first time out

Eddie stood outside the bar and shuffled his feet. He was nervous and a little cold. He hadn't expected it to be so chilly out. His nipples were hard beneath his tight white tank top, and his triceps and chest bulged as he shoved his hands into his short's pockets.

Eddie had never been with another man before and he was hoping tonight would be the night.
last photo of Eddie, taken by a friend..

He was a high school student -- a senior, to be specific. Not only was he young, but he was also built from years of gymnastics training. Every girl in school lusted after him, his body, especially with his close cropped hair, strong jaw and Asian good looks.

Unfortunately for them, girls were not his interest. He'd realized early on that he was different -- attracted to men. Being used by men. Being abused by men. He dreamt of being tied down and used.

But he'd never gotten up the nerve to do anything. Then, one day he was told by some friends not to go near a certain section of town on Thursday nights. It seems young men, too young to go inside, hung around outside gay bars waiting to be picked up by someone as they left.

After flipping through a purloined gay paper, he found the address of an S&M bar and snuck out on the next Thursday night.

It had been warm that day, so he'd only worn a white tank top, very short white shorts and sneakers. He didn't think he'd need more and the outfit made him look great. The stark white cloth perfectly framed his tan skin and showed off every one of his bulging muscles.

But now he was quite cold, and very uncertain. It was only 10 P.M. and not many people were on the streets yet. Those that were out really didn't look at him. He wasn't dressed to excite the leather crowd, though that thought hadn't crossed his mind.

But he wasn't going to give up easily.

"Nice ass," Eddie heard from behind him. "Turn around."
He did and he saw three men standing there, admiring him,
"What's your name," the same man asked.

"Eddie Park, sir."

"Nice, you learn quick. How old are you Eddie?"

"Eighteen, sir."

He straightened himself up and flexed his muscles for them as he spoke.
"Eighteen. So strong and so legal," one of the other men said as he pinched Eddie's biceps.

"I'm a gymnast, sir," Eddie added.

"Nice," said the third as he ran his hands over Eddie's shoulders. "You must be quite flexible."

"Yes I am, sir."

"Take off your shirt, boy," the first man said.

Eddie quickly removed his tank top, revealing his perfect six-pack stomach and large upper body. Goose bumps prickled all over his deeply tanned skin and his nipples stood out as hard cones on his slab-like pecs. The three men looked at each other.
"We'll take him," the first man said.
Quickly the other two took away Eddie's shirt, cuffed his hands behind his back and slapped a collar and leash on his neck. Eddie couldn't believe how fast everything was moving. He'd gone out there wishing to be bound and used sexually by one man, and now he'd become the slave of three.

His cock was hard in his skintight shorts. They tugged on his leash and led him to a parked minivan. Before he got in, they uncuffed him, only to have him wrap his arms behind the seat and recuffed.

One of them men leaned in, took off Eddie's shoes. They pulled his feet under and on either side of the passenger side captain's chair. He felt them put leg shackles on each ankle and then pull up on them until they could lock the long shackle chain to his seat's headrest assembly.

Essentially, the only thing left sitting on his seat was his crotch, the rest of his lower body was pulled up and back. Then he felt the cuffs on his wrists being pulled down and locked to a short chain leading to the underseat assembly.

The metal dug into his wrists and ankles.

Finally they clipped his collar to his headrest. His upper body was arched seductively, muscles stretched. His cut abs were pulled taught, leaving a gap between his tummy and the cloth of his shorts.

He wasn't going anywhere.

The first man had already gone around and gotten in the driver's seat. He leaned over and began sucking on Eddie's left nipple. The man still standing on the passenger side began sucking on the right nipple. Their hands explored his hard legs and arms.

Meanwhile, the third man climbed in the back and began licking and nibbling away on Eddie's feet while groping his arms. Eddie's cock was only growing harder.

The two men stopped sucking, leaving his tits as hard cones on his huge pecs. The first man pulled two weighted nipple clips from his pocket and held them in front of Eddie's face. They were real alligator clips with sharp brass teeth meant for electrical work, not rubber coated playthings.

