kingQUEENdom of domina.

part 5: Leanne’s Ascention

Around six that night, a half dozen of Queen Seanna's body guards who had attended the executions and massacre that day, came running to Leanne's mansion.

One of Leanne's personal body guards came running in to announce the arrival of Seanna's guards.

Leanne suddenly became worried.

The six guards stood before Leanne. Some of them were weeping. Leanne addressed herself to the head guard.

The female physician who had examined the Queen's body told Leanne the startling news that the monarch had died from ingestion of poison.

The physician sighed heavily.

She handed Leanne a folded piece of paper. Leanne read the note.

Leanne was thunderstruck. But while she had always admired Seanna, it was not sadness she now felt for the dead queen, but rather a carefully hidden, but selfish elation that she now was the undisputed leader of the kingdom. And while she knew that all the females of Domina knew she would one day succeed Seanna to the throne, it had never dawned on Leanne that it would come so soon. At that moment, Leanne could have laughed out loud, but she didn't of course.

Leanne told the doctor,

Leanne announced the Queen's death over the televised TV broadcast. She announced that there would be a week of mourning for the slain monarch. In two weeks, it was time for the gala celebration of coronating the new leader.

Appearing outdoors on a raised platform, she addressed the entire city's population of women, except for those assigned to guard the men in the compounds. Those given such duty had to be content with listening to their beloved new leader on the radio.

Appearing in a shiny black PVC jump-suit, Leanne enjoyed the tumultuous cheers and applause that greeted her from the crowd of women as she mounted the platform to speak to them. Raising her hands for silence, the hubbub soon died down. As usual, Leanne's acceptance speech was as delightfully profane and bloodthirsty as so many others she had given ... qualities that had endeared her to the sadistic ways of the female population of Domina.

This brought wild cheering and thunderous applause from the women.

Leanne stopped a minute to light herself a cigarette while the women in the audience laughed and applauded. Leanne continued with her speech.

The women laughed again.

There were boos and catcalls at the mention of the name from the crowd.

More cheering from the crowd ...

Loud guffaws from the crowd ...

More cheers.

More wild cheering.

Cheers and applause from the crowd.

Through the ranks of women listening to Leanne's speach, a chant swelled,

Excited voices murmured amongst the crowd.

Leanne nodded and two guards on the platform with her unrolled the flag and held it up for all to see. The crowd exploded into thunderous applause, cheering with standing ovations.

The flag was made of shiny black leather. Printed on it was a realistic portrayal of a man's decapitated head being held by a slender female hand, gripping the hair. The eyes of the head bulged and the tongue protruded from its blood-drooling mouth. Blood was also shown dripping from the severed neck of the head. In the top left hand corner painted in a bright red that appeared to bleed, was a large, capital letter "D".

She then took a drag on her cigarette. Exhaling the smoke, she went on,

More wild cheering.

The crowd of females went wild. The cheering and applause and ovations went on for a full ten minutes. When the noise died down, Leanne said,

Many of the women in the crowd raised their hands. When Leanne would choose one, the woman with the particular question would be handed a cordless microphone.

More cheers and clapping, but only scattered. It was plain to see that the majority of women loved Leanne more than they had their own Queen. Another questioner was given the microphone when Leanne picked her out of the crowd.

Leanne chuckled at the question.

Again, the crowd laughed.

The next questioner asked Leanne,

Leanne chuckled.

More laughter from the crowd.

Again, laughter.

More applause and cheers. But a few of the fat women in the crowd looked ashamed and dejected.

Leanne then accepted one more question.

Leanne now made her closing statements.

The crowd of women laughed once again.

This news brought a hub-bub of excitement amongst the crowd of women.

Leanne was greeted with a thunderous burst of applause, cheers and ovations. Leanne stepped back from the podium and a guard, bearing the same skull and vertebrae crown that Leanne herself had made for Queen Seanna. The guard placed the crown on the head of the new leader in her crotchless jump-suit.

Bearing the crown on her head, Leanne now grinned and stepped forward, opening her arms wide to accept the wild, cheering accolades of her subjects.

The crowning was only a symbolic ceremony. Though Leanne loved the looks of the crown, she personally thought it very uncomfortable. She now removed the crown and placed it on a red velvet pillow that another guard held. A white wicker chair was now set on stage for Leanne to sit in. The white chair contrasted sharply to the black PVC suit that Leanne was wearing.

The podium was removed and another female guard, bearing a cordless microphone, now addressed the crowd.

They dragged the man up onto the stage and the female crowd below cheered. The poor little man thrashed helplessly, trying to break free of the grinning, leather-clad women who held onto him.

Katty, one of Leanne's two personal bodyguards now sat at Leanne's feet on the stage floor. Leanne stroked the girl's hair as if she were a pet.

Those in the crowd who heard the statement roared with laughter.

The announcer now introduced the executioner for this event. It turned out to be the same gorgeous brunette that had stimulated Leanne so sexually at Queen Seanna's last birthday bash ... the one who had so thoroughly gutted the man ... and enjoyed doing it. Leanne's eyes now lit up with lascivious fascination. This woman turned her on like no other!

