The Farm
a series of utopischen weltbilderen fur Uberfraus
for young females
demonstration for lesson 2.

The young females, the so-called Pre-Cybeles, are gathered in the small auditorium, seated in two semicircular rows of small divans. The lecture they are attending is to instruct them in the male anatomy.

The young women have never seen a human male, even in pictures, and have been trained in such a way as not to be unduly attracted to the male body when they are finally shown men.

Unduly in this case means hardly at all, though they have a normal attraction to the female body.

In front of the seated girls, in the center of the semicircle, is a small chair, behind which is a large rack, adjustable so that the human specimens can be displayed in any attitude desired.

The instructor, a female attired in black leather bra and panties, has just finished demonstrating a male child, showing his response and lack of response to various stimuli. The auditorium lights come up, and the child and the chair are removed from the stage. The lights go down again, leaving the stage brightly lit.

At the instructor's call a handsome lad in his late teens comes in. He is a golden blond, but as the instructor explains, this is only by chance, as there are about equal numbers of blonds and brunettes in The Farm, as well as many redheads. The coloring has little to do with their abilities. She points out the handsome face with the piercing blue eyes, the strong neck, the wide shoulders and the strong muscular arms. Then the broad chest with the flat-planed pectorals and the small nipples. She pinched his left nipples and said,

She continues down his torso and points out the tight abdomen and narrow waist. She turns the young man so the small, neatly-rounded buttocks are visible, and the strong but not massive thighs and well-formed calves. Turning him again to the front, the instructor points out the flaccid penis, She strokes his loose-hanging scrotum with the rather large testicles obvious within. She cups the testicles between her fingers and stretches them side to side, thumping them with her fingers as the young man squirmed and smiled. She told the attending young women, She explained that the balls and the cock are already fully operational, in fact ... The instructor turns to the young man, The lad almost shouts, In an aside to the unseen audience, she tells them to watch the youth's genitals. To him she says, The lad does so, and explains, Without speaking, the instructor points to the youth's crotch. The ball sack has drawn up so the balls are nearly alongside the rapidly stiffening cock, which is now horizontal but jerking upwards toward the nearly vertical angle it seeks. The lad's eyes are closed and his hips are moving gently. As he says this, with his hands still behind his neck, his hips rock forward, his cock explodes, shooting his white juice high into the air, to land nearly four feet in front of him. Panting, he bends over, putting his hands on his knees. So the watchers can see his cock deflate, the white juice still draining from it, the woman tells him to stand up.

Turning to the audience, the instructor tells them that the white juice, of course, is what starts babies on their way, and that this male produces particularly potent juice, so he is being trained as an Adonis who could look forward to a short but gloriously

happy life as a breeder, rather than the long and toilsome life of a worker. She sends the youth out of the room; the handsome teen grins, flips his cock at the unseen audience, and struts off the stage. As soon as he is out of sight of the audience, he races off, heading for his barracks and the waiting Tube.

Advanced male anatomy with extensive lab work
NOTICE: all applicants must have passed their desensitivity tests.

"Good morning, ladies! Welcome to anatomy 201! I am your professor. I will give the lectures and will also guide most of you in your lab work, the principal part of this course. You will call me `Professor' -- my name is immaterial.

In Anatomy 101 last year you have already learned the essentials of the structure of the male physique. When you have finished this course you will know all there is to know about the male anatomy, not only the body itself, but the mind, and how to control them both. Males have a short period of usefulness in this society, but they are dangerous to us and must be kept in their proper place.

I am the senior professor in this, the `School for Females' here at The Farm, and you will find that I speak my mind more freely than the junior teachers.

You will notice that I always refer to our subjects as males, occasionally as boys, but never as men -- what a horrible word! Though males have achieved the peak of their masculinity, as measured by the production of sperm, by their eighteenth birthday, they are not men until their twenty-first birthday.

As you know, in the celebration on that day they are castrated -- to become more efficient and tractable workers, we are told. I am not so sure that this is the proper policy.

They should not be castrated at their twenty-first birthday celebrations, they should be killed! This policy works well in other countries -- why not do it here? We do not need their labor any more, and the `boys' have surely provided enough sperm before their so-called coming of age.