Eddie gritted his teeth as his new owner attached the clips to first one tit and then the other. It hurt, a lot, but Eddie barely let out a grunt.

"Good," the driver said, "a real man that can handle a little pain."
He tugged on the chain linking the clips. A small drop of blood appeared on his left nipple. The man leaned over and licked it clean,
"Don't worry, we've got plenty more in store for you."
He reached down and began massaging Eddie's crotch. Eddie was already hard.
"You know, boy, I used to drive a stickshift, and this thing is an automatic. It just doesn't feel right to me. Mind if I shift you instead?" he asked as he unzipped the front of the hunk's shorts.

"I'm yours to do with as you please, Master," Eddie replied.

"Good answer."

He gripped Eddie's newly exposed cock and jerked it around violently as he drove.


They drove for a while, completely out of the city and even past most of the suburbs, until finally the minivan pulled into a garage beside a house located far from even the small country phone, much less any other structure.

Eddie swallowed hard. It had been quite a ride. Hands had rubbed up and down his arms. One man had been biting Eddie's feet the entire ride. The other passenger had been reaching around to jerk the chain between his tit clips.

Once in the garage, they uncuffed him just long enough to get him out of the van. Once out, they quickly bound him once more. No one said a word as they walked behind around and behind the house.

The grass was cold and wet beneath Eddie's bare feet.

They led him by his cock down an old set of stone steps, into a cellar. Once in the cellar, they went down another set of stairs and through two soundproofed doors before they finally reached the dungeon.

There was no way anyone else would know Eddie was even in the dungeon, much less what was going to be happening in there. Eddie was a little scared but also very aroused.

The room was amazing. The walls, floor, ceiling and pillars were all covered in black leather. There were tables and stools in the room, and these were also completely covered with leather.

Chains hung from every vertical surface and the ceiling as well. Even the tables and floors all had chains. It looked like he could be bound in an unlimited number of positions and places.

Scattered about the room were leather-covered cabinets. Eddie presumed they were filled with S&M toys. This was going to be an interesting night, far better than he'd hoped.

With a tug on his cock, they led him in. Once more they uncuffed his hands and this time chained them to opposite ends of a bar hanging from the ceiling. The suspension cuffs were tight and locked shut with small padlocks.

They slipped off his shorts and underwear. One of them brought over a spreader bar and bound his ankles over three feet apart. With a push of a button the bar above his head began to rise, stretching him until he had to stand on his tip-toes and his entire body was taut and exposed.

The whole time he hadn't said a word.

Finally they adorned him with a leather cock ring. He looked spectacular, huge muscles exposed for them to use.

Their hands roamed all over his flexing muscles. Fingers toyed with his hole and fondled his balls. They each took turns kissing him, tongues pressing town his throat.

His cock stood fully erect.

One of them took off his nipple clips and pain rushed through Eddie's chest. Another brought over a gag with a large, penis-shaped extension that went inside the hunk's mouth.

Finally, they blindfolded him.

His world was dark as hands groped all over muscular body and mouths explored every inch of his flesh. He felt a mouth on each nipple, suckling again. As soon as his tits were ready, they reattached the clips. It hurt even more the second time.

A hand reached down and fondled Eddie's hard cock and balls. The hand was smearing something all over his genitals. Eddie could feel the slick salve, but couldn't figure out what it was at first.

The, he started to feel the burning -- IcyHot! It burned, but he couldn't do anything about it.

That was exciting for him.

All of a sudden he heard a buzzing near him. One of the men began to trim away Eddie's underarm hair with a set of electric clippers. Then he shaved off what little body hair was present on that hard Asian body, including the hunk's pubic hair.

Eddie didn't mind the idea of being hairless, and his Masters seemed to really like it.

One of them licked Eddie's now smooth pits while another stroked his newly hairless crotch.

They took off the cock ring and someone tied a cord around his balls. He felt a man pulling down hard, stretching them. Once they were a full inch away from his body they locked a tight metal cylinder in place, holding the stretch.

Eddie thought he was going to throw up.

