The Hell It Is!

by Moses Philstein
and Martin of Holland

illustrations by X

Cannibalism is usually thought of as a barbaric practice. It isn't general knowledge that eating human flesh and organs is not restricted to remote tribes in Africa, South America or Asia. Many satanic cults in the developed world use cannibalism as an integral part of their rituals. But there are also those who kill and eat humans just for the fun and flavor of it.

My next visit to earth brought me to such a group. Two of them were out hunting for suitable game. I put myself in a position to be bagged. In my usual earthly attire of skimpy shorts, tattered tee shirt and barefoot I contrived to be resting by a stream when the two men passed by. They could hardly believe their luck. They had anticipated a long hike to the picnic area on the main road and then a wait of who knows how long for a suitable victim to come along. I feigned sleep and pretended to start when one of the men stroked my leg.

They grinned at me. Because I knew their real intent I could see the darkness behind their eyes. For an innocent human the grins would have seemed genuine. I stood up, between them. They were wearing shorts, and like me they had nothing on underneath. Their dicks began to move as best they could in the tight confines of the blue fabric in anticipation of the fun they were about to enjoy with me. One man, hairier than his friend, wore a vest and cut off jeans. The other was bare chested and his shorts were very skimpy, almost as brief as mine. I trembled as they each took a firm grip on one of my arms. One man groped inside my shorts, making my swelling cock pop out. The other poked into my ass, his calloused fingers kneading my ass lips which opened to accept them.

I tried to pull away. That would have been expected of me. They were too strong for me. They threw me to the ground, and while one man fucked my asshole, the other drove his hard cock in and out of my throat. I could hardly breathe, gasping whatever air I could when the cock withdrew from my windpipe.

They were far from ready to climax and the two-way assault lasted so long that I lost track of time. I did not fail to count the number of orgasms I experienced during this, though. I came eight times, and my dick never softened. Within seconds of each other the two men came, one deep inside my ass, the other filling my mouth and throat with his cum. During the double rape I had lost my shorts and tee shirt, both ripped from my body to facilitate fuller body contact.

After a brief rest they led me to the forest, naked. We walked for almost an hour before reaching their small cabin. It was in a clearing in an idyllic setting. Before doing anything else the men decided to explain why they had abducted me. I wailed suitably when they reached the part about killing and eating me. I offered to let them do anything, anything at all if only they would free me, alive, when they were through. They just laughed at this. After all, they could and would do whatever they wished in any case, so why release me afterwards? No, they were hungry for human flesh, and I was to be their source of it. They described how they were going to butcher me alive and eat my flesh and organs. I groveled at their feet, pleading with them to spare me. Aroused again, they resumed their double rape; many more minutes of rough sex which saw me climax another half dozen times before they both shot a load into my throat and ass.

I was suspended, sobbing and begging, by my wrists and ankles. The ropes were pulled taut and my leg and arm muscles were stretched very tight.

They showed me a carpenter's saw, and in a matter-of-fact way explained that it was coated with a special resin which reacted with water based fluids and caused them to set. Blood, little more than water itself, would coagulate under the influence of this resin, even when under pressure. In this way bleeding could be maintained within manageable limits, depriving me of an early death.

My left arm was the first to be removed. One man held it while the other one cut into my shoulder with a sharp knife. The knife was not coated, and I felt blood spurting out from the wound. Then they used the saw to cut through my shoulder joint. My body was jerking about in agony but they were holding my arm very firmly and ignored my movements. The resin acted quickly and by the time the man had sawed through my shoulder, severing the arm, bleeding had stemmed to a trickle. Now I was suspended from three points and my body rolled over towards the left side.

I watched with morbid fascination as the two men casually barbecued my amputated arm on a blazing fire. The smell of cooking flesh was at first repulsive but I soon started to savor the delicate aroma and began to salivate. When the arm had been cooked to their satisfaction they pulled it from the flames and placed it on a wooden board.

They chopped the hand off, then hacked the elbow away. One of the men took the hand and sucked the tender meat from the fingers while the other one carved the remaining two pieces of my arm. They ate noisily, complimenting me on the flavor and tenderness of my flesh. When they had finished, they offered me a slice of upper arm. At first I declined but the smell continued to make my mouth water and when the flesh was put to my lips I eagerly ate it.

I was cut down for the night so the two men could continue to rape me. They were insatiable and for much of the night my mouth, ass, or often both were host to the hard cocks of my abductors.

