Goodwin Prescott
When I spotted Joshua at the carnival, a typical young hunk drifter running one of the seedy rides and looking very bored, every fiber of my hunter instinct alerted instantly sensing prey. He had greasy looking dark hair and his clothes were soiled. He was tall and willowy built, more boyishly cute than handsome, and oozed feline grace and hot sexuality with every move and curve of his hard young body. The teen was Hispanic or mixed blood with a fawn-brown complexion that was unblemished and beautiful. I got a pleasant, vacant little smile when he saw me looking. I walked over to him as soon as there was a lull in his work, wanting to see close up if the bulge in the pouch of his levis could possibly be as big as it looked from afar.

It was. Okay ... he was definitely in the running. The issue would turn on how low-slung his balls were.

"Shut down your ride for a few minutes while we go talk privately."

"Uh ... mister, I really can't do that...."

I handed him a hundred dollar bill. He looked at it, then grinned and shrugged his shoulders.
"Well, sure, I guess I could after all. You're damned persuasive."
I took him to a dark area behind a supply building at the edge of the parking lot.
"So," he said, "Am I gonna suck you? Since I don't know you, I'd prefer that you don't cum in my mouth, please."

"Just open your pants."

"Great, I get sucked. I like that even better! Do I cum in your mouth?"

He popped the button and undid the belt. The zipper went down and the denim slid to his ankles. He had long, slim, beautiful legs ... smooth and hairless. The cotton pouch of his tighty-whiteys was bulging out in a massive curve outlining his cock, the weighty balls a set of matched curving outlines to either side, each the size of a small peach.

I fondled the pouched organs, savoring the warm moistness of the cotton-sheathed manhood radiating into my hand. The cock throbbed deeply and jerked powerfully against my fingers as I traced its outline.

"How long is it?"

"Nearly eleven inches," he said proudly.

"Well, I meant when it's soft. Probably still at least seven inches, maybe eight?"

He shrugged.
"Yeah, I guess. Never measured the big fucker actually. It never gets too small even when it's tame."
I slowly freed the equipment from it's confining cotton and marvelled at the beauty and perfection this young man carried between his thighs. A thick, silky copse of jet black pubic hair adorned his groin and otherwise his trim, hard, sculpted body seemed hairless. The great flared crown of his penis was a work of art, already oozing a thick pearl of clear, sticky pre-cum from the lips. I leaned down and licked it away, then gently kissed that sweet head and then licked it. I drew the tip of the monster between my lips and began to nurse at it. I rolled the huge balls around within their ample, low-hanging sac as I sucked him, almost swooning at the way they oozed around fluidly in ready response to my fingers.

Seeing how low hung he carried his big seeders was the final requirement. Joshua was absolutely perfect.

The boy was a prey animal of the first order ... a real trophy buck for the taking.

Shortly with a low moan, he popped his load, firing burst after burst of thick cream into my mouth. I took it all. I waited then until the great organ relaxed and eased back into its flaccid state. Indeed ... still a full eight inches and then some. My excitement level was becoming overpowering but I masked it well.

I looked into his dark eyes.

"I want to buy your penis," I told him.

"Huh? Hey, you just did...."

"No," I answered quietly and evenly. "I'm a cannibal and I want to buy your penis and your balls. I want to eat them."

As strange as it may seem, such bluntness usually gets you further than coyness. Men like that quality in other men as it signals honesty within their relationship. It also didn't waste time. If he freaked and ran, so be it ... at least I'd know. If they stayed and talked, I usually got what I wanted.

Joshua stayed and talked. He searched my face for a sign I was joking and didn't see it.

"C'mon, man. That's not all that funny. You got a weird sense of humor. Guys don't go around buying other guy's sex parts to ... to fuckin' eat."

"I do," I replied. "I'm making a serious offer. Nature has given you an immensely valuable asset that I'm willing to convert to cash for you. Let me harvest your man organs. Are they really doing you that much good just carting them around? You're so big that I'm sure you scare off most potential sex partners so far as ever getting to actually fuck someone."

"Shit. You're right about that," he laughed nervously, swallowing hard. "You really are serious about this aren't you? You really, truly want to just buy my dick and nuts like meat at a supermarket!"

