A little nosh, Ladies?
by Navy Jack
extensively expanded by John Randall

Sailor Jack had signed up at the SIU Union Hall -- the Seaman's International Union-- for a point to point tanker in the South Pacific, hauling refined products -- such as JP-5 and Diesel fuel to remote islands.

Several days into the tour, he began looking forward to his liberty port overseas. It happened to be Papua, New Guinea. There he had a pocket full of money and a hard pecker. He'd heard of the Duc-Duc Disco and decided he'd go there for a woman pick-up for the evening.

As he entered the Duc-Duc, he noticed two young women giving him the eye. After Jack had ordered a beer for himself, he ordered two drinks for the young ladies.

After they got their drinks, the two young ladies approached Jack and introduced themselves,

"I'm Sah-m..."

"And I'm Bah-m, we're sisters."

They tittered, holding their delicate hands over their mouths.
"We live in close-by village. You like to go home with us?"
They both tittered again. Of course Jack accepted.

After many drinks for Jack and a couple each for the sisters, the sisters were ready and asked Jack if he would take them home now. Again Jack accepted ... not being familiar with the city or customs -- nor heeding warnings he'd been given dozens of times shipboard.

Jack was feeling no pain when he got into the back of the cab between the two ladies, spreading his arms around both, enjoying the bouncing -- with the girls pressing against him, their full tits like firm pillows. As Jack leaned his head back the girls played with his belt and zipper. They had his throbbing hard cock out, stroking it with their cheeks and hair, cooing. Jack was in heaven.

Upon arriving at the girls' village, Sailor Jack paid the cabbie and the girls took him to a thatch roofed hut at the end of a small lane a few blocks off the main road. Inside they unrolled a grass mat and had Jack kneel on it as they playfully unbuttoned his shirt, tickling his nipples and belly button -- scratching them lightly, licking them, kissing them, sucking on them.

They managed to get his shirt off then loosen the belt and unzip his trousers and slip them down to his knees. Jack's hard throbbing cock ticked back and forth like loose derrick on a rolling sea. The girls were tickled by the sight and lightly patted it back and forth like a couple kittens, tittering and cooing.

One got down on her back as the other one spread Jack's knees as much as they'd go with the trousers round them. The first girl wedged her head between his thighs and licked at Jack's low hanging balls, sucking them into her mouth as her sister sucked at his cock-head.

Jack moaned in ecstasy, grabbing onto the top girl's head, shoving her mouth down onto his cock, using her head as a jack-pack, making her gag. The girl grabbed his hands and pushed them behind his back and Jack held wrist in palm behind his back as the girls licked and sucked him to the highest state of arousal he had ever experienced.

He was about to spurt too soon when they both nipped him -- one his balls the other his cock-head, right behind the flared crown. This stopped his orgasm dead in its tracks while not bringing him down from his super high.

They got up and helped Jack to his feet, pushing his trousers all the way down so he could step out of them. They gave him some local liquor and Jack sipped it, asking what it was. They told him it was a special brew of native fruits. He guzzled it and they kept it coming until he was drunker than he'd ever been in his whole life without passing out.

At the same time he was hornier than he could ever remember -- just the opposite of what alcohol usually does. But now he was getting weak and all tingly ... his arms were really heavy ... his knees were getting real weak and his butt plomped down heavy on his ankles just before he fell over on his side.

The girls tittered, telling him,

"The plant is real special. It make you males so horny you can't stand it -- hornier than you think is possible. And ..."
She tittered so hard her sister had to finish,
"...it make you so you can't move a muscle -- not one. You're cock gets so hard and throbby and there's nothing you can do about it, nothing."

"But it sticks up real good. Make a real good dildo -- and we can use it over and over and over and it won't go down at all till the plant wear off."

"But you want more and more of it ... you do anything for it. You be our slave for life...."

"If we want."

"Maybe we want something else."

"Something else."

They both tittered. Sailor Jack tried to get up and go back to his ship but he couldn't move, not a muscle -- maybe just a tiny, tiny bit -- blink his eyes, quiver his lower lip, but nothing more. But he felt everything -- his skin was crawling like there were worms under it -- and his heart was throbbing so hard in his cock he was sure it was going to burst any second now -- with the next beat.

He was more afraid than he'd ever been in his life -- fear worse than when he was being shot at even. A panicky fear -- made worse by not being able to do anything about anything. Just lie there.

And now the girls were leaving. Tears blurred his eyes -- he was crying -- something he'd not done since he was a little boy. He whimpered some when he tried to say something -- more a wheeze than a real whimper.

