This story is true, more or less. I call it:

                by Mickey Moose

My story begins in a dismal bar on the outskirts of the beach. I had gone out cruising for that perfect specimen of manhood we all are looking for. But, by the looks of this place, it was going to be out of the question here.

While sitting at the bar I noticed a large man enter. There was something about him that gave him a special presence -- the look of total domination. He was about 6'2". He had jet black hair, oiled to a sheen, combed back. His dark brown eyes seemed to pierce my soul as though he was sizing me up -- as worthy or unworthy, as potential of just so much garbage.

Here's a photo of the Master -- isn't he great!

Holding the door open for him was this adorable, small-framed blond. He was wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of cut-offs and a collar locked with a padlock. He was Adonis incarnate.

The Master walked over to the bar and ordered a drink while the blond knelt beside him and bowed his head -- in deference, I think. As I was watching, it occurred to me that this blond was someone I knew -- at least he looked like someone I knew -- a guy I was once in love with but could never have because of our situations at home.

I walked over to the pair. But the Master gave me a look of disdain. The man didn't say a thing, but I could tell by his manner I was not welcome within fifty feet of his blond.

I went to his other side and ordered another bourbon and Coke. Curiosity was getting the best of me. I had to get a better look at the submissive blond, whether the Master man liked it or not.

Sitting there, thinking through various approaches I could use to start a conversation with this possessive Master, I noticed he was watching me. His eyes made my flesh crawl with an exhilarating tingling -- all the way from the nape of my neck to deep inside my bowels.

After what seemed like forever, our eye contact broke and he moved toward me. He introduced himself as Al and asked me my name and whether I saw something I liked.

I told him his friend looked familiar and I was just trying to get a better look. His eyes widened and glazed with what looked like fire from Hell. Tilting his head back with nostrils flared, he snorted like a bull.

I felt I was about to be trampled to death on the bar floor! Never had I felt so small and utterly defenseless -- his masculinity was simply overwhelming.

A moment later, he had calmed down. He told me that his "friend", as I had called him, was his property -- his piglet. He also told me that he owned the blond and would kill anyone who had the guts to try to take him away.

The Master looked over at his piglet and nodded for him to come over. Keeping his head bowed, the blond came to us and took his Master's side. Al introduced the blond as piglet. As piglet lifted his head, I saw that this blond Adonis was indeed my friend Richard. I also saw that Piglet realized who I was but he did not let it show to his master.

I said "Hello" but all Richard would do was nod his head. A feeling of melancholic reminiscence started pumping through my veins. Reminiscence mixed with a strange desire to repossess what had never really been mine.

I wanted to reach out and take Richard in my arms and feel his body next to mine. But Al's intense stare prevented this reunion.

Al asked me, "Is this your friend?" I didn't say so, but I'm sure he could tell by the look in my eye that it was. He seemed amused at having what once belonged to me -- controlling it, having total dominion over it.

Al asked Richard, or, rather, Piglet, if he knew me. Richard nodded his head yes and a smile crossed Al's face. Al took on a different attitude with that and offered to buy me a drink.

I accepted and, for the next few hours, we exchanged war stories -- 'battles' we had fought over various lovers -- and Al described how he had come across Richard.

Because Richard and I had known each other before, Al permitted Piglet to talk to me -- but only on a limited basis. When Al thought the conversation as becoming too friendly he would curtly quiet Piglet with a leer.

Al explained to me that he had come from Boston with a fortune accumulated through an electronics business. He told me that he was once a slave who had been trained to become a Master and that was what he was doing for Richard. He told me that Richard was getting ready to become a Master and that he was looking for a recruit -- meaning me.

I told Al that I had never thought about something like that and that even though I still loved Richard that I didn't think I could become a slave. Al just laughed and walked over to someone he knew, leaving Richard and me standing there.

I saw Richard peek at me and smile. I tried to speak but he just shook his head 'no' and turned away.

With Richard treating me like this I was torn in two. Having to piss, I walked to the bathroom -- right after two other guys who I had noticed arguing all through the night. As I tried to enter the room, someone was holding the door closed. I pushed the door open and the man holding it shut just motioned for me to leave.

As I was turning to leave I saw that the two lovers were in the corner stall with one lover pushing the other against the wall. A silver reflection shone in my eyes and I realized that It was a knife. The man was telling his lover that he was tired of him cheating and that if he had to kill him to keep him he would.