This first gathering of your fellow classmates is being held in a `classroom', since today's class is a lecture-demonstration. Most of the classes will be in the laboratories where each of you will have your own operating table and tools.

You each will be issued a male subject for your experiments. There is a large surplus of fit males, and your specimen will be replaced as often as necessary -- even daily, if necessary, depending on the body part we are concerned with, and on the subject's condition at the end of the previous lab period.

I warn you that there will be NO bartering of the specimens provided. You may like the appearance of another girl's male, or dislike yours, but you must subdue your petty likes and dislikes.

All the provided males are prime examples of their disgusting sex and have been thoroughly prepared for their duty. They have been cleaned inside and out of waste matter, not including semen, but they have all their blood -- you will each have to learn how to deal with that.

Their vocal cords have usually been severed so they will not disturb your young ears with their screams.

But their pain sensors are still at full value, as are their reflexes, so each male must be carefully strapped down in the restraints provided, similar to those you see on the demonstration table standing before you. -- We don't want any of you young ladies injured or bruised, do we?

I spoke of blood. You have all been to the desensitivity classes. They are mostly psychological preparation as you have found, but you will soon see the reason for them.

If any of you girls retch or scream or throw up during your work, whether from what you see or what you must do, you will be subject to instant dismissal from the school as unsuitable, even psychologically undesirable, and you are well aware what that means for your future! All `weak sisters' must be weeded out before they can infect the whole society.

I will now give a demonstration of technique. An aide is bringing in a fit subject and my gown and tools....

You see the eighteen-year-old body is well secured to the table, his arms strapped down onto the side extensions for easy access, his legs spread and strapped to the lower extensions so there will be ready access to his male parts, which are of special interest to us in this class.

Straps are here, across his chest -- notice how broad it is, extended by the position of the arms. The closer you look, the more you will notice how the proportions of the male body is different from your own, female bodies.

And here across his hips, is another especially strong strap. And there are straps here that can go across the abdomen if necessary -- if his writhing becomes too annoying.

We have not attached these, though, because too many straps interfere with access. With each subject, you will learn to determine how many straps you have to use to secure him tight enough to maintain your safety and still give you maximum access.

This specimen seems to have a particularly well-constructed trunk -- notice the pattern of the gut muscles -- you can see how bands of muscles cross laterally other bands of muscles from groin to chest.

These muscles are the same as you have in your gut. But you cannot see these muscles on a female body, because they are not overly developed as they are here. This is part of the reason we study male bodies -- to learn more about our own bodies -- in addition to learning how to manipulate males more effectively.

You will also notice the apparent small diameter of the male waist above the narrow hips. Of course, much of this is illusionary. The broadness of the male's chest makes his waist appear to be smaller than it is. A female waist is normally smaller than a male's. But a male's hips are normally much narrower than the fully developed female's.

Also notice the way his lower back seems to arch above the table. Study the body in detail to learn as much as you can about human anatomy -- both male, for manipulation, and your own, so you will know how your own body works.

Additionally, notice this male has no pot belly or love handles. This is typical of males in their prime. Older males have a tendency to degenerate. This is why I maintain adamantly that males should be killed rather than altered on their twenty-first birthdays.

Finally, notice how the head is strapped firmly to the table so he cannot damage his neck vertebras in his reflexive jerkings.

The position of the head brings up an interesting question. One of the purposes of these labs is to test the male reaction to various stimuli, whether pain or, occasionally, even pleasure.

Visuals are important. If the subject cannot see what is happening, the pain will not be as severe. Likewise with pleasure. This is clearly untoward. We need to study reactions unattenuated and unadulterated.

So what to do? Mirrors would be inconvenient. So watch as I solve that problem.

I put on my gloves, lubricate them a bit and press my thumbs firmly here just below each eye. Sufficient pressure is applied, and out pops each eyeball. I now take each organ in turn, pull it away gently so as to not damage the optic nerve attached here at the back, and lay the eyeball on his cheek.

The eyes are still functional -- see how his empty eye-socket tries to blink as I bring my hand close to the eyes. Now, without needing to move his head, the subject can watch everything I do down below -- or, rather, he can see. He cannot move his eyes to look at anything -- or avoid looking, for that matter.

