the Marquis'
extensively revised by 
John Randall 
Jim Morgan and Bob Kessler managed to maintain a minimum GPA through their sophomore year at college by busting their asses. They just made it. They're not mental giants. Instead they're athletic, youthful, handsome, well built, and thoroughly masculine.

They have been buddies since birth. They were born a few days apart. They have always celebrated their birthdays together on the same weekend. They're almost like twins -- they even cut their hair alik. trimmed theyr chest and belly hair to be alike, and grew moustaches alike.  They were so much alike many people couldn't tell them apart except for Jim's tatoos.

And they are not at all inclined towards homosexuality despite having had numerous normal, spermy adolescent masturbation parties when they first learned what their cocks were really for, as most boys do at that age, before they discover girls.

They managed a few times in college to smuggle girls into their room and found it exciting to fuck their respective dates while hearing their buddies humping away. That's not queer; it's just a shared experience.

They actually find homosexuals disgusting, and have occasionally fantasized about getting picked up by a fag, beating the crap out of him, and taking his money and valuables. Somehow they never got around to doing it, though.

At the end of the term they pooled their financial resources and decided to take a backpack hitch-hiking trip across the country and back. They would live cheaply and try somehow to pick up a few bucks along the way doing anything they could -- even, possibly, rolling a few queers as they'd often talked of doing.

They called home and told their families of their planned adventure and were warned to be careful.

"Don't worry about us," they had laughed. "We're not little kids anymore; we're able to take care of ourselves."

They told their families not to expect them to call home every night or even every week.

"We'll call if anything interesting happens."

In Western Pennsylvania they spent a night with a queer. He expected sex. Instead they beat him up and took several hundred dollars in cash and an expensive camera. They tied him up, took his car, drove through South-Eastern Ohio, dumped the car, and took off hitching again.

In Indiana they did it again. This time they got over a thousand dollars, a Rolex watch, and another camera. This time they hurt the fag pretty badly -- he had put up a good fight. He suffered a broken rib, a concussion, and a burst testicle. They left him unconscious in his trashed house.

They decided not to do that again because of the risk involved. They left his car in a shopping mall parking lot in Indianapolis, and took a bus for a while.

For a time, their odyssey was quite uneventful -- until they were picked up by a retired, middle-aged man driving a large, expensive Motorhome. Jim and Bob thought he'd be an easy mark once they figured out where he kept his cash.

The motorhome had two sleeping cabins, each with a full-size bed. The man offered them one of the rooms, and never gave the slightest hint that he wanted to get into their pants.

Jim and Bob chatted on about travel, school, their goals, families, etc. He fed them a nice supper. After dinner they guzzled a few beers and turned in for the night.

The next morning they arose to the aroma of a good breakfast being cooked.

"Hi, Guys! Did you sleep well?"

They'd decided that he's either a very patient fag or just a nice guy wanting some company.

"How'd you like to ride along for a day or two? I plan, as I told you last night, to drive through the Southwest, up through the Rockies, to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc. You're more than welcome to keep me company."

They accepted his generous offer and knew that they could bail out at any time.

That night they stopped in Louisiana, ate supper, drank a few beers, and collapsed. This time he had slipped an undetectable, powerful sedative into their beers.

Our two adventurous opportunists have been kept in a state of drugged stupor since their capture. They slowly awaken from a bad dream into a nightmare. They are in straight jackets, otherwise naked.

Neither Jim nor Bob know it, but their parents had done the wife-swapping bit. Both might have the same father, or each could have as his real father the family father of the other. Jim's legal father was uncircumcised, and both their mothers liked that better than Bob's legal father's circumcised cock, the way it felt and the way it looked, and so both mothers indulged more with him than Bob's legal father.

Another result of their preferences was, despite the nearly universal acceptance of circumcision when Bob and Jim were born, both mothers insisted that their sons not be circumcised -- something that had left them open to no end of kidding when they had to shower after gym class. And every time either is naked, he can't help but feel an especial awareness of his glans inside that fold of skin none of the other boys had.

Partly because of their mothers' closeness and partly because they were the only two uncircumcised boys in gym class, and hence ostracized by the other boys, but also because they were both also on the simple side, Jim and Bob grew up as brothers.

When he came to, the first thing Jim thought about after grogging to consciousness and realizing he was naked and bound was his lolling cock. As soon as he thought about it he felt it twitch and the head become more sensitive, making him even more aware of his nakedness. His face and chest flushed red as he tried to keep himself from thinking about his nakedness -- so he could concentrate on his predicament. His ass-hole burns and itches because their captor had fucked them both while they were unconscious, but they are not aware of that indignity. At least not yet.

Jim's heart is pounding in his throat and his glans as he realizes he and Bob are bound tight in the hold of a ship. As he listens, he can hear what sounds like others -- maybe talking ... maybe some moaning ... or is that the groaning of the ship's hull?

The hold stinks of caught fish or shrimp or something like that.

Unknown to Jim, there are several dozen other naked young men similarly bound naked. Each is wearing a steel collar which is attached by a three-foot length of chain to a bulkhead. They can sit or lie down, but they cannot stand.

The two latest acquisitions of the Recruiter in the elaborate motorhome, Jim and Bob, are not yet in collars. This is to prevent their strangling themselves as they recover from their drugged stupor.

The others are chained so far apart that none can touch another, so none can get the comfort of another's touch -- a calculated deprivation.

As he grogs to a blurry consciousness, Bob slurs out,

"Where ... are ... are ... are we?"

A voice echoes through his skull,

"In the hold of a shrimp boat!"

Bob doesn't understand. There are more voices, droning ever so slowly. Suddenly, like someone turning the record up to the right speed, his mind clicks into real time and he hears a familiar voice. He looks over and it is Jim.

Bob suddenly remembers where they had been and strains his neck to get his head as close to Jim as he can, half whispering,

"How the hell did we get here!"

Jim stretches his neck too, trying to press his forehead against Bob's but failing by several inches. Jim half laughs; with a sardonic lilt in his voice, he says,

"What's it look like, bro'?"

Bob sneered,

"Smells like a cunt factory -- did we get sucked up in the last one?"

"I was sort of hoping your dream was different from mine ... that way we'd know it wasn't real!"

Bob half laughs, half cries. One of the guys chained by his neck laughs almost hysterically while another, holding his forehead in his palms snarls,

"Oh, it's real, all right ...," fading to a melancholic whimper, "It's real, all right...."

Jim sighs and lets his head loll back as he tries to push everything out of his mind. Bob watches, then lets himself relax too.

While resting a while, Bob tries to figure out what has happened. After Jim rouses they talk and compare notes with the other guys. Nearly all of them were college roomies or friends. They were captured in pairs, like Bob and Jim, while on summer hiking vacations. Only a few were captured as singles. Two are brothers -- twins -- Donald and David Ferris.

David is not circumcised. Because of birth complications he was too frail to be circumcised when his brother, Donald, was, and when he was older his mother didn't want to subject him to the trauma. Since the brothers are otherwise identical, the mark of circumcision, as their mother would call it, was the only way to be sure which was which.

Three muscular, young shrimpers come into the hold and examine the straight-jacketed newcomers, Jim and Bob.

They are dragged, still in their straight-jackets, to collars tethered to the wall. After the collars are locked on, the straight-jackets are removed.

One of the seamen asks his buddies,

"These make the lot this time out, right?"

Another one grabs Jim by the nuts and squeezes them hard and laughs,

"Yeh ... now we sail."

The third one squeezes Bob's mouth into a pucker and pretends to kiss him as he reaches down and squeezes his nuts too, laughing,

"You boys're gonna bring us some good money."

The first seaman stands between Bob and Jim and stretches his hands to both, grabbing both young men's cocks and pinching their sheathed cock-heads,

"You know the Sheiks like to peel the bananas themselves ... they pay extra for you uncut boys."

They all chuckle and start to leave when one of the other imprisoned young men shouts,

"What the fuck are you going to do with us!"

The first seaman turns back and grins, then states matter-of-factly,

"I thought you boys knew -- we're going to sell your asses!"

A trembling voice protests,

"You can't just sell people!"

That just makes the three seamen laugh. The third one snorts,

"Who says, boy? Maybe you-uns can't, but we-uns do it all the time!"

Instead of leaving now, the three come back into the hold and grab the closest young man by his ankles, clamp them into a small set of stocks, and hoist his feet up, then latch the stocks into a frame. Only the young man's head, shoulders, and upper back rest on the deck.

Two of the sailors pick up thin fiberglass rods and begin to beat the soles of his feet with the thin rods.

The young man screams and the others watch in disbelieving horror.

After about two dozen strokes to each foot, the stocks are opened and the young man's lower body and legs fall with a thud.

One of the seamen kicks him several times till the young man wriggles into a foetal ball, holding his chain to his gut like an umbilical cord.

One of the sailors snarls,

"Think these shits know their place yet?"

The three look back and forth at each other as a grin spreads across their faces and they poke at each other's abdomens, chortling in unison,


The first sailor, who by now seems to Jim and Bob the de facto leader of the three, walks up to David Ferris.

David is so terrified that he pisses uncontrollably.

The boss sailor orders him,

"Beat your meat, boy -- or we beat your feet!"

David is too frightened to move until a light whack across the top of his left foot breaks his hesitation. David grabs his cock but can't seem to make himself masturbate.

The second seaman pats David on the head while the third leans over and kisses him on the cheek and sing-songs,

"Beat your meat, pretty boy, or we'll have to beat those pretty little feet of yours."

The second seaman chortles,

"And when we're finished, you'll beat your meat ... and we'll beat your feet again. Sort of fun doing things that rhyme, boy, isn't it? Beat meat .... Beat feet .... Beat meat .... Feet .... Meat ...."

David sniffles back tears as he slowly strokes himself to erection.

Several of the captive young men are aroused by the scene -- the threats and physical abuse, the danger, the hopeless situation all combine into what must have seemed like a romantic fantasy to some -- at least until the reality of the situation set in again.

Two or three of these young men are quickly slashed at by the boss sailor, snarling,

"Not yet! Not yet! You jack off only when we say! And not before!"

After David has brought himself to ejaculation, the first seaman yanks David's neck-chain then knees him in his nuts and shoves him to the floor.

"Ok, faggot -- no touchie again till we tell you or we might just cut it off and throw you overboard."

The bos sailor looks round the room, staring at each of the several dozen young men one by one, then snarls,

"We probably could do with an example. It would make the rest of you behave better ... and get better prices!"

He walks half way to the back of the hold and taps his shoe between a young man's clutched together knees.

The young man reluctantly opens his knees and the sailor plants his foot on the young man's crotch and grinds his foot like smashing out a cigarette. He then looks to one side then the other and snarls,

"No one jacks off!"

He then throws his weight against the young man's crotch then walks to the door, his two assistants following.

There is a lot of whimpering and whispering, but none of the young men dare touch themselves there.

The hours pass agonizingly slowly. Gradually each young man has to relieve himself and then sit in or right next to his own and his neighbors' urine and feces.

Sometime after dark they sense that the boat is slowing and turning. The door opens and several seamen come in with hoses. The boss seaman tromps in like a gestapo officer, holds his nose and sneers,

"You fucking faggots can't even hold your shit!"

Stepping back into the hall for air he snaps,

"Hose 'em!"

and the other seamen hose the prisoners down with seawater -- frigidly cold, stinging seawater.

The bilge pumps whir, slurping up the water almost as fast as it can be pumped at the squealing slaves-to-be.

A hatch cover above them is opened. Cool, fresh air comes through the opening. Overhead the clear black sky is dotted with brilliant stars.

The boat has pulled alongside a huge, sleek, white yacht -- more like an ocean liner than what you'd think of as a yacht.

Several young sailors from the yacht come down into the hold, riding cargo hooks of the yacht's several loading cranes. Two at a time, the yacht crewmen and the boat's own crewmen hook each of the imprisoned young men's leg irons and hoist them up to the yacht by their ankles.

The cuffs dig mercilessly into their ankles, and most of the young men cry out in pain. They are lowered through a hatch in the deck of the yacht and into a hold where half a dozen very young, very cute sailors are waiting.

The waiting sailors are wearing tank top sailor middy blouses and sailor caps with peculiar gold markings on the green bands. Although Jim, Bob, and the other captives don't know it, the markings are in Arabic.

The sailor's pants are of nylon spandex in the form of bikinis, and they wear white knee-sox and white tennis shoes or deck shoes. All clothes are of immaculate white, except for the bands of the caps, which are of Islamic green, and the lettering is in gold.

The sailors hold the pairs apart as they are lowered onto the deck in the hold and keep their heads from striking the floor.

An enormous black, very black, man wearing only a head dress of some sort strides in. The captives stare in astonishment at him -- he has no cock, pubic hair, or balls. He addresses them in a very strange English.

"My name is Djai; you are in my care now."

"Who are you?" Bob croaks.

"I have told you my name is Djai, you do not need to know more."

Despite his better judgement, Jim summons up the courage to demand,

"Where the fuck are we, and why are we here? We're Americans -- you can't treat us like this!"

Mumbling something about their not being trained, Djai claps his hands once.

Three sailors spring to life. Each takes a cattle prod from a rack and begins gleefully to jab Jim with it.

Jim is shocked on his buns, face, feet, thighs, and a few lucky hits get his uncircumcised cock and balls. The torment continues for several minutes.

Bob, seeing his friend abused so, is terrified and involuntarily pushes out a big turd onto the deck.

Djai claps his hands once, and the sailors step back.

"Slave Bob!" he calls out.

"Ahh, what a poetic sound that has, it rolls so readily off the tongue -- you shall become my favorite slave, Slave Bob? Maybe, maybe not. There are so many pretties here ... maybe my favorite will be Slave Dave ... that's even more poetic, isn't it!

"For now, however, Slave Bob, you have created a problem -- you have made a mess on My Master's ship. That could cause embarrassment for me.

"If you cause embarrassment for me I shall cause suffering for you. Now dispose of your filthy excitement in that drain over there."

