Goodwin Prescott
the Possession of Jeremy Hart.

Jeremy turned from his frustrating effort to get the canvas contraption to go up straight, a snide rejoinder on his tongue, but then he froze and a soft smile played over his handsome young face.

Ladd Hastings, eighteen like Jason and fully matured for his age, was undeniably the most beautiful hunk of buff jock meat in their high school and had an insatiable sexual appetite to go with all that exquisite male perfection. Just now the crew-cut blond stallion with his rugged squared-off jaw line was standing before him stark naked except for his letterman's jacket and the gold basketball pendant lying over the roof of his sculpted chest. With the open jacket swept back rakishly, his hips thrust forward and his monstrous cock rapidly rising as it surged full of blood, there was no more erotic, sensuous sight on the planet to Jeremy's hungry eyes.

The two teen athletes had discovered each other's homosexuality the previous year and rapidly developed a powerful relationship. It wasn't everything Jeremy might have wished. He loved Ladd with an all-consuming depth of need, while he sensed he was far less important to Ladd. Ladd was strongly dominant in their relationship and at times overly aggressive, but it was worth anything and everything to Jeremy to have the golden Adonis as a lover ... even a less than considerate one ... even a fickle one. He was pretty sure that Ladd occasionally balled other guys and that hurt him deeply but he kept his silence.

However, just now, looking at that marvellous dream standing before him, everything was utterly perfect in Jeremy's world.

He peeled off his own shirt,

He stepped close and reached between Jeremy's thighs to run a hard, groping hand over the swollen bulge in the levis.

Jeremy writhed as Ladd continued to caress and grope between his thighs,

He reached out and took Ladd's incredible manpole in his own hand and fisted it, watching the ripples of muscle flow like molten lava beneath the blond jock's smooth, velvet skin as he shuddered and flexed in reaction to the touch.

He allowed Ladd to finish stripping his own muscular body before peeling away the letterman's jacket and even the pendant. He loved having Ladd utterly nude ... every square inch of the perfect flesh exposed ... when they made love.

They sank to their knees facing each other on their sleeping bags spread out before the small, rosy campfire Jeremy had laid. Ladd slowly stroked Jeremy's turgid, spasm-wracked cock, rubbing the flared crown head against his own swollen, steely penis. Their warm, wet mouths came together and their tongues coiled in sweet combat.

After a bit Ladd drew back from the prolonged kiss, his chest heaving with the strain of lusting excitement. As Ladd's mouth closed over one of his nipples and began to hungrily nurse, Jeremy moaned,

His words were slightly slurred as he continued to suck at the tit, driving Jeremy wild with need.

Jeremy felt just the slightest pang of the secret pain that sometimes chewed at him like a cancer. Ladd had never uttered the magic words in response that Jeremy so longed to hear ... I love you too, dude. Oh well, he thought. I guess some guys just can't say those words. Then Ladd's devilish tongue ran south like a hot iron and he swooned with exquisite pleasure as that wonderful mouth closed over the head of his rod and began to service it.

Ladd was about the most accomplished, expert cock sucker alive as he now again demonstrated to his naked companion there deep in the woods of Minnesota's lake country.

Sighing in blissful contentment, Jeremy watched down as the crew-cut bronze head bobbed between his thighs, playing his hands over Ladd's strong, rugged back. He loved the feel of that superb body ... the delicious warmth, the pulse of the life, the arousing musky male aroma that rose to his nostrils.

As always, Ladd sensed just when Jeremy was getting too close to the explosion and withdrew his nursing mouth.

And Jeremy swiftly found himself on his back, his ankles gripped in Ladd's strong hands, the legs splayed apart like a thanksgiving wishbone, his lower body drawn up to fully expose his ass-hole. At this point Ladd's lust always drove him wild and he became rough and even abusive as he mounted the other boy.

Jeremy would have much preferred a continuation of their more gentle lovemaking, but whatever Ladd needed he was ready to give him. So he joined in as he knew Ladd liked him to do.