Due to time constraints, we will do a quickie analysis of this male. There will be eighty dissection classes this term, so you will each be able to explore the male body in great detail.

For purposes of this introductory session, I will start with the urogenital system since it seems to be of great interest to young people and is readily accessible.

One of the tests each class member must pass at the end of this week is to perform by herself the complete removal of the male sexual-urinary system from the body without separating one part from another.

For test purposes, remember skinning does not count as a separation. Watch carefully as I show how it can be done.

Perhaps one of you will discover a better way and be demonstrating your technique to young women later on!

Before I begin, I remind you that the demonstration lecture here in this hall will show how a male body can be returned to the beautiful form it would have had if the development of the foetus had stopped when it should have -- as a female.

Of course, that would be impractical, since we need males for workers and amusement and food. That is why the farm manufactures so many males and so few females.

Getting back to urogenital foetology, you will remember from last year that the foetus first becomes a complete female, and only further into development sprouts these grotesque appendages.

Now! ... First, I lift the penis. Note how it begins to swell as I pull back the foreskin, uncovering the glans.

If any of you have forgotten any of the technical terms, you will find a glossary in the back of your text books. You may also review your study-tapes from last year's class.

Notice how I hold the scalpel as I slice carefully, just through the skin, around the organ just behind the corona. I work the skin free and push it back to the abdomen, skinning this stiffening penis.

Working these blunt scissors carefully inwardly above the penis, I search for the ligament that suspends the penis when it erects, and sever it. Now I go between the legs and cut a slit just before the anus, at the point where the penis structure turns inward towards the bladder. I fully work the blunt scissors around under the peritoneum freeing various attachments, and now I grasp the whole structure and firmly pull the denuded penis out through the slit.

I reach in with a special tool and scrape the inner ends of the corpora free from the bone to which they are attached, being very careful not to sever the urethra and its surrounding erectile tissue, or any of the blood vessels or the almost invisible nerves that are intertwined with them.

Now this male's penis exits his body just in front of his anus, while the penis skin still dangles down in front of the scrotum. Everything is still functional. He could still erect and impregnate a female, though it would take a little mechanical aid to hold things in position.

You will notice how neatly I work -- how little excess blood there is. Your first several attempts will be very messy. You will make very bloody messes the first several times. Do not worry about this. It takes practice to become proficient at anything -- clean dissection and analysis included.

Now I turn to the testicles. These are easier to remove without removing the patch of skin that holds them.

I carefully remove the scrotum from around the testicles, being most careful not to cut their cords that run up into the body. The scrotum comes off in one piece, which I will have carefully preserved and converted into a pretty little etui to hold coins or baubles or even rouge powder.

Watch carefully, because your first lab exercise will be a simple castration of a male. Though it is an easy thing to do, you will have much practice later on.

You may retain the testicles you remove and marinate them or candy them for a late night snack, if you like. Or feed them to your cat. Or simply flush them down the toilet. This is up to you.

You may cut off the scrotum as well, and make your own little purse, or you may leave it attached. I recommend removing the scrotum so you can start a collection. A few hundred sewn together make a fine decorative wall hanging in your quarters.

After you become priestesses there will be other, religious or official uses for the organs, as you are well aware.

Back to our subject. Now his testicles are hanging free on their cords. The problem here is how to remove them without separating them from the penis structure, the prostate, and the bladder.

It can be a tricky operation and is very unpleasant for the subject, as you will see. So far he has had little reaction to what I have been doing, aside from the anxiety of knowing that he is loosing his manhood -- such a silly word!

The abdomen is now cut into on both sides -- see how those cordy muscles twist and turn from the pain of those cuts -- and retractors are used to hold open the gaps. Cauterizers are used to reduce the bleeding. I am now through the abdominal wall. Nothing inside the openings is severed.

The cords attaching the testicles to the prostate are discovered and gently segregated. I tease them out, very gently, and the testicles are drawn up tightly to the lower abdomen till they will go no further.

I should point out here that this male and the males you will be dissecting have larger testicles than most males. The `balls' of our specimens have been increased in diameter by their extensive use in milking machines.