Then one of them slid a small bar into the bottom of the cylinder. It smashed one ball to the right and the other to the left.

Eddie didn't know it yet, but it also locked into place and had an extra circle at the bottom for weights. He could feel hands rubbing along the super-tight skin of his already burning ball-sack, squeezing his nuts.

Then there was nothing.

The men stepped away and Eddie waited.

After a few moments, pain returned. Someone brought a leather cat-of-nine-tails with studded tips down hard on his ass. It hurt as the tips dug into his flesh.

Eddie's entire body flexed from the pain. It struck him over and over all up and down his ass and back until he was covered in red welts. Then they started on his front. The lashes criss-crossed his perfect stomach and chest.

He screamed into his gag, but he cock stood erect.

The beating stopped and hands roamed up and down his chest and sides, feeling the aching flesh. Hands slapped and pulled at his muscles. It was so rough, and so arousing.

Eddie felt something being hooked to his balls. Then he felt a weight pulling down on them. They set this swinging. It felt like something was trying to rip his testicles off.

As quickly as they had started it swinging, they stopped it. One of them shoved a tube up Eddie's ass. He felt himself being filled with warm water. They were giving him an enema.

As it emptied, the weight on his nuts grew heavier. It was a bucket, catching the water has he drained.

They did this over and over, until he was completely cleaned and his balls were ready to fall off. They started to swing the bucket again.

Then he heard a buzzing noise. He wasn't sure what it was, but it didn't sound the same as the clippers. Then he felt it. It was a large massager, pressing up against his strained balls.

Somehow it made the pain more intense.

Another man started flogging his back again, while the third tugged at the nipple clip chain. So many different sources of pain -- Eddie didn't know how to feel. All he knew was that he felt more aroused than he'd ever felt in his life.

His cock throbbed and oozed, veins bulging along its sides.

The man at his balls removed the massager but began slapping at them.

Then Eddie felt something rubbing up and down his tight stomach. It was the tip of a riding crop. First they tapped it against him, slowly bringing it down harder and harder.

It stopped for a moment only to resume on the insides of his thighs. They struck up and down his hard thighs and calves, even hitting his stretched balls.

He moaned, drool slipping out around his gag.

Then it stopped and the bucket was removed from his ball stretcher. He hung there, abused, waiting.

"Gymnast boy," one of them said has he removed the spreader bar from between the hunk's ankles. "Can you do the splits?"
Eddie nodded yes.
"We want you to do it now. We'll help."
Grabbing hold of the chains above his arms, Eddie lifted his legs. Two of his Masters quickly grabbed an ankle each to help him hold the spread. The third Master put a table beneath each of Eddie's feet, bolted the tables to the floor and chained Eddie's ankles to the tables.

He was stuck in that split.

Their hands rubbed up and down his flexed lats and hard torso. He felt someone licking his foot. He assumed it was the one that had concentrated on his feet earlier.

Eddie could hear the other two setting something up, but he didn't know what.

Then he felt it. At first it was warm and then simply hot. There was a fire beneath his spread legs.

Sweat started to build up all over him. From the clinking as it moved, he assumed it was a small grill. He felt the heat grow closer and then split.

They waved flaming sticks around his legs and under his balls. The heat was painful as the flames lapped at his flesh. He felt like he was being roasted alive.

Eddie was glad that they'd shaved all his body hair earlier, because it would have caught on fire now.

They never left the flames in one place too long. They evidently wanted pain, not burns.

Sweat ran down Eddie's tightly pulled chest and stomach, through channels cut by the outlines of hard muscles. It fell into the grill below and became steam. And the steam scalded more than the fire burned.

He felt one of them rubbing a finger around his completely exposed anus. First one finger and then another were inserted. His virgin ass-hole stretched to its max.

As one of them ran the flame up and down his aching cock, and another roasted Eddie's nuts, the third man inserted two more fingers. With a final triumphant push, he added his thumb.

Eddie's sphincter clenched down and grabbed the man's wrist.

Eddie's arms flexed, pulling on his chains, trying to raise himself up off that fist, but it was useless. His freedom of motion was too restricted. The more he struggled, the further the fist went in.

