The first time my eSS let his shirt open in front, I saw light glint off gold half-hidden in the dense mat of hair covering his  left pectoral muscle. I was attracted and yet repelled by the tiny ring thrust through his thick, firm tit-nib.

It was only a single, plain earring that was made to be worn in a pierced ear, more like a baby's trainer than an older person's earring, but he wore it like a badge of honor -- a military medal or sports award. Expanding his huge chest and pushing out the golden loop with every deep breath, he proclaimed his virility and dominance -- like a great bearded caveman.

At times, grabbing me by the hair, he would force my face forward until my mouth was centered on the metal attachment, and softly groan with pleasure as I took the loop in an oral caress -- sucking and licking around the sensitive area, as he brought his muscular arm up to encircle my head while the acrid smell of his wet armpit filled my nose.

Commanding me to pull the loop back with my teeth, he would slide his free hand along my breasts and viciously pinch and twist my nipples with his fingernails at the same time.

Pushing my face away, and onto his other tit, he would say,

"That's it baby -- Go to it ... Do it!"

His orders were only requests that I please him the best way he liked -- but he made them sound like a real debasement for me. I had never known a real tit-man before, and I soon looked forward to the feel of the well-rounded hirsute form pressed against my face.

In return, I was often bound across the back of an overturned chair. And with my bare breasts arched out, my eSS would slowly tongue around my own reddened nipples until they hardened into small points covered with his wet saliva -- then his hot mouth would fasten on my flesh in preparation of the pain his teeth were about to inflict -- then his teeth would clench together on my protuberant "meat".

Tightening my chest muscles, I grimaced as he pulled his head back, stretching my already swollen tit outward to its limit.

That was only the beginning of many long, prolonged sessions that left my nipples sore and highly sensitive for days afterwards.

There were the times when I had to stand or bend over frontwards, as my eSS attached heavy-duty spring battery clamps to my tits and hung weights from each one. Weights were added until my whole pectoral muscles were pulled to their maximum extensions, and I was covered with sweat and growing spasms of pain from the ordeal in the dark cellar room.

There were the times I was sure I'd pass out, and involuntarily cry out and grab the hanging weights to raise them and stop the torment ... But my eSS soon tied my hands behind me, and as my tits were pulled outward and down, at the moment I had to gasp with uncontrollable agony, my eSS would quietly murmur,

"You're almost there baby..."

and, grabbing each weight, he would give a final hard tug downward, and stop my screams with his mouth pressed firmly against mine.

And so our relationship deepened.

One day, while rubbing my tits roughly between his thumbs and forefingers, he smiled an odd way.

"I think these are about ready for the ultimate sensation. Aren't they?"

I could only weakly hoarse-out,

"Yes sir. They are."

Raising his hand and cupping his own left breast, he fondled the gold loop there and said,

"I got these as a set, and I've been waiting for someone just like you to wear the other one for me."

As the realization of what he implied dawned upon me, I could feel an unwanted tension mount in my guts and a sort-of uneasy twinge along my groin muscles.

My fear must have showed in my face, because he laughed,

"Don't worry baby, what little pain there is will only prove you have the guts to undergo a very special Rite with me."

He narrowed his eyes a bit,

"What's the matter, you chicken?"

and then, to my surprise, he leaned closer and whispered,

"Please, baby, please let me."

I could only nod acknowledgment of his ownership of my body to do what he wanted.

We had come a long way in trying to please each other, and I knew I could not stop now having come this far with our relationship already. We knew each other so well, he knew my reply just by looking into my eyes briefly.

His smile vanished and he drew back. Suddenly I was rocked off balance, as his backhanded slap landed across my face.

"You dumb shit -- You're really going to get it now."

Grabbing my hair, he slammed me to the wall, and opened a door there. With rapid and unwasted motions he brought my arms behind me, and gathering a coil of rope, fastened my wrists to the doorknob pushing against the small of my back. He then passed the rope ends around my thighs and tied them.

Picking up a piece of lumber from the closet floor, he inserted it between my arms and back, forcing my chest outward even further from the edge of the door I was standing up against ... and he laughed.

Taking a small box from the closet shelf, he placed it on a table by my side, and as he moved around, I could see his dong growing with the excitement of the procedure.

To my amazement, I looked down and found myself also in a rapid state of tumescence, and as my eSS faced me and placed his hand on my right breast, my cock surged to its full erection.