"We go shoppie. We come back soon. Not to worry."
Jack begged them with his eyes -- for one to stay. But they both left and Jack was afraid -- afraid of everything -- of someone coming in and kidnaping him ... someone stealing his clothes ... someone maybe even killing him. He was afraid a pack of dogs would come in and eat him alive -- snap at his throbbing cock as it wagged there in front like a worm on a hook just begging to be bit.

Jack was afraid of the bugs -- those beetles so big they could bite his cock and suck it dry. He tried to remember -- hadn't he heard about beetles like that -- blood suckers that would suck a guy's cock dry then eat the husk.

Jack's heart was pounding harder than ever as one of those giant beetles walked right up to him. It had to be looking at his bobbing cock -- the head bright red like a flower, enticing it for a bite 'n' suck.

Jack was screaming for help -- in his head. His heart was pounding in his eyes, in his ears -- he couldn't see anything but that bug getting closer and closer -- he couldn't hear anything but his heart squishing blood through his body. He was dizzy and so afraid he couldn't stand it.

"Shoo, shoo!"
It was Sah-m ... or Bah-m -- he couldn't tell them apart now -- stomping close to the bug till it opened its wing covers and buzzed away -- barely able to get into the air it was so heavy.
"Bad, bad bug ... it suck your cock dry and make it shriveled up little thing. We no want that!"
They both tittered. Jack knew it was true. And that bug would be back -- they didn't kill it ... they hadn't even driven it out of the hut. It was still there, waiting it's chance. His eyes were full of tears as he knew how he was going to die ... or worse, live.

The girls had their own designs on him -- on his cock and balls. They rolled Jack onto his back and sprawled his arms to the side, flaring his laterals. Even in the humid night air Jack felt a coolness tickle his underarms.

The girls sniffed his underarms then licked them, then his nipples, licking down his sides till one licked over to suck on his throbbing cock-head and the other sucked his balls into her mouth, tonguing them back and forth, one past the other.

Jack's brain was overwhelmed with the sensations -- the most erotic, sexually exciting thing he had ever experienced by far. They were sucking and licking and tickling him to the highest state of sexual excitement possible -- and even more. He'd have long since cum except his prostate just wasn't triggered -- it tickled, it ached, it burned inside him ... his piss slit was flared wide open and the girl was tickling its insides with her tongue ... and it tickled, ached, and burned even more than his prostate.

It was so painful -- so delightful -- he couldn't stand it. But they kept at it. They were driving him crazy, wild. His heart was in his ears, in his eyes, in his throat, in his belly button -- and in his cock and balls.

They kept it up for however long they wanted -- it was hell and heaven both at once and it was all outside of time -- Jack finally understood the meaning of eternity -- it's when time stops, the sun stands still in the sky, the world ends and all that's left in the whole universe is ... your cock being sucked by the cutest girl in the world ... your balls tongue-massaged by her sister.

Then, suddenly, it was over. Jack crashed -- hard. His body ached for more. He wanted more. He had to have more. He'd do anything for more. Anything. Be a slave. Kill. Even die -- if only he could have a little more. Just an hour -- then he'd willingly go to his death. Please, please, please,

Jack heard himself saying. The drug was wearing off. He could move a little -- twitch his finger. Soon he could move his hand ... his foot ... his arm. He could sit up. He breathed deep. It felt so good. He could move his head around, stretch his neck back and forth and around. Jack rubbed his shoulders, arched his back, twisted. It felt so, so, so good.

He looked down at his cock. It looked sad -- it had wilted like a cucumber gone bad -- the kind they had most of the time on ship. He touched it. It felt like rubber. It didn't feel good. It didn't feel bad. It almost didn't feel at all. It was just a lump of rubber glued to his crotch.

Jack squeezed his balls. There was about nothing there too. He squished them back and forth in their sack. He squeezed harder, squeezed them so hard he would have been screaming before. But nothing.

Jack grabbed his balls by the neck and squeezed them shiny tight. He balled up his fist and slammed it hard into his balls. He felt his whole body jump -- more from anticipation than from pain -- there was some but not anywhere near what it should be.

Jack sighed. Then looked to the girls with begging eyes. They were right -- he'd do absolutely anything in the world they wanted just to have more of it. More of that heaven and hell and eternity all wrapped up into one. He would be their slave -- work for them for nothing, send all his money back to them, clean up after them, be their toilet -- anything.

They just tittered and Jack scooted over into the corner, into the dark, half sobbing at his dejection. Oh God! He wanted it so bad! He craved it! He needed it just to live!

He sat there face in his knees, arms round his legs, hugging himself, feeling a desperate loneliness he had never felt -- a depression. He felt so very worthless. So nothing. Less than nothing -- he was lower than the bug that would suck his cock dry and eat the dried out husk.