Then the hand grabbed at his prostate through the walls of his rectum.

That was a feeling that he'd never before imagined possible. Every muscle in his body quivered in enjoyment and thrill. The fist moved around inside him, fucking him like a giant cock. It was a sensation like no other.

Precum oozed from the tip of Eddie's cock. His owners could tell that he was loving it.

The man burning Eddie's cock put his stick back in the coals and began to attach weights to the hunk's nipple clips. He kept adding more and more until the slave's tits hung low off his massive pecs.

Eddie thought his nipples were being ripped from his body.

And throughout it all, that arm kept fucking him.

Then it stopped. The arm pulled out, the heat vanished.

He hung there for a moment wondering what was next. Then he felt the tension on his arms release. They lowered his arms and uncuffed him.

It didn't last for long. Quickly his wrists were behind his back and locked in the same set of suspension cuffs.

His legs hurt from holding him up. They leaned him forward until his chest was parallel to the ground and then linked his collar to the floor by a short chain.

He heard mechanical noises but didn't know what it was. He had no idea that they were repositioning the hoist above him along a track. Within seconds they reattached the chains to his cuffs and began pulling up.

His arms were pulled back and up, stretching his shoulders. The chain from his neck kept him from relieving the strain at all.

They moved the hibachi forward to fry his six-pack stomach and strained tits.

But they couldn't leave his balls completely unmolested. They attached a chain to his ball stretcher, pulling the whole assembly down and back towards the floor.

Now his ass and mouth were both wide open for adventure.

And Eddie was totally aroused.

One of them brought a leather covered paddle crashing down on his exposed ass. The pain and force made Eddie jerk forward, pulling at all of his bonds -- especially the chain on his balls.

Over and over they prepared his ass until both cheeks glowed red.

Then he felt it. Something pressed against his abused asshole. Then a hand pushed against his forehead, raising his head up. Quickly they removed his gag. Within seconds he had a cock in each hole.

"Uh, oh, uh, yeah...."
The noises of sex filled the air. As these two fucked him from both ends, the third went back to waving flaming wands under Eddie's trapped chest and stomach.
"We hope you don't mind, slave, but we're not using condoms. You're ours and we're going to do what we want."
Eddie didn't care. He was enjoying his first real sex experience too much.

They fucked him hard, with hardly any lube at all. First one and then another abused his ass, coming inside him from both ends. Sweat dripped off his muscles from the flames beneath him. Wisps of steam rose as the drops his the hot coals.

Throughout it all his cock hung hard and oozing.

Finally, each had come inside him -- both in his mouth and up his ass. Eddie was ready to explode from the pent up need to cum. He hung there a second, wondering what would happen next.

"Do you want to cum?" one of them asked while another took away the grill.
Eddie nodded in response. Even though he didn't have on a gag anymore, he knew he wasn't allowed to speak.
"Good slave," said another. "He knows he's not allowed to speak. Too bad he's also not allowed to cum until he gets ready to leave, and the night is still very young."

"With all this heat, our slave must be getting dehydrated," one of them said. "Open wide."

Eddie opened his mouth expecting water. Instead, one of his Masters reinserted his cock and began pissing down Eddie's throat.

At first he nearly gagged but then he began swallowing. He was theirs and this is what they wanted.

He was so aroused at being used.

"That's it boy, drink up," his Master said as the salty liquid filled his mouth.

"I think I need to give him a drink too," said another.

"Me too," said the third.

They lined up to piss. Eddie was their urinal now. If he had been told earlier that night that he would be drinking piss he would never have believed it. But now it only made his cock harder.

When they were done, the Masters stepped back and talked over their plans. They returned and carefully unbound him. At the same time, they replaced his gag.

For a second they let him stretch his muscles, but he was soon bound again. This time he was hogtied, wrists and ankles bound together behind his back. They picked him up and carried him over to a large door.

Eddie had no idea what was going to happen next.

