These zip files are a catalog of Seans Entire Personal Collection

Before his entire collection was donated to the Stonewall Library & Archives, I catalogued the entire collection of 1631 Originals, 156 copies, 135 story pages, 50 misc, and 114 pages from magazines.

I either scanned (when size permitted) or photographed the larger pieces.

The total size of this digital catalogue is just over 6 gig, and contains some incredible pieces that most likely have not seen the light of day for years.

Read more about the span of Seans career in a letter written to the curator of Stonewall. (Click Here)

How is the collection organized?

With the help and advice of a leading Tempe Art Museum Curator, I was advised to organize the collection in 'like categories'. Then number the categories, and assign them 'Object IDs'.

Below are 6 excel spreadsheets. 1 contains the gross totals, the other 5 contain information about each Object ID, numbering from 1 to 93, and 100. These 5 also have thumbnail size representations of each piece of art. For an easier overview of what that 'Object ID' really is.

To access these files, click on one, and 'SAVE' to your own hard drive (then open it).
If you try to 'OPEN' it, the delay will be tremendous, and may fail.

What's missing?

With apologies, at the time of documentation I was only focused on the ‘art’ that Sean created. Not the stories (that he did not write).

Looking back at it, this may have been a mistake. But back then it also took almost a year of my spare time to only document (to the best of my ability) his art.

There is certainly LOTS more of his art out there. This collection contains ONLY those items IN HIS STUDIO after he passed.

How are the zip files organized?

The zip files are grouped together based on ascending 'Object ID' order. I did the best I could to keep the size of each zip file small, but some are larger than others.

To access these files, click on one, and 'SAVE' to your own hard drive, then unzip it.