I knew the guy against the wall -- his name was Jay. Jay was crying and sobbing while his lover repeatedly beat him over the head with his fist and shook him like a rag-doll. I saw the silver glint again and in a flash saw the blade enter into Jay's belly, again the blade was thrust deep into Jays side -- his ribs.

The sound of penetration made me nauseous -- the blade scraping against bone kept echoing in my ears -- along with the scream. The man with the blade turned around and saw me standing there. A look of horror of what he had done took over his features.

Time stood still as we stared at each other waiting for him to decide what to do with the knife. Finally he started to run out of the bathroom throwing the blade under the cigarette machine in the hall.

Blood was smeared on the wall as he turned the corner to get outside. Still in shock I stood there and watched Jay fall into my arms. Blood was gushing out of his body and onto mine.

His lover had stabbed him in the guts and had cut through his intestines. Gently I laid him on the floor and ran to get help. I ran to the owner of the bar and told him someone had been stabbed in the bathroom. He jumped to his feet and got on the phone telling me to go to the back office. -- I was only eighteen so it would not look good for me to talk to the police about a stabbing and maybe murder.

Jay almost died three times by the time the paramedics got to the bar, but he lived. The police were in the bar and had just left when I heard someone call my name. It sounded like Richard but I knew I must have been drunk to have thought it could be him. I heard my name again and walked out of the office into the hall when I saw him standing there.

I couldn't believe it. It was Richard and he was talking to me asking me to come home with him because I didn't need to be there. He told me that Al had told him to come get me and take me to his house so I would be safe if anything happened. Richard grabbed my hand and led me to the car. I was still in shock after what I had seen but Richards touch seemed to calm me like a cunning wolf stalking a sheep.

When in the car, I asked Richard to tell me what he had been through since I had seen him last. He just said that he had met Al and he Al had shown him all the love that he had been looking for and treated him as an equal.

I just couldn't imagine how that could believe that but if he was happy then I had to accept that. Richard told me that I was to call him Piglet and that was what he preferred to be called.

During the drive to the house, all I could think about were the times Piglet and I spent together -- the walks on the beach, the parties we had. A longing for the past was seething in my soul waiting to be released -- held back in the name of love.

As we approached the house I noticed Piglet watching me out of the corner of his eye. The house was set in the nicer part of town and I was overwhelmed at the size of the house. It was a beautiful structure with cathedral ceilings and a double driveway. Etched glass lined the perimeter of the house. Luscious flora created an effect of solitude.

We pulled into the driveway and waited for the door to open. As the door opened I noticed electrical equipment scattered all over the garage hence the means of wealth which Piglet was living such an opulent lifestyle. Piglet reached under the seat and pulled a massive key-ring with at least a hundred keys.

Piglet told me that every door in the house had a lock on it and a separate alarm was set according to the importance of the door. There was also a Doberman Pincher who I was told had been trained to attack an intruders testes.

The decor of the house was simply magnificent. There was more room than the Taj Mahal. Piglet led me to one of the many kitchens/bars and asked if I wanted a drink, that I must be pretty shaken up after what I had been through.

After he fixed me a drink he disappeared into the expanse of the house. An older gentleman came through the kitchen and gave me a cold stare, then walked out of the room.

Piglet returned a few minutes later and asked me if I would do him a favor. I told him sure that I would do anything for him, that he must have forgotten how much I love him. Piglet told me that I would have my chance to prove that later. What he wanted me to do is put on a jock-strap because Commandeer didn't permit anyone to wear clothes in his house.

I figured out that was the old man earlier who had given me such an icy stare. After awhile I was feeling better and Piglet had warmed up a little since everyone had seemed to be in bed.

He was different when we were by ourselves. We reminisced about old times and I could tell that Piglet wanted me as much as I wanted him. Piglet was sitting across from me at the bar and I could feel the passion rising from him as could he mine. He leaned over and pressed his lips to mine sending electricity all through my body. I tenderly bit his lip from his top to bottom, savoring his saliva, it's sweetness. The blood rushed through my veins and into my groin.

Piglet stood up and told me to follow him. He took me to a bedroom one of many in the house. All the lights in the room were off except for the phone light.

Piglet turned around and pulled me to him, our lips pressing tight as we fell to the bed. We were both groping each other as if it was the end of the world. I mashed my pelvis into his and he grabbed my ass and pulled me tighter to him, our cocks were ready to explode.

