drawings by Fritz

It was fairly late in the afternoon and I was headed home after several days in Oklahoma on business. I was only about thirty minutes from my home town when I saw a hitch hiker movingslowly along the road. He was carrying a small suitcase and was dressed very casually. I decided to give him a lift to my town where he might be better able to catch a ride to a farther point. Besides, I was getting very drowsy and I felt like the company would help to keep me awake.

He hurried up to my car when I stopped and I told him to put his bag in back and get up in front with me. He said his name was Steve and that he was on his way to Houston to see about a job. He gave his age as thirty-one, which was a bit younger than me. He was average in build and looks and was very friendly.

We talked about the weather, of course, after he had said why he was hitching a ride. And then the conversation turned to sports. It seems we had a mutual love for swimming and diving. He was into distance swimming but, in contrast to me, his specialty was in underwater swimming and particularly in underwater distance swimming.

He said he had learned to hold his breath for over three minutes while swimming and could go even longer than that when he was not exerting himself.

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I told him that I was doing well to hold my breath for two minutes and I didn't even smoke. He assured me that he didn't smoke either since that would have definitely limited his ability to hold his breath.

I was enjoying the talk about holding breath since any mention of breath control was of great interest to me sexually -- particularly if it was forcible deprivation of air. I commented that he had a very good build -- in line with that of most fine swimmers I had known. And he returned the compliment by saying that I, too, seemed to be in fine physical shape. When he asked if he could feel my biceps, I was excited and held out my flexed right arm.

It seemed to me he let his grip linger a bit longer than was necessary and that added to my excitement. When I asked to feel his biceps, he held his left arm over so that I could feel it with my right hand. And I in turn let my grip linger longer than was necessary.

But it was when he put his hand on my upper right leg and felt of it that I began to wonder if he could be gay. Of course I tensed my muscle and he said he thought I had the makings of a fine swimmer. Naturally then I reached over and felt of his upper left leg, letting my grip come as close to his crotch as I dared. At that point he put his left hand over my right hand and just moved it up to his crotch where I found a very hard, full basket.

I said, laughing,

"Boy! You're the kind of swimmer I've been looking for!"
I kneaded the delightfully lumpy basket with my fingers, feeling his cock growing larger and harder as I did so. I asked,
"We'll be at my home in a few minutes. Why don't you come in and spend the night. I'll take you out to the highway for an early start tomorrow morning."
He said it was a good idea and that he was very grateful. When he reached for my crotch, I knew he'd find my cock very hard. I told him that we'd be home in three or four minutes and to let's wait until we got into the hours. He said that was fine with him and he removed his hand.

We pulled into my driveway and went into the house. I explained that we'd share the bedroom which had two double beds, and we had hardly entered the room when he began removing his clothes. He said,

"God, I'm horny! I've not had any sex in more than a month and I'm tired of jerking off to porn tapes in my apartment. I'd sure as hell like to blow you.".
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I looked at his beautiful body, delighted with the prospect of what lay ahead.

I likewise stripped off my clothes, telling him that I could sure use a good blow job. Soon we were bare-assed naked, both of us with stiff cocks jutting out in front of our bodies. We headed for my bed and during the next fifteen or twenty minutes had a hell of a good time in a 69 position, each of our mouths full of cock.

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I came first and he followed almost immediately, shooting a fine load into my mouth. We lay there for a moment while I said his body was a real winner. He added that there was certainly nothing the matter with mine and that he loved feeling of my body while we were blowing each other.

We put our jockey shorts back on and I offered Steve a drink, which he gladly accepted. He didn't know that the strength was almost triple that of mine; he just knew it tasted good, although I noticed that he sipped it rather than downing it in one gulp.

He mentioned once more how he liked to swim under water and bragged how far he could go. I was being turned on by his talk of doing without air, though I didn't know how to bring it around to my own interests -- forcible deprivation of air to the point of suffocation or near suffocation. But, as it turned out, Steve did the job for me. He said rather casually,

"Sometimes when I'm really needing air while I'm swimming underwater, I actually get a hard on. I don't know why. It just happens. It seems like there's something about doing without air that excites me."
My cock began to swell and I was glad I had put my shorts back on. But I acted just slightly interested and said,
"That's the first time I've heard of that reaction. Does it ever embarrass you in a pool or do you wear swim trunks pretty regularly?"
He assured me that he always wore swim trunks and added that his cock goes down as soon as he starts breathing regularly once more. I commented that it would be a neat way to get off when he wanted to -- just put a bag over his head while he lies on the bed, tie it snug around his neck, and jerk off as his air supply was running out.

