Inside club Opus Die there were several dance rooms, a small restaurant, a bar, a maze that was very dimly lighted and went on for some ways. Private rooms and lockers could be rented for changing clothing or just storage, the customers of the club could think up better things to do in private rooms, and most of the time did, and management believed the customer was always right. Since this was a private club what went on inside was private, the city had no way of entering, unless there was a complaint and for several years no no complaints. The club's owner, Darwin Druid was to say the least very wealthy, and mysterious. He was everywhere, and no where at the same time. Making large charitable donation, and receiving honorariums at dinners, but never photographed, never interviewed. All that was known about his private life was he probably was gay, as the cliental of the club Opus Die. He lived on top of a large office/condo building he owned. No one knew for sure where he got his money, though the club was a success, it did not generate enough cash for multi million dollar donations. The police, of course thought the worst, probably drug dealing, but that idea always came up empty.

Outside the club every night of the week a line had formed by seven in the evening, though the dining room did not open until eight, and the dance floors opened at nine, or ten depending on if there were private parties before club opening. Try as the would the police never could get an invitation to one of those parties for an undercover agent. Tonight was no different, the line of smartly, fashionably dressed gay men of all ages was formed, when the dining room reservations were called out the room was quickly filled. No member could eat there without a reservation. Some members could not get into the dance floors if they were already drunk, or high on something, or dressed in a way management considered not stylish enough. However with all establishments of this kind if you are handsome, or showed enough muscle, skin or dick, you were in.

Brain, Johnny and Walter were room mates, not lovers. They all had sort of special friends, but no real commitments, they did go out once a week dancing and cruising to CLub Opus Die. Brian was young looking, baby faced and shaved his whole body, except for the blond dyed, curly permed hair. Johnny was the oldest, 22, worked at the best job of the three, and owned the lease on the apartment. He was organized and practical, except when it came to men. He would follow a pretty or handsome face anywhere. His hair was dyed red, well really auburn and wore blue eye color contacts. He was moderately muscular and well endowed, and dressed to show off his attributes. Walter lifted weights and had a body builder body, and an enormous cock, huge, fat, thick, long, all of the above, and naturally mousy colored hair that lay rather flat. Between muscles and prick he needed nothing else to attract men.

They had danced, were a little sweaty, were fairly sober, one drink each, and a joint shared while wandering through the maze watching the sex scenes in corners and small areas designed for two. Walter was posed against a nearby mirrored column wearing a too small sleeveless white "T" shirt, loose white short shorts, so short his hooded dick end hung down the leg for all to see. Brian wore a plaid shirt open down to the navel, and new levi jeans a size too small and a baseball cap tucked in among the copious blond curls. He sat on a seating ledge that ringed the room. Johnny wore a white ribbed undershirt which was too short to meet his low rise jeans, under which he wore black, low rise briefs which covered a small tattoo "johnny" just to the right of his dark brown pubic bush. He stood between Brian and Walter, moving his butt to the constant beat of the dance music. The large belt buckle pressed against his pubes making his flaccid dick stick out more in the low rise clothing.

"It's him, he's coming this way," Johnny said pointing into the dancers on the floor.

"You can drool," Walter shouted over the music, "he don't appreciate muscles."
"He likes big dicks I hear, and you've got more in that department than most anyone here," Johnny said.
"Well he has looked past me too many times for me to stick around," Brian said, "I am going over and ask the blond kid who looks like he is not out of junior high if he wants to dance and fuck, or fuck and dance, see ya' all in the morning."

See ya," Johnny said watching the tall man wearing a black leather cape, and knee high fitted leather boots, and only a pliable black leather diamond studded posing strap, which matched the studs in his ears and nipples, and the many rings on both hands. He moved with masculine grace, and the lightness of a ballet dancer. His eyes met Johnny's and the youth was hooked. The man came closer and raised his arms so the cape became a giant screen covering them both as he pressed his hands on the wall and looked down at Johnny smiling. "Mr Druid..." Johnny said.

"Call me Darwin, Mr Druid is far too formal to say while I am fucking you," Darwin Druid said, continuing to smile.
"I'm Johnny, I love your club right from when I first came here four years ago."

"It is made for people to like, something here for everyone, every taste, and fetish. Show me your cock, Johnny," The man answered, his eyes seemed to be looking through Johnny, inside of him to see who he really was under the dyed hair and false eye color.

"Right here?" Johnny asked as if surprised, though he had been fucked naked on this very dance floor a few years back one night when he had too much to drink.
"How is anyone going to see? And I know you are not shy," the man said with a laugh.

Johnny unzipped the fly and opened the large silver eagle buckle, "I'm not shy," Johnny admitted, tucking his thumbs into the waist of the black low rise briefs and tugging them down over his quickly growing cock. Soon his prick stood up tall, the bulbous circumcised head bent slightly toward his navel, plump balls hung out over the black nylon fabric.

"Nice, very nice. I see you have a name tag on your belly," Darwin said.
"Yes, a man who was blowing me regularly paid for it, he was old and very forgetful, so he said he wanted it so he could know who it was he was sucking off."

Darwin laughed loudly, "I thought I had heard everything, that is a wonderful story. Well I shall not forget who it is I am sucking off, now come with me," Druid said, tossing his arm about Johnny's shoulder so the cape covered him and they headed for a door leading to somewhere off the dance floor.

The door led to a hallway, which led them to an elevator, which they took to the second floor and into a locked door which Druid opened by punching a combination into the door box. The room was dimly lighted but Johnny could see the walls were draped in dark blue velvet, and in the center a large round bed with blue satin sheets and many pillows tossed about. Druid threw the cape aside, and sat on the bed and pointed to the boots indicating Johnny should remove them.

Johnny knelt, unzipped the boots and they slipped off with ease. He looked up into Darwin's crotch and saw is prick had grown to an enormous size, one equalling Walter's cock, and had pushed the pouch aside and stood tall, the hooded head bulging with a tiny opening in the hood showing the piss hole. Johnny kissed the man's knee, then kissed on up the inside of his muscular hairy thigh, then the fat furry balls, and finally he licked up the length of the cock to the end, and closed his mouth over it and sucked gently as he took more and more of the cock shaft into his mouth, driving the head down into his throat. He did not stop until his nose was buried in the manly sweat scented pubic bush, he gulped, gagged slightly, then raised his head up gasping for a breath of air. A dick like that could suffocate a cock sucker, Johnny thought, but is there a better way to die?

"Damn!" Druid exclaimed, "you are one good cock sucker. I might just change my mind and let you eat my bone all night."

"I would hope that after I blow you, you will still want my ass."

"No, you are not shy, and thank goodness for that. Now take off those clothes so I can see what prize of a body you are hiding."

The young man did not put on a strip show, he slithered out of the jeans and underwear, kicking his shoes off, and pulling the undershirt off, and quickly was naked, his cock hard, the head leaking, his nipples erect, his muscles taut and ready for sex. Druid lifted Johnny off the floor and lay him on the bed as if Johnny were a feather. He kissed and licked over the youth's mouth, down his neck and serviced each nipple with lips, suction, and gently biting teeth, then down the flat muscular belly to the hard cock which he licked over and down to the root, then sucked the plump balls into his mouth which seemed to widen like a snakes, easily taking the large orbs in, sucking them to almost a point of being painful, then he released them and lifted Johnny's legs and licked under the balls, probed with his tongue up the furry ass crack, and wormed it into Johnny's asshole, sucking the anus ring, and making Johnny wet where ever the man's tongue roved.

Johnny writhed in a pleasure he seldom had known. Darwin began on his cock and worked it all the way into his mouth, and then took in the nuts as well, causing no pain just an intense pleasure Johnny had never known, then the man proceeded to give the best blow job ever had by anyone, any time, any where on the face of the earth. The man's mouth was an endless cavern of burning hot saliva and massaging flesh which caused Johnny to loose control too quickly, and flood Darwin's throat with steaming hit man juice, Johnny collapsed in a state of exhausted pleasure he had never known, and then it was topped off by embrace with strong protective arms, and a deep tender kiss which lasted for hours it seemed.

The fuck began, it seemed, without Johnny. He vaguely remembered getting his ass eaten again, though even in a more forceful way, he did not recall the entry which might have been very painful Johnny had thought because of the thickness and how far the cock was shoved up his ass in the first thrust. He just recalled feeling wonderfully full in his belly and his hole being stretched so large he could feel every vein in the cock, it was an extreme physical pleasure.

Darwin grunted with each thrust in, and when he pulled back and nearly removed all his gigantic cock it felt like Johnny's ass hole was being turned inside out, then folded back with each thrust inward. Johnny moaned from the pleasure he had never felt as his body was being assaulted in areas never before feeling a prick. His moans became cries and screams of ecstasy as his prick exploded string and strings of cum all over himself and Darwin, without anyone touching his prick, his body was so super sensitized.

At what point Johnny realized he and Darwin were no longer alone he could not recall, there were hands holding his shoulders down to the bed, and others caressing his belly and pinching his nipples, and cum loads were spurting over him from several cocks being stroked by those watching. When Druid's juice flooded into Johnny's rectum, the youth seemed to be floating off the bed up into the ceiling, and Druid covered him with an embrace, and kiss on the neck, which Johnny realized was not the biting of a lovers teeth, but a hypodermic needle put into his jugular vein.

Johnny was panicked, he could not struggle from being held so tightly, his eyes searched for help from the smiling faces of those watching, his screams did nothing to stop what was happening, and when Druid raised up off Johnny the man plunged a circular like knife into the youth's belly, and Johnny could see the hoses attached to the needle and thing in his belly were filled with his blood and shit being sucked out of him by a machine. Darwin knelt by Johnny's shoulders so his cock was at the youth's lips, and as he plunged a second needle in, this in the carotid artery Darwin was tender and loving as he caressed Johnny's sweaty brow.

"My beautiful boy," Druid whispered tenderly, "it will only hurt for a few seconds and then it will be all over and you will be sleeping peacefully for a long long time, my beautiful Johnny."

"I don't, don't want to sleep..." Johnny managed to say as the man knelt down between the youth's legs and sucked on the still hard cock.

"The mix is completed," one of the youth's watching said.

It was like a dream to Johnny, really mot happening to him, he was in the ceiling looking down at what was happening, watching his own death. The sucking on his cock was again great pleasure that suddenly turned to agony as sharp teeth chopped off the youths cock head and spit it up on his belly, blood or something spurted from the where the prick had been severed, and Druid quickly took the stump into his mouth and sucked the mixture from Johnny's body, and when the youth was drained, Druid's need for sustenance was sated and the youth was dead. In turn the corpse of Johnny, his mouth and ass were fucked several times by those assembled.

* * * * *


In the background, under the muffled words of the crowd surrounding him, the constant beat of the disco music filtering through the brick outside wall went on like a heartbeat, like the heartbeat of the young man who lay mutilated and dead had probably beat for maybe 20 years, not much more Detective Moss surmised. Up close the stink was bad, far worse than regular corpses, but the same as the another young man who had been found in the city mutilated in this same strange way, mutilated either before they died, while they died or after they were dead, the medical examiner could not tell for sure. Other's had been found outside the city, tossed in ditches and off bridges, all connected by the way they had died

Back ups arrived and began clearing out the gawkers crowded into the dark alley, lighted by only a red fire exit sign over a door a few feet away, which led to one of the dance floors of the disco, Club Opus Dei. The club was owned by a strange man who had enormous sums of money and great influence not only in the city, but the state and country as well. Some said he was a former priest and this club was his way of getting even with the church, others said he was a satanist who ran a coven of devil worshiping witches. Detective Moss thought the man was just using controversy for publicity.

No police man had ever entered the private club for men only, all their paper work was in order, the place was better than any other building in the city as far as being up to codes, no crime had ever been reported from there, the business was on the up and up no matter what anyone thought of a business catering to homosexuals thought. The known fact that wild homosexual sex orgies took place there did not matter, the club is a private men's organization and until someone reports a crime from within, no matter how many crimes might be taking place, there was no evidence any crimes were taking place.

Rumors had it that underaged boys were in there having wild sex with older men, sex of all kinds and fetishes, even those whips and chains guys. Rumor had it that these handsome, well endowed underaged boys were also drinking and selling their bodies for sex, and using illegal drugs, though no one had actually ever seen one. The fact was the club had the state of the art customer identification system, so advanced even the state liquor authority unsure how it worked but it did appear to be fool proof. Every person, no matter how old they looked, whether an employee or guest had to scan his state drivers license, a computer record was made of every person entering the building any time of day or night. The club computer was connected to the state system, a face recognition program confirmed the face on the license was the actual person who held the license through comparison of thumb prints, and the thumb print and face of the person entering had to match.

Not even the most determined terrorist or inventive robber could get in, the place was more secure than the White House or any bank. And the club had used off the shelf technology to put the system together. Darwin Druid, the club owner, had been very open about this security system, just as he had been about the computerized sound and lighting systems for the various dance floors. Again Detective Moss figured the man was just going after more free publicity. The place had been written about in every major magazine and newspaper around the world. Millions knew about the place, but only a chosen few could gain entry, and that was the best advertisement any club could have.

"Another one," Christian van Olds, the medical examiner said as he crouched down beside detective Moss, "like we've been finding in the river or in trunks."

"The latest, what is he, number 10?" Moss answered.

"Number ten we know of," the M.E.said, "I agree with the FBI analyst this is the work of a serial killer who is proud of his skills at mutilating and killing and is giving us just a small sample of his work. This is a serial killer bent on becoming the most prolific, and killing in the most inventive way ever known to man, thus insuring a place in history. We will not catch him alive, Vernon, he will leave some grizzly way of identifying himself after he is dead."

Detective Moss sighed weary sigh to match the late hour. He had been called away from a dinner with his latest friend, a hot prospect for wonderful sexual encounters, or something more permanent now put off again. Robby was home by now, snug in his own warm bed, safe in his climate controlled bedroom, in his parents expensive penthouse over looking the city skyline. Why did the boy stick with him after so many disappointments, Vernon did not know, but he counted the continued companionship as very good luck.

"Perhaps you and the FBI are correct, I think we are looking for a psycho. The worst kind of psychopath known, one who blends in, one who could be me, could be you, someone who is not aware of his multiple personalities, or what they are doing."

The detective stood and looked over the whole scene, shook his head. "This place is a mess, forensics will find nothing in the morning, too many people in here before we were called."

"Who found the body?"

"A couple of drunks, pissing in the alley on their way to a subway station, the bumped into it and when they saw what it was both of them puked all over the wall. They went into the all night restaurant across the street and told what they had found, then left. People from there came over and saw it and called us. Then every god damn person in the place had to come over and throw up at the smell and sight. This place will yield us nothing," the detective said in a sour tone.

