Detective Vernon Moss stood outside the heavy doors of the Club Opus Dei, having rang the bell, waiting to be let in. A male voice spoke form a speaker, "you would be...?"

"Detective Moss, homicide, to see Mr Atwater."

"Wait!" the tersely sharp toned voice said.

Before Vernon could glare into the security camera he had spotted before ringing the bell, the door buzzer sounded, a lock clicked in the door, and he entered. There was no one. The carpet a deep red, was high piled, and well padded. The walls covered with murals of young men fucking and sucking in all positions, made his dick stir in his pants. The walls had several flat screened TV's showing real orgies of bodies twisting and writhing in all kinds of unspeakable pleasures.

There were several doors leading from the entrance way, and a long hallway which headed toward the back of the building. Down the dimly lighted hallway two figures appeared, as they approached, Moss could make out that the taller one was Atwater, and for an instant he thought the shorter man was Robby, but quickly disposed of that through for how could the boy get in here. The young man broke away suddenly, and disappeared through a door, probably an employee off on a mission.

Atwater was cordial, even friendly, strange for a lawyer Moss considered to be a mouthpiece for some kind of criminal element. He was given a grand tour of the place, the different rooms for dancing, the club member's locker room, the three different dining rooms, just opening as they went through, young man in varying states of undress were being seated by waiters wearing black satin jock straps, and nothing else. Moss noted they each had a very distinct tan line outlining where a small speedo swim suit had been worn, making the butts look even more inviting.

They went through the halls leading to the member private rooms and then into an office complex, where they sat on a large leather sofa, and were served tray of snacks and coffee. The intricate security program to insure no one under aged could become a member and get in even as a guest was explained in detail, Moss was surprised at how clever a system it was and had to admit it seemed foolproof, a question the police had about the place was at least now answered.

A door on the other side of the room opened and several young men with pale white skin, naked except for the scant underwear each was wearing, and a taller youth with long black hair, wearing an open leather vest, black leather chaps, and no pouch covering his rather large sex equipment, his entire body was freshly shaved so there was not a hair except for on the youth's head. The man in the lead, who Vernon figured must be Darwin Druid was dressed in a black tuxedo with very shinny satin lapels, a white cumber-bun, white formal tie, and a floor length opera cape of black velvet, with a high collar, and red satin lining. He was much younger looking than Vernon had expected.

"Bring me that chair, Bainfield," the man ordered the leather clad youth, who quickly lifted the heavy leather covered chair and placed it just across the coffee table from the sofa where Atwater and Moss had been seated. "Good evening Atwater, and you must be Detective Moss," the man said extending his hand, "Darwin Druid at your service, sir!"

They all sat, Druid was handed a glass of dark red liquid by one of the blond underwear clad youths, looked like cranberry juice thought Moss, good the man does not sample his own brew. The young men all stood about, Vernon noticed they all had what seemed to be a perpetual hard-on tucked away in the tight various colored briefs. Vernon watched each with the keen interest of a twink liking cock sucker.

"Allow me to introduce my assistants here, they are dressed for an underwear fashion show this evening, and they really should be getting ready. Come, come boys, don't be shy, the man isn't going to arrest you for indecent exposure, in fact I rather suspect he is enjoying the close up view. First there is Devon here, he is the oldest, he is wearing an 'Aussie Bum' sport jock. The only sport these jocks are made for is sex. Next is Ramone. wearing '2EXst', followed by Gavin dressed in 'Armani', and then there is Samuel, wearing 'Calvin Klein', and finally our youngest, Norbert wearing 'tommy'. Now run off my sex nymphs, we adults have business to conduct. Bainfield, you wait outside the door in case we need you to fetch anything."

The young men trotted off out the door they had entered, hard cocks bouncing about with each step, the butts tightly covered with little fabric leaving nothing to the imagination. The long dark haired youth followed, carefully closing the door behind him. Now Druid looked more serious and somewhat older as he got to the business at hand.

"It is my understanding, detective, that you have found some corpses of young men who all have the return entry stamp from our club stamped on their wrists. It is deplorable that anyone would harm another human being, especially a nice young man with his whole life before him to enjoy living a long and sexually pleasurable life," Druid began the conversation.

"Unfortunately it happens all the time," Vernon began, "and many times to guys, who without realizing it, ask for their fate by their unintended actions."

"Or lost in a fantasy that will go bad," Druid continued, "I have been in this business for several years and am no longer surprised by anything that happens, also long enough to take as much precaution as I can for my business and it's customers."

"Oh, how so?"

"We have an elaborate security system here, we must have. We know the name and age of all our members, and other personal information. When a guy becomes a member of this private, members only club he must show proof of age and of who he is. Once a member he is issued a card, which cannot be altered. The information on that card is matched with public computer systems for accuracy each time he enters. Then he is issued a visit tag, which he must show before purchasing anything. He cannot bring in any liquor, beer or wine if he is under legal age. We won't even sell him cigarettes. I have a huge investment here and I do not intend to risk it all for a few boys to get drunk."

"That is another thing, we are unsure of the age of some of these victims," Moss said.

"It is not against the law for a boy to be a member of this club, although we do frown on younger boys entering, even if with a guardian, like a brother or father. Or as a guest. But we also try to be fare. We have teen boys who come here to dance, and that is all they do, unless they go for a swim, or use the exercise rooms. They may also meet people here and what they do outside the club is nothing we can, or should, control."

"We suspect, or I suspect as no one else in the department thinks anything good could possibly happen here. I am sure these boys met their fate here in the club, and that fate was executed at another location. Really I am out to prove who actually murdered these young men, and by doing that prove that no one connected with this place had anything to do with the deaths."

"Well I thank you for the vote of confidence," Druid smiled, "just what is it you need from me?"

"I have a disc with the face pictures of the victims. I would like to show them to your employees and see if any of them remember seeing the victim and when, and most importantly, who the dead youth was with."

"We have over five hundred employees working here, many part time, it would take you weeks to interview them all, and I suspect the death pictures would be unsettling, to say the least for our employees."

"You have a point there," Moss thought a minute, "do you have a computer where all the employees would have access, and these pictures could be posted and ask for comments?"

"Yes we do, and I can supply you with photos of these club members, if you have identified any, taken while they were alive and well, which might be better for the employees than some autopsy pictures."

"How would you know who the dead youths are?" Moss asked, thinking he may have accidentally gotten a confessions of sort from the man.

"The same way you figured they were members here."

"The reentry stamp?"

"It is not a stamp, it is a laser photo skin tattoo done in an ink which is invisible, except when exposed to ultra violet light. Like any tattoo it will always be there. On each tattoo there is an extended cross on the 'T' in reenter. Along the bottom side of the cross bar are a series of letters and numbers, a coded identification number for each individual member. You would have to use a magnifying glass to read the numbers. Detective Moss, you get me those numbers and I can identify each of your victims. Within an hour of receiving that information I can have not only their names, but phone numbers, where they live and work, and perhaps where next of kin might be found, although that is not a required field on the forms."

"I have to hand it to you, you have all the angles covered very efficiently. I will get the information to you in the morning," Moss said, wanting to leave now that he knew most of what he had hoped to know in this interview. He wanted to catch up with Robby and somehow find out what he was doing here, if that was indeed the boy. Some kind of doubt was growing in Vernon's belly.

"Send it as soon as you can, I'll be here all night and can get the information back to you before you get in, in the morning," Druid now felt the interview was finished to his advantage, after all just because a young murder victim had come to the club on his last night of life did not mean there was a direct connection to his death and the club, "is there anything else I can do for you tonight, officer?"

"No, I think I shall be on my way, and thank you for being so co-operative," Moss extended his hand as he stood.

Atwater stood, along with Druid, who extended is hand and as they shook firmly he said, "why don't you bring the information down here your self, I could not help but notice you seemed very interested in my assistants, which is fine with me as being available is one of their duties, and you are a fit looking man, if you get my drift. They all would be available for your pleasure, sort of a Roman orgy."

"Your offer is very generous, but I must decline, for the time being," Moss said smiling, looking about to see how to leave.

"Call me any time day or night when you are ready to accept the offer, here is my card with my private phone number. Just call and all the arrangements will be made to fit your busy schedule. You will be my guest so there need be no record of your visit, I can do that, I own the place," he said with a loud laugh.

"Thank you again Mr Druid."

"Think nothing of it, Atwater I need to see you about the personnel problem I solved this morning, Mr Bainfield will see you out, Detective. Bainfield!" Druid called out, the door in the back quickly opened and the young man with long dark hair and an equally long drooping flaccid cock appeared, Moss thought he must be drugged as his was the only soft dick in the joint. "Mr Bainfield, show the detective to the lobby, assist him in any way he desires, then go to the back interview office."

Moss followed the young man out the door, they walked about several hallways, occasionally passing young men in pairs, some holding hands, some kissing, most near naked, all showing hard-ons who were entering one of the many, many doors off the hallways, which Moss deduced were private fuck rooms. They got to a larger intersection with what looked to be a couple of elevators, Bainfield headed to one and pushed the call button. Moss looked about, seeing several security cameras pointed in many directions, there would also be cameras in the elevators and perhaps a microphone as well.

"Mr Bainfield, I am uncomfortable in elevators, is their a staircase we can use?" Moss asked.

The man still dressed in leather vest and chaps which revealed everything, including how inviting the young man's butt looked. Moss followed into a stairwell, and stopped at the middle landing between floors. "Bainfield," Moss ordered, the youth stopped, "Kenny Bainfield, user ad seller of various drugs. Didn't I arrest you for possession with intent to sell a year or so back."

"Yes..." Bainfield answered slowly, trying to retrieve the information from his drugged mind..

"Squat down in this corner, open my pants and make like you are giving me a blow job."

The young man moved slowly, but not reluctantly, squatting as told and carefully opening the detective's pants and easing is cock and balls out, he even began to suck.

"Don't blow me, yet. I have some questions to ask, you give them to me here and no one will suspect anything is going on between us other than me getting a blow job off a servant," the young man looked up at Moss with sad, defeated eyes, "how in the fuck did you get involved here?"

"Not sure, I had gotten some killer mescaline, and really good smoke and done both. It was all sort of a dream, still is. I was fucked up laying about down on the loading docks hoping to sell my prick to someone for $50 bucks and maybe get a night inside a hotel for a shower, I was itching like I had bugs."

"When did this happen?"

"I don't know," Bainfield started speaking softly, "maybe yesterday, or last week, or maybe I have been here a god damned month, or an hour, fuck man don't ask me hard questions I don't know the fucking answers to."

"Do you stay here all the time?"

" I don't think so, we ride in a big stretch limo, or an extended big SUV, me, Druid, and the five fairy boys."

"Where do you come from, where does he live?"

"I, I don't know, the cars all have tinted windows and I am on my knees sucking off Druid's cock, I don't see where we are going or coming from."

"What goes on here, in the club the regular members do not know about?"

"I, I... can't answer any more questions, he is listening in on what I say, he can hear my thoughts, my head hurts awful, worse than all the fucking hang overs I have ever had, please don't ask no more questions."

"Who is listening to your thoughts?"

"Who do you think," the young man stood in an unthreatening way, "please Moss, please... he will fucking kill me. I may be a worthless fucking piece of shit for a man, but I don't want to die," Bainfield had tears in his eyes that started rolling down his cheeks.

Detective Moss took the crying man in his arms and kissed him on the mouth while he gently hugging him, the detective's cock had now grown hard and was leaking pre-cum, now he needed the blow job, "blow me, Kenny, suck my cock."

The young had hugged Moss and their tongues continued probing about wet mouths, the young man's dick had stiffened, and he held both cocks together, rolled them about, caressed both sets of balls, then he slid down the wall so he was kneeling and he took the Detective's long, fat prick into his mouth, sucking it down into his swallowing throat as he fondled the man's nuts. There was a camera at the lower end of the staircase, Moss wondered if the lens could pick up who was doing what. He hoped there were no microphones hidden in the stairwell. He did not wish to get the kid in trouble, especially not after the wonderful way the straight boy was sucking on Moss' cock.

