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BILL NUMBER 98-00879 

I. Be it resolved and enacted: 

1) Whereas crime has become rampant among young male persons, and whereas such crimes are inadequately punished by our juvenile justice system, be it resolved and enacted by the legislature of Wyoming and signed into law by the Governor of this sovereign State an Act designed to improve behavior among young male persons and increase public safety and respect for convention and law: 

2) Male persons between the ages of eighteen years zero days and twenty-one years three hundred sixty-five days, 

3) who have been convicted of five or more felonies as juveniles and/or ten misdemeanors as juveniles and/or a combination of seven misdemeanors and/or felonies as juveniles, 

4) upon reaching the age of majority, which is eighteen years zero days of age, and up to his twenty-second birthday, 

5) shall be deemed incorrigible extra-minors on probationary behavior whether or not currently under the administration of any legal entity in this State or other State of the United States, 

6) such that said male person, being stopped and/or arrested for any cause, suspicion, act, behavior, or association, by any agent of the courts or law enforcement agencies of the State of Wyoming, including but not limited to officers of the law or court officials employed by cities, counties, and/or the State, 

7) may be terminated without processing, charge, or conviction, 

8) in a manner determined by the arresting officer or person, 

9) subject to registration of termination and delivery of the body of said male to the officer's superiors for processing and disposal, 

10) with executing officer, all agencies and employees of the State of Wyoming, and all other persons directly or incidentally involved in termination of the arrested male person, held blameless in the legal termination, 

11) and any wrongful death suit or other criminal or civil tort resulting from innocent mistake or willful misapplication of this law. 

II. Citizens of the State of Wyoming are encouraged to assist in the implementation and prosecution of this law. 

III. This bill shall become law upon signature of the Governor, retroactive to the date of passage by the Legislature of the State of Wyoming.

Andrew Philip Turner was visiting his aunt in Casper. He had just turned eighteen and was getting his life back together. 
xxxxAndy had been somewhat a hellion back in junior high and had been trouble on and off for three years, arrested and convicted of trespass seven times and of felony breaking and entering once, though each of these was considered minor back in his home state of Georgia -- boys will be boys things. 
xxxxAndy was at a back yard hot-tub party that was getting rowdy. A neighbor called and complained and officer Kyle Schmidt was dispatched. He detained all the young people, ran their records and found out Andy was an incorrigible extra-minor -- and he was instructed to arrest and then execute the young man at the scene as an example to the others there. 

Officer Schmidt handcuffed Andy and informed him of his impending execution, showing him the pool he had decided to drown the young man in. 
xxxxAs the stunned partiers stood on and watched, Officer Schmidt pulled Andy's robe's draw-string and took the robe off Andy's shoulders and cut through the sleeves to pull them off the cuffed arms.
The frightened and embarrassed young man stood there in nothing but his jock strap. Andy was glad, at least, that he had kept his jock strap on -- it would be even worse if he was standing there naked. 
xxxxBack-up officers arrived on the scene and cuffed the other young men -- just as a precaution -- they were not under arrest -- they were just to stand there and watch what happens to incorrigible males and learn. 
xxxxOfficer Schmidt rolled up his sleeves and took off his watch then put his hand on the back of Andy's head and tilted it down to look at the hot tub that had been so inviting just a half hour before. Now all Andy could see in it was darkness -- an abyss -- the gaping maw of hell.
His heart pounded in his throat as he heard himself mewl softly. 

Officer Schmidt steadied Andy as he forced him to kneel before the hot tub. Officer Schmidt was taking his good time -- for the drama of the scene -- besides, it had been his fantasy for years. And now he was getting to drown a boy -- all-be-it one over eighteen -- and legally. That was a downer, but not enough to steal his enjoyment of the moment. He could relive this moment over and over again a thousand times in the future, elaborating and changing the details as his fantasy dictated. Now he was going to enjoy every second he could.