With an animal snarl, Ladd positioned his horse cock against the puckered opening nestled at the base of Jeremy's swollen cockroot and drove it home, overcoming the resistence of the protesting sphincter with one swift thrust of his hips. He then fucked him with furious abandon, bouncing him around on the sleeping bag like a rag doll, burying all eleven broad inches of his cock with each plunging thrust.

It hurt of course. It hurt a lot and Jeremy's hole would be tender for days from the brutality with which Ladd mounted and took him. But he was used to it and it was just the price he paid to have the right to be intimate with the blond super-jock.

He knew that every girl and half of the guys in their senior class would kill to spend a single night in bed with Ladd.

Ladd froze, buried to his balls inside Jeremy's gut, as the first deep contractions of orgasm rippled through his sex meat. Jeremy had been stroking his own rod and was able to time his explosion so that as Ladd fired off his load, he popped himself.

Afterwards, they lay together cuddled in each other's arms, sated and rosy in the afterglow of their mating.

Ladd nuzzled his face into Jeremy's shoulder,

Inwardly Jeremy sighed. He knew Ladd thought he was being very complimentary, but those weren't exactly the words a lover might want to hear. Oh well, he guessed it was better than nothing.

He didn't add what he wanted to say ... But when will I get to know that thrill with you, Ladd? When will you ever reciprocate and either get me off in your mouth or better, up YOUR hot dimpled bubble ass?

They'd had that discussion once and Ladd had vaguely suggested that eventually they might get to that point. It had clearly irritated Ladd to have the subject raised and Jeremy had dropped it ever since.

They fixed dinner, succeeded in getting the tent erected ... as well, once again, as their cocks. The earlier sex scene was pretty much repeated before they collapsed, utterly spent, into their bedrolls for the night. Jeremy would have preferred cuddling throughout the night but that was just not Ladd's thing.

They did lie there talking for a long time. They mused over college plans, other kids in school and even their family relationships. Somehow they got around to speculating about which of the other guys on their sports teams were likely gay.

Jeremy was stunned. It was the first time Ladd had admitted he had bedded another guy. He knew he didn't own Ladd but it still hurt him. He masked it, however, and changed the subject.

Jeremy laughed,

He'd had to talk a little to get Ladd to come camp with him here in Oak Hollow. All their lives they had grown up with the legend that the place was somehow evil and dangerous. "Bad things" were said to have happened out here and it was either haunted or the lair of a demon, depending on who was telling the tale.

Actually, Jeremy had been quietly coming out here by himself for some time to take advantage of the excellent fishing in the fine trout stream that gurgled its way through the glade. The great stand of old-growth trees for which the place was named made it really quite a beautiful spot and he had never found the slightest thing spooky about it.

He had found it a good place to just sit and think, often mulling over his troubled doubts of Ladd's feelings for him and their rather one-sided physical relationship. This was, however, the first time he'd ever spent the night.

He awakened suddenly midway through the night. It was kinda weird. He thought someone had been touching him and glanced over to see if maybe Ladd was awake and amorous, but the blond fox was deep in slumber, his breathing a pleasant little purr.

And though Ladd was sleeping with the cover of his bag thrown back to expose much of his upper body, Jeremy felt a sudden chill in the air that made him shudder. He drew his own downy cover close and nestled deeper within it. Shortly he fell asleep again and the rest of the night passed without incident.

To his disappointment, Ladd just wasn't "in the mood" when they awakened and brushed off Jeremy's attempts to arouse his lusts.

His own morning wood was pretty demanding but he forced his heat to subside and pulled on some old frayed levis. He took his cane pole and a can of worms to try his hand at the stream. It was a beautiful morning and he enjoyed the warm sunlight as it bathed his bared feet and upper body.

He went a few hundred yards upstream where he knew of a good deep pool in the brook where several big fish lurked, baited the hook, tossed in the line and settled on the grassy bank to see what happened.

As he sprawled there, he found himself contemplating his relationship with Ladd. He was still coping with the confession that Ladd had bedded Jay Parker. Another guy was bad enough, but Jay?

Jeremy despised Jay and to know Ladd had not only fucked him but did so apparantly just to see if it could be done really hurt. In fact, Jeremy found himself becoming really angry about it. That surprised him too.