"About like that," I agreed. "But you're not really just a piece of meat to me. You'll be treated with care and decency throughout the process. I've spent a lot of time educating myself and I have a world of experience in medical care of the young men whose crops I harvest. You'll have a rather attractive and very sensitive little mound between your legs with minimal scarring and a carefully crafted button stump to piss through. When the little thing is manipulated or sucked you'll have a sensation remarkably similar to an orgasm. After it's all done, I'll keep you in my home to tend to you until you heal, then help you find a much better job."

"Shit, dude! Stop talkin' like that. You're sending a chill up my spine when you fuckin' talk like that! I oughta just leave you and go back to run my ride."

"Then why don't you?"

He stood staring at me.
"I ... I don't really fuckin' know. I guess I've never met a ... a fuckin' cannibal before and it's kinda interesting to listen to you. You don't seem mean or violent or dangerous. How many ... uh ... guys have you ... you know ... eaten?"

"You'll be the thirty-sixth."

"Thirty-five! No way, dude! You've eaten thirty-five goddam cocks and balls?"

"No. Thirty-five cocks, 70 balls ... well, 69 actually. One sailor had lost one as a boy in an accident, but his cock was magnificent. Almost as long as yours ... but not quite."

"Well, shit," he said, shaking his head in amazement. "None of those other guys ever like die from it or anything?"

"Some have a harder recovery than others ... I think attitude plays a big role in that ... but die? No. Never. Your lives are important to me. I'm not a killer. I just happen to utterly love the taste of cooked boy genitals and the power trip of utterly possessing the magnificent organs of the best-hung young studs alive. If you didn't have at least a 6 inch cock when it's flaccid, I would not make you the offer."

"So ... uh ... how do I stack up? You know, compared to the others."

"Easily the second or third largest ... a contender for first place, currently held by Brendt, the wonderful eight and a quarter incher I found delivering pizzas in New Orleans last summer. We'll measure you in the morning and know for sure if you're the record holder."

He looked really pleased at all that. Ah ... the delicious male ego of such teenaged hunks. It makes them such easy prey ... like big curious dumb deer.
"By the way, I don't harvest underage males since something as important as sexual modification is a decision to be made by an adult. I take it you are at least eighteen?"

"Yeah, I'm almost nineteen ... I'm full legal ... hey, shut up! I haven't agreed to fuckin' anything! Sexual modification! Holy fuck!"

"Name your price, Josh."

"Fuck you, man! This is crazy."

There was a long silence but he remained. Finally he asked, his voice real quiet.
"What ... uh ... is your usual going rate. I'm just ... curious."

"I normally pay eight hundred dollars an inch for the penis, flaccid of course and a thousand per ball. In your case, as near to a record catch as you are, I'd make it an even ten grand. I want you pretty bad."

I thought he was going to choke he gasped so loudly.
"Ten thousand dollars! Just for a weird meal! What are you, super-rich?"

"Well-enough off to indulge my tastes. And of course, it's much more than just a meal. I guess it's really sort of a hobby. Tell me where you're staying and I'll pick you up at nine in the morning. I intend to take my breakfast from between your thighs as soon as we get to my home."

"I won't fuckin' be there. You're wasting your time coming by. This is so fuckin' nuts. You aint eatin' my fuckin' big cock and balls, man! No way! Shove your ten grad up your butt!"

It was posturing. His heart wasn't in the rough language and we both knew it. I called his bluff.
"Very well, Josh. Thanks for at least hearing me out. Good night."
I walked away without a backwards glance, almost holding my breath. I could feel his dark eyes boring into my back.
"Hey," he called out finally, "the Motel 6 just off the fairgrounds. You can stop by to see if I'm there by the office. I aint likely to be ... if I aint there by five after, I aint coming. Fuck you, man.  But thanks for the C-note. You suck cock real good by the way!"
Of course he was waiting when I drove up at exactly nine the next morning. Without a word he slipped into the car, tossing a tattered suitcase and small duffle bag into the back seat.
"Good morning, Josh."

"I left a note on the boss's door quitting ... he's gonna be pissed. I figured I could tear it up if you didn't show. I thought maybe this was all just a big joke."