After a while the girls came over and started talking to him. At first he didn't understand much of what they were saying -- just words swimming through his head. But after a few minutes he could understand what they were telling him. All the men in their village had gone over to another island to fight the head-hunters. He never came back -- most of the men never came back from those raids. And now they were the only means of support for their mother and grandmothers.

"It the job of men to bring meat for women. But there no adult males in our family -- they all killed by head hunters, their heads on pikes around their huts now.

"Bah-m and me have to bring home the meat. We bring you home. You meat."

At first Sailor Jack didn't understand. Then when he did he was suddenly afraid. He wanted to get up and run away -- run through the streets screaming even naked. But he couldn't.

It wasn't he couldn't move -- he could get up and run if only his brain would tell his body to do it. But his brain just wouldn't tell his body to leave.

It craved more of the drug -- it had to have another visit to heaven and hell and eternity -- even if it meant there'd be nothing after that -- even if it meant he would be killed. He had to have that drug.

"Mama say white man good meat. We never have white man, but want to try. Now we eat you."

"You like that?"

"You want us eat you, sailor boy?"

Jack tried to say "No" ... say anything ... get up and run. But he couldn't. The girls tittered.
"You stay. You want more sex plant, no?"

"Yes! Yes! I want more sex plant!" Jack heard himself whisper.

"Then we eat you, OK?"

Jack couldn't say "No!" no matter how much he wanted to. And he eagerly chugged the drink when they offered it.

He got dizzy and weak, like before, falling over onto his sides, his cock throbbing hard, his senses awake beyond awake. His heart was in his cock, in his balls, in his belly button.

And they were all over him, licking, sucking, tickling his nipples and his arm pits, his belly button and his jaw. They licked his beard stubbled face -- it tickled -- very strange but very sensual. They kissed the tip of his nose, his eyelids, his forehead ... his lips.

Jack tried to open his mouth and French but couldn't. He was totally passive like the girl he had drugged with Ruhipnol. But she was unconscious and didn't remember a thing after -- he was awake and super conscious and knew he would remember ... that is, if they were only teasing him about eating him.

Jack was afraid of dying -- of being eaten, but he was more afraid of having to leave this bliss, this heaven, this eternity.

One girl was down on his balls, licking them, pushing it side to side, up and around with her tongue. It was like she was playing a game with them -- trying to get one to cross over the other or something like that.

Suddenly there was a sharp sting in his cock-head -- another on the other side, again, again. Jack tired to lift his head but couldn't. He could only guess she was slapping his cock back and forth like they had when he could see what they were doing.

It hurt like hell -- but divinely so. The pain was so stimulating, so exciting, so delightful. And the other sister's biting his balls now -- grinding them between her molars.

Jack squeezed his eyes closed and tried to think of nothing -- just feel -- let his whole world be nothing but this supremely delicious sensuality.

It went on forever. The heavenly bliss. Then as suddenly as before it was over. Jack crashed. Hard again. But this time he couldn't move -- not at all, not even blink. And this time there was pain -- horrible pain. His whole body was on fire. His balls were throbbing sore -- he could feel every tooth-nip the girl had bit. His cock was being eaten alive by thousands of fire-ants.

It was worse than anything -- even when he had been burned so bad he had to spend a month in a water bath. He couldn't stand it. He had to get away from it, away from everything.

Suddenly Jack wanted them to do it -- to butcher him -- to kill him to end his misery.

Bah-m's face appeared in Jack's field of view -- maybe it was Sah-m. She was grinning. She touched his chest, scratched his nipple, then licked her finger,

"White men have so much meat on their chests -- not like native men. White men have breasts like women -- but not like women -- not fat, meat. Lots of meat."
Jack's face crinkled in terrible pain and fear and sorrow -- but only inside -- on the outside his face was smooth as a baby's -- no wrinkles, no tension, no fear -- like he was asleep.

The other girl's head pushed her sister's to the side. She pinched his flared laterals, tittering,

"Lots of meat on chest. White men very meaty! Mama was right."
A voice -- a woman's voice to the side said something Jack couldn't understand but the girl in his face translated,
"Mama says you feed us all good for a whole month."
Jack tried to scream -- the pain was so bad he couldn't stand it -- physical pain, mental pain, fear. But it got worse. The girls disappeared and suddenly he felt hands flipping him over, onto his belly -- onto his cock.

It pinched ... it hurt -- like it was caught in a zipper -- again and again as the girls wriggled him this way and that to get his legs spread apart just so.

His cheek was shoved into the mat too, pulling one eyelid so all he could see was blurry pink-red and the far side of the wall -- a lot farther away now, or so it looked.

Then Jack felt his butt cheeks pulled apart ... and a hand reach inside him. Then suddenly burning, churning, twisting pain -- his intestines were screaming in pain -- like bloating, intestinal distress. Worse.