* * * * *

Robby Klein sat in the restaurant where Vern had said they would meet for dinner, he hoped nothing would cause the detective to be late. Robby some what understood what the detective had been doing at Club Opus Dei, it had something to do with the dead boys that had been recently found. Most of all Robby worried he had not gotten away when he had noticed the detective waiting in the entrance room, he would have great trouble explaining why he had been in the club. Vernon would be jealous and upset if he believed the truth when Robby told him the real reason was for sex with Tom Atwater.

Sex with Atwater was a thrilling experience, almost mystical, religious. He would do things with Tom he had only fantasied doing, and probably would not do with others. Sex with Tom was more satisfying and complete. These were all things it would be hard to tell Moss. Vernon was a nice sweet man, a sort of daddy to look up to, but not the sexual cruelly depraved daddy he craved that he had found in Tom.

Robby's cell phone rang, it might be Vernon, "hello, oh hello Tom. He has had his chat and is now on his way to meet me?" Robby looked concerned, "how do you know he was going to meet me?... oh, that's right I did tell you... I was so surprised to see him in there, in the club, I hope he did not see me." The young man nervously lit a cigarette, "well we are sort of friends... well not that kind of friend... he what!... he sucked your dick? oh my god... well yes we have had some sex, but he is not like you, I mean he is fun, but he is not anyone I want to be emotionally involved with... yeah I could see us becoming involved in more than casual sex... yes I think he could be involved with me... I didn't mean to lead the man on but... he is seeing more in our relationship than is there, trust me...way more... I see him coming, I'll I.M. you when I get home."

"I hope you have not been waiting too long," Vernon said sliding into the seat across from Robby.

"Not really, any more bodies show up, I hope not but..."

"Well none in my jurisdiction. So you had a rough time in the park last night, and what did you do to recover today?"

"Spent most of the day in bed, I thought my asshole was going to fall off, and my throat would never recover it was so sore."

"Hey, you are getting to be a big boy now, you have to learn how to go out and party rough all night and show up the next day looking like nothing happened."

"I got enough hickys on my neck a blind man could guess what I was doing."

"So you spent the day home, recovering."

"All day, showered and thought I would go out, but then I just relapsed and slept more until I came down here to meet you." Robby said, believing Vernon had not seen him at the club.

* * * * *

Matthew was adjusting his cock inside low rise tight jeans, "I am glad Sylvester was willing to let us go out and search for our own food tonight. perhaps we can have some fun before bringing the victim back here."

"Yeah, Matt, I am hungry for a big freaking cock, or two, or three before sucking his blood out and eating his shit," Mike said looking at himself up and down carefully as he could not see anything in a mirror.

"You look fine, Mike. Your butt would give a dead man a boner," Matt laughed.

"It has..." Mike smiled, then they both laughed heartily.

"Lets head downtown where the dance clubs are, I feel like dancing with you tonight, OK?" Matt said as they left the side door of he church.

"Yeah, dancing will be fine. That way we can easily find more than one to feed on."

"Yes to that. David and Sylvester will be doing that kid from the confessional tonight I bet," Matt added.

"I sure would like to suck the blood from his nuts," Mike announced.

"You got some of his shit, being a pig are we?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, yes."

"I wish we could get into Club Opus Dei, I just think it would be cool to snare a guy from there for us to do," Matt said.

"Yeah, now I'm getting a boner," Mike answered.

They walked down to the nearest subway, took the next train and changed to another train and left the system near the neighborhood where there are dance clubs, cruising bars, and some private sex clubs, with Opus Dei being the premiere club in the neighborhood. They came to a club which had a small line waiting to enter, Mike sat on a trash can with his tight jeans bulging in the crotch, Matt stood nearby leaning on a parking meter, both smoking and holding bottles of beer they had snagged from a convenience store.

Two handsome blond guys wearing silver translucent speedo swim briefs came down the street, turning heads, partly from the large bulges in the front, and partly because of the rounded butts, but mostly because they were incredibly good looking and muscular young men. Mike and Matt spotted the blonds approaching long before they had gotten to where Matt and Mike were waiting. When the young men were in front of them, both Mike and Matt whistled.

The blonds stop, looked at each other then Sam asked," you boys looking for trouble? 'cause we got enough trouble for the two of you."

"Yeah, and long trouble by the looks," Mike said with a grin and a grab of his crotch.

"Thick too," Matt added.

Sam and Norbert stepped over to the acolytes, "you too don't look exactly lacking in the size department," Norb said grabbing Matt's crotch.

"Hey man, lets do more then grab," said Mike.

"Come with us and we can play in our playground," Sam smirked as he tossed out the invite.

"You'll like our games I am sure," Norb added.

The four walked on down the street together, Mike and Sam, Norbert and Matt. It was a three block walk to the Club Opus Dei, and Matt and Mike gave each other a puzzled grin, wondering what great luck had allowed them to get picked up by club members to a place they really did want to go. There was a line, there always was one, filled with people who never would get into the place, watching to see who could. The doorman admitted them without so much as a pause. Matt and Mike were impressed by more than the promise of full round butts and crotches.

Inside they walked down along hallway filled with people in various stages of undress or costumes. The walls covered in murals depicting all kinds of sexual activity between males, and on the flat screen TV's spaced along the walls live images from the dance floors and films of gay porn of all kinds. Without asking, Sam and Norb brought the boys into one of the dance rooms, and they all began to dance, not really paired up but mingling with each other.

The room had tilted mirrors high on the walls reflecting the dancers, over banquettes of tables packed with people drinking, some fucking on the tables, others cock sucking under them. The high black ceiling disappeared above the grid of bight spotlights, strobes and other lighting effects, and large well toned speakers which blasted the sound down, surrounding the dancers, vibrating the music into them. They were soon joined by two other blonds, dressed the same, and looking similar with large cocks restrained by the translucent briefs and round fuckable butts. They had a giant hookah with them and it certainly was not filled with legal tobacco.

The six of them continued to dance, sharing the hookah, taking puffs and holding the smoke as their bodies gyrated to the music in a raunchy sexual manner. The blonds freely allowed nearby dancers to take puffs, and as the music went faster and faster their bodies moved more in unison with fucking motions, crotches an butts touching, hips grinding, hands probing. Very quickly they all were sporting hard-ons, stretching their clothing to the breaking point.

A procession of sorts came through the crowd, led by another blond youth who was naked, his hard dick adorned with a string of diamonds which made it sparkle and his balls in a golden cage also covered in diamonds. His nipples and ears were pierced and had matching hanging diamond drop earrings which sparkled as the youth bounced about in his dancing, tossing some kind of brightly colored confetti which glowed as if electrically charged. Behind him strode a tall dark haired man wearing an old fashioned tuxedo and floor length black velvet cape with red satin lining. They were followed by a handsome, long haired youth wearing a leather vest and chaps only, a leather collar tight around his neck, and shinning chain which the man held, indicating the leather clad youth was a slave.

As he walked through the parting crowd, the man waved to the crowd, like they were his subjects, in a way they are, and he seemed to be blessing them as the Pope might do in St Peters on Easter. The blond leading the procession would stop and touch a youth dancing, or standing by the edge of the dance floor, and motion for him to meet the tuxedo dressed man, who held them each by the head and tongue kissed their mouths deeply and grasped their crotches as if measuring the sexual possibilities of each.

Sam explained the man was Darwin Druid the owner of Club Opus Dei, and he was casting for an orgy which would take place later this evening in one of the private rooms. As the man had passed by both Mike and Matt felt chills and a strange feeling in their bellies, which they did not understand, and discounted any importance by blaming what ever it was they had smoked. Then the group moved off the dance floor to the side where a conversation could take place as the sound was narrowly directed at the dance floor.

They were joined by Devon, the naked boy who had led the procession, "so you have found a couple of handsome young studs to spend the evening debauching," he said.

"Yes, brother Devon," Norbert said.

"Let me introduce ourselves, I am Mike, and this is Matt," he said patting his companion on the butt.

"I am Devon, the oldest brother, then there is Ramone, Gavin, Norbet and Sam. We are all about the same, filled with sexual lust. I will be conducting the orgy with our father of our clan, Darwin. But the rest of you, I suspect, will spend the evening in an orgy of your own in a private room. Follow me, Matt and Mike, if you wish to experience total sexual satisfaction and sexual exhaustion."

Having said that, and without waiting for the answer he led them out of the dance room to a foyer and into an elevator which was just large enough to hold them all, but fingers did grope about crotches and butts, lips met and tongues searched in hot wet mouths. They left the elevator on the third floor, and immediately entered a large room with thick carpet, and plush drapes about the doorways and large expansive windows facing the brightly lighted city skyline. There were sofas, and large stuffed chairs, lounges and low tables. The lights were dim allowing, the light of the cityscape from outside the windows illuminate the room. He closed the door and Devon was gone.

* * * * *

Brother David was outside the church with a couple of street boys he was in the process of rescuing for the night, he made the usual promises of food, a place to shower and wash their clothing, and a safe place to sleep, what most street living boys want. As he talked to the youths he noticed the detective who had spoken with Father Sylvester a couple of nights ago walking toward his apartment building with the young redheaded man David had seen entering Club Opus Dei earlier this evening. He watched without missing a word to the youths, wondering what the relationship was between the two of them, and was the young man available, as appeared he was by his actions of going to the Club Opus Dei. Robby and Vern walked on without noticing the gaze from the young monk offering aid to the street boys.

The boys eagerly followed Brother David through the church and down into the basement which had been cut up into sleeping dormitories and a couple of shower rooms, laundry facilities and a larger central room with TV and small kitchen. Other young men eyed the new comers suspiciously, but they soon introduced themselves and the new youths went off to the dorm they would share, stripped naked and showered while Brother David set their clothing to washing.

Outside the mission area in the basement Brother David unlocked a door and slipped into a dark hallway, then down to a peep hole into the shower where he could spy on the youths showering, and take in the full enjoyment of viewing their naked bodies. He observed they were using far separated shower heads, talking quietly which he could not hear over the running water. It was a pleasure to be watching their young manhood flexing and bending as they washed, though they neither indicated any sexual interest in the other. Perfect straight male victims he thought.

"Ah yes, straight boys do struggle and scream as they die, making the feeding ceremony that much better," Sylvester said.

"Why are you saving the redhead from the confessional, I thought we would be sharing him tonight," David asked.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, the Bishop will be dropping by sometime in the next couple of days. He said he had a vision of something of great importance about to happen here, probably the culmination of why we were sent here in the first place."

"You mean we will be moving on?"

"Not sure. He said, when he told me of this assignment, he said that a part of it would be to establish a Satanic vampire colony, perhaps that is why we have not used Matthew and Michael for food, but made them as we are, full fledged vampires, and teaching them the words of Satan and his holy ways."

"They have grown to love each other, in the same masculine way we love each other," David said.

"You have been with me now or how many wonderful years since I found you along the California coast, a boy of 12, lost in a shipwreck. I took you into the mission at Santa Barbara. There were already three brothers of Satan long with Father Beneditto and myself."

"That was 1742, and I knew from the first time Brother Miguil fucked me what my calling would be, and my conversion to vampirism which you led me through sealed my fate in a most wonderful way. I have been most happy doing Satan's work, and living the life of a vampire, debauching young men."

"And you are my star pupil at debauching," the priest said, letting his cassock fall to the floor in the bedroom they shared at the church rectory, his giant, hard cock standing tall, waiting for David's lips to bath it. He stood in front of the youth who was seated in a chair, he took the cock into his mouth and wet the head, then the shaft, and finally sucking it all into his throat where he swallowed several times sending chills of pleasure over Sylvester's entire body. Then he knelt and serviced the young man who had doffed his cassock as well.

When both of their cocks were glowing wet with spit and pre-cum drops glistening in their shoot holes, they knew they were ready to feed. Downstairs in the church basement the boys who were taking refuge there all had gone to bed. The two late arrivals still folding their freshly washed clothing, sat on the bed wearing their clean underwear. The youth with the lighter colored hair wearing multi colored stripped boxers, and the dark skinned youth a simple jock strap, which he filled well.