"How? I can't move with these irons on!" Bob declares.

Djai replies firmly,

"Do not ever speak to me in that way. You will always address me as, `Master' -- and very respectfully.

"You can crawl. Push it to the drain with your nose. Now move or I'll give you some of what Slave Jim got simply by clapping my hands."

Jim urges,

"Better do it, Bob -- it hurts worse than the time we dared each other to piss on the electric fence!"

Bob goes about his disgusting task and pukes into the drain as the turd falls in. He is forced to lick clean the track made on its two-meter trip to the drain.

Djai claps his hands and tells the sailors to clean the new slave recruits and quarter them, pending inspection by The Master ... at his leisure.

The sailors each grab several neck chains and jerk-lead the young men attached through a bulkhead door. As the young men try to squeeze through the narrow door, the sailor in front jerks at their neck chains while the sailor behind, his own gang of captives in tow, kicks and shoves, forcing the frightened young men to squeeze against each other and scrape against the door opening.

Inside there are already scores of small cages, each with a young man crammed inside. They are stacked one upon the other so that the young men on top must urinate and defecate upon the ones below. The banks of cages are set into a metal pan to catch the urine and feces. The young men on the bottom have to crouch on hands and knees in several inches of sewage. The stench in the room is oppressive.

The cages themselves are no more than a foot and a half wide, two feet tall, three feet long [45 cm x 61 cm x 92 cm] -- barely large enough for the larger, more muscular young men to squeeze into on their knees, scrunching their shoulders together, contorting awkwardly, with no room to wriggle once the cage door had been closed and locked, forcing the young men to crouch, knees and palms squished against the cage wire, toes sticking through, the wire biting at the tender inside-joints.

Jim and Bob are placed in bottom cages, side by side. Even while others are being caged, the young men at the top of Jim's stack of cages urinates then defecates.

The piss runs down his leg onto the back of the next young man below, across his side and down his own leg till what has not stuck to the ones above trickles hotly onto Jim's back.

The turds drop like sticky filth, falling across one back, rolling off, falling to the next.

The top man's relief stimulated nearly all the young men in that bank of cages to relieve themselves. The cascade of urine and shit puddles and the young men in the bottom cages, including Bob and Jim, try to keep their hands clean, wedging their shoulders into the sides of the cages, lifting their hands, wrapping their fingers in the wire to the front.

The last of the young men have been caged by now and several sailors come over to check the level of sewage. Several whip out their cocks and piss into the faces of the bottoms.

The young men on the bottom can't move enough to pull their heads back and have to bow their heads so the urine soaks their hair.

One sailor kneels and examines the cages, then says,

"Can't do that for long, boys -- your fingers'll get cut by the wire. Just put them in the shit and you won't be punished."

Most of the young men were compliant enough to obey immediately. But Bob was too slow -- he was still too dazed to understand fully what had been said.

The sides of the cages were electrified and the pan on the bottom, so the young men on the bottom had to scrunch in so their shoulders didn't touch the sides. Most yelped, more in surprise than pain.

Bob's fingers were still in the wire and closed tight. The electricity tightened his whole body into cramps, burning for what seemed hours but was only seconds.

When the current was turned off, a sailor examined Bob's fingers to be sure they weren't cut open then let him put his hands into the sloshing sewage.


During the next dozen or so days, the captives have all their individuality destroyed.

As the yacht leisurely sails to some destination that the captives could not even speculate about, they are Pavlov conditioned.

Some of the young men are alternately taken from their cages and paired in luxurious quarters then returned to their several-sizes-too-small wire cages.

This was an adaption of Pavlov's own experiments. After his dogs had been trained to salivate at the ringing of a bell, Pavlov introduced a counter conditioning. Occasionally when he rang the bell he would beat the dogs severely. Eventually the dogs became so confused by the bell they were reduced to whimpering monstrosities resembling dogs only in physical appearance.

When these test subjects are in their cages, their eyes and ears are stopped with bees wax so they can neither hear nor see. They are fed rancid food. They receive electric shocks both on schedule and at random. And, of course, they are urinated and defecated on.

When in the cabins, they are fed nutritious and sensually exciting food and drink. They are given human compassion with constant grooming to form strong bonds.

Others of the young captives are selected for sensual deprivation. They are removed from their cages and fitted with padded silk jump suits, padded silk mittens, soft ear muffs, and blind-folds. To insure the young men don't hear or see a thing, the room is isolated by multiple layers of sound deadening insulation beneath the floors and behind walls and ceilings. And the room is kept dark.

The young men are bedded on soft down mattresses and restrained so they cannot move. They are fed intravenously and catheterized and diapered. After the first couple of days, there is no more solid matter in their intestines, so the diapers are dispensed with.

These young men loose all sense of reality and are thoroughly depersonalized when they are returned to their cages -- their former lives having fuzzed into nothing more than a remote dream.

Most of the young men, though, are left in their cages, as are Jim and Bob, and the Ferris twins.

Djai is fascinated by the Ferris twins, especially since they are already bonded. They are never let out of the cages and are given frequent cattle proddings. Since the twins were special and their recruiter had been given a large bonus, these two are selected out and reserved for special treatment.

During their special training, Djai addresses them as Slave Don and Slave Dave. He muses at how melodically the two names roll of the tongue.

There are other young men whose names had been Don or Dave. But their names had been changed to Shit Head, Scum Bag, Dog Turd, and other similarly derisive appellations. So, as far as Djai is concerned, only the twins have the names Don and Dave.

Djai examines Dave's foreskin and mutters,

"The Master detests such disgusting marks of barbarity. I shall have to dispose of this later -- possibly as an entertainment for The Master."

Of the nearly two hundred captives, fifty-one are uncircumcised. A few choice ones will be circumcised on ship but the others will be left for circumcision by their purchasers at auction. Because they are uncircumcised, some will command a higher price, so only those special ones who are for The Master will be circumcised before arriving at the palace.

After a cursory review of the list of recruits, The Master decides to examine a few. The twins are selected first and are introduced to The Master.

He scrutinizes both minutely, paying particular attention to Slave Dave's long, tight foreskin. He snarls his lips and Djai snaps his fingers.

A frame is wheeled in and Dave is strapped to it. His twin, Don, is strapped into a chair facing the frame.

The Master watches intently as Djai grasps Dave's foreskin, stretches it until Dave's face grimaces in pain, then slices it off with a single stroke of a straight razor.

Dave screams, and his twin faints.

Djai sutures the severed edges together, pours a burning antiseptic on it, and Dave faints from the pain.

When Don regains consciousness, he is forced to eat his brother's foreskin. He tries to refuse, but Djai pries his mouth open and braces a ring between his molars so Don can't close his jaw. Then Djai puts the foreskin against Don's clenched lips and pushes it in with his finger.

Then Djai removes his ring finger and holds his hand over Don's mouth to keep him from spitting the skin out.

After trying to gag, Don finally acquiesces and chews the rubbery skin then finally swallows it just as his twin regains consciousness himself.

The two brothers are then caged together in a cage only slightly larger than the individual cages they had been in. The sides bend out as Dave's and Don's backs and arms and thighs squeeze hard against them, bulging in a reverse waffle pattern through the wires.


Three other recruits with normal, uncircumcised cocks are brought before The Master. He examines these and sneers his disgust again at their foreskins. So, one by one, Djai takes their cocks in hand, stretches their foreskins, lops them off, then sutures the wounds as he did Dave's.

When Djai is finished, each of the newly circumcised young men is given a foreskin to eat. They refuse, like Don. And Djai forces the first, as he did Don. The other two cooperate since they know resistance is futile.

Then these three are returned to the vile smelling holding area. But, instead of being returned to their cages in the middle of the stacks, they are placed in empty cells on top. This way their fresh wounds would not risk contamination from the watery shit of those above them.

These three are now left to wait their fates after unloading, still several days away.

The captive recruits have various fates waiting for them when the ship finally arrives at port and they are down-loaded to The Master's palace.

Some will be taken by The Master for his own slaves, possibly for his hareem, possibly for his torture chambers, or possibly for his fighting stables.

Other recruits will be sold at auction. Those permitted to fight to the death for the amusement of the guests will be considered the lucky ones since the buyers will be, for the most part, frustrated, hideous, disgusting sadists who will slowly torture their purchases to death.

There will be two auctions. The choice slaves not taken by The Master will be offered for sale first. These may be taken from the premises when the guests leave -- for their own private amusements. Most of these young men will be kept alive for months to years so they may endure unending tortures.

The reserve prices of these choice recruits will be high. Those who don't fetch a high enough bid will be consigned to the second auction, along with the less choice young men. There are no reserve prices for these, and all will be sold, even if for only a few cents.

Those young men in the second auction must be tortured to death in The Master's palace with implements furnished by or approved by The Master or his torture designer, an American engineer known to all by The Master himself as the Toymaker.

Only torture instruments of quality and refinement are permitted within the palace.

Since they have been kept in a bottom cage where they are forced to kneel on hands and knees in the excrement of those above, Jim and Bob must be cleaned before it is their time to be taken to The Master for examination.

They are pulled out of their cages. Since they are so stiff from days in their tiny dog kennel, both are unable to get out by themselves.

As he is being pulled out, Jim falls forward, mashing his face against the wire before it drops into the diarrheal slosh at the bottom of his cage.

Bob is more fortunate, but still gets the slime all over him before he can extricate himself from the cage.

The two are walked round the banks of cages several times to loosen their muscles and joints and to help them regain a sense of balance before they are led to a shower.

There they are washed and scrubbed by sailors who use beautifully scented soaps and shampoos. After they are clean, a hairdresser arrives and styles their hair, and a masseur rubs them down with scented oil.

Then they are led to a beautiful salon with oriental rugs, silk pillows, and gorgeous wall hangings where they are to be examined by The Master.

Djai enters and is followed by a bearded man in Arabic clothing.

"Kneel!" commands Djai.

Bob and Jim stand motionless until they are jabbed by cattle prods.

The Arab mutters, to no one in particular,

"So many good new recruits. Very many to choose from. The Recruiter has done very well this time. Many blonds -- like this one.

"Send The Recruiter a special bonus through the usual channels."

The Arab Master points to Bob. Djai snaps,

"Rise, Slave Bob!"

Bob says,


Djai claps and several cattle prods jab Bob's ass. Djai smiles as Bob yelps in pain.

"The proper response is, 'Yes, Master!' Do not forget, or I'll order worse for you."

"Yes, ... er ... Master!" he responds.

"Walk over and stand before The Master," orders Djai.

An eager sailor is toying with his cattle prod. To avoid another shock, Bob snaps,

"Yes, Master!"

The Master examines Bob closely, then draws quick, little circles in the air with his fingers. Bob turns around. When he again faces The Master, his cock and balls are examined minutely, his foreskin is pushed back. The Master again makes a sour face.

Jim is subjected to the same scrutiny with the same look of disgust when his normal cock is examined.

The Master makes a gesture, Djai commands,


Sailors nudge Bob and Jim, they kneel, the sailors kneel. The Master discusses something in Arabic with Djai then exits.

Djai examines the recruits' cocks. Bob and Jim have regained enough sense to feel totally humiliated at having males examining their cocks.

Djai tells them that they are to keep the sailors amused for the rest of the day, and that there is something special in store for them in the morning. He gives each scrotum a painful squeeze of his gigantic hands.

"If you do not behave well and co-operate totally, The Master has granted me permission to alter you to become like me.

"When my parts were removed I was a young boy who knew only that this was for passing water. I have never experienced the curious sensations you know as orgasm. I do not miss what I have never experienced. But you will miss it sorely.

"Also, I was rendered unconscious and awoke without my parts. Yours would be removed by slow, tedious stages while you are fully conscious.

He leads them to a cabinet with doors. He opens the doors, exposing several jars containing amputated cocks and balls immersed in preserving liquid.

Jim, the blue-eyed blond, faints. Bob nearly pukes. An injection revives Jim.

"Now," Djai suggests, "enjoy yourselves with the attractive, young sailors tonight."

The new recruits are regaining more and more of their previous feeling and each experiences feelings of revulsion as they suspect that they must have sex with these male sailors or be castrated.

Djai leaves, and they are alone with the young sailors who have begun to strip.

Bob is in a state of near panic, Jim is sobbing quietly. They're accustomed to being nude with males in the showers and locker rooms at school, but this is different. Oh, yes, there's always good natured grab-ass and towel snapping in the gym class setting, there's an occasional yelp as a guy leaps to avoid a goose, but these guys are fags, and they do mean to have sex.

Bob thinks they could try to fight them off, but it's two against six, plus Djai is nearby, and no one knows how many other crew members.

Like most of the guys in their gym classes at school, Bob and Jim notice, all of these sailors are circumcised.

One sailor strokes Jim's cheek and wipes away a tear,

"You're a virgin, aren't you?"

"Yes," Jim sobs, "I've fucked plenty of girls, but guys aren't for sex -- sex with guys is disgusting."

The sailor chuckles,

"From now on, sex with guys is normal -- it's all you're going to get. Do as you're told or you'll suffer a lot.

"We'll be gentle at first. Now, each of you picks three of us to start with. Later on we can trade back and forth."

Jim refuses to select. Bob realizes that it is hopeless and chooses three. He is led to a corner of the salon with mirrors on the ceiling and both sides of the corner; there's a couch, and heaps of pillows.

A sailor says to Jim,

"Look, if you don't co-operate Djai will cut your cock off and put it in a jar like those others you saw."

Jim accompanies his three sailors to a similar corner diagonally opposite Bob's group. The sailors are all fascinated with the recruits' foreskins.

Both recruits' cocks are shrunk from fear. And all six sailors are fully stiff.

As their cocks are handled, kissed, licked, and sucked the recruits gradually become erect -- cocks and stimulation just naturally accompany each other. As the recruits' cocks become hard each becomes aware that there is a stiff cock looming ominously before his mouth and he knows it's suck or else.

When Bob and Jim were just budding adolescents, they'd dared each other to suck -- that was big time compared with pissing on an electric fence. They were both too chicken for the big BJ. Later they managed to get girls to blow them.