He usually had about the most even-handed temper of any boy in the area. He'd never once been in a fight and had never struck a blow in anger in his life. But just then, he wanted to beat the snot out of both Jay and Ladd.

Hurt Ladd!

Fuck, Jeremy shook his head. What the hell's wrong with me, thinking like that?

Still ... he was becoming more and more resentful about Ladd's selfish attitude in their relationship. He felt at times that he was just a convenient source of relief to the golden bull ... what had he called him last night? One fine fuck? And then this morning ... pretty typical. If it wasn't Ladd who was "in the mood" then to hell with Jeremy's needs.

A fresh wave of angry resentment rushed through him. Maybe he really did secretly want to hurt Ladd ... to punish him for being as selfish and thoughtless as he was.

I bet that tight asshole of his probably isn't virgin at all the way he fuckin' claims. He probably even let Jay fuck him! But not me ... Nooo ... Jeremy doesn't get to do that to big, macho Ladd, super jock stud.

And the mere thought of Jay humping Ladd sent such a rage rippling through Jeremy that he found himself trembling. He'd never felt things like this before. Ladd must really be getting to him. He didn't like the sensations he was feeling and forced them from his mind, concentrating instead on his fishing effort.

Eventually, he got a bite and managed to land a really nice German brown trout, which helped his mood a lot. He started thinking of Ladd again and found himself unbelievably horny. His cock insisted on rising into a nearly painful erection within the confines of his levis and he decided to go back and convince Ladd to service him.

But as he stood there, the throbbing need between his legs was so great that he finally popped the buttons on his levis and let his manhood spill out. He stood there slowly stroking his cock in the warm sunny air. He suddenly realized he was not alone.

With every fiber of his being, he knew someone was watching him beat his meat out there in the middle of the woods. He looked all around. Probably Ladd sneaking up on him. But he saw no-one. Still ... he somehow knew he was not alone. A deep cold chill ran through him ... just like last night. Fear? Or something else. He just as suddenly felt inexplicably good ... as if someone were gently caressing his skin and reassuring him. Somehow he knew he was supposed to be doing something, but ... what?

Of course. My levis. I'm supposed to take them off. I should be naked and masturbating myself. You like watching me masturbate don't you?

Almost in a daze, he found himself without his levis. The cane pole and his fish lay beside them on the bank and he was furiously abusing his crotch, eagerly seeking to reach his climax. He needed to get off so bad!

Stop Jeremy ... come to me ... let me do that for you.

He knew the voice was inside his head but he opened his eyes. He was surprised but not alarmed to see that he truly was not alone. There on the edge of the forest a few yards away was a figure. Such a strange figure, but so exquisitely beautiful and peaceful and reassuring.

A foggy mist was coiling and curling about the naked, powerfully aroused body of the handsome golden haired boy standing there smiling at him. His hair was a mass of beautiful curls and everything about him was just perfect ... more perfect even than Ladd. This must be ... a god. Or maybe an angel. He was just too wonderful to really be human.

Jeremy knew he must be dreaming all of this, but it seemed so real. And ... there! As the figure turned and started to slowly step back into the forest there were shadowy wings drooping from his shoulders. It must indeed be an angel. And Jeremy felt so deliciously happy and safe ... what threat could there be from such a sweet, beautiful creature.

Don't go! He cried, knowing he was not actually speaking.

Within his brain the voice spoke again. Come with me Jeremy. Come to me lover and I'll show you pleasures you've never imagined you could feel.

And the figure retreating into the mists swirling from the woods raised a hand and beckened to him with a crooked finger.

Jeremy found himself following. He wanted ... needed ... the pleasure promised.

But he lost track of the figure of the angelic boy in the thickening soupy mist that seemed to envelope him from all sides. Confused he stumbled around.

Just be calm, Jeremy. I'm here with you now. Just relax and let me come into you. I shall become one with you now ... I need your body. Fear nothing ... just enjoy what I am doing.

Deep in his brain, Jeremy felt the burn of alarm ... fear ... something very wrong. The words echoed ... I need your body. But those impulses seemed to be drowned in a wave of incredible warmth and pleasure. The mists seemed to become hands swirling around and caressing him. He closed his eyes, parted his thighs and luxuriated.