He was wearing just cut-offs and sandals and I drank in the beauty of his finely sculpted upper body which I had not yet seen. It was as smooth as the rest of him with just silky dark tufts in his pits. He had big rubbery nipples with superb eraser nibs. He cleaned up well and was even more attractive in the daylight than I had thought he was.
"So," he said. "Just how do we do this? You tie me down real tight and cut off my wang and nut me while I entertain you by squealing like a pig and bleeding all over the fuckin' place?"
I was aghast.
"Certainly not! You won't need to be restrained. I don't take pleasure from the agony of others and you'll feel very little pain until the deadening agent wears off in a few hours. Then I'm afraid you'll hurt quite a bit as you recuperate but I'll give you all the pain killers I can to ease that. There will be very little bleeding."

"Do I get to watch you actually cook my cock and balls after you ... how'd you phrase it ... harvest them?"

I chuckled.
"Joshua, I'm going to cook them while they are still fully attached, so, yes, we'll be sort of partners in the process."

"How the hell do you do that! I thought you fuckin' said it wouldn't hurt much!"

"Patience, young sir. You'll find out soon enough. Most of the guys find it pretty fascinating to go through ... though enjoy may be too strong of a word. Once you get over the initial emotional baggage about castration and agree to the process, it becomes remarkably easy to accept and go through it. Amazingly, a few guys even get really enthusiastic about having it done."

He expelled a long breath and then nodded.
"I think I'm one of those. I thought you were a crazy lunatic at first but I tossed and turned all night thinking about it and the more I did the more the thought excited me. The very concept of having my sex parts eaten by another man while I watch became ... I dunno ... really appealing to me. It's just so utterly fuckin' different than anything I've ever even thought of doing. I kept touching my crotch and imagining how it would be to have just that little mound and piss knob you talked about and ... I liked the thought! And then there's the fuckin' money too! I kept thinking about all I could do with ten grand. I never even dreamed of having that much all at once! I grew up on a dirt poor farm in New Mexico. By dawn I knew I was gonna go along with it ... and not just for the money. Then I got so scared thinkin' maybe it was a fuckin' joke and you wouldn't show up!"
Then Josh reached over and took my free hand in his to guide over to his warm, bare, muscular inner thigh. I started rubbing and he sighed with pleasure.
"Your touch feels nice. I'm so damned horny in the mornings but I didn't jerk myself today. I figured maybe you'd get me off one last time before ... well ... you know."
I did know. Each boy's last orgasm before surrendering his organs to my dining pleasure was an exquisite part of the ritual that had developed. I got the boy hotly aroused, paused to take some photos of his face and crotch, then took him to bed and made love at length, seeking to give him the most wonderful, satisfying orgasm possible. I seemed to succeed.

We showered together and he stood waiting in the bedroom as I gathered some necessary items for our project. I found him studying the pair of large framed photos over my dresser. One depicted a macho, handsome crew-cut kid with a broad, happy smile and the other an exquisite set of male sex organs in full, glorious arousal.

Is that the Brendt dude you mentioned?

I nodded. I took out my measuring rod and we checked him. As I had suspected ... he was a record! Eight and a half wonderful inches!

"Congratulations, champ," I grinned, slapping him enthusiastically on his bubble butt, "Your photos will replace Brendt's in my place of honor."
He looked very pleased.

Then we began.

First I shaved his crotch with a straight razor, loving the feel as the sharp steel glided over his skin drawing the silky black hair away as if it were dust. When I had his hard pubes baby smooth, I disinfected his entire lower belly, crotch, ass crack, buttocks and upper thighs with a mild alcohol solution. Of course it stung on the freshly shaved groin but he managed it with just a few deep shuddering cringes.

I tied a wire ligature around the thin neck of his sex package and drew it so tight that he cried out.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I know that's uncomfortable but I need to strangle the organs to protect your main blood flow from contamination when I inject some spices and liquids into your organs in a bit. The pain from the strangulation will only get worse so we'll go ahead and deaden you now."
He cringed and looked away as I pressed the needle of the syringe into his penis near its base and injected a minute amount of lidocaine.
"I hate fuckin' needles," He sighed. "I can't stand watching them go into me."