There was the faggy rich kid, Homer Chichester, in their high school gym class who offered them fifty dollars each to let him suck them. As hard up as they were for money, they'd told him to fuck off. And they had felt that nothing could bring them to have sex of any sort with a fag ever. But everything has a price, and they have been made an offer they can't refuse.

As a sailor's cock brushes Jim's lips he rolls his head slightly to the side, partly to avoid the disgusting organ and partly to sneak a peek at Bob. My, God! he thinks, He actually has half of that guy's dick in his mouth!

His resolve is broken. His lips and teeth part and allow the probing cock to enter his mouth. He tries not to let his tongue touch it.

The sailor tells him to run his tongue over the head of it. He does, and is astonished that it has no particular taste. He remembers that the first girl who sucked his told him it was salty and yucky tasting.

He also knows that no girl has ever sucked his dick as well as this sailor is doing. This is the greatest blow job he's ever experienced. He gags a little as the sailor thrusts in a little too far. He pushes the cock out to catch his breath and sneak a peek at Bob.

Damn! he thinks, He's sucking that thing like he likes it -- and he's stroking his own cock in and out of that sailor's mouth like a steam locomotive while he's squeezing another one's cock! Jim accepts the cock back into his mouth and grasps its shaft so he can control the penetration.

The sailor on his cock is driving him crazy with pleasure. Suddenly he realizes that he's cumming in the sailor's mouth and the sailor is eagerly swallowing the gushing jism. Oh, God, this feels good! If only Sally had swallowed my cum instead of spitting it out like some rank poison. This guy actually likes my cum! He wants it!

Like an erupting geyser, the other sailor lets out a throaty groan and his cum jets spasmodically into Jim's mouth. He feels the warmth of it, tastes the sweetness of it -- it has the flavor of hazelnut cream filling -- it also has a strange feeling somewhat like peppermint, cooling, but without the taste of peppermint -- it makes the lining of his mouth feel the way it does after eating a persimmon.

Without thinking, he swallows the gelatinous, opalescent liquid. The sailor rolls off him and lies panting beside him.

Jim is also somewhat overcome, and lies panting yet strangely rested and at ease. He hears Bob groan, and looks across to see his best buddy as he has similar sensations. How the hell can two total jock studs like us be enjoying such a disgusting thing as this?

Before he can regain his composure he becomes aware of a mouth on his supersensitive cock.

"Easy! For God's sake not so soon after I come! I can't take it."

The mouth becomes very gentle, and a second cock presses insistently against his lips. He begins to suck the cock and anticipates the shot of creamy juice it will soon provide.

The second sailor's cum is slightly bitter, very watery, and somewhat spicy, almost peppery. Does each guy's taste different? Are there two flavors, or more? He begins to wonder what his third sailor's cock will shoot into his mouth and he's ready now to cum again.

The sailor sucking his cock moves around into the 69 position.

He tried 69 with Sally, but she hated it. She would suck him once every few weeks -- if he insisted. And she told him that if he ever shot in her mouth again she'd bite it off.

Sally gave lousy head. He sort of liked eating her cunt, but she never let him do it after that first try.

This third sailor's load is not as thick as the first but much thicker than the second's and intensely sweet like honey with a trace of salt.

This is the heaviest sex he's ever experienced. He looks over at Bob who appears to have gone totally ape-shit over cock. He's actually kissing that guy! I could never do that!

They all drift off to sleep for about an hour. Djai, in the next room, stops the video tape recorder and loads fresh tapes for the next session. The Master, Sheik Abdul Muhammed Kalaghi, will enjoy these video tapes and will show them to his guests.

Bob is dreaming that he is falling through space. The feeling makes his ass-hole feel strange.

No, he is not asleep, he is not dreaming. His legs are pushed up by two sailors while the third is licking his exposed ass-hole and stroking his own rigid cock with one hand while fondling Bob's balls gently with the other.

Occasionally the sailor lets go of Bob's nuts and strokes his stiff cock. One sailor closes the curtains.

The same scenario is occurring in Jim's corner simultaneously. Both recruits are soon purring like contented kittens. Jim hears Bob call out,


then let out a loud groan. Just then the sailor licking Jim's ass rises up onto his knees, presses his rigid, greased cock against Jim's ass-hole, and begins to apply relentless pressure. Like Bob, Jim begs,


and lets out a scream as the cock forces its way into his virgin rectum.

It is like a flaming spear inside him. He can hardly breathe; he lies gasping for breath. Are they doing this to Bob too? he asks silently.

In time it hurts less, and only a strange feeling of fullness comes over him.

The sailor senses that things are relaxing and accommodating his cock and he pulls back a few inches very slowly then slides back in slowly. After a dozen strokes or so he begins taking longer and faster strokes.

Bob is being similarly treated. Bob likes it better than Jim does. Each thrust massages his prostate gland and sends a strange sensation into his glans. He's astonished to realize that he's about to shoot without any stimulation of his cock. To get Jim to shoot, one of the sailors jacks him off as he's fucked.

Each resolutely allows all three of his sailors to fuck him. To the recruits' astonishment they are told that each is to select a sailor to fuck. Each is also surprised that the sailors' cocks came out of their asses quite clean -- there wasn't a hint of shit on any of them.

They're learning that there's more to fag sex than they'd suspected. They also learned earlier tonight that because a guy knows precisely how a guy feels and reacts, it is easier to relate to a guy than either had previously suspected.

When they select their sailors to fuck the remaining sailors actually look dejected -- these guys actually like to be fucked!

After each has performed his duty and fucked his chosen sailor everyone is dead tired. Several young, black eunuchs bring in a late snack for them.

Bob and Jim are led by Djai to a cabin with a single, narrow bunk, a toilet, a shower, and a sink. He advises them to get some sleep, goes out, and locks the door behind himself.

The only way the small bunk will accommodate both friends is for them to become closer friends -- and for one to lie behind the other as they lie on their sides, and to hold him in a close embrace. -- These friends are becoming lovers.

Jim cuddles Bob before they drift off to sleep and whispers into his ear,

"Well, Buddy, we've done things we never suspected we could, and we're still alive, we still have our cocks. And we have to look out for each other from now on."

To Jim's astonishment, Bob turns his head and kisses him directly on the lips; Jim's lips and teeth part and their tongues dart in and out of each other's mouths. They fall asleep exhausted.

They sleep peacefully in their embrace for several hours. Jim let out a scream.

"What the fuck?"

He feels a second sting and screams again.

"Ow! That hurts, you fucking jerk!"

He receives a third jolt from Djai's prod.

"Arise, recruit slaves, and address me with respect or receive more punishment. Now, kneel and kiss my crotch," commands the huge black man.

Both kneel and kiss him where his genitals should be. There is the sharp smell of his dried urine which dribbled out and over his sexless pubic area.

"Follow me, recruit slaves, and be respectful."

"Yes, Master!"

They follow obediently to a cabin. There are manacles on the wall. Both recruits are restrained against the wall.

Bob is released from the wall restraints and is ordered to lie on a table. He complies nervously, and is strapped down on the table so that he is totally immobile.

Djai removes an ordinary straight razor from a drawer in the table, pinches Bob's foreskin between his thumb and forefinger, pulls it forward, stretching it painfully, and draws the razor across it.

Bob lets out a sharp scream, and his foreskin separates instantly. The remaining skin snaps back. Djai stitches the severed edges of the skin together as Bob whimpers to no avail.

He is released and is led trembling to the wall where he is restrained again. His cock burns and oozes blood. He shudders with paroxysms of sobbing.

Djai stands before Jim and releases his restraints. The recruit falls to his knees and kisses his sexless crotch,

"Please, Master, please don't cut my cock!"

He is crying like a baby.

Djai replies,

"The Master finds your foreskin disgusting. It must be removed!"

Jim tries to avoid Bob's fate. Djai tells him either to climb onto the table or to be thrown onto it. He meekly climbs on and resigns himself to having his cock mutilated.

Through clenched teeth he screams as the razor separates his foreskin. He and Bob are led back to their cabin to nurse their wounded cocks back to health.

Two weeks later the Sheik examines Djai's handiwork and compliments him for a good job.

The two recruits share the small cabin and become closer every day. They gingerly learn all over again how to jack off. They suck each other off. They try fucking. Their cocks have unfamiliar feelings and feels, but they still work. And they still dislike being fucked.

One day they are given private and widely separated cages. One night just after Jim has jacked off, he feels he is being watched -- he is, but he is not aware that every move is being taped. He is taken to a cabin and is placed in a framework that pulls his legs up towards his chest and spreads his ass.

The Sheik enters silently, pulls up the front of his robes, and exposes the largest hard-on Jim has ever seen. He pushes it into Jim's ass, and fucks him. When the Sheik is finished he puts his dripping cock onto Jim's lips. Jim licks it clean. His ass-hole burns like fire and is oozing blood.

The next night Bob is similarly raped without knowing that his friend suffered the same ordeal the previous night. They are now put back together in a single small cage to compare stories. In this crazy, mixed-up situation they are in now the only stable thing is their love, which they do not yet know is soon to be tested.

A few days later the ship docks at an Arabian country. The lovers are placed inside a large, windowless container which is lowered onto a special truck which will be driven to the Sheik's palace where they are to be the scheduled entertainment for his guests.

Over the next few days they settle in. The lovers are assigned a tiny cage where they are still being video taped constantly.

The start of the entertainment for the guests will be the playing of the tapes of these formerly totally masculine fag haters as they become converted to homosexual lovers.

The main entertainment will come at a later time when they will be forced to perform mortal combat together until one kills the other.

The fight arena has been designed by an out-standing Japanese architect, incorporating Mr Toymakers' suggestions.

The observing guests are seated around the playing area, behind one-way mirrors. Between the adjacent loges where they sit are black velvet drapes. Each will be able to strip nude and masturbate if he desires, or he may purchase or rent a eunuch of any race to fuck or have suck his cock as he watches the antics of the combatants.

Each loge is fitted with a control panel similar to an elaborate video game. The Master can allow the computer to poll the observers or specifically honored observers can be given total control, at The Master's whim, from time to time during the combats.

Some future combatants will be forced to watch fights. These young men will stand inside PlexiglassTM, rectangular, vertical tunnels. They will not be able to stand fully erect because an adjustable ceiling will be lowered for their discomfort. They will also be unable to raise their arms. They will be unable to slide down without having their knees and asses touching electrodes and receive shocks.

These future combatants will live in these vertical cells for forty-eight hours at a time. They will be incapable of turning away from the arena. Each tunnel will be vented to the outside, but the occupant will stand in his own shit and piss along with some left from the previous occupants. And he will have to breath the stench constantly.

The spectators will, of course, breath electrostatically purified air, scented, if each likes, with a choice of exotic perfumes. The spectators will enjoy the spectacle in luxury.

The observer slaves will wear small harnesses by which they can be hoisted out of the tunnels and lowered back into them. Once a tube has an occupant, it will be refitted with its vent to remove the stench high above the roof. There will be just enough forced ventilation to prevent the occupant's suffocation.

Removable panels before the occupants faces will permit forced feedings of a potion of milk, honey, beans, asparagus, eggs, and onions.

For two days before they are lowered into their transparent tubes, these men will be gorged on the mixture. Their shit and piss will be extraordinarily fragrant.

Sixteen observer slaves will be arranged in their transparent tubes, one at each guest-observer loge partition so that the guest-observer's view of the game will not be obstructed.

The slave-observers will be so low that their heads and shoulders only will be above the floor of the fight-ring.

The guest-observer loges will be level with the ring's floor.

Higher than the loges will be a balcony where ordinary bidders and other invitees will be seated without the amenities enjoyed by the honored guests. They will sit in ordinary movie/auditorium seats. If they become too vocal, they will be ushered out.

The Master and his honored guests can communicate by telephone to make their wagers and discuss the combatants.

The observer slaves will have an excellent view of the fights. Eunuchs will observe them from the balcony. If one looks away or closes his eyes, an electric shock through his Prince Albert ring will soon get his attention.

The fight ring's floor, like a theater stage, is fitted with trap-doors and elevators to allow it to be modified as required for various events. It also rotates slowly, completing a full revolution every five minutes, so that all observers get a good view, no matter how the combatants arrange themselves.

Some contestant slaves will not be shown the games, others will. Jim and Bob will not, since they will be the first to fight, while others, the twins included, will watch their struggles.

The first morning at the palace they hear Djai as he attempts to sneak in and awaken them with his cattle prod. They spring from the bed, kneel before him, and kiss his pubic area.

"Good morning, Master, how may we serve you today?" they inquire.

"By accompanying me."

They follow him through the palace where there are various nude male servants. Some are sexually intact. Some lack penises. Some lack testicles. Some lack both. All bow in deference to Djai and stand aside as he passes with the new slaves trailing behind. Everyone, except The Master, is in awe of his power and authority.

The recruits are taken into a room where two surgical tables stand under lights. Each is told to lie on a table. They are strapped firmly in place. They fear they are to be castrated now.

"Slave Bob was first for the cutting of the skin. Slave Jim will be first for the process that will be performed now."

Both are sick with fear.

A metal instrument is placed in Jim's meatus. He is so terrified he can hardly control his breath. He is rapidly hyperventilating. Djai slaps his huge hand against Jim's belly and knocks the breath out of him. Once he can breathe again he is calmer.

Djai takes a very long, very thick needle from a sterile solution and places its sharp point precisely at the base of the sulcus groove behind Jim's corona at the top center. Pointing it forward so that it will enter the metal guide instrument and will deflect so as to exit through the meatus, he pushes firmly and forces it through the soft, sensitive tissues. The needle is used as a guide for a hollow boring tool that will drill out a cylindrical plug of Jim's cock. The hapless, helpless slave screams appropriately.

A PlexiglassTM rod replaces the drill and piloting needle; keepers to prevent its falling out are attached to the ends of the rod. Medication is applied to stop bleeding and promote healing, and Jim is left sobbing with his cock throbbing painfully with each heart beat.