Sylvester and David appeared in the room, naked and sexually aroused without entering, they were just there, neither youth sure if the apparitions they saw were real or just some kind of hallucination. They said nothing, but the eyes of the priest and holy brother bore into their brains, taking control of their wants and desires, they understood they were powerless to prevent what was going to happen, and they understood they would be required to do unthinkable sex acts with these two men, they wanted and needed to satisfy themselves in such a masculine way.

They removed their underwear as they were silently instructed, gathered their clothing in neat piles and went up to the main sanctuary, on the way dropping their worldly possessions into the bins for the charity store, as they would never need clothing again. They stood with hands folded behind their backs and watched as the priest and brother cleared the alter area, revealing the giant pentagram built into the marble floor, then, as telepathically instructed the young man lay on the floor, the handsome dark skinned youth on his back, the light brown haired youth straddling so they were in a 69 position, sniffing and admiring their suddenly stiff pricks.

Their lips found their cock heads at the same time Sylvester's cock entered the dark skinned youth and David's prick rammed into the light brown haired youth, and they began to roughly fuck the two street boys who had been rescued for the purpose of being debauched and murdered for the glory of Lord Satan, and food. The young men sucked each other while enduring the agony of having their virgin anuses ripped open by the fat, long, marauding cocks. As the fucking proceeded the young man lost their pricks from their lips and they opened mouths wide in terrified screams from the physical and emotional agony of being straight boys being fucked for the first time, and loosing their male identity as well as manhood.

Screams and cries for mercy brought both priest and brother into heightened states of ecstasy, understanding the suffering they were causing in Satan's wonderful name. The youths writhed and twisted in invisible bindings which held them in place while the fuckers slowly satisfied themselves, and finally popped off their cum loads deep into the bowels their pricks had explored. The youths stood after a bit of recovering, they stood back to back now the fucking was over, and allowed their pricks, strangely stiff considering the anal agony both had suffered, to be sucked off until they too spilled all their ball juice into the hungry mouths.

The instructions came to the young men telepathically from Sylvester who would use his super human Satanic powers to confound the youths before they became food and died. They bent over, placing their palms on the marble floor inside the pentagram. Their violated assholes were puckered open, and inside the shit had been pulverized by the violence of the screwing. Sylvester and David knelt behind the young men to dine on their holes, sucking the loose shit out, each getting mushy turds which spread about their faces and dripped down the front of their muscular bodies, then they fucked their still hard pricks deep into the holes once more, again causing screams of agony, then they both emptied their bladders up inside the youth's rectums.

As they removed their cocks, then shoved thick tubes, each with a rubber stopper in the end, up into the assholes, the youth's then stood and to their surprise they each sported a fully erect hard cocks again. With a wave of his hand Sylvester directed two christian crosses to rise from the floor behind the youths, and they backed up to the crosses and extended their hands to the ends of the cross bars.

David adjusted the tubes so they were pushed out under the youth's nuts, then Sylvester pointe his finger at the crosses, and asked Lord Satan to do the deed. At once fire exploded from Sylvester's finger and giant burning nails flew through the air and embedded themselves in the hands, wrists, and arms of the youths, nailing them to the crosses so there would never be an escape. The church echoed with the beauty of their screams, matching any religious choral music that had been performed there before.

With another gesture from Sylvester the crosses rose so they were about eye level with the young men's crotches, then more nails flew, riveting the young men's feet and ankles to the sides of the cross uprights, forcing the legs to be spread wide apart. The young men's rods stayed stiff and standing tall, their nut sacks drawn up tight to the base of their hard-ons, a tempting target to give some extreme pain to the youth's before they died. This brought about more screams and writhing on the nails holding them to the suspended crosses. They now understood they would be mercifully if they were to die soon.

Sylvester stood back an took David's hand into his own, and they knelt in the middle of the pentagram, looking up at the crosses and the beautiful suffering of the youths hanging there. They each took the golden medallion hanging about their necks and kissed them as Sylvester said, "oh Lord Satan bless these humans we sacrifice in your name, and to your eternal glory everlasting, bless the food we shall receive from them to sustain us in doing your work."

They stood, grasped the tight ball sacks and held the nuts tightly, painfully squeezing the sacks, licked and sucked on the purple cock heads, sucking hard. Licking their tongues about the swollen heads now all purple with youthful passion. The sucking and licking quickly registered in the fevered brains as sexual pleasure, the cocks stiffened more, the balls began to empty, sending the last loads of white cream these honored sacrifices would shoot off. As the first flavor of cum hit Sylvester and David's pallets, they chomped down hard, biting the entire cock head off the rest of the penis shaft and spit them on the floor where they instantly turned to a fiery ball.

Blood mixed with the cum loads splashed out of the stub ends of the mutilated cocks. The blood flowed and they gulped and swallowed the precious life giving fluid, and as they sucked, they pulled the stoppers from the tubes shoved up the youth's assholes and their piss now well mixed wit the shit up in the assholes flowed out in a delicious mush. The men sucked both blood and shit, their two sustaining foods, sucking and swallowing the near fluids easily satisfying their needs, the sucked until the young men had turned pale and white, and were at last dead, they sucked until the last of the shit from the bowels and pre-shit from the intestines had been consumed.

The priest and the monk hugged and kissed, exchanging shitty, blood flavored saliva, and slowly sank to their knees, then Sylvester sat back on his heels as David bent and sucked the cock to lubricate it, they kissed again, and David turned and impaled himself on the ready hard cock. He pushed himself down on the tall standing rod, and did not stop until his balls rested on those of Sylvester. David rocked and writhed about, savoring the feeling of being fucked by the prick, Sylvester's hand began to stroke the young man's hard on to bring him off at the same time he filled the youth's asshole with gallons of cum.

As planned they both exploded loads and loads of cum, Sylvester's filling the youth like an enema might, David's juice flowing over his body from forehead to balls. This completed their worship of Lord Satan, all that remained was to remove the corpses and chop them up before sending down the garbage disposal unit. The evidence that these young men had ever passed this way would be gone forever.

Much later Sylvester and David had completed the body disposal, and cleaned themselves up and dressed, they went for a walk in the dark as they liked doing as one never knew who they might run into late at night, young men who would fit into their needs were usually out at that hour, even if their needs were only to satisfy lust sucking cocks in an alley or park. As they left the rectory, their path on the sidewalk intersected with two other men, one young the other a little older.

"Good evening detective," Father Sylvester said.

"Oh, good evening Father, how are you tonight, I hope not returning for an unpleasant duty," Detective Moss said extending his hand and they shook.

"No, a pleasant evening for a change. I would like you to meet my assistant, a monk, Brother David."

"I see you do not dress in cleric garb, Brother."

"No, my work is among young men lost on the streets and being dressed in civilian clothing often is a help. You are a city detective?"

"Yes," detective Moss said, "oh excuse me, this is a friend of mine, Robby Klein."

There was some small talk, and the detective and Robby continued on to the nearby all night coffee shop and Father Sylvester and David walked in the other direction. David told his companion that Robby was the young man he had seen earlier entering the Club Opus Dei, and suggested he might make a good companion to the young man they had taken after confession. Sylvester opined the bishop might find them both suitable for sacrifice, and assigned David the task of finding the youth and capturing him.

* * * * *

Matthew and Michael had been taken to wonderful sexual highs with being double teamed as it were, one fucking their mouths while another screwed their assholes. Ramone had fucked Matthew's throat deep, causing him to puke, and before completing the throat screw job they kissed, exchanging the vomit as Sam screwed his large cock deep into Mathew's hole, screwing hard and filling the rectum with a great quantity of cum juice, which he promptly sucked out of the freshly fucked filthy hole and shared with Ramone and Matthew.

Michael received the same wonderful attention, Norbert screwed the youth in his ass, as seldom had been done, then he sucked the hole causing a bowel evacuation which was shared with both Michael and Gavin, who had also mouth fucked, bringing up vomit which was also shared, bodily filth was flowing freely, making all concerned high with pleasure.

The screwing had continued with both Michael and Matthew fucking every one of the blond youths in mouth and ass, and they also were done again and again until their bowels and stomaches were totally filled with cum loads and emptied shit and puke, which they all shared, now their bodies all glowed with the shinning slickness of the vomit and shit, they stunk delightfully, rolling about, smearing shit and puke and sucking skin and holes, eating all the slime they could and exchanging with other mouths.

"Why don't you come back to our home and stay with us, and we can rest, then continue this wonderful orgy of filth and pleasure," Matthew asked.

"We can continue there for days, and there are others you would enjoy as well," added Michael.

The blond youths looked at each other in surprise, and interest, then after conversing telepathically Gavin spoke, "we had thought you might stay here with us to continue our fun, Devon and our father would also enjoy this pleasure."

"That would be very nice, however we really cannot stay," Matthew said in as friendly a way as he could, looking at Michael who nodded.

The blond youths all stared at the shit covered youths they had been pleasuring themselves with for much of the evening, now using their supernatural powers of persuasion. Suddenly lightening crackled between the youths who both realized they were not friends but possible enemies. The blonds advanced in a menacing way indicating that they would take Matthew and Michael by force is need be.

Matthew kicked high sending Gavin head over heals backward at the same time Michael grasped Norbert's arm and swung him across the room colliding with the other two blonds, sending them all to the floor. Matt and Mike jumped in the air and clung to the ceiling by a corner where they could look down, holding on to the flat surface with the Satanic vampire bat magic they possessed. The blonds advanced forward, trying their best to overpower telepathically the youths clinging to the ceiling, sending down bolts of lightening to prevent themselves from physically being taken.

"I do not know what kind of magicians you are trying to be, but the powers we posses are not from this world and are far more powerful than anything apprentices can conjure," Matthew shouted.

"You must let us free now or run the risk of physical injury you will not appreciate," Michael said, and with the pointing of a finger he sent a bolt of
lightening which exploded, shattering one of the sofas, sending splinters of wood and fabric all over the room.

"What is going on in here," demanded Darwin Druid shouted as he entered the room with Devon beside him.

"We were only trying to take them with us, they would be good for our needs," Gavin said in defense of what was going on.

"I do not think we would fit your needs," Michael said, "I am guessing we are alike."

"You are correct, young vampire," Darwin said.

"You are an accomplished vampire master, I can feel it," Matthew said.

"And you two are for more advanced than these apprentices, excuse their lack of ability to recognize you," Darwin said, "please come down and we can talk in peace, two clans in this large city can work together for the betterment of all."

Matthew and Michael looked to each other, carefully communicating in silence not knowing how much of their thoughts this master vampire could read. The young men came down to the floor and stood a short pace away, still not sure of Druid's intent, or their safety. The blond youths all lined up against the opposite wall, including Devon, and they sat on the floor cross legged. Druid stood facing Matthew and Michael.

"Who is your master, and how long have you been here?" he asked in a most pleasant voice.

"Our master is Sylvester, we are in the service of Lord Satan as his vampire warriors, working to control the world against he insanity of christianity," Matthew spoke with reverence.

"Our master Sylvester works in the guise of being a catholic priest and we are acolytes, he has a companion who is a monk, we will one day also be monks," Michael said with equal reverence.

"Ah, you are of a more orthodox version of vampirism, we are the more secular, but all the same we worship Lord Satan as do all true vampires. Lord Satan is the source of all our magical powers," Druid said.

"Then you know of us," Matthew said.

"Every true vampire does. How old is Sylvester may I ask?" Devon asked, Druid nodded also curious.

"His union with Lord Satan was before the time of the Romans, he was Greek originally," Matthew began, " David is a Spanish man who Sylvester found along the California coast as the young man he still is, he was a surviver of a shipwreck. Father Sylvester was a priest at the mission of Santa Barbara. Michael and I are brothers who left a dysfunctional home when we were just in our teens and have lived on the streets of several cities by our wits, selling our bodies, robbing, or committing what ever crimes needed to be done for us to survive. Father Sylvester and David found us one evening after they had arrived and realized we made good candidates, we were initiated earlier this year."

