and I could butcher him for you. You could fill your freezer with meat." Guido said laughingly.

"To bad he’s not. That’s one way I could get rid of him." The young blond yuppie answered jokingly.

"Yeah, he weights about two thirty. He’d dress out at about one fifty. That’s a lot of meat."

"Man we are talking like he’s some kind of livestock. That we going to butcher for food. All we haven’t discussed is how much you would charge me and when I could bring him in."

"Half the meat and you can bring him in tonight about eight. You can pick up your order in the morning." Guido said matter of fact.

"Your serious, you could do that." The young man asked.

"You said that he was a pig. I’d be butchering a pig, wouldn’t I."


"There no law against butchering a pig. Is there?"

"No, but."

"He looks like a succulent animal. A plumb animal that needs to be taken to the butcher, huh?"

About that time Aaron friend came into the shop."

"Why didn’t you wake me up."

"You looked happy as pig laying there. I didn’t want to disturb you."

"How are doing Guido." The young man looked like he was on his way to being overweight man. His t-shirt no longer covered his belly. His shorts was tight, now too small for the person wearing them.

"Fine, Bobby. You look like you out growing your clothes. Is Aaron fattening you up. If you get any fatter I might mistake you for a pig. Might accidently butcher you. Take you into the back and work on you.

"Guess I have put on a few pounds." Bobby said, patting his protruding stomach.

"Me and Aaron were just discussing what a fine plump pig you have become. I told him how I’d like to get my hands on your fine body." Guido said taunting the young fat animal.

"Yeah, I told him how I loved to fuck your ass, it was like fucking a pig. Aaron spoke roughly.

"Do you oink like a pig when he dicks you!"

"Hey, what’s going on. You guys are going to piss me off if you don’t stop."

"Guido, don’t worry he is bottom pig meat. He’ll do anything I tell him to do."

"Why are you treating me his way in front of Guido. You don’t usually treat me this way in public."

"Take off your shirt. Show the butcher your meat. Show him what a fine pig you’ve become."

"Gentlemen we can’t roleplay right now. It’s almost four. I’ll being getting busy soon. I close at eight. If you want to come by then, I can play along with this."

Your right this is getting a little too heated. Come on Bobby, I bring you back at eight. Then we can play." said Arron.

"Your scaring me with all the talk. Guido acts like he would butcher me if he got the chance."

"Bobby all Guido wants is to get you in the backroom so you can give him a blow job. I told him how good you can suck cock. Said that you are the best. I told him I’d prove it. I’d bring you back at eight tonight and let him have a go at you."

"Why did you do that"

"Giudo is hung like a horse. You can slobber allover that big prick of his. Let you pig out of big love muscle.

Aaron had decided to have his pig butchered. He was fat enough. It was time to get something back from his investment. They went home. Arron got out the straight razor and shave all the hair off Bobby’s plump body. The whole idea got Bobby sexually excited.. After bathing, Arron took him into the bedroom and fucked him merciless. His beautifully plumped out ass was begging for Arron’s long fat pig fucker dick. Bobby was a hopeless bottom. Arron would bring his friends over and they would take turns fucking Bobby’s tight plump ass. Bobby would be begging for more before they left.

At eight o’clock they made their way to the butcher shop. Arron wanted to bring his pig naked but the streets were to busy that time of the day. The plump pig only were a pair of shorts and a pair of flip flops. The beginning of a pot belly hung over the shorts. Bobby was excited about role playing and possibly of sucking Guido’s big dick.

The shop was already closed when the two arrived. Arron banged on the door. The blinds were down and the closed sign was out. After a moment, the door opened. Guido stood there in a leather butchering apron and shoes and nothing else.

"I’m closed."

"I’ve brought you a pig to butcher."

Bobby oinked like a pig.

"I see you got a fine animal there. Nice plump animal."

"Yes sir, nice and plump. I’m fattening him up for months. It’s time I turned my piggy into meat."

"Bring him in. I’d love to butcher your pig."

They both entered the shop and Guido locked the door. He went over to Bobby and roughly pushed his short down to his ankles.

"Step out of those shorts give them to me with those flip flops. Bobby did as he was told and handed Guido his clothes and shoes. Guido threw them into a trash can.

"Nice meaty animal, alright."

Bobby’s fat stubby prick stuck out from his body. It’s pink head protruded from it’s sheath. His dick was definitely hard. His fat balls were tight against his shaft. Bobby was aroused his naked body exposed to the other clothed men.

"The first time you brought him into the shop I thought he might be prime pork."

Guido’s hands moved about the young piglets ass. He could feel the thick meat covered with a layer of fat. His bubble butt was like magnate to the butcher’s big thick hands. Guido’s prick jerked against the leather apron.

"I sure you’d like to fuck him before you start processing him. He is definitely fine fucking. That butt will drive you wild."

"Im a piggy that needs to be fucked. Oink oink!" Bobby was overheated by the roleplaying.

"Your going to get fuck O.K. piggy."

Guido pulled his leather apron aside exposing his long thick Italian sauage.

"Piggy hungry for some real hard fucking meat, huh?"

Bobby dropped to his knees. His mouth went for Guido’s huge piece. His lips encircled fat pecker

as quickly shallowed it to the balls. He began to slurp and devour the butcher’s beautiful thick slab of meat. A helpless feeding animal.

