Old Story & Video Archives
These contain miscellaneous drawings of an EXTREME Nature, from a variety of artists.
All depict men and women over 18.
All depictions are pure fantasy! NEVER to be attempted.
YOU Must be 18 or older to view these files.
To my knowledge NONE of these items are from currently existing 'pay' sites.

Any alterations to these drawings, were NOT Done by me, I just collect...
If you don't like these terms, go away.

I'm also aware that several links inside these stories, to 'larger' drawings are broken. Sorry.
But frequently, the 'larger' drawings are at the very bottom anyway.

These are entire 'month' issues.
You'll notice the menu for the magazine on the left: 'No Death', 'Death', 'Double Death'. These are largly m/m stories.
There are also: 'Girl Fun', and 'More Evil Bitches' menues. These are evil women stories.
To move around in the magazine you'll need to allow ActiveX Controls to run.
If there are missing stories or pictures, they've been removed at the artists request, or I didn't get them.

2002 Year End Issue

2004 05 (May)

2004 09 (September)

2005 03 (March)

All Male stories

Evil Women Stories



Fatal Mistake

Deer Slayer

A Bonnie Feast

Cooked in the Diner

First Time Out

DRAX Festival

Last Laugh
(castration, hanging)

Chad in Africa

Cop du Jour

Captive Beef (Part One)
(cannibalism, Nonconsensual)

Captive Beef (Part Two)
(cannibalism, Nonconsensual)

The Butcher - part 1

The Butcher - part 2

The Nutcrackers
(Batman/Robin cooked alive)

(Perfect hunk grilled alive)

Marine Cookout

Jimmy Earl

Jeffrey gets Pete

Heritage 8


Forest of Pain

La Pleurant

Letters from a serial camper killer
Letter 1
Letter 2
Letter 3

Mission - Using the poor to feed to poor

Raping, Snuffing a porn star

Reflections on a Roman Life

The Kansas Circuit

The Kansas Circuit 2

Reification of Ira

Black Hawks


Tent Valley Massacre
(Indian torture)

Prize Purse

The First


Skeletons in the Closet

For Queen & Country

5 short stories
(m/m nc snuff cann extreme)

Pantent Pending

Once a Month

The Guardian

Disposing of the Evidence

Diary of - Reinhard Kurtz Part III
(tales of extreme torture/snuff)

Cotter's Gap Tradition
A Thanksgiving Tale

9 days of Hell

Cabin Boy

Cafe Ant

Cook Out

(extreme NC snuff)

(exotic NC snuff)

Taking Turns

Santa is Coming
(Santa EATS bad young men)

Diary of - Reinhard Kurtz
(tales of extreme torture/snuff)

The Ranch
(male meat slaughter house)

Class of '42
(illustrated multiple uniqe extreme snuff)

The Taxidermist

Well Done


Man Roast

The Electrician

Cory's Donation

Abducted Athletes (pics by Dante)

Abducted by Aliens

Abducted (by Mike)

Abducted (by Dante)

Abducted (by Oscar)

Abducted (by Rob)

Abduction in a small town

Just Abducted

About Scrotum Removal

Absolute Beauty


Toy Soldiers Having Fun

The Tithe

Real Gladiators



Mayan Vengeance

Cotter's Gap Tradition

Jeremy behind truck

Christmas Turkey

Best Christmas Ever!

Aliens Abusers & Assassins

(no death)


Suicides Part two

Joe D - Letter 14

Heritage Chapter 16

The Hell it is

After Dinner Companion


Cooking Jake


Dutch Treatment

Mauna Loa

Breakfast Boy I
(no death, consentual Cann)

Breakfast Boy II - Mexican Food
(no death, consentual Cann)

Breakfast Boy III
(no death, consentual Cann)

Heritage Chapter 28


The Fausts of Evil

The Spit

Snuff Volleyball

The Paperboy

Man Meat
(m/m Stud skinned, slowRoasted, eatenalive)

Found on the Internet
(m/m BodyBuilder Lured in, NC Cann)

