The reflection of the young man posed and preened in the mirror. David ran a hand down his well muscled torso, watching it glide across his defined abs, then encircle his thick cock, and fat, low hanging balls.

“Happy 18th Birthday, stud,” the boy said to himself, unable to take his eyes off his glorious image in the full length looking glass.

David was a natural athlete, his body thick and curvy in a toned, muscular way. He had a small layer of body fat covering his well-worked and defined body, keeping him from looking too cut like some guys who work out a lot. When he moved, his muscles rippled beneath his creamy white, nearly hairless skin. He looked as if he was sculpted from flawless marble: polished to perfection, yet soft and seductive. His face was boyish, outlined by well-groomed, reddish-blond hair, but his body and long cock were all man.

It was only in his light green eyes that something was off. His dazzling smile stretched across white teeth often distracted from the malignant look in his eyes, but it was there. Something hard and mean.

David came from a broken home in a mid-sized city. His parents split when he was a boy, his dad disappeared, his mother worked all the time to scrape by, or drank herself to sleep--desolate over the loss of her husband and naive dreams. So he raised himself. He was angry and fought a lot. Typical and predictable story. But his good looks and athletic prowess kept him out of juvie.

David was 14 when he started dealing pot and turning tricks. A horny English teacher was his first john. A 40-something married man who couldn’t get it up for his saggy breasted wife anymore slipped him 50 bucks and an A+ to slurp down his young boy juice. It was after their second suck-fest after school that David learned the fine art of extortion.

The drug dealing just sort of happened one day. A friend of a friend asked him if any of his suburban school teammates wanted a little weed. Soon he was passing bud to everyone from spoiled elementary brats to bored housewives--who were also happy to slip him a little extra to ride his thick teenage dick.

By the time he was 16 he was peddling ecstasy, and coke, then heroin by 17. Now as he turned 18 he had amassed his own little drug empire.

Giving himself one last look, David moved off to get dressed. He has a “date” with the famous business tycoon Leo Pope to celebrate David “officially becoming a Man” as Leo put it.

David had known Leo’s son Nick very well. He had been the rich brat’s dealer for a couple years. Nick Pope had been bounced out of almost every university in California. His daddy sent him to a small college in David’s hometown, and soon enough Nick was a very profitable client.

It was after Nick disappeared that David meet Leo. Nick vanished owing him a large wad of cash, so David let himself into Nick’s apartment to find anything of value. David knew Nick wouldn’t be back. He also owed some Mexicans a nice chunk of change. The same Mexicans that supplied David. For David, it was simply a business deal. He tipped his suppliers off about where to find the spoiled rich boy, they made sure he was amply rewarded.

While David was rummaging around the apartment, Leo showed up to clear out some belongings. David got the impression Nick’s dad was there to cover up anything that may look questionable, to sweep his boy’s indiscretions under the rug. The two of them got to talking and soon Leo was shoving large wads of cash into David’s greedy palms, and larger wads of sperm down David’s 17-year-old throat.

David thought he had hit the jackpot. Leo sent a car around regularly to whisk him off to some rendezvous where Leo showered him in gifts, cash, and jizz. That wasn’t the pot of gold as far as David was concerned. He knew Leo was worth millions, maybe hundreds of millions. He also knew Leo would be able to afford to pay a pretty penny to keep the pictures of the tycoon face-fucking a minor from hitting the newspapers and internet. David had hired some sleazoid private detective to spy on their encounters.

Tonight the private eye would get a nice bunch of glossies to add to his portfolio, too. Leo was aching to get into David’s ass. He had asked David to shave his asshole and balls--his whole body actually--to make him nice and smooth. He also had David give himself an enema and not to eat all day. David laughed, thinking it was some weird pedo shit. But he did as requested, knowing the pay off would be worth it.

Finally the car arrived and David headed off into the newly fallen darkness to meet the man who would change his whole life. David smirked. Who says crime doesn’t pay?


Leo Pope smiled as the sleek black car slowly glided down the long driveway of his estate. This was the first time David had ever been to his home, and if all went right, it would also be his last.