Bob is next and knows what to expect because he witnessed Jim's procedure close-up on video. He tries unsuccessfully not to scream as Jim had done. Neither can comprehend why holes are drilled in their cocks.

Despite the plastic rod, which makes masturbation nearly impossible, they learn to get each other off orally.

Once their cocks are completely healed, the acrylic rods are removed, and they are taken to a room with tables and instruments. First Bob is strapped to a table. He dreads the painful procedure he expects to endure.

Instead, a stainless steel ring, the same thickness as the plastic rod and having a gap, is fitted into the channel left by the rod. The missing piece is slid into place and fills the gap in the ring. Special copper clamps are placed on the ring close to his glans on both sides of the filled-in gap. A laser welder is used to fuse the gap-filling segment of the ring permanently into place. The copper clamps absorb the excess heat, and the procedure is entirely painless. Bob now has a permanent Prince Albert ring in his cock.

Jim receives the same sort of appliance. They are returned to their cage. The day for GLADIATORIAL COMBAT is drawing close.

The Sheik had acquired an electronics company in America and developed a rapport with one of the electronics engineers who happens to be a sadist. The engineer is assigned special top-secret projects. He travels frequently by private jet or on the yacht to the Sheik's country where an extensive laboratory and machine shop have been established for his use while he is there. One of his recent inventions, for which Bob and Jim are being prepared, is a set of electrified duelling wands. The available current can be controlled by the Sheik, or anyone he designates, from mildly unpleasant shock, to flesh-charring, to fatal.

The adjustment is gradual and continuous. The actual controlling functions are under the direct supervision of a microprocessor. The micro interprets the settings the operator selects by means of a few switches and knobs.

The Prince Albert rings will be part of the electrode system for the wands. Another will be a conductive butt plug. There will also be a conductive belt around each slave's abdomen. Another electrode, yet to be attached, will be a metal ring through which the slaves' balls will be forced.

The engineer, a.k.a. Mr Toymaker, who designed and built the system, has requested and received permission to attach the ball rings. He will take great delight in selecting rings according to the sizes of the slaves' balls. The ring for each slave will be much too small for a nut to pass through without being forced, squeezed, compressed, deformed very painfully to make it pass through the ring.

The nuts will be measured by means of a set of gauge rings. The ring size through which the smaller of the two nuts will just pop after applying some pressure will determine the size of the actual service ring. The engineer-toymaker will then use a formula he has worked out from empirical measurements taken from about fifty slaves, or one hundred nuts, over a period of a few years to calculate the smallest ring the nut should pass through without rupturing. He will then custom build the rings for the slaves.

The wands have already been made of Titanium tubing, light as aluminum, strong as steel. Each has a well insulated grip for the hand.

The circuits will be wired as follows:

Each slave will have a belt around his waist. On the back of the belt a multi-conductor cable and a hose will be attached. One of the conductors will supply current to the wand. The other conductors will be the return path for the current. One each for Prince Albert ring, ball ring, butt plug, belt, etc.

The computer will control which lead or leads will carry the current away from the combatants' bodies. They will not necessarily be connected identically. Initially the current will return through the Prince Albert ring, but that will change from time to time as determined by the control operator or the computer. The computer will assign point scoring values to various hits to a combatant's body.

It will be like fencing or Japanese kendo except that any touch will be painful to varying degrees depending upon the power settings.

The wands are heavily plated with silver for best conductivity. Crossed wands will not cause any sparks or burned-out circuitry because both wands will be at the same voltage and polarity.

Likewise, body contact will have no effect. If, however, either wand touches either body, the body will be shocked or even burned at the point of contact and at the exit electrode. Additionally, if either combatant allows his wand to touch the floor or any ring, belt, butt plug, etc on his opponent, the power to his wand will instantly be disconnected for a period of time determined by the computer. The first touch will disable his wand for fifteen seconds. Each successive touch will turn off the power to the wand for a longer time up to as much as five minutes.

Jim and Bob will come to wish they'd taken fencing lessons when their combat starts.

If the Sheik takes a fancy to either contestant, he can override the computer and disable his opponent's wand just to keep things fair. Additionally, if either contestant appears to be dogging it, shocks can be applied between his various electrodes at intensities unrelated to the wand current setting and totally randomly at the operator's choice. That feature will prove very useful initially because Jim and Bob will refuse to fight until some electrical persuasion is applied.

The morning of the night of combat, both recruits are taken to Mr Toymaker's fitting room. Their ass-hole calibers are taken for the butt plugs to be made and fitted. Their nuts are measured. They are kept restrained on frameworks that contort their bodies in painful ways. They will be held this way until minutes before combat to render them clumsy and lacking normal range of motion for their various limbs.

The sailors assisting Mr Toymaker give both slaves enemas to clean them out. Following that both are fucked repeatedly and vigorously.

One of the castratti who still has his nuts, but no cock, whispers to the two recruits,

"Don't get The Master angry; I did, and he did this to me. I'm still horny as hell, I'm only twenty, but I can't get off without a cock; I can shoot jism if I squeeze my prostate with my finger tips, but it isn't the same as a satisfying orgasm!"

The rings are ready first. The butt plugs must be cast in acrylic, and a plating of nickel over copper must be applied. The rings are simply roll-formed and welded closed.

"Djai has told me that Slave Bob is one of his favorites, so he goes first," Mr Toymaker announces.

Bob's ass is packed with cotton by the cockless slave so Mr Toymaker will not be discommoded by any seepage of enema liquid residue or odor.

"I saw you talking to these slaves just now; report to me for punishment after these slaves are prepared, but for now drain my bladder."

The slave kneels before Mr Toymaker, fishes out his cock, and begins to drink the strong, salty, acrid liquid. When he finishes drinking he thanks Mr Toymaker for his generosity.

A shudder passes through Bob as Mr Toymaker presses his small nut against the cool ring of stainless steel. As more and more pressure is applied by Mr Toymaker's thumbs, Bob begins to groan and gasp for air. Cramps course through his belly. As the widest part of the nut passes through the ring, the nut slips quickly the rest of the way through, and he emits a loud, piercing scream. He nearly faints, and hangs limply in his frame, gasping for breath. His nut aches horribly.

Mr Toymaker turns his attention to Jim now. He begs pitifully not to be tormented so. The cutest of the sailors asks to be allowed to fit Jim's nuts,

"Please let me do his nuts and I'll suck your dick as often as you like," he coos.

"I have the authority to order you to do that."

"Yes, I know, but I'll suck it so much nicer if you let me."

"You're taking unfair advantage of me," replies Mr Toymaker. "You know I'm a pushover for cute sailors who like to suck dicks. OK, go ahead."

He takes Jim's ring and starts pressing his smaller nut into it.

"Wow! It's really hard to do; I'm pushing really hard and it doesn't go!"

Mr Toymaker advises him to be patient and maintain a firm, steady pressure for best results. All the while Jim has been crying out and howling with pain. As the nut snaps into place, he faints.

Djai has entered with The Master who says,

"Well, Mr Toymaker, I see you've found an assistant."

"Yes, Sir, he's promised me rewards if I'll let him assist; I think he has great promise."

Djai gives Jim's cock head painful injection of a stimulant to revive him. Mr Toymaker suggests that the sailor complete Bob's ringing before returning to Jim's.

When Bob's larger nut is forced into the ring, the other one throbs agonizingly in sympathy. He kicks up a much larger fuss this time.

Now it is Jim's turn to have his remaining nut ringed. He pleads and begs pitifully. As the nut slips through, he pukes.

The ringing procedures completed, weights of about five pounds are suspended from the rings.

After several hours the butt plugs are ready. Mr Toymaker's playmate inserts those.

A few hours later it is time for the mortal combat to begin. Everyone except for the two participants is looking forward to the event enthusiastically. Bob and Jim still have no idea why their cocks have been abused, why their nuts have been brutalized, what they will be expected to do, or how they are to do it. All they know is that they are being tortured and that their tormentors are enjoying doing painful things to their most sensitive parts.

The guests have been treated to a magnificent feast and preliminary entertainments. Now it is time for the star performers, Bob and Jim, to do their part of the show even though they have no idea what is expected of them yet.

Djai releases them from their bonds and orders them to follow him. They can hardly stand after being restrained for so many hours, and stagger on unsteady legs behind him into the banquet hall.

Each is ordered to drain his friend's bladder or suffer a severe beating. Bob goes first. The strong liquid leaves a horrible aftertaste in his mouth. At first Jim refuses and is shown a jar containing a pickled cock and balls. He kneels before Bob and takes his friend's acrid piss. He nearly pukes when he finishes.

The belts are strapped to their waists, leads are attached to their rings and butt plugs, and the air hoses to induce gas pains are connected to their butt plugs. Each is handed the wand which is connected to his belt. Both suspect that they are to use the wands in some sort of fight and silently resolve to refuse. The wands are actually too light to be useful weapons. Djai orders them to fight.

Jim, the brash, outspoken one speaks,

"Fuck you, nigger! We've had enough of your shit! We won't fight!"

Suddenly electricity surges through his cock, balls, ass-hole, and belly. He falls screaming and kicking on the floor. After several seconds the electricity stops.

"Get up!" orders Djai. "Slave Bob, how about you? Do you want some of that?"

"No, Master, but I can't hurt my friend."

Suddenly he is seized with cramps in his guts as they fill with air.

"Please, Master, Please stop it; I'll fight."

He takes a few half hearted swings which Jim easily fends off with his wand. Both receive electric shocks for their lack of enthusiasm.

Bob takes a hard, fast swat at Jim and lands his wand directly on his shoulder. Jim screams with pain as a greenish-blue spark flashes where the wand touches his shoulder. The power has been turned up nearly to full output. His cock head has a stabbing pain where the Prince Albert ring penetrates. He stumbles backwards and lashes out in rage at Bob,

"Mother Fucker! That hurt!"

He slashes at Bob and connects with his thigh. Bob nearly crumples as a spasm grips his leg.

Djai warns them about letting their wands touch the floor, ring, belt, or butt-plug.

"Touch flesh only or lose power!"

The two friends slash wildly and clumsily at each other. There is an occasional yelp of pain as one or the other scores a hit and the spectators cheer or applaud. Bets are being placed by the wealthy Arabs now -- bets in six-figure amounts.

To keep the two former lovers from killing each other too quickly, the wand power has been reduced to about ten percent of maximum. That is still very painful, but endurable. The two stumble about clumsily as a score board records the hits for the spectators. Bets are amended as the fight progresses.

Jim slips and falls once. Bob, in good sportsmanship, does not press his advantage. Spectators with money on him boo at him, and The Master inflicts shocks to his cock and balls slowing him down so that Jim, The Master's favorite, can scramble to his feet and draw his wand across Bob's cheek, leaving a serious burn mark and paralyzing his eye muscles temporarily.

Each knows by now that this is true mortal combat that will not end until one (or both) is killed. Each is now fighting desperately for survival. If there is a survivor, he will be hideously scarred for life by this ordeal.

After more than an hour, both are nearing exhaustion, neither has ever been so thirsty before, both are drenched in sweat.

They are slowing down from fatigue. They are given randomly scrambled shocks between the rings, butt plugs, belts for several seconds to liven things up a bit. Jim lands a good hit on Bob's thigh at a hundred percent power, causing his leg to buckle. He falls to one knee. Jim gets a good hit on Bob's chest and knocks the breath out of him.

Bob uses his wand for support. It is disconnected, and shocks begin from cock to balls. He drops his wand and clutches his cock, some of the current now flows through his arm causing his chest muscles to tense, he can't breathe. Jim jabs his former buddy furiously in the chest and pushes him over backwards with the buckled leg under him. The power remains at potentially lethal levels. Bob's mouth is agape as he gasps for air. Jim shoves his wand into Bob's open mouth. The pain in his mouth, tongue, and throat are beyond agony. Bob goes into convulsions as his tender tissues are being seared. He emits a hissing, rasping noise, screaming is no longer possible.

A puddle of piss develops under his cock which is being blistered and scorched. A few seconds later, Bob's body ceases its trembling and a cheer goes up from the spectators who'd bet on Jim.

For today he is a hero, his torture death will come at another time when the Sheik becomes bored with him.

Djai cuts off Bob's partially cooked genitals and offers them to Jim as a delicacy. He turns his head away in revulsion until he realizes that he should not anger his Master.

"Master, could they be cooked until completely done throughout with a sauce of some sort?"

A master chef is summoned to prepare them on a small grill. Jim eats them with apparent relish. He is led back to the room he shared with Bob where two of the sailors are waiting to care for the victor's wounds.

For his latest creation, the wands, Mr Toymaker's Swiss bank account is enriched by a very sizeable amount. He thanks his employer and benefactor for his generosity, and boards the Sheik's palatially outfitted private 747 for the flight back home to his job at the Sheik's electronics company and his home shop/lab that has been provided for his personal use for the development of interesting toys for the Sheik's amusement.

He has various embryonic ideas which he is attempting to perfect before letting the Sheik know about them.

Meanwhile, the recruiter is cruising the highways of this country seeking suitable subjects for the Sheik's harem of young males. Several beautiful specimens are already in storage awaiting inspection and training.


The twins had watched in horror as Jim and Bob, whom they knew to be lifelong buddies, fought a hideous battle until Bob was killed.

They didn't know what would happen to Jim. He had been badly disfigured by the electrical burns. He would be auctioned off later at the low-cost general auction.

Two uninitiated singles, who had nonetheless become good buddies and sex partners, are placed in the ring next. They throw down their wands and stoically accept excruciating shocks while steadfastly refusing to fight.

The Master orders a change of method. Two sections of the ring floor descend. Below, Mr Toymaker, his cute sailor assistant, and some eunuchs place some new items onto the elevators and send them back up. One item is just a heavy PlexiglassTM box, the other is a sturdy chaise-longue of oak and a bucket-like PlexiglassTM vessel.

One recalcitrant is seated by Djai on the PlexiglassTM box. A stainless steel cable is looped over his balls and is made slightly snug -- not tight enough to hurt, but the balls can not slip out.