Steve jumped on the idea quickly and said he had thought of that and would really like to do it, but he was afraid he might pass out before he could get the bag off his head and might really suffocate.

I said it would be okay if he had someone with him, and I offered to be that someone if he'd really appreciate my standing by to make sure he didn't die with the bag over his head. I said it would add to the effect if he were tied down and helpless so that he'd be depending on me to let him have air when he needed it.

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I could see a swelling in his shorts and knew that he was turning on fast, but I didn't want him to know it was making me hard. I wanted him to think I was doing him a favor.

Well, he took me up on the idea, but said he'd like to do it now rather than wait until later on. I was more than glad to oblige and, while I made sure my own basket was not visible to him, noticed that he was really 'rising to the occasion'. I said,

"Boy! You really are looking forward to this, aren't you."

He replied that he was more than ready, that he was just itching for it. I told him to get into a spread eagle position with his hands and feet near the four bed posts. He did and I methodically and firmly tied each one to a post and told him to try to get loose.

He tried and became convinced that he was completely helpless. I reached back into the closet and got out a couple of plastic bags which had contained twenty-five pounds of bird seed at one time. They were just big enough to fit comfortably over his head without giving him a lot of room for air.

I slipped one over his head while his cock throbbed excitingly a couple of inches above his flat abdomen. I had ad- justed my cock so that it was not noticeably enlarged, but my heart was pounding. I tried a cord around his neck to prevent him from getting more air beneath the bag and stood back saying,

"When you really need air, let me know by nodding your head up and down rapidly several times. That way, if you can't make any sound, I'll still know you need air."
He said okay and I sat down on the side of the bed. I asked him if he wanted me to work on his cock and he said he didn't -- that he'd likely get off when he needed air badly. I just watched while the bag expanded and contracted with his breathing, certain that sooner or later this very evening I might get to watch him undergo terminal suffocation, but I wanted to enjoy some 'foreplay' for a while first. I watched the rise and fall of his chest become more rapid as he inhaled more and more of his own used air and received less and less benefit from it.
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Soon he was breathing very fast and groaning, the bag sinking against his nose and mouth. Then he began nodding his head rapidly up and down with a pained and somewhat frightened look on his face.

I quickly untied the cord around his neck and jerked off the bag, disappointed that he had not shot his wad, though his cock was throbbing.

While he was gulping in good air, I said with a great deal of admiration in my voice that he had certainly impressed me with his ability to go without air.

But he said he was a bit nervous because it was the first time he had been tied up with a bag over his head and, besides, it was the first time he had had to depend on another guy to release him when he had to have air.

I assured him that I understood, but that I was still greatly impressed. He told me that he had gone considerably longer than that, and that he'd like to try it again in a little bit just to show me how long he could go without good air. I told him I'd time him next time and see just how long it would be between the time I tied the cord around his neck and the time I loosened it.

We talked for several minutes while he remained tied up, his cock gradually became flaccid. I didn't want to rush him, but it was not long before he asked me to give him another shot of scotch and a deep drag on my popper and he'd like to try it again.

I gave him another strong swig of scotch, let him inhale deeply on the popper, and replaced the bag over his head, tying it tightly around his neck. I immediately looked at my watch as his cock began swelling and lengthening.

He still didn't know that I, too, had an erection and I didn't want him to know, at least not yet. I didn't want him to know how much I was enjoying this.

After one minute I told him the time and I asked him if he wanted the bag removed. He shook his head negatively and again I watched both my wrist watch and the naked guy at my side.

As an additional twenty seconds passed, he began to groan, his chest heaving once more and his cock throbbing above his stomach. At a minute and a half, minutes he began nodding his head rapidly, the bag having sunk tightly against both his nose and mouth.

I told him that he had gone longer than that the first time, but began untying the cord around his neck. I pretended to have a lot of trouble with the knot while his nude body began fighting his bonds. Suddenly his cock erupted with several fine thick loads of semen, while his face was showing great terror.

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Then I did untie the cord and let him have air. He cried aloud as he gasped in great lungs-full of air. I acted very apologetic about having been so long getting the bag off. When he had recovered his breath, he said he'd had enough and, besides, he had shot his load and was finished for this time. Instead, I stood by the bed and removed my briefs, exposing my erect cock and told him I was really getting off on watching him suffocating, and that I hadn't realized before what a turn on it is to watch a man fight for breath.

