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There is a group of dominant women who have patterned their organization after the German Nazis. They have taken the methods and much of the trappings of the Nazis, but with one major difference -- for them, it is not SuperMen but SuperWomen -- the inferior is not the Jew, the Slav, the African, the Chinaman, it is the whole male gender.
xxxxxThese women have committed heinous attacks on men throughout the world -- no remote region seems to be exempt. But their existence has not been publicized -- it would bring down governments all over the world -- not to mention start a true sex-war throughout the world.
xxxxxConsequently, groups of elite men from various governments have hunted these women around the world. Some are caught and tortured with as much severity and contempt as the neo-Nazis can muster. This is a fragment of a diary entry stolen from our own government files on these neo-Nazi Female-dominants.
xxxxxWe are sharing the fragment with you exactly the way we got it. It begins in the middle of a sentence in the middle of a paragraph. But it does have a logical stopping place.
xxxxxI have my doubts as to whether the fragment is an actual translation of the supposed neo-Nazi Female Gestapo officer's diary. It seems to me that the neo-Nazi hunter has made this diary entry up to make his prey seem more villainous than she was. In recent years, many neo-Nazi hunters have resorted to various fabrications in order to keep themselves funded.
xxxxxIn any case, while the entry may not be from the diary of a Female Gestapo officer, it is reflective of the current state of interrogative torture.

E. J.

... to observe the latest prisoners brought in each day. This past week had been disappointing and boring. Most of the prisoners had either been too old or in poor physical shape.

What the Gestapo captain longed for was that occasional prisoner who was in peak physical shape. Such a man, were he unlucky enough to be spotted by the captain, could expect a slow, agonizing series of tortures while stretched out on one of the racks in one of the many torture chambers. As the captain was finishing up her inspection tour for the day, she stuck her head in one of the rack rooms. The woman gasped in surprise. For upon the rack was an ideal prisoner. The thin, paper white, hairless, athletic victim was stretched out naked upon the rack.

The rack was in the process of stretching the big veined man's arms and thighs, his rib cage highly pronounced and visible. The captain was immediately informed by her torture mistresses that the naked victim was a captured agent who refused to talk and would only provide his first name -- Ed.

The captain watched with interest as the prisoner's flesh-stretched flesh writhed, the chest rising and falling as sweat gathered upon his white skin. As the rack was slowly stretching the terrified agent, the prisoner lurched and struggled, causing his cock and balls to flop and bounce in the air. As long and thick as the cock was, it could not hide the man's huge balls that dangled and bulged as the prisoner struggled against the pain and fear. The agent's body was nearly bathed in sweat as small groans escaped his lips.

The captain sat down in a comfortable chair and motioned for her assistants to proceed. Her assistants knew the captain's wishes and enjoyed providing a show for the woman. They knew that this victim was to be tortured as long as possible with constant pain their goal and responsibility. Aside from intermittent flogging, the agent lying before them would be subjected to unbearable painful tortures administered to his naked body. Aside from any torments they would devise, Ed would be continually and slowly stretched on the rack -- it would be a toss up as to whether the agent died from stretching or one of the tortures inflicted upon him.

The captain sat back and relaxed, waiting for the tortures to begin. The two assistants approached their prisoner, each wearing thick gloves. Each of the four gloves had been coated with a glue-like substance and then covered with an abrasive, painful material. The first torturer stood at the foot of the rack and extended her hands toward the victim's crotch. She reached out with her right gloved hand and brushed it against the agent's ball sac. The glove was covered with crushed shells and, as it lightly scraped against the tender skin of the prisoner's scrotum, he began to squirm as much as he could on the rack and tense up. Slowly, the rough glove closed around the balls, the pressure increasing as the balls were squeezed against the sharp shells.

Slowly, the tormentress began to rub the balls as she applied more pressure. The tiny shell fragments dug into the flesh, scratching and lacerating as the victim began to sob. The agent's balls were pulled on and roughly rubbed against the shell glove until his sobs turned into deep moans and loud grunts.