Grasping my tit nib, my eSS worked my skin until the form was standing out away from the chest completely, and he picked up a needle from the box nearby.

At the first touch of the cold metal against my skin, I involuntarily shied away -- and was immediately punished by a hard blow across the face as my eSS stepped back and snarled at me with language he had never used with me before -- at least not so much.

He kneed my groin and quickly reached into the closet for an assortment of belts hanging there.

With practice, my eSS placed one belt around my lower rib cage just below my pectorals, and secured it to the board that was behind me in the bend of my elbows. Another belt he wound around my shoulder, crossing my chest. He also secured that belt at my back.

He placed a third belt the same way across the other side of my chest, leaving my tit area exposed in a tight leather-bound gift-wrap.

My torso was almost in complete restraint as I stood there helpless. I was so scared my dong had shriveled up to its smallest state -- it was as if my body was aware of the fact that I was actually about to be pierced at one of my most sensitive points.

My eSS swiftly grabbed my nipple once more with one hand, and placed the point of the needle against the red skin of my areola well back of the actual nipple rise.

"This is going to be a wide one baby, so take a deep breath."

GOD. I had no idea that the first sudden puncture would be so painful. The wave shot across my whole breast and I could feel my knees buckle slightly.

The needle was in about an eighth of an inch and my eSS was concentrating seriously as he kept twisting and turning the needle around as if he were drilling it into me.

My eyes were drawn to the operation as if I had no will of my own to look away -- and I was surprised that there was no blood when my skin was punctured. But as the thought crossed my spinning mind, an awesome surge of pain seized my tit and seemed to twist it, and a bright red flow of blood started streaming from the open end.


My eSS grabbed for a handkerchief, and wrapped the needle end with it to keep a tight grip on his actions.

Placing one blood smeared finger on the opposite side of my tit, he kept forcing the needle towards it with increasing pressure.

Below his hands, my blood had begun to trickle in smooth streams down my naked abdominals -- the wet red-red making my body seem much whiter than it really was.

To my own amazement, below my blood-soaked pubes, I could see my cock once more erect and throbbing in time with each wave of pain that jolted through my chest.

My mind was whirling amid the torment, and I kept twisting my head and groaning through my clenched teeth, but I was determined I would not cry out loud.

My determination was short lasting, though. I gave out a loud yelp as I felt the needle point inside my pectoral as it reached the outer edge of the other side of my tit.

My eSS was sweating now also as he worked harder, shoving and jabbing the needle with all his strength to force it through the tougher skin at the final part of the areola.

It was a nerve-wracking anguish of pure agony! And when I looked down, the point of the needle was sticking out of my skin on the other side.

Stepping back, My eSS smiled,

"Beautiful baby, beautiful ...."

Strangely, now that I could think more-or-less clearly, I felt no pain at all -- not sharp, not throbbing, and not real achy. The tooth-ache pain of the piercing had been mainly from the insertion, but now the needle was just a dull ache in my breast -- and not much of an ache either.

Getting a tube of Neosporin®, my eSS smeared the needle and my bloody tit, and proceeded to work the needle back and forth as new shock-waves of pain gripped my chest. Soon the needle was able to slide back and forth with no hindrance at all.

As my eSS removed the needle, a fresh spurt of blood seeped out of the hole on the second puncture point of emergence, and my whole tit throbbed with renewed agony.

Taking a gold earring from a small box, my eSS then inserted the curved point into the sore hole and forced it (by a slow jabbing motion) into the pierced path of the needle.

This process became more painful as the curved loop end was forced into a straight puncture, forcing the punctured flesh to curve also.

Then, all at once, it was done... I thought it was over ... but ....

Through bleary eyes, I saw my eSS grinning at me, and he reached over to wipe his hand of the blood upon my body.

He then took hold of my cock and began working the red wetness over my meat until I was uncontrollably erect, past the point of no-return.

"Get ready baby, here it comes!"

... and he began firmly squeezing my cock with his bloody hand as he reached over to take a hold of my newly placed tit ring with his other hand ... and began to pull.

As my climax neared, he slowly kept turning the tit ring upward until, with the sudden heat of an approaching orgasm and the first spasm of an emission, he twisted the ring to its limit in my tit. My cock spurted while my tit felt ... like ... it was being ripped OFF!

Mercifully, I passed out.