Chapter 26

T he following morning after they had slept late, they told me that I was to lose a leg. Again I begged, again to no avail. They tied me down to a fallen log and cut my leg off at the hip, just like they had cut off my arm the previous evening. They told me that it is often better to remove the leg in two operations, firstly at the knee, then the hip. However, they were expecting company, and so they needed the entire leg. Their friends arrived as my leg, now separated into thigh and calf, were being cooked. The calf had been filleted and was bubbling away in a pot full of vegetables, herbs and spices. My thigh was being roasted over an open flame. More guests arrived than they had planned for and so, with no shortage of willing hands to assist, my right arm was amputated at the shoulder and was quickly cooking away alongside my thigh.

While they waited for the meal, the guests took turns sampling my ass and mouth, highly recommended by my abductors. I lost count of how many cocks shot a load into me, and many of them pissed afterwards. The rape orgy only ceased when the hosts announced that dinner was to be served.

It was some little comfort to be praised for both my sexual prowess and the taste of my flesh. The consensus was that my internal organs would most likely be just as delicious, so the guests would stay for another couple of days to find out. The only redeeming feature here was that at least my ordeal would be over sooner than if I had to wait for the two abductors to finish eating my flesh. That might take a week or more. Fortunately, no mention was made of castrating me just yet. I think it was the fact that I continued to produce copious quantities of cum while being sexually used, even gang raped, that they decided to let me keep my genitals for a while longer.

At the suggestion of one of the guests my remaining leg was to be cooked while still attached. They soaked sacking in water and wrapped it around my lower abdomen, covering my buttocks and genitals. They made a harness from rope and strung it around my upper torso. I was suspended from a tree branch so that my leg could be placed horizontally across the wire grill.

The fire was at first not too uncomfortable, especially as my leg was being brushed with liquid. However, the heat soon became unbearable and I was screaming hysterically and jumping about in my harness. To reduce my movements, they inserted a dead branch, fortunately quite smooth, into my ass and wedged it into the soft ground as a strut.

I could not help but watch as my leg turned golden brown. With careful braising there were no blisters. When my foot was done it was chopped off at the ankle, and the men playfully fought over who would get to eat it. The toes were broken off easily and distributed among the guests. The hosts shared the foot, one going for the heel, the other finishing off the rest of the meat.

My cries had abated and I was just sobbing, overcome by the agony in my leg. Without removing the branch from my ass, when the leg was cooked to their satisfaction, they slowly spun me round and my leg was placed on a rustic table. It was a free-for-all after that. Every man just hacked away at my calf and thigh with their knives, even with forks. When they sat back, sated, all that was left of my leg were some muscle and sinews, too tough to eat, and, of course, the bones. It was eerie looking at my denuded leg and realizing that it remained connected to my body. Not for long, though. The sacking was removed, revealing that I still had an erection, and my leg was pulled from the hip joint and thrown onto the fire which still crackled away.

The rest of the day saw more rape, more orgasms for me as well as my assailants. In the evening there was some debate about whether I should be finished off then or left for the night. My sexuality gave me a short reprieve.

The night was full of more sexual excesses, my limbless body clearly arousing my rapists in a morbid sort of way. I shuddered when it was explained to me how I would die. I was to be suspended in that same harness into a pot over the fire. The water level would just reach my navel and my upper torso would be protected from the steam and heat with sacking which would be kept soaked with cold water.

The preparations made, I was lowered into the lukewarm water. As the water heated up I was able to shoot a load, the cum floating to the surface to the great delight of everyone around.

I was babbling and ranting as the intensity of the heat began to take effect. My cock and balls were able to manage a final orgasm before they were cooked beyond function. My buttocks were afire, it seemed, and the excruciating agony from within my abdomen was indescribable. It took two hours before I was considered ready for the table.

They were all amazed that I was still alive. At first they thought that I might not be cooked sufficiently, but a stab in my buttocks with a thin knife proved that I was medium rare and ready to eat.

I was laid face down on the table. Instead of hacking away as they had done with my leg, because I remained conscious they were somehow more gentle. My buttocks were carved away and eaten noisily by the assembled gang. I couldn't control the regular spasms which made my body twitch on the table, but these were ignored.

Politeness was lost for a brief moment when one of the hosts wrenched my genitals from me, but he offered a bite of my dick to each guest, with the two hosts eating my balls. When the hand entered my abdominal cavity the sensation was strange, but nowhere near as painful as my previous ordeals.