Slipping on a shirt and running a comb through his short, golden brown hair, Leo finished dressing and headed to the entertainment room to meet his dinner guest. On the way down his stomach rumbled angrily. He patted it and whispered “soon enough”, chuckling to himself.

The entertainment room was the house’s original study and while renovating it into a modern home theater, Leo discovered a secret passage down to a large, hidden series of rooms. The rooms hadn’t even shown up on the original blueprints for the old house, but he wasn’t surprised, since at one time it had belonged to eccentric recluse. The shackles and cages, along with a large four post bed complete with restraints suggested some pretty interesting past times. Leo personally oversaw the remodeling and updating of the secret rooms, paying various electricians and plumbers very well to keep it secret. In addition, Leo dug up a little dirt on each contractor. He promised to keep those secrets locked away from prying eyes as long as the hidden rooms were never mentioned to anyone.

David entered the room and Leo’s mouth began to water. He was a gorgeous young man. Over Six foot tall, beautiful face, square jaw, a rare specimen of masculine beauty. But beauty is only skin deep, or muscle deep in David’s case. Beneath the boy’s exquisite exterior was a soul that was dark as pitch. He looked like a perfect young man, but was really nothing more than a hustler, pusher, and petty thug. He helped feed Leo’s son’s addictions and enabled Nick to find his own destruction. Leo also knew David had delivered Nick to the Mexican drug lords. David needed to pay for his crimes. Leo was going to make sure he did.

“How about a drink to celebrate?” Leo asked innocently. “I picked up a nice scotch--you’re fave.”

The kid had ambitious and expensive tastes. Leo knew David wouldn’t be able to turn it down. He had laced it with some natural sedatives he had purchased from a homeopathic store. David was a health nut, ironically. He never touched the drugs he peddled, worked out and ate right, only drank in moderation. Leo knew he would be lucky to get two glasses of scotch down the kid’s gullet, so he poured a good sized dose into a decanter of Scotch that held just enough for the boy.

Leo raised his own drink, poured from a different bottle, in a toast.

“To a night we will never forget,” he said, then gulped down the scotch.

He would need a little buzz to get through the night.


David sipped at his scotch, noting the strange earthly flavors, but figured that was how it was supposed to taste. He mimicked Leo and tossed back the drink, coughing a little.

“So where we going for dinner?” David asked, being a little hungry from his 24 hour fast.

Leo just smiled and said “We will be eating in tonight. Just relax, have another drink.”

A warm, fuzzy feeling crept through the young man. He felt a little woozy, but in a pleasant way. He settled back into the comfortable cushions of the couch, his legs wide so that his nice sized bulge was on display.

“Why don’t you pour me another drink then, and give me a nice long, birthday blow job until it’s dinnertime,” he said with a big grin. Leo may be an easy mark, David thought, but he sure knows how to suck dick.


Leo’s throat happily accepted the large member that shoved relentlessly into it, stretching the older man’s esophagus with its impressive girth. Leo swirled his tongue around the base and up the shaft as his head bobbed up and down. David’s hands wrapped tight around Leo’s head as he began to pump harder and faster into the ,man’s mouth. The boy chanted “o fuck o fuck” and grunted as he shot copious amounts of sticky, hot cum down Leo’s throat. Leo savored the flavor for a moment before swallowing the last of it, thinking of it as a appetizer before the feast.

After a moment, David drifted off. The combination of the Scotch, natural sedatives, and a killer orgasm knocked the boy out cold.

“Time to make dinner!” Leo said to himself, rubbing his hands together in excitement.

The house was empty save the two of them. His small staff of servants had been sent home, and he gave his butler the night off. There was no one around to witness the final moments of the young hustler’s life.

Tossing David over his shoulder, Leo moved his meat down the narrow hidden passage and into the rooms below. He deposited the boy onto a metal table with a slight incline to a drain built into the center. There were stir-ups for the legs, and a place to strap the arms into as well. The whole room was tiled, so it could easily be washed down. There was another drain in the center of the floor. Various chain and shackles hung from the ceiling, and in a small alcove there was a large spit complete with a ventilation hood, as well as a massive grill.