For a week, I nursed my severely sore nipple and kept anointing the area with Neosporin®, but the pain grew much worse until by the sixth night I was almost crazy with torment. In bed, with blankets pressing down, it was worse than hell.

I could slide the ring around easily in the enlarged hold, but for a few days noticed an accumulation of thick goo always gushed from the hole as I turned the ring ... but it wasn't white, like Neosporin® ... it looked very yellow.

In a panic, thinking of pus inside the tit, I begged my eSS to remove it. In a week, there had been no healing of the outer edges, and my tit had swollen quite visibly. Sometimes it would still bleed slightly.

Almost insane with worry and agony, I finally persuaded my eSS to let me take the gold loop out of my flesh. Then I kept putting antiseptic on the hole.

Five days after that, having been bandaged over, my tit began itching in a normal healing, and I could finally get a good nights sleep.

Sure, it was awful at times, and yet I'm glad it happened to me. Years later, I was pierced again, but this time the puncture was not as wide and I had no anxieties, but the pain still was a dominant part of the ordeal. To this day, my right tit is larger (more protuberant) than the other because of scars.

A third piercing was too far out in the small tit nub once, and was so extremely painful, I could not stand it for longer than twenty-four hours.

I guess my eSS was right when he called me a "dumb shit" -- I still groove on tit actions no matter what happens. I'm not ringed now, but I keep wondering what would happen if I met another guy who had a "spare" ring to match the one he wears ... I wonder if I'd have the guts to take it -- permanently?

Some guys wear "friendship rings" on their fingers, but for the real eSS and eM relationships, a tit-man has only one bond of "friendship" -- that tiny loop of gold glinting among dense hair covering his left pectoral muscle .... Just a single plain earring that was made to be worn in a pierced ear, but worn like a badge -- a medal ...

... and a matching loop in the tit of his Buddy -- his friend -- and his lover.


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Bar Raid

It was a typical Sunday night. Many of the regulars were drinking their beer as they always did. They congregated at Charlie's to discuss the game and the latest statistics. Charlie's was a hangout for many of the star players of major sports. This particular Sunday, Steve Giovani, America's Quarterback, was present.
XxxxxSteve was a regular guy. Although he held the record for passing, he came into Charlie's each Sunday to down a few brews. He didn't give autographs very often but was always willing to discuss the game or upcoming strategy.

This Sunday was to be different, however. This Sunday the Eagles would swoop down and capture their prey. The Eagles were a gang who terrorized many local establishments. Tonight their target was Charlie's. Their goal was to humiliate the patrons and capture Giovani for some sadistic pleasure.

It was about eight p.m. and many of the regulars were present. Mike, the local patrolman, was standing at the bar having his usual Diet Coke. Pete the bartender was telling the usual jokes at which everyone laughed even though they had heard them many times before. John and Russ were engaged in their usual argument over who was the best linebacker in the league. And over in the corner was Justin, the local stud, trying to put the make on Marilyn, the waitress.

The Eagles decided on this night because they knew it wouldn't be too crowded and Giovani would be there. They walked in virtually unnoticed and took up positions in various places around the room. At precisely 9:19 p.m., they attacked. Guns were drawn and patrons were ordered to stop what they were doing. Fogarty, the leader, ordered the patrons to remain still, while the other gang members scooped up cash and jewelry -- although their primary target was Giovani, they used the robbery as a cover.
xxxxxAs the gang members went around the room, they collected many thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry. When they were finished, Fogarty ordered the patrons to drop their pants.
xxxxxMany of the patrons laughed thinking it was a joke. One of the gang shot his pistol and they knew this wasn't funny. Mike, the Cop, refused to strip so two of the gang surrounded him and slapped him around. In the end, he agreed to drop his trousers. But Fogarty had other ideas.

"Drop your underwear as well, Mr. Policeman. Let's see what kind of cop you are."
Mike reluctantly complied. One of the gang took his nightstick and playing with it, rubbed it along Mike's inner thighs. Then Fogarty told him to grab the edge of the bar and bend over.
xxxxxAlthough Mike didn't want to do it, he did so out of fear. Then the gang member probed Mike's anus, eliciting a moan of pain and pleasure. The intrusion caused Mike to get the beginnings of a hard-on. Then the sphincter was breached and Mike gasped for air, not used to the violation.
xxxxxSome of the gang laughed at his embarrassment. The other patrons, after seeing what was happening to Mike, started dropping their pants. Fogarty approached Giovani and said,
"We've got plans for you, Mr. Football Man, don't bother stripping now, we'll have lots of fun when we're alone."
Two gang members handcuffed him and dragged him to a waiting van.