"I will get my spatchela, and scoop him up and do an examination in the morning, but do not expect anything different than the others," the M.E. said.

"Wait!" Vernon said squatting by the young man's wrinkled face. "Give me your flash light, I saw something."

The detective held the light close to the wrist skin laying back from where it had been torn looses from the flesh, when the body had been subjected to some violent actions which obviously broke bones and tore away flesh. In the bright light dim letters could be seen, but not well enough to be understood. He gently flicked the skin flap as if he was playing with a foreskin in an effort to get the tattered skin in a better position to be seen, but that did not work.

"Christian, do you have a black light with you?" Detective Moss asked.

"I have a filter to fit this flashlight, why?" The Medical examiner said fishing the filter out of a suit coat pocket.

"I think there is something stamped on the skin, a form of identification that can only be seen under a black light," Moss answered.

"Like a dance club re-entry stamp?" Christian asked.

"Yep, and here it is, holy shit!" the detective said standing, handing the flashlight back to the M.E.

"A dance club, which one."

"This one," Vernon Moss said, "the one, on the other side of the wall, Club Opus Dei."

"Holy shit!" Christian van Olds said.

"Well, I think I will pay a visit to the most secretive place in town tomorrow."

Detective Moss walked out to the street and only then became away of just how fetid the air had been in the alley. Hot and humid as the air was, there was a breeze, and even mixed with car exhaust it smelled better. He sat in the car letting the AC cool it some, removed his tie, raised up off the seat by pressing his heels to the floor and grabbed his crotch, lifting his ample balls and flaccid prick into a more comfortable position. His prick would not stay flaccid all night, he hoped.

* * * * *

"You fucking what!" Darwin Druid shouted.

The now enraged man stood naked beside the lounge in his office where a blond youth, with a nice otherwise hairless body had begun licking the shit and cum from Darwin's enormous prick which had just ravaged and satisfied the young blond's asshole. Darwin's face, red with rage, his muscles all tensed and standing up as if ready for a mortal fight in an arena, one of the man's sexual fantasies.

"You did fucking what? Renfrew?" Darwin asked again, unsure of what he had heard.

"Sir, last night I took the body out the alley door in a trunk to take to the usual dumping place, off one of the river piers. I had the net bag in the car with the weights all attached and ready so all I had to do was open the chest, put the corpse in the net bag, and when I got to the pier, tip the corpse into the water, let the fishes and nature do the rest, eventually only bones will surface in the river. I had everything carefully planned out, except being interrupted by a foot patrolman," the frightened man spilled the words out so fast they tumbled over each other.

"What did the fucking cop see?" Darwin asked, now calming a bit, caressing the golden locks of the boy eagerly licking and sucking his still erect prick so it would be cleansed of shit and cum, clean enough for Queen Victoria to suck on as if it belonged to her Prince Albert.

"Nothing, I showed him my club identification card and then I had to talk him out of getting a guided tour, by then daylight was breaking and I had to leave as fast as I could. When I went back to retrieve the trunk this evening the trunk was gone, I came in to get another trunk to carry the corpse and by then it had been discovered, sir, I am truly sorry to have failed."

"Your luck is running out, Renfrew. It seems I cannot give you the simplest task to perform correctly, the still enraged club owner said, "you do not tie the weights and net bags properly and bodies have floated to the surface, then the fiasco with loosing the trunk and body in the river."

"Two trunks, three bodies. Darwin," the blond said as he stopped licking long enough to speak.

"Renfrew, remove your clothing," Druid said, in an menacing tone.

"Yes sir." The man said, his hands trembling as he removed the few clothes he wore, only a black "T" shirt, black jeans, and shoes. He stood naked, the metal cage surrounding his prick and balls, the only thing adorning his slender, but muscular body, well containing his cock, now growing stiff at the sight of the young blond man who was so desirable to Renfrew, had been from the first time he laid eyes on the youth who was but one of the many sexual partners and familiars Darwin Druid possessed.

The tall, naked, muscular man approached the trembling servant, having picked up a strange stainless steel device from the desk in the center of the room, "put your hands behind your back, palms facing out," he commanded.

"Yes sir, please don't..." Renfrew started to say when Druid's free hand swatted the steel cage surrounding the servant's crotch. Renfrew screamed and bucked about.

"Please don't what?" Darwin screamed in Renfrew's ear as he closed and locked the square box which fitted over the man's hands and tightly griped his wrists, securing the man like handcuffs would but also preventing his fingers from doing anything. As darwin stepped away, headed back to the blond youth waiting for him with a hard cock, sitting on the lounge, Druid kicked backwards, his heel smashing into the steel chastity device attached to Renfrews balls and cock. This time Renfrew collapsed to his knees with a loud horrible scream, as a trickle of blood could be seen oozing from the steel cage.

"The barbed wire lining of he cage get your balls and hard-on?" Darwin now light heartedly asked, "I thought you craved pain, and I was only rewarding you for being a stupid fucking half human."

Renfrew did not answer, he watched his master sit next to the blond youth and caress the hard prick standing up from the dark furred crotch. His mouth covered the youth's and a sucking sound was made by the passion of their kiss. Darwin laid back on the lounge oblivious to the sounds of Renfrew's agony as his nuts and prick had been stabbed by hundreds of tiny barbs of steel, needle sharp, not just puncturing the skin but tearing it with each breath the man took.

"Do you want my hole now, Dar," the blond youth asked softly.

"Yes Devon, now, let your hole make beautiful love to my mouth," Darwin Druid whispered with a deep dark sexual lust in his velvety voice the youth so loved to hear, when the youth's lover spoke, Devon said the words could not only be heard, but they caressed his ears like the finest fabrics.

The boy stood on the lounge, feet planted on either side of Darwin's broad shoulders, he stroked his long hard cock, forever hard, it seemed, when in Darwin's presence. His long slender fingers capped with black fingernails caressed his nuts and masturbated his cock, and spread the butt cheeks wide so his freshly fucked asshole could be seen as Darwin looked up over his head to the wondrous sight.

"Watch Renfrew, you've always craved sucking his asshole, eating his shit, watch... it is all you will ever get of Devon, or any of his brothers," Darwin said in as nasty a tone as he could, and his words could wither a miscreant.

The youth ground his hips sensuously as he lowered himself swaying to the constant beat of dance music which not only was heard, but felt throughout the building. "Smother me Devon, smother me with your wonderful asshole and beautiful tasty shit," the man exhorted.

As he squatted down Devon continued to slowly masturbate his hard cock with full fist, then thumb and finger tugging the foreskin way out over his engorged cockhead, then slowly fisting down on his prick, and again using just thumb and forefinger he pulled the cock skin down at the base so his entire prick head was exposed, glowing with pre-cum juice, the skin's graceful folds stretched taut and beautifully, then as his butt got closer to Darwin's face the youth pushed a finger from each hand up into his puckered, shit sticky anus and spread it open for the tongue that would caress inside his bowels.

Darwin's hands cupped and caressed the bright pink firm skin of the slender rounded butt, seemingly cut in sections by the dark tan line of many hours laying on beaches in the bright sun wearing only the tiniest of see through Speedo swim suits, but it was all from a tanning booth to give Darwin the look he desired. The youth pushed downward, his fingers feeling the wet hot tongue the signal to release the stretched hole so it closed about the invading tongue, followed by lips which locked to the anus and a strong suction began, causing a slurping sound.

A soft moan grew from deep within the man as he sucked the ripe hole and a quiet fart burped out the cum the man's cock had spurted up inside the youth, spraying the jizz which had been fermenting these few minutes after their fucking inside the youthful bowels, into Darwin's waiting ready mouth, his tongue probing about, his lips sucking more, anticipating the sold turd slowly flowing from rectum to mouth, to be swallowed and digested once more and eventually drain out Darwin's hole, perhaps into this blond youth's waiting mouth.

This exchange of shit which has been so highly refined by multiple digestions in various stomachs and shit out many different assholes has brought the turds Darwin shit out to be the most shit tasty, smelly, smooth shit available anywhere on earth. His shit was the best fucking lubricant ever used and the best lubricant for jerking off as well. To keep the purity of this hybrid shit, he only shared his shit with these few blond youths who worshiped him as a god of sexual fulfillment, and he only ate what they presented him, which was the basis for this matured shit, only mixed with shit from fresh victims, fresh shit and forever becoming more and more refined until it as perfect.

These select youths served and worshipped as their bodies produced the shit needed, eventually, one day in the distant future, in a wonderful redemptive service their bodies will be retired and their soles relieved of all earthly needs as they become the protective spirits of all those to follow. These boys all knew they would become a saint to the glory of the almighty shit/blood eating Lucifer. Shit, the main reason for Darwin's existence, the reason he never aged in all the thousands of years he has wandered this world as a supreme vampire. These boys will be with him as a part of him or eternity. What more could any young man desire in his life.

The turd slowly slid from asshole into Darwin's waiting mouth, flexible enough to be swallowed whole, soft enough to be spread like warm gritty butter about any body part, with a flavor and aroma to sooth the most lustful of shit eaters. It would only improve as it passed through Darwin's gut, and each boy yearned to be the one receiving it. There was a good quantity of the mushy stuff which spread about the man's face and the youth's butt cheeks, enough for them to smear it about their crotches, coating hard cocks and balls swollen with unspent cum loads.

When the hole was empty, Devon raised his butt and lay beside Darwin, their lips meeting and a brown slime extruded from mouths locked in a long deep tongue fucking kiss. The shitty smears now coating the youth's butt, covering the tan lines, was a thing of beauty Darwin greedily did not share with anyone, such a sight of beauty was for his eyes only. Renfrew's fate was sealed by his own stupidity, he would be tortured by seeing what he could not possess. Darwin, and Devon's tongues swabbed across faces, each spiting and sharing the brown delight as shit covered fingers caressed their bodies.

"I am hungry for communion with your asshole Darwin, please feed me," Devon asked softly.

"Put your prick in my mouth, you're balls are ready to explode, lift my butt in the air and feast on what ever comes out while jerking me off and caress my cock with my shit as I suck your cum, jerk me so I shoot at the same time you blast your jizz into my throat. Then we shall lick each other until our bodies glow clean and we have consumed all the shit covering us."

They caressed and licked, rolled about on the lounge until not one inch of skin was brown, only glowing with fresh spit left after the shit sucking lips had vacuumed each other clean. The boy was left to dress, Darwin took the unfortunate Mr Renfrew down to a lower level of the building which only a few knew existed. Devon did not know as his time had not yet arrived for this knowledge. Renfrew however had the knowledge, and now knew he would be made to disappear, no longer a tortured half human, he would become a man of the underworld only, never to see the sun or moon again. He knew his fate, having taken the man who served before him for the final immolation.

* * * * *

Robby Klein had walked a long distance from the restaurant where he and Detective Moss had eaten and were enjoying their refilled wine glasses. They were discussing a possible arrangement for them, something Vernon wanted, and to a large extent so did Robby. The slightly built, blond boy of 22 would enter his senior year in college this fall, he would move from home, even as luxurious as the pent house was he wanted total freedom from his parents, and also total devotion to someone, to a man, in so many ways he hoped would be Vernon. Love, Robby had found is totally unexplainable, even to one's self.

They had talked of living together in the Detective's apartment, spending weekends at his country cabin, a place of pleasure and extreme pain that Robby craved once he had been introduced, and this natural fetish was released to flourish the year before. The young man was addicted to physical pain and abuse as much as any junky is to what ever he injects into his flesh. Vernon was the only man who had been able to give Robby the thrilling agony he desired, and he wanted it all the time now.

There were others to be sure, Robby had experimented with man of all s/m fetishes, many better than Vern, but they all lacked one intangible element, love. Robby found Vern to be irresistible, yet there was something missing, something that Robby could not identify, but somehow Vern was not whole, not complete. In the back of Robby's mind was the nagging thought he should be a sex/pain slave for a viscous master. Vernon Moss was a gentleman who while delving out wonderful pain, treated Robby as an equal, Robby wanted to feel like a slave, and he had yet to meet the man would could make him feel that way. The walk was intended to clear his mind, but now he was even more confused about his desires.

He stopped in a notorious park, and walked calmly to the center where the bushes are most dense, even though he knew there was real danger here, danger from fag haters who might beat him to death, danger of his urging a sex partner to go farther and farther until real physical damage has been done, danger from others and himself. Danger thrilled him and made sex so much better, danger gave him a high like pain did. He almost accepted the fact he needed this. Robby had accepted the fact he needed this kind of relationship, and Vernon was the best man at fulfilling most of a relationship's requirements, but Vernon also had requirements of devotion Robby was unsure he could keep at his age. In the relationship Vernon wanted Robby could not spend the time when they are apart as he did now, with others, yet there was something missing which did not give Vern the right to demand such devotion. Was he strong enough to commit to do this, without the extreme he desired. Not on this evening.

He allowed his eyes to adjust to the near total darkness, his hearing became more acute, sighs and heavy breathing now clearly heard, a slap sound, moan of painful pleasure, or pleasurable pain. Robby wanted both, and this part was well known as being inhabited late at night by men who wanted and those who could deliver. Robby moved slowly through the bushes.

A naked young man, his arms cuffed about a tree, a man violently screwing his prick deep into the youth, the man's hands caressing the youth's belly and chest, fingers finding nipples and pinching them at first, then a thumb nail digs into the nipple bud, and the hand gripping the flesh twists and turns the nipple trapped in a vice like grip. The young man is crying, but begging for more pain as his hole is ravaged by a giant hard cock. Robby unbuttons and removes his shirt, rakes his fingers over his skin.

He moves on through the thick growth, his prick straining to be released, which Robby will do eventually, as he knows if he does not, a large load of cum will fill his briefs and flood so much the liquid will bleed through his jeans. The branches brushing against his exposed skin scratch and hurt, making his skin tingle, making his prick drip with anticipation. He sees a tall muscular, dark haired man leaning against a tree masturbating his dick slowly, inviting a blow job, silently calling to Robby's lips, tongue, mouth, and throat. The man looks like he will demand more than good cock sucking, Robby cannot resist the call.

He stands in front of the man eyeing him, looking down at the massive cock being held in a workman like strong hand, a hand that might slap him hard, a hand that might roughly caress him, hands that might yank and force Robby's face down into the man's crotch where the man's scent and sweaty flavor will intoxicate the youth even more. The man spits and hot saliva mixed with phlegm splatters across Robby's forehead, drools down beside his nose to his upper lip, Robby moans softly as his tongue snakes out to capture the spit.

"On your fucking knees cock sucker, if that s what you are," the man growled, Robby collapsed to his knees. "You want this meat? You want my fuck pole rammed down your faggot throat?" the man asked.