The executioner was wearing black leather biker's garb ... shiny black leather pants and jacket, black leather boots, gloves and a biker's cap. Completing her hot look was a dark pair of shades over her eyes and a freshly lit cigarette dangling from her sensuous lips. The leather-drenched guard went to work right away on the victim. While the two, grinning, leather-clad guards held tightly to the man's outstretched arms, the sensuous executioner began burning the man all over with her lighted cigarette.

The man screamed and thrashed even more violently to the enjoyment of the crowd who all laughed as they watched him being tortured. The executioner burned him everywhere with her cigarette ... on his nipples, chest, stomach, the cheeks of his face and then, gripping the base of his cock in her leather-gloved hand, she applied the hot end of her cigarette to the mushroomed head of his dick, chuckling as she held it there in the piss-slit.

Blowing one slow mouthful of smoke into the man's face, the executioner now placed the cigarette back between her lips and turned to face the female crowd below. She pulled out a large Bowie knife from the sheath on her belt and held it up high for everyone in the crowd to see. The excited crowd cheered and applauded.

The executioner now turned back around to face the man. Gripping a gloved handful of the man's curly locks, she held his head in place and showed him the knife, twisting it slowly in front of his terrified face. She ran the flat part of the blade across his cheeks to increase his terror. The man began to scream but his screaming was cut short with a loud gasp when the executioner now used the blade of the knife to cut him slowly across the chest, horizontally. The blood oozed down from the slit in his chest to cover his quivering stomach. What happened now was a master-piece of stomach-churning horror. While the two guards holding onto the man chuckled, the knife-wielding executioner began a slow frenzy of slitting, slicing and stabbing, all over the man's body.

The gorgeous executioner in black leather grinned wickedly around the cigarette in her lips as she worked the man over good with the knife. She stabbed him in the stomach, sides and arms, and even stabbed him deep in his armpits. With each slow, sensuous stab, the poor man grunted and gasped in pain. She began to slice his arms now. Blood poured down his slashed arms to cover the leather-gloved hands of the two grinning guards holding onto him.

Grabbing the man again by his hair to hold his head still, the executioner chuckled again around the cigarette in her lips as she sliced his face slowly, diagonally, from the corner of his forehead, down across the bony bridge of his nose and down across his left cheek.

All this blood action was making Leanne horny.

She then told Katty at her feet to service her snatch. Leanne spread her PVC-clad legs so Katty could bury her face into Leanne's shaved crotch. Katty held onto the top of her leader's legs as she began to lick and suck on Leanne's hot, dripping pussy.

The executioner was now using the fingers of one leather-gloved hand to dig the tongue from the doomed man's mouth. She held onto his tongue with one hand ... the tongue, engorged with blood, made a slight popping sound as the executioner used her other hand, bearing the knife, to slice into it. She sliced the bloody tongue right out of the man's mouth and then threw it on the stage floor where she ground it hard under the sole of her leather boot.

The man grunted as the executioner stabbed him again, deep in his belly,

Another slice here and another slice there. Another deep stabbing. And another. And yet, another! She cut the man's dick off and stuffed it deep into the man's blood gushing mouth. She then stabbed him deep in his abdomen and stepped back to chuckle as the man vomited forth a gush of blood from his mouth, along with his own, severed dick, to splash down on the stage. Leanne was laughing and the crowd was cheering at all this blood-spilling. Leanne now lit herself a smoke as she watched and Katty continued to lick her cum-oozing pussy.

The executioner now began to gut the dying man. With her knife buried to the hilt in his abdomen, she began slicing upward with the knife, puffing clouds of smoke into the dying man's bleeding face from around the cigarette in her lips. Then came the wet, blood-soaked, gurgling sounds up from his chest to his throat ... a signal that he was about to die.

As the man's steaming hot intestines began pushing out of the slit made in his abdomen, the executioner finished the coup de grace with a slow, deep slice across his throat. The guards holding onto the man let go and he fell, face first, to the floor of the stage, splattering in a pool of blood.

Wild cheering erupted from the crowd. The guards that had been holding onto the man as he was tortured and then butchered, began to lick up all the blood from their leather-gloved hands.

The executioner who had killed the man now straddled her booted feet on each side of the man's body. Her leather clothing squeaked as she bent over to finish her gruesome work. Planting one boot in the small of the dead man's back, she grabbed a hold of his hair and pulled his head back as far as it would go, opening the gash in his throat wider so it would gush out even more blood onto the floor.

The woman then reached under the head with her knife and positioned the blade of the knife back into the slit of his blood-belching throat. Puffing on the cigarette which she kept between her lips, she began to slowly cut the man's head off. It was a bloody mess as she tugged on the man's head by his hair while slicing the knife back and forth through the remainder of the man's blood-gushing throat.

When the head was finally severed from the body, the executioner held it up high by its hair for all to see. She now raised her other arm, hand still clutching the bloody knife, in victory. The crowd of women below went wild with cheering and gave the executioner standing ovations. Leanne's pussy was now literally gushing cum into Katty's opened mouth. Katty gulped Leanne's hot love juices down her throat as fast as she could. Leanne exhaled a slow mouthful of cigarette smoke and chuckled.

The leather-drenched executioner now placed the decapitated head, with its eyes still bulging, onto a silver tray. She then carried the tray, bearing the head, to Leanne, sat it down at Leanne's feet and bowed to the new leader.

Leanne nodded her approval,

Her own eyes wandered lustfully over the beautiful figure in black leather that stood before her.