There was a warm, wet mouth closed around his cock just now. He was being sucked with a dedication like none he had ever experienced. He was truly being loved ... his pleasure, his orgasm ... was what mattered to this loving entity that was enveloping his flesh from head to toe.

He'd never known anything could feel so wonderful.

In his reverie he became vaguly aware that at every orifice of his body the mists seemed to be probing ... seeping into him. He felt it in his ears and eyes, his nostrils ... in the slit lips in his cockhead, in the pucker of his asshole.

He knew it was working its way into him, coursing through his flesh and blood, taking ownership of him, but nothing else mattered than the sensations he was feeling as it made love to him. And then ... he just slowly ceased to be ... just seemed to ebb into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Back at the campsite, Ladd had finally arisen, his loins ready for some action. He'd been thinking about Steve Bronsson ever since he'd awakened and he needed to get off.

Where the fuck was Jeremy when he needed him for the one purpose that made him useful? Oh he liked the guy well enough and he was good looking and nicely built and hung. But he was such a bore at wanting their "relationship" to be ... what? Permanent. Monogomist? Like Ladd, the most attractive and popular guy at school, was going to limit himself like that! Get real!

Jeremy had these silly romantic notions that they were making love when they rutted. For Christ's sake! They were just two horny young bucks getting their balls off together ... a purely physical bathroom kind of act.

Jeremy kept talking about being his roomie at college next year but Ladd knew he didn't want a steady diet of Jeremy's possessiveness and secret hopes to one day get to fuck him. No chance! Ladd had always been determined that only a real macho stud would ever get to spread his legs for that, or for that matter get to cum in his mouth.

And then it would be a manly guy-to-guy thing, rough and dirty, not some nelly "oh we're so in love" bit of crap. Well, Steve was that guy. He'd already been permitted to pop Ladd's cherry hole and Ladd drank the magnificent swim-jock's creamy gism with regularity as well, something he'd never done for Jeremy nor ever would.

Steve, a recent transfer student to their school, would be the one rooming with Ladd at state next year. Steve would never cramp his style if he wanted to haul some other dude to the room for a one-night stand. Steve would probably even join right in for juicy three-way action if invited.

But there was plenty of time to eventually tell Jeremy that his stint of being allowed to act as a convenient repository for Ladd's sex juices was over. Steve thought it was immensely funny that he continued to use Jeremy like that but, after all, Jeremy really was a damned good fuck.

He got a nice power-trip rush when pile-driving Jeremy that was lacking when he mounted Steve or the other guys from school he regularly sodomized. Jeremy would shit a brick if he had any idea just how many of those there really were.

Maybe he'd taunt him with a list of names when he finally sent him on his way after graduation. Nah ... the sentimental wimp would probably cry and it made Ladd's skin crawl to see a guy cry. It was so fucking unmanly.

Planning as he was to nail Jeremy's hole as soon as he returned to camp, Ladd didn't bother to dress. Plus it felt pretty heady and daring to be running around in the woods butt-naked like this. Somehow, it was savage and primitive and it made him even hornier. He hadn't really wanted to come on this jaunt but it was just for one night and he knew it was something Jeremy wanted badly.

In a weak moment he had decided to go along with it. Now he was glad he had. Further, it would enhance his macho image at school when word got out that he had dared to sleep in the dreaded, haunted, evil Oak Hollow! Evil! Shit! How could a place be evil. Jeremy was right in scoffing at all that crap.

He got a fire going and put a small pot of water on to boil. He could use a nice cup of instant coffee either before or after he balled Jeremy, depending on when the dude got his ass back there. He was kneeling by the fire, watching the water start to bubble when he heard something behind him. Startled, he jumped and turned.

He hefted his massive boner in one paw and gave it a squeeze as he stepped towards Jeremy. At least the guy had the balls to be running around the place stark naked too. That was a nice touch. And his prick was poking straight up before his belly in full, drooling erection which was also good.

When Jeremy was in full lust Ladd could fuck him with a violent abandon without any protest about how much it hurt and how he wished Ladd wouldn't be so rough. He wanted to smack Jeremy when he whined like that.