Piglet pulled away and laid me on the bed, kissing me around the neck and letting his tongue run across my chin down my neck to my chest. I sighed as he took my nipple into his mouth, sucking with a passionate determination. Grabbing piglet's head I pushed him down lower to my crotch.

My cock had stretched the jockey I was wearing to the limit exposing my head. I didn't need to push Piglet. He knew what I wanted him to do and took my cue.

Piglet pulled the jockey off and spread my legs. His hot breath breezes across my thighs causing goose-bumps to raise up and down my legs. I grabbed my cock urging Piglet to suck it into his mouth but he held back. As I stroked my cock a drop of pre-cum oozes out of the head and Piglet dropped down and licked it up.

Looking up at me Piglet smiled and put his attention back to my cock. Slowly Piglet took my swollen head into his mouth, sucking as he took the length down his throat. I thought I would explode, gushing my load down Piglets throat but Piglet must have sensed it because he went purposefully slow, taking my cock to the base and slowly raising back up to the head.

Over and over he repeated this motion driving me to ecstacy. Piglet stopped and started licking my body from my nuts, up my stomach encircling each nipple, nibbling each and back to my neck.

I grabbed Piglet by the face and pressed my lips to his. I could taste my own cock on his breath but that just made me all the more aroused. I pushed Piglet over onto his back raising his legs and pushing them so his feet were at his head.

From this position I was just inches from Piglets sweet ass. I blew around Piglets ass as he sighed and took a mouth full of his cheek biting playfully.

Piglet twitched as I did this again then slowly I licked where I had bitten and stuck my tongue into his brown puckered hole. After wetting Piglets ass-hole I stood up and pushed the head of my cock against the opening.

Richard whispered, "Oh fuck me, please fuck me!" As he asked I rammed my cock the full length into depths of his ass. With Piglets legs on my shoulders I locked my hands around his neck he couldn't move. I pulled my cock out to the head and teased Piglets hole pushing and pulling at the same time.

I could feel his ass puckering wanting to be filled. Picking up pace I drove in and out holding Piglet tight. The faster I went the hotter it felt. Finally I was reaching that point of no return when I would fill my lovers ass with my load. Grunting I plunged one last time and exploded, shaking with joy and excursion I fell on top of Piglet the both of us soaked in our own sweat.

As if on cue the phone in the bedroom lit up and rang a low humming ring. Piglet picked up the receiver and just kept agreeing with whoever was on the other end. When Piglet had hung up he told me that Sir had called him and was upstairs waiting for him.

Piglet told me to wait there that he would be back. As Piglet left the room I lit a cigarette thinking about what I had just done and wondering what Sir wanted Piglet for. About ten minutes later Piglet returned and told me that Sir had requested I come upstairs with him.

I didn't really want to but I decided if that would make Piglet happy that I would do whatever it took. As we were going up the stairs I heard this strange hard rock music. It wasn't really rock or anything I had ever heard before. Entering the room, the lights were off and there were candles lit all over the room. It was like being in a monastery at night.

When my eyes got used to the lighting I saw a huge four poster bed in the corner of the room and two figures laying on the bed. Taking a good look I could see that it was Sir and a friend I knew from the bars named Tony.

I couldn't believe he was there. Tony had this mischievous smile on his face that in the candle light seemed almost evil. Piglet lead me to the bed and Piglet and I got into the bed with Sir and Tony.

Sir had a black leather mask on his head that was zipped shut. Sir motioned to Piglet and he went to a closet and came back with foot-shackles and hand-cuffs. I helped Piglet with the foot-shackles as Tony put the hand-cuffs on Sir.

Sir was stretched out at all four points and ready for any torture we might put to him. Tony filled a handkerchief with poppers and held them to Sir's face. After taking a large amount of the poppers Sir was ready to begin.

There were clothes-pins on the bed so I began placing them on various parts of Sir's body. I put one on each nipple and pinched the chin down his chest clamping three or four on each pinch.

When I got to his crotch I put two pins on the head of Sir's cock and along the shaft. Sir's cock seemed to harden even more as I did this. While I was administering the pins Piglet was pouring hot candle wax all over Sir's body.

Tony seemed to just be in the background more then being involved. I decided that Sir needed more pain and with what he possessed of mine the fury rose to a sexual plateau and the pleasure I was receiving from giving Sir pain was beyond description