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a blood sacrifice ...

The day before our initiation ceremony, I was elected to be the leader.

The choice was unusual, as I was the mother of the previous sacrificial victim. I descended to the stable below to choose the sacrificial victim. It was not an easy task, as they included the unchosen candidates for next year's king, together with several handsome athletes, the young captains of the ball teams who had survived the finals.

They were all thoroughly indoctrinated and eager. They realized what a great honor it was to be chosen as the sacrificial victim. The fact that it would be the end of their life did not seem to matter. My son had done me proud when he was sacrificed and I was sure these young men were of no less caliber.

What a beautiful, handsome bunch of male bodies they were! I spent a lot of time down there, making sure I chose the finest. I spoke to each one and listened to why each felt he should be chosen, and let each one demonstrate his physical charms on my breasts and cleft. I was thoroughly spent by the time I finally made my choice, and they were, too.

The next day at the ceremony of our joining, all eyes were on the altar as a sudden clap of thunder shook the building and the sacrifice slowly rose up through the trap. In his hands he bore the dagger with which he was to be smitten.

He was a totally naked young man of surpassing beauty, moving with the grace of a cheetah. He stepped over to the altar and stood at the vertical pole, placing his hands behind, clasping it and rubbing it up and down like it was a woman's body.

His wrists were lightly bound to the vertical pole with ceremonial green ribbon. A more secure binding was unnecessary, as each of the prospective sacrifices would happily await his fate.

The young man's cock was huge -- our sacrifices had been especially bred for impressive presentation. He was already partially erect from the expectations he had of the ceremony to come. And his youthful scrotum hung full and free below his rod, his hen's egg sized testicles squirming inside like they were trying to climb over each other for the privilege of being cut off first.

As leader of the group to be initiated into the cabal, I grasped the proffered dagger and stepped back to allow the approach of the officiating priestess, who had her hooked knife at the ready.

She came up to the young man, grasped the genitals to stretch them away from the body. As she did so, they gave a lurch, stiffened completely, and, writhing, shot a huge load of gism over her hard abdomen, and all the surroundings.

The priestess placed her knife under the victim's testicles, gave a quick jerk upwards, and the young male's genitals separated from his body. It had been learned from many years' experience that the genitals of a sacrifice, whether goat, calf, or human, must be removed before the killing blow if the flavor of the meat was to be retained.

As I saw the priestess's knife move, I plunged the dagger into the young man's chest, into his heart, and left it there. The young man's body arched as the dagger entered it; it quivered slightly as if it was reluctant to die, and his eyelids fluttered a few times, then all was still.

The priest had orgasmed, her g-cum juice joining the victim's own splatters on the hard body, as she sliced. She awoke from her ecstasy and realized she was still holding the shrinking genitals she had cut off.

She dropped them with a plop into the waiting silver pail which had been positioned between the victim's legs to receive his blood. The young man's blood hrained from his body like juices from a fresh cooked turkey.

Once the victim was nearly fully drained, the bucket of blood was poured into the goblets on the altar. Each of us who today were joining the cabal took a goblet and as we each recited the awe inspiring oath we took sips.

When we had finished our swearing and drinking, the platform with the handsome, but now-drooping youngster slowly sank through the floor into the rooms below.

The cadaver was now the responsibility of the butchers and cooks on the lower floor. They lopped off his hands and feet, made sure any hair was off, and placed them in pots for stewing. The handsome head, although the eyes were now closed and no longer showed their piercing blue (they would probably be opened during the later preparations), was saved to be made into a table decoration at the dinner, and the large and fat severed genitals were prepared for roasting.

The torso was gutted, and then hung up by the footless legs to be sure the blood was completely drained. The giblets were saved for the gravy, and the rest of the intestines discarded.

Then the butchers chopped the torso into suitable cuts to be roasted for the night's celebratory dinner, at which those of us who were initiates would receive shares of the roast genitals, the most prized portions of the food being served at the dinner.

As there were not very many of us, there would be enough to go around.