Goodwin Prescott

Breakfast Boy III ...

Brunch Brothers

I was bored that Friday and decided to go look for a subject to satisfy my special craving. At the outset I guess I should explain.

I am a cannibal.

A pretty nice guy as cannibal's go, but a cannibal nonetheless, although a specialized one. I cook and devour the genitals of well-hung young studs.

No, no! I'm not some awful serial killer. I revere life and am not into the pain thing either. I minimize the suffering of my young dinner guests and go to great lengths to protect their lives. I am even quite skilled at fashioning erotic-sensitive piss buttons in their modified crotches that many find quite amazing. After recuperating, they report they can still reach a sort of orgasmic release that feels like they still have their cocks down there, much the way amputees often feel the sensation of having a missing limb.

A vital element of my "game" is the seduction ... getting them to agree to submit to my desires. That, in and of itself, is a heady, erotic power trip. No, none start off really "wanting" to lose their genitals, but it is remarkable how many ultimately accept the proposition ... it's all in the inducement. Frankly in this harsh techno-centered society of ours, a big crotch endownment is of little real use to a young guy who is on the outside looking in. He needs money in order to get something going in life. It is utterly mesmerizing what young bucks will do for cash and I dearly enjoy probing for their outer limits.

Of course, the fact that I generally seek gay studs helps. A lot of them are not intimidated by the concept of being "modified." In fact, many find the "tops" they service really enjoy their new configuration which fully exposes their boy-cunt assholes for easy frontal entry, the crotch nicely "streamlined."

So, no, I am not a violent predator. Just a wealthy eccentric indulging a most unusual taste. As near as I know, I have never even violated any law! Interestingly, consumption of human flesh is not per se illegal in most states. The laws on murder, assault and disposition of dead bodies are probably viewed as sufficent. A person can voluntary submit to having all sorts of things done to his body that would be illegal if done by force, including castration.

To date, forty-one young men had allowed me to "harvest" their ripe male parts and I was interested in finding number forty-two.

I prowled downtown to the area of the temporary employment office. It had become a sort of meat market with a parade of young bucks looking to turn a sexual trick or two. Most of them are just awful but occasionally a nice one shows up. It was a good starting point in my hunt.

I spotted him almost at once lounging on a set of steps near the day-labor hiring place. He was bare-chested and that upper body was spectacular. About twentyish, he was drop-dead handsome with a shock of light brown hair spilling rakishly over his forehead and the most unusual shade of lavender eyes. He stood respectfully, interest quick in his gaze, as I approached and the bulge in the crotch of his levis almost made me gasp. He had to be hung like a fucking bull!

I had him in my truck and on the way home before you could say "Jumpin' Jack Ass-Fuck," and learned a lot about twenty-one year old Shawn as we talked on the way. Actually, I guess I learned way too much.

He was a laid-off carpenter in a brutally bad job market and desperate to make rent and food money for he and his eighteen year old brother "Butch" with whom he lived. The younger brother had just graduated from high school and still had found no job.

He lowered his eyes and looked away in embarrassment,

"I aint never done this before, sir. I wouldn't except I hate seeing Butch go hungry or both of us gettin' tossed into the street. I just don't know what else to do. I'll gladly put out whatever pleases you, but I may be a little clumsy about it. Oh, I've had gay sex and liked it ... I guess I really even prefer it to cunt, but I've never been butt-fucked and if that's what's gonna happen, I'd appreciate it if you could be patient and go a little easy with me in doing it."

And I could see that he was being truthful, not posturing.

Well damn, I thought. He was such a really nice, polite, all-American looking kid that I found myself loath to take advantage of his situation. I have no qualms at all in capitalizing on a guy's greed but often back off if he is in such desperate straits that he really has little choice but to acquiesce in my desires. I don't regard that as a true consent seduced from him ... rather a somewhat despicable blackmail. So, regretfully, Shawn went off my fuck list and prospective menu, at least for now.

He stared at me in stunned disbelief, then got a stricken look.

I laughed,

I thought he was going to cry he looked so relieved.

He proved to be as good with wood as he had suggested and did a great job in restoring my ancient patio table. While he went to work on my truck in the enclosed yard of my rural home, I had to make a few calls.Then I wandered out to see how he was doing and stopped cold.

Hunk-breath had stripped that beautiful body stark naked! He turned, framed by the open door of the truck where he had been wiping the windows with a rag, and a big grin edged over his face as he saw me watching.

A screaming erection was jutting from between his thighs and he was every bit as huge as I had suspected. What a gorgeous sight he made just then!

All self-control fled. I took him to my bedroom where he turned out to be an excellent, dedicated cocksucker.

At just the right point he turned and offered me his dimpled, bubble ass and spread the cheeks to reveal the puckered hole. I used vasoline to very gently lubricate the orifice, taking my time and working a finger up inside the tight sphincter.