After the boy was strapped in, Leo placed tourniquets at the base of his limbs, but didn’t tighten them up yet. He wanted to wait until the buy was conscious for that part.

While he waited for David to return to consciousness, Leo started up the fires under the spit and grill. As much as he wanted to use wood, propane would provide a more even cooking and wouldn’t be so smoky.

With David’s legs stretched out and up, it left the young man’s large cock and melon -like balls dangling down. Leo placed a hot plate and skillet inches below the hustler’s prized possessions, then tied a rope tightly around the base of the David’s genitalia. A few strokes and the young man’s cock stood tall at its full 9 inches, thick and bulging with blood. David’s balls looked like a giant plum, purple and swollen. Leo tightened the rope to ensure the meatslut wouldn’t lose his erection, trapping the blood inside. Every vein was clearly defined, and the head was like a giant mushroom. Leo poured some olive oil into the palm of his hand and began to stroke the long shaft.


Slowly the world swam into view. Bright lights assaulted David’s eyes. He felt cold and uncomfortable. As his eyes focused he could see he was in a white, tiled room, almost what he pictured an operating room to be like. It didn’t take him long to realize he was strapped down to a metal table and his body splayed out in an X position.

David’s prick was slowly being stroked. It was an odd sensation. His cock was so hard it hurt, but the warm oil that lubed Leo’s hand felt soothing and good.

“I thought that a nice hand job might wake you up,” Leo said, a strange smile across his lips.

“What the fuck is going on? What the hell have you done to me?” growled David. “Is this some weird game? I don’t like it at all, let me the fuck up out of here.”

“This isn’t a game,” Leo answered coldly. “This is vengeance. You are going to pay for what you did to my son and others like him.” Leo didn’t stop his slow strokes of the boy’s dick, pushing David closer and close to climax.

David struggled against his restraints, but couldn’t move at all. The young man’s attempt seemed to amuse Leo, who chuckled lightly.

“This isn’t funny! Let me go now, you freak!” David screamed.

“It isn’t supposed to be funny, meat. Its supposed to hurt. A lot.”

“Well it doesn’t hurt, you crazy fuck, its just pissing me off,” the young man barked.

“Well then I guess it’s time to do something about that,” Leo responded.

Leo placed his mouth over the swollen testicles, sucking and licking at the purple-tinged scrotum. He began to stroke the boy harder and faster. David’s attempts to resist slowly faded, the boy still thinking it was some weird S&M shit and if he just went with it, he would eventually be free. David plotted how he would make Leo pay for this, but soon his hips were pumping his painfully rigid cock into Leo’s fist and he felt his orgasm jetting through his constricted genitalia.

David screamed out in bliss as he felt his cum began to shoot up his shaft, but that bliss quickly turned to agony as Leo squeezed down hard just under the corona of the boys cock head, preventing the boy from ejaculating. The young man’s tortured balls continued to shoot sperm, but without release, it backed up into the boys urethra and seminal ducts. The boy’s already swollen cock and balls were pushed to expand more as the cum filled them.

The wails of pain subsided to a whimpering as David’s orgasm faded.

“Please..Leo..just let me go…this isn’t cool at all, I’m not enjoying this…please” the young man pleaded.

“Its not supposed to be fun. I told you. You are going to suffer, then you are going to die. I am going to eat you,” Leo said matter-of-factly.

The words stunned David into a momentary silence. The young man looked around the room, seeing saws and knives, the grill and spit. His anger turned to panic and he began to sob.

“Oh, come on. No need for tears,” Leo stated with a small sigh. “Look at this body you have built. Big meaty thighs. Nice broad pecs, a wonderfully muscled back. You are going to fill my belly for a long time. You should be happy. No? Well I am happy about it.” Leo smirked.

The severity of his situation dawned on David. This was his execution. This man was going to slaughter and consume him.

“ cant do this..” David stammered. “I hired a detective to follow us…take pictures..he knows where I am.”