"Since you seem a little overheated, we thought we'd cool you off."
When the door opened, Eddie's sweaty flesh was greeted by a cold blast of air. And now he was hanging inside a walk-in freezer. They'd looped his bonds over the top of a large meat hook so that his hunky body swung freely in the cold.

They also placed frigidly cold alligator clips on his tortured tits.

Fear set in as they closed the door and with it the only source of light. He had no idea how long he would be in there.

It was only ten minutes but it felt like an eternity for Eddie. When they returned, all his muscles were quivering in a desperate attempt to generate heat.

They took him back into the main room and laid him down, still hogtied.

"Did you cool off?"
Eddie nodded vigorously.
"Good, then you're ready for more."
The three smiled. Quickly they untied him and stood him up. However, as soon as he was standing, his hands were cuffed behind his back and his feet bound apart by a two-foot long spreader bar.

Then one of them padlocked his cuffs to his collar, pulling his hands high up his back and forcing him to keep his biceps flexed otherwise he'd chock himself.

Next, one of them brought out a new piece of equipment. It was a leather triangle with a very large dildo in the center. It also had several leather straps and one wire coming out of it.

After applying only a small amount of lube, one of Eddie's Masters shoved the dildo up the young hunk's ass. Two of the straps were then buckled around his waist while two more were buckled together around each thigh, thus holding the unit in place.

Eddie tried not even to moan from the feeling of the monstrous presence pulling his ass apart.

Finally, they put a gag with a penis-shaped mouthpiece on him. Once again he was totally bound and helpless.

And Eddie's cock was still hard with excitement.

Carefully, they lowered him into a kneeling position. They put a beanbag chair between his lower legs and on top of the spreader bar. They pushed him backwards so that he was lying on the beanbag with the wire protruding between his legs to the front and his chest and stomach arched erotically.

They got another leather strap and linked his collar to the spreader bar, holding him down in that arched position and the beanbag in place. Finally they tied two more leather straps from each ankle to his collar.

He wasn't going anywhere.

"Look, we forgot about his nipples again," said the lead Master.
He grabbed another pair of alligator clips from a nearby table. They pulled on his tits until they were hard and pointy. Then they placed the finely toothed alligator clips on him. Small weights hung down to each side, pulling on his screaming nipples.

They all looked at each other and licked their lips. The lead Master spoke,

"Eddie, flex that stomach. Make it hard. I want to see those gorgeous lines."
Eddie tried to comply, but his bonds kept him from doing much. Yet the lines did pop out and sweat soon covered his whole body again. From a table, another Master brought over a box with two electrodes coming from it.
"Set it on low," the third Master said.
Eddie tensed as the electrodes lowered to his body. He screamed into his gag as pain shot through his belly. His abs tensed far more than he'd been able to make them before. Over and over they applied the electricity.

Then they moved up -- one electrode on each nipple clip.

The metal heated up as the current surged through. Not only were Eddie's pecs tensing wildly, but the clips were starting to burn.

"Let's move up to medium," the lead Master suggested.
In between applications, they moved a switch on the box. When the electrodes came down on their slave's abs again, the pain was almost unbearable.

Eddie was surprised he hadn't broken his bonds -he was struggling so intensely. But his cock still surged skyward, and now it was oozing.

His owners must have noticed because his cock was next. One electrode landed at the base and the other on his head. It was a pain like nothing he'd ever experienced.

Next came his balls, first one then the other.

Then it stopped.

Eddie saw them unplugging the electrodes from the box. Then they put a leather cap on his cock-head. A small metal rod was inserted down his piss-slit and a leather cord held the hood in place. A wire dangled from its end.

First they plugged the wire coming from his butt-plug into the box. Then the wire from his cock-head joined the box.

Eddie knew what was coming next ... and he wasn't looking forward to it.

The Master holding the box flipped the switch and it immediately jumped to medium power. Pain filled his crotch like never before. But his cock just got harder and more engorged.

"Hey, look. He's got a ballpark frank. He plumps when you cook him!"
The three men laughed as current kept running through his cock.

With a small twist of a dial, the power went up to high. Every muscle in Eddie's hard body was flexed and bulging in his bonds. He was completely covered in sweat.