He gasped at the entry and gasped again as I slipped a second digit up inside his warm gut. I was searching for his prostate with my probing fingers and when I found nature's little gift to the human male, he seemed to just melt.

I eased my drooling, steely rod up into him and he took it easily, just wincing and gulping a bit. Shortly it was massaging his prostate as I fucked him with steadily increasing speed and force. He began to groan in real pleasure and beat his meat as I took him. We came pretty much in tandem.

Afterwards he looked at the photos above my dresser. Depicted was a handsome dark-haired young bull and a huge set of fully aroused male sex organs.

So I told him. All of it. If anything, I am bluntly honest with people. It usually pays off. He gazed at the photo of Josh, my number thirty-six and the curent record-holder for cock length, with renewed interest. I don't think he really believed me about my cullinary habit until I took him to the kitchen and showed him the special crotch-height wooden cabinet housing the one-burner range. As he came to believe, his eyes got real big.

I guess I looked disappoointed, which I was, for he frowned.

He was thinking deeply, debating, even tormenting himself. He looked at me and bit his lip.

I couldn't believe it. I was seized by the most erotic feeling. Shawn was as much as offering to sell me his eighteen year old brother! Needless to say, I said nothing to discourage that!

Out of curiosity, we measured Shawn's erect rod and he did indeed beat Shawn's eight and a half inches by a quarter inch. If baby brother proved willing, I could only hope he was a match.

Shortly I dropped Shawn off at home, giving him his grand plus another thousand as a bonus. That earned me a long wet kiss and a hug that almost broke my ribs. He left promising that if Butch was interested he'd get him in touch with me. Somehow I wasn't too optimistic.

I was very wrong.

The next day I answered my door to find a young clone of Shawn standing there clad just in cut-offs, strap "muscle" shirt and sandals. The hair was darker and buzz-cut to a stubble and the body was a bit smaller but the handsome face and lavender eyes were unmistakable.

I invited him in and glanced at his crotch. The bulge was promising. Having big genitals was apparantly a genetic trait in their family. He caught me and a dimpled, boyish grin flashed over his cute features.

Blunt, tougher than Shawn. More world-wise I guessed and I had little doubt this boy had slept around a lot and pulled down nice bucks for it.

He wasn't remotely intimidated or shy.

In a flash he had those cut-offs down and off and impishly, teasingly tugged around at his tee shirt. His magnificent cock exploded into hardness as I watched and in seconds was fully, hotly erect.

He was just adorably erotic standing there like that ... another family trait. Both boys had a powerful ability to posture just perfectly to show off nature's gifts, charm the shit out of you and melt steel with their grins.

I nodded,

I made a choking noise.

Guilty! Very, very guilty.

Shawn was a good cocksucker. Butch was a great one! I barely avoided cumming in his nursing mouth. After a bit I found myself staring at his gorgeous backside as he poised on his knees on my bed offering up his ass cleft.

Mmm, the things that boy did with his gut muscles is probably illegal. He refused to let me lube his hole, almost sneering at the thought.

As I pounded into him, he urged me on and even got me to start smacking his buttcheeks on the sides with my hands. He was a lusting animal to whom such rutting was second nature. But significantly, he was interested in my satisfaction and orgasm, not his own. He was that rather rare creature ... a powerfully masculine young bull stud who was a natural bottom and into being dominated.

After I was sated, he glanced at the photos on the wall.

We did. He wasn't. He was a hair shy of eight and a half inches and looked really crestfallen.

I swallowed hard.

He laughed,

Sunday afternoon the brothers were prompt and Shawn was clearly very pleased that he had been able to provide his brother for my enjoyment. The comments made by both Butch and I about how sad it was that Butch wasn't quite bigger than Josh were not lost on him. He frowned and I could tell he was thinking hard about it all. He really got a torn look on his face when I showed them the miniature bar-b-que grill I had created in the back yard, similar to the "boy" range in the kitchen.

Shawn visibly cringed and I saw him studying the innovative baby-grill with deep curiosity.

For Butch's last orgasm I let him call the shots. He surprised me. He wanted to watch me butt-screw Shawn while he watched and jerked off! Okay. We can do that!

Afterwards we started prepping the boy. I let Shawn shave his brother's crotch while I got the side dishes for my feast ready ... rice, veggies and fruit. He did a good job, searching out every little hair on the pubes until they were as smooth as a baby's butt. Butch gasped at the burn as I disinfected his loins with alcohol, but it also turned him on.

Usually I had to coax a boy back into hardness for the cooking but Butch was fully erect again from the erotic effect of being genital-shaved by his brother and the sting of the disinfectant. I strangled his sex package with a wire ligature around the neck of the organs to seal in the blood. Then I took up a syringe, filled the barrel with lidocaine, and pressed the needle deep into the sex-neck and injected the anaesthetic.