In the seat there are conductive strips under his ass-cheeks, his feet are put into vessels of salt water.

He is given a test jolt between ass and feet. He yelps and tries to rise up reflexively, but he jerks his nuts painfully in the attempt -- the PlexiglassTM stool is very heavy -- it weights about twenty five kilograms [fifty-five pounds].

His unwilling opponent is strapped securely in the chaise-longue -- Iran calls this device Apollo. And the PlexiglassTM bucket is placed over his head -- his screams will be amplified in his ears and muffled for his tormentors.

Two huge, naked, black eunuchs begin to beat the soles of his feet which extend over the front edge of the Apollo chair.

His feet are bruised and bloody when he finally faints. He is revived and ordered to fight. But he is incapable of standing on his crippled feet. He refuses.

His opponent on the PlexiglassTM box is ordered to kill him, and refuses. He goes below on the elevator.

When he again appears he is on a different PlexiglassTM seat. His balls are pulled down through a hole in the seat by a stainless steel cable noose. He is offered the chance to kill his buddy, and refuses again.

Slowly the cable tightens on his balls and begins to stretch them downwards. He begins to scream and plead,

"Please, I'll kill him; let me kill him!"

The tension is released. His buddy begs,

"No, Jeff, don't do it!"

He is given a huge butt plug to push into his buddy's ass while two eunuchs hold his legs up and spread wide. Jeff's nuts ache and throb. It takes all his strength to force the enormous butt plug into his pleading friend.

An ordinary tire pump's hose is fitted to the butt plug. Chuck's legs are strapped down again, and the bucket is fitted over his head. All of his grimacing can be seen through the clear bucket.

"Start pumping," orders Djai.

At the first stroke of the pump Chuck screams. Jeff hesitates.

"Keep pumping!" orders Djai.

Jeff decides that the faster he pumps the faster Chuck will die and the less he'll suffer.

Chuck is soon incoherent with the agony from the air that is bloating his belly. His diaphragm is being forced up. Breathing is becoming impossible, his heart is being crowded. His intestines burst, and he dies in agony.

Jeff falls sobbing to the floor and beats it with his fists. He is dragged back to the stool and the cable is attached to his nuts. It is pulled tight, and he is shocked between ass and nuts.

The tension on the cable slowly, relentlessly increases. Jeff's scrotum stretches paper thin and turns a beautiful, smooth, shiny purple over his two squashed testicles.

He screams and pleads as he feels tissues beginning to rend from the tension. His balls are forcibly ripped from his body. He falls from the stool and wriggles sluggishly on the floor as he bleeds to death.

As the elevators take the implements down to the storeroom below, eunuchs drag the bodies away down aisles at the corners of the ring -- to be taken to the desert for the vultures and jackals to feast on.

The spectators applaud loudly. The Master steps into the ring to accept the applause. Several of the observer slaves puke -- now they know why they are here and what their fate is -- to die a horrible, painful death of one sort or another.

After several such incidents over the forty-eight hour period, the observer slaves witness several combats and some torture deaths of poor, miserable, pleading youths who were simply dragged into the arena for anal-genital tortures and were slowly tortured to death. Most weren't told to fight and they were not being tortured to extract information -- they were being used as demonstration examples of sport torture. That was the hardest sort to accept because the torture is solely for the amusement of others.

When the twins are crammed back into their cage, they vow never to raise a hand against each other. They are destined, however, to be sold at auction, their reserve price is set at fifteen thousand dollars each. No bid under thirty thousand dollars will be accepted for the pair.

The recruiter was paid seven thousand for the pair. He must be encouraged to keep him interested and active, but he must not be.

Twice a year he is flown to the place to witness the results of his toils and to do some hands-on torturing. He especially enjoys it when the terrified victims recognize him. They usually scream epithets at him.

He just smiles and assures them that they will soon scream differently as waves of agony wash over their bodies while he skillfully applies tortures. He explains to them how much agony he personally suffers while trying to decide what resources to apply to the limited number of subjects he is allotted.

He is given one subject each trip, but as a reward for the twins, he will be given two youths to torment next time -- a South African black and a German because he has a passion for torturing foreskins.

His only regret is that foreskins are so delicate, soon atrophy, become useless for sport, and require tedious removal.

Lacking from the torturing of victims he did not acquire will be the thrill of being recognized. He will beg Mr Toymaker to permit him to do a little light torture on some of his own recruits. Their fury soon turns to terror as he begins to work.

Hold a wasp between the fingers in such a way that it cannot sting. Soon its rage turns to fear; it flies away. Release it when it is angry, and be stung.

The difference here is that these beautiful, young males can't sting -- all they can do is plead pitifully and suffer horribly.

Over the course of a year The Master disposes, by various means, of hundreds of youths from various countries.

Some are sold to hideously fat African chiefs. They have no cash, so he trades fair haired Americans and Europeans one to ten for strapping black African youths. The chiefs can speak no English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish so they can't understand their victims' pleas. The African blacks can't communicate with their tormentors either. It all adds a certain interest.

Some of the slaves are sold to frustrated, penis-envy, superannuated dykes who love to torture what they hate.

Some are sold to decrepit, old fags who think that eating their slaves will rejuvenate their fading vigor -- the genitals are eaten first, of course. They prefer uncircumcised genitals because they contain more vitamin-rich skin.

The Master must refrain from circumcising some of the slaves he plans to sell, because quite a few of his customers prefer unchopped meat. He hates to allow a foreskin to escape, but business is business. So Allah will understand and forgive him.

The auction will be tomorrow, the twins are to be the showpiece of the sale. The next most prized offering will be a beautiful, tall, athletic redhead with blue eyes like morning glories and skin like heavy cream. His reserve will also be ten thousand dollars, but there is only one of him.

Various blonds, brunettes, etc. down to some Mexican wetbacks from Texas and Southern California will bring lower prices. Blonds are expensive, but not as expensive as twins or redheads.

Twins will always command a high price, especially blonds. Sets will not be broken -- they always sell as twins. The value singly is much lower than half the price as a set of twins. Only someone very wealthy can afford the kinkiness of working on twins.

The twins and scores of others will be auctioned off tomorrow. Djai selects the stock to be sold tomorrow and has each scrubbed, wiped, and scented. They are given comfortable rooms, two to a room, and are told to sleep well.

"Get plenty of restful sleep, slaves, tomorrow will be a very important day for you," advises Djai reassuringly.

"You have been selected because of your beauty and rarity for better uses."

Each is given a painful injection of ValiumTM to help him get some restful sleep. Each pair of youths goes to sleep embracing. They are awakened early, and bathed, massaged with scented lotions, are fed nourishing breakfasts, and are allowed to rest for an hour.

They are again summoned and are paraded before the bidders who sit behind one-way mirrors. Each slave wears a number.

The twins both wear the same number. Only Dave's pink scar from his recent clip job distinguishes him.

They are taken to a large holding room furnished with upholstered benches and large, soft pillows to await further instructions.

"Twins!" calls Djai.

They are taken back to the display area where they are told to perform sex together. They are not certain, but they suspect that they are under observation and that a good performance here will somehow be beneficial to them.

They do a vigorous suck-fuck session, and each shoots two copious loads of jism. They are then led back to their roomette.

The huge redhead is paired with a reluctant Mexican youth still in possession of his foreskin. He's small, slender, very wiry-muscular, with penetrating black eyes, black hair, and a warm brown complexion. He requires a bit of cattle prod to get him to cooperate.

Once the Mexican gets into the scene he performs well enough until the big redhead forces his large cock into the smaller fellow's tight ass-hole. The struggle excites some of the bidders. He doesn't yet know it, but he'll fetch a better price tomorrow because of his groans. An obese Spanish olive oil magnate will purchase him. An oil-rich Arab will buy the redheaded giant.

Those waiting to go on are becoming tense and apprehensive -- four have been taken away and have not come back.

When Djai comes to select the next pair he chooses the tall, thin, well-hung blond and a brunette with a muscular, stocky build. They object because people go away and don't return. Djai assures them that everyone is safe and well, but that if they do not do as they are told they will not fare so well. Two attendants with cattle prods take menacing stances, and the young slaves comply at once.

The blond will bring a good bid because fair skin and hair, and blue eyes are rare in the Middle East. He and his partner put on lackluster performance, and are shown to quarters to rest for tomorrow's auction.

The attributes of all of the offerings will be discussed at length, and in detail, at dinner tonight.

Dinner is a typical Arabian mutton grab for the honored guests, and an adequate buffet for the invited bidders. There are potentially several times the number of bidders as there are animals to bid on, but that will keep the bidding lively -- scarcity elevates prices.

Later in the week there will be a general stock auction -- this auction is of the prime stock.

There are seldom twins and The Master retained the previous two sets, one set of blond Swedes picked up on Sicily and the other French, taken in the Azores, so conversation naturally centers on them.

Some honored guests are, like The Master, rich sheiks. They also have slaves recruited for them. But they don't sell slaves.

The Master doesn't need to sell slaves. He is enormously wealthy, and the auctions rarely bring in enough money to pay all the expenses of putting them on. But converting captives to cash excites him. He can afford to spend millions annually to obtain victims and personally dispose of them, but after several years of doing that he became bored. The auctions are a much more amusing diversion.

Before the prime animals are auctioned, two dozen ordinary stock animals are to be sold. Some are somewhat the worse for wear, a few have been gelded by some agonizing means. Some will have been tortured so much that much of the responsiveness has gone out of them. Some have just become boring to The Master and Djai.

They are paraded as a group onto the stage in hot sunlight while the bidders sit in air-conditioned comfort, looking through one-way glass.

Each animal is selected one by one by the auctioneer, and led to the front of the platform. He is made to pose in various positions so that all of him becomes visible.

Several have already been reserved to be traded for ten black young men each to obese African chieftains.

One chieftain has brought fifty black captives to trade for five Europeans who will be tortured by very primitive methods by his hideously obese wives who will roast parts of their living bodies before slicing them off to eat.

One of the black captives has been troublesome. The chieftain's head eunuch warns Djai that he has tried to escape and injured a guard in the attempt. Djai conveys the message to The Master, who suggests they use him as a whipping exhibition.

When the captive is unshackled he makes a break for freedom, running like a gazelle. A guard on horseback rides him down and catches him around the neck with a whip, jerking him off his feet.

He is strung up by his wrists from a scaffold and swings freely, turning slowly as he is beaten with a weighted cat. After twenty lashes his legs are spread wide.

Djai takes out a razor-sharp knife and severs the ligament over the screaming wretch's cock. Giving a firm downward pull on the cock he begins cutting it free and working back towards the ass-hole.

Slowly, deftly he cuts away tissue to the sides. As a blood vessel is severed and blood begins to flow an assisting eunuch draws an iron, glowing bright yellow, from a small forge and sears the vessel shut. When only the urethra connects the severed cock, balls, scrotum to the slave, it is sliced through and the cauterizing iron is used again.

A wooden post nearly three inches in diameter is inserted into a socket in the stage. The slave is hauled aloft and is swung over the post. Eunuchs guide the struggling slave by spreading his legs and one spreads his ass cheeks.

He is lowered onto the stake. It is greased, polished very smooth, and is rounded. It presses against his ass-hole. He tries to wriggle away, but as his body weight settles onto it his ass-hole is forced to stretch and accommodate the massive intruder. His screams are superb.

When his feet, toes actually, touch the stage he is able to prevent further penetration. His arms are released, and he stands in agony with six to eight inches of the huge pole inside him.

The onlookers are already placing bets on how long he can stand so and are toying with their Patek PhillipeTM watches to time his efforts.

If he were even slightly sophisticated about such matters he'd simply throw out his legs in a dancer's split and end his life in a brief episode of incredible torment, but he will try desperately to hold himself up, and the pole will slowly plow its way up into his guts, tearing them slowly because it lacks sharp cutting edges.

When it presses against his diaphragm, breathing will become more and more difficult and his heart will be squeezed.

Remarkably he endures this hideous torment for more than an hour. As more and more of the bettors lose because of his endurance and have to pay off they begin to shout Arabic epithets at him. He doesn't understand even if he hears them. He'll soon feed the jackals and vultures. The crowd applauds wildly.

The other black slaves begin to babble as they fall to their knees and attempt to kiss the hem of Djai's robes. Several have cocks so long they nearly touch the stage when they kneel.

No slave of any race will again attempt to make trouble. The bloody impaling stake is standing as a warning and reminder to behave well or suffer horribly.

Djai holds the severed genitals aloft for everyone to see even before the victim's struggles close. The cock is huge -- even in this very flaccid condition and the balls are quite generous.

The auctioneer asks for bids,

"What am I offered for these organs?"

The previous bearer of the organs was of uncertain age, but obviously was not over twenty-two. As yet there is no hair on his scrotum or cock shaft. Among epicures with a taste for human flesh there are those who will claim that this race or that has a better flavor or texture.

The bidding began at a fifty dollars. An ancient, decrepit Frenchman obtains the organs for a mere $155.

He has bought along his favorite chef, who takes them back to the gentlemen's suite to prepare for his evening meal. He marinates them in mixtures of wines and herbs -- testicles are marinated in one mixture, penis in another.

After marinating they will be sauted in butter with onions and shallots. When done to a tender perfection they will be savored by the lucky purchaser.

A hypodermic syringe will be used to force some marinade into the arteries. The veins will be tied shut after the blood has been flushed out by the marinade, and the organ is filled with marinade when it reaches its erect size the arteries will be tied shut. It will be full, plump, tender, and juicy when ready to be eaten.

The chef will arrange the cock and balls artistically on a plate with a garnish of vegetables. The Frenchman will savor every morsel.

The blood and mess are quite unusual for an auction. But this was not always the case.

Several years ago the first auction was held; it was a messy affair. The stock were terrified, as all slaves are at auction, but no precautions were taken before hand. The slaves were pissing and shitting all over the stage.