(m/m Live Bukake Cann)

(From BCOne, m/m NC Cann)

These are all stories about Boiling Hot Beefy Men then eating them:



Super Hero

The Race

Meat Inc.
(NC slaughter house restaurant, cann)

Kevin Liked Snakes
(NC eaten by snake)

Last Laugh
(photo story, hanging)

2 stories: Pierced and Bar Raid
(non-terminal, 1)piercing pain, 2)capture/torture/dismember)

a jar on the shelf
(odd genital torture, non-terminal)

(master/slave, mild)

Luck of the draw - Part one
(NC Marine Victims, LOTS Of types of killing etc)

Luck of the draw - Part two
(NC Marine Victims, LOTS Of types of killing etc)

Chilled Desert
(all male, NC Cann)

Electric Gladiators
(MANY NC Male victims, multiple methods, cann)

Come to the Fair
(mostly men, NC Men victims, multiple methods, cann)

Cooking in the Jungle
(African savages capture NC Males, torture, slaughter, Cann)

Military appreciation Day
(Males killed creatively)

Officers Choice
(Cop gets creative with NC Killing)

Day at the Games
(Gladiators Killed in various ways, some NC)

(NC Red neck male victim, torture, dismember cann)

Underwater Swimmer
(NC Capture asphyxiation of swimmer)

Boof on the Hoof
(NC Man eaten alive piece by piece)

3 stories: Team Asphyxiation,
Disappeared, &
The Bad Deal

3 short stories from Glenmore Prison
(multiple ways to execute prisoners)

Double Personality

Blood in Paradise
(savage natives torture and eat explorers)


Sauted Cocque
(short story: Hustler eaten)


DRAX - Butcher Shop

Girls just want to have fun


The Mistress' Tale

The Birthday

Still more Videos

Saturday Night at 8

Interrogation Mistress

Bleeding Kansas


What young men are good for

A Slave at Last

The Business of Slavery

Chris' Last New Year

Crime and Punishment

Political Correction 2020

Motherly Love

Time Trespassers

Snuff Videos

The Leopard's Lunch

Jock Feast

Anatomy Lesson
(flay NC cann mental torture snuff)




Iwo Jima

Taming Husband

Feast of Mars

Farm Fun

Education of a Male


Christmas Cookies

A Christmas Celebration

48 hours of REAL Slavery

Absolute Pain

Abused Wife's Revenge

Academy of Evil Women

Snow Boy

Scavanger Hunt

Zebra 5

Still more Videos

Blond Faith & Family Blackgrounds

The Show

Sorority Girl Games

A son Enslaved

Jeff's Training

HitchHikers Nightmare

Amazon Captives

Africanarthisis III

Africanthisis IV

Tragedy in Haiti

Steer Making

Queendom VI

Devil May Carry

Secretarial Pool

Having it her way
(f/m cock n ball eaten alive, NC)

(It's what's for TDay! NC CANN f/m)

Cooking Todd
(mother cooks her beef cake son)

Absolute Pain
(short, non-fatal, f/m castration/cann)

Abused Wife's Revenge
(Short, non-fatal, f/m castration disfigure)

Finally, I Got Him!

Queedom V


Queendom of Domina - The Factory (Story)

Queendom of Domina - The Factory (Drawings)

Parachute Drop

Work Force
(NC victims tortured/dismembered)

Blood Sacrifice
(Evil Priestess, male NC Victims, cann)

(Male BBQ somewhat-willingly for group of women)

(Evil women torture/kill males)

Cannibal Amazons
(Female warriors capture soldiers, NC Extreme cann)

3 stories: Queens meal, Better n Rice, Ladies' Execution Committee
(Male Victims, all sorts of methods, cann)

Anatomy Lesson
(male NC Victims killed)

Bayou Bitches

Dildo-Fuck Drawings

(2oriental women capture a sailor, torture, and eat NC)

Fox Hunt
(Man hunt, prepped cooked)

Island of Death
(resort where NCMales tortured/killed cann)

Duplicate Execution Society