"Yes sir! Please sir!" Robby answered, smelling the hot circumcised cock waiting to be told to suck.

"You a cock sucking pig?"

"Oh yes sir!" Robby answered.

"Then open your fucking mouth and take what ever I give you."

"Yes. Please si..." the word was cut off by the prick head entering Robby's lips.

The flavor was foul, bitter, sweaty, sending chills of excitement over Robby's flesh. The prick invaded the boy's mouth and the fat head entered Robby's experienced throat. The prick tasted like it had been rammed into an unclean asshole earlier this evening which sent a tingle of fear and thrill through Robby. The pubes smothered Robby's nose with more sweaty scent, the base of the cock straining at Robby's lips, the man's fat ball sack pushing as if to enter the mouth. Robby pursed his lips and sucked, his throat flexed with a long deep swallow, the man spit again. The saliva drooled down Robby's cheek and dripped off onto his shoulder.

The prick is removed, and swatted against Robby's face several times, sending a fine spray of saliva splattering about. The strong hands rub about Robby's face, fingers grasp at too short hair, and the hands grab Robby's ears, thye are soft not the rough course workman;s hands Robby had expected. These hands yank Robby's face down onto the crotch once more, the swollen prick head rammed deeper into the flexing throat. Robby's heart pounds faster with the thrill of the violent explosion of lust from the man.

"Suck head, queer boy," the man ordered as he removed his dick once more.

Robby leaned forward and grasped the fat slippery wet head between his lips and sucked, rolling his tongue over the smooth surface, feeling the piss hole, the curve of the back of the cock head, around the thick corona where there is something crusty and dried which the warm wetness of Robby's mouth and throat is beginning to melt. The bitter flavor he knows fills his mouth the crusty bit breaks free and is floating in Robby's mouth with the head as the man lowers his dress pants reveling him to be naked. The dark pubes now are exposed as leading to more hair, just covering two tattoos of scorpions on either side of is lower abdomen. The hair is soft and moist on the man's belly and on up to his chest still covered partly by an unbuttoned dress shirt.

The boy swoons with pleasure as he swallows, feeling the once crusty substance flowing down his gullet, instantly gagging him, but he swallows the revolt of his belly and continued servicing the man's cockhead as ordered. Robby has sucked enough to know when a cock has been up an asshole and not cleaned before it is pushed into his mouth, Robby knows the evidence of this man fucking another man earlier in the day has been consumed into his belly, making Robby;s cock stiffer with excitement.

It is not the flavor of the shit, it is not the scent of stale shit and cum on a prick that bothers him, it is the words of his mother telling him that poop is bad, dirty, filthy, unsafe, germ covered, not to be touched in any way that causes the revolt in his guts each time he rims or sucks a dirty prick. He is gradually getting the psychological damage his mother unintentionally did out of his mind. Thank god she did not think Robby would ever know about cock sucking, just thinking of the problems he would have had satisfying his early teen urges boggles his mind.

Once more the prick is all rammed down Robby's throat and he thinks he could have this done all night, one hard dick after another all shooting loads and loads of hot man juice into him. Robby opens his jeans and slips the white briefs down as far as they will go and grasps his own hard prick, drooling juice, ready to explode, in need of a first ejaculation of the evening.

"Fuck! You are one god damn good cock sucking boy, now show me how good you eat the rest of my equipment," the man said yanking his boner from Robby's throat in a painful way, stuffing his filled scrotum into the hot wet mouth.

Robby sucked the balls in, first one then the other so both were in his mouth, both fat hairy orbs, he sucked them deep into his mouth so they blocked the entrance to his throat. He circled his tongue about, still sucking the nuts, wondering if he was causing pain this man also needed. The man's prick was pressed tightly against his nose and towered above his forehead, then Robby felt rain, warm acrid smelling rain. He tightly closed his eyes so the fresh urine would not get in, the drops flooded down by his lips and he opened them so some would go into his mouth giving a flavor he had discovered while blowing a bunch of guys from school and one let a stream go by accident, Robby was hooked on piss.

His hair was drenched, his face streaked with the smelly liquid a bit sticky to the touch. He continued sucking the balls until the man's stream stopped. He eased his nuts from Robby's lips and placed the prick in and Robby nursed on it, bringing it back to a full hard erection, sucking the piss tube clean of all urine, giving the flavor a chance to flood Robby's senses again.

"OK sucker boy, I am not going to disappoint you, now you get to suck my fuck hole clean and make it pucker up real good so I can feel that tongue of yours up inside me, got that boy?" the man's gruff voice was still a deep whisper.

"Yes sir!" Robby said smartly.

The man turned about, bent slightly forward, Robby used his fingers to spread the ample butt cheeks wide open, the smell was familiar, Robby's cock would stay hard without being touched. The man had surely fucked another man sometime today by the taste of his cock, but this evening, perhaps here in this park he had received a dick up his asshole, a big dick that fucked deep, pumping out a lot of fuck slush which surrounded the man's hole. To say it was juicy was an understatement.

Robby was in heaven the full flavor the scent of this man, his rough and ordering attitude, all fit together, Robby was slipping more and more into the addiction, he needed more, more abuse, more humiliation, more pain. Robby used his tongue, licking all about the hairy crack, licking about the slimy shit hole entrance, placing his lips about the pucker, sucking, pushing his tongue in the hot flesh, pushing in as the full flavor flooded his mouth, his tongue now up inside the hole, so hot it almost turned his saliva into steam. He sucked and licked about fucking his tongue up in and out the hole, wishing the man would shit his bowels empty into his mouth, and onto his face, praying he would not as Robby was unsure if he was ready for that final step into the delights of debauchery. The man stood.

He turned Robby about and swatted his face hard, "that was for being such a god damned good shit hole sucker, boy."

"Thank you, sir!" Robby said, his face still tingling.

"Put your hands behind your back," the man ordered, Robby at once obeyed.

The boys face was swatted open handed several times, Robby let loose a cry, his head swam, he saw twinkling bright stars before the attack was finished. The man spit several times in Robby's burning hot face, the saliva seemed cool after the many slaps. He grabbed Robby's nuts and squeezed hard, yanking them forward so Robby fell against the man, the crotch pain causing a loud gasp to escape Robby's mouth. The and held Robby's shoulders as their faces met, open mouths, the man squeezed the testicles in his grasp, yanked down hard bringing another cry of pain from the youth.

Chills of pain circulated Robby's body, a jolt of fear and pleasure coursed through his belly, his head swam with pleasurable agony, his balls were being crushed as the man's tongue pushed into Robby's mouth and circulated about Robby's teeth, then deeper over the boy's tongue, the strong arms then grasped him in a hard embrace and Robby could feel the man's hairy wet chest through the opening in his shirt rubbing against the boy's smooth skin. Their tongue caressed and fucked in and out of each other's mouths for some time as the burning on Robby's face slowly dissipated as did the pain in his crotch.

"Now, boy, I am going to fuck your ass so raw you will be crying in pain every time you shit for the next week. You belong to me, I own your cock sucking ass boy, I own all of you to do with as I fucking wish," the man said his voice dark and deep, menacing.

"Yes sir!" Robby whispered, "I am your god damn fuck boy to do anything with you want, just please sir, make me hurt bad."

"You know what you just asked for, boy?"

"Yes sir, I hope so," Robby said as a voice inside his head screamed for him to run, even though he was hobbled by his jeans and briefs.

"I hope you do, because you will get your swish granted, you see I am a fairy god mother in disguise," the man said with a laugh. "His ass is mine," the man declared and it was then Robby realized a circle of men with pricks out, hands stroking had formed about them, watching the show where Robby was suddenly the star. "The rest of you take what you want, his butt is all mine."

Robby was in too deep, but even if he really did want to stop he could not now. These men were all beyond reason, driven by lust, the strongest emotion of all, sex lust, these men must be satisfied, and that included Robby. The man whirled Robby around and pushed his face down to consume the hard prick once more, he drove his hard-on deep in the boy's aching throat to churn up all the phlegm he could for lubricant. Robby felt hands on his butt, a mouth covering his hole, a tongue swabbing about the crack, then fingers up inside him, fingering him hard, fucking in deep as the man's cock continued to ream in and out of Robby's mouth.

Again he was twisted about roughly by several hands, men muttering sex talk, "fuck his hole raw, screw him so hard your prick comes out his mouth, fuck him so hard he cries, I want his mouth, I'm going to blow him."

Before Robby had his balance the man had shoved his cock in deep. Robby cried out as his anus was opened his bowels filled with prick, the man rammed and rammed until his pubes were crushed against Robby's butt cheeks. At the same time hands grasped his ears and head and he was bent to receive a fat uncircumcised cock in his mouth, bitter with cheese. He was being fucked each end now, and fingers were roving about him, then his balls were grabbed hard and yanked brining a muffled scream of pain which shot through his hard cock like a jolt of lightening, then a hot wet mouth slobbered over his prick, sucking him into a flexing throat. Fingers caressed his belly and found his nipples, one hand on one side, another set on the other doing different painful things to his nips. His whole body was in a state of sensory confusion, too much was happening all at once, not enough at the same time. Then each of his hands were twisted about until they each grasped a hard prick, Robby understood he must jerk these guys cocks off, his hands started working on the stiffers. He had never before imagined how sensual another man's hard cock was when he held it in his hand to whacked it off.

Everything became a blur of sensual action and pain, his voice was screaming as the prick head he was sucking was driven over his vocal chords, his nipples were bleeding from the fingernails being driven into the sensitive flesh, his belly was rippling with uncontrollable muscular contractions caused by the constant raking of fingers over his muscular flesh, his nuts were surely going to be bruised black from the squeezing, yanking and punching they were receiving from several hands, the pain was stabbing and jolting up through his belly making breathing more difficult than it already was by the mouth fucking, more pain streaked down his thighs making standing almost impossible, yet he could not fall because of being held upright by the mouth sucking his never so hard cock, and the prick driving in and out of his hole.

The sex action continued for seconds, minutes, hours, for an eternity, not long enough. Hot cum squirted over his hands and arms, more cum spouted out of pricks he did not hold, his body was soaked in a slime of man juice, and filed as well, his rectum flooded, his throat filled, his nuts were numb, his nipples in bloody agony, his own prick had exploded more than once, but how many loads of jizz had ben crushed from his nuts, he wobbled, the man still imbedded deep in his ass surrounded him with strong protecting arms, kissing and chewing on the back of his neck. Slowly Robby came down from the high where he had floated to places of the ultimate pain and pleasure he never knew existed, and now prayed to return to for regular visits.

* * * * *

Detective Vernon Moss had stopped for a long coffee, thinking about the mutilated corpses of young men, some perhaps not legal age, most yet to be identified. All drained of blood, but worse, all drained of what ever had been in their digestive system, nothing in the stomach, small and large intestines, not a drop of shit left in them. It was like a shit vampire was operating some where, a whole bunch of them. He found a street parking place for the city car and walked the short distance to his apartment, still thinking about the dead youth's skin all shriveled because of lack of blood, the bellies concaved in for lack of anything filling the intestines.

There were other things similar about each victim, their faces contorted in extreme agony a demonstration of how horrible their deaths had been. Vernon knew how to administrate pain, he did it for his own pleasure with willing men, like Robby wanted. He knew the expressions, partly, but never had he seen a face as distorted as these boys had been. Another thing, their anuses all had the look an anus has after a vigorous fist fucking, their cocks and balls chewed on, the balls destroyed totally, the juice drained form them by some means that did not open the scrotum. As he walked along his hard cock rubbed inside his boxer briefs, no matter what he thought, his cock had gotten hard every time he saw one of these dead boys and it was because he knew the killer had gotten extreme sexual pleasure from committing the killings. He got hard every time he even thought about the mutilated bodies. Many was the night he had been lost in thought about these victims, conjuring up the images of their deaths, stroking his hard cock, sending more than one load of juice spilling from his nuts, out his prick, over his belly and chest in a night. He felt no remorse for his pleasures, no shame for pleasuring himself with these thoughts. He would again this evening for sure.

As he passed St Paul's Church he heard one of the doors creek open, the neighborhood church was all but deserted as the Catholic parishioners had all died or moved away, leaving only poor protestants who really had no religious attraction. There seemed to be a caretaker somewhere as the place was not in total disrepair. The new, handsome light brown haired priest had a young assistant, a monk called brother something. Detective Moss did not go farther in his thoughts about what the priest and young acolyte might also be doing, he didn't give a damn.

At the sound, Moss stopped and looked, only to see the young, handsome, priest, who is perhaps well hung, indicated by the folds in his cassock, but even that prospect would not bring Detective Moss back into the fold. The priest, newly assigned to the parish, which had been without a regular priest for almost a year, which also helped deplete the flock. "Father Sylvester, you are out late this evening, any trouble here?"

"Oh, detective, ummm... Moss, so many names to learn so quickly."

"Yes, no problem we only met that one time, at the neighborhood meeting."

"Yes that is right, not at Sunday Mass."

"Often I work on Sundays, one of the problems with the work, never have time to yourself," Vernon said knowing there would be a pitch for him to get back into going to church.

"We have a Saturday night 5 o'clock you know," the priest said.

Yes and I have work then many times as well. So there is not problem here tonight then, Father," Vernon said hoping he had changed the subject.

"Oh no problem here, I was called out for the last rites, we too get called out at all hours, death does not follow a daytime schedule."

"Oh, I am sorry, I never thought about it, I guess you too have little time for yourself."

"So, you've been working late, not on another of those grizzly murders of a young men," the priest asked, with more than priestly interest.

"Yes, I am afraid so Father. This one young and perhaps naive."

"Blood drained?"

"Yes, like the rest also the contents of his belly, and sexually mutilated," Vernon said, feeling a surge in his prick as he told the story to a man who might also be sexually charged by the murders. Why would he have asked? Vernon chastised himself at once for thinking such a thought about a priest. "Well father if all is well here I will let you go, we both need our beauty rest," they both laughed and shook hands bidding each other a good night again.

The priest stood on the church steps watching until detective Moss had gone to his building down the street and disappeared through the door. He turned and raced up the church steps and slipped inside.

"Who was that?" a young man dressed as a monk asked.

"A detective who lives down the street, the shit eating vampires have struck again."

"Really, is he working on those cases?"

"I think he is, David, yes I have already thought it would be good to befriend him and get information about the competition from him."

"I'm scared, we are into this and now there are complications, things we cannot control."

"Our master has sent us here for a purpose, often times we do not know what that purpose is until it unfolds. We are to continue doing our deeds, in His name, and keep this place sacred for our Master. Do not be frightened young David, our Lord Satan is all powerful and will protect us as long as we do his bidding."