An almost obnoxious laugh bounced around the room, echoing off the glazed tiles.

“The thing about greedy people with no moral compass is that loyalty is not one of their traits. I knew what you were up to. You think it was an accident we met that day? No, not at all. I was waiting for you to pop up. I have been planning this since the day I shit out the last of my son’s meat.” Leo plugged the hotplate into an outlet built into the table, placed a small skillet and some oil on it, then picked up a what looked like a wire cage for a banana and slipped it over David’s still erect cock. A long prong slipped into the boy’s piss slit and down his urethra. Cum oozed out a little until the contraption was in place, plugging up the hole. The invasion of David’s shaft caused him to cry out in fresh agony.
“All I needed to shake off your little detective friend was more money than you.” Leo chuckled again. “It’s a dog eat dog world, meat.”

David watched in horror as Leo plugged the cage into the outlet. Small electric currents began to run through the cage. At first they were mildly painful and annoying, but they became more and more intense.”

“Oh my god,” David wailed. “Your cooking my cock!”

Leo nodded. “You always were a bright one. It shouldn’t take too long, ten fifteen minutes. It will hurt like hell until the nerve endings cook. Fortunately for you I have something planned that will take your mind off of it.”

The pain quickly became unbearable. David withed against his restraints as his meaty prick sizzled away. Leo watched, aroused by the sight of David’s body sweating and flexing as pain overtook it. The smooth, creamy white skin was almost perfect. The musculature so ideal. It would be sad to end such beauty, but Leo knew he would taste as good as he looked.

Leo stripped out of his clothes. He liked the idea of being nude for the harvest. Feeling the hot blood splattering across his flesh was a primal pleasure.

A scalpel gleamed under the bright lights. Leo picked up the little knife. His own cock was hard and dripping strands of slimy precum. He sat down in a chair in front of the table, David’s balls and the hotplate at the perfect height. With his free hand, Leo gave his dick a few tugs while he dragged the scalpel down the center of the swollen testes, slicing them open like ripe fruit.

David screamed until he was hoarse, then screamed some more as his testicles, still attached to the seminal cords and ducts, popped out and landed in the sizzling oil, . The pain was almost unbearable. He kept screaming as his balls fried in the skillet and his cock cooked in its little wire cage. He screamed until he could make no more sound, only mouthing his agony, lips pulled back over his dry, white teeth, sweat encasing his entire body.

Leo leaned back in his chair and stroked his own massive manhood. He jerked hard on his dick as the boy’s cock cooked just a foot away . Leo’s large, hairy , muscled body was a bundle of erotic energy as he inflicted torture on this beautiful, yet soulless boy. Leo didn’t want to cum, not yet, so he slowed his strokes to fondling caresses.

The testicles were done. Leo turned off the heat and pinched the epididymis--the muscle duct that was attached to the balls--between his large fingers and lifted one of David’s nuts up to his mouth. Leo blew on it and watched David’s body tense up. Once again masturbating himself, Leo dropped it into his mouth and began to chew, severing the epididymis and crushing the boy’s bull-sized ball into mush. He savored the taste, swallowed, then devoured the second one. Leo was a little disappointed that David had screamed himself out so soon, but Leo was sure he could change that.

The smell of cooked meat floated up Leo’s nostrils. David’s big dick was done. Leo unplugged the device and slid it off David’s cock. The pale skin was dark and split in a couple places, and hot, bubbling cum spilled from the head. Leo returned to jerking off, furiously tugging at his own dripping tool.

David could barely lift his head he was so weak from the pain. He managed to raise it enough to see Leo swallowing what was left of his balls, and watched in a sort of trance as the man removed the wires from the ravages of David’s dick, slowly leaned forward and sank his teeth into the cooked flesh. David couldn’t feel it, the nerves were all dead. There was a slight tugging at the base, but no real sensation. It was like a dream when Leo pulled his mouth off the crispy prick and the head was gone. Cum and blood ran down like juices. David tried to scream once more, but still no sound would come.

