Queendom of Domina
the factory

Leanne wore her shiny black leather pants and jacket, and a black leather biker's cap, along with dark shades. She took Tom riding around the city on her Harley®. Never had Tom been so embarrassed and humiliated in all his life. Leanne had made him dress like a baby for the occasion, fitting him with cloth diapers and making him suck on a baby bottle everywhere they went. When not riding, she would lead him around with a leash attached to a dog collar around his neck. Everywhere they went, the women laughed, jeered and pointed at Tom.

"Hey, Leanne! That's a pretty big baby you have there!" one of the women called out.

"Ever thought about aborting your baby?" another called with peels of laughter.

When they were off the Harley®, crowds of laughing women would gather around them. The mockery and taunts of the women were almost more than Tom could stand.
"Ahhh. Does the baby like his bottle?" one woman joked as she stroked his cheek.

"What's his name, Leanne? Goo-Goo or Ga-Ga?" asked another as all the women laughed.

"Ohhhh. Does him poo his diapers?" said yet another.

Leanne laughed heartily with the rest of them. She was enjoying this immensely, even if Tom was not.

Even some of Tom's fellow men could not help but laugh and point at him as they rode past some of the caged compounds where the men were kept. Leanne had promised to never physically hurt Tom again since he had agreed to her proposition. She had not, however, she said nothing about not publicly humiliating him and she was now doing so with great relish.

Tom felt a silent rage against Leanne. For taking his eye and the nipple of his left breast, burning his other nipple which now sported a scar. For feeding him human brains, for all the cruel tortures and butchery she had perpetrated on his fellow men and now, for this shameful humiliation. If it were not for Leanne providing entry into gladiator school and a chance for freedom, he could easily have killed her.

The big city was a thriving metropolis, but one that curiously lacked any skyscrapers at all. Tom had heard that long ago, about 1000 years, before the Holocaust, men and women actually enjoyed a happy coexistence in the world. Long before women took over, back in the days of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Now, in the entire kingdom, Leanne's was the only motorcycle. And it was decorated with the bones of human males.

Atop her headlight sat a human male skull, and bones, taken from a man's rib-cage, dangled from the handle-bars. Ancient parking meters on the sidewalks, once used for cars and other motor vehicles ... were now obsolete. Now, these same old parking meters were used for gross decoration ... men's decapitated heads being jammed down on them.

Leanne drove Tom to the outskirts of the city, where men slaved in the quarries. Tom was well familiar with this site. His job as a slave, before Leanne had taken him on, was to work at such a place. And there, was the ever present pile of human male bodies who had died from over-heat and exhaustion or who had been killed by their female guards just for the fucking fun of it.

Leanne now took Tom to the stinking cattle pens where guards watched over men who tended the large supply of cattle ... beef that fed only the females and the male gladiators in this society ... and hides to clothe them. A group of leather-clad guards were now having great sport with one of the cattle tenders ... making him eat fresh cattle dung. They laughed and jeered at the man as he sat on his knees in the deep muck. They pelted his poor, emaciated body with dung and under threats of death, made him pick up the shit and put it into his own mouth to eat. It was a sickening sight for Tom.

Leanne took Tom to the large taxidermy shops, where trained female taxidermists stuffed and mounted ... not animals, but dead men ... for museums and private collections, like the one that Leanne herself owned, a collection that was said to be the finest in the kingdom.

She also took Tom to the Science Institute where women scientists were currently working on several different concoctions. One scientist, a particular favorite of Leanne's, whose name was Lilah, was currently working on something Leanne had desired ... a potion that would completely halt the process of aging. The potion was not yet perfected but, as Lilah now explained to Tom, they were close to doing just that. And then there was the potion called L.E.F. ... Life Extension Formula ... which was actually invented at Leanne's instructions for a very diabolical usage ... a usage that Leanne promised to demonstrate to Tom at a later date.

"And now, for the BIG secret!" Leanne told Tom.
She drove him to a very large building, once again on the outskirts of the city. The woman at the gate came out of her kiosk to greet Leanne on her Harley®.
"I want to give this fucker on the back of my bike a tour of the factory," Leanne told her.

"Leanne, you know males are not allowed anywhere near here. Even if they ARE dressed in diapers!" the woman snickered at Tom.