The priest hugged the acolyte and kissed him full on the mouth as his hand groped under the monks hooded robe to hold the young man's stiff cock, still wet and sticky from their just completed sexual worship of Satan on the church alter. Their tongues caressed each other's mouths, the young man's hand reached under the black cassock and felt the priests still stiff cock, also sticky and wet from their glorifying Satan with their sex.

I feel Lord Satan calling us once more, David," Father Sylvester spoke softly as if the saintly statues might hear and be messengers to jesus christ, the sworn enemy of their lord and master.

The two men walked slowly up the main aisle, as they approached the main alter they shed their robes to reveal themselves totally naked, save gold chains about their necks with glowing gold pentagrams. Sylvester took the challis and held it by his hard cock, and began to piss in it, he was soon joined by the blond haired youth, when they finished they moved the alter table to the left, and lifted the rug from the floor revealing a large golden glowing pentagram built into the marble floor of the church alter.

David knelt within the design and looked up,he sat back on his heels causing his young hard cock to stand tall, "oh Lord Satan please hear my call, please bless this sex we have in your name as I give my body to his man of your legions to enjoy in what ever pleasure he wishes in your name, for your glory."

"Well said young David, you may be young in years, but you have the spirit needed to do the work of our Lord, now we pleasure our Lord by pleasuring ourselves,"the priest said.

He stood before the youth, thrusting his giant prick at the boy's mouth. David reached up and gently took the phallus in his fingers and guided it to his lips, tilting his head back, ready for the pain, chanting in his mind, 'Hail Satan, Hail Satan, I suffer this for your pleasure, Hail Satan Hail Satan bring me pleasure if you are satisfied with the offering of my body.'

Sylvester seem to have heard the silent prayer, "Lord satan will bring you the pleasure you seek through my prick."

The tall naked man cradled the youth's head in his hands and rammed his enormous hard prick down the throat in one ravaging motion bringing a scream of agony from the boy who wobbled, but remained in his kneeling position. The man ripped his hard cock out, only to slam it back in deeper this time causing a loud strangling gagging noise, and as he removed his cock a stream of vomit followed bathing his crotch and the boy's chest. Again he rammed his hard on deep into the youth, who gasped and again cried in pain as his throat was ripped. The mouth fucking proceeded for a few more strokes, then flames erupted from the floor, the boy's cock exploded strings and strings of white hot cum as the man's dick also sent jets of cum down deep into the youth. the flames enveloped the alter area obliterating the sexual males from view.

When they awoke, much later, both were satisfied, both knowing Satan was indeed pleased with their sexual performance in his honor. They shared their mixed urine from the chalice, put the rug and table back, dressed an departed for their bed in the church rectory.

* * * * *

Darwin Druid, and Devon, one of his young acolytes, had finished, cleaned up and dressed. Darwin in loose fitting silk pants which allowed his prick to move about freely, and noticeably, a gauzy pirate shirt open to show of the massive, well formed pectorals. Devon in a white undershirt which fit his trim and budding muscular torso, and low rise, very tight jeans, tight enough to show off his youthful attributes even through very brief underwear. Before Darwin guided Renfrew to the private elevator and down to the dungeon area where the real tortures of debauchery occasionally took place. Devon got the items requested by his master, and met him in the adjoining room to the office where they all fed and had sex as well as in the office, this would not be exactly sexual.

The man administered them without mercy to Renfrew's shaking body. First a foot long dildoe wrapped in miniature razor wire was inserted in the man's rectum, in the process his anus was totally destroyed. Druid cared not as the man would no longer have a use for his asshole. As Devon pulled each nipple away from the man's heaving chest with biting pliers Darwin rammed eight needles into each nipple, the barbs on the needles ripping the bud apart. Then Renfrew was placed, with little resistance inside an old fashioned iron maiden which had been modified so when inside and the door closed the nails pressed hard against the skin but would not break it, until a lever was pulled, then all the 250 nails would spring into the skin one quarter of an inch, enough to painfully hold them in position, but not fatally injure him, just enough to make the time inside an especially memorably painful experience.

They made their way to the built in garage, and Devon drove the black SUV with tinted windows while Darwin rode in the back seat playing with his now hard cock that proudly stood high from the black pants, "sadly we must find a replacement for Renfrew. Let this be a lesson for you Devon, and share it with the others please, some times we must destroy clan members who make possibly fatal mistakes for the good of all the others. Renfrew might never make another mistake, but this way he will not have the opportunity."

They drove through a much better part of town, then the stores and fancy restaurants disappeared, there were more people on the streets, both male and female prostitutes, some mere boys and girls, standing like Calvin Klein, or Abecrombie Fitch models in suggestive poses. As they drove along, Devon recognized the streets were as a boy he himself had sold his cock and ass for really good money, enough to support his mother dying of drug addiction. After she died he lived here in these alleys and doorways until Darwin had found him while searching for a sacrifice, but instead found another acolyte.

"We need a big, strapping young man, no longer a teen but young, a junky would be fine, we can ween him from addiction to drugs to addiction to ideology," Darwin said, watching out the window as Devon drove slowly, obviously cruising as were other cars.

"Any particular hair color?" Devon asked.

"I think dark hair would be fine for a change. I have all you beautiful blond chickens around," Darwin laughed.

"Some of us have dark pubes, if pubes were allowed to grow," the youth said.

"Your shaved crotches allows for more beautiful shit play, the same way my thick pubes allow for longer cleaning with teeth and tongues."

"I must admit I cannot tell which is best, shaved or hairy crotches," Devon smiled in the mirror watching the man stroke his large hard-on, and wishing he could be in the back seat nursing on the giant tool.

"Excuse me," Darwin said, "but you are no different from the rest of us, you will have any kind of sex with any man, living or dead, and with you I sometimes think the dead ones are more of a thrill for you."

"You are right you know. When I am fucking a corpse, I am a magician, I bring a dead man back to life, even if just for the few minutes of sexual contact, when I am inside of him he is alive."

"Ah little Devon you are the true pervert among us."

"A title I proudly wear, master."

"Stop! I see him, there pissing against the side of that loading dock, displaying a nice long cock, which probably has not been hard in months because of whatever drug he is using. Call him over," Darwin said, now his hard cock glowed with excitement.

"Hey you! Piss man, come over here, got a chance for you to make some good money with that fuck pole of yours," Devon called out."

The young man's dark hair was long and twisted, matted down from lack of care. He had some hair on his chest as well, no shirt, a dirty "T" shirt dangled from the back pocket of tight, torn jeans. The flesh showing in holes indicted he had no underwear on, and he had not even bothered to close the fly as he walked over to the car with his uncircumcised hose hanging out.

"He moves like a stalking animal, he is perfect," Darwin growled lustily from the back seat, lowering the window as the young man approached, tilting to one side as he walked, probably a defect caused the drugs he uses.

"What'shu want?" the young man's words were slurred.

"How big does that cock of yours get when you can get it hard and ready for sex?" Darwin asked, still stroking his foot long thick dick.

The youth crossed his arms on the edge of the rear window and looked in, allowing a string of drool to dangle from his slack jaw like a cow might, "aaaa about as big as what you got there mish-ter."


"Fuck no, faggot. You can suck to see how hard it gets for fifty dollars."

Darwin extended a finger and allowed the drool spittle to collect there, then he brought the finger to his mouth and sucked it dry, "yeah, I'll suck you silly for fifty bucks."

The door sprang open and the youth slid in, and quickly lowered his jeans and kicked them off allowing him to spread his legs wide exposing large hairy balls to dangle. The windows closed and the doors clicked locked with Devon's button pushing. He drove faster, soon swinging onto an elevated express road and began speeding past other cars, he could see the fatal signs of pink in the eastern sky.

In the back seat there was no contest. Darwin lifted the youth up by his hips so the young dirty ass pressed against Darwin's mouth, he sucked and licked about, inside the hairy filthy ass crack, enjoying all the flavor and smell. As he rimmed and tongue fucked the asshole, he masturbated the large limp dick, then he flung the youth to the other side where he landed on his back with a frightened look.

"Wha' the fuck!" the youth shouted, as Darwin leaped on his, lifting his legs high and twisting them over the young man's messy dark hair.

Darwin Druid leaned down so his mouth was almost onto the young man's, "you are mine, now you are my possession, your will to resist is gone, I will do what I wish with your body, and I wish to fuck your ass. Now, you can take my cock dry, or would can suck it for one minute only to lubricate it. The choice is yours, a painful dry fuck, or a painful lubricated fuck."

The young man tried to avoid the glowing glare of Druid's hypnotic gaze, but he could not, "I'll give ya head..." the youth said.

"You will give me more than head you bitch, you are no longer a man, you are my private bitch," Darwin spat out the words and grasped a hand full of greasy hair and rammed upward with his hips sending about 7 inches of his prick into the young man's mouth and throat, gagging him at once. The youth shouted and twisted, but offered no real resistance to the mouth assault. When Darwin puled his prick out vomit followed in a large stream, then the cock was rammed down the youth's throat all the way, he struggled, more from fear of suffocation than the intense pain.

The youth was flung down to the floor so his face and hands braced him there, his butt raised high, allowing Darwin to grasp the thighs, spread them and raise his own hips to position his hard ready rod, dripping with puke ram his foot long wrist thick cock into the hole with one quick and agonizing painful motion it went all the way in until the man's nuts were almost forced into the bleeding ruptured anus. The youth bellowed.

Devon was jerking off watching the fuck show in the wide rear mirror, his cock and balls out of the underwear, the jeans down just enough for his sexual freedom, "how's the bitch, close to a virgin?"

"Tight man, oh he is fucking tight, but no virgin. In this day and age the only boys who are still virgin are the ones who cannot shoot off and are under ten years old. This bitch is no virgin, but he is enough of a fuck I might call him a man fuck instead of bitch."

The young man drove off the highway onto city streets, quickly passing taxis and other cars, running red lights, he sped along, then with screeching wheels he turned sharply down a narrow street, then an almost right angel left turn into what appeared to be an office building loading dock with roll door opening as the car approached so Devon did not have to stop until they were safely inside. He pushed a button while screams of anal agony continued from the rear, and the room with the car began to rise.

"Silence his screams for me Devon, if he were begging it would be different, screams I can hear any the time."

Devon opened the door and sprang to the rear door, he lifted the squirming youth by the hair and shoved his hard cock into the open mouth cutting off a particularly loud bellow of agony. His cock went into the throat bringing more puke up, but the cock prevented it from spewing out. Devon put one hand on his hip and with the other he steadied the head so it was here he wanted it for his mouth fucking. The youth was being rammed in each end at the same time, speed and intensity, he writhed in a new ecstasy of pleasures he never imagined he would know. His cock was indeed nearly as long as Darwin's and without being touched it exploded an orgasm that caused the youth to go limp, unconscious as Devon and Darwin emptied their nuts into the sex holes they were fucking. The elevator stopped, the side wall folded open revealing a large living room with heavy dark drapes covering the many windows. Four naked other blond youths with smooth hairless bodies sat in chairs watching, jerking off.

Two clothed men entered and lifted the unconscious dark haired young man from Darwin's prick. He entered the room greeting the youths my name as they all knelt eager to service and clean the giant shit covered pole. Devon knelt behind the dark haired young man who was beginning to stagger to his feet, Devon's tongue entered the still open hole and licked about savoring the full flavor of the churned up shit mixed with man cum that oozed out.

An alarm sounded, everyone stopped what they were doing and proceeded to a huge wide marble staircase leading to the top level in this 60 story high black office building owned By Darwin Druid. The steps narrowed from 18 foot wide at the base, to 6 foot wide at the top. The carpet runner which was thick wool extended on to a large double door, they slowly entered like Wagner's gods ascending into valhalla. When they entered the dark windowless room, the heavy wooden doors closed and a lock sounded. No one could enter and disturb their sleep in the daylight.

The men took the dark haired youth to another lower room where he was bathed and his anus wound attended to, and his throat soothed with liquid. He was hand dried and led to a room which was more like a modern jail cell with solid metal door and nothing but the floor to sleep on. The young man no longer resisted anything, followed orders without question, even thanked his keepers as they closed the door, locking him in for the day.

In the room where Darwin and his entourage of clan members slept the days away, safe from the killing rays of the sun they all went to a far corner where a clear glass shower room awaited them, plenty of hot steamy water, scented soap, they all washed Darwin and then each other, saying nothing to anyone. When they had dried each other with fluffy soft towels they went to their assigned beds. All large clam shell shaped beds that floated off the floor covered with black velvet sheets. The five youth's beds were in a row, with Darwin's bed on a riser, and a larger more ornate clam shell. When they all settled in, all laying on their backs with hard pricks standing, arching over naked pubic area, Darwin's cock, longer and just as hard, lay pressed down against the thick thatch of pubic fur he possessed. The glass tops of the clam shell beds lowered, sealing them all from any outside distractions, soft music and fresh air circulating they drifted off to sleep, all but Darwin. In his bed there were communications equipment in case of emergencies which he needed as leader of the clan.

* * * * *

Detective Vernon Moss sat naked in front of one of his computers answering the day's email from various friends, looking in vain for one from Robby, not knowing the painful pleasures the young man was enduring as Vernon waited. After the chance meeting with the priest he had taken the elevator to his 5th floor apartment, a two bedroom affair on the back of the building where the street noises did not bothering him on days when he needed to sleep in the day. He had tossed the mail on a coffee table in the living room as he walked through starting to remove his clothing. Mabel, one of his his live in roommates came into the dining room and stretched, digging her claws into the carpet, meowing softly in a scolding tone for he was expected some time ago.

In his bedroom he tossed his clothing onto the bed disturbing Hildegard, a large black and white cat who was Mabel's sister. She too spoke in a disapproving tone, but they both trotted behind him into the kitchen with tails standing tall like a man's hard on. He measured out a cup of dry food for each, and dumped the food into the labeled dish for each cat, they were sisters but they shared nothing, not even their looks for as black and white as Heildegard is, Mabel is dark tiger. Both satisfied their food supply had been replenished, nether ate. Mabel went back to what every she had been doing, and Hildegard jumped up in the counter to supervise what Vernon was doing.

The cat watched with long black tail neatly wrapped about her white paws as Vernon got the package of Oreo cookies, then a container of milk, rubbed noses with Hildegard and left for the second bedroom which was his den. The cat was uninterested in either milk, unless it was in the form of vanilla ice cream, so she went back to what she had been doing, sleeping on Vernon's bed.

Now he was answering the mail on a computer he used strictly for e-mail and general internet searches. The middle computer was a police computer he had at home to do work from home if he needed to. Vernon was religiously careful that none of his personal business went on that computer. He finished up and checked to see if a late message had come from Robby, and was again disappointed. He wheeled the chair over to the third computer, a large G-series Mac with a 27 inch screen, porn always looks better if it is bigger. The police computer dinged a message had arrived.