I carefully numbed down his lower abdomen and upper inner thighs. That way any little ancillary burns he might get during the cooking process would not distract him and cause unnecessary suffering.
"Okay," I smiled. "That wasn't that bad was it?"

"I guess not. I just hate fuckin' needles so bad. It feels strange being all numb down there around my gut."

"Let's test it out."

I lit a match and took Josh's huge pecker in my hand. I touched the flame to the lips of the organ and let it blister them. He watched in detached fascination but gave no reaction.
"Feel anything?"

"Nothing at all. That's pretty fuckin' cool, man. I'm amazed but I'm really liking all this!"

I injected his organs with a powerful antibiotic to clear out the myriad of dangerous bugs that lurk in human flesh. We really are amazingly nasty creatures that way. Laying aside the much used syringe, I smiled at the boy and gave him a reassuring squeeze on his brawny shoulder.
"Let's head for the kitchen. I'm hungry!"
Josh eyed the special low table with its single electric burner, knowing full-well that dozens of young men preceding him had stood before it to have their manhood prepared for eating. I again used a needle on him, this one a larger basting injector. I first drew forth several syringes of blood from his cock and discarded it down the sink. I replaced it with a thin mix of melted butter and lemon juice laced with garlic and paprika until the organ swelled out in semi-erection. I plumped out his scrotum by injecting a good supply of the same mix inside, spearing each of the juicy orbs as well to put the mix right into the ball meat.

I had Josh sit nearby and draped a sterile cloth over his nicely prepped crotch while I prepared a small fruit salad and set some nice wild rice steaming on a nearby stove along with a small pot of diced carrots, onions, broccoli and celery. I turned the gas on under the burner on the "boy" range and set a shallow skillet on it to heat, pouring a thick layer of melted butter and herbs inside and sloshing it around to coat the metal cooking surface. When it was simmering, I put a gentle arm around Josh's shoulders and brought him over.

"Just spread your thighs real wide apart and thrust out your hips to position your cock and balls right over the skillet. Just lie back against my chest and I'll work with my arms around you. Nice and pleasantly cozy that way. Good ... that's perfect. Now if you'll carefully lower your crotch and let your cock and balls slide right down into the frying pan for me."
He followed my instructions. The moment his organs entered the simmering liquid in the skillet there was a soft sputtering sound of burning meat and he jerked them back with a convulsive shudder.
"Fuck," he muttered. "I guess I wasn't expecting it to sound like that. I'm sorry. I'll try it again."

"It's cool, Josh. I should've warned you. Go ahead and slide them back on in."

This time he eased his big man parts into the skillet and left them there, lightly pressing down on them with the fingers of one hand to get them deeply immersed in the simmering liquid and make good contact with the hot metal. There was a nice sizzle as they began to cook. I ladled the bubbling liquid liberally all over the frying organs and used a fork to slowly stir them around to expose all sides in a rotating movement to get even cooking.
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The spices inside the flesh began to seep out as the meat swiftly browned up and the savory steam wafting up into our nostrils smelled wonderful.
Josh shook his head in wonder, staring down, mesmerized by his cooking manhood,
"I can't believe it! I goddam love this! It is so incredibly cool to just perch here watching down as my fuckin' sex parts are cooking away and the smell is so great! I can't thank you enough for choosing me for this! Wow ... just look how nice and brown and juicy those fuckers are getting!"
At just the right point I added a small splash of red wine and the enhanced aroma just set my mouth to watering. Josh shuddered in pleasure as he leaned down to fill his nostrils with the smell.
"Oh fuck, that is so nice to sniff now! The wine sets it off just right, doesn't it?"

"Sure does," I agreed happily.

I tested the cock with a fork. The tines slid cleanly in and out. Done to perfection! I knew the balls would now be hotly steamed within their parchment-like sac. I had him step back from the range, dabbing the dripping sauce from his crotch with a towel as it left the skillet. He walked with me to the dining table, his steaming hot genitals bobbing slightly as he moved, the wonderful smell filling the air around us.

He lay on his back, spreading his legs widely down the two vee wings of the special table, positioning his crotch directly before my plate and utensils. I garnished my plate with the steamed rice and vegetables and fixed each of us a bowl of the fruit salad before sitting down to dine. He sat up to watch as I slit open his scrotum. The aroma of the steam that issued forth was heavenly as I carefully pulled one of the balls out and cut it free.