"You stupid Cunt! This factory is my own brain-child!" Leanne snapped at the woman. "You know I'm the one who drew up the fucking blue-prints and presented them to the Queen. And, I made up the fucking rules too. Now, let me in!"

"But," the woman continued to argue, "isn't it dangerous to let a man see what goes on here? I mean, unless he has a one-way ticket, if you know what I mean? If word got out to the other men, there could be trouble. Lots of it."

"Believe me, he won't breathe a fucking word. Now, open the fucking gate, Cunt, or I'll report you to the Queen herself!" shouted Leanne.

Reluctantly, the guard pushed a button and the gate opened. Leanne sped her Harley® inside. Tom could not believe the stench coming from the place even before they were inside.
"This is where we process all of the food you fucking slaves eat," Leanne chuckled to Tom.
She led him by the leash across the parking lot to the building.
"Ever wonder what we do with the surplus males brought in by our hunting expeditions every week? Ha! Ha! Ha! What kind of meat do you think we feed you goddamn cock-suckers every day and night?" Leanne said with wicked amusement.
Tom stopped dead in his tracks.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Leanne continued to laugh. "That's right! You've been eating your own fucking species for years, cock-sucker!"
Tom swallowed the rising gall in his throat.
"Now you know what I meant at the breakfast table this morning when I said that you men were the REAL cannibals!"
Leanne laughed hilariously at the look of disgusted, sickening horror on Tom's face.
"We used to butcher you fuckers by hand," Leanne went on to explain. "It was more fun that way but entirely too slow. Lots of meat is required to keep you fucking men alive to be our slaves. And so, I invented le Machine. I presented the plan and the blueprints to our Queen and she promptly okayed it. I'm very proud of my Machine. It works like a goddamn, fucking dream! It took over 100 top female engineers to actually build it. Took them a total of three fucking years to complete it to my specifications. And now, you're about to witness how it all works. Ha! Ha!"
When they first entered the building, Leanne gave Tom a doctor's mask to cover his mouth and nostrils ... such was the stench of the place. Tom was flabbergasted that the smell had no effect at all on either Leanne or any of the other women that worked the place.

Tom could not believe the hellish nightmare before him. Live, human males were tied to a conveyor belt that fed them into le Machine.

Keeping with Domina's sadistic tradition, Leanne had made the rule that only LIVE men were fed into the ghastly apparatus. Leanne explained this in great relish to Tom. The men were tied, back down, to the conveyor belt. And, they were left ungagged.

"Ahhhh. Listen to 'em fucking scream!" Leanne laughed. "As you see, le Machine is built in sections. Each section does a specific job, as you will soon see for yourself."
Leanne then spoke to the supervisor,
"Betty, a man was brought here at my orders from my place about a month ago. I asked that he not be processed until I gave the specific order."

"Yes Ma'am. He's still here," said Betty, the supervisor.

"Excellent. Well, I'm here now. And it's time he is processed. Go get him," said Leanne with a wicked grin.

She took off her shades, folded them and stuck them in the pocket of her leather jacket.

While a group of women went to fetch the man Leanne had asked for, she pulled a pack of smokes from her jacket and lit herself one. She led Tom by the leash down the metal-grated steps to the main floor where le Machine was. The conveyor belt was stopped a moment. Pitiful men screamed out to Leanne for mercy. She would answer them only with evil laughter or an occasional `Fuck You!' as she would pass them.

Guards now brought the screaming, frantic man out. It took four of the guards to hold onto him and restrain him.

"No! No! Don't! NOOOOOO!!! PLEASE!!!" he screamed frantically for his life.

"Shut up, Cock-sucker! Your day has finally come!" the supervisor shouted at him.

Tom remembered the man well ... the man that had been banished to `The Factory' on Leanne's orders the first night he had been taken to her mansion ... the man whose companions had died from decapitation and a bullet in the mouth.

Another woman stepped up and injected the man in the arm with a hypodermic needle.

"A sedative," Leanne explained to Tom. "It will knock him out just long enough for them to get him tied down to the conveyor belt. The sedative doesn't last long. He will be fully awake and conscious when he is fed into le Machine. Heh! Heh! Heh!"