As the patrons stripped down to their underwear, Fogarty had another idea. He ordered them to drop their underwear as well and stand nude from the waist down. Then he spied Justin the Stud and made him stand in the center of the bar.

"Squat down, stud boy," he said, "and start playing with your cock. I wanna see how big you get."
Justine started to refuse, but the gang leader drew his gun and Justin complied. Then Fogarty said,
"In fact, all of you squat and play with your cocks. It's great when grown men act like teenagers. We'll call this a bar circle jerk."
The other gang members laughed.

Then John, acting brave because of all the alcohol he'd consumed, said,

"Hey pansies, whatdaya do get off on seeing real men naked? Why don't you go get a boy-toy magazine."
This made Fogarty angry, but he smiled and then laughed,
"Well boys, we've got ourselves a real talker here. He likes to use his mouth. Let's see how much he can stuff in between those cheeks. YOU [pointing to Russ], get your ass over here now."
Russ walked over, careful not to trip over his pants around his ankles.
"Lean up against the bar and spread your legs wide."
Russ did as he was told. Then two of the gang members grabbed John and dragged him to his friend.
"Down on your knees, mouth."
Since he was slow to respond, the gang members forced him down.
"Now suck, mouth. I want to see how much of his cock you can get in between those lips of yours."
John wildly looked around the room and started to babble about not doing that to his friend and how he was a family man, etc.
"Do it now, mouth or I'll cut off his balls and stuff them in your mouth and make you eat them."
Reluctantly, John did as he was told.
"SUCK! And you, help your buddy out by getting hard."
Even though he was somewhat impeded by the alcohol, Russ managed to get a hard-on. Soon John developed a rhythm. Fogarty smiled and said,
"I see that even 'real men' like to suck cock. You keep on sucking until he cums. And all of you jack off until you cum.
xxxxx"Mr. Policeman, I've got a special assignment for you: Lean your shoulders against the bar, now grab the night stick. That's it. Now continue fucking yourself with it. In and out, in and out. That's good.
xxxxx"Now all of you keep on doing this stuff for at least fifteen minutes or until you cum. But don't try to follow us. Don't call the cops. Don't do anything stupid. Remember we've got Giovani.
xxxxx"Have a wonderful evening."
With that, the gang left leaving the bar patrons humiliated and angry.

In the van, Steve Giovani knew he was in trouble. He was guarded by two mean looking gang members. If he did so much as breathe wrong, he was sure that they'd punch his lights out -- maybe worse.
xxxxxWhen the others returned, the van sped off to an unknown destination. The gang members shared the bar exploits with the two guards and Steve and everyone (except Giovani) had a big laugh over the "joke" they'd perpetrated.
xxxxxAfter driving for about 20 minutes, the van arrived at its destination, an old abandoned warehouse. They dragged a struggling Giovani out of the van and took him inside. He was made to stand in the center of the room while the gang members got things prepared. Fogarty came over and said,

"You know Giovani, we're going to have lots of fun tonight. We'll get to see your backfield in motion..."
all the guys in the gang had to laugh at this,
"... and even see you raise the flagpole. If you're nice, I'll let you throw a pass or two and maybe even score."
Steve just stood there and kept quiet.
"What do you say boys, shall we get the show on the road, so to speak?"
Alcohol and munchies were brought out for the gang, and Steve knew that he was the entertainment for the evening. He was uncuffed while a few of the gang sauntered around him like tigers survey their prey.
xxxxxSome of the more adventurous reached out and pushed him around and then one guy started rubbing Steve's butt. This got the reaction Fogarty was looking for. Steve lashed out using a combination of karate and boxing. He pummeled the guy pretty well until he was restrained by four guys.
"Well it appears our friend doesn't like his butt touched. That means he's a virgin and it will be so much fun opening him up. Release him.
xxxxx"OK Giovani, let's see this merchandise you're protecting. Drop your pants."
As he went after another gand member, Steve screamed,
"Fuck you! Go to hell! I'm not stripping for you faggots!"
They subdued him again and then attached dangling cuffs to wrists which were then pulled up, raising Steve six inches above the floor.