"So your master is well over two thousand years old," Darwin said with a nod. "I was initiated by a French knight on one of the crusades who found me, a court magician in the castle of a German prince, I am about half his age or less. I rode as a knight throughout the crusades partnered to an English prince, we settled in the north of Scotland, and he was murdered by a banshie who I chased to the north countries where I avenged my partner's death, then found Devon. We stayed for years in Germany and we found these young men as refugees in Berlin after the fall of Hitler. They had been members of the Hitler youth who were forced into defending the city as the Russians invaded. Devon and I rescued them from the rubble, and sure death at the hands of the Russians. Shortly after we migrated to the United States."

"You must meet Sylvester," Matthew said, "he can tell you of his history, it is a long convoluted story."

The door opened and Bainfield entered, still dressed only in the leather vest and chaps, "master, it is late, we must leave at once, your car awaits you."

"Sunrise is near, we must leave," Druid said heading for the door, "you can take refuge with us to save yourselves from the sun, or are you of the immune?"

"We are of the immune as most orthodox worshipers of Lord Satan are," Michael said.

"But we would like to accompany you to better know you, then we can arrange a meeting with Sylvester so we may work together," Matthew said.

"Good idea, we must leave at once, hurry, this way," Druid said leading the way.

"You have a residence away from here?" Matthew asked.

"Yes in the Druid Tower. The top floors are all glass, however inside it is totally sun proof, not a sliver of daylight can get in. We also have safety doors so our associates can come and go as needed without endangering us," Darwin said.

They had reached the lower level and stepped off the elevator and hurried down a hallway where the large SUV awaited them, motor running, a handsome dark skinned youth at the wheel who was very naked. The four boys, sat in the back, Devon, Darwin, behind the driver, with Bainfield on the floor under their feet. Matthew and Michael on fold up jump seats. The vehicle raced through the empty early morning street, running red lights and exceeding the speed limit, only slowing as it entered the elevator which this time rose so quickly everyone's ears popped.

"Have you had the opportunity to feed yet this evening?" Druid asked.

"No," Said Michael, "we were thinking of the boys to satisfy our needs and they were thinking of us to satisfy theirs, as it turned out."

"Well you all have good taste," Devon said with a smirk.

"We keep a supply on hand. Many times we do it at the club, depending on what we find there, this evening we found some candidates and they have been brought here. They are in a hypnotic state and can be held indefinitely, fed well so at all times they will be filled with shit when we are ready to feed," Druid explained, "You may join us."

"We would be honored, thankyou," Matt and Mike said together.

They all left the car, the sky was growing brighter as they ascended the staircase, and into the chambers. The doors closed and were locked. Druid led the way from the sleeping room to another larger room with several low tables. The room was lighted by candles in large chandeliers and tall standing floor sconces. The room smelled of fresh flowers and dead leaves, the room was entirely black in color of the tables, floor,ceiling, and walls. It was a comfortable room and Matt and Mike felt secure.

"Will we be staying until dark?" Matt asked.

"You can stay as long as you wish. Do you feel the need to call your master?" Darwin asked.

"We would like to let him know we are safe, and have found friends," Mike answered.

Bainfield arrived with a phone as other slaves entered with an assortment of young men, all naked, who had gone to the Club Opus Dei for an evening of sex and pleasures and ended up disappearing from the face of the earth. Sylvester answered sleepily, and was not surprised when Matt told of finding other vampires. He explained why and asked for Darwin and his clan to come for a visit tomorrow evening.

After Matt had explained to Darwin an invitation had been given, however a visitor to the church might push back the meeting a day. "Devon, and a Mr Atwater and I would be pleased to accept your master's invitation, there is no need for the rest to come at first," Darwin said, "would it be proper if we brought a sacrifice for all to enjoy?"

"I suppose it would be fine," Matt answered, "Sylvester told me the Bishop is going to visit us tomorrow, which is why Sylvester was not surprised that we had made contact, the Bishop had told him there were others here and that we should try to join forces. I am sure he will be pleased to meet you."

"A Bishop," Devon said."

"The only Satanic Bishop I have every seen was a Bishop at Reims, he was rumored to be in allegiance with the Devil not the god of Rome," Darwin said, "he surely acted that way, he always surrounded himself with boys he culled from the surrounding villages, and once they entered the service of the Bishop they were never heard of again."

"Sylvester and David have mentioned such a man, but I do not know if he is the same, he served in California with Sylvester when he met his partner David," Michael answered.

"Then do we have more to discuss now?" Darwin asked, "if not, I for one am ready to feed."

Everyone agreed there needed to be no more discussions. Devon led the group, saying that Matthew and Michael had first choice as being guests. The naked young men were lined up, all with hard-ons, all looking as sexually attractive as a young man can, each in his own way. The selections were quickly made as everyone was indeed ready to feed. They had one youth to share between each pair, Samuel and Gavin, Ramone and Norbert, Devon and Darwin, and lastly Michael and Matthew. The four selected young men followed with the quiet enthusiasm of a hypnotically entranced victim, to the tables. None could imagine what fate awaited them, none could prevent it if they did know. Each was laid on his back, his ankles hoisted up in the air, his head dangling off the other end of the table. All was ready for sex, and feeding.

* * * * *

Robby Klein lay in an uncomfortable position on Vernon's bed. The young man was naked, of course, his wrists and ankles secured tightly with fresh red rope to the posts on the bed headboard. A red paten leather ball gag in his mouth, his cock held in a pulled upright position by a thin insulated wire cinched tightly about the cock head corona, and tied to a hook in the ceiling. His nuts were also tied, but with more of the red clothesline, and they too were stretched tightly and painfully to different hooks in the ceiling. His nipples were clamped with red plastic clothespins, and Vernon stood by the bed with a red candle dripping hot wax all over the young man's torso, chest, armpits, legs and arms, cock, balls, nipples and anywhere else he thought would be sexually stimulating and painful. Robby hissed and throatily groaned as the flame was held near is navel and boiling hot drops of wax filled his deeply sunken navel to the top as Robby flexed his belly.

Vernon squeezed Robby's swollen hard cock, "you're enjoying this aren't you boy, a hard cock does not lie about what it is liking."

The bound youth said nothing but sort of rolled his head about as if saying yes and no at the same time. Wax was dribbled on his shoulder and the red liquid rolled down a few inches over the youth's biceps, causing him to writhe, and at the same time, every movement of his body pulled painfully on his cock and balls. Vernon chuckled and set the candle aside, then leaned down and licked the trapped fat ball sack, on down under the balls to the youth's ass crack, and roved his tongue about the hairy slit, then attacked the ass hole eventually sucking it.

The detective knew Robby loved getting rimmed, the sloppier the better, so he was sure to lick all over leaving copious amounts of saliva drooling from the crack, leaving the wrinkly hole glowing with spit. As his hole was sucked on, the youth again moved about, causing the wire and rope about his cock and balls to pull tightly causing more painful pleasure. Vernon held two red candles and began to tilt them so drops fell from higher, however he lowered the candles closer and closer to Robby's chest where the wax drooled down into each hairy armpit, the young man moaned.

"I could fill your nose with wax, then, with the ball gag in your mouth how could you breath? with great difficulty I expect," Vernon laughed, then bent down to speak softly into Robby's ear like he would tell the boy a secret, "of course I would not actually do it as it would be unsafe. However, if I wanted you to believe I would do that, I can make you believe anything I wish, you have a long ways to go before you could fool me."

Robby nodded in agreement as Vernon sucked on the swollen purple cock head. Robby softly wailed.

At dinner they had talked in general about their relationship, and Robby was honest, he wanted time to think about it, and some experiences with Vernon like what was happening now. Robby wanted to make a commitment but to whom. Vernon who would treat him well, or Tom would would take him farther and farther in pain and suffering each time they met. It came down to which Robby wanted, thrills or security.

Vernon was nearing his peak of pleasure, he needed to get off soon, and bring the scene to an end. He took up a large five inch in diameter candle with three flames. It had been burning a long time and the reservoir was filed with fresh hot wax. He would need two hands to send the wax skittering over the young, taut, stretched body, sort of like the grand finale of a fireworks show, causing more twisting and writhing bringing painful pleasure.

Robby reacted well, screaming into the ball gag as the whole front of his body was bathed in splatters of hot wax, the youth jerked about so violently the covered wire ripped off his cock head in a most painful way, there was no bleeding, but fore sure a bruise. Vernon again licked at the hole, and this time he went down on the boy's cock all the way to the root, swallowing, and leaving a slime of phlegm when he stopped sucking.

The youth was moaning with pleasure now, even the pulling on his nuts was a pleasure, and when Vernon covered his dick with some jelly and rammed in, Robby yelled out that he wanted more, and more, and all Vern had. He was roughly fucked, his butt and thighs slapped and swatted so red hand prints lay on the skin, the hole was screwed so hard when the man pulled out after dumping several loads of man juice inside, the hole stayed open long enough so cum drooled out.

Vern leaned between the wide spread legs and kissed Robby's mouth and was rewarded with a heavy tongue kissing in return from the youth, the most emotional they had ever exchanged. It was true, the harder he fucked, the rougher and more painful he had made the scene, the more lustful and passionately Robby responded. After several long kisses, Vernon released Robby from the bonds and they lay in the darkness together, hugging and fell asleep.

Robby woke sometime before daylight, he crept from the bed and into the bathroom and behind the closed door he scraped and pulled all the wax off and set it in a pile on the vanity. He could not believe so much had been dropped on his skin. There were new bruises on his balls, and marks on his flesh, he had been so totally mistreated it as way beyond what he had expected from Vernon.

In the hot steamy shower, Robby soaped his body and caressed the muscles under the beating of the hot water, he could think as he rubbed all over, and without realizing it he started to masturbate his hard cock. He compared Tom and Vernon, and what they had done to him, how unmercifully they had punished him, how secure and safe he felt in their arms after, how much they had frightened him during the torture. He had long wondered how much he could take, wondered even if he desired such masochistic scenes. Now he knew this was what he wanted and needed, and with either one of the men he could take anything they dished out.

Robby knew something else for certain, Vernon knew the youth had lied about being in the Club Opus Dei, he had indeed seen him with Tom, he felt it, not so much from what Vernon had said. Now he had to find a way to admit the lie and at the same time perhaps decide in Vernon's favor for his future. A collidescope of the painful pleasures both Tom and Vern had inflicted on him this afternoon and evening raced through his mind, his hand moved faster and faster, he fell against the slick tile walls and pressed his crotch to the hot wet tiles as his cum loads spurted out.

It was early morning when Robby stole out of the apartment, leaving Vern a note saying how much he had enjoyed himself and that he would call later, now he needed to be alone to think. Clouds and fog obscured the sun as Robby walked up the street slowly from the apartment building. An attractive young man
dressed in monks clothing stood on the steps of St Paul's church, perhaps waiting to greet morning parishioners arriving for the early daily mass, the young man looked familiar to Robby, then he recalled this was the same man dressed in civilian clothing earlier who was a companion to the priest, Father Sylvester.

Brother David at once recognized the young man as the same young man he had seen entering Club Opus Dei yesterday afternoon, and the friend of the detective this evening. This was indeed a handsome youth, muscular and well hung he could see by the unfettered bulge in Robby's jeans. He would be the perfect sex partner for the young man they had secured at confession the day before, also to be that young man's partner for feeding. Especially tonight with the Bishop, he deserved special specimens.

"How are you this fine morning?" David inquired.

"I am fine, thank you," Robby answered, feeling a strangeness similar to what he had experienced in the park with Tom, "and you, father, how are you today."

David laughed, and sat on the steps, "I am not a priest, yet. I am a monk, you may call me Brother David."

The monk looked directly into Robby's eyes and he seemed to be speaking to Robby without speaking, like the voice a crazy person hears inside his head. Robby knelt on the step before the young man who then allowed his cassock to fall open revealing him to be totally naked underneath, sporting a large, fully engorged, hard cock.

"People come to church top fulfill their needs," David said softly.

"Yes, I guess they do," Robby said without emotion, watching the hard cock bob up and down invitingly, making the fat balls bounce.

"This is what you need, isn't it," David said, grasping his cock about the shaft, leaving several inches of cock and the glowing wet head sticking up from his fist.