The three men lowered their heads to their hunk and began biting and pinching. Their tongues licked up and down his flexing abs, chest, arms and legs.

Eddie felt their teeth digging into his flesh, but it didn't matter. All he could focus on was the intense pain in his cock.

Then it stopped again.

But before Eddie could relax, the men slapped a blindfold on him. His world was now dark again. The only thing that existed was sound and pain.

Even though the shocks had stopped, his cock still throbbed and burned. And soon he felt another burner -- searing heat touched his already tormented nipples.

His muscle flexed and strained at his bonds all over again. But it was still futile.

Eddie assumed this was what hot wax felt like. What he didn't know was that his Masters were using hot glue instead. The adhesive dripped from the glue gun at a temperature much, much hotter than any candle wax.

It was also much easier to control.

Each one had a glue gun. While two of them drew circles around Eddie's nipples, the third drizzled patterns along the hunk's stretched abs. First the lines followed the cut muscles. Then the voids were filled in with shapes and patterns.

The other two had grown more creative as well, swirling and crisscrossing muscular pecs, shoulders and arms. And for decorative effect, before the glue hardened, they drizzled silver glitter over their art ... but Eddie couldn't know this.

Soon, Eddie was a Masterpiece of body art and pain.

And his cock still stood straight up.

Eddie could not believe how arousing such torture was. His Masters were amazed as well. They'd used and abused young men, usually college hunks, before. But normally their prey was pleading for mercy and release long before the pain had gone this far.

But now they'd found themselves a true masochist.

"All right, Eddie. Now for the big question," the lead Master said. "Do we take this to the next level. Do you want to go even further into pain?
Xxxx"Before you answer, let me say this. If we do more, I can guarantee that there'll be at least minor injuries. You'll get some cuts, even more burns and maybe worse.
Xxxx"Do you want that kind of pain?"
Eddie didn't do anything for a second. He knew his answer but he couldn't easily communicate in his situation. Then a Master carefully removed his cock-shaped gag and blindfold.

The instant his mouth was free he said,

"Yes sir. I want it."

"Good, then repeat after me. And speak loudly because this is being taped. I, Eddie Park...."

"I, Eddie Park...."

"Do hereby give my body over to my Masters...."

"Do hereby give my body over to my Masters...."

"To do with as they please...."

"To do with as they please...."

"I understand that there are no limits...."

"I understand that there are no limits...."

"And that I am here for their pleasure and not mine...."

"And that I am here for their pleasure and not mine...."

"Even if it means that I will suffer serious injury and possibly even death...."

Eddie paused for a second and swallowed hard,
"Even if it means that I will suffer serious injury and possibly even death...."
The gag went back on just as quickly as it had come off.
"You have no idea what you just did, but you'll figure it out soon enough."
His Masters smiled wicked smiles. This was the first time a hunk had agreed to let them do anything. They'd dreamed about it. Fantasized about it. But never had they had a chance to do it.

They also realized that they might never get such a chance again. And they'd definitely never get a chance with a hunk this hot and this flexible -- how many high school gymnasts does one happen upon on a street corner.

So Eddie was going to have to endure every torture they'd ever dreamed up, no matter how sadistic.

First they untied him and stood him back up. Eddie stretched his lithe, muscular form. He might be a gymnast, but even he had trouble in that position for too long. He reached for the blindfold and no one said anything so he removed it. But he didn't remove his gag -- that would have been impertinent.

Eddie now noticed the looks in his Masters' eyes. When he'd first met them they'd looked at him with lust. But now he saw hunger ... an evil hunger. He knew he was in for it.

They walked him back to a circular stone hearth. Above it hung several chains as well as the intake for a chimney. They stood him on the stones, legs spread across the gap.

He reached up on command and grasped two bars with suspension cuffs attached. At least the cuffs had bars to take some of the weight off his wrists.

They closed the leather cuffs and locked them with padlocks. He wasn't going anywhere.

But they didn't put his blindfold back on so he could see what they were doing. A gift, perhaps. Maybe the opposite?