I took my time, relishing each bite of the feast. I sliced thin sections from his cock and mixed them with the rice, working my way down the length of the impressive organ. Josh, slowly munching his fruit, watched with amazement as I gradually devoured the cooked meat between his living thighs. I sliced a wafer from near the base of his cock, balanced it on a fork and held it out.

"Wanna try a taste?"

"Fuck yeah I do!" he responded enthusiastically and gave me a huge happy grin. "Thanks for letting me see how I taste."

He leaned down so I could slip the bit of meat between his lips and savored it for a few moments before chewing briefly and swallowing.
"My God," he gasped. "Oh, that's wonderful. I cooked up really well didn't I?"

"Yes, you certainly did!"

Most boys behaved very well for me during the cooking and dining and a few got really into it, but none had ever been quite as wonderful to work with as the beautiful, buff Hispanic doll. I returned to my dining, carefully removing every shred of the cooked flesh before finally, reluctantly, acknowledging I was done.

I cleaned up the kitchen with Josh helping out before I took him to the little surgery suite in the basement and began the rather lengthy, detailed process of renovating the empty space where his genitals had hung.

He mended well without complications and I found him to be such a pleasant companion that I invited him to stay even after I got him a good job. I also gave him a $25,000 bonus for having been so exquisite a meal.

One afternoon after he had healed up so nicely, he called me into the bedroom and I found him kneeling, naked, thighs parted and a come-hither smile on his cocked head. I'd been dosing him with good levels of testosterone and wasn't surprised.

"Well," I smiled, even as I started stripping. "We are feeling better aren't we?"

"You may be feeling 'better,' but me, I'm as horny as shit," he replied. "You promised me this lil' fuckin' button would do something. Let's see you deliver, man."

I started gently caressing the warm, moist, hard little mound between his creamy thighs, letting my fingers slide down to rub and slip in and out of his puckered asshole which was utterly displayed by his modification. It now seemed so much more a part of his sexuality, like a nice tight little cunt on a powerfully male body. He shuddered with pleasure and closed his dark eyes.
"Mmmm," he whispered. "That mound is so goddam sensitive, just like you said it would be ... uhhhhh!"
He gasped and writhed as I lovingly manipulated the little slit-lipped piss button I'd worked so patiently and carefully to mold for him. I was quite proud of it. I kissed my way down his front until my mouth and tongue reached the mound with its faint zipper scars which somehow just enhanced its erotic appeal rather than detracted. My lips sucked in the button and my tongue parted the slit and probed down into it. I had expressly devised it so that it would open enough to permit such entry by just the very tip of my tongue. I flicked and wiggled it knowing full well the amazing sensation that would produce.
"My God! It ... it feels ... like my fuckin' cock is still there!"
The human mind is quite something in compensating for such things. A man with an amputated leg often feels sensations that would fool him into believing it was indeed still there ... sort of a mind-induced hologram. And, buried deep within, Josh still had his massive cockroot and prostate gland and that root was filled with blood and hard as granite just now as I caressed and rubbed it.

After a few minutes, with a near convulsive sob of relief, he reached a shuddering orgasm, his throbbing, hot mound pulsing, the button spasming in my mouth and even squirting a few tiny drops of clear fluid. He held me in a crushing, emotional embrace.

I let his emotions ebb a bit ... then I pressed him back, parted his thighs and entered him, able to fuck him like he was a woman now with his tight hole fully exposed by removal of his superfluous male meat. That incredibly delicious meat ... a bounteous, precious cullinary gift from nature for those willing to accept it.

A few weeks later Josh showed up one Saturday night with not one but two exquisitely big-hung car wash attendants he'd recruited for just five grand each. The boys were both eighteen and we had a near non-stop orgy most of the night. On Sunday morning he helped me shave and disinfect their crotches, tie on the strangling ligatures and inject the lidocaine and antibiotics. Then we lead them to the kitchen where we'd installed a second burner on the low-slung boy cooking range and a vee-legged extension to the other side of my dining table.

Time for breakfast again! But this time I wouldn't be dining alone.