They turned me onto my back so that I could watch as they removed my liver and kidneys, sliced them up and ate them. They carved my belly away and ate it, too. Some of the men were getting apprehensive over the fact that I was still alive. This was soon remedied. One of them thrust a hand right up into the abdomen, and my heart was ripped out.

My eyes registered the horror of death in spite of the suffering I had to endure. For some minutes my brain still recorded the agony and despair of my human situation. My eyes were still open, darting around, much to the consternation of some guests. Even after they were pulled from their sockets, blinding me, I could still hear and feel. At last I was able to drift into oblivion.

I decided to let them eat my whole body rather than make it disappear. There would be plenty of time to talk with these men later. They would all make good recruits for Hell.

Chapter 27

I t is a little known fact, but as mentioned earlier, there are groups of human flesh eaters in various countries around the world. I have visited one such group quite a few times. They prefer to butcher their victims while still alive, which fits in very well with my own masochistic needs.

Parading naked through a public park at midnight, I was nabbed by policemen friendly to the group. I was a prime target. There were six of us in the back of the police van. We were all strung up by the neck so that we could just touch the floor. Our arms and legs were not tied, but any attempt to undo the rope was instantly rewarded with a jolt from a cattle prod wielded by the lone policeman in the rear compartment of the vehicle.

We arrived in a clearing on the outskirts of town and were ordered out of the police van. The three-man police team took turns fucking us and forcing us to suck their dicks. We had to lick their leather boots, drink their piss and eat their shit. It was very degrading for the other prisoners, but run of the mill for me.

There was a crunching of tires on gravel. Another van entered the clearing. Two naked men got out and greeted the policemen. Papers were signed and we were loaded into the back of the newly arrived vehicle. Again the ropes around our necks were fixed to overhead bars and we could barely touch the floor of the van. One man remained in the back with us, also armed with a cattle prod.

The road was bumpy and we were knocking into each other, unable to keep a footing. The other prisoners were sobbing, their sniffles almost drowned out by the noises of the van. I, of course, sported a hard-on which was being admired by the guard.

When we arrived at our destination the doors were opened and another man greeted our guard. One of the prisoners had fainted and so he was removed first. The guard, a tall man, draped the limp body over his broad shoulders and carried him into the building.

I was next. I walked through the doors into a butchery. I stood with a raging hard-on, savoring the sight in eager anticipation while the other prisoners were brought in. They recognized the function of the room and they were all begging and wailing as they were herded into a cage.

My abductors must have recognized my special talents. I was taken over to a cutting table. I held my hands against a blood stained wooden board above my head when instructed. I screamed, but didn't attempt to move when my wrists were nailed to the board. I thought that I might be the first to be butchered, maybe as an example to the others on how to behave. But no, another prisoner was brought from the cage and nailed up next to me. It took two butchers and the guard to hold him steady while he was secured. I stayed in my place while all of the other prisoners were butchered. The small guy who had fainted had to be revived before the butcher would start on him.

In every case the procedure is the same. To start with, a sharp curved axe is held under the nailed prisoner's genitals, at the base. A wooden mallet is hammered onto the top of the genitals. This clearly slices them off in a single blow. In most cases the prisoner doesn't realize at first that he has been castrated. It's often seconds, even minutes before he starts to squeal in sympathy for his lost manhood. Once he has settled down and any bleeding stemmed, the butchering proper begins...

The axe cuts a deep gash in the prisoner's abdomen from sternum to navel. Using his bare hands, the butcher pulls out some of the victim's intestines. Once a sufficient amount of intestine is hanging out of the wound, drying in the cool air, the butcher starts working on the prisoner's legs.

He lifts each leg up in turn and lays it on the wooden table in front of the other waiting prisoners. The butcher cuts away at the skin around the ankle with the axe, then chops through the joint. He throws the severed foot into a bin on the floor. He opens the knee in like manner, chopping through. He throws the calf into another bin. Then he removes the thigh at the hip, and it joins the calf. When both legs have been severed, any open blood vessels are sealed. If necessary, there is a brief rest to allow the prisoner to recover.

When he is ready to proceed, the butcher slices through the skin at each shoulder. With an assistant holding up the torso he chops through each shoulder at the joint. The limbless torso, still alive, is placed face up on the table. The arms are recovered and chopped up. The hands join the feet in one bin, the two sections of each arm go with the legs.

The prisoner is close to death now. If he is making any sound at all he will be breathing heavily, whimpering perhaps. He no longer has the strength to scream. Very carefully, so that he doesn't cause premature death, the butcher pulls out the entire digestive tract. This is severed at each end and thrown into a third bin. In every case but one the prisoner was still alive for the next stage - removal of his liver, kidneys, gall bladder and rectum, all of which went into the offal bin. One or two of them survived this far, but removal of the stomach caused a faint from which they did not recover.