Look here -- while the testicles are much larger, the inguinal canal remains little larger than it was in pre-infancy when the testicles descended through them, and they may be partially blocked as well. This keeps the testicles in the sac where they belong, vulnerable to your grabbing and hitting, rather than drawing back into the body for protection.

Back in the pre-liberated days when men were in control of the world, it was not understood why this was. The reason, of course, is that the goddess of nature designed men so their most sensitive parts were easily injured so women could control these overly muscular animals.

To shove the testicles back through the canal, force will be needed. This will cause great distress to the male subject. But this should be of no concern to you. If anything, it should add to your enjoyment of your project.

Now watch as I position a testicle at the lower opening of its canal and press hard. It is hard work, and I am soon damp with sweat. This male's organs are huge!

I will need to use this small hammer. One end of the head is a small axe, useful for chopping off segments of toes and fingers, or even shaping facial bones, etc, but the other end is the one I'll use. Notice that it is slightly concave so there is less chance of smashing the testicle as I hammer it into the narrow canal.

You can see how the subject tries to struggle and writhe.

[The subject loses control and emits a shrieking scream that resonates throughout the classroom. The exasperated professor stabs a scalpel harshly into each side of his larynx. The screaming turns into a harsh wheeze and soon gurgling begins.

The professor grabs a vacuum drainage tube and jams it down the subject's throat, not wishing to lose her specimen prematurely, by having him drown in his own blood.

She resumes her hammering, and eventually the ball pops out into the abdominal cavity, apparently none the worse for its trip, and the process is repeated on the other side.]

That is the most troublesome part of the operation, the professor continues. You may have read in your history courses how this same operation was performed by those heroic doctors in those long-ago German camps for medical research. We owe a lot to those pioneering doctors. Had it not been for their nation losing a war, it is quite possible that our eventual victory would have come much sooner.

Now we will return to the detached penis as it dangles far back between the specimen's legs. It has now become `much shrunken', and offers little resistance as I push it up into the body towards the bladder.

Now, I shove it back into the abdomen as I sever the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder, as well as some of the other smaller attachments, saving some of the blood vessels and nerves, and cauterizing as I go.

Voila! Now all is free, and I raise up the bladder and ... You see the little penis dangling from it, and the testicles hanging from the prostate surrounding the exit from the bladder. All are still connected as I promised.

I lay the organs on the quivering abdomen, just above the incisions. Notice that I have already cut through and joined them to allow access to the bladder.

You can see some blood vessels and nerve threads are still attached. Perhaps they will be sufficient to allow us to do a little experiment.

I grasp the prostate gland here around the neck of the bladder and massage it.

Yes! See that shrunken penis quiver and start to lengthen! Now it is fully stiffened. You can see how much longer it is now than it appeared to be when still hanging from the body, for its whole length is now exposed to our view. Just about half of these erectile tissues are buried deep inside the male's groin normally.

I continue the massage. Notice how the subject grimaces, how his neck and abdominal muscles clench. This is the male's way of showing us that he is in extreme pain. That means everything is proceeding normally. Erection should be extremely painful now that his organ has been stripped of its skin and laid open to the burning air.

Watch how the stiffened penis pulses, and I must hold it firmly as it ejects its last load of semen.

Oh my! Some of it landed on my gown! No matter, there is no danger of conception.

[Here the professor and girls giggle.]

Thank you for your applause -- it was only a simple operation, often repeated by anyone of such long experience as I.

Now there is a bit of tidying up to do. It would be a shame to waste this fine, strong body even though it is now a mere eunuch.

I now join the two tubes from his kidneys and lead them to the colon whose anus will serve to eliminate the fluid wastes as well as the solids, as long as the subject survives his further lab experiences, and my assistants will sew up the abdomen and tidy up the area between the legs.

Class dismissed!

The aides enter and begin their work. One carefully lifts the excised parts, severing the last of its attachments to the subject's body and place them on a tray.

She also slices off his penis skin which still dangled from the abdomen and adds it as well.

The tray will be taken to the office of the Farm's `Hands On Museum' for children, there to be made into a new display to replace a similar one worn out by use.