The glans of David’s ruined cock rolled around on Leo’s tongue. He played with it, felt it heft and size. He even held it between his teeth and smiled wide for David to see. The poor boy’s mouth was stretched wide with a silent scream.

Leo bent down for another bite. His teeth scissored into the steaming flesh, tearing through the vessels and muscle. It was a bit chewy, kind of tasteless, but the thrill made up for it. He was actually chewing this little fucker’s massive manhood right off. Leo felt his orgasm building. He quickly gnawed off the last half of the boy’s shaft until there was just a bloody hole in David’s groin. As he masticated that last mouthful, Leo lost control, cum shooting from his cock. He pointed his prick between David’s legs and ropes of his thick seed splattered and dripped across the boy’s destroyed manhood.

David felt the last bite. The nerves in his groin were still alive and he could feel the dead flesh being torn from his body. It seemed the misery would never end, just ebb and flow like a tide, each new wave crashing across him with more intensity. When Leo’s cum landed across his empty ball sack and bloody dick stump, David knew he wasn’t going to survive this. He would die tonight. It wasn’t a man destroying him, it was Karma chewing him up and swallowing.

Once again Leo’s head was pressed between David’s thighs. This time licking up his own cum that had mixed with the boiled blood and jizz from David’s final orgasm.

“That was hot,” Leo said with a big grin. “But now we need to get you ready for the spit. It will take all night for you to cook thoroughly.” Leo saw the horrified look in David’s eyes. “Don’t worry, my meaty bull. You will be in shock before I start you cooking, so I don’t imagine you will feel much. Plus I don’t think you will survive long once I impale you on the spit.” Leo ran his hands over David’s legs and torso. “Too bad you wont know how delicious you are. All this meat will be so tender and juicy…”

David didn’t even try to scream. He just lay there and sobbed.


The cuffs of the surgical tourniquet pulled tighter and tighter, clamping down hard into David’s upper leg. He could feel his limb going numb as his leg was occluded. The boy watched as Leo repeated the process on all four limbs, until David felt like his arms and legs had gone to sleep. His muscles tingled and felt like thousands of little pins were being pushed into him as his appendages became starved for oxygen and circulation.

On the wall hung various knives and saws. David knew what was coming next. As soon as Leo yanked the tourniquets into place, the boy knew what extreme torture awaited him.

Leo snatched a large bone saw from its hook. The man stood next to David’s thigh, his hand caressing the numb muscle. Bits of blood and cum congealed in his chest hair, and a small bit of meat was stuck in his teeth.

“Have you ever lost someone close to you?” Leo quietly asked his captive. “Someone you loved more than anything. The pain is overwhelming. Your heart feels like it will explode. You want to vomit. There is this heaviness…a numbness--very much like what your leg is feeling now.” Leo brought his open palm down hard on the boy’s thigh with a loud smack to emphasize his point. “That’s what I felt like when I lost my son. Yes, I killed him, but I had lost him a long time before that. That creature that was bound before me, the one I slid the spit into, he wasn’t my son anymore. He was a zombie. The life and soul of him had died a long time before. Much like you.” Leo’s cold eyes stared into David’s terror tinged green pupils. “I know you died slowly. When your parents split. Your father disappeared, your mother wasting away in the clutches of a bottle. That part of you that was human has been dead for years. That little boy was snuffed out and this exquisite corpse took its place. You sustain yourself by sucking the life out of others. Slowly killing them by feeding their addictions.” A palpable sadness hung over them, like a low, dark cloud. “I mourn for that little boy that was lost. His death gave rise to the heartless animal strapped down in front of me. The one that I must now destroy and consume, taking his pain into me and adding it to my own.”

David’s eyes never wavered from Leo’s. “You’re fucking crazy,” is all he could say.

The young man’s response seemed to snap Leo from his morose trance.

“And you’re fucking dinner,” Leo responded, then drew the saw across David’s ample thigh. Blood that had been trapped in the lower leg spewed forth as the blade tore deeper, severing blood vessels, veins and arteries.