Robby said nothing, but in answer to the order he heard in his head he leaned forward and took the head between his lips and sucked. Tender hands covered his head from behind and pushed him down so he was consuming the entire giant cock, pushing it deep into his throat, causing him to gag several times, but Robby had no will to struggle to escape. The voice in his head kept urging him to take it all, swallow the cock, and as Robby did he vomited several mouths full of puke over the Monk's crotch, making a puddle on the steps as he swallowed the cum load.

Robby stood with puke splattered over his shirt and jeans, and still drooling about his mouth. David kissed him on the mouth, they exchanged spit mixed with vomit and cum, then entered the church as David told Robby telepathically that Lord Satan was pleased by their desecration of the church by having sex on the front steps in daylight, even thought no one had seen them. Inside the church Robby removed his clothing as the monk removed his cassock and they proceed down the main aisle to the alter where Robby lay on the alter table.

Unknown to Robby or David, the detective had been roused from sleep by the closing of the door, and watched out the window to see if he could see Robby after he had left the apartment, he watched from his vantage point as Robby stopped and talked with the robed man Vernon thought must be the priest, kneel, then to Vernon's amazement Robby started to suck of the man on the church steps. Vernon dashed to dress and stop this, not because of any religious beliefs.

Inside, David took the crucifix and wet the top with his mouth, his lips going down over Jesus' head, Robby obediently stroked his hard prick and wailed with pleasure as the crucifix was pushed into his asshole, causing a burning sensation, the young man panted with this unknown sacrilegious pleasure flooding his mind as if he were flying in space, or burrowing down into the center of the earth where, as the cross ejaculated into his asshole, and his own cock exploded yet another load of cum, he saw visions of hell and Lord Satan, and he was not afraid, for he understood an emissary of the Devil was with him.

Vernon Moss got to the street as fast as he could but when he got to the church steps they were gone inside the church he was sure. He raced up the steps and tried every door, but they were all locked. He stood and clutched his head as it pained terribly as he banged his fist on the doors. He turned and sat, then spotted the puddle of vomit, all that remained to show something had happened on the church steps, even if not the blow job Vernon suspected. Was he jealous, or concerned about something sacrilegious being done, Vernon was neither catholic nor religious, but he feared something dreadful was about to happen to Robby.

* * * * *

Matthew and Michael looked over the specimens to pick one for their feeding. They decided to forego their usual Satanic Ritual they did when killing for food to make it also a sacrifice for the glory of Lord Satan, and just enjoy the feeding for sustenance, and sexual pleasure. It was marvelous how vampirism had combined man on man sexual pleasure with just about everything one needed to do. Both for the religious Satanic vampires or the secular ones like Druids clan.

The young men had been telepathically instructed to have a hard-on, and stand ready to be examined physically, "you certainly have good taste in young men," Matthew said to Darwin.

"It is easy enough when you own the best gay dance club in town, they flock to the door, and beg to have sex with me, most say they are willing to die for sex with me."

"Unsuspecting sheep," Michael said.

"And you must have good pickings running a Catholic church, Catholic boys seem to thrive on doing things the church will disapprove of them enjoying, and they come to you for absolution and forgiveness. I can just imagine what you demand for being forgiving," Darwin said with a laugh.

"You imagine it, we have probably done it." Michael said.

After walking the line, squeezing a few sets of balls and pushing down on large stiff pricks, then releasing them to swat back against bellies with a resounding slap sound, the two acolytes turned back at the line and nodded to each other, "the long haired Spanish looking football player type," Matthew said.

"Thank you again for allowing us to choose first," Michael said.

"We get so few vampire guests it would be unfair not to treat you well," Darwin said, "we are pleased to find we are not alone in this city."

"I am sure our satanic family feels the same," Michael said, squeezing the puerto rican youth's ball sack until the youth groaned in pain and his knees began to buckle.

"How did I instruct you?" Darwin said sternly tot he youth who had tears drooling down his face.

"Forgive me master,it hurts too much," the youth whispered.

"These two young men are your new masters, you will do what ever they ask you to do, and without hesitation, even cutting your own balls off," Darwin said.

"I promise we will enjoy what ever you attempt to do young man," Michael said.

"Screaming is one thing our master enjoys and we will be sure to make you scream loudly and long," Matthew said with a smirk.

"Come this way, we have a station all ready for you here in our feeding room. I took the liberty of having a pentagram painted on the floor around the station knowing your religious ceremonies, though I have not practiced them in centuries, I would not deny you the right to venerate Lord Satan," Darwin said.

"We are pleased and thank you, and I am sure Lord Satan thanks you," Michael said.

"What is this contraption with all the hoses mounted in the base of the table?" Matthew asked.

"Like you, we have learned over the centuries that we need all body fluids to completely replenish out bodily needs. With the advent of modern medicine we have adapted laparoscopic surgery to aid us in our feeding. The larger tube has a scalpel sharp end which will work laparoscopically to empty the entire digestive tract of shit and pre-shit fluids, the smaller with the hypodermic needle on the end draws out the blood which the machine then mixes and pumps back onto the blood system so we feed on a mixture of fresh fluids," Darwin explained.

"How interesting, and the subject is still alive when the feeding begins?" Matthew asked.

"Of course, none of us can drink dead blood that I know of. The machine acts like a mechanical lung, mixing air with the solution so the donor stays alive actually longer than if we were just draining blood from the aorta alternating with sucking shit out the asshole. Watch Devon and myself do what we do with the red headed youth Devon is caressing to keep calm over at our station," Darwin said leading the way after Matthew and Michael had secured the Puerto Rican youth to the station bed with hospital humane restraints.

The others were also working on fucking ass and mouth of their feeding subjects. The room was filled with grunts of pleasure and groans of pain as they took turns fucking the subjects. Darwin mounted the back of the redheaded youth tethered to the table with straps holding his knees bent up under his belly, causing his butt to stick up high, and other straps holding the youth's head and shoulders flat to the table surface. Darwin rammed his boner in all the way, tearing the asshole apart as his giant thick un-lubricated cock plunged over a foot into the rectum's virgin territory. Devon held the young man's ears, lifting his head so he could not snap his jaws closed, and he too rammed his prick down into the throat so his nuts crushed against the victim's chin.

Both Darwin and Devon were screwing hard and fast to bring themselves off into the state of pleasure they desired. Devon holding the ears and occasionally swatting the youth's face hard enough to change it's shape, plunging his cock in deep enough so the young man vomited over the vampire's hard-on bringing more pleasure to the mouth fuck. Darwin reached under and grasped the youth's nuts, yanking and squeezing them with horrible strength like he might rip them out of the young man's crotch. This caused pleasure for Devon as with each yanking, the youth screamed, causing vocal chord vibration along Devon's prick. Each time the balls were yanked, the youth's asshole clamped down hard on Darwin's dick bringing him more pleasure.

Soon enough they both shot off their loads of cum into the now frightened youth who was allowed to realize his end was near in a most painful and depraved way. The now shit and puke covered cocks were removed, and Darwin took the hose with the sharp surgical like ending, and explained the end was sharp enough to cut through bone as Devon turned the youth over and secured him with his feet anchored next to his head. He rammed it into the youth's belly. He was guided by a small sonar imaging device so he could see the large intestine and guide the end into the flesh tube like a hypodermic needle into a vein for drawing blood.

At the same time Devon was placing a needle in each off the youth's ankles and blood started to be pumped out at the same time shit was pumping out of the young man's digestive system. Devon now attached two other tubes, with hypodermic ends, one into each wrist for the return into the blood veins. As this was done Darwin spoke, "sometimes we use the neck or other close veins and arteries for taking blood and returning the mixture." Soon enough the machine began to pump a reddish brown slime into the youth's writhing body.

There was stinging pain where the hypodermics punctured the skin and intense pain where the larger tube had been rammed into the large intestine. A strange new sensation enveloped the youth's body as the fluids were pumped at a high rate of speed out, draining him, and the agony of the pump forcing the thicker fluid back into the veins. Darwin plunged his face to the neck of the youth and his sharp teeth carved into the jugular where he started sucking the pure blood. At the same time Devon began to suck on the bloodied asshole, sucking pure shit out until the supply below the tube was gone, then he ripped the tube out of the rectum which was emptied along with small intestines and stomach.

The youth struggled, tried to scream as Devon punched and yanked the balls and cock, torturing them to the extreme. Tears flowed from his eyes, showing the extreme agony he was suffering, the last feelings he would know as Darwin twisted and pulled, pressing his finger nails into the nipple buds causing more intense pain the youth had never known. After sucking a while, feasting on the mixture of blood and shit, Devon and Darwin exchanged places so Darwin could eat at the youth's crotch and Devon at his neck, giving each the pleasure of torturing balls, cock and nipples. darwin bitt he cock head off sucking the blood/shit mixture from the young man's still hard prick.

Matthew and Michael watched until the feeding was almost complete, then went to their station and strapped the Puerto Rican youth down into a similar position as the now dead redheaded youth had been in for the sex fucking. They began to torture the youth while fucking hard with their now over sized cocks. The feeding was done in the rest of the room and the young clan members showered and cleaned themselves, and led by Devon they went on to the sleeping room for the rest of the day.

As the acolytes fucked the beautiful Puerto Rican youth, their large cocks ripped and tearing at the flesh of the youth's asshole and throat, bringing loud screams of the agony he was suffering as while they fucked, the acolytes tore at nipples and crushed balls to being even more pain to the dying youth. They spoke out their prayers usually said silently, and looked deep into each other's eyes, feeling a communion with each other, and the Satanic Demons of Vampirism they preyed to, they spoke in the unison of well practiced ritual.

"Oh come to us and bless this ritual, bless the sustenance we are about to receive, bless this human sacrifice to be slaughtered in the name of Lord Satan, please we beseech you... oh Aqula, oh Ekimmu, oh Katakhanes, Vampire demon messengers of Lord Satan."

They continued the fucking, bringing the Puerto Rican youth to puking and shitting as he was lustfully ravaged, he totally lost self control and pissed all over himself and the young tormentors. Darwin had returned after bedding down the others to watch, having heard of such rituals but never having seen them performed, his interest was intense and complete. A smoky translucent cloud hovered over the raping, then seemed to break into three sections, as if individually guarding Matthew, Michael, and the sacrifice/meal.

"Oh Lord Satan," the acolytes again spoke together, their faces squienched up in the ecstasy of orgasm, "may this painful and cruel death committed in your wonderful name satisfy your needs, as his bodily fluids will satisfy our needs."

The youths bucked and shuttered in joyful orgasm as their pricks exploded wave after wave of hot man juice to be deposited deep in the Puerto Rican's body. The clouds joined and enveloped all three, then a clap of thunder and the bright streaks of lightening coursing through each of them as the ejaculations took place. Then Matthew and Michael fell over the youth in a strong embrace, kissing hard, covering the youth with their sweaty bodies and the cloud dissipated as it had arrived.

Darwin stayed with Matthew and Michael, so engrossed with their ritual he hardly noticed his own cock exploded without being touched. He enjoying their pleasures at feeding with the machine for the first time, and seeing the ritual of thanksgiving for the victim they had devoured and the sexual pleasure in Satan's name and the dedicating the torturous death as a sacrifice to the glory of Lord Satan. Using the equipment as they had seen soon enough the youth's blood and shit was being processed together in a mixture which was then pumped back into the blood stream to be devoured.

When all was finished, the young men showed and dressed, and Darwin again said how pleased he was to be meeting their master, Sylvester. He gave them his phone number to the phone in his bed with instructions to call at any time with instructions. They said they would, and left by the doors into the darkened hallway, to the elevator down to the private floor where they were placed into the SUV and driven by Bainfield to St Paul's where they entered the rectory to find Sylvester and tell him of all they had learned.

* * * * *

They sat around a table, all naked, comparing what had transpired last night. Robby and the incestuous youth, Paul were housed together to be used as sacrifices for the Bishop. Matthew and Michael were sent out to gather more sacrifice candidates from the streets, the most handsome and muscular youths they could find who were obviously living on the streets with no one to be worried or question when they never returned again.