At the next, and all succeeding auctions, the slaves were all fitted with catheters clamped shut, had been given at least three enemas, more if required, to evacuate them entirely, and their asses were packed with cotton.

The acutions run very smoothly now. The twins are being prepared as the ordinary stock is being sold. They are strapped to a table face to cock. The eunuchs insert the catheters.

Dave is appalled, to see the thick tube forced into his brother's piss slit. Just then he feels one enter his urethra and he emulates his brother's scream.

As piss begins to flow out the tubes the open ends are held over the brothers' mouths. Each drinks some of his sibling's salty liquid. they are taken from the table and are made to kneel on the floor, asses up, heads resting on the floor. Straps behind their knees and behind their heads hold them fast. Thick enema plugs are pushed up their asses and they are filled agonizingly full of water. They are forced to hold it in for five minutes before the plugs are withdrawn. Each shits out the water and turds. It is repeated, less shit is expelled. A third enema comes out clean. They are told to shower. Eunuchs anoint them with oils after drying them and packing their ass-holes.

As many of the slaves as interest The Master have been fucked by his huge cock. the twins have each had the honor several times. A battalion of eunuchs working feverishly in several similar tiled rooms have prepared all of the animals for display and sale. They are ushered from the enema rooms into a large tiled holding room to await the display phase.

Leading out to the stage there is a cattle chute. Just at the gate each is told to put his cock through the bars. The catheters are unclamped, their piss drains out, and the tubes are reclamped.

The honored guests will be invited to fondle cocks, balls, buns, pecs, etc. of the live-stock. The gallery of visitors will have to content themselves with looking on through binoculars. We can't have our honored guests inconvenienced by having any of the animals dropping excrement on the stage where someone might tread in it. Occasionally one of the animals' balls are fondled so well that he collapses onto the stage gasping for breath.

Once an animal had the great misfortune to slug his examiner. He regretted that for the remainder of his short life. His feet were beaten useless in the Apollo before he was gutted and fed to the vultures and jackals. The guests gave The Master a standing ovation for that.

The young Arab boys look on in wonderment at the torments of the uncooperative slaves. Their pricklets are rigid under their robes, and they can hardly wait until they will be able to participate in the torture of infidels. They are fascinated and repulsed at the sight of the few foreskins remaining. They are so pleased to be men and free of those disgusting parts. When they are eighteen they will apply for jobs in the torture cult. They will be able to torture male infidels their own age then instead of merely being spellbound onlookers.

The auction starts off with a few of the general stock just to get everyone in a bidding mood. A sheik purchases a small Mexican who was sold by his coyote who betrayed him instead of getting him safely into the United States. His sister and the other females in the group the coyote was to smuggle in are now in a brothel in a Middle Eastern country.

The sheik who bought the Mexican personally slices off his foreskin for the amusement of the bidders and onlookers. He uses a large,. curved knife that is not particularly sharp. He has to slice back and forth several times to accomplish his task. The unfortunate youth is held firmly by several huge eunuchs and screams much more than the pain warrants.

When finally the twins are placed on the block the bidding progresses very rapidly. A famous German surgeon purchases them. His family owns several large companies in which he is a major stock holder. He pays an astonishing one million, four hundred fifty thousand dollars for them. He intends to do surgical experiments on them as Mengele had done. He wants to test pain tolerance and to do tissue transplants. He will do foreskin restoration operations on them for starters, without benefit of analgesia, of course. By the time the good doctor has finished with them they'll wish they'd been selected for mortal combat. He is an expert at his craft and will keep them alive longer than most torture masters could hope to. He wants to see how much injury he can inflict without allowing death to intervene. He also has a palate for human flesh.

The doctor has in attendance a eunuch who goes onto the stage where the twins are and takes out a bottle containing a thick liquid extract of a plant sap. The bottle has an applicator in the cap which the eunuch uses to apply a liberal coating of the extract to the head of each twin's cock.

At first it feels cool to them, but slowly the sensation changes to warmth and tingling. It feels progressively warmer, becoming intensely hot. The tingling turns increasingly strong until it feels like thousands of tiny needles boring into the heads of their cocks, accompanied by an incredible itching. They try to rub their irritated cocks and are restrained. They gyrate their hips to no avail. When they are released they begin frantically jacking off. Because of the strong stimuli their cocks are numb while extremely painful, and they find it impossible to achieve an orgasm. They try rubbing their cocks on the rough boards of the stage and beating on them with their fists in a vain attempt to get their rocks off. The honored guests by this time are laughing so hard their sides hurt and tears are running down their faces.

Each twin is given an injection of a strong diuretic, the catheters are yanked out painfully, and they are whipped into a tiny cage. Djai advises them that the injections will cause them to piss copiously and to become extremely thirsty. To quench their thirst they will have to drink their piss because there will be nothing else to drink. They remain crammed in the cage as the auction proceeds.

The doctor uses one of the company jets on his trips. He is so well known to customs that they hardly look up when his plane lands. A few thousand marks change hands too. It is easy to move livestock in and out. He purchases several animals from the general stock for about fifty thousand dollars each. He gives one occasionally to his pilot and co-pilot to share at a chalet he has in the Alps. He conducts medical experiments there.

Several of the purchasers are required to dispose of the livestock they have purchased on the estate of The Master in well-outfitted torture suites under the watchful eyes of Djai, The Master, or one of the trained eunuchs who will explain the uses of Mr Toymaker's devices which may be unfamiliar to the visitors. Sometimes Mr Toymaker or Mr Recruiter will assist.

The tough old dyke from New York has bought at bargain prices several of the African black youths. She attempts to do the super-radical castration procedure she watched Djai perform. She has absolutely no talent for surgery, bungles the operation magnificently, and kills the screaming youth very quickly. The doctor, who trained Djai, is summoned to guide her through the operation on her second victim. He deftly guides her heavy, clumsy hand step by step to the screams of the terrified boy. Two more of his buddies remain chained to the wall crying out in a language no one here comprehends. Diefenbachia plant stems are pushed into their mouths and soon they are incapable of uttering any sound; their mouths and throats are extremely painful and swollen.

She invites the doctor to dine with her on the excised genitals. He accepts and asks to borrow the Frenchman's chef to prepare them. The chef will have three such delicacies to prepare for tomorrow's dinner after they have been marinated overnight. Because the surgery was performed without precautions the victim will probably die of infection in a few days so she precedes to torment other parts of his helpless body.

He is strapped flat on his back and nooses of deep-sea fishing line are looped over his nipples. The lines pass through overhead pulleys, and weights are attached. The thin lines cut relentlessly into his nipples and stretch them upward. He screams and begs uselessly; even if she could understand him she would ignore him. She adds weights from time to time until first one nipple, then, minutes later, the second is ripped off. The weights fall onto his chest and crush ribs.

Although it will make the flesh toxic, one slave is strung up by his big toes and is given an enema of mercury.

Beneath his head a large cast-iron pot will catch any that spills. He was given the usual cleansing enemas. The crushing weight of the liquid metal slowly forces the contents of the small intestines back into his stomach and suddenly the silvery metal flows out of his gaping mouth.

He is then hung by his thumbs and two gallons of mercury are poured into his mouth. This rushes unimpeded through his guts and out his ass-hole.

He is then gutted and two slaves who are offered the option of having the same treatment or wringing the last of the mercury out of his guts, quite willingly recover the gleaming liquid metal.

They suspect that they too will be tortured but hope they can delay it if only for a day.


The recruits who are not given special ringside seats at combats to prepare them are shown videos. They know what happens to the losers.

Some winners are treated like princes and are permitted to mingle among the slaves. They are given excellent food, some skimpy clothing; the truly skilled killers are given jewelry of gold and precious stones to wear. Most of the winners are actually losers because they will be sold into slavery at auction or are made to fight other winners in progressively more vicious and violent contests until killed.

Until a Judas-goat winner becomes boring or otherwise annoys The Master, he has his own slave and comfortable quarters luxuriously outfitted, with music and video, but eventually all die horribly.

Any recruit who refuses to fight will be subjected to some sort of hideously appalling torture-death as an example to the rest. Seeing the selected winners gives them a glimmering ray of hope.

It is the Roman rudus, the gladiator's ticket to freedom, a rough, wooden sword given to him after a particularly distinguished (read: bloody) career in the arena, refined and brought up to date.

But there is no actual salvation, no actual freedom. An early and agonizing death is the only escape. There is no hope. All suffer and die one way or another of ghastly, unnatural causes. But only for the entertainment of the privileged owners. There is no way recruits can commit suicide in a proud or desperate act of self-control. There isn't even electrified barbed wire to hurl one's self against. That is how the game is played.

As happens, some of the recruits are homosexual by nature. Race is not a factor, but some ethnic groups try to hide their bent -- as the African blacks who are more than willing to be placed in a situation where they have no choice and are compelled to suck cocks and be fucked.

Some American and European recruits are gay too. Some are picked up as lover pairs. Occasionally only one roomie is gay and the other is quite unaware of his friend's true preference.

There is currently one pair of college roomies where one is straight and is entirely willing to have his fag roomie give him sexual service by sucking his cock. Such an arrangement can be very convenient -- no emotional entanglements, no courting girls, no trying to find a place to fuck -- just lie back and have the tool serviced by a wet, warm, willing mouth -- and all at no cost. It doesn't get much better.

But as captives, when such a relationship is discovered Djai immediately inverts the situation, and the straight one is required to service the other with his mouth and ass-hole -- under threat of torture to both. The straight is made to be the slave and is permitted only JO for relief.

As an example, Dudley, a femme, is forbidden to satisfy Carl, a straight, in any way. They are given an adequate roomette, but are not permitted to have toilet paper. Carl is the toilet slave. He must keep Dudley's ass-hole clean. His own he cleanses with his fingers, which he cleans with the same implement he uses to cleanse Dudley's ass-hole -- his tongue. When Dudley fucks him, Carl must clean the cock afterwards.

The first few days a generous application of cattle prods to Carl's cock, balls, and ass is required to persuade him that he is expected to be diligent in his new role. Carl must eat his own cum and is required to JO at least twice daily. He must also drink Dudley's morning piss every day.

After a period of humiliation adjustment, it is decided that Carl will be forced into combat. Dudley, on the other hand, will become a harem boy and sailor on The Master's yacht.

Dudley is assigned to the crew-moral officer. He is blond, small, very boyish, has almost no body hair, and is greatly in demand every waking moment.

At first secretly, but eventually open enough for all to know, Dudley glories in his assignment. He is the crew's pampered sex slave, and his time must be carefully scheduled by the morale officer to avoid quarrels.

Although officially a sex slave, he is actually, or at least virtually, in charge of his own assignments. Although all crew members start out equally weighted in the computer program that assigns him to them, anyone who displeases Dudley loses weighting and is passed over.

Although Dudley cannot escape, he has no desire to do so. For the first time in his life he can have constant attention from men. He has never had as much sex as he's wanted -- this situation provides him almost as much as he'd like.

And, not only does Dudley like his situation, others are glad Dudley is there. To have him assigned to one's bunk for an entire night is highly desired. He is a born whore. He has the run of the entire ship, nude most of the time, and to try to take him on an unscheduled basis earns the offender a whipping before the assembled crew.

But Dudley is so desirable, whippings are not always a deterance. One crewman has been so beaten thrice and considers it a small price to pay for Dudley's services.

Such is the life of one in a straight/faggot pair -- the lucky one, the faggot, of course.

Back at The Master's compound, the arena is readied for the evening's combat. The stainless steel floor is buffed to a mirror finish and is covered with a thin layer of Teflon microspheres. The combatants will wear sneakers of woven Teflon thread. Foot electrical contact will be by means of conductive-plastic insoles.

It will be like trying to fight on a sheet of wet ice. The coefficient of friction will approach zero. A gladiator will do well to keep his footing. If he falls, he'll be shocked on any part of his body that touches the plates of the floor.

Prior to entering the arena, the fighters will receive an air enema. So when one falls, he will lose control of his sphincter too, and will fart tunefully as he wriggles in pain on the electric floor. -- Tonight's fight will be a hilarious comedy for all -- except, of course, for the participants, who will suffer marvelously. One will die of his wounds. The other will be seriously disfigured.

After the completion of the combat, a new appliance designed and built by Mr Toymaker will be demonstrated. The Master has not seen it and has no idea what it is. He is beside himself with curiosity about it.

There is a slight risk to Mr Toymaker if it does not meet The Master's expectations, but he has used it on a Nubian expendable. It performed splendidly in the secret test. The Nubian died in wretched agony. Only his faggy sailor protege witnessed its test.

The combatants are fitted with their belts and wands. The frictionless sneakers are fitted and laced tightly. The Prince Albert ring contacts are attached. All the electrodes are attached and tested in turn. At each test of an electrode each combatant yelps, winches, twitches, jerks, jumps. The air enema doubles each over and makes him groan. Everything is in order now.

They gingerly tread onto the arena floor. Each has nearly fallen trying to reach the floor because of the Teflon sneakers. First one, then the other slips and falls hard onto the inelastic floor. Both scream and writhe as electric shocks encourage them to stand up. They manage nearly to stand up before falling again and receiving more severe shocks. The guests are greatly amused by the hilarious antics of the two gladiators who know they are fighting for survival. They had hoped to have a fair fight, but this isn't fair, it's humiliating.

Occasionally one or the other lands a painful blow on the other's body, but most of their injuries are from the falls and the electrical shocks the falls cause. One appears after an hour of this to be getting the upper hand. To keep it fair The Master programs an air enema for him. He bends over double, drops his wand, and clasps his abdomen. His opponent, who is receiving cock to floor shocks of a strong but not paralyzing nature, jabs the tip of his wand under the other's armpit when the wand is programmed for a nearly lethal shock. The Master is not influenced at all by having wagered a million dollars on the other gladiator. He plays fair and almost never loses.

Smoke rises from the armpit and sneakers. Then the electrode is switched from sneakers to cock. The cock tip smokes where the ring enters. He collapses in a heap, and the other manages to put the wand in the pit of his stomach causing his heart to fibrillate as his cock begins to swell and blister.