The guy whom Steve had attacked came over and began pinching his ass cheeks and probing his anus through his jeans. Steve thrashed about and tried to kick the guy, but was unable to do so.
xxxxxThen Fogarty motioned to his men to remove Steve's jeans. Two men held his legs immobile while a third stood behind him and wrapping his arms around Steve's waist, unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans.
xxxxxThe two guys holding his legs pulled off his boots and each grabbed a pant leg and pulled them down and off Steve's body, leaving him in his underwear and socks. Then they released his legs, allowing him to thrash about.

"Keep doing that Giovani, you look mighty fine. But you'll look even better without your underwear."
One gang member took photos of the event for posterity (and possible sale to porn magazines). Then someone grabbed Steve's legs and held them while another guy ripped off his shirt, revealing a well-muscled chest with some hair around the nipples and cleavage and a nice ribbon of hair going from just above his belly-button to his crotch.
xxxxxHis legs were released and Steve didn't thrash around as much, knowing that it excited the gang. The guy with the camera continued to take pictures.
"You know Mr. Football Man, we're going to hold you for ransom and these pictures will prove to your owner that we've got you.
xxxxx"If they don't come through with the cash, we'll send them other photos of you enjoying some of our hospitality."
The appropriate phone calls were made; the owners, however, didn't believe Giovani had been kidnaped. So, the photos of a nearly-naked Steve were sent via a fax machine.

While waiting for the response, the gang decided to have some more fun with Steve. Two members grabbed his legs and spread them really wide. Then a another guy approached with some string and a ruler.
xxxxxSteve's scrotum was tightly tied so his balls were forced to the bottom of the sack. Then Fogarty held the sack immobile with his left hand while striking it with the ruler in his right.
xxxxxThe pain was instantaneous and horrendous. Steve screamed himself red-faced until Fogarty stopped and even then he was whimpering.

"I see that the big stud can't take it can he?" laughed the sadistic leader.
Some close-up shots of Steve's tortured genitals were taken to be added to the collection.

The owners replied to Fogarty's demands with a forceful,

So he got some more equipment and a movie camera.
"OK big boy, now you're going to perform for the camera. We're going to do a little surgery and feel free to scream."
The camera operator took close up shots of Steve's crotch in addition to his whole torso. Then Fogarty came on the scene attired as a doctor with his face covered. He was carrying some paper and isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.
xxxxxAs the camera rolled, he made paper cuts along the surface of Steve's penis, slashing the head and shaft. Then he poured the hydrogen peroxide over the wounds which made them froth and bubble; then he poured on the alcohol which made Steve scream and jerk with pain, flopping his thin-red striped cock like a worm on a hook. To the camera Fogarty said,
"Today it is cutting by paper, tomorrow I'll use razor blades and the effect will be much different."
Steve was then left to whimper in his bonds. The tape was sent to the office of the team owner to see if this would soften his attitude.

The owners believed that it was Giovani, but they were still unwilling to give into the ransom demands. So Fogarty issued this ultimatum:

"Give us the money or your star quarterback will never be able to produce kids."
Having seen the photos and the tape, the owners were sure that he wasn't joking, but still they tried to stall for time. So a final demand was issued:
"Give us the money by one p.m. tomorrow or we'll send back Giovani piece by piece."
Reluctantly, the owners came up with the ransom and delivered it at the appropriate time and place. However, Fogarty had one last tortuous trick up his sleeve. He had designed a specially made jock strap which he had placed on Steve. It was constructed of metal. The crotch area fit Steve's genitals almost perfectly -- the balls sat in a vice while the shaft was "catheterized" with a slender, dull spike. The back half of the jock strap had a seven inch spiked dildo which was driven up Steve's anus. When the two parts of the jock came together, they were locked with padlocks. This made it almost impossible for Steve to break free.

Bar Raid Part, II

Steve sat in his cell wearing the awful jock-strap. His cock sizzled with pain from the paper cuts and antiseptic. His anus was in agony with the studded dildo prickling and scraping the insides of his anal tract. Steve worried what would be next.
xxxxxWhile the owners had come up with the ransom demand, Fogarty still wanted to keep the star quarterback in agony for a few hours more. Fogarty had dreams of being in the pros but wasn't good enough to make the cut. His envy fueled his desire for revenge on Giovani whom he saw as the epitome of everything that was wrong with athletics (also, his actions satisfied his desire for sadism and torture).