For your amusement, we include this description of the working model and the model builder:


The Priestess School
Anatomy 203
course description: a special, freelance lab course for advanced students. They are allowed considerable freedom to pick their own experiments, to choose their specimens, and to keep them, if they survive, for further, private, experimentation. The lab is supervised by one of the senior instructors who is there to be a guide, rather than to dictate.

This student, who had chosen Diana as her Priestly name, had chosen the young male specimen now laid out before her on the work table, when, a short time before, she had seen him defeated by a fluke in a contest for the yearly Kingship.

She had exercised her right to claim him, to prevent the castration and sacrifice of this handsome young stud after his defeat. She had recalled seeing him demonstrate his virility before the priestess-candidates during a demonstration last year in Anatomy 101.

Now the beautiful, muscular young body was strapped down, alive and unsedated, before her, at her mercy.

The young priestess-candidate, rather than pressing out the young man's eyeballs and putting them on his cheeks so he could watch, had arranged for mirrors to be set up. -- She did not want to destroy any part of the beautiful young male except possibly for the genitals she would be working on.

Diana began arranging the young man's large genital organs so she could start her experiment. The penis started to erect and soon was inching up out of his crotch to arch over his flat abdomen, and the glans began to uncover. Soon the cock was stiffly erect, standing up over the navel and pulsing. Diana gave it a wiff of local anesthetic on the frenum area so it would not prematurely ejaculate and create a mess. Then she began arranging the large testicles still hanging loose in their sac.

The guide came over and said,

As she stretched out the scrotum, Diana replied, She picked up two of the largest-size specimen pins and drove one into each testicle and on down into the table, fastening the balls well out of her way. The heads of the pins dimpled the surface of the scrotum and would not stick out to catch on her instruments. The specimen screamed and writhed as much as his straps would let him, but the young stud did not loose his erection.

Picking up a scalpel, Diana sliced gently around the base of the youth's corona, in the groove just behind it, detaching the penis skin which she pressed down to the base of the stiff organ.

She then returned to the groove and sliced around it, somewhat deeper this time. Soon she was able to peel away the entire glans from the outer ends of the two big erectile tubes of the rest of the peniS.

She grasped the glans in one hand and the two big tubes in the other, and pulled them apart. The big tubes stood erect and vertical now, but the glans waved around, stuck on the outer end of the weaker urethral tube which did not have quite the stiffness of the other two bodies.

Now Diana separated the two big tubes from each other. Still upright, they looked like a V for Victory sign seen in the old tapes from past times.

The young man on the table continued to writhe and scream and beg Diana not to destroy him as he watch her dissect his genitals. But she had other plans in mind.

The local anesthetic should be wearing off by now, and she began to tickle the dangling glans, on the under side where she had carefully left a patch of the frenum intact.

Soon the V-shaped bodies grew even larger and stiffer, and the glans on its stalk tried unsuccessfully to stand up. Then the orgasm began, and the urethral stalk and glans began shooting wildly, and thrashing madly about as it did.

The young stud's screams of pain turned into groans of pleasure.

In spite of the nailed testicles, an enormous mass of semen was emitted, some of it landing on Diana's face and hair as the glans flailed around.

She was angry at the insult, but managed to control her impulse to slash off the offending organs and drew back a ways until the orgasm was complete.

Diana was pleased that the young stud's performance so verified her earlier opinion of his virility, and she resolved to put him back together again and save him for further torments in private.

She seized the three parts of his penis and stitched them together again with the laser stapler. Then she drew the penis skin back up over the reassembled organ, reattached it behind the glans and pulled the foreskin forward to cover the now-softening organ.

There was little visible evidence of her experiment, and to make sure of her technique, Diana began massaging the end of the organ which had already mended due to the creams she applied.

The penis soon stiffened to its maximum size and as she felt it approaching the orgasm, Diana made sure the glorious fountain splatted onto her stud's own abdomen this time.

Reassured, Diana walked from the lab, leaving instructions with the supervisor that the young subject be brought to her own private lab for further pain and pleasure -- his pain and her pleasure, with none of this reassembly nonsense to be considered.