Sylvester and David went out to the front of the church to prepare for the evenings ritual, everything needed to be neat and orderly for the Bishop. They did not notice a window on the side of the church leading to a stairwell going down to the basement had been forced open. Detective Moss had managed to open the sash enough to slip in, then close it behind him so only a few scratches in the accumulated dust remained to show if of his entry. He had searched the church from top to bottom and found no sign of Robby. He had heard voices as Matthew and Michael returned with several young men and youths from the streets, and they put them to sleep in cells in the hidden part of the basement. They had made several successful trips gathering youths to become unwilling sacrifices for the evenings ritual.

When all was ready, Sylvester led the others to their rooms where they finally rested a while before the festivities would begin. Robby admired the youthful muscular young man next to him sharing the bed, he had the desire to know more about the youth, but in the hypnotic state all the future victims had been left in which to slumber, he had no ability to do anything real of a physical nature about his curiosity. Moss had roamed the church and decided something would have to happen sooner or later, and he would stay until he found Robby and got an explanation of what was going on. He climbed to the choir loft in the back of the church where he had a cat's view of everything, it had been a long day and night with no sleep, he too slept.

Arch-bishop, Cardinal Juan Carlo Beneditto arrived with his boyish driver Peter, who was not as old in human years as the Cardinal, but far older than his almost pre-pubsecent appearance. The cardinal had always liked young men, or boys rather than older teens and men, and the legends about him when at Reims were true, a sort of badge he wore with pride. He was one of a few of Lord Satan's emissaries who had insinuated himself into the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church for a most effective cover for the real mission of converts to Lord Satan and the promotion of vampirism.

Sylvester, along with David and the two acolytes, Matthew and Michael gave the Bishop, as he preferred to be called, a tour of the church. He was pleased with the location and the improvements that had been made for the easy conversion from a house of worship of christ to a tabernacle to the glory of Lord Satan. The congregants were few, and becoming fewer, the church already was closed and off the Roman Catholic books, Father Sylvester and Brother David were phantom clergy. Everything that existed in reality was not there for all practical purposes, except for the few priestly duties performed by Fr Sylvester for the few faithful still around.

"What time will the other be arriving, I am anxious to talk with them before the ceremony consecrating this place as a site of worship of our Lord Satan," John Charles asked. The Cardinal, who wished to be called Bishop, also was in truth Juan Carlos, but preferred John Charles, Jack to his closest and oldest friends. The people here were associates, just Peter was friend.

"They are to arrive after sundown, they are not able survive in sunlight, having not mutated as we have, John Charles," Sylvester said.

"I hope he will not be alone, I would like to meet his whole clan," John Charles said as they returned to the rectory.

"He said he would bring is chief assistant, Devon, and a Mr Atwater, whom we have yet to meet," Matthew said.

"Mr Druid referred to Mr Atwater a trusted associate, I assume he is well aware of what goes on at the Club Opus Dei, and he himself might also be a vampire," Michael added.

"There are four others, I suspect acolytes like ourselves who are full fledged vampires who live with Druid," Matthew said.

"I wish to meet them all, can you contact this Druid fellow and ask he bring the others with him," John Charles asked, "we also must be wary of this Mr Atwater better of him."

"Jack, I am not so sure, it looks as if Mr Atwater is closely aligned with Druid," Peter said looking up from his ever present laptop, "Atwater is an insurance broker, and financial adviser as well as being one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the city. Before going to work of Druid exclusively, he handled some of the most notorious cases, and won. His office is now in he Druid building. If he is not one of us, he is a human helper of the highest quality I suspect."

"It could be true as the non-mutants need human helpers for various functions that can only take place in the daylight hours, a problem that Lord Satan helped us to overcome centuries ago. We still must be on guard until we know for sure about him," John Charles said.

"I talked to Mr Druid, he has a phone in his sleep chamber," Matthew said, "he will be bringing his entire clan, and he said he would also bring sacrifices as a gift to the Bishop."

"A very thoughtful man, I wonder if he will bring enough machines to accommodate all of us, this machine is not unknown, just not something I have seen. If it does as well as you say, I think it is something we should be using for our own sacred rites and feedings," John Charles said.

"I have heard that Lord Satan sometimes appears at the consecration of a church into a house for the worship of Lord Satan," David asked, "do you think he might bless us with a visit?"

"He will come as he wishes or sees a need to, he is omnipotent you know, "the Cardinal paused, "he knows what we will do here this evening, if he deems it possible he will bless us with his presence, but do not get your hopes up young man."

"Like all of his followers, we await the day we can be in his presence, my cock almost exploded just thinking about seeing Lord Satan in person," Michael said.

"Have you ever seen him?" Matthew excitedly asked.

"Yes, on a few glorious occasions, remember I have been doing his sacred work for many years, I was around in the garden of eden, not all that the bible cracks it up to be, swampy, cold at night, mosquitoes big as a crow. Man never could have survived there for long, just as well they left when they did. The last time I saw our Lord was in Germany 1945. In my priestly disguise I came to the garden outside the bunker where they brought Hitler's body. I sent them all away while I would give the last rites. Of course I called upon Lord Satan to come and fetch the soul of his fallen servant. He did in all his fiery glory, singed my robes in the process. I returned to the vatican where I continued advising Pope Pius. He was dependent on me for advise, also you have no idea how much work it was to keep that bastard's cock hard for the alter boys. But I digress, will he come tonight? Possibly as he has told me through visions of this other unknown tribe, and I cannot help but think he may have inspired this Druid fellow in the naming of his club. Brilliant satire," the Cardinal said, and the others agreed.

"I think it would be good for us all to take a rest period before the arrival of the Druid family," Sylvester said, the others nodded and all went to different quarters to rest.

* * * * *

At a quarter to nine a black stretch limo rolled past the barricades which had mysteriously appeared at either end of the street where St Paul's dominating the block. As it pulled up in front of the church, with the street completely deserted, so if no one was there to see, did anything really happen? Wearing black cassocks with clerical collars stood Sylvester, David, and the acolytes. Bishop John Charles wore a full length red satin cassock with a red moire floor length cape, and a proper red and gold miter, holding a jewel encrusted shepherd's crook with Peter wearing a black cassock and white lace surplus overlay as any proper alter boy would, holding a processional bronze incense burner on a golden rope.

Darwin Druid and his entourage filed out of the limo, Darwin dressed in impeccable vampire attire, mourning pants, swallow tailed coat, top hat, white shirt, vest, and bow tie, and a red sash with the honorary medallion of some kind all glowing in gold, diamonds, and rubies. Devon, Ramone, Gavin, Simon, and Norbert were all dressed in shinny black tuxedos, all looking like refugees from some formal wedding party. Tom Atwater was last wearing a black double breasted suit with white shirt with a red windsor knotted tie.

They ascended the steps half way when John Charles nodded and extended is hand with a gracious wave of the crook toward the large open center wooden doors of the church. The heavy cast iron door hinges have small crosses for each bolt head holding the hinge to the thick wooded door, the bolt heads now were all upside down and a dried stream blood brown rust staining the wood like stalagmites. Then Peter, followed by the Bishop led the way into the church for Darwin and his clan to follow. Sylvester and David brought up the rear of the procession, with the acolytes closing and locking the doors.

A male choir sang softly accompanied by the church organ, they sang in old Latin a melody from long before the Christian church was thought of when people worshipped Lucifer as the one true God. The church alter had been changed as before with the large pentagram in the marble floor showing, the once white marble statures of saints built into the columns were covered with blood, the multi tiered candelabras all a glow with bright flickering flames rising from black candles, the overhead chandeliers also glowed with real candles instead of the light bulbs which had burned there since the church opened fifty years before.

Vernon Moss was awakened by the first sounds of the organ, he looked about to find the choir but there was no one in either the loft or the balcony, he decided it must be a recording, however he did not recall seeing any speakers of the size needed to produce such a real sound. This was the first time Vernon thought he might be in a bit over his head.

Peter walked about the alter lighting more incense burners, then stood in the center of the pentagram and his cassock and smock dissolved leaving the boy naked. He knelt, still holding the incense burner. "Welcome to the house of our Lord Satan," Bishop John Charles said.

Five large red upholstered, gilt chairs appeared at the back of the alter arranged in a small circle. The Bishop led the way walking to the center chair with Darwin and Devon going to the two chairs on the right, as Sylvester and David went to the ones on the left. As they all walked across the alter their clothing disappeared, as did the clothing of the others who stood behind the chairs. As each man walked across the pentagram his prick sprang to attention and stood tall, aching for the release which was to come.

"Welcome Darwin, and Devon and the rest of your family," John Charles began, "I am pleased to meet you at last, for I have known of the presence of a vampire family here but did not know who they actually are."

"I too had the feeling of kindred spirits here in town, but I never suspected I would find them here," Darwin said with a smile.

"Let me introduce those kindred spirits, Father Sylvester, and Brother David his companion. I believe you already know the Satanic acolytes Matthew and Michael," the Bishop said, nodding toward the left side.

"You all know my partner Devon, my sons Ramone, Simon, Gavin, and Norbert as standing here, and Mr Tom Atwater my trusted assistant who does great work for us," Darwin said, "Mr Atwater inspired me to name the club as I did."

"A clever name for such an institution, sir," the bishop said.

"Your excellency, I have been a son of Satan all my adult life, I discovered the true Lord when I was a teen and since then have worshipped alone. I must confess that when Darwin was searching for a name for the club I had a dream and found the name within the dream. I have always thought it was an inspiration from Lord Satan himself."

"May Lord Satan bless you. We must get right to business as we have a ritual to do as well as a feeding for all of us to do here with Satan's blessing, and then get you back to the safety of your sleep coffins by daylight," the Bishop said.

"We are honored to be invited. I have brought with me young men for sacrifice, and feeding, if it please you, sir," Darwin said.

"We have sacrifices here, enough for all," Sylvester said, "We shall exchange them so we can feast on the sacrifices you brought and you may feast on the ones we have here."

"That sounds like an excellent arrangement, and I may take a few back with me," the Bishop said.

There was a general nodding of agreement, then Bishop John Charles continued, "our acolytes, Matthew and Michael tell me of a wonderful machine you use in feeding, Darwin. Do you have one of these machines with you now?"

"I have several, I also have any number of sacrifices to use to show you how it operates, then if you wish, you may share the results," Darwin said.

"Please allow me to furnish the sacrificial meal," Sylvester spoke up.

"Very good, fetch your machine Darwin, and you Sylvester get the sacrifice from below," John Charles said.

Peter set the incense burner on the marble floor in the center of the pentagram and stood before the Bishop, "Jack, I took the liberty of directing the car with the sacrifices and machines Darwin brought with him to the side door. I shall bring in the one Bainfield points out and a machine."

"David go down and bring up the one you found outside this morning," Sylvester asked.

As David and Peter went about their business Darwin spoke, "your young man seems more than just an alter boy."

"Peter has been with me for a thousand years, he knows my thoughts before I can speak them. He was a stable boy in a palace I purchased in Bavaria when it was the untamed mountain country. I got him as a part of the deal, his beauty captivated me, and the only way I could keep that beauty frozen in time was to convert him, which I did. He has been a devoted servant all the years since. I have been in the service of Lord Satan since before the Hebrews were Hebrew. As I had worked within the Hebrew nation as a rabbi, and in other countries religions. I became a part of the early christian church. It was then that my genetic makeup was alter by Lord Satan so I would be immune to the damaging rays of the sun, and in turn could be more effective in my service to Lord Satan."

"And Peter is also immune?" Darwin asked.

"Yes, Lord Satan granted the mutation shortly after I became Bishop of Reims. With him at my side all the time I am a more effective servant to our Lord," the Bishop said, "I sense you wish to know how to gain this mutation for yourself and your family. It can be gained only with the command of Lord Satan when he is impressed you will be of more value having the mutation. The first step is to acknowledge Satan is Lord of the universe and seat of your powers, and to practice daily sacrifice in his name once you have learned the rituals."

"With your guidance I should think I will be able to do these things and honor Lord Satan as his devoted servant," Darwin said.