Fogarty and the gang circled a still-struggling Steve, taunting him as they did so,

"You know big man, we could turn you into a woman. Wouldn't that look nice in the locker room? All we have to do is cut off your cock and balls and get some silicone tits and you'll be all set."
Steve whimpered and begged because he didn't know if the sadists would really carry out their threats. One of the guards grabbed Giovani's well-muscled chest and caressed his pectorals.
"You've got nice titties already, boy," he cooed in Steve's ear. "Maybe I can play with them to make 'em hard like pencil erasers."
Another gang member brought over a snake-bite kit which had a suction pump device. He placed it on Steve's right nipple and began pumping, causing the nipple to swell in response. This caused renewed agony for Steve. Then the pump was applied to the left nipple and the guard continued pumping the devices until Steve was screaming for them to stop.
xxxxxThen one of the gang came up with a new procedure: Steve's nipples would be tied with nylon thread so that they could be yanked at a moment's notice. The right pump was removed and the erect nipple was quickly tied with a strong thin piece of nylon sewing thread which was knotted in place. The same thing was done to the left nipple.
xxxxxTo add to the pain, Fogarty produce a short length of chain which had an alligator clip at either end. While one gang member pushed Steve's pectorals together, Fogarty attached the clips to either nipple. Since the chain was short, it forced the muscles close together. This latest torture made Steve howl in agony. He begged for mercy, but the gang only laughed.
"Now he looks more like a woman, since his titties have gotten a little bigger," sniggered one of the henchmen.
They left him alone in his torment while they thought up new ways to humiliate and hurt the star quarterback.

Fogarty had noticed that Steve was uncut, so he decided to make the stud quarterback suffer from forced masturbation. This, however, was to be masturbation with a twist. The front part of the metal jock strap was pulled down and Steve's foreskin was pulled back. His cock was somewhat hard already from the dull spike that went up the urethra.
xxxxxFogarty took thin metal wires (about the size of paper clips) and wrapped the shaft of the penis from the coronal ridge downward. Then he pulled up the foreskin and secured in place with a rubber band. This additional torture sent spasms of pain to Steve's brain.

"OK stud, I'm going to play with your cock, but I'm sure you won't like the results. You'll get harder, but the metal bands will cut your shaft and your skin" sneered the evil Fogarty.
Steve just whimpered in his bonds. Then Fogarty began the forced masturbation. At first the pain wasn't too great, then his cock started swelling and the metal started to cut into the shaft and foreskin eliciting horrific screams of pain from the struggling captive.
xxxxxThis scene was captured on video and color stills for posterity. In addition to rubbing the skin raw, the metal bands (coupled with the pressure of Fogarty's hand) cut into the tender flesh and made Steve's penis bleed profusely. -- It made the paper cuts seem like feather tickles!

After about fifteen minutes of this torture, Fogarty got bored and told his henchmen,

"Come up with some other interesting activities while I go get a beer."
One of the gang went and got a candle which he lit in front of Steve's face. Then he lowered the candle, holding it immobile under Steve's ass which was still encased with the metal jockstrap.
"You know big boy, you've got what we call hot buns," laughed the torturer.
Steve screamed and thrashed around trying to get away from the burning heat. Then they put the front part of the jock strap back onto Steve's penis. The dull spike was only inserted about an inch inside his bruised half-hard member. Then they slowly pushed the "catheter" in then tugged it back ... back and forth, in and out, over and over as Steve squirmed and screamed -- the spike was capable of being manipulated back and forth once the jock was in place.
xxxxxThe henchmen enjoyed watching Giovani scream with this new type of masturbation. After several minutes of stimulating the inside of his penis, the stud quarterback was hard despite the pain. The spike was now about three inches down the shaft -- with about two inches still remaining on the outside of the metal jock strap.
xxxxxThe almost forgotten candle was now brought back and held under this protrusion. The spike carried the heat right through the center of Steve's hard-on, making Steve scream like a girl in a JayCee's Halloween haunted house and thrash about wildly like a squirrel in a leg-noose. This torture continued for several minutes with Steve screaming for relief, for mercy, or even for death.

Fogarty returned carrying a metal container.