xxxxWhen they were haunched on their knees, Officer Schmidt stared at the hot, steamy water, feeling a thrill at his young victim's thighs straddling his right thigh — naked flesh on his pants leg. Officer Schmidt's heart was pounding every bit as hard as Andy's as he felt his cock pulse. He was glad he was wearing a jock strap himself -- his erection wouldn't show -- at least not that much. And if he got off, that wouldn't show either. His secret fantasy would be safe even here -- even as it was being lived out.
xxxxOfficer Schmidt squeezed Andy's forearm hard, palming the hard young muscle, thrilled by the certain knowledge that this young buck would soon be twisting in his grip, struggling for breath -- futilely -- as he held his head under water -- all that young health and vitality and life and potential -- all struggling for life -- for breath -- and he was holding the head under water till the young man could hold his breath no longer and gasped, sucking in water. 
xxxxAndy's heart throbbed in his throat so hard he almost couldn't breathe — he couldn't swallow his drool. Every breath was full of needles stabbing his lungs. Andy was more frightened than he thought ever possible — so frightened he couldn't even think to beg or plead or protest. It was all so unreal — so much like a bad dream — but a real one — a Nightmare on Elm Street kind of dream — terror become real. 
xxxxOfficer Schmidt pushed his hips forward, pressing Andy's hips up against the wooden staves. Officer Schmidt lined his rock-hard erection cupped inside his jock strap with the divide between Andy's hard, young glutes and pressed hard, imagining in his mind he was rutting the young man's ass. He shoved hard, grabbing Andy's hair in one hand and planting his other hand on Andy's upper back, just below his neck. 
xxxxOfficer Schmidt said, "Take a deep breath, boy!" and waited for Andy to suck air. Just as Andy gasped deep, Officer Schmidt shoved forward before Andy could close his mouth or eyes.
Andy sucked in water and shook and struggled as his head was held under water, feeling the hands on his shoulders but not the rock ramming his butt. He desperately tried to twist his head this side or that, but he couldn't.  It was all he could do not to gasp in water. He held his breath and held his breath and held his breath.
Then just as suddenly, Officer Schmidt jerked Andy's head out of the water and Andy gasped hard, feeling air-needles stabbing his lungs ... then the rock at his butt.  Before Andy could scream "Faggot!" Officer Schmidt shoved Andy forward again, face first into the hot, smothering water.
Andy now believed with all his might that this was another police scare tactic. He'd be scared half to death then sent home and he'd get a good laugh about it all in a few days. He held his breath hard, now feeling the policeman's through-the-pants rape of his butt, scorning the cop -- like most cops, some kind of power-tripping sicko -- all of them some kind of sicko -- usually racist, homophobic, pea-brained bullies believing they can do anything and get away with it because they have badges. 
xxxxAndy had nothing but contempt for Officer Schmidt -- and for all cops. He just held his breath and didn't even try to struggle, just waiting. It was a damn long wait -- his lungs hurt and his head throbbed and his heart pounded and things were starting to turn red and black. It was all he could do to keep holding his breath. A few bubbles snorted out his nose and he felt the water sting inside his nose. 
xxxxAndy squeezed his eyes closed and felt the cop's cock jamming his butt. He thought about what he would say when the cop pulled his head out of the water. Something about his "little cock" -- something like "Think you're such a big man, don't you -- everything but between your legs, shit head!" 
xxxxAndy now felt he had to gasp. He started to struggle -- he couldn't help himself -- his body was shaking his shoulders, his head, trying to jerk loose.
The cop jerked Andy's head out for another quick gasp, shoving his head back into the water before Andy had finished gasping, cutting his deep-breath short. 
xxxxAndy struggled, wanting more air but grateful for what little he'd gotten. He assured himself, by the next time the cop would have gotten his rocks off and let him go. He despised cops even more than before as he felt the cop's jock-constrained cock jamming harder and harder, ramming at his ass-hole, pulling up the crack between his glutes, chittering the hard-pressed cloth against raw-rubbed skin. 
xxxxBut again, despite trying to remain calm and just wait it out, Andy's body was getting desperate for air. He just couldn't wait for the damn prevert to get his rocks off. His shoulders shook and his neck tried to twist his head to the side enough for his mouth to clear the water. 
xxxxSuddenly the cop's rutting stopped. He just pressed his hips hard against Andy's glutes and froze. Andy was able to twist his head free for just a second and suck his lungs full before the cop got ahold of his hair again and held his face under. 
Now Andy fully expected the cop to jerk his head out and maybe give him a couple punches to the gut or kicks to the balls -- what cops do before letting you go -- then throw him in the back of his cruiser and take him home to his aunt. 
xxxxAndy waited and waited. And waited. His lungs were aching. He couldn't wait any longer. He struggled, fully expecting the cop to pull him up. The bastard had gotten his rocks off ... he had made his point ... he had been an ass-hole -- all the things cops try to do -- the full check list. When will the bastard let off! 
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xxxxOfficer Schmidt didn't let off. He had gotten his rocks off, true. But he wasn't going to spoil his future reliving this moment by relenting. Besides -- it's the law -- the boy is a habitual, an incorrigible -- it was his duty to kill him. He held on strong as Andy shook and struggled till finally he couldn't hold his breath any more and gasped water. Then it was only a matter of minutes and it would all be over -- all he'd have to do was pull the body out, throw it over his shoulder and then into the back seat of his cruiser and take it in for disposal. Then get off and jack off -- several times probably -- before coming back and filling out the paper work. 
xxxxAndy realized he was going to die now. Struggling was futile -- he had already drowned ... he just wasn't dead yet. He just stared down into the blackness, wondering if there was any life after death. 
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