Two chains reached up from the floor at angles, bringing ankle cuffs to his sweating form. In a second he was spread eagle.

With a push of a button, the chains pulled taut, lifting his feet a few inches from the stones -- just enough to put all his weight on his arms. The angle chains kept his feet four feet apart.

He was stretched tight.

Next came a large, inch and a half wide ball spreader. He didn't think it could go in, but they forced it.

Eddie thought he'd throw up into his gag.

One Master brought over a new tool. It was made of three, thick, wooden dowels and a set of screws. Two sets bound two of the rods into an adjustable clamp. Another set of two attached to special metal sections of the first screws.

Eddie didn't understand their function.

The Master brought the clamping section around and behind Eddie's balls. He tightened the screws until there was no way for them to slide off. Eddie's balls were stretched even tighter from his body.

They started twisting the screws leading to the third bar. It slowly slid down into the hunk's balls, pressing them into the other two rods.

Now Eddie understood.

They kept twisting until Eddie was sure that his balls had been crushed.

His torment wasn't over. They brought out two short, sharp wooden sticks.

Eddie watched in horror as two Masters held a stick to each nipple. They pulled and twisted on their Asian sex-toy's tits, making them hard. His nipples were hard brown cones on his tan flesh, perkily pointing forward. They jabbed the sticks through his flesh, blood spurting as the wood pierced the opposite side.

Surely that was all, he thought.

Then he looked over and saw a whole tray full of such sticks. His Masters shoved one more into each tit, making two wooden crosses on his chest.

Then they turned to his dick.

Eddie screamed into his gag as they created yet another cross through his cock head. He had no idea if his cock would ever be usable again, but the pain now was exquisite.

And, despite the cruelty, there was a new, fresh drop of precum glistening at his tip.

"Look," one Master said, "he's still enjoying this."

"God, this is a great slave."

"You know, I bet this one is a snuffer," the third said.

Eddie thought he knew what that meant. They would torture him to death.

He should have been scared but he wasn't. Such extreme sex had actually been a fantasy of his for some time, the sort of thing that great we dreams were made of. He tried to communicate this to his owners.

They all looked at him as he moaned into his gag and nodded his sweaty head.

"Is he trying to tell me what I think he's trying to tell me?" the third Master asked.

"I think he is. You want to get snuffed, don't you? You're trying to tell us that you want to get snuffed."

Eddie nodded even more emphatically.
"Oh yeah," they all said in unison.
This was their ultimate fantasy. A hot young hunk, muscular and flexible who was willing to be mutilated beyond belief and then snuffed.

They got back to work. Soon, Eddie's cock was pierced through by over twenty sticks all up and down its length. His screams had been sweet music to their ears. Next came his balls.

They'd already crushed his testicles mercilessly between the wooden dowels. Each ball was sticking out on either side of the third dowel, a shattered remnant of its former self.

With relish they shoved splinters through each side of his broken testicles. Soon he had ten splinters per side, forty total. He would have been permanently maimed were he to unexpectedly survive the night.

Still, throughout it all his cock still oozed precum.

One Master walked away only to return with a wooden tongue depressor and a small jar full of hot, black goop. He scooped out some of the black substance and slathered it first on one battered tit and then the other.

Eddie didn't know it, but the muck was a mixture of hot tar and gunpowder, but he was soon to find out. With the flick of a cigarette lighter, the ends of the sticks were aflame on both nipples and slowly burning towards Eddie's flesh.

Tears rolled down his face as the flames burned closer and closer.

Finally, the fire reached his tits and the tar. Eddie flung his head backwards as he experienced the most extreme pain of the evening. His chest exploded in two bright fireballs and burned with white-hot intensity. All of his muscles tensed and flexed as he struggled involuntarily.

"Don't pitch a fit," a Master said. "Remember, you just gave us permission to do anything we want AND asked us to snuff you when we're done. You're going to have to endure a whole lot more before this night is through."
Eddie wasn't even paying attention. His mind was concentrated on the two roaring fires where his nipples used to be. He didn't hear the words of his Masters. He didn't notice their laughter. He didn't notice when they covered his cock and balls with the same black mixture. He didn't even notice when they lit the sticks in his crotch.