Vernon begrudgingly checked the mail, it was from van Olds, M.E.:

"Vern, confirm youth was in club, he had a bar code on his wrist that members have tattooed for entrance identification. Also, found a small tattoo on the lower right abdomen, the name 'Johnny' in a neat script. We cannot access the club's records without a warrant, however the club information is based on a state DI number, I am guessing the bar code is part of that number. I have sent an information request to the state license office, We might get lucky and get a name in a few days as slow as that bunch works."

Progress, but that did not interest Vernon now, he was no longer a detective, now a prowling pervert.

Cookies and milk were set along the computer and a large jar of vasoline. His cock would be hard, and satisfied tonight even if he had to do it himself. At 36 years of age, he had 25 years of taking care of himself, his right hand knew every millimeter of skin on his dick, scrotum, and the rest of his body he could reach. It did not need to be this way, he was still in good enough physical shape to find sex in a bar, or bath house, or a park for that matter, but not always the sex he wanted. With his hand and visual stimulation eh could have any kind of sex his imagination could conjure up.

The porn computer had the largest memory, the fastest download, a camera for live interactive jerk off sessions, which he found the least interesting of any sexual act he could do. Still pictures were the best for him, they fired the synopses in his brain to a higher degree than anything outside of a real naked body. Nudes, fucking, blonds, redheads, sucking, jerking off, cock hard, cock soft, black, Puerto Rican, oriental. He had folders for everything including a large set for fetishes. His collection consisted of over 20 million pictures, 300,000 videos, long and short. He started with general nudes, set the computer for random slide show and sat back.

A wide variety of naked man pictures soon overpowered the memories of today, freeing him for what ever pleasure he wished to vicariously enjoy. Soon enough his cock was growing, and he changed folders to sex, cock sucking file, 5% of the entire collection, Vernon's favorite activity and favorite to view. Now his prick grew to it's largest, and he not too carefully covered his cock and balls with a coating of vasoline, then tenderly began stroking and caressing himself in the crotch area, until he felt it was time to grasp his dick.

For reasons he never knew he often would change the viewing subject, and with several key strokes with his left hand he changed to cock & ball bondage. These pictures cold be of Robby's equipment, if the boy played his cards right, if Vernon played his cards right. The screen picture was not from the folder he had requested, his finger must have missed the intended keys. On the screen in full color lay the body of a copper haired youth, his face twisted in an agonized expression of a most painful death. The pictures from the medical examiners office continued. Scrotum ripped open and now empty, large holes in wrists, ankles, and neck, and a larger hole in the belly. Anus destroyed as if a three baseball bats had been used to rupture it. Bite marks all over the grey bloodless skin. Vernon knew there was not a drop of blood in the corpse, nor was they any fluid in the bladder, or the entire digestive system.

Vampires as recorded in fiction were just that, however there were many recorded cases of men who did drink human blood, did kill to get it. But only a pervert would also want the contents of a rectum, vampires were not shit eaters, shit eaters are a small fetish group, that only liked to eat and share, and smear for sexual stimulation, not to murder for, a determined scat person could find all the shit they desired Vernon was sure. This was the work of a specialized serial killer with deep psychotic problems.

Another slide popped up, a well endowed blond, his large cock still hard, yet there was no blood in his system. His teeth ere gone as if smashed out by a pipe, and his throat had shown signs of harsh abrasion. His belly had holes in it, round holes, made as if for a cock to fuck the belly, and dried seamen had been found on the skin. His fingers were all bent in the opposite direction as if he had grasped at a surface and turned his to go the wrong way while trying to get a hold of something.

If these corpses could talk, if they could go into the details of their deaths, only in Vernon's mind could he hear the screams as a scrotum was ripped open by teeth, the anguished cry as the balls were chewed and eaten raw, warmed only by the crotch in which they had been nestled. The gagging as something, a cock maybe was rammed down a throat, a large cock with an abrasive ring on it. The hand in the asshole, followed by a wrist, and arm, beyond the elbow. The agony of having the rectum and bowel ripped apart, the face of the man covered with shit and blood, slime drooling from his mouth. His cock exploding multiple times from the sexual excitement of this gruesome sexual activity.

Vernon cried out as long strings of white man juice streaked out of his piss hole, his hand squeezing his prick, pumping up and down, milking the cum from his nuts, the burning of hot jizz on his face, chest, belly and knuckles. He kissed the cum, mixed with vasoline from his right hand, and lay in a paralysis of ecstasy, panting, muscles slowly relaxing, his hard-on not relaxing.

How could he derive such extreme sexual pleasure from such horrors, how could he, what was wrong with him, where had his brain gone haywire. Could he be trusted to be a competent top man with these visions, and pleasures. What could he do to Robby, what would he do given the chance. He looked back at the screen, a dark haired youth who had died with his cock and empty scrotum stuffed in his mouth, and his body drained of all fluids. Vernon's cock stiffened, how can he be this way.

* * * * *

Vampires sleep in the day, for obvious reasons of a problem with sunlight, however they have hypnotic powers they use on others, who will then do what needs to be done in the daytime, so it is with Darwin Druid. Mr Renfrew had always been a slave vampire, receiving only the left overs from the table of Darwin. The 5 blond boys who were Darwin's consorts are also vampires, however they are not slaves, more playmates, yet they do exactly as Darwin directs. The young man gathered up from the streets will become the day slave for Darwin and his consorts. The young man's name turned out to be Phillip Bainfield, and he will for ever be known as Mr Bainfield. His mind is suitably weakened from long term drug use he is easily controlled, but he will not become a vampire, at this time as he will be more useful being a controlled human.

There are others in the employ of Mr Druid, they handle the day to day operations of his various enterprises. Two of these men, workmen who do all kinds of jobs are in an enclosed van traveling across the countryside. They, of course never question an order or instruction, as now. They are going to a place they have never seen yet need no directions to get there, nor will they need instructions of what to do when they arrive, and they will have no memory of what transpired or where, when they are finished with the assignment.

The young men are from the guests at the Club Opus Dei, who for one reason or another attracted Darwin's eye, but not his fatal lust. They are handsome, blond, and muscular. All of Mr Druid's best choices are blond, muscular and well endowed sexually, both in size and appetite. They wear the required brown coveralls with a blue patch proclaiming 'property of Darwin Druid Enterprises'. That covers the clothing and the young men. The van has a similar logo on the door, and inside a terribly frightened Mr Renfrew awaits his fate, which he knows all too well for his failure.

Renfrew has been nailed to a St Andrews cross, hands and feet, the barbed wire wrapped dildoe is still up his rectum and the needles still cut through each nipple. The device which had held his genitalia has been removed, Mr Bainfield will wear it. In it's place a length of barbed wire has been inserted into the man's piss hole all the way past his prostate into his bladder. His balls have been nailed to the part of the cross where the two boards cross, his eyes have been gouged out, but his mouth is free so he may scream, as a dying man's screams are such beautiful music.

A heavy black canvas wrapping surrounds the cross completely so not a bit of sunlight can penetrate, Mr Renfrew only knows he is headed for a most painful death. Renfrew was only made half vampire, feeding his the mixture of shit and blood was easy to accommodate the man's needs. As a apart of the torture last night, Druid gave Renfrew the fatal kiss of death, he as made a whole vampire who could no longer operate in the daylight. Mr Renfrew knew the way to kill a vampire, he had done it for Druid.

In the front the two young men sit with the coveralls unbuttoned all the way, and their ample cocks stand tall, being teased by their fingers as the van leaves the highway and travels a back road, then up a gravel driveway, into a vacant area surrounded by thick forest. The van circles and stops near the center of the clearing.

The young men get out of the van and remove the coveralls completely, they are both blond, and muscular and like most of the vampire servants they are shaved below the neck, and well endowed, their endowment now stand tall and the cock heads are wet with readiness. The back doors are opened, and the packaged cross is removed, with each movement sending shock waves of pain through Mr Renfrew's tortured body. He begs to be killed quickly between screams and bellows. He is ignored by the two young men who get much sexual pleasure out of listening to the screams of anguish.

In the center of the clearing is a large outcropping of rock, the cross is leaned against this rock. At the top of the canvas covering are ropes which have much leeway, each man takes a rope and walks some distance away, then guided by an unheard or seen signal they both pull, causing the ropes to pull the canvas sections apart at their valcro seams. For an instant Renfrew feels the heat of the direct sunlight bathing his body. He now knows his fate.

The screams begin in anticipation of the agony of his death, suddenly the man explodes in the intense flames of hell. His body is completely engulfed in flames within seconds, his screams are not muffled, but echo off the surrounding hills. The men are now so thrilled by the sight and sound they need not touch their giant hard-ons. As the flames devour Renfrew his flesh seems to melt off his bones, it sags like melting plastic, revealing a skeleton with what seems a still screaming smiling faced skull. All that is left of his cock is the barbed wire sticking up and it is melting, bending like a limp dick. The fire is so hot the needles in his balls and nipples fall to the ground as molten metal, then, a shrieking wail sounds through the area as the skeleton begins to disintegrate. The henchmen move closer to the flames so their bodies are warmed, and cum bursts out in long strings of white, which instantly turns to steam, as their ejaculation last until there are no more shrieks of a painful death. The last bones fall as the wooden cross it's self turns to ash.

Cum shoots for as long as the fire burns, but not with such intensity, but still the ultimate pleasure for these slaves. As the fire dies, so do their pricks. They scoop the ashes of Renfrew and the cross and dump them into a plastic garbage bag to be deposited on a street corner for regular pick up, which will be the final end of Mr Renfrew, mission accomplished, they drive back to the black building and into the basement to await their next assignemnt.

* * * * *

Vernon Moss was still slumped in his chair when he was awakened by the beeping of the phone. He saw it was Robby calling so he immediately picked up, even though there was still dried vasoline on his hand, his cock, and dried cum streaks across his belly and chest. On the computer the face of a redheaded boy with his mouth twisted in a death scream, eyes bulging in agony, the slide show had gone on for hours after Vernon had jerked off.

"Hello Robby," Vernon said trying to sound wide a wake.

"Hey man, I am sorry I did not respond to your e-mail last night but I did not get home until late."

"You are OK."

"Yes, tired, I am not going to school, I got way laid in the Chestnut Park, with an emphasis on the laid."

"Fucking in the park can be dangerous."

"Would you rather not know when I do it with someone else?" Robby asked quietly.

"I didn't mean to sound possessive. It is a dangerous park for sex, and there is rough sex there too. But your honesty is one of your more appealing traits," Vernon truthfully answered.

"Yes, it does have rough sex, and I got a couple of bruised balls to show it."

"I could give that to you in a much safer environment."

"I am sure you can, and maybe will... I just want my freedom now. I need to experiment now, be with many different guys. When I commit to one man I want all this out of my system."

Robby knew that was not completely truthful. The man, who's name was Tom, asked to work Robby over and take him farther. Robby knew it was what he wanted, and needed. He had given his email address and phone number, and instructions to call when he was ready, Robby would be ready. Robby did not yet know a message of where to meet electronically waited on his computer. Just thinking about what Tom and the others had down to him last night made his sore cock stiff again. He wanted to be sure when he got into a relationship it was with the right man, and he knew Vern was not going to be the man.

"You are right, of course," Vern said after a pause, "I just wish it was all out now."

"In some ways I wish the same."

"Dinner tonight?" Vernon asked trying to change the subject, but he knew the main topic would be his wanting an exclusive relationship and Robby not ready to settle down.

"Sure, let me know when and where, I'll be here all day, sleeping it off. Shit man, I didn't know a guy could get a sex hangover."

"Now you know. Go jerk off, jerking off solves a lot of problems. I have to go and get a search warrant, so I got to be getting all my ducks in a row for a judge."

"OK, love ya, see ya tonight."

"Love you."

A warm shower felt good getting the greasy cum off his skin, no matter how good getting it there had felt last night. He had to chase Mabel out of the shower, as she liked watching the drippy faucet, though she would not drink from it like many cats do. Hildegard was miffed when Vernon laid out clothing on what she considered to be her bed, she got up with a scowl and stalked away, flicking her tail at Mabel who was hiding from the fast running water which she did not like.

When he got to the office there was a message form Christian van Olds to call, important!

It was indeed important as detective Moss explained to the ass't district attorney, "Not only did this 'Johnny' Doe we found last night have a return entry stamp from the Opus Dei Club," but medical examiner van Olds explained his trip down to the cold storage where they have two other corpses who were murdered the same way who have yet to be identified, and used the black light on their wrists and found the same return entry stamp. "Yes I know it does not prove they were murdered in the club, what it does prove was they were in the club and may have been abducted from the club... yes I know they more than likely went willingly with their murderer... but someone one the club might remember them after seeing a picture of the kids."

The details paid off and a warrant was issued.

* * * * *

St Paul's Church had at one time been one of the largest congregations in the city, now if a dozen showed up for Saturday 5:00 pm mass it was a mob. The morning service at 8:00am might get 3 or 4 parishioners. The problem of the church was most of the members had died off, or were infirm, or confined to home. Father Sylvester found he did more funerals than almost anything else. The cardinal had placed him there not to build up a new congregation of Catholics, but to find any other worshippers of Lord Satan, and to ferret out the other clan of vampires Cardinal Benneditto was certain lived in the city. Soon all the church's Catholic activity would cease.

Sylvester and David had arrived, and now did all the work of the parish, along with two slaves, similar to the 5 blond boys who followed Darwin. The main difference was that the vampires who had anointed the Cardinal, and Sylvester, who in turn had anointed David, and they had initiated the slaves, Matthew and Michael with their blood were mutants, who could operate in both day and night, and for whom exposure to the sun was not fatal. Lord Satan thousands of years ago had foreseen the need for his vampire followers not to fear the sun, so he aided the in genetic mutation.

Matthew and Michael were street boys who took refuge in the church as a place to spend nights while they earned money for smoke and food, and occasional drugs by selling their young bodies on the streets. The previous priest was naive enough to not imagine any boy would be selling his cock to survive, Sylvester picked up on it right off, the boys were very willing converts. Now they served as alter boys and general help to the cause.

David knew how to play an organ, other than the one between men's thighs, but not really well. The church had a one time magnificent pipe organ, however over the years the mice had nested in the warm wiring, and feasted on the leather bellows, so that organ did not work. A parishioner had willed a Hammond B-3 Electric, which David could play, even if it was built as a jazz instrument. There were two people attending mass, both elderly, both hurried out of the erie church, now populated by more bats swooping about than congregants.