He heard something and the pain got much worse. Then he heard a sucking sound coming from his ass then a splop in a pot as his belly sunk in some. Again and his belly sunk in some more.

A girl's face appeared in his view -- pressed down to the floor, looking straight at him. She was grinning,

"Mama say meat much better cooked alive. We cook you alive. But we must clean you out first. Gut you."

"We not slit your belly. We pull guts out your ass."

The other girl's voice tittered as the pain screamed at him from his guts again. It was like the sex -- except the contra-positive -- as mind-wrenchingly horrific as the sex had been delightful -- and eternally so -- hell with no hint of heaven attached.

It went on and on until hands grabbed his legs and hands and dragged him outside to where a fire had been built in a pit.

Jack was screaming in his mind from the pain, from the fear, but more for them to get it over with and kill him. But they didn't.

Instead he felt something being shoved up his ass now warm, gushy but very lumpy and one of the girls got down on the floor again and told him,

 "You stuff turkey for cooking, we stuff you. Gourds and berries and breads. Very tasty, especially when cooked inside. Too bad you not be able to taste how good, but you be dead."

 "But we enjoy," the other one tittered.

Jack screamed "Kill me!" but no sound came out as one girl stuffed his ass and the other one pried his mouth open and started shoving chunks of cut up something down his throat.

Jack hoped some of it would go down the wrong pipe and he suffocate. Some did go down the wrong pipe but it just was another place he learned he could hurt as his trachea burned by the bits of spices.

Finally they stopped stuffing and pulled his head back hard and pried his mouth open and shoved a thick metal rod down his mouth, breaking some of his front teeth. He could feel the blood trickling over the sides of his mouth and jaw to the back of his head.

While one girl massaged his throat the other one and mama carefully shoved the rod deeper into his throat. It was as big around as a cock and the idea of his throat being deep fucked by some guy flitted across Jack's thoughts. The thought was, for some reason, abhorrent even now and Jack tried not to think about   that.

The girls massaged and pushed the rod deep into his throat, passed his Adam's apple, pushing it up and cracking it as he tried to swallow. His breath wheezed through the broken cartilage and around the rod as the girls shoved in into his torso, aiming it carefully through the food pipe into the body cavity where the stomach used to be.

Then the girl who'd been massaging his throat stopped and he could feel a hand at his ass-hole now ... prying it open, shoving deep like she was stuffing him more. But the hand was reaching around inside till it found the end of the rod and guided it as it was pushed slowly but less so now all the way through his body and out his ass hole.

Jack felt his insides chitter along the rod as it was shoved several more feet through. Then it all stopped again and he just lay there gasping around that rod, pushing his head back so much it was close to breaking his neck.

Jack prayed to Jesus harder than he had ever prayed in all his life trying hard to believe like he wanted to think he believed when he was a little boy. He kept repeating over and over like a mantra, Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, and if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take! It was the most earnest prayer he could think of the only prayer he could think of.

Jack heard the girls tittering again and could feel his knees carefully positioned to each side of the pole, drawing his ankles up. He could feel a bar put behind the back of his knees then his ankles crossed on the pole and pulled till the bar behind his knees poked into the backs really deep. Then his ankles and knees were wired to the poles tight keeping his knees spread, his thighs open for better all-round cooking.

Jack could feel his wrists pulled behind his neck, spreading his laterals wide, then up to where it came out his mouth. The girls wired his wrists to the pole so his hands opened over his face like he was trying to hide.

Then the girls shoved a short pole under his neck and wedged it over his inside elbow, then the other so his arms were held out to the side and wouldn't flop around when he was turned.
Jack could now feel his body lifted. He felt it sag under its own weight his loose cock and balls flopping under him as he was carried to over the fire.

His throat and ass-hole exploded in fire when the pole was dropped onto the spit. Then the fire started cooking him he could feel the fire on the back of his hands covering his face ... on his spread arm pits, on his stretched pectorals, on his sagging belly, on his inner thighs ... but most on his cock and balls hanging even closer to the fire getting hotter and hotter now burning like a scalding sunburn dry heat. The hair on the back of his hands, on his arms and legs, his under arms, his crotch it all shriveled into scalding little points of fire ... then fell off.

That damn drug he was feeling everything more intensely than was possible. He could see one of the girls fitting a crank to the pole. It felt like a crank was put on the other end too. Then the girls started turning him slowly over the fire. His arms and upper body turned easily with the rod but his knees didn't turn as quick, twisting him in the belly half way round till gravity jerked them over the turn and they jerked the twist the other way.

The mama an anile looking old woman, wrinkled with floppy hanging breasts was brushing his body with something wet basting him.

The pain, the pain, the pain.... Then the smoke started fogging the pain out of Jack's brain and his consciousness started drifting away. Everything was getting grayer, duller including the pain.