"You have seen our daily ritual, you may join with us in the ritual for today, as well as witness the special sacrificial ritual for the consecration of this house into the service of our Lord, Satan. Here comes David, my this young man is a fine specimen," the Bishop concluded.

Peter returned with a small black case, and handed it to Devon and he sat on the floor between the bishops legs. A slab of the marble flooring in the alter rose to make a table in the center of the circle of chairs. David brought Robby to the table and they stood, waiting instructions.

Robby saw Mr Atwater standing behind Druid, "Tom, what are you doing here," the youth shouted.

"Waiting to see you die, waiting to worship Lord Satan. Fate brought us together in the park, Robby, fate controls everything. Your death here will be the ultimate painful experience you have been searching for all your life," Atwater said, "do not struggle, do not resist, you can do nothing to stop this now."

As David took Robby by the shoulders and pushed him toward the table the youth began to struggle and scream in fear. The Bishop raised his hand in front of the frightened youth, "be still, do not fight this," as he spoke a calmness came over Robby as he again was hypnotized.

"I'll stop it you god damn faggot vampires!" Detective Moss shouted from the front of the balcony, then he fired two shots from his Glock 9 mm shattering several glass globes on the chandelier over the pentagram sending a shower of glass down, which burst into flames as it hit the marble and the glass remnants were burned away.

"Who is the interloper who defiles the house of Lord Satan?" shouted the bishop.

"Up there, a man who would do us evil," Peter said pointing with his finger and a light surrounded Moss.

"You will not use that gun again, detective Vernon Moss!" shouted Sylvester recognizing the man. He pointed his finger and a bolt of lightening flashed up to the gun causing it to explode out of the detective's hand and fly off to infinity.

"Bring him down here soldiers of Satan!" called out the Bishop.

The sound of a thrashing of wings filled the air and several young, blond demons hovered around the shocked detective. They all had short curly hair with brightly polished horns sticking up as straight and tall as their cocks from their blond furred crotches, they had wide arched bat like wings sprouting from their shoulders, and long balancing tails flowing from the top of round butt cheeks. They lifted Moss by his arms and brought the struggling man down to the alter, as his feet touched the marble pentagram his clothing disappeared. He was escorted into the circle to stand in front of the Bishop.

"Who are you?" the Bishop asked. Vernon became terrified as he never had been before, he shook in fear realizing the supernatural powers at work here.

"He is detective Vernon Moss," Atwater spoke up, "I suspect he is in love with this youth, Robby."

"The detective is investigating the several missing young men we have caused for our feedings and entertainment," Druid began a confession, "we have an efficient disposal system, however a former helper fucked up a few times and bodies were left where they were found. One was left outside my club, Opus Dei, which caused the detective to become interested in the club. He questioned myself and others about the place. I should have disposed of Renfrew after the first body was found, but he had been a good servant otherwise."

"Compassion is a noble trait, sir," John Charles began, "even for a vampire. Now we must find a suitable way of disposing of a city employee without questions. Not an impossible task."

"If I may make a suggestion which may benefit us all," Asked Atwater.

"Proceed sir," the Bishop said, he sat and the others also returned to their chairs.

"You did see Robby when you visited the club, he feared you had recognized him," Atwater asked.

"Yes, and I also questioned an employee who was someone I had arrested a few years back, he told me some things which now I see clearly what he had tried to say, but could not."

"How did you find Robby here in this church?"

"You are correct, I love Robby. Last night he stopped to my place for a visit, we enjoy special fetish sex."

"I know, Robby and I met in the park the other day, and I had finished with a session with him at the club before you arrived. How did you know he was here?"

"I live down the street on the corner building with windows facing this way. Robby had snuck out when I was sleeping and I looked out to see if he had gone this way, he was talking to the brother there on the steps."

"I had seen Robby in the afternoon when I was out cruising," David said, "I saw him go into the club Opus Dei, I thought he was very attractive, so when he came walking along this morning in engaged him in conversation, then gained power over him and brought him in here where we had sex, and I decided he would be a good sacrifice in one way or another for when the Bishop visited, and Sylvester agreed with me."

"So you broke into the church in an attempt to rescue Robby from what you did not know."


"Then no one knows you and Robby are here," Atwater inquired.

"No one."

"Gentleman," Atwater began as he addressed the Bishop, Druid, Sylvester, and the others, "as long as Robby here is alive, detective Moss will say or do nothing to expose us, and he will insure that the investigation into any missing young men involved with club Opus Dei will end, and he is in a position to report to us anything that might affect either St Paul's or Opus Dei. You would agree to that will you not, detective?"

"Yes sir, without hesitation," Moss said.

"I'm sorry Vernon," Robby said as he lay on the cold marble slab.

"I am sure that both Darwin and Sylvester will be able to find ways to keep Robby safe, and arrangements will be made so you can visit Robby to be sure we are keeping our end of the bargain." The bishop said.

Darwin, Sylvester, and Vernon Moss all nodded agreement and shook hands.

"Now soldiers, take these two and hold them in suspension until we are finished. You will remember nothing of what you see to report to anyone, yet you will be visited with the images of what will transpire here in your dreams as reminder of your obligations," the Bishop announced.

The winged youths gathered Robby and Vernon and carried them up into the vaulted ceilings of the church, where they hovered throughout the rest of the evening until they would be summoned down by the Bishop. The demonstration of the machine began as Darwin sent Devon to the grope of sacrifices he had brought. As the youth walked the line of naked young men, he called to Devon that a fine muscled black man was to the the demonstration model.

Devon brought the young man to the side of the alter table which had replaced the raised marble slab in the center of the pentagram design inlayed into the marble floor. He did not struggle, but had a frightened look across his broad face with deep dark eyes flashing about the room in a search for what the youth did not know, or remember.

"No need to hold him, Devon. You won't go anywhere unless I tell you to leave, correct," Darwin asked.

"No sir, I want to be with you," the youth answered with a deep velvety base voice.

"You will please me?" Darwin asked.

"Yes sir, anything you wish," the youth again answered calmly, only his flashing eyes betrayed his calmness.

"I have found that the calmer they are the easier it is for the mixing, and the better results," Darwin said to the others watching intently, all thinking about what pain they might inflict on the handsome youth.

"What is your name and age," Darwin asked.

"I am Lee Ray Johnson, I'm 18, sir."

"Thank you Lee Ray. Does your cock always stay this hard?" Darwin asked slapping at the youth's cock which stood straight up with no curve, thick though not unusually long.

"Yes, pretty much."

"Then you like lots of sex?"

"Sure, who the fuck don't."

"Bishop which end do you want?" Darwin asked guiding the young man onto the alter.

"Sex before death?" the Bishop asked.

"Pleasure is a great relaxant, however here it is pleasure during death," the smiling Darwin Druid replied.

The bishop took the youth's feet and swung them up over his head and told Lee Ray to hold his ankles and not release them. The Bishop took his hard dick and poised it at the youth's asshole, then the Bishop moved the youth around the table so his butt was on one edge and his head dangled off the other. Sylvester took his place and grasped the youth's ears to steady his cock's target.

"It will be my pleasure to eat," Darwin said grabbing hold of the hard prick and tugging the foreskin down revealing a bright pink cock head contrasting beautifully with the dark shinny black skin on the rest of the thick cock, "when you are ready, gentlemen."

The Bishop nodded to the priest, and they both rammed their fully hard cocks into mouth and ass. The Bishop's long, down curved cock went in to the hilt with one shove as Sylvester's cock rammed down into the throat so his massive nuts were crushed against the youth's chin, his prick silencing for the most part the scream of agony as both his ass and throat were assaulted for the first time. Darwin impaled himself on the thick cock who's round fully engorged head just fit into his throat.

The men fucked furiously as Darwin sucked the prick magnificently, in spite of the pain of loosing his ass and mouth virginity at the same time, the pleasure of the blow job outweighed his fears of pain. As he sex progressed Devon had opened a small black attache like case and readied the clear plastic hoses with needles and scooping nozzle attached. The youth humped his butt higher as he shoot off a gigantic load of sperm. Darwin kissed some of the cum he had carefully caught in his mouth, to the Bishop and the rest to Sylvester.

Then, as Sylvester and the Bishop continued the fucking, Darwin took first the hypodermic needle and forced it into the jugular vein, then took the scooping nozzle with the razor sharp edge, and after carefully judging the location he wished, like a cat before leaping onto a high shelf, he rammed it into the youth's belly and into the large intestine.

Tears flowed down the youths cheeks from the pain he was suffering, now the cock sucking pleasure was finished. Darwin adjusted the dials on the machine and the tubes filled with a rush of blood and shit. Through all this the young man did not loose his grip on his ankles or try to escape even though there were no bindings holding him save for Darwin's mental power. The fucking continued until both men reached a climax almost at the same time, filling the youth as he wavered between life and death.

Devon had, in the mean time, attached a needle to the carotid artery, and another scoop like nozzle to another point in the youth's belly, while Darwin began working on the fat young balls, holding them in one hand and smashing his fist down onto the trapped nuts, then grasping them both in a hand and pulled while squeezing them almost flat. Lee Ray writhed on the table, adding to the pleasure of the fucking before the men had shoot off.

"He is ready for feeding?" the Bishop asked, seeing the return tube filling with a reddish brown substance.

"Yes, the blood and shit mixture will hold oxygen only a few minutes, then he will suffocate from lack of oxygenated blood," Darwin answered.

"We must not eat before a ritual," the Bishop said, then after looking about he raised his hands toward the church ceiling which was covered with the little demons, all squatting on column caps or on the ornate plasterwork of the church, "come down little ones and feast," he called out.

The little demons flocked down from where they were waiting and attacked the dying youth with fang like teeth, sharp as razors, they tore at the neck feasting on the rich shit/blood quickly flowing from both veins and arteries, they tore at the flesh, eating that as well, while others attacked the youth's belly and chest, tearing him open and devouring flesh down to the intestines, ripping the still beating heart out, and the liver, eating them with glee, while others tore apart the giant, still hard cock and fat balls. Skin, flesh and the bloody shit substance flew about splattering all around, covering the table and floor. When the corpse was but a few bones left, the demons began licking the floors clean until the Bishop waved his shepherd's crook and told them their fun was finished. They quickly disappeared into the shadows of the church's vaulted ceilings.

As the ritual began, Darwin and his family sat outside the pentagram to observe. The Bishop stood alone in the center and slowly turned in a circle holding the staff as far as he could away from his body while he recited holy words and chants to reaffirm his allegiance to Lord Satan. As he revolved he rose from the floor a foot or two, and as he swung the staff over the edge of the pentagram a line of fire appeared circling the alter area within the pentagram where Sylvester, David, Michael ann Matthew knelt with hands holding their hard cocks as if ready to masturbate at a certain point in the chant, which, indeed they soon started and joined in the chanting.

The chant was said in old Latin in a sing song manner like the traditional Catholic mass sounded many years ago. They praised Lord Satan and begged forgiveness of their transgressions, and finally asked Lord Satan to bless the sacrifices which were about to be made in his honor and for his glory. At this point the little demons flew down to where the rest of the youth's gathered by Matthew and Michael and were paraded inside the firry circle, but not into the pentagram.

"Lord Satan join us, if only in spirit to pleasure ourselves while offering these young lives to your glory, and if you see fit to join our humble place of worship please accept the best of those gathered for sacrifice for your own pleasure," he Bishop chanted. He was about to signal for the first in line to be brought to the alter to be slaughtered in Satan's glorious name.

There was a clap of thunder and a bolt of lightening tore through the roof of the church. The organ began playing, and a chorus of strong male voices sang the praises of Lord Satan. A shower of shattered wood and the stone decorations of the church rained down around the alter, but none there were touched. A smokey cloud with flames glowing high inside it appeared with more flashes of lightening, then emerging from the cloud an army of the young naked winged men the Bishop had called the soldiers of Satan came into view with shields and swords drawn, blood dripping from the swords. When there was a line of these soldiers, two abreast leading from the alter off into infinity they parted and formed a phalanxes guard of honor with swords now held high into the air so the tips touched, then all became silent.