The winner is a mass of bruises and electrical burns. There is wild applause as the spectators mop the tears of laughter from their eyes. They shout complements to The Master. He declines and announces that this evening's entertainment is solely the work of Mr Toymaker, who deserves the credit for all of it.

Mr Toymaker is summoned forward to accept the applause and a sizeable stack of gold coins as a tangible reward.

If he wanted to he could retire comfortably right now, but he loves his work. He is a master craftsman. His vocation is his avocation; he hopes one day, at an advanced age, to fall dead at the instant a victim dies horribly at his hands. He can imagine no more glorious end to a productive lifetime.

The stage/arena descends. Below, the combat floor with its Teflon lubrication is moved aside and is vacuumed so that no Teflon spheres get onto the work floor where someone of worth might slip, fall, and break his ass.

A floor of oak planks with the gleaming new torture appliance is slid onto the elevator. It is a polished stainless steel vertical torture rack. A slave is already strapped in place. He is a tall, blond Russian sailor who jumped ship in Spain and tried to defect. A Spaniard offered to hide him out. Unfortunately for the sailor the helpful man is one of the recruiters. He's twenty-one massively built, ruggedly handsome with the body of a ballet dancer, if not his grace and agility.

If this rack can pull him apart it can pull anyone apart. His cock is huge and uncircumcised. Even in his terrified state his cock is large.

Mr Toymaker strokes the loose foreskin back and forth a few times, and the organ begins its involuntary stiffening. When it is quite rigid, Mr Toymaker uses a tool to stretch an O-ring wide enough to slip over the big cock. He slides it to the base and lets it snap onto the cock. Now the cock cannot soften.

The sailor grimaces and sucks in a deep breath, but he doesn't cry out. Time for him to scream will come soon enough.

A clamp made of two flat bars of stainless steel is attached behind his cock head and is screwed tight, crushing the shaft flat. A low groan builds in his throat. Next, a blunt screw is turned in and bears on the shaft, forcing its way through the shaft and down through the urethra and into a hole in the second bar. The clamp is then attached to a shaft and a small motor is switched on, causing the clamp to turn once each five minutes, slowly twisting his cock like a rubber-band motor of a model airplane. He made whimpering sounds as the screw punched its way through his cock.

Now as his cock is twisted slowly he begins to groan louder and louder. Inside his crotch he feels connecting tissues being torn loose.

As soon as the twisting mechanism was set in motion, his nuts were placed in a pneumatic press where relentless pressure causes him to groan louder and to puke. Slowly they are crushed until they burst.

The destroyed genitals are ripped out by hydraulic rams and the torn blood vessels are quickly sutured or cauterized by the attending surgeon to stop the life-threatening blood loss.

The doctor revives him each time he lapses into unconsciousness.

Now the rack can begin to do its real work. It can pull any limb in any desired direction and induce maximum agony. Unlike the ancient racks that pulled both arms and legs at once, this rack can apply tons of tension to the limbs individually.

The hands are placed in orthopedic surgical clamps so that instead of applying tension only at the wrist it is applied to the fingers and thumbs. Tension causes more pain in these delicate joints with their rich network of nerves. A similar clamp is attached to each foot.

Initially the rack will be used horizontally in the manner of the racks used by the Inquisitions. Mirrors and video cameras and monitors will provide the spectators a good view of his straining muscles and joints. As fingers and toes are torn from their sockets the clamps will be reattached at the ankles and wrists to permit the application of the massive tension required to cause shoulder, hip, and knee dislocation. Slow, steady, precise tension will be applied with all operations under microprocessor control. As the tension is applied his limbs straighten, the muscles become well defined, ribs show; the natural, normal curve of the spine becomes straight. The sailor screams and pleads in Russian while the spectators make wagers about which finger or toe will pop out of joint first.

As a finger joint dislocates, it becomes shiny, almost waxy, and slightly yellowish; Sasha screams louder. He knows he will slowly be torn limb from limb by the pitiless, powerful machine as it goes silently about its tasks. The machine doesn't need to make any sounds, its human work-piece will make sound enough as his body is reshaped by the powerful machine; any sounds the machine might make would be distracting. Its movements are smooth as whipped cream and totally irresistible.

If a car were somehow to be fitted to the rack it could be torn apart; a mere man will yield to its relentless forces.

After several finger joints have been torn apart, the machine releases the tension. The left foot is released. He attempts to move his leg to a comfortable position and a searing pain suffuses the entire limb.

The foot is placed inside a polished metal boot with a number of vise screws sticking out of it at various places. The cute sailor who has become Mr Toymaker's protege begins twisting screws to apply crushing forces to the trapped foot. Sasha screams and pleads for mercy. A bar is clamped across his pelvis and bears down with agonizing weight.

An enormous polished, smooth stainless-steel dildo with a wide flange at its base is positioned at his ass-hole and the machine effortlessly slides it inside. The unfortunate sailor suffers greatly at the intrusion into his mutilated groin area. The flange will prevent the dildo's penetrating far enough to kill him and will give a bearing surface for the traction that will be required to rip a leg out.

The Russian will be torn to pieces slowly and methodically over a period of several hours.

Slowly the machine begins to twist the foot to the outside. The agony in the ankle, knee, and hip joints is worse than the stretching caused. A spreader mechanism in his crotch pushes outwards on the thigh until the hip joint springs from its socket with a loud, snapping noise. A fraction of a second later Sasha gives a piercing scream.

The machine continues to twist the leg as it simultaneously rotates the leg toward Sasha's head. The surgeon cuts into the leg when the movements of the machine are placed on pause status and sutures the femoral artery closed. With a long, thin knife, he cuts the leg free. The severed leg is shown to the sailor, who cannot believe what he is experiencing. He is shown his severed leg, which will be cooked for tomorrow's banquet along with his tenderized balls and cock.

The rack slowly rises to a vertical position after the surgeon sutures the larger blood vessels and cauterizes the smaller bleeders.

The machine lowers the right arm so that it is straight out to the side. A large metal fixture moves into the arm pit, and the arm is pulled straight out from the shoulder until the joint is separated. The victim shriekes magnificently. The machine begins to twist the arm around at about one revolution a minute. Muscles and tendons twist around each other and tear loose. The arm is rotated in a large circle one full revolution after each complete turn of the twister.

After several complete twist-revolve cycles the arm is ready to break free. The surgeon exposes and sutures the arteries then cauterizes the smaller bleeders. Sasha is shown his severed arm. Before it is placed in the marinade the torturer-sailor indicates by gesture that it will be eaten.

He smacks his lips and makes mock biting gestures. Sasha realizes that he is to become dinner and begins to sob.

His left arm is pulled upwards as in a conventional rack. Fixtures at both sides of his neck bear down on his shoulders as the arm is pulled upward. The wrist and elbow joints separate, and finally the shoulder joint. The arm is stretched until it tears out at the shoulder. The surgeon works quickly to stop blood loss.

Next a wide band of surgical rubber is wound very tightly around his right leg, starting at the ankle and working upwards over the thigh to force its blood into the torso. A tourniquet is applied at the crotch to keep the blood out of the leg. The surgeon exposes the femoral artery and sutures it shut before severing it. A sturdy steel post pushes the dildo's flange against his mutilated crotch. The leg is pulled out by steady, brute force. Then it is torn free. Sasha is permitted to kiss his leg before it is placed in the marinade.

Clamps hold his pelvis and shoulders firmly, and a bar across the small of his back slowly pushes outward and bends his back agonizingly. He is being broken across the middle. The excruciating pain reaches a wonderful peak as his spine snaps sickeningly.

Steel bolts are forced into his ear canals and are used to pull his head up away from his shoulders. He screams his last as the nerve impulses telling him to breathe are severed.

The applause is wonderful, and a bit embarrassing, to Mr Toymaker. The Master takes off a heavy gold pendant set with diamonds and a large emerald and puts it about Mr Toymaker's neck. Other rich Arabs throw jewelry, gems, gold coins, etc. onto the stage. Several want to borrow the machine to have copies made for their play rooms. They want Mr Toymaker to visit their countries and supervise the construction of the duplicate machines. His Swiss bank accounts will swell nicely. The machine is a triumph, the epitome of racks. After centuries the rack has finally been perfected through technology.

Several guests had hoped to purchase the beautiful, big Russian, but were delighted to have witnessed his incredible agonies. The entire time for the dismemberment and death of Sasha took nearly three hours.

Mr Toymaker is quite exhausted by his labors, and descends into his basement workshop-playroom with his sailor protege for some relaxing sex with the youth who enjoys servicing an experienced and skilled master. Despite his fatigue, Mr Toymaker is ready for some playful S/M with his subservient, young sailor toy. The sailor is eager to be tortured lightly before being fucked.

The guests are tired out from the excitement of watching the comedy combat and the racking of the sailor. Each selects a slave to take to his private chambers for some light torture and heavy sex. One guest finds it necessary to summon Djai to remove his slave who appears to have had a serious heart defect and expired while having his ass beaten. Djai brings a replacement and apologizes profusely for the unfortunate inconvenience. He leaves behind, as partial compensation, a large attache case outfitted with various toys.

There are large butt plugs, thumbscrews, cattle prod, jaw stretcher, black jack, tubes of burning ointments, nut press, tourniquets, and needles in the kit. The guest had brought a few of his own personal toys; with the kit of supplemental toys Djai brought he has a rather complete portable play room.

The room contains a few bulky fixtures: rings set in the wall, pulleys in the ceiling, and other apparatus to restrain a slave for amusing diversions.

Djai pushes the replacement slave toward a sturdy oak chair that is permanently affixed to the floor near a corner of the room. He is forced to bend over the chair, legs splayed wide, to have a fat butt plug, greased with menthol/jalapeno ointment inserted. He screams and tries to force it back out. He is forced to sit in the chair and is strapped in. Sitting on the plug, he cannot force it out. He hears muffled cries from the adjacent room where another guest is enjoying a relaxing session torturing his assigned slave before calling it a night. Djai apologizes again for the inconvenience caused by the inconsiderate slave who'd died.

The unfortunate replacement slave begins to sob and plead for mercy. The guest smiles knowingly, selects a thumbscrew, fits it to his victim's thumb. The screw is turned slowly to crush the thumb until blood spurts out. The victim screams and shuffles his feet, uselessly and pisses.

The guest presses a button to summon a servant to clean up the piss. He enters trembling and kneels to receive instructions. He is naked and is given a stinging blow from a riding crop. He quickly wipes up the piss with a cloth and leaves lest he becomes part of the guest's diversions.

Turning his attention back to the slave in the chair, the Arab shoves bamboo splints under the victim's fingernails, smears wax on the splints, and sets them afire. To prevent even futile attempts at blowing out the flaming splints, the victim is fitted with a surgical mask which very slightly muffles his screams.

The splints burn up to the fingertips and flicker out. The surgical mask is removed and his toes are similarly treated. The screams are indistinguishable from those with the mask on.

After several hours of such amusements, the man is quite tired. A thick catheter is forced into the slave's cock and is secured in place. He is advised to make no sounds, for, if he awakens his tormentor, he'll suffer much worse. The Arab retires, and the victim sits rigidly in an attempt to remain silent despite the increasing pain in his ass because of the stretching from the expanding butt plug. He falls into a fitful sleep, only to awaken screaming.

Awakened by the noise, the Arab is furious. He detaches the chair back and administers twenty strokes of the cat to the slave's back. He pumps two hundred ml of his piss into the slave's bladder before retiring again.

The slave will be used as dinner diversion as he is tortured because he'll not be much use for anything else after tonight's abuses. He'll pay for the first slave's death.

A new night arrives.

Tonight's combatants will wear rubber gloves on their left hands; over the rubber gloves they will wear knitted, stainless steel, meat-cutter's gloves. Each will carry a short, dagger-like wand in his right hand. The fight will combine wrestling and knife fighting. They will attempt to punch and grasp with their gloved hands and to jab the stubby wands into vulnerable, tender places. The fighting will be fast, strenuous, and exhausting. They will fight in rounds, returning to their corners in the circular arena to rest. They will be permitted to slake their thirst by drinking piss from squeeze bottles. The piss will have been stored at body temperature and aged since early today when their trainers arose and first pissed.

Since early this morning they have been strapped into frameworks that have twisted their bodies into agonizingly unnatural positions. They'll rest between rounds in the same frames. They will lack the youthful agility they normally posess. Any agility and speed will come from desperation and the will to survive.

They do not yet know it, but the winner will have the singular honor of inaugurating another creation of Toymaker and Company that the two workers are now toiling hard to complete in time for tonight's banquet. He'll wish he'd thrown the fight to have avoided this.

After the fight the survivor is prepared for the banquet and the new torture apparatus that will kill him. He is given numerous, huge enemas to flush his guts. A stomach tube is fished down his throat and finally entices the pilorus valve to open so that his small intestine can be flushed clean. Eventually water forced through the tube flows out his ass-hole as fast as it is pumped into his guts. He is in acute agony when the procedure is terminated and he is thrown into a cell to await his hideous death. He does not yet know that he will not survive this night. He curls up on the mattress in an attempt to relieve his severe cramps. Occasionally he hauls himself onto the toilet to expel some more of the water in his guts.

The last adjustments are made and the new machine is ready for a test on an expendable slave and performs as hoped. The wretched slave dies horribly.

During dinner the guests are entertained by slaves forced to masturbate, perform sex, torture other slaves, etc. After dinner a curtain parts and reveals the winner of the combat stretched spread-eagle style on a vertical metal frame. He is given an injection directly in his cock head that produces an immediate and painful erection that he'll be incapable of losing. Mr Toymaker's protege selects a thick, straight stainless steel catheter, grabs the winner's cock, and forces the hollow sound into the constricted meatus. When the tube reaches the curve in the urethra at the base of the cock, it is used to pry the cock painfully straight down so that it can enter the bladder. The young man screams at the new intensity of the pain. Two hundred ml of the protege's piss will be pumped into the bladder and the catheter will be drawn out quickly and painfully. The young man is warned that if he leaks any piss, he will suffer horribly. He is also advised to keep a very tight ass-hole.