Sylvester had accompanied the old people to the door, and given them a blessing and sent them on their way. He locked the doors and headed to the alter where David had shucked off his cassock and was removing the table and rug. Matthew and Michael had also removed their alter boy cassocks and surpluses, and gone down to the room they shared under the church to bring up the two street boys they had found last night so they might be the sacrifice for Lord Satan, and meal for themselves.

All was quickly ready, candles lighted, the pentagram in the marble floor revealed, two crosses laid out ready for occupants. The young men, both long haired, neither very clean looking, needing to be shaved. Lord Satan did not require a sacrifice to be either shaven or clean, just male and alive. They were confused, not understanding why their clothing had been removed and they were going into a church sanctuary naked, and told to make their cocks hard, which they had done. Neither had any interest in men other than getting payment for letting a man suck them off. Seeing the naked men surrounding them they were at once apprehensive, and were looking for a means of escape.

"Look at me," Sylvester said softly in a reassuring voice, "all is going to be well for you, you will not be harmed, you names and ages?"

"Adrian, nineteen," a dark brown haired youth with a tall standing long slender cock said.

"Jason, a little younger I guess," the youth with the lighter brown hair and a thicker, average length prick.

"Adrian, Jason, look deep into my eyes for your safety," Sylvester began, the boys did as they had been told, and both felt a great calming, a great satisfaction, as if they had just had very good sex. They were safe and secure they were sure.

"Repeat the oath after me," Sylvester said, placing a hand on each youth's forehead, "I freely give of myself to be a sacrifice for the glory of my new master, Lord Satan."

The youths, without hesitation, repeated the words, and without anyone touching them, their pricks exploded cum loads, and each youth collapsed in ecstasy, being caught from behind by Matthew and Michael. They were laid, face down on the two wooden crosses placed within the pentagram, then their ankles and wrists were secured to the standard Christian crosses with lengths of leather cord by David. All was ready, the four men knelt in a row by the feet of the crosses. They then crawled to their places, Matthew at the head of the light brown haired youth, David straddled the youth's butt, then Michael got by the head of the other youth and Sylvester was ready by his butt, then guided by an unheard signal they all attacked.

Sylvester and David's pricks were rammed into the virgin assholes, bringing a agonized response. At the same time Michael and Matthew rammed their hard cocks into the mouths of the youth's and down their throats, and the rough fucking began. They all slammed their cocks in deep to assholes and mouths, reaming without pause, causing as much pain as they could with their larger than average sized dicks. As the sex progressed, as if in answer to their intended sacrifice to Lord Satan, as the each shot off large loads of man cream, the whole sanctuary seemed to be filled with fire and many little demons floating about the air pissing on them as their cocks erupted and erupted, then the church went dark even thought it was day and the sun's rays would be coming through he stained glass windows.

Now they ate and fed. The young acolytes, Matthew and Michael pulled back on the heads, forcing the mouths open, and they squatted over the open mouths and pushed out some shit to feed into the young captives mouths, gagging them until they puked. At the same time, David and Sylvester were eating the asshole they had just fucked, sucking on the puckered dirty holes, and eating what ever came out, shitty fluid and turds mixed with their cum loads. The youths tied to the crosses struggled but could not escape. Their faces were covered with streaks of shit, mixed with fresh puke.

The ceremony continued without stopping for even a pause. As soon as both David and Sylvester had devoured the shit available they switched to the other end for blood. After they all attacked the boys, Matthew and Michael in more traditional vampire ways by biting the necks to gain assess to the blood they craved, and David and Sylvester went down on the large, hard cocks and bit off the heads, then holding the headless shafts in their mouths they proceeded to suck.

The captive youths at last realized their fate, and it was way too late, all they could do was lay there and feel their blood being drained out, much as the shit from their mouths and asses had been sucked out. The youths lost consciousness, and soon died. The blood was sucked out until the corpses were turing a chalky white, then the feeding stopped only long enough to switch from blood back to shit. David and Sylvester took up the position and shit in the mouths of the young men, while Michael and Matthew each began to suck on the assholes to gain what turds were left. when the shitting was over, the men began to feast of the crap in the dead youths mouths and around their faces. Then when the assholes had been cleaned out by hands, corpse fucking began with Sylvester ramming his prick into the butt of the dark haired youth, then he leaned back and David squatted, facing his master and inserted his cock into the stretched asshole. They furiously fucked, and Matthew and Michael took up similar positions and double fucked the other sacrificial asshole.

Only the noise of grunts of pleasure and the squishing noises made by four large cocks reaming for wet messy dead assholes. As well fucked as the victims were in life, in death their receiving a fucking was perfection, and the appreciative corpses never were allowed to forget it, even if they wished to. In death they would spend eternity being fucked. And it was the death fuckings they would crave for all time.

* * * * *

Detective Vernon Moss strode up to the door of the CLub Opus Die and rang the bell several times well aware the security camera had remotely moved so that if there was anything more happening it would also be recorded. After several minutes a rather annoyed voice answer through a speaker, informing who ever was there the club was closed and a private club so there would be no entry. Detective Moss answered by showing the search warrant and demanding he be let in to interview who ever was there. After a short pause the voice informed the detective that Opus Dei was a private club and not subject to search warrants, and for anything further in this matter the detective needed to contact the law firm of Packard, Peckmann and Howe.

Moss noted to himself the firm was a notorious firm defending various criminal figure and crooked politicians. He drove to the tall black office building owned by Darwin Druid Enterprises, and was not surprised about the location of the law firm. When he arrived at the 20th floor offices, it was as if he had been expected. A Mr Atwater immediately came out, shook Moss' hand and escorted him to a well appointed corner office. He offer anything for refreshment, while he looked over the warrant.

The detective figured Mr Atwater wished to put him at ease as they did not sit at the desk, but a round conference table near the windows. A handsome young man in way too tight clothing brought in coffee and assorted cakes. The young man filled the clothing very well, and was very professional, not even sneaking a peek at Moss, which to an extent disappointed him. Atwater on the other hand wore a sharp designed well fitted suit which showed the man wore no underwear, and possessed a large flaccid cock.

While Mr Atwater busied himself with the warrant, Moss studied the young lawyer's crotch, wondering if it had been shown off just for him, or was this Atwater's usual demeanor. The answer came quickly.

"Detective Moss, please do not be offended, but we have been careful to examine anyone we might come in contact with, and find out all we can about them. We are in the legal business so be assured anything we have found about you is held strictly confidential."

The man then proceeded to open his belt, unzip his pants, open the top button and let the suit pants drop to the floor as he leaned against the table a few inches from Moss. His prick was indeed predacious, long and thick, with a large circumcised head. The young man grasped himself and stroked slowly, bringing his rod to life and it quickly became engorged. Atwater allowed his whole crotch to be seen now, the bushy pubes thinning to a mat of hair up the belly and beyond, two tattooed scorpions dominated either side of his lower ripped abs. Moss was impressed, and instantly horny.

"I have to make a phone call, please entertain yourself," Atwater said releasing the giant prick which bobbled up and down near enough to Mosses nose he could smell the scent of man.

Atwater spoke in a foreign language Moss guessed as a slavic language of some kind, the only word he understood was name Druid. Vernon took the prick into his mouth and began to suck the head which filled his mouth and seemed to be begging him to swallow, which he did. Vernon Moss had been sucking cock since he was 10, but never had sucked such a large member. He attacked and licked all about the giant tool which had a musky manly flavor that matched the scent.

It did not take long the giant cock to become hard enough it would be easy to go down to the root, and that is just what Moss did, gradually. He pushed down, then released what he had eaten, then down farther, and farther until he had the whole thing in his mouth and throat. Never had his throat been stretched to the extent this cock stretched it, nor to the depth. The feeling was slightly painful to say the least, which brought about a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure to Moss.

The detective continued to suck, lick and swallow the prick, paying no attention to the conversation, which even if he had, he could not begin to understand. The fat blond haired nuts drew up to the thick base as they became ready to send their contents spouting out the cock, Moss wanted to finish the cock, and at the same time he wanted to delay the explosion of man juice he craved to prolong the pleasure of sucking on this cock of cocks.

Atwater finished the call, and grasped Moss' ears, then harshly fucked the detective's mouth, "oh god damn you are a fucking good cocksucker, suck and swallow my god damn prick... here comes the fuck juice... oh yeah, eat it all you cocksucker!"

Moss actually choked when the first blast of cum hit his throat, he had not done that for years, and it was not embarrassing, but thrilling to do it again. The loads of man juice filled him as Mr Atwater bucked his hips and body about, groaning and moaning with obvious pleasure. The man removed his dick, wet and shinning with throat phlegm and spit, and a drool of thick white cum dangling from the piss hole. Both men were panting, and sweating.

Finally as he closed his pants, Atwater spoke softly, "I believe Mr Darwin Druid will be able to meet you this evening at 9 in the club, you can talk to him and he will answer all your questions at that time. I will meet you outside and take you on a tour of the place. So, until about 7:30 pm when I see you again, it has been a pleasure."

Atwater turned and left the room, Moss realized he had been dismissed. That man had a special way about him and the size of his prick had much to do with what he could get away with doing. Moss did not care the interview had ended without much learned about the murdered boys, but progress had been made, beyond sucking the beautiful cock, he was going to gain entry to Opus Dei and talk with the owner. He needed to bring pictures of what the dead youths must have looked alike when alive, and he would bring some of the death photos as well, the shock of seeing them might bring out some reaction. He also needed to research Darwin Druid, and all his business holdings, he needed to know all there was to know about the man before meeting him.

After the detective had left the office, and Atwater was back in his own he used his cell phone and called a number he knew well, after a bit he punched in a three digit code, then waited.

"I am sorry to disturb you master, but an emergency had come up... yes involving some of the now dead boys, I believe I have got things under control for now. The detective has a legal search warrant... Moss his card says, should be detective goodhead. I invited him to the club this evening for a guided tour, and I promised he could meet with you... I told him to meet me about 7:30, I figured I could keep him busy until you wished to talk with him... about 9:00, that was what I thought.... yes I called the club to be sure there would be no conflict. Very good master, the good detective and I will await your call this evening. I am sorry to have disturbed you, I hope the rest of your sleep is peaceful."

Atwater folded the phone and slipped it into his shirt pocket, spun in the desk chair and opened his computer to visu-fuck male introduction service, switched on the camera, and pounded in several passwords and security codes to the exclusive site. He lay his pants open letting his once more hard cock stand tall could be easily viewed by anyone who contacted him, or he contacted. He scrolled down a drop down menu of who is on now, stopped and smiled, adjusted the camera so his whole body could be seen from head to exposed crotch.

'Robby, are you busy?' he typed, 'this is Tom from last night in the park'.

There was a pause, then words began to appear in a crawl across the bottom of the screen, 'hi, I am only eves-dropping on a couple of cock suckers blowing guys on open screens. Let me get my camera on, I am kind of a mess after last night, and wasn't going to go on cam'.

'Yeah, I want to see what kind of a mess you are, I also want to see you in better light, I bet you are a beauty'.

"Thanks," Robby said now having the visual as well as audible connection made. "Jesus fucking Christ, you are handsome, Tom."

"You don't look so much worse for wear, I'd like to put a few more bruises on you, I'd like to really tie you up and make you scream before I fuck your sweet hole again."

"I won't deny I've had a fucking boner all day thinking about you, and doing it again with you, and doing even more."

"We'll do more. What about later this afternoon, say about 3:30?"

"Oh man, I got to shower and shave, and stuff."

"Screw the shower and shave, you will be just fine a little stinky," Atwater laughed, and wiped some pre-cum off his prick and licked the finger, then smiled.

"Save some of that goo for me to lick, man," Robby stood, his own erection bouncing against his belly as he did.

"Come on, your cock is ready, so is mine," Atwater caressed his long stiffer.

"Where," Robby asked, completely surrendering to his lust.

"Club Opus Dei, you know where that is?"

"Oh man, you can get in there?"

"I'm one of the owners, give me a close up of your face only."

Robby leaned toward the camera, then stepped back,"OK"

"Fine, I have a copy. Ring the bell, then look at the camera just to the right of the door, the face recognition system will unlock the door with a buzz. Go inside the lobby and remove your clothing and get comfortable, I will be along as quickly as I can, remember naked is a house rule."

"I'd come naked if I would not get arrested," Robby laughed.

"Stick with me and you'll never worry about anything again."

Atwater keyed off and shut down his computer, pushed a button on his desk, "Miss Rice, I am going out, do not forward any of my calls, I am going to be occupied, very occupied."

* * * * *

Father Sylvester, Brother David and the two acolytes Matthew and Michael laid with the corpses for some time, kissing each other, and one or the other of the dead boys, licking the brown slimy residue from their bodies. Each in turn fucked one of the corpses as they all writhed against each other in the slimy mess all over the marble floor. Finally the acolytes brought a large canvas bag and the two dead boys were placed within it in a final mouth to crotch embrace. When the bag was packed, the floor cleaned and they were all dressed, they took the bag across the alley between the church and the parish house and dumped the bag down the cellar steps.

David left to run some errands, and get supplies, even though he and the rest did not eat, supplies other than food were needed. There was of course an exception to the no eating rule their changed physiology had brought when they had become vampires, existing only on blood, and shit. They could also eat cocks and balls, and did devour the genitalia of their victims.

Nearly 3 thousand years ago the strain of vampirism of the Cardinal, who was also the local bishop the same who had anointed Sylvester hundreds of years before, who in turn anointed David, long ago but not hundreds of years, now his long term sex partner and alter boy, had also mutated. Vampires are the special emissaries of the Devil himself, Lord Satan. They were sent to counter the supposedly righteous teachings of the various prophets of god who had banished Lucifer for fear of being found out to be a fraud.

Some of the gods mankind invented to control other men were just that, mythical figures of imagination. Others were the various forms god takes in his effort to control man. To better keep an eye on the enemy Lord Satan decreed that some of the vampires would infiltrate the various religions. Sometime as the Jews wandered about, some Satanic vampires became rabbis and various prophets. To continue in these disguises Lord Satan granted the ability to withstand the withering rays of the sun to this special group. When Christianity, and the Catholic church had evolved it was necessary to infiltrate that false religion, and a group of Greek vampires who were affectionadoes of eating shit and using shit for sexual pleasure, were selected to work quietly within the church, what better way to keep track of the enemy.

It was well known among the 'catholic' vampires that there was another branch of the shit eating vampires who had broken away, or more correctly were excised from the church in one of the many purges of the early church, and somehow reverted to their original vampire need to avoid the sun. Because vampires work alone much of the time, and do not regularly communicate with each other, unless commanded to do so by Satan, now so many generations later there was no knowledge of the others, as witnessed by the separation of the Darwin Druid clan and the family of which Father Sylvester was a member.