A frothy red fountain burst from the torn flesh as the saw ripped thru the femoral artery. The warm, sanguine geyser showered across Leo’s naked flesh, splattering across his face, running down his torso and dripping from his thick, hanging cock.

The saw struck the femur, but Leo kept cutting away, the sharp teeth of the blade eating through the hard bone, licking at the marrow, until there was a soft cracking sound. The saw easily sliced through the remaining muscle and flesh.

David once again found his voice and used it to scream his pain and rage into the universe. The agony twisted and pulled at his body, trying to pull him off the table, but the restraints held him firmly in his place. When the blade hit his bone, David felt as if he would shatter at any moment, fly apart into a million jagged little pieces.

The leg finally was free from David’s body. Leo unfastened it and took it to one of four hooks hanging from a chains over a drain in the floor. He pushed the hook thru the heel and left it to drain. . Leo picked a long handled iron from the flames beneath the spit and pressed its glowing head into the freshly made stump where David’s leg had been, cauterizing the wound. The iron hissed and sizzled as it pressed into the bloody stump.

It was too much for David, whose body finally collapsed into unconsciousness. As the darkness embraced him, he thought finally it was the sweet mercy of death overtaking him. He would find out soon enough that he was mistaken.


Leo finished cauterizing the last of the four stumps where David’s limbs had been. His arms and legs dangled over the drain, swaying gently, and raining blood down in fat drops onto the white tiles. The boy was still passed out, which disappointed Leo, but he would be sure to rouse the meat before his final impalement.

The smell of burnt flesh lingered in the room, even with the ventilation running. The aroma made Leo’s stomach rumble. It would be several hours before David was ready to consume. He had planned on cleaning the limbs while David roasted, and storing the meat for later, but his hunger won out. The boy’s cock and balls had been substantial, but his mouth watered for a steak cut from the young man’s meaty thigh or maybe a nice juicy bicep.

Leo grabbed a large filet knife and sized up his choices. He wanted to slow oven roast the thighs, and the calves were a little too tough for steaks. He opted for a bicep.

Sliding the knife into the elbow, Leo popped the joint , then took a cleaver and worked to separate the forearm and upper arm. Once that was accomplished, he stripped the skin from the meat, then neatly sliced the muscle from the bones, cutting thru the tendons. David’s bicep was rather large, so he sliced it in half, sparsely sprinkled a dry rub on the meat, and placed it on the grill.

Leo liked his meat medium rare, still pink in the middle and a little bloody. It didn’t take too long for the flayed bicep to cook to perfection. He pulled it from the grill and plated it, then went to wake the boy from his pain-induced slumber.


The world quickly crashed into place around David. The salts Leo used to pull him from his unconsciousness were like a hand grabbing hold of him and yanking him from the darkness.

Pain was his first perception. Amazing, overwhelming pain were his arms and legs used to attach to his body. Horrified he saw only blistered and burnt stumps waving around. Without his arms and legs, David was unable to sit up or move himself. He flailed around on the metal table helplessly, wailing piteously.

Leo watched David’s ruined body squirm as he sank his teeth into the boy’s cooked flesh. He could taste the boy’s agony and fear and it was sweet. He enjoyed his steak while the boy sobbed. Bite after bite, tender and warm, sliding easily down his throat.

After he finished his snack, Leo decided it was time to finish this. The boy had suffered and paid for his evil. His hunger satiated, Leo’s desire to torture the boy waned. He rubbed his blood splattered, furry belly and went back to work.

Leo ran his hand across the boy’s fevered brow, smoothing David’s sweat drenched hair.

“It will be over soon,” he said, comfortingly. “Its going to hurt like hell, but you will die quickly.” Leo stared down at the boy’s pain-wracked features. David was almost unrecognizable as the beautiful young man who had sauntered in earlier. Hate and agony had demolished his glory.

David had lost the ability to form words, he was reduced to a primal state. He simply sobbed or grunted, his eyes wide with terror.