It burned sharply and he flexed but then relaxed as he quickly began to numb down. I continued the injections until I had his crotch and upper thighs deadened. I tested it by holding the flame of a match to the lips of his cock and blistering them. There was no physical reaction other than a chickenshit grin from the boy as he followed what I was doing with his eyes.

Shawn stoood by watching, shaking his head in disbelief at his brother's infectious zeal, grinning broadly himself. He was still naked save for his open shirt and was an incredibly sexy sight ... another of those delicious posturing moments that the brothers were so good at. His own trophy cock was fully up again too. There was just something in his eyes that told me he was on the threshold of making the decision Butch and I were seeking.

He seemed really entranced as he watched the step by step process by which Butch was prepared to face the skillet and I suspected he was imagining himself undergoing that. I complimented Butch at every turn on his wonderful pluck, thanking him for making this so much fun. I could see a regretful tug of chagrin work at the corners of Shawn's mouth as if he felt somehow ... shamed ... by his kid brother's sterling example of grit and self-control.

I cut a tiny hole in the top of the teen's scrotum just below the base of his cock and patiently stuffed it with a mixture of lemon-butter, garlic, onion and paprika until it bulged. The seeders would absorb the flavors as they simmered. The mix also made the sac self-basting internally.

I proceded to inject Butch's cock with melted lemon-butter at random points so it too would remain moist and juicy inside as it cooked. I used a thick-needle basting syringe to force a paste of herb butter and finely ground onion and garlic the length of his piss tube and sealed it with a plug carved from a carrot stick.

The buttery mix in the skillet was bubbling merrily as I led the boy over to the special range.

It was time!

I never tire of the pleasant sizzling noise of the living sex organs of a boy sliding into the hot liquid in the skillet. I had warned Butch of it and he was ready and didn't bat an eye. The aroma that shortly began to rise in steamy vapors was beyond mouth-watering. Shawn swallowed hard.

Butch had opted to mount the cabinet and squat with his legs to either side of the skillet on the counter. He was rapt with interest as he gazed down and watched his cock and balls quickly brown up.

I used a fork to stir the simmering meat around in the pan for an even cook, repeatedly basting the hot liquid over the top surface of the smoking flesh. Butch gamely helped, enthusiastically swivling his hips around to keep his cooking package rolling around in the skillet.

It doesn't take long to properly cook a cock and balls and shortly the tines of the fork slid cleanly in and out of the steaming penis and I knew it was nicely done. I got Butch positioned on the special dining table, his legs splayed out and his hot, savory organs lying on a platter before me, a puddle of spicy juices pooling around as it seeped from the cooked meat.

I invited Shawn to join me in dining. At first he seemed a bit squeamish about trying his brother's cooked sex organs but eventually could not resist. He very tentatively sliced off a wafer of meat from the big cockhead and slipped it into his mouth. His eyes widened.

He looked at me for just a bit, then shrugged and surrendered.

Butch and I exchanged a conspiratorial glance of pure exultation at our victory.

The eightener recovered quickly and though he was still very tender and sore, was right there helping prep his big brother's mighty crotch that next week-end. This time he did the honors with the straight razor, mowing away Shawn's luxuriant groin fur. The steps we followed in getting the record cock ready for the grill were similar to Butch's the week before except I coated Shawn's rod and scrotum with a thick glaze of sticky honey-mustard sauce. Then he positioned himself with his muscular thighs parted and helped me guide his package to the searing surface of the grill over the glowing coals.

There was a loud sputtering and burst of flavorful smoke. Shawn took it all gamely, more than matching his brother's performance the week before.

I had never bar-b-qued a genital entree before and found the end result to be marvellous. Shawn's cock was tender, tangy and juicy and his balls somehow were extra tasty from being grilled. Of course, Butch got to sample his brother's meat and agreed it did the family up proudly.

Several weeks later, Shawn's photos took their proud place on my bedroom wall as the new reigning champ was enthroned. The day I hung them, I had the boys over and glanced at Shawn as he leaned back on his knees on my bed, naked, thighs parted, his newly modified crotch prominently displayed. I was proud of the surgical mending I had performed between both brothers' thighs after their castrations. I had taken my time and tried to do the best job I ever did for them in fashioning the smooth, lightly scarred mounds and delicate slit-lipped piss buttons.

He caught my eye.

I went over and began to expertly manipulate the sensitive little thing and he let out a startled gasp. As I continued and then dropped my mouth and began to suck it and press the tip of my tongue into the lips, I thought he was going to go into orbit. His buried cockroot was fully intact and active and was swollen as hard as steel. Excitedly, he called out to his brother who was in the bathroom at the moment.