The man fell, unconscious and the women carried him to the conveyor belt to be tied down. When the man regained consciousness, Leanne was standing over him, grinning from ear to ear. She took a drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke slowly down into his face. What, Tom had to ask himself was this unusual penchant or Leanne's about blowing cigarette smoke into the faces of her victims? But then, nothing else made sense in this Hell-On-Earth anyway! He reasoned.

Leanne chuckled at the man tied to the belt,

"You're about to die an extremely agonizing, sloooooow and horrible death, my Friend. What do you think of that? Ha! Ha!"

"No, please Mistress ... I'll do anything ... ANYTHING! Please!" the man begged through his sobs.

Leanne chuckled again and tapped the ashes off the end of her cigarette into the man's mouth, making him gag.

Leanne stroked the man's naked genitals,

"Yeahhhh. You're gonna fucking suffer, cock-sucker! But look at the bright side. You will be personally feeding your fellow man, right?" Leanne laughed.
Then, Leanne called out, in a loud voice,
"Okay Girls. Turn it on!"
A button was pushed and the conveyor belt started rolling slowly. Once again, the hideous screaming erupted from all the men on the belt ... added now by the voice of one other. Leanne walked slowly beside the man on the belt as he was carried slowly towards le Machine.

"We can move the belt faster," Leanne explained to Tom, as she tugged him along by the leash. "And we do, when we're behind on our quotas. But usually, my orders are for the belt to run slow ... at this speed ... just to increase the men's terror as they move closer and closer to le Machine. Ha! Ha! What a sadistic, fucking bitch I am, eh?" Leanne laughed.

Leanne now squeezed the mouth open on the man being carried on the belt. She spat in his mouth and taunted him,

"Just think, Cock-sucker. Soon, you'll be sliced, diced, pounded and chopped up into fresh, human hamburger! Heh! Heh! Heh!"
Leanne burned the man's nipples with her cigarette and even used the hot end of the cigarette to trace the word DIE on his stomach.
"The first section of le Machine serves to chop off their arms and legs. As you will soon see," Leanne told Tom, with an evil chuckle.
Tom was looking away, purposely. Leanne jerked his leash and said angrily,
"Pay attention Fucker! If I catch you looking away again, I'll have you put on the belt next!"
Tom knew that her threats were real, so he forced himself to watch this unbelievable barbarism ... technology gone mad!

The screaming coming from inside the first section of le Machine was the most horrible. The men who were disappearing into the gaping black hole of le Machine were suffering beyond belief.

"There are two sets of saws inside the first section," Leanne explained to Tom. "One works vertically ... the other, horizontally. One set saws off the legs, the other, the arms," she said matter-of-factly.

"Oh look! You're getting closer now to le Machine!"

Leanne was excited, taunting the man on the belt beside her.
"Ha! Ha! Ha! Some fucking ride, eh?" She laughed.
The conveyor belt stopped only just long enough to allow the saws inside le Machine to do their grisly work. Then, the belt would start again and feed the next man in.
"Well. It looks like you're next!" Leanne chuckled to the man on the belt. "Ahhh. Here we go! Have a nice trip!"
Leanne laughed as she stopped to watch the man, screaming horrendously, being fed into le Machine. His body disappeared through the dark, gaping hole. Leanne continued to laugh and smoke and Tom swallowed down his own rising vomit as the man's screaming inside increased to a fevered pitch. Tom could also hear the horrible rasping sounds of the saws grinding inside through flesh and bone. There were two chutes coming from le Machine, leading to large metal baskets on wheels. Smaller chutes poured out blood in a trough that ran along the entire length of le Machine, to be deposited in a large metal can at the end.

Tom was forced to look on, in disgust and horror as one, and then, two legs, chopped off at the torso came tumbling down the slick, shiny chute into the basket, leaving a swath of blood on the surface of the inclined, metal chute. The arms, chopped off near the shoulders, came down the chute nest.

"To insure less waste of good, prime meat, the flesh is carved off these limbs by hand, later," Leanne told Tom.

"Well, our Friend should be coming out of this section now. Let's see what he looks like now," chuckled Leanne to Tom.

Tom ripped off the mask. With horror, he exclaimed,
"My God! He's still screaming. He's still alive!"

"Uh-huh. Sometimes, they do survive the first ordeal. Most of them just go into a sort of comatose shock, however," Leanne said, almost with disappointment. "And by the way," she added, "don't use God's name again, unless it's in vain, Fucker!" she reminded him.