The desire to torture David had past, but the lust for the boy still throbbed deep in Leo’s balls. He leaned over the boy and kissed David’s smooth, crimson streaked torso, his tongue flickering over the nipples, his teeth nibbling. Leo loosened the restraints holding David’s body in place and flipped him over onto his belly. The two pale globes of David’s ass rose up. Leo pulled them apart and exposed the boy’s pink, puckered hole. Blood and cum had trickled from the boy’s ruined genitalia and stained the valley between David’s glutes. Leo dragged his tongue deep into the crack, tasting the salty fluids.

Leo snaked his tongue past the ring of muscle, savoring the taste of boy’s empty bowels. He plunged his tongue in as far as it would go, letting it probe and prod the soft tissues.

David sobbed, his body shaking as he wept. There was nothing else for him to do. Begging was pointless, screaming useless. He had accepted his fate and would meet it with a tear stained face.

Leo Rose up over David, his long cock bouncing at the boys hole. With one strong thrust, Leo filled him, brutally and savage. He pried the boys ass cheeks apart and watched his dick squeeze into the tight, young boy cunt, his shaft disappearing effortlessly. Leo pumped harder, slamming into the boy, their colliding bodies filling the room with loud smacking sounds. David’s torso slide forward under the assault, his stumps waving madly.

David’s warm guts massaged Leo’s fat prick--the same guts that would soon be sliced and parted for the cold steel of the spit. The thought sent Leo over the edge, spewing copious amounts of sperm into the boy’s butt.

Leo pulled his cock from David’s newly stretched anus and wiped it on the blistered stump of the boy’s thigh, then set about preparing the rotisserie, getting all in place for the spit roast.

A pulley system on a sliding track was installed into the ceiling and ran from the island to which the boy was now fastened , over to a stainless steel sink with an industrial garbage disposal, then over to the fire pit where the boy would finally cook.

The restraints still were fastened tightly over David’s chest and abdomen, keeping him flat on the table and ass up. Leo placed another leather restraint across the boys neck and secured his head in a vice-like contraption, preventing him from moving while the spit traveled thru him. Finally he placed a large, metal O-ring in David’s mouth, one that jutted just past the lips and went far enough back into the boys mouth to cause him to gag.

David didn’t move at all, the fight in him was gone. His body was ruined and wracked with pain. He was most likely in shock. Soon his body would start shutting down all together.

The seven foot long pole glistened under the fluorescent bulbs, light dancing on the deadly tip. David’s eyes followed Leo as he picked it up and took his place behind the boy. Still the young man didn’t move or make a sound. He was an animal ready for the slaughter.

Applying a little lube to the end, Leo wrapped his hand around the metal shaft. It wasn’t as thick as his cock, but it still had a good girth to it. Leo lined it up with David’s ravaged anus, then began to slide it in.

As the spit slowly sank into David’s bowels, disappearing inch by inch into the meat’s accommodating bowels, the boy let out a series of misery-tinged moans. His body tensed up, but was unable to move or thrash about. This skewer was sharper and heavier than the spit Leo had used on his own son, so it slid through David’s body with much more ease.
The spit hit David’s stomach wall and stopped. Over a foot of the steel was inside the boy and Leo’s cock was once again rock hard as he imagined the spit traveling inside the boy, nestled in the warm tissues. Next time, Leo thought, he would install a fiber optic camera in the tip so he could watch the skewer’s progress.

Leo gave the spit a little shove and it pierced the stomach. The sound from David was loud and pitiful. It was a bellowing of agony and surrender. Leo’s cock jerked and massive stands of precum leaked from the head. He gingerly felt around with the pole to find the esophagus. Leo had practiced spitting pigs and quickly found the opening.

David’s body began to convulse as the spit slide up his throat, cutting off his airway. In just seconds, the spit emerged from the boy’s mouth, red streaked and shining in the light. Leo fed thru another couple feet as quick as he could, then fastened the spit to the pulley, undid the restraints, and hoisted him across the room to the sink.

Leo moved as fast, knowing the boy was suffocating. He wanted David to feel the knife slice open his body and hear his guts as they feel heavily into the sink.