An array of nylon straps, like seat belts but narrower, is drawn across his abdomen. From the bottom rib to his pelvis he is fully covered by the overlapping bands of nylon webbing. They draw somewhat snug, and the pressure relieves some of the cramps in his cleansed intestines.

Just as he begins to wonder how he will be tortured, the strap just under his ribs is drawn silently and smoothly so tight he feels he'll be cut in half and he lets out a pitiful scream. As soon as he recovers slightly the next overlapping strap tightens slower, but just as tight. One by one the straps tighten and force his guts lower and lower. The straps below on his abdomen seem tighter now because his guts are crowding into less and less space. Straps can tighten, but never can loosen until their entire programed sequence is completed.

His guts crowd his bladder, his ass-hole feels funny, and he tries to tighten it. When he can no longer restrain the pressure in his bladder, a stream of piss arches upwards and lands on the stage six feet away. The guests applaud and laugh. He feels an urgent need to shit, a video camera below and behind shows his ass-hole as it begins to bulge outwards. Suddenly it opens and his guts cascade out onto the stage between his legs. Despite the injections received before the show to enhance his pain sensations and inhibit fainting, he loses consciousness with a loud bellow.

The applause reflects a genuine appreciation of the finesse required to make a man shit out his own guts. Gifts of money and jewelry are presented. Mr Toymaker holds aloft an emerald pendant and a bracelet of gold set with diamonds and pigeon's-blood rubies and makes a gesture towards his protege then gives them to his talented paramour.

The guests applaud their consent; the young man blushes and thanks his mentor for the gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. He will be especially attentive to his mentor's needs, and his own, tonight when they go to bed together.

The older man wears Arabian robes, the younger is nude at such demonstrations, and his youthful cock is in a constant state of rigidity. He loves his work. He'll surely become a first-rate torture master, and will be purchased to oversee a torture dungeon belonging to an oil-rich Arab one day.

He is a born virtuoso, and needs only to practice his act diligently to become world famous in such circles of cognoscente.

The guests retire with their slaves of the night. These slaves will also be especially attentive to their masters tonight. Slaves who have witnessed such exhibitions tend to behave very well afterwards. Some puked, some fainted, some did both when the guts burst out of that ass-hole. A few masters pointed to their assigned slaves, then to the machine, and smiled broad, toothy smiles. The message was very clear to the slaves. None want to go out that way. None will displease their masters, they hope. All are terrified.

For the next night's entertainment, the slaves will each wear gloves on both hands and will have to kill their opponents manually with the help of electrical shocks. Two muscular, athletic jocks of nearly the same weight will be matched.

The dinner guests are seated on comfortable cushions around a low table. Under the table each guest has a slave whom he chose earlier. The slaves will keep their bladders drained throughout dinner. The eating and drinking go on for hours. Each slave has a dog collar on his neck and the chains are attached to the table near each slave's respective owner. Before dinner the slaves were forced to drink large quantities of tea and each is given an injection of a diuretic. They are not allowed to piss. They have been warned that if any one of them pisses, all will be tortured to death after dinner. Each must keep his owner drained and drain adjacent slaves. Throughout the long banquet (of Russian sailor) the slaves are all frantically processing piss either from his owner or another slave on a continuous basis.

As the last course is finished, The Master makes a gesture. By prearrangement each guest hauls his slave to his cock and makes him suck it for what seems like an eternity. The slaves' bladders are filling to bursting and they grab their cocks and squeeze as hard as they can, but to no avail.

Several can't stand the growing pressure and release their cocks, allowing their piss to gush out. Cables are attached to fixtures in the rim of the table and it is hoisted aloft. The slaves are hauled to their feet as some continue to spout piss.

The shortest is the luckiest, he strangles. All are forced into frameworks, their heads are bent back, mouths are pried open and they are forced to swallow various solids and liquids. One must swallow sharp stones, one glass shards, one thorns, one bits of metal. Some of the objects are encapsulated in a soluble gel. One is made to drink two quarts of metallic mercury. One has a pipe pushed down into his stomach and several pounds of coarse sand are poured in.

Various poisonous and corrosive liquids are poured down throats. These work the fastest; the solid objects are slowly exposed as the gel coatings dissolve. The unfortunate slaves scream and wail as their internal organs are ripped and torn.

One is spared the tortures only to be impaled on a smooth, polished stainless steel post as thick as a man's wrist and rounded on the end so that it can't cut the intestines. It will slowly stretch its way into him as he becomes incapable of standing because of agony and fatigue.

Another is forced to drink oil hot enough to char his throat. He dies almost instantly, but in exquisite torment.

The ring is prepared for the mortal combat with the wretched slaves suffering their agonies placed around the perimeter with only their upper bodies above the floor of the ring.

The combatants are outfitted and are led into the ring. Gelded slaves use broad brushes to coat the cocks and balls of both fighters with the thick, oily sap of an African plant. The cocks and ball sacks begin to turn red and swell. The fighters slowly begin to experience a tingling, itching, burning sensation and can't resist reaching down to scratch the affected parts. As the conductive gloves touch the tender skin the fighters are rewarded with staggeringly intense surges of electricity. Djai orders,


They grapple with their hands and push each other back and forth trying for an advantage. From time to time they manage to break free and try to strike with a fist or grasp somewhere on the opponent. They never know whether or not the gloves are energized and the fight becomes a pure wrestling match. After more than an hour of strenuous activity one has the great good luck to grasp his opponent's throat just when his gloves are at great electrical energy levels. It just happens that The Master has wagered heavily on him. The unfortunate recipient of the electricity is tetanized by the current and his heart goes into fibrillation. He collapses in convulsions.

A German industrialist of enormous wealth who is currently involved in a huge project in the region, has asked to be permitted to demonstrate his extraordinary skills on the winner.

The Master has graciously granted his permission. The German is a very accomplished skinner. An uncle, who learned the craft at Auschwitz, taught him as a boy how to skin animals of various sorts. He has given demonstrations of this sort at several torture clubs around the world. He is very skillful.

The slave is affixed spread-eagle to a rigid framework by means of clamps for his thumbs and large toes. He stands there sobbing and astonished. He has met winners, they were treated like princes, he fought a good fight; what are they going to do to him now? Why are they so treacherous?

The German, clad in leather from head to toe, announces,

"Clhentlemens, ziss subcheckt has many blemeeshes in hiss skin from the fightink. I vill attempt to remooff hiss skin in vun piess, butt it iss posseeble zat it may teer in places despite my effortss. Sank you. I vill now begin ze demonstrasshun."(footnote 1)

The terrified slave tries to squirm free and manages only to make his thumbs and toes hurt. He screams for mercy as his tormentor unlatches the covers of his toy kit and displays his various knives, scalpels, dermatomes, etc.

The slave stands helplessly and tries to move back as the first scalpel touches his pubic area above his left nut. A very shallow incision is made from crotch to chin. The slave's scream is magnificent.

"Zat vass verry goott," encourages the skinner.

There is very little bleeding and the observers applaud enthusiastically.

Accompanied by the victim's screams and pleas, the skinner slowly peels the skin sidewise both sides of the incision. An incision is made along the underside of one arm, and the skin is peeled away as the slave pleads hysterically. The other arm follows.

The frame is hoisted up and the legs are skinned in the same way. The cock and ball skin are stripped away with the right leg's skin.

The frame is lowered and the dermatones are used to peel the skin from the back and ass cheeks.

The slave seems to have lost all sense of pain except when air moves and sets his exposed flesh afire.

Incisions are made around thumbs and toes and the skin hangs free all over except for the face and head. The skin is worked free and is stretched over his head to come off in one piece with only a few minor holes in it.

The slave is released from the frame and collapses in an incoherent heap. The German pisses on him, which burns hideously. Two gelded slaves pour a mixture of salt, lemon juice, and chilies over the convulsing mass of wounds. The slave croaks a last scream and dies in convulsions. He was skinned in twenty minutes.

The applause is gratifying to the German, and he is showered with valuable trinkets which he does not covet or need but graciously accepts. Everyone retires exhausted and gratified. The jackals feast tonight.

The final night's entertainment will be a three-way combat with each of the three armed with two of the stubby, dagger-like wands. Each combatant will have to fend off two opponents until one is killed. The one-on-one fight will continue until there is one, sole survivor. He will not realize until too late that he is to be sacrificed somehow.

As in 1984's room 101, each has been subjected to psychological analysis. His profile will be used to provide the means of his death. All are given the lie that the winner, although he'll remain forever a slave and will never be free, will receive the royal treatment: special food, comfortable quarters, his own slave, etc. just like those slaves who've won their fights and have been allowed to be among the unproven fighters.

Only a very limited number of such Judas-goat survivors will suffice, and only a spectacular performance can bring such an outcome for a combatant.

The three youths are led to the arena after the final banquet for this session. The guests want a spectacular show before they return home.

All are quite aware that none of the proceedings may ever be discussed with anyone outside the select group. They may never be discussed by telephone or written down.

One invited guest from England had an unknown weakness for alcohol. He engaged a newspaper reporter in a boozy encounter during which he regaled the reporter with stories of the auctions, the tortures, the harem boys, etc. The reporter began to dig about, hoping to uncover verification, before he was killed in an unfortunate, and somewhat odd, road accident.

The talkative guest had the misfortune to be on an airplane destroyed by Middle-Eastern terrorists. Since then the guests have all kept their own counsel. The Arabs have nothing to worry about, but outsiders must always be very certain that they are indeed entirely private before discussing their past visits to the compound and exchanging anecdotes. They do sometimes share hearty laughs about the way this or that one pleaded for mercy before some apparatus or other began to destroy some part of his body.

The three nervous youths know that anyone refusing to fight will be hideously tortured and a willing replacement will be provided. All three lash out in all directions. Occasionally a furious thrust lands home and inflicts a disabling shock. All three wands are energized constantly at a high level.

The Master agreed with the suggestions of Djai, Mr Toymaker, and the protege that a fight with no power outages for any contestant and no outside influence of any sort would be appropriate for the final fight of the current session. He actually finds the uncertainty exciting and plans similar fights for future sessions.

After over an hour of desperate struggle all three participants are tired. Anytime one lands a blow he has to be very attentive lest the third member gets a hit on him while he is injuring the other one.

One takes a hit that is so strong he falls. The other two take the opportunity and jab him mercilessly; as he scrambles to avoid their wands he loses one, then the other of his weapons. In his helpless state he is quickly dispatched by his vicious rivals.

While one is delivering the fatal shocks with both of his wands across the helpless youth's chest the third one jabs him behind the neck. The one who dealt the surprise jolt to the killer's neck now has a great advantage and the outcome is certain. In a few minutes he is clearly the winner. He expects, of course, to be congratulated; instead he is pushed into a cage.

His psychological profile indicates that he is terrified of rats. A starving rat is introduced to the cage. He is able to keep it at bay, but a second is let in, then a third. Hunger makes them bold and one by one they take bites at his feet and ankles. He is screaming frantically as more and more ravenous rats are let in with him. In less than an hour he is unable to stand up and the rats are eating him alive. As he dies there are nearly a hundred rats feasting on him.

If the first slave to be killed had won he would have been fried alive.

If the second to die had won he would have been crushed to death under a slab of stone.

To complete the last night's entertainment, the guests all go to the dungeon where there is a slave chained to the wall for each guest and there are two supernumeraries in case a slave or two perishes prematurely.

There are also modern torture devices, including the new ones already demonstrated, and replicas of ancient devices. There are more machines than guests. The guests draw lots for the slaves they will work on and again for the machines they will utilize.

Some do not like what they receive and they negotiate like boys trading baseball cards to get a particular slave or machine. After the assignments have been sorted out the slaves are dragged screaming to the machines they are to die on. Once every slave is strapped into place the tortures can begin. The Master raises a green flag, the color of Isham, and waves it. The guests begin turning knobs and pulling levers. A chorus of screams rises in the reverberant dungeon.

It is a sound to inspire the heart of any true sadist. As one-by-one the slaves die, the screams become fewer and more feeble. The sonority and ensemble of the initial screams is a sound seldom heard in the entire history of the world.

After the last slave has perished the two spares are dragged to two tables in the center of the dungeon. Both are strapped down on their backs with their legs up in the V-for-victory position. A pipe about one inch in diameter is shoved up one slave's ass. He screams at the pain and pleads and begs,

"Oh, please, don't kill me! I'll do anything you ask."

Djai asks,


"Yes!" he pleads, "Anything."

Djai suggests,

"Then eat my shit."

The slave swallows hard and agrees. Djai sets his hands free, squats over his mouth, and expels a huge turd. The victim bites off as much as his mouth can hold and manages to choke it down.

"All of it!" commands Djai.

He picks up the rest, stuffs it into his mouth, and swallows it.

The Master pulls an iron about a half inch thick, and glowing yellow, from a fire, pushes it up the pipe, and pulls the pipe out. His screams should have been heard all the way across Africa.

The remaining slave knows that whatever they have planned for him, no matter what it is, they will do to him and there is no escape. He vows to utter no sound.

A large screw that tapers from a sharp point to three inches in its length of ten inches is pressed into his navel, a second tapering from half an inch to four inches in it length of fifteen inches is pushed against his ass-hole. Both screws have a very deep, sharp thread with a coarse pitch and both rotate once each minute. Both screws begin to bore into him relentlessly. After fifteen minutes he is screaming and pleading for mercy. After an hour the screws have passed each other inside him and he doesn't scream anymore.

Torturing slaves properly is very exhausting work. All the guests are tired from their strenuous attentions and labors. They all go to their private quarters where a slave awaits their attentions. They will be there to provide relaxing, light diversion for the fatigued guests.

From time to time throughout the night a scream will pierce the quiet, cool night air as a slave voices his appreciation.

In the morning, there is a breakfast before the guests part to go their separate ways. Everyone is satisfied for the present, but everyone is eager for the card that will arrive in a few months: