Cooked in the Diner

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I first got involved with Gary and Shawna at a New Year's party at their home several years ago. They were managers at the local Waffle Place, a diner I eat at quite often. Shawna and I were really drunk and we slipped away to a bedroom and were screwing when her husband Gary came in. Instead of being mad though, he began to strip himself and joined us in the bed. That was the first time I experienced sex with another man. I found out later that aside working at the diner, they also were involved with making adult movies and several of the other employees at the restaurant were in them too. I became a part of the group and made some films with the other guys and girls. Some of them were pretty rough too since we were all into S&M.

"Hey Donny, you know the restaurant is going t
o be closed for several weeks while they do renovation", Shawna said. "Gary and I were thinking of making a special film there and we want you to play a special part". She began to tell me about that they wanted to do a real nullification in the diner surroundings and they wanted me to be the one. "Hell no". I said. "There's absolutely no way". "Please just think about it. The diner will be closed in a week and the film will make a ton of money and we'll all get paid alot. The reason I asked you is that we've all talked about it and think you would be the best". I left there shaking my head no but, with my cock starting to stiffen in my pants.

As that week went by, the thought of Shawna"s proposal kept going through my mind. I loved sexual pain and always became intoxicated it seemed as I saw the sexual pleasure it gave those that tortured me. Finally, the restaurant closed. In the daytime I could drive by and see workmen going in and out and at night, the familiar yellow and black glowing sign for the diner was dark but, I could see that there was a light on inside, shining around the closed blinds. Shawna and Garys van was almost always there and some of the cars for the other employees too.

One night I finally couldn't stand it any longer. The thought had been running through my mind so long now, so I decided to stop by the diner. I pulled into the parking lot and when I got to the door Gary met me there and let me in. Everyone that was involved with our film making was there. "Well Don, what brings you by", Gary smiled. "I dunno, I saw all the cars and just wanted to see what was going on" I said sheepishly. "I know why he' s here" said Shawna smiling at me. "Come on and sit down and have a drink", she said pushing a glass toward me. Gary began bringing in equipment from the van and setting up different cameras in the restaurant. I took a drink. Whiskey and Coke. It was good and mixed strong. One of the other girls there, a beautiful black waitress named Sara took out a bag of pot and rolled up a joint. I was really nervous but, between the drink and the pot, I was beginning to feel pretty good. Shawna and the cook put on their Waffle Place uniforms but, Sara stayed in her regular clothes. There were four others there but, they didn't play parts in the film, they were just there to watch. Gary who is the director, had me go into a back area and strip while he went back into the dinning area. Then after a few minutes, I heard Gary yell "Action".

Shawna was playing the part of the waitress and Sara was the customer. "Welcome to the Waffle Place, may I take your order", Shawna said. "Yes I would like a cock and balls medium well and fucked and a salad please with cum dressing and an orange soft drink", Sara answered. Shanwna brought the salad to the table then came to the back. My heart was pounding in my chest when she came through the door. She took me by my erect cock and led me to Sara's table and placed my dick in Sara's hand. Sara pointed my penis at her salad and began to jack me off while I stood next to her table. Gary moved around the diner off camera checking all of the camera angles and lighting. I watched as Sara's hand jacked me off. The contrast of her dark skin against my white cock made it even more exciting. The others that were there just to watch began to remove their own clothes and started to masterbate themselves. After a few minutes the pleasure intensified and I began to shoot my sperm all over Sara's salad. I came I think more that time than I ever had before.

After my orgasm subsided, Sara dropped my penis and began to eat her salad. "Cut", Gary said. Gary began to move some of the cameras around and change some of the lighting. One of the guys that was off camera came over to me with a hypodermic needle of some sort of medicine.

"This will keep you hard as a rock", he said. Then he had me lay across the end of one of the tables on my stomach. He felt along the lower part of my spine for a few moments. "Hold still, this is going to hurt a little", he said. With that I felt a prick in my lower spine. After a few moments, I felt a warmth began to start in that area that traveled into my pelvis and down into my legs.

I was about to get up from the table when Shanwna and one of the other girls came up to the table. "Just a minute", she said, "We have to lube you up". She had a turkey baster full of cooking oil. She spread my ass apart and the other girl began to push the oily baster up my ass and squirt the oil in.

I didn’t understand why she needed so much oil, but I complied, and lay there a few moments longer while she worked the baster in and out of my ass to make sure the oil was spread well. Finally when I got up I found I could still walk but was a little shakey.

My cock was throbbing, and as hard and large as it had ever been! We were getting ready to start again so I took up position by Sara's table. "Action", Gary said. Shawna then led me to the grill and turned me over to the cook.

"Cock and balls medium well and fucked please", Shawna said to the cook. With that he turned me toward the grill and secured my hands to the vent hood overhead with some cords that had previously been hung there. Then to my surprise he roughly shoved a ball gag in my mouth, and strapped it around my head Hard!

Then he secured a BIG Leather strap around my waist which had the effect of securing me to the stove top! My Cock was stand up off the Grill, but he had my big loose balls resting on a small metal cage. This kept them off the grill, for the moment. I could feel the meat, it must have been sizzling! I could feel the heat of the grill rising up across my chest and my face.

He was now standing behind me and I heard him unzip his pants, dropping them to the floor. Then he began to push his cock into my ass. This guy has a good sized dick. It hurt like hell, and I screamed into my gag.

After he'd slid his dick all the way into my ass, he removed the small metal cage from under my balls, and laid my big fleshy testicles on to the grill and pushed them down hard with a spachula. The pain was staggering! I screamed and thrashed, giving him a good ride at the same time.

Then with the spachula he pushed down my throbbing cock onto the sizzling grill. He placed thin metal chain over the end of my cock, secured at both sides of the grill. This kept my cock in direct contact with the cook top.

The flesh of my cock and balls began to sizzle on the hot grill and I could smell them begin to cook. As the cook fucked my ass he reached around my waist and rolled my penis and testicles back and forth on the grill under his spatula and chopped at them with the edge of it, helping to tenderize my meat. I had no idea the pain would be so intense! I screamed into the gag, but he just seemed to enjoy my agony.

I looked down at my penis and testicles and they were turning darker and had cuts in them from the chopping metal spatula. The pain was becomming more and more intense than I'd ever felt before and I continued to pull at my bindings, and try to get away from my destruction.

The cook was breathing harder and fucking me faster as he was about to come. I could turn my head to the side and see that everyone else in the place had began screwing as they watched. It was such a turn on to watch them so horny and know they were getting off watching this happen to me. Finally, I felt the cook pull his cock quickly from my ass and start shooting his sperm on my back. A few moments after he'd finished squirting, he gave my penis and testicles a finale few chops with the spatula. I had stopped struggling so, and just moaned, sobbed and cooked.

"Pick up cock and balls medium well and fucked", he called to Shawna. "Cut", Gary yelled. The cook removed the leather strap, untied my hands from the vent hood and I nearly collapsed. Gary wanted to start the next scene quickly so they helped me to Sara's table and laid me down on my stomach with my butt toward Sara and my legs splayed wide on either side of her with a plate under my penis and testicles.

"Action", Gary yelled. Shawna stood by the table. "Will there be anything else mamm", she said. "No, this looks fine"answered Sara.

"Then enjoy your meal", she said and walked away. I felt betrayed and used! I had no idea the pain would be so incredible. Sara began to carve into my cock and balls. Every cut made me quiver and again, I began to moan in agony as she sliced up and ate me. Finally, I heard her put her fork and knife down, and I knew then that my cock and balls were completely gone. "Cut", I heard Gary yell.

In my haze of pain I realized I was flipped over, and my arms bound behind me, and my legs tied together. Then I felt a large heavy pole slid along my back, between my arms, and shoulder blades, up over my head.

I tried to talk through my gag, and tried getting up. But the entire crew quickly had me tied to the heavy pole with what looked and felt like bailing wire. I was secured at my forehead, throat, shoulders, pecs, abs, hips, thighs, calves, and finally my feet were all lashed to the pole.

Then up I Went! The wire painfully bitting into my muscles! Into the air, and to the ‘newly remodeled’ kitchen! I was becoming aware that this movie was a snuff movie! I was going to be cooked alive!

I saw the giant fire pit, and while I was being held by two of the crew, Gary covered me generously in BBQ sauce. Then Gary ripped off my ball gag, and before I could even scream he had an apple shoved in my mouth.

Then over the fire I Went! I found my voice again, screaming around the apple, as the waves of fire and burning heat found my meat. They began to rotate me, and I struggled twisted and tried to escape my fate. All the while being filmed by 2 or 3 cameras. The fire licking my meaty muscles was actually more painful than the wire digging into them. But by now, the pain was just overwhelming, and I realized this was the end of me.

I felt the marinating brush frequently. Gary wanted my meat moist. I also was jolted into reality, when they started piercing my thicker muscles with a cooking fork! They jabbed at my buttocks, thighs, and pecs! Causing blood to drip onto the fire as I rotated. Searing blinding pain was my world. I closed my eyes and tried to drift off. But the constant and increasing heat, and poking kept me present.