Off into the distance a glow of sparkling red appeared, once more the music boomed from the large organ and the male choir's voices rang out in praise of Lord Satan. All the saint's faces carved into the columns of the church turned into flaming demons, puking, jerking off, and eating shit. Then a large man, reclining on a group of twisting and fucking, sucking little demons who were as living pillows, floated downward toward the pentagram leaving little doubt that Satan had heard their invitation and was pleased enough to join them. Bishop Beneditto, Sylvester, David, Michael, and Matthew all fell prostrate on the marble floor as did Darwin Druid and his family including Tom Atwater. The Devil said nothing, however went straight to work.

He pointed at the redheaded Paul Duncan who was in the center of the youths gathered for sacrifice, then he pointed with a forefinger and raised his arm causing Paul to rise from the floor and he floated into the center of the pentagram, and into an embrace with Lord Satan. The man stood almost 7 foot tall, with broad shoulders and large pectorals, each capped with giant nipples. His body was totally hairless showing off the tone of his large muscles, triple biceps flexed as he held the youth close to him, a long tongue snaked out and into Paul's mouth and down his throat like giant cock and Satan tongue fucked the youth, while his own enormous cock was shoved between Paul's legs and like a large pole the youth straddled it with the head about a foot beyond his butt cheeks, and the tail of Lord Satan wrapped about Paul Duncan's thighs and the end probed the youth's asshole like a finger.

The others stayed in their kneeling position as the two kissed passionately, Paul's cock growing to a size he had never achieved with his sister or since being introduced to truly good sex with men. Paul gripped his hands about the strong thick neck, as Lord Satan lifted the youth's thighs up and away from his body with his tail guiding the youth's' asshole toward the tall standing, thick, two foot long prick, oozing with pre-cum juices that ran in rivers down the cock shaft cris-crossing the engorged veins standing out, and soaked his nuts and dribbled onto the marble floor.

Paul saw the giant phallus he was to consume up his anus and bowels, his eyes bulged and realizing the danger he faced, he screamed and bucking his body about in a futile effort to escape. "Twist and squirm my beautiful boy, you will make the fuck far more enjoyable," Lord Satan said, in a deep voice that echoed as if he were speaking into a 40 gallon barrel.

Without another word Satan rammed down with his hands still gripping the youth's thighs, fingernails digging in so there were blood flows from the grip, his aim being true, the cock head entered the asshole just as the tail's tip exited, not giving the anus time to close. Lucifer roared with pleasure as he pulled the impaled youth closer, shoving the entire prick up inside. Paul bellowed incomprehensible words of agony as the prick ripped through his large intestine and jammed up to his diaphragm making breathing impossible. Then Satan broke the hold Paul had about his neck and allowed the youth to
fall freely backwards with only the giant prick holding him from falling.

As Paul squirmed and bucked about the hard cock was released enough for the youth to take a breath and then continue bellowing in agony. Lord Satan took hold of Paul's belly in his claw like fist and ripped it open, as he did blood spurted out and various organs broke free and dangled about the giant cock head now exposed. Satan began to turn in a circle as his cock exploded sperm, sending jets of fiery hot cum blasting out and as he turned he sprayed the juice on those assembled inside and outside the pentagram, blessing them with the spray of his ball's juice.

The terrified youth was nearing death, but still alive enough to understand what was happening as Lord Satan ripped both arms off and sent them flying off into the darkness of the church as Paul fell to the floor. Blood was spurting from where the husky arms had been seconds ago, and the near corpse was lifted for a final kiss from Satan as the youth died. His head was then twisted off and Lord Satan levitated up to the golden cross suspended in the back of the church and he rammed the severed head onto the cross upright, then with a loud long laugh he came back down to the center of the pentagram.

"Let no one doubt who I am and that I visited this place to make it a Satanic place for my worship. Your groups joined together will receive my eternal blessing, it will be a wonderful linking for us, bringing new members to your tribes, and an endless sacrifice of the youths from the area," Lord Satan said, then he walked over to the kneeling Sylvester and his clan and Lucifer offered his shit and slime covered cock to be kissed and licked by each. Then he turned to Darwin Druid and his group, giving them the chance to worship his mighty cock and be blessed by touching it.

When all had tasted the cock, Lord Satan, the spirit/man rose off the floor he pointed his finger at his soldiers holding Vernon Moss and Robbie Klein suspended over the scene. He sent a bolt of lightening which split in to for arms and surrounded them, "my bishop, let these interlopers live to serve my kingdom, in what ever way you deem useful, and remain mute of what they have seen. You Sylvester, and you Darwin, lead your combined tribes in an orgy of feasting and sacrifice that will last until the dawning of the sun, which will no longer affect your family Darwin, thus allowing you to serve me better."

With that pronouncement Lord Satan reclined again on the cushion of fucking and sucking demons and rose up and out of the ceiling with the army of soldier following, the ceiling closed, the column states were as before, the music stopped, and all within the church remained as it had been before the visitation except Paul's head remained on the cross upright with blood flowing down from the severed neck.

Bishop Beneditto immediately called for the sacrifices to be brought in and for the debauchery to begin. The youths came from both sides of the pentagram, and were grabbed by one member of the newly formed tribe of vampires,or another. Some members began at once biting down into the juggler vein and bathing themselves in blood from the youth, while giving one last pleasure by jerking them off, using their own blood, others became violent with the sacrifice by kicking them in the nuts causing them to fall down in agony, then a tribe member would rip apart the ass cheeks and smear on the fresh shit that spouted out the torn open assholes, others grabbed a sacrifice, gouged their eyes, broke the lower jaw and rammed their fist down the throat suffocating the victim, then fucking the corpse.

Corpse fucking was the main pleasure of these chosen men, some mouth fucked a sacrifice until he was dead, others tore their giant hard-ons into assholes virgin only seconds before, all the sex brought pain and suffering to the sacrifice, making it the perfect gift to honor Lord Satan. The sacrifices dociley stood waiting their turn to enter the pentagram, then as they entered they woke from the trance they had been in, realizing what was about to happen only a split second before the pain began, they screamed and wailed until such cries were cut off by being strangled, or getting chopped in the throat by a fist, or their balls grabbed and ripped out of their crotch, or several hard punches by some of the chosen ripped into the belly, rupturing the internal organs and they fell to the bloody floor puking and writhing as they are fucked in one way or another, even after they have died.

The beauty of the slaughter would please Lord Satan indeed, the violence, the screams for never arriving mercy. Heads ripped off and mouth fucked and the stump of the neck fucked as well, fingers probed into bellies ripping them open so liver and bladders, kidneys and prostate fell out to be stomped on as intestines were ripped apart spread over hard cocks, and fucked, as one bloodied corpse was tossed to the side, another youth would enter and start up the chorus of screams until they too had bones broken, cocks and balls destroyed, and they too were fucked and dropped to the standing pools of blood on the floor. Soon mixed with those shrieks of agony were the howling and growling of the hellhounds who arrived to feast on those killed to honor Satan.

The chosen disciples worked together in twos and threes to kill and pleasure themselves, two would mount a youth as soon as he entered and both stuff their hard pricks up his virgin asshole, ripping him open, then they would strangle and punch the victim until he died, then cum inside him, and suck the shitty bloody residue off each other's cock before attacking another. Three would attack with two holding the victims arms wide apart while the third kicked and punched the victim to death, kicking so hard the belly skin ruptured, and balls sacks disintegrated, nuts fell out and organs were ripped apart, adding to the bloody slime building up on the floor to nearly ankle deep, then all three would fuck, one in a mouth one in the asshole and the other in the open belly, stabbing his hard cock into the stomach.

The piles of corpses were soon as high as the tallest member of the combined families even with the hounds eating flesh as fast as they could. The orgy of slaughter and violence continued on unabated, the fucking went on as soon as one cock was ripped out of a corpse and could be stuffed into another dying youth, and lasted as Lord Satan had decreed, until the first light of day broke through the windows of the church. Darwin and his tribe watched with confidence that what they had been told by Lord Satan was true, and as the sun broke through the windows, nothing happened to an of them.

Everyone collapsed after shooting off their loads, and eating their fill of shit and blood, but cocks were still hard and balls ready after ejaculating so many countless times all night long. They lay exhausted and satisfied as none had ever been before, and most of all they felt blessed by Lord Satan with the honor to commit sacrifice in his glorious name.

From up in the balcony Vernon Moss shouted down. He had busied himself during the hours of slaughter by whittling down an under brace from a kneeler pad he had ripped off the pew. He had whittled it down to a six foot long spear with as sharp a point as any metal could have been made, he spoke as the Bishop rose with blood drooling of his entire body to prepare for feeding, "there will be no more bloodshed here tonight!" and having said those words he flung the spear directly at the chest of the Bishop, intending to drive it as a wooden stake through the man's heart.

The spear burst into flames as it made contact with the Bishop's chest and it disintegrated into a pile of smoking ashes without leaving a mark on the man's bloody skin, "detective, no human, indeed no god can injure anyone under the protection of Lord Satan, now what to do with you."

The Bishop made a motion with his head, and Vernon and Robby flew down from the balcony and landed on the bloody floor and slipped, each falling and getting covered with the slime. They stayed laying on their sides looking up at the man who held their fate as the other members of the enlarged family looked down on them, also wondering.

"Rise Robby Klein, and stand before me," the Bishop commanded, "in the church burial yard is a mausoleum with no name on it, guarding the door are two gargoyles in the shape of winged lions, having a man's face and hard cocks, over the door is a naked youthful angel also with a hard cock, this is the key to the iron gate and leaded glass door," the Bishop held up a large black metal key, "you shall reside in the coffin within the chamber for ever, or until Lord Satan sees fit to release you."

"You detective," the Bishop said, turning to Vernon Moss, "will make a visit once each and every day without failing a day. You will leave any messages for these blessed vampire families about any police danger, then enter and for one hour you may make love to your beloved boy in what ever way the two of you shall wish, then you must squat over his face and shit into his mouth, for that will be the only food he can have, or his body can use. If either of you fail you are condemned to the worst part of hell and will suffer endless pain and mutilation without death. I will show you the place later, now watch over us as we feed."

With a stroke of his hand Vernon and Robby flew up to the top of the ceiling between columns and hung there, the pentagram was clear now, no blood and slime, no corpses on the side, or the hellhounds. Darwin signaled for Devon and the boys to bring in the mixing machines they had brought, one for each. The outside of the pentagram was now ringed with handsome young men all sporting boners, all in a blissful sleep. The youths marched in and lay down by each of the family members, they lay in perfect rows with their feet pointing to the center and their heads near the outline of the pentagram. A machine was placed beside each and made ready. Wordlessly those who had never used the machines were instructed. They all raised legs of the sacrificial meal and began to slowly fuck the youth, then they inserted the needles into the neck, one on each side for removal of blood and entry for the blood/shit mixture, and the other tubes were rammed through the belly into the large intestine, again in two places and as they fucked the machines silently began to pump out shit and blood and mix them so they were being returned to the body and the youth's would stay alive just long enough to receive a load of cum and then have their cock heads bitten off and the new substance coursing through their blood stream sucked out as the sustenance they all needed and craved.

* * * * *

St Paul's church still stands today looking for all the world like a church abandoned by a cash strapped religion, strangely enough, no one seems to have ever broken into the church, at least no one has survived to speak of the deed. The parish house is occupied by an outreach program run by the faithful Father Sylvester, and his assistant, Father David, and by two holy brothers Michael and Matthew. There are several acolytes living there in service, bringing more new members into the fold by this outreach tot he cities poor street youths, thus relieving a civic responsibility by the government, so no questions are asked. Cub Opus Dei continues operation just as mysteriously as before, but there seems to be no one in the police who has any interest in the place as it seems to be run as a model for other clubs. The only thing different is that Darwin Druid now occasionally appears in person when he is making a charitable contribution, he is considered a great citizen of the community. Gay club dance boys and lost street boys forgotten by families still disappear regularly, that too has not changed and goes unnoticed as before by all, including the police, with chief Vernon Moss in charge, a title he holds as long as it pleases Lord Satan.

the end