David, when out about his business, unaware as he approached the Club Opus Dei he was near the base of operation of another vampire clan, however as he passed the building a flash of heat past through his body, making him sweat, and uneasy, a feeling he had never known before in the hundred years or so of his vampire life. As he continued down the street he saw a very attractive blond youth approaching the club, someone David would like to infect with vampirism, and someone he was sure Sylvester would want as well. He didn't have time now to pursue this handsome youth, who he turned to watch as he was let into the private club. David would have to remember this place.

While David was out running errands, Matthew and Michael had again removed their clothing, it was best for the next job to be naked, facilitating easier clean up. Sylvester had to really do some actual church related activities to make the ruse complete. He dressed ecclesiastically, and headed for the nearby hospital where some of the church parishioners who were too sick to attend mass were waiting to die, he did ease their fears some. He also had a reputation for caring which was good for the church, and what ever is good for the church is also good for Lord Satan. Father Sylvester cared for his true Lord, Satan.

The bag containing the shit and blood drained street boys had been dumped out on a stainless steel table large enough to accommodate both corpses. Matthew held a razor as Michael pulled on the first cock and balls, stretching them away form the rest of the crotch, and Matthew shaved away any hairs. This was also done to each scrotum as well, Michael pulling and twisting the skin so not a hair would remain, all the while imagining the youth to be alive and in extreme pain as his nuts were hand tortured. When both pricks and nut bags were shaved completely, then the razor was used to remove them from the rest of the body. The manly looking genitals were removed and placed in a covered plastic container, and placed in cold storage for future feasting. The table was wheeled over to a large tub sink.

Carefully and methodically the corpses were cut up using a surgeon's circular saw, starting with the toes. A blast of water was turned on and a loud garbage disposal machine started grinding away as the feet, then ankles, lower leg, knees were severed and tossed into the sink. Bits of flesh and bone were flung about the inside of the deep sink as thighs were cut into several pieces, then the bellies ripped open and intestines fed into the grinder like long slithering snakes. Each arm was treated like the legs, then the head removed and set aside. The chests were cut open and the heart and lungs, stomach and liver, along with smaller organs were fed into the hungry growling machine. Finally the ribs and shoulders were cut into individual pieces and ground up, all traces of the two unfortunate young men who had yesterday eagerly welcomed the refuge in a church from living on the streets were forever gone.

By this time the young acolytes pricks were hard and dripping pre-cum, ready for sex in a most debauchering way. Matthew took one of the severed heads, and began to kiss it and lick inside the mouth, spiting much saliva onto the dead, dry tongue and lips. Michael did the same with no less passion and care, both slobbering about the mouth cavities until spit drooled out the severed esophagus onto their chests and bellies. Then the young men held the head by their side for the other, and guided his own hard cock into the dead youth's lips and the rejuvenated tongue, then rammed their cock heads into the wet warm throats and began a frantic final mouth fucking.

As they rammed their hips forward, driving their hard rods so deep into the dead mouths, their cock heads peeked out of the severed esophagus, the youth's kissed with the same passion they fucked each other, the same passion they had sucked the blood and shit out of these young men for the glory of Lord Satan. They grunted and moaned as their cum burst out of their cocks into the dead throats. When they were finished they urinated into the dead mouths, filling the dead mouths as they pinched off the esophagus not to loose any piss, then they exchanged heads and drank the other's piss from the dead youth's mouths.

When this was done, the heads were smashed onto the table, cracking the skulls, and making it easier to cut them up. The brains were poured into the sink, followed by the eyes and mouth, then the rest of the heads, all cut up in small sections so not to jam the grinder. The large streams of water helped to flush the slime out into the sewer system, and not make the ground up flesh noticeable. After cleaning up they went up stairs and cut the testicles out of the scrotums, then cut the cocks evenly in half from piss hole down to the base, and the excess scrotum was cut into mite sized pieces and all set into a refrigerator for a feast later. They lounged in the study, naked, watching new porn of prisoners being sexually assaulted and tortured by guards on the tv, waiting for Sylvester to return and assign them another task.

Outside the church, sitting on the steps, wearing tattered work jeans and a sleeveless knit shirt, a lanky, yet muscular young man waited. He nervously smoked a cigarette, and occasionally raked his fingers nervously through his tall standing red hair. When he stood and paced across the steps leading to the main sanctuary a large bulge appeared in the front of the jeans which curved down toward the right, a bulbous cock head outlined and a large ball bulge below. On several occasions he almost left, but only his good training as a boy held him there to do what he believed was his Catholic duty.

* * * * *

Robby did as he had been instructed, though he had few clothes to remove, only "T" shirt, jeans and sneakers, otherwise he had been naked, and now sat naked in a large leather chair that was extremely comfortable. Several large TV screens were mounted on the walls, each showing a different gay porn flick, and though Robby did not watch one continuously, he did have a wet ended stiffer.

"Gather your clothing," Tom Atwater said, appearing naked from a silently opening door, "we will go down to a private room of mine."

Robby said nothing, having a feeling of safety and confidence from the first exchange of glances with the naked man, who was for more handsome in person and light than in the shadowy dimness of the park. The floor had deep warm carpet, the walls an endless mural of a wild orgy with men of all ages fucking and sucking in all the sexual ways men can. They entered a darkened room with cool tile floors and unseen walls, they moved forward until they came upon a strange chair suspended from the ceiling.

The arm chair had no front legs, and the seat was only a back and sides, just enough width to hold his butt cheeks. Robby set his clothing on the floor and sat, resting his arms on the chair arm rests, and spreading his legs as wide as the chair would allow, as he was wordlessly directed by Atwater. The man smiled at Robby, but said nothing, he didn't need to, Robby understood they would communicate silently. Tom began with the arms and wrists, the upper arms tied to the back of the chair, the wrists and lower arms to the chair arm rests.

The youth's knees were tied to the arm rest supports and his ankles and lower legs to the back legs, thus bending his legs back, as if he were kneeling, and lastly several times around his chest and belly, so he was as immobile as he could be. Each rope was black, soft, and pulled tightly enough so indents were made in Robby's skin, they were snugged enough to be almost painful.

"Have you ever worn a hood?" Tom asked.

Robby shook his head slowly, now becoming afraid of what was going to happen.

"Are you claustrophobic? Tom asked.

"I don't think so," Robby managed to answer without showing the fear which was building inside.

A black leather hood was pulled down over his head, there were no eye openings, no mouth opening, only three breathing holes by the indentation for his nose. The back was laced closed and it fit so tight and even his hearing was suppressed. He could not move, not see, not do anything but scream. His prick was hard laying flat against his belly, the head leaking pre-cum, Robby wondered if from sexual excitement or fear, probably both. The chair was lifted off the floor and gently swung about, which had a calming effect until Tom tied a small string, like a shoelace around Robby's nut bag.

The next thing he felt were clothespins attached to each nipple bud, something he had felt before but then the pain increased. At first Robby hissed but finally groaned loudly as the clamps crushing his nipple buds were tightened, increasing the pressure, and pain more and more. Gradually the pain seemed to subside, though Robby did not understand the nerve receptors were crushed and would not register the pain until the pressure was released.

As the chair gently swung about Robby floated somewhere in the darkness which enveloped him, suddenly there was a painful jerk to the shoelace attached to his nuts, pulling him in a different direction, then as he swung back, the shoelace was once more yanked, only harder, bringing a scream of the only way he could react to the pain radiating from his balls, up his belly and down his thighs. This was done several more times, each time the lace was jerked in a much harsher manner bringing a frenzy of screaming of the agony and fear which now possessed him, which was yet erotic as Robby was well aware his prick was still hard. His panic, which lasted minutes after the yanking had stopped and was replaced with a hot wet mouth bathing his prick and sucking it.

When the sucking stopped, the chair tilted back so Robby was as if he were praying on his back, his head dangling downward, his legs high, both asshole and mouth exposed to an assault. Then the mouth returned,licking and sucking about the tingling balls, and under them to the stretched open ass crack where the tongue bathed the hairy strip of flesh surrounding his asshole. The lips sucked, the teeth tenderly chewed the anus which was puckered up, then a tongue pushed inside giving Robby intense pleasure, mixing with his fear and the pain he still felt and the high he was experiencing from the endorphins his body had produced to counter the pain. His senses were all scrambled.

A different mouth, lips and tongue began working on the wet puckered asshole as another mouth sucked on the balls, getting them both into a mouth, and lastly a final mouth attacked his hard cock. The young man had never felt such erotic pleasure, then roving fingers were added, fingers gently caressing his belly and thighs, up about his chest, near each crushed nipple, along his neck and too his mouth area, then an opening there in the hood he had not known about was split open with the sound of valcro.

"Dear, beautiful Robby," Tom spoke in a deep whisper, almost raspy, yet hypnotically tender, "you are enduring such pain just to bring me pleasure, but you do also enjoy pain... I enjoy giving, you enjoy receiving. I enjoy controlling you and you enjoy being controlled. I would enjoy killing you in a long, slow, and painful way... you would find extreme pleasure in dying that way. Tonight you must be content with being controlled in unspeakable agony."

Robby could not answer because of three bitter tasting, foul smelling fingers crammed into his mouth, but he did manage to push his head up and downward for that was just what he wanted, extreme pain and bringing pleasure to Tom. The young man decided the flavor in his mouth which, was not so unpleasant as it was unfamiliar and strange, was the flavor of Tom's asshole where the fingers had been stuffed before they were pushed into his mouth. He did not gag, though he had never done more than lick at an asshole which had looked clean, he understood he was expected to treat an asshole as he would another man's mouth or cock. He expected to do what ever was required of him while being dominated in this sex scene. That was his pleasure.

The fingers were replaced with a cock, Robby recognized from last night as being Tom's giant member, now a giant stiff rod shoved down his throat all at once which did make him gag, then puke, sending spurts of vomit out around the prick and over the man's belly to run down his thighs to a puddle ion the floor. Tom was not satisfied with the amount of vomit and he again jammed his hard prick into Robby, bringing up more.

"That is the way, Robby my dear, lubricate my prick in away spit alone cannot do, bring up all the belly phlegm and thick fluids you can," Tom said softly and again reamed his hard-on in and out of the mouth.

Then in a similar way, Tom rammed his prick into Robby's now dripping wet anus, shoving in to the asshole deeply until only his balls pressed against the opening stopped him from going in farther. Robby yelled from the instant, stabbing, burning pain. The cock was withdrawn only about an inch then rammed back in with such force the swing chair moved, and then Robby discovered the string attached to his nuts was anchored somewhere and each ramming of the giant cock not only filled his hole, but yanked harshly on his balls.

The fucking went on for some time, the prick getting stiffer and stiffer, going in deeper and deeper, Robby gasping and grunting from the painful pleasure he was getting, Tom also grunting as a wild animal from the pleasure he too was receiving. Robby's stretched hole was fucked and fucked until the giant prick exploded deep within him, and he could feel the pulsing of the cock spewing out man juice. When the giant prick was withdrawn completely Robby could feel the man's lips on his freshly assaulted asshole sucking.

At the same time Robby flexed his belly trying to stop the natural reaction to such sucking on a freshly fucked hole that felt so wonderful. He gasped loudly, knowing he must not refuse what the man seemed to desire, yet thinking he should be revolted by what was going to happen, and at the same time he surrendered to the impulse to let his hole eject what ever was inside. The loudness of the fart matched only it's wetness, each fart was a spurt of cum belched out into Tom's waiting mouth.

Robby waited in fear of his bodies reaction to what he knew was going to happen next, yet he welcomed the feel of Tom's face nearby, the smell of what was inside his mouth waiting to be transfered. When their lips locked an electric shock coursed through Robby from his face to his toes, his belly heaved, he retched, yet as the slime was spit into his mouth he eagerly swallowed this gift from his master, just as Tom had expected would happen. The kiss was long and tender.

When their lips parted Robby smelled the cock before it touched his mouth with the shit sticky surface of the still fully engorged cock head, who's surface was shinny with the fluids of the boys bowels. Instinctively Robby not only sucked, but licked his tongue about the cock, as it was pushed in deeper and deeper his tongue cleansed as much as it could of the thick smearing of shit pulled of his asshole by the harsh, and wonderful fucking. He gagged but did not puke as the peanut butter like sludge was all removed from the man's hard dick.

The young man was allowed to rest for a few minutes, to savor the flavor of his shit he had just experienced, allowed his asshole to relax after the rough assault. His cock was still erect, though not a passionate hard-on. Tom sucked the prick to bring the passion back into it, and at the same time he pulled on the string attached to the young man's nut sack, pulling painfully, lifting the youth's butt up and down, allowing the cock to glide in and out between Tom's suction locked lips. Robby,'s body shuddered as his cock exploded several loads of cum which shot deep into Tom's waiting, swallowing throat, bringing another wave of intense pleasure and pain to the gasping youth.

Tom was by Robby's up turned asshole, his body still lashed to the chair, he was still helpless to stop anything Atwater wished to do. The man's fingers probed the asshole, soon three were wedged inside the hot flesh, probing about, twisting to stretch the anus more. Then thumb and little finger and Robby realized he could not stop what was going to happen, even if it ripped his asshole open. The fingers pressed inward slowly, still twisting a motion which relaxed his anus and at the same time stretched it.

Atwater was ready whether Robby was or not and he pushed his entire hand inside the anus without stopping no mater how shrill the muffled scream the young man made were. Soon his entire hand was up inside, he paused and twisted it about, turning more then half way, his fingers finding the prostate and he pressed it hard and massaged it, bringing Robby's cock off, sending jets of cum all over his body as he moaned with the surprising pleasure of being jerked off from the inside.

Shooting his wads of cum juice also relaxed the anus and the man could push inside more, feeling the shit move about around his hand and wrist. As he twisted more and more shit came loose form the packed turd, the man was ready to feast and removed his hand as tenderly as he had inserted it. The fingers were brown and a sticky goo attached to the palm. He sniffed the hand and smiled, grasping his own dick and masturbating a few strokes so he was covered from cock head to balls.

Then he held the tips of his fingers to the open mouth slit in the hood so Robby could smell and taste himself, which the young man did, and promptly gagged. Tom caressed his index finger about the youth's lips, open and drooling, he painted those lips brown then removed the hand so he could lick it and suck each finger clean, then he licked front and back of his hand, savoring the flavor of Robby in a way no other man had known. When his hand was cleaned except for a slightly dark clear sheen he re-inserted it inside the struggling youth.

The chair rocked as Robby tried to escape this horror which he found strangely erotically pleasurable. The had went in deeper than before and began to withdraw and insert slowly and easily, sending shock waves of painful pleasure throughout Robby's body. The hand was squeezed into a fist and it moved about deep inside the youth's bowel, then back so it was in the brink of escaping the anus, only to be pushed back in even deeper. With each thrust inside, more shit was displaced to come out around the wrist.