But he did notice when his entire groin burst into the same agonizing flames as were on his chest.

The dungeon moaned with his gag-muffled animal howls.

"Chestnuts roasting in an open fire…," sang one Master while the others laughed. "Hot flames licking at your prick."
Tears streamed down Eddie's face. His entire body convulsed in muscular spasms. The pain was excruciating, but at the same time delicious.

And now that they had begun mangling his body, Eddie knew there was no turning back. They couldn't let him leave their basement alive.

Quickly the flames burnt themselves out, leaving charred flesh behind.

One Master brought a sharp knife and sliced off what was left of a charred black nipple. There was no blood, just an ooze of clear pinkish fluid, like when you slice rare meat. The outer edge of Eddie's huge chest muscles had been cooked by the flames ... as had his cock.

The other two took knives and sliced off choice parts as well ... the young hunk's cock, balls and nipples were all gone.

"Bon appetite," said one.
Eddie stared wide-eyed as the three began nibbling on his cooked flesh. He'd started out the evening as a curious young gymnast. Then he'd become a sex slave, and then a toilet. And now he was dinner.

But at least he knew how they planned on disposing of his body.

"This is as delicious as we imagined," said a Master.

"Hmm mm," the others agreed.

When they'd finished their snack, they looked at Eddie with hungry eyes. They wanted more man meat.
"You know," said the lead Master, "they say that the skin contains the highest fat and cholesterol content and all of us did pretty lousy on our last check-ups."

"Yeah, you're right," said another.

"I guess we should do something about that," said the third.

Eddie had no idea what was coming. He heard them making noise in the distance behind him. He tried to turn his head to see, but he couldn't. What he couldn't see was, it was the hibachi again. Only this time they were using it to heat up metal knives.

Each Master took a different part of Eddie's body. They carefully sliced in, but only deep enough to get under the skin, not deep enough to cut meat.

The red-hot knives burned their way through, cauterizing the blood vessels and eliminating bleeding. And as the knives cooled, the Masters kept going back to change them out for fresh, hot ones waiting on the coals.

Eddie's screams reached into the air as more and more of his muscles were brought to light. It was slow, agonizing torture -- just the way they liked it.

It took over an hour, but the Masters had removed the skin from Eddie's entire body -- except his hands, feet and head.

Through his tears, eddie could see his muscles glisten red in the artificial light. He couldn't believe what he looked like. He could have been a living anatomy lesson.

But more, each of his muscles was alive with pain. Even the slight brush of air excited his pain sensors. And his Masters couldn't keep their hands off his newly exposed musculature. They kept feeling, and rubbing, kneading and even licking.

"Are you guy's thirsty?"


The Master who asked smiled. He left the dungeon briefly. When he returned from upstairs, it was with a salt shaker, a bottle of tequila and several lemons.

It didn't seem too menacing to Eddie, until they squirted lemon juice onto his newly exposed muscles. And then salt. Eddie couldn't believe he could hurt any more, but now he did.

His owners did shots, licking salt and juice off his newly skinned stomach.

A half a bottle later, the lead Master staggered off to get a knife,

"Now hold still," he commanded.
He sliced a hole along the center line of the hunk's hard lower abdominals, just below the belly button,
"Now keep those damn muscles flexed," the Master said.
He inserted his hard cock into the hole. Eddie tried his hardest to keep his pained gut muscles tight as his Master fucked the new hold. But each thrust was more than agony.

One of the others lined up and took advantage of Eddie's ass.

Eddie couldn't believe how aroused he still was by all of this. If he'd still had a cock, he's sure it would have been hard.

His Masters came inside him, in one case deep inside. The third looked at them and smiled,

"Okay, I think enough's enough. It's time to eat."
The three of them began piling wood beneath Eddie. Within minutes, flames licked up at his thrashing body, cooking his muscles. The pain was excruciating and at the same time everything he had fantasized.

Eddie's last thought was a wondering how many meals his Masters would get from his body.