What Tom saw now when the man came out of le Machine was a scene of unbelievable revulsion. There, on the belt was the man's limbless torso. Where arms and legs used to be, there were now just stumps, still spewing blood. The scene would not have been half as nightmarish had the man been dead, but he was not. Instead, the man, with incredible effort, raised his head and began screaming over and over. Leanne laughed. The man's blood-splatter face looked at Tom.
"He ... Help Meeeeee...." he begged with sobs.
Tom's heart raced and his head throbbed. How could these women do such a thing to another human being? Even animals were not butchered in such gruesome fashion!

Small, fluted edges alongside of the conveyor belt kept the limbless bodies from falling off. The screaming, sobbing man was now carried to the next section of le Machine ... the Beheader. Once again, the body disappeared into another dark hole.

"Inside here, a saw cuts the head off at the throat," explained Leanne.
Tom could actually hear the echoed sounds of the man gagging as the saw slashed back and forth through his throat inside le Machine. When the horrid gagging had ceased, Tom knew that the man inside was now dead. More blood flowed out to the trough and then the man's severed head came rolling down the chute and into the basket of other heads. Leanne laughed and picked up the man's head by the hair. She chuckled at Tom's horrified look as she held the head aloft for him to see. The man's eyes were still wide open. Nerve impulses from the man's brain caused his eyes to roll and twitch and his lips to move silently.

Holding the head in front of her own face, Leanne chuckled wickedly,

"Beauuuuuutifuuuul," she moaned.
Then, she took a drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke slowly into the face of the severed head. She tossed the head back into the basket.
"Later," Leanne told Tom, "the tops of the heads are sawn off and all the brains removed. The tongues are removed also. A man's brains and tongues are considered delicacies by many women in Domina ... including me. Heh! Heh! As for the eyes ... they are gouged out of the head whole. The eyes are placed in pretty lockets that we wear around our necks ... like this one," Leanne said.
She pulled out the locket attached to the gold chain around her neck. The locket was round and filled with a clear fluid, in which a human eyeball was floating. She also explained to Tom that the ears too, were chopped off for use as ornaments.

The next portion of le Machine that Leanne showed Tom was the actual meat grinder. The headless and limbless torso of the man was carried on the belt into this section.

"The crushing noise you hear," Leanne said, "is like a hydraulic press inside this section that crushes the bones in the rib cage of the torso as well as the vertebrae and shoulder blades. And the grinding noise you hear are the bones being ground into very small pieces. And that lovely squishing sound, do you hear that? Heh! Heh! That is the actual cutting and slicing of the flesh and entrails. When we used to butcher your kind by hand, we used to gut the men before we fleshed them out. Now, we just grind up all the guts and entrails along with the meat of the flesh. That's why the bowls of meat that are served to you men in the mess hall always looks slimy and sticky-wet. Ha! Ha! Ha! It's very nutritious and it saves us a lot of time and work.
xxxx"Now, the meat and bones and entrails go through a tumbler inside to separate the bones from the meat."

Sure enough, down the chute came hundreds of pieces of small bone, to fall into yet another basket.

"We use the bones for jewelry ... necklaces, bracelets, and such. You see, my One-Eyed Fucker, it's a very thorough operation. Nothing is wasted!" Leanne said proudly.

"And ... is the finished product ..."

She leads Tom to the end of le Machine, where hunks of slimy, wet looking meat is pushed out into a metal basket.
"Some of the flesh is cooked before canning," said Leanne. "Sometimes it is canned raw...."
Leanne picks up a piece of the mucous-covered meat and pops it into her mouth, chewing it and swallowing.
"This operation used to be a little too expensive to run until we started selling the canned meat to other societies like ours. We even export it overseas. Male-meat seems to be quite popular. Heh! Heh! And, I might add, it has helped to make Domina the wealthiest and most powerful kingdom on earth."
Leanne now took Tom to the canning section of the factory where the mucousy meat was packed. From there, they went to the kitchens.
"As I've said, some of the meat is cooked, either here or at the mess halls," Leanne related to Tom.
There in the kitchen, tom saw large, boiling pots of human flesh and entrails. And then, he saw the large black cauldron with a large fire built beneath it. Women, on a surrounding, elevated platform were stirring the boiling contents of the cauldron with long, wooden oars. Other women were climbing the steps to the platform, carrying buckets of fresh, raw meat and entrails. These were all dumped into the cauldron and stirred in. They all looked like witches doing their magic, Tom thought to himself with disgust.
"What's cooking up there?" Leanne called up to the women who were stirring the cauldron.