He sounded real worried when he asked me to untie his hands and feet. I replied that I'd like to see if he could hold his breath for two whole minutes -- that I was convinced he could do so. He was stalling for time when he said he needed some time to get his breath back from the previous episode. I could tell he was not just worried now, but really scared. The knowledge that I was enjoying his suffocating completely unnerved him. He had not anticipated that. I pretended not to hear him and, while he was still breathing heavily, slipped the bag back over his head while he struggled to free himself and cursed at me with panic in his voice.

I tied the cord a bit tighter than before and informed him that I was tying a double knot in the cord this time just to make sure he didn't sneak some air under the edge of the bag.

I think his recent shortness of air combined with the fear he was now experiencing and the knowledge that he was completely at my mercy (and that I might have very little of it) left him short of breath even before the bag was rendered air tight.

He was flinging his head about, as well as his body, but his frantic movements served only to excite me more. I didn't even bother to look at my watch. Instead, with my right hand I began jerking my cock, but carefully, since I didn't want to shoot off this soon and I was already so filled with lust that there was danger of a premature ejaculation.

With my left hand I reached over and took hold of his flaccid cock, gathering his balls into the same grip. I said,

"Now we'll see if you can shoot another load so soon after your last one. I'll give you all the time you need. Just shoot whenever you get the urge.".
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I'm sure he detected the sarcasm in my voice.

The bag was already sinking against his face by this time and he was making muted attempts at calling for help, which was of course ludicrous. His sounds and struggles only served to intensify the excitement I was feeling.

I had made the bag so air tight that his used air was not escaping, just becoming more and more useless. He was heaving for air desperately and I felt his cock begin to swell. I released his balls and concentrated on both his cock and mine.

His struggles became more and more violent as he realized that he might not survive this scene alive.

I was getting too near an orgasm so I released my cock and, holding his now fully erect cock, moved my right hand over his heaving chest and abdomen. When my hand went over his heart, I could feel it pounding furiously.

Through the clear plastic I could see his face taking on a bluish color of cyanosis, his lips and even darker blue. His eyes were staring wildly and were becoming bloodshot. The sounds he was making were only weak gasps.

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I wanted to extend his suffocation a bit longer, so I went over to my dresser and got a pocket knife, opened it, and jabbed a small hole through the bag, holding the hole open for a few seconds to let a tiny bit of air in. He gasped weakly but greedily at the air, trying to get his mouth as close to the hole as possible.

When some of the blue color began fading from his face, I reached over and pinched the hole shut and held it closed while his asphyxiation resumed. I watched the blue color return to his face and the deeper breaths he had taken for a moment became shallow gasps once more.
I resumed playing with his now fully erect cock with my left hand, alternately closing and opening the hole on the bag's surface.

Then, feeling that I could not delay my orgasm much longer, I rose and got a roll of adhesive tape from the bathroom and returned to Steve who was not breathing a bit more regularly since I had allowed the small hole in the bag to remain open. He was alternately begging me to release him and threatening me if I didn't.

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I unwound a bit of the tape and tore it off. I said nothing, but simply reached over him and put the piece of tape over the hole.

I think he knew then that he was doomed. His struggles became convulsive, his eyes rolling wildly as his head whipped back and forth. I sat there beside him with his stiff cock in my left hand and my own in my right, watching him heading into terminal suffocation. I felt his cock gave a big throb and suddenly felt and saw another load of semen spurting from it onto his heaving chest and stomach.

That almost did it for me too, but I paused in my jerking to watch him go into his final convulsive and spasmodic jerking. His face was a dark blue with veins standing far out on his neck, forehead, and temples. His eyeballs were bulging from their sockets and were staring vacantly into space; the pupils of his eyes were greatly dilated as life began passing from him. His thick legs continued to jerk feebly for a few moments, and that's when I gave a few more jerks to my cock, bringing myself to a magnificent orgasm.

By the time I was finished, he was completely still, but I let the bag remain where it was for several moments while I looked and felt of that beautiful naked male body, still in death.

I took his body and clothing well out of town, turned into a dirt road that led through a grove of trees, and pulled him out of the car, leaving him on his back in a spread eagle position, and dumping his clothing beside him. They'd help in identifying his body sometime when he was found.

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