The woman removed the right gloved hand and reached out with her left. The left hand glove was covered with thin, sharp spikes fashioned from the heads of needles. The glove was completely studded with hundreds of these protruding `spikes'. As the spiked glove closed around the agent's balls, Ed screamed in pain. The tiny points sank into his flesh, slightly penetrating the sensitive balls themselves. As the torturess' fist grew tighter, the agent's screams grew louder. His stretched body twisted and turned on the rack, his struggles causing his skin to stretch horribly and his body to tremble and shake.

Occasionally, the agent's large cock got in the way and had to be slapped away with the shell covered glove. The studded glove was used to squeeze, slap and lightly crush the agent's ball sac. Soon, blood was evident as the tiny spikes ripped and tore at the ball sac flesh. The tormentress raked her glove under and around the balls, leaving shredded and punctured skin in its wake. The agent's ball sac was now wet with sweat and the hairless crotch glistened. The studded forefinger was used to poke and probe the balls, roughly pressing into the tortured flesh.

The tormentress suddenly plunged her studded forefinger deep inside the agent's ass, twisting and turning the finger as the prisoner cried out. Soon, more fingers were sunk into the ass-hole until the agent's ass was filled with the studded fist. Ed shrieked in pain as he was slowly, cruelly and painfully fist fucked by his tormentress. When the woman finally withdrew her gloved hand from the agent's ass, the glove was soaked in blood. For the next ten minutes, the torturess used all manner of dildos, each covered with an abrasive material, to slowly fuck and shred the insides of Ed's ass.

The tormentress finally stepped back from the rack as her partner approached the sobbing victim. The second tormentress was wearing large thick gloves made out of cactus pods. The inside of the pods had been hollowed out so that the tormentress could insert her hands. The exterior of the pods were left untouched -- the thick ugly cactus needles ready to inflict pain.

The woman began to rub her gloved hands all over the agent's body from neck to toes. The prisoner screamed and twisted while his body was stretched even further. By now he was stretched so tightly that the cactus needles easily punctured his tightly drawn skin. His muscles ached as his joints felt as though they were being yanked from his torso. The tormentress began slamming her gloved hands into the agent's rib cage, smiling as the bony ribs were bruised and often cracked under the pressure. Large veins were smashed and snapped as blood fanned out beneath the surface of the stretched skin.

The tormentress next placed a glove on either side of the victim's balls. The agent began to jerk and struggle wildly as he watched in sobbing horror as the woman slowly brought the gloves together, trapping the agent's balls between the two sharp cactus pod gloves. As the gloves were drawn closer together, the cactus spikes began to sink into the ball sac.

As the sharp needles entered the agent's balls, he began to scream again. His screams became shrill as the needles entered the soft flesh. His stretched thighs were wet with sweat as the needles closed in on his balls.

The tormentress pulled the gloves apart and began to clap with them together faster and faster. The constant agony from the clapping motion of the needles drove the victim wild with pain. The bulging balls shot incredible pain throughout the agent's crotch as hundreds of needles impaled and penetrated his nuts. The agent begged and pleaded while his balls felt they were on fire. The least little movement of the agent caused the agent's stretched body to protest in terrible pain. Cracked ribs added to the pain as one by one, shattered ribs began to poke through the tightly stretched skin.

The tormentress picked up a club and began to systematically pound and beat on the victim's distended veins and visible bones. Soon, the agent was writhing in extreme misery. The tormentresses had now each discarded their gloves. A jar and small hammer were laid on the rack between the victim's trembling legs.

One of the women pulled the agent's cock roughly out of the way and held on to it tightly as her partner opened the jar and spread its contents onto the exposed bleeding ball sac. Tiny particles of crushed glass fell from the jar and completely covered the sweaty balls. The tiny shards clung to the sweat and blood soaked balls. Slowly, the woman picked up the small hammer and held it above the agent's balls.

The hammer was brought down slowly and firmly onto the agent's left ball. As the head of the hammer made contact with the ball, the tiny shards of glass were forced into the soft flesh. Repeated blows of the hammer caused the crushed glass to become deeply embedded in the flesh. Subsequent blows pounded the glass into the balls.