"Stew!" one of the women stirring, called back down to Leanne.

Leanne grinned. Just then, a loud commotion was heard behind Leanne and Tom. They turned to the sound of the ruckus. Four women, all clad in leather-guard attire, were holding and restraining a terror-crazed man.
"What's this? What's going on?" Leanne asked irritably.

"This cock-sucker tried to escape," one of the guards answered Leanne. "He broke free just about before he was about to be sedated and put on the conveyor belt."

"Oh, really?" said Leanne, nonchalantly.

Spittle flew from the raging man's lips as he screamed at Leanne,
"Goddamn you! Goddamn you to Hell!"
Leanne merely chuckled.

One of the guards was finally able to cuff the man's hands behind his back. He had somehow broken free of his rope bonds when he had tried to escape. Leanne walked up to the man.

"Well Fucker, if you don't want to take your turn in being processed for food, maybe you'd like to be cooked alive, eh?"

"Go to Hell!" the man raged again, his eyes wild with hear.

"Tie his ankles together," Leanne told the guards.

When this was done, Leanne jerked the man's head, forcing him to look at the cauldron.
"See that boiling cauldron, cock-sucker? We're gonna put you in it!" Leanne chuckled. "Okay girls. Put him in the fucking pot!" she told the guards.
It took a great deal of effort to carry and drag the frantic screaming man up the steps to the platform, but they finally managed. The guards then tossed the man into the cauldron, into the boiling and scalding hot stew. He was still screaming before his head disappeared beneath the surface of the boiling liquid.

Leanne handed Tom's leash to another guard.

"Watch him," she told the guard.
Leanne then quickly scampered up the steps to the platform to get a better look. Suddenly, the man's head popped back up from beneath the surface. His face was blistered and slimy from the stew, his eyes, shut tight. He tried to scream but only gurgled and choked as he vomited hot stew out of his mouth. The woman standing on the platform, the guards, cooks and Leanne, all stood laughing as they looked down on the man.
"Ha! Ha! How do you like it, Cock-sucker?" Leanne called down tauntingly to the cooking man. "Yeahhhh ... we're gonna cook the goddamn flesh right off your fuckin' bones, you piece of fucking shit!" laughed Leanne.
Leanne took the long handled oar from the Cook who was standing beside her. Chuckling around the cigarette in her grinning lips, Leanne held the oar with two hands and used it to push the man's head back down beneath the surface of the hot stew. Leanne and the other women continued to laugh as they listened to the man gurgling as he was held under.

Some of the women standing on the platform now turned their backsides to the pot. Pulling down their pants, they crouched and began shitting into the stew. At the same time, some of the guards unzipped their leather pants and began pissing into it.

"That's it, girls!" laughed Leanne, "make this stew nice and tasty for our fucking slaves to eat! A real fucking treat!"
More human meat was dumped in, along with the women's shit and piss, while Leanne chuckled, puffed on her cigarette and held the man's head under the surface of the stew. She pushed down harder with the oar, driving the man's body down deeper into the stew. The hot steam, rising from the pot, made Leanne perspire and made her leathers cling to her flesh ... causing her to feel horny. Finally, she released the oar and the man's naked, blistered and steaming body floated up to the surface, face down. Leanne then handed the oar back to the cook. Leanne took one last drag on her cigarette, exhaled the smoke and chuckling, tossed her half-finished cigarette into the stew. She then went down the steps to re-claim Tom ... the tour was over.

As Leanne led Tom by the leash across the parking lot to her Harley®, she asked him,

"What do you think of one of Domina's best kept secrets? Heh! Heh!"
Tom was ghostly pale. He did not answer. His stomach ached.
"Answer!" shouted Leanne, jerking his leash.

"It was ... horrible ..." he said.

Leanne laughed hilariously.
"I thought you'd say that. Let's get you back home. I want to shit in your mouth," she said with a chuckle.