Robby was crying from pain, his belly rippled with sobs of agony, yet his cock which had just shot off was still stiff and drooling pre-cum juice all over the large glowing head. Atwater was pleased with the pain he had caused, and the reaction to that pain. This boy would be wonderful to slaughter, he would take so long to die because could withstand so many tortures. His fist moved about freer now the hole had been stretched and Robby's muscles were relaxing. He moved his hand back and forth inside to the point the fist again almost left the anus. ONe more thrust in deep and he removed his hand from the puckered stretched hole.

He knelt savoring the full scent of the open exposed anus, he licked at the puckered flesh turned inside out, he pushed his face in so his mouth was up almost inside the stretched anus, his tongue licking about inside, swabbing the inside of the youth's rectum. Robby gasped and attempted to writhe with pleasure at what was being done, he gagged as he realized where Atwater's mouth and tongue actually were, then the fist entered again.

The hand stayed right there in the anal opening, moving about, stretching the flesh even more, causing pain and a fullness feeling that once more brought Robby to the brink of a prick explosion. The man opened his fist slowly, the circle of thumb and fingers covered with shit and ass liquids, he inserted his cock head, then slowly began to fuck his hand inside the anus. As he fucked, he twisted his hand bringing pleasure to both himself and Robby. The more he fucked, the farther inside his cock went until his nuts were pressed almost inside the finger thumb ring. Soon enough he felt mushy shit sliding down Robby's shit chute on his prick head.

Tom Atwater fucked hard an faster into his fist, shoving the cock head into the mushy shit until his prick did the exploding, sending many loads of man juice inside to mix with the already wet, and gooey shit. He removed his fist and hand together and with the other hand he stopped up the gapping hole with a butt plug, then moved about so Robby could feel and taste the glorious sight and flavor his hand and cock made. He pushed his cock into the youth's mouth all the way, causing a spate of gagging followed by vomiting.

Robby's tongue eagerly licked about the hand and the base of the dick, then as it was withdrawn he sucked the cock almost clean of the shit coating it, filling his mouth with fresh shit from his own hole. The instinct was to puke the shit out of his mouth, but he was able to swallow the mushy stuff in spite of his carefully trained mind screaming that shit was bad. Tom wanted him to eat it, Tom had eaten some, it could not be bad.

When the hand was completely cleaned and the cock as well from balls to piss hole, Tom removed his cock and hand and bent down to remove the plug, then he sucked and licked about the swollen, puckered asshole. a long fart sprinkled his face with the soft shit, then the turd moved and Tom had his mouth covering the asshole as it was filed with shit. He sucked on the hole until his lips were overflowing with the brown stuff, his face covered as well. He knelt by Robby's upside down mouth.

Robby tried not to gag, or puke but they both happened as shit was kissed into his mouth, shit was licked about his face as far as the mouth opening in the hood would allow. Tom unlaced the hood and removed it to give him access to the whole face, and he covered it with shit from his mouth and smeared the vomit as fast as it spewed out of the boy's mouth. They kissed a long time, and soon Robby was able to keep down a small quantity of shit mixed with puke. The youth was hooked on filth sex, he was also hooked on painful sex, Atwater would become the most wonderfully cruel master Robby could have dreamed.

Tom removed all the ropes and released Robby from the bondage chair, they stood hugging, sliding their bodies about in a shit and vomit slime coating them, then they knelt to the floor and rolled about enjoying the feel of their slippery yet gritty flesh caressing each other. This went on for some time, allowing Robby to slowly come down from the sex and pain high he was thoroughly enjoying.

"Together, or separate," Tom asked flicking a finger over the clamps crushing the nipple buds.

"I don't know," Robby sighed.

Tom answered by removing them both at once, ripping them off the flattened nerve dead nipple ends. When the blood flooded back inside, the nerves woke with a vengeance, the pain of the crushing instantly returned and Robby screamed several times, panting for air as his voice subsided, though his nipples felt as if they were being pounded with a hammer as each pulse of blood flowed. They lay together wearing the sticky stinking shit mess with pleasure.

* * * * *

Sylvester looked up and nodded to no one, David followed, both dressed in their liturgical robes, "some boy trying to be a good christian is wanting to die, he is on our doorstep, Fetch him in," Sylvester said as he entered the confessional box and David unlocked the massive wooden front doors.

The young man entered the church and looked about, letting his eyes become accustom to the relative darkness inside, compared to the late afternoon sun beating down on the city. He moved, obviously unsure of himself, looking at the strange stained glass windows which were rather abstract, yet when he looked he saw images that surprised him. One of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist where the baptism is actually John fucking Jesus in the ass as they stand in the river waters. Another is Christ nailed to a cross with a big hard cock standing up tall, shooting a load of jizz while the Roman soldiers are also shooting off loads as they have been jerking off while watching the crucifixion.

Softly in the distance, like a dream maybe he can hear voices mumbling, as if many different people repeating the rosary, and our father very fast and not in unison so the sound is confusing, he feels very afraid, his hands sweat, his cock is stiffening, balls drawn up not in sexual excitement but also in fear of the unknown he is being drawn into by his Catholic beliefs and something stronger which started to affect him when he entered the sanctuary.

"Enter," a calm, male voice said in a soothing tone as the youth walked up a side aisle, not remembering how he got there next to the confessional booth.

The young man entered and closed the door, he sat, uneasy, squirming, adjusting the cock bulge in his jeans, looking about, wondering if the priest was indeed on the other side. The walls were covered with some kind of tapestry made on a gauzy like fabric, the small booth with a bench seat seemed to be lighted from above, but there was no light, yet the inside glowed. The young man jumped when the sliding door under the tapestry opened.

"May I be of service to you my son?" Sylvester said, in a soft voice, tender and re-assuring.

"Father, Father," the youth said then sighed loudly, "Father I have sinned."

"We all are sinner my son, and through Christ we can receive redemption. Tell me your sin my boy," Sylvester answered.

"I have done things, bad things, done them many times, and now another is in trouble."

"You cannot, and I cannot judge whether an action is bad or not in the eyes of the lord, explain and confess these bad things."

"Father , I have been having sex with a girl for some times now."

"When did you start with the young lady?"

"Three years ago when I was fifteen."

"And how old was she at that time?"

"She was thirteen. It all began innocently enough, just some things oral, if you know what I mean, Father."

"I know what you mean my son, you are not the first, nor will you be the last to have commit this sin."

"I suppose Father," the young man adjusted his jeans in the crotch again, "but there is more than just being sexual."

"Yes, my son, continue," Sylvester said still in a soothing voice, almost hypnotic.

"She...she is pregnant Father, and I am responsible."

"I understand my son. Then she is now sixteen, and you are eighteen, you are employed I judge, then why not marry her?"

"I cannot do that Father, you could not do that."


"She is my sister..." the youth sobbed, having confessed this terrible sin of not only getting an underage girl pregnant but also having been committing incest for several years.

After a pause, Sylvester spoke, "Remember, Mary the mother of our church, was sixteen when she gave birth to our Lord Jesus, but she was a virgin, of course. You have made a large transgression my son," Sylvester paused again, the boy made yet another adjustment to his jeans, his hard on was pushing up against the pocket. "Why don't you release your cock, young man, free yourself, let your jeans down to your ankles."

"Father!?" the young man spoke in a shocked, surprised and frightened voice.

"Do it..." Sylvester said in a firm yet soft voice.

The young man stood, he did nothing for a few seconds, then loosened the belt and let it fall to the floor with a clank, then he opened the jeans, and unzipped, then stood with his hands at the waist as if to pull down his jeans but he could not seem to move. One side of his mind screamed this was not right, while the other said never to disobey a priest. With trembling hands he pushed down the jeans, revealing a thatch of bright orange pubes, then a swollen purple headed cock sprang out like a jack in the box and slapping against his knit shirt.

"Turn," Sylvester said, "put your cock and balls through the opening."

The young man hesitated, then turned so he faced the tapestry and realized it was of the last supper, but like none he had ever seen. Jesus was naked, the young man knew it was Jesus because of the halo about his head, he was laying across the banquet table with dishes and cups spilled all over, and one of the disciples was fucking him in the ass, while another, on the front side of the table was mouth screwing Jesus at the same time. The rest of those there were fucking and sucking each other in a wild, lustful orgy. The young man pushed his hips forward and his up curved, thick, hard, cock and low hanging fat balls were thrust through the opening.

Sylvester admired the young manhood thrust at him, he licked across the swollen purple head tasting the pre-cum which was copiously flowing. The cock bounced up and down at the touch of the warm wet tongue, lest he loose getting the load into his mouth, the priest circled the head with his lips, then allowing his tongue to caress the backside of the prick, he took it in deeper and deeper until the head entered his throat, whereupon he swallowed and lunged forward to have the whole cock shove down his throat. The youth rose up on his toes and moaned loudly as his sperm blasted out his dick and down the swallowing throat. Sylvester sucked and gulped down all the juice the plump balls produced.

The youth leaned against the partition for a few minutes after his cock had been released from the human suction which had brought him such unexpected pleasure. When he withdrew the rod it was still stiff and tall standing, giving him much difficulty in putting it away inside his jeans, he finally thrust it down the right leg and got the fly closed, the shaft and cock head outlined beautifully in the jeans.

"Did you commit intercourse all the time with your sister," the priest asked when the boy had returned to the hard bench.

"No, she sucked me off a lot too, actually she gives good head jobs, Father."

"Estimate for me how many times you fucked her and how many blow jobs she gave you," Sylvester asked his own hard-on jutting up form the folds of his cassock.

"Oh wow, I really am not sure... but I would guess I must have banged her in her asshole and pussy at least 100 times, and as for mouth fucks, Jesus it must be 200 of those delicious BJs."

"Very well my son, for penance you must do 200 Our Fathers and recite the rosary 100 times," the priest said.

"Oh father, I don't think I can remember the rosary, all of it."

"Then recite what you can remember, use one of the pews on the other side, let the pressure on your hard-on remind you of your sinning ways."

"Yes Father."

"Go and sin no more, my son," Sylvester said sliding the door closed with a bang.

Brother David watched as the young man walked slowly to the other side of the church, he observed the hard cock outlined in the tight jeans and licked his lips hungrily. The young man slid into a pew, then reached into a front pocket and slid out a string of silver and black beads given to him by his grandfather at his confirmation 6 years ago. He had come here today knowing he would probably need them, he had hunted his room for some time before he found them.

The youth tried to remember, he knelt and held the beads in his fingers, he had not said the prayer since his confirmation, in fact it was after the confirmation party he had talked his sister into sucking his frosting covered dick, and it was the next day he had fucked her for the first time. he had not messed around once he had started incest. There had always been a special thrill having sex with her, knowing she was his sister made her better than any other girl who had his dick.

He had been mumbling, head bowed, on his knees for some time, saying one version then a different one as his mind tried to remember the correct word order. He felt he was being watched and looked around but saw no one. "Hail Mary, full of... full of... shit!" the youth said when he looked up and saw the priest standing there on the pew in front of him, naked except for the ecclesiastic collar, and a giant golden pentagram which hung about his neck.

"That is a good one, I'll tell the bishop what you said, perhaps you will get absolution," Sylvester smiled knowing the youth was mesmerized by the size and hardness of his cock.

"I didn't mean that!" the young man quickly said, "I, I meant oh shit! when I saw you standing there," the youth stammered.

"You are not in the Roman Catholic Church any more. Let me baptize you into your new life," the priest said, letting a stream of urine flow from his large piss hole in his cockhead.

The amber stream shot up in the air as the hard cock was pointed, arched out and rained down upon the youth. The stream sparkled and twinkled and was somewhat transparent in the light glowing down from one of the stain glass windows. Brother David appeared next to the priest, rising up from the pew, letting a steam flow form his hard-on. The young man was being showered, his red hair glowed with the wetness, his shirt clung to his muscular chest, he twisted but did not try to escape the wetness.

"Open your mouth and drink my fluid, son," Sylvester ordered.

"Pull your cock out so that it may be seen in all it's hard glory," Brother David said.

The young man's mouth hung open, he gagged and swallowed, piss overflowed his lips and ran down his neck, further wetting his body. The youth pulled his jeans open and his once more stiff cock sprang out, the naked acolytes, Matthew and Michael stood on either side, their cocks spraying directly onto the youth's hard-on and exposed balls. When the streams were finished, the acolytes lifted the youth so he was standing, and removed all his clothing so he could display his near perfect physique.

David was quickly over the pew and knelt behind the youth's naked butt and spread the cheeks to lick and suck the virgin asshole. Matthew held the youth's arms pinned behind him, and Michael bent the young man's head down and forced him to suck on Sylvester's prick. The giant cock was driven into the youth's throat causing gagging and a wonderful strangling sound, then a gush of vomit spilled out over the Priest's cock, pubes, balls, and ran down is legs like a river of slime. David had attacked the red hair ringed anus with tongue lips and fingers, sucking, licking and stretching the anal opening.

Sylvester and David changed positions as if they were able to transform into the other's body, the priest slamming his slime lubricated cock into the wet asshole as David rammed his boner down into the youth's throat, causing more vomiting. The young man was gasping and groaning from the pain of loosing his asshole virginity, and the rape of his throat. His hard cock was attacked by both of the acolytes, one sucking the prick while the other sucked nuts, then they would change, all the time squeezing the youth's nuts un-mercifully, and jerking the cock, causing screams of pain and ecstasy which were muted by the large cock plugging his mouth.

The fucking of both mouth and ass were as violent as the sucking and squeezing of his cock and balls. The youth, still wet with piss, and now splattered with his own vomit shook and trembled as he neared ejaculation. The pace of the fuckings was increased so the speed at which the cocks entered and left the orifices being assaulted became a blur. The youth's explosion of cum was quickly followed by the streams of jizz pumped into the boy's belly and bowel. When the youth was released, the cocks were ripped from asshole and mouth, he collapsed to the floor unconscious, twitching, drooling cum from both lips and anus.

Sylvester supervised the continued raping of the youth's hole. As he hovered overhead, first David fucked the hole with his never softening cock, followed by Matthew and Michael reaming with their engorged pricks. When they were finished, and the youth had been forced to clean his own shit from each cock, then he was laid over the pew, his butt up in the air, and each in his turn made a communion with the youth's asshole, eating their share of his freshly churned and fucked, cum filled shit.

The black leather body bag was fetched from below and the youth was enclosed, covered with piss and sweat, and splatters of shit and vomit, his wet clothing to be cleaned and disposed of at a charity thrift store, the last thing was the rosary, covered with puke and shit, it was placed on the closed bag, and he was taken to the lower level of the church where he was locked in a cold barren cell with no bed or blanket, left on the floor to ponder his future.