"He’s a hungry one."

"Yes, but wait until you fuck is tight pig ass. He’ll be yours by then."

"I hate to butcher such a fine animal. His mouth is unbelievable."

Arron when over to the counter where several pieces of rope lay. He picked them up and walked over behind Bobby as he haplessly suck on Guido fat porker. He pulled one hand from Guido’s thigh the other and tied them together. Bobby was lost in his sucking of Guido’s cock. Unaware that he was being restrained. Being made ready by Aaron, his fatten pig boy. An animal that he was gladly giving to Guido. Bobby would soon be given over to the butcher. Guido grabbed Bobby by the ears and pulled him away from his fat dripping cock.

He tried to move his hands.

"Hey, what’s going on"

Aaron chimed up. "I’m selling your ass to the butcher. I going to get rid of your sorry ass for good. Bobby looked up into Guido’s eyes.

"Your mine now. Your fresh meat. Suck my cock, piggy. Feed on my big meat." The big butcher pulled Bobby back on his fat prick. Feeding the hungry butchering pig his hefty manhood.

Arron had his own prick out. Jacking it. He was aroused watching Bobby helplessly sucking on the butchers cock.

"Guido, he’s going to make you a lot of good meat. I want to be the first to buy a cut of him. Maybe a rumb roast.

"Secure is feet, Arron. Then you can go. I won’t be needing your help for here on."

Arron quickly wrapped rope around his ankles and tied them together..

Guido held Bobby face by the ears and humped his opened mouth.

"I wanted to stay until you fucked his ass. Your big dick pounding his tight pig ass."

"If you don’t leave now then your going to have to stay until I finished. You’ll have to watch me process him.

Aaron was excited but no excited enough to want to stay. Guido pushed Bobby away from his big fuckng prick. Bobby hit the floor with a thud. Guido unlocked the door. Aaron put his prick back in his pants and quickly left as Guido opened the door. The big butcher stood over Bobby as the lay on the floor. He pulled Bobby up on his knees. Pulled his leather apron aside.

"It’s just you and me now piggy.

"Come on piggy, you need to finish what you started."

Guido grabbed Bobby’s head and guided his mouth to his hard prick. His long shaft disappeared into Bobby hot moist mouth.

"Your fresh butchering meat, you know that."

Bobby looked up at Guido. Bobby wasn’t sure if he was role playing or not. Guido could tell that Bobby was where he wanted to be. Guido pulled a leather strap from his leather apron pocket and wrapped his twice around Bobby’s neck. He held the end in each big rough hands. Bobby was enthrall in his own oral pleasure.

"Bobby your going to be up for sale in the morning. Aaron will be over to buy some of your meat"

The butcher fat prick slipped from his hot sucking mouth.

"Thank you, take me, take me!"

Guido quickly stuffed his big meat back into Bobby’s mouth. He was in the process of making Bobby into meat. Bobby was a willing animal welcoming his new role as butchering animal.

Guido began to pump his fat hose deep into the Bobby’s deep throat. He wanted his animal to taste his semen. He was feeding his hungry pig. Guido’s seed spew like a fountain in the warmth of his pigs mouth. He had fed the pig.

Guido slowly began to tighten the strap around Bobby neck. Bobby’s eyes rolled back in his head. This mouth opened wide, grasping for air. Guido long fat cock slide from his mouth. White liquid semen poured from the side his opened mouth down onto his hairless thick chest. He knew that he was Guido’s meat now as he pulled on the leather strap. He held the leather strap in his paws. He pulled the struggling longpig into the backroom. Fresh kill. Guido new he had the best job in the world. The loved butchering freshly killed animals

The shop opened sharply at eight o’clock. The place was busy when Aaron arrived at nine.

Guido looked at Arron. "Can I help you sir."

Do you have any fresh pig meat.

"You bet, your pig is selling quickly. People really like quality meat. Come back to the back you can see

Arron was kind of surprised how things were going. There was a meat counter full of meat. All different cuts of meat. He couldn’t tell it was longpig.

"If you’d like to sell your half, I’m sure I can have it all sold before nightfall."

"This is Bo– my pig?"

"Sure is. He butchered up good. Well marbled meat."

Guido handed Arron a small white bundle with butcher string around it.

"His cock and balls. Those belong to you. You’ll feel good after you eat his meat. His masculine flesh."

"Trophy meat!

"Yeah, you know a stud like you could keep me in stock. I mean if you were so inclined. One or two long pigs a week. That would work out good. A thousand dollars a pig. You could make some good money."

"You mean you would pay me a thousand each time I bring in a pig to be butchered."

‘That’s right."

"Here’s a thousand for the one you brought in last night."

Guido hand him a wad of money. Arron quickly stuffed it into his pocket.

"You have to buy the meat now. You just sold your meat. Now that you’re a partner.

One day Guido was cutting some choice meat. He looked up. Standing on the other side of the counter was a big hunk of man meat dressed in a cop uniform. Guido got an instant hard on.

The fucking cop was prime meat. Guido could tell he was horse hung. His big hose bulging in his tan uniform pants. The shape of his manhood resting down his left pant leg. Trying not to stare at the tall muscle cop. The turned around to begin to work on the meat he had before. Him.

"How can I help officer?"

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