David had slid around the pole and now hung upside down, his face and body red, retching sounds issuing from his throat, his eyes rolled back in his head. Leo only had seconds before the boy lost consciousness and suffocated. Leo slid the boy belly side down again, and held him in place with one large hand. His other grabbed a filet knife and sunk it into the boy’s torso, just below the sternum. With one quick motion he sliced down to the boys groin. David’s intestines billowed from the opening, hitting the sink with a wet thud. The young man went rigid, then shook uncontrollably. David was in his death throws. Watching the boy die, feeling David’s body quiver as his guts spilled from his torn torso, triggered another orgasm for Leo. Long, thick ropes of hot cum exploded from his cock and landed on the boy’s steaming intestines.

At some point during Leo’s intense orgasm David died. He eyes were glazed over and vacant, looking blankly ahead. Leo shook the dangling cum from his dick, and went about finishing preparations.

Leo pierced the base of the skull with an s-hook dangling from the ceiling, freeing his hands and keeping the meat belly down so he could finish cleaning the cavity. The sharp spit had sliced the bowels in several places, causing them to spill easily from the body, but part of the large intestine still hung from the boy’s asshole, as well as some of the small intestine from David’s skewered stomach. Leo sliced them away, then yanked the liver, kidneys, and other viscera free. He placed the liver into a bowl of ice, saving it for consumption.

Leo clasped David’s still warm heart in his hands. Just a moment ago it was beating, valiantly trying to pump blood thru a mangled body . Leo cut it from the chest and held it in the light, inspecting it. So young and strong. What would it taste like? What would it feel like sliding up and down his dick like a macabre fleshlight? He placed it on the ice with the liver and finished emptying David’s abdominal and chest cavities.

Once the boy was completely gutted, Leo took a high pressure hose and finished cleaning out the hollowed carcass. He fed David’s guts down the disposal, which emptied out to the sea at the base of the cliffs, where it would be swept away by the currents and become shark food. Leo scrubbed his hands and arms down, taking a small scrub brush to his nails to remove the bloody residue. Blood and cum still clung to his hairy body, but he decided to leave it for now. It turned him on to feel David’s fluids drying on his skin.

Finally David was ready. A prized pig on the spit. Leo jerked the hook free from David’s head and hoisted the spit over to the fire pit, settling it into the rotisserie. He fixed another parallel pole into the rotisserie which trapped David’s body into place so he could gently spin over the fire, evenly cooking the meat. Leo lovingly basted David’s meaty flesh, then flipped the rotisserie on. He watched as the flames slowly rose up, their heat molesting David’s slowly turning meat.

It would take several hours for the body to cook well. Leo finished chopping up David’s muscled limbs into more manageable pieces, shoving the unusable parts into the twirling teeth of the industrial disposal. Once he finished his clean up, Leo jumped into a shower then crawled into the bed of a small apartment he had built adjacent to his hidden kitchen and abattoir. He slept peacefully for a few hours, dreaming of the taste of David and his kisses.


The succulent smell of roasting meat roused Leo from his slumber. He crawled from his bed, still nude, and wandered into the ventilated, fireproofed room with the spit. David’s carcass still spun slowly, his skin a deep golden brown, the fatty juices sizzling and dripping into the flames. Leo stuck a meat thermometer into a golden glute.

“Yup, you’re done” he mumbled, then turned the machine off.

The flames retreated and danced as smaller flickers. Leo took a carving knife and cut a thick slice of meat from David’s ass and dropped it onto a plate. He didn’t know if longpork was a white meat or a red meat, so he chose a soft red wine, turned on his favorite classical station, and settled into his deep, comfy recliner.

The first bite practically melted on his tongue. So tender with hot juices that burst free between his teeth. He savored every bite. When he was finished, he went back for seconds, then thirds, sampling various meats. Once his belly was filled, he drifted back to sleep, carried to Nod on the cradling strains of Chopin.

He dreamed once again of David, his body whole and beautiful, laying nude by the side of Leo’s son Luc. They pulled him down to them, embracing him, wrapping their strong, youthful limbs around him while they placed kisses on his lean body. They were both a part of him now. They were both finally at peace.