He failed to notice that Jeremy had said nothing and it was only when he was right up next to him, his arms reaching to entwine him that he realized there was anything wrong. Jeremy suddenly seized his wrists in his hands with a steely grip unlike anything Ladd had ever experienced from his gentle fuck-toy. Startled, he glanced into Jeremy's face and froze. There was a look of sheer loathing there ... hatred seemed to radiate from the features.

And the eyes were ... terrifying. Dark, bloodshot and as cold as ice. Before he had more time to think or react, Jeremy's knee, driven by lean, powerful corded muscle, drove upwards with bone-jarring force into Ladd's low-hanging balls.

The blow almost hefted the blond jock off his feet and nothing ... nothing ... had ever hurt that bad in the hunk's nearly nineteen years of existence. He was instantly paralyzed with the agonizing pain, collapsing on the ground to clutch at his crotch with both hands, curled into a pre-natal posture. Moaning, unable to speak, hardly able to breath or think, he was only just aware that Jeremy was retrieving the ropes from the tent stays. He was unable to resist as his wrists were drawn behind his back and securely bound.

As those things work, the searing pain eventually ebbed into a grinding ache and became tolerable. He was dragged over to the edge of the forest to a large dead tree trunk lying on the ground, the bole itself slanting upward at one end, supported on stilts formed by main limbs jutting into the ground. He just poised there on his knees, hands bound, moaning still and trying to comprehend just what was coming down.

He didn't have long to wait.

Jeremy was suddenly before him and drew back a bare foot. He slammed it into Ladd's chest, knocking the breath from him and bowling him over backwards.

Ladd fought rising hysteria. He was utterly at sea! The voice spewing invective and hate from Jeremy's mouth was not Jeremy's at all. It was coarser and deeper and had some kind of accent, maybe Italian. He had never known real fear before but now it gripped him like an icy fist.

Ladd doubled up and writhed in abject agony. Jeremy had just punched him had in the balls with his fist. The big seeders were already swollen and tender from the knee slam and now it was worse than ever.

Moaning, Ladd stared in horror as Jeremy ... fuck, Frank ... seized his prized sex pole in his hand and pulled it out straight. With the other hand he brought the tip of a long straight twig to the slit lips. The wooden dowel was about the thickness of a pencil and as it was slowly forced up his piss tube, his rod did indeed harden into an agonizing, involuntary erection. The searing burn of having his cock stuffed like that was almost more than Ladd could bear. When it was all the way in, only the forked end of the twig jutted from the wide-stretched lips of his organ.

Then Frank used one of Ladd's bootlaces to tightly bind off his throbbing, bruised balls, forcing them into a club with the scrotal skin stretched taut over the starkly outlined orbs. They swiftly reddened deeply and began throbbing with a constant dull ache that radiated out from his crotch in undulating waves. Ladd had never had any idea his balls could hurt him this much.

Frank chuckled. It was a nasty sound, full of venom.

Ladd opened his pain-dazed eyes ... then they snapped into stark focus.

The first thick dribble of the steaming, scalding liquid spashed down onto his corded sic-pac gut as Frank hovered beside him on his knees, the pan in one hand, Jeremy's cock in the other, powerfully aroused and twitching as it was stroked.

The look on Jeremy's face was a mask of sadistic delight.

Every drop of the steaming water was employed in the protracted torture, splattering over the prisoner's chest and belly, inner thighs and feet ... and ... of course liberally over his already tormented genitals. Ladd learned a new meaning for the concept of hell over those long minutes as the water was patiently applied, drip by scalding drip.

He was almost beyond speech as Frank seized him and with a strength that was startling hefted him up and poised him over the dead tree trunk. He was lowered until he suddenly felt the harsh, jagged tip of a three inch wide branch stump press against his puckered anus.

The realization of what was about to happen hit him and he started screaming in demented terror even as he was lowered and the wood speared up into his ass canal, ripping his sphincter and stretching him open far wider than nature ever intended. When Frank released him, he just slid on down the stump and was impaled into place on the tree trunk, blood curling in dark rivulets from his ruined Ass-hole.