The combination of glass and the force of the hammer against the agent's balls elicited sharp screams form the victim. Each tiny shard of glass sent a wave of pain throughout the victim's crotch. The crushed glass was then pounded into the agent's pecs, stomach, abdomen, armpits and even against his already punctured rib cage. His agony was now complete.

As the torture session worn on, the tortures became even more painful. The agent's screams were causing his throat to become raw, although not nearly as raw as the condition of his pain-wracked stretched body.

The two women again approached the agent with hand held drills and bits in their hands. The thin drill bits were inserted into the heads of the drills as the two women smiled down upon their victim.

The women held the drills above the man's balls and ribs. Slowly, the drills were lowered until the sharp points of the drill bits each touched the stretched and tender flesh. The women each began to slowly turn the manual crank of their drill, causing the bits to slowly turn and sink into their victim's flesh. With a drill bit slowly sinking into his ball sac and rib cage, the victim went crazy with pain. His struggles increased as the pain intensified. With agonizing slowness and unbearable pain, the drill bit ate through nipple flesh, navel cavity, penis and balls. As each bit worked its way into flesh, the agent nearly passed out from the pain.

The agent was then subjected to what his tormentresses referred to as the chimney torture. A small oil lamp was placed on the rack between the agent's stretched legs. The lamp wick was lit and the glass chimney fastened in place. The women stood back and patiently waited for the glass chimney to heat up.

While waiting, the agent felt the rack pull his limbs even further. The agent now gasped and choked in pain merely from the stretching. He was still sobbing as the women put on gloves and approached the now hot oil lamp.

The hot glass chimney was carefully removed from the lamp. The lamp itself was removed from the rack by one of the women who quickly returned to the rack with a hammer and nail. The victim's ball sac was pulled and yanked away from his crotch as the edge of the scrotal skin was nailed to the wooden rack. The tormentress yanked the agent's penis out of the way as her partner lowered the hot glass chimney horizontally onto the bulging ball sac. Slowly, the chimney was pressed against the balls and rolled firmly back and forth on top of the balls.

The heat from the chimney caused an immediate reaction from the victim. He jerked trembled and screamed as the intense heat scorched his tightly stretched flesh. The glass transmitted an intense heat as well as placing harsh pressure against the painful balls. Sharp pains still emitted from the nailed flesh as the tormentor continued to roll the chimney across the tender flesh. The hot chimney was soon rolling up and down the agent's stretched torso, burning and scorching as it went.

By now, the agent begged to die. His lips began to bleed as he bit into them. His entire body began to tremble and shake uncontrollably as his body was now stretched to its limits. His limb sockets cried out in agony as the rack was slowly stretched even further. While the agent screamed, the tormentresses prepared what would in all probability be the victim's last torture. The women began pouring a heaping mound of gunpowder on top of Ed's genitals.

The agent opened his eyes wide in terror as he watched his tormentresses insert a long string into the pile of gunpowder. The fuse was long and thin and was ignited at one end. His tormentresses stood in silence as the fire slowly burned its way toward the pile of gunpowder. The agent used every ounce of his energy to lurch and writhe, his chest barely rising and falling as the fuse neared his genitals.

While waiting for the slow burning fuse to reach their victim's privates, the women again picked up small clubs and began systematically to pound and beat the agent's beautiful body from head to toe, until all of his ribs were broken. Other blows from the clubs caused ugly welts and bruises to appear upon the very white, tightly stretched skin. The thin agent was almost livid when he heard the sizzling fuse near his cock and balls -- at least it would bring an end to the incredible beatings and stretching.

As the burning fuse approached the crotch, it suddenly ignited the black powder. The agent let out a shrill scream as his genitals were engulfed in an explosion and searing pain unlike anything he had ever experienced.

He was instantly disemboweled, his abdomen, genitals and inner thighs disappearing in a flash of incredible intensity. Fragments of his genitals flew into the air, leaving a bloody gaping wound in his crotch. The agent lived long enough to finish his shrill scream before slowly losing consciousness and his life. The victim's lifeless body was removed from the rack and disposed of.

The rack was cleaned and made ready for the next victim.