"Relief is here baby. Remove the candle," he said with a smile. "You know Giovani, you're probably in a lot of pain from the rubbing and the heat. Your skin is most likely on fire, so we're going to cool you down a bit."
It was true, Giovani's privates were itching and burning. After the jock strap was allowed to cool down, Fogarty brought over a pair of what looked like Lycra biker's pants and had the henchmen put it on Giovani.
xxxxxThen he opened up the metal container and removed dry ice pellets and had his men pack them around inside the biker pants so they came into contact with the metal jock strap. When the pants were filled, Steve looked like an out-of-shape athlete whose fat had collected in a pooch under his belt.
xxxxxSteve had no idea what they were doing to him until Fogarty approached with a glass of water.
"Dry ice is cold. But you know what happens when dry ice gets wet? It gets a hell of a lot colder -- it cools things down quite a bit. In fact it makes things get so cold that they sometimes freeze."
Fogarty took a sip of the water then grabbed the waistband and snapped it against Steve's hard rippled belly, sniggering,
"I'm going to pour this glass of water into your crotch. This'll wet the pellets down and they'll get real cold. This will freeze that metal jock ... and maybe even freeze your balls solid too!"
xxxxx"Open the top of the pants and let the games begin."
Steve screamed and begged to no avail. The henchmen did as they were told and Fogarty poured the water all around the dry ice. Within seconds the ice began to sizzle and cool down rapidly. Actually the ice didn't cool -- it was as cold as it was going to be -- the water just moved the cold from the ice to whatever it touched.
xxxxxAt first the sensation was pleasurable -- cooling off the still hot and sweaty metal jock. But then the temperature dropped more and started freezing Steve's skin. As more cold continued to go from the evanescing dry ice to the water and whatever the water touched, the freezing turned to burning and Steve thrashed about trying to escape the awful numbing pain.

The super cold water had another effect -- it froze inside the hinges and locks of the metal jock strap twisting them out of shape just enough to make them impossible to move or break -- Steve would just have to live with it ... except he couldn't -- you can't live if you can't piss and shit, and with the metal rod up his cock and the prickly-pear up his ass, he could do neither -- it would have to come out. But that would be another tribulation.
xxxxxFor now the pain of freezing-burning poking thousands of burning-cold needles through his balls was so great Steve passed out, whereupon Fogarty had him unchained and dressed in a football uniform -- the pants went over the jock and biker's shorts. Then Fogarty had his boys tie Giovani's arms behind him with rope and then take him out to the van.
xxxxxOne of the henchmen drove the van back to Charlie's Bar while a car followed behind. The parking lot was almost deserted at 3 a.m., so they left Giovani in the back of the parked van and the driver got into the other car which sped back to the hideout.

In a few hours Giovani woke up and struggled to escape, hoping someone would hear his screams and trash-can rattling. In the meantime, Fogarty called the owner and told them where to find their star quarterback. They sent an ambulance that took Giovani to the hospital where doctors tried to remove the jock strap.
xxxxxIt was thawed but still somewhat cold -- like the skin and meat inside -- but the ice had jammed the locks and hinges in position. The doctors tried everything they could think of, eventually having to use a kind of laser blow torch to cut open the jammed lock mechanism, scalding what was inside the metal cup -- and what surrounded the rod and pear-dildo.
xxxxxWhen Steve was finally freed from the awful metal prison, Giovani discovered his genitals had been frostbitten ... and whatever chance of saving them had been lost when the laser cooked the blood-deprived organs. The testicles were mush and would soon have gangrene -- they had to be removed,

"They are dead already," the surgeon explained. "There's no way we can save them. If we don't take them, you'll be dead too. And if we don't do it now, we'll have to take your cock before we're finished. Here, sign this...."
He shoved the release into Steve's face. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he grabbed the pen. His hands were all atremble as he scrawled his signature.
xxxxxWhen he woke up ball-less, his whole crotch was swathed in bandages. Slowly he recuperated from his ordeal, but when the bandages came off Steve noticed his cock was much shorter and there was no deliciously sensitive hood -- they had cut off his cock head too! The doctor said,
"When we took off your balls, we noticed your cock head had gangrene too. It had to come off too. It would have meant another operation if we had not cut it off so we saved you the agony of having to make the decision. The release you signed acknowledged that contingency."
Steve cried himself to sleep -- he was weak and it didn't take much.
xxxxxAs Steve recovered he discovered he was unable to get an erection. After a month of trying the doctors told him they could try penis implants but they probably wouldn't work,
"There was just too much damage. If we do implants, the scar tissue will be so painful you'll not be able to walk."

Steve cried again and just wished they had killed him so he wouldn't have to live as a "girl" ... even less.