He knew he was terribly injured inside now. The jagged wood had ripped his lower colon to shreds and he was bleeding copiously internally, only a relatively small amount of the life fluid working its way around the suction seal the wood formed with his torn rectal opening. He was literally paralyzed with the excruciating pain of the impalement.

To keep him upright on the trunk, Frank bound a rope tightly around his throat and then to the wood behind his head. It wasn't quite choking him ... not so long as he kept his head straight.

Frank was not yet through. Not quite. There was one more act.

Ladd somehow, through the fog of suffering and neo-shock, felt it as the hand gripped his cock and pulled on it to fully expose the bound, darkened balls. His eyes focused on the other hand of this demonic thing that was using Jeremy's body. It was raised high in the air.

What was that in it? A rock? A FIST-SIZED JAGGED CHUNK OF STONE! And now the fist was descending in a hard, hammering blow directly onto Ladd's nuts.

The first blow probably ruptured the gonads, but more followed to be sure the seeders were reduced to bloody pulp. At some point during the crush-castration Ladd passed out into merciful oblivion from shock. His limp form sagged to one side and at once the rope around his neck cut off his air and his chest shortly was heaving as his asphyxiation quickly played out.

Jeremy stirred and stretched. He was lying on his bedroll. How had he gotten back here? He tried hard to remember what had happened. He had had a dream of an ... angel ... yeah, a fuckin' angel! How dumb! But then he recalled how it had felt as the misty hands had moved over him and sighed. Too bad that was just a dream!

He looked down over his nude form and gasped. Shit! He was splattered all over with blood! Had he cut himself? He didn't hurt anywhere, but he swiftly checked for an injury and found none. Then he glanced around ... and eventually his eyes came to rest on the big dead tree trunk on the edge of the camp where the forest began. And after a few seconds, he began to scream.

He had no idea how much time had passed when he finally forced himself to rise from where he had been cradling Ladd's lifeless form in his arms, sobbing until he had no more tears available and then just rocking back and forth in a daze.

Somehow he stumbled to the creek. He could not bear to have Ladd's blood all over him and he bathed it away. Then he managed to find his way back to where they had left the truck, a mile or so from the camp. He was still naked and idly realized he probably should have dressed, but could not bring himself to return to that terrible scene.

By now, somewhere deep inside, he had confronted the reality that he had done those things to Ladd. When he dialed 911 on his cell phone in the truck, he was surprisingly calm as he related that his friend was dead and that he had killed him. He gave the directions, knowing it would take at least a half hour before any police would get there.

That would be quite adequate.

He pulled the coil of nylon tow-rope from the bed of the truck and looked for the right tree with the right limb. He found it soon enough. He made the noose and tossed it over the limb and tied it off on the tree trunk. He stood on a nearby stump and fished the noose back to slip around his neck and snug down.

Then he just stepped off the stump and swung out to hang with his toes a few inches from the ground. As his strangulation proceeded, he closed his eyes and tried to block out the searing burn in his straining lungs as they fought to draw breath.

He imagined Ladd again in his full glorious beauty. He fantasized that Ladd's mouth was sucking between his legs. And then he imagined that Ladd smiled up at him and said,

His orgasm was not imaginary, coming just before the darkness enveloped him.


Sheriff Keegan closed the old file folder and sighed, rubbing his troubled eyes with his hands.

The terrible business was over. The boys' bodies had been buried, the shocked community trying to come to grips with the tragedy.

Everyone agreed that Jeremy had simply gone insane. Even Ladd's grieving parents had not questioned that and had not vented any rage or blame upon the Hart family.

But something had been nagging at Keegan's memory. Something he had heard as a boy from his own law enforcement father ... a rumor ... maybe even just a legend. But after long hunting in the dusty archives at the courthouse, he had finally found it. The coroner's report, hand-written, was brief and to the point.

Keegan shook his head. What had really happened out there between Jeremy and Ladd? One thing was certain. He intended to have that damned glen declared off limits. When he had been out there at that gory campsite doing the investigation, he had had the eerie feeling of being watched and somehow, that whoever or whatever was there was trying to get into his mind ... seeking to read his thoughts. He had all but run from the site, surprising the hell out of the deputies who were with him.