After that the lungs and heart were taken out of the abdominal cavity. The eyes, tongue and ears were removed. The axe chopped the top of the skull off and the brain was taken out. Finally the torso was chopped into easily handled pieces and taken with the rest of the body parts to the chiller.

My erection had not abated at all as I witnessed these events, and I had experienced a dozen orgasms. When it was my time to die I begged the butcher not to remove my genitals until the end.

He looked at me quizzically - I had been to that butchery many times before. He agreed. I think he had recognized who I was, even though every time I adopt a different human body.

What he did do first was pop out my eyes and wrench them from their sockets. Blindness was to exacerbate my terror, and I was grateful to him.

When my leg was lifted onto the table I felt it twitching. I heard the thud of the axe hitting the wooden table a fraction of a second before I felt the pain. He had chopped off my foot in a single blow.

I screamed, my mouth wide open, and the butcher stuffed my severed foot, toes first, deep into the back of my mouth. This had the effect of attenuating my screams, but the noises I was able to make must have been quite amusing.

The butcher used less finesse now. He chopped off both calves at the knee, then hacked away at my hips until the thighs fell off. Mercifully, my genitals were unscathed and each time the axe thudded home the pain generated a climax and I came.

He hacked my shoulders apart just as crudely.

He laid me on the table. I was still whimpering through my own foot. The butcher plunged his cock into my ass and hammered in and out of me for a few minutes until he reached an orgasm. At the moment he climaxed inside me the axe carved a deep incision in my belly and the butcher's hands groped at my intestines, pulling them roughly through the gaping wound. I could feel the intestines on my chest. They were writhing about and felt warm against my skin.

The butcher didn't remove his cock from my ass and I felt it swell back to erection. He slid backwards and forwards, pushing the tip of his dick against my colon, then withdrawing it so that the tip touched my ass lips. With every thrust he pulled more from inside my abdomen.

I was still alive, conscious, as my digestive organs were ripped out from deep inside my body. Everything from the diaphragm down had been removed, yet I was still awake and aware of the agony being inflicted. This was amply demonstrated by another couple of orgasms. They were to be the last.

The butcher twisted my scrotum at the base and sliced through it with his axe. My groin felt cold after it was castrated, but I could feel a sensation within me which was not unlike an orgasm, heavily masked by the close to unbearable pain. He removed the foot from my mouth and sliced my tongue off at its root. My ears followed.

Without taking his cock out of me, the butcher turned me over so that my face rested against the blood and slime covered table. I felt a light tapping on the back of my skull. The butcher was trying to crack it open without destroying my brain. He cut away at the skin to expose the cracked skull area, then carefully removed the pieces of bone to expose my brain.

He must have known that no human could have survived so long. But even as a devil I could not support my adopted human body once its brain was being pulled out. Mine was by far the longest and most painful live butchering that man has ever performed.

Chapter 28

O n yet another occasion I allowed myself to be abducted by a guy who sold me to a restaurant specializing in human flesh. It was made clear to me that I was going to die and be eaten. I acted as would be expected of a typical human, but was ignored. I was locked in a glass walled room to await selection by a diner. For just a few hours I stood in the room together with other potential meals. Then a regular client came in. I saw him eyeing me up, then a waiter entered, and I was led out.

The client was accompanied by a naked slave. I was taken to the table and my genitals were placed on a wooden block which lay on the waiter's trolley. The client used a sharp, serrated knife to remove my genitals as I stood screaming into a gag. The bleeding was stemmed and my cock and balls were sliced up by the waiter as a raw appetizer.

Meanwhile, I was prepared to be cooked as the main course. A pole lay horizontally over an open fire. I was pushed onto the pole which entered my rectum and went right in as far as the colon. It was rather painful. My wrists were tied together and the rope affixed to a hook on the ceiling. Then my ankles were tied to the pole. A blast of air from an electric bellows and the glowing embers burst into flames. The gag had been removed so that I could entertain the client with my screams. He and his naked slave sat eating my thinly sliced genitals, watching me cook. It wasn't a particularly spectacular way to die, but the pain was worth it.

My human heart collapsed under the pressure ten minutes before my body was sufficiently cooked. I had thought about making the corpse disappear, as a joke, but that would have alerted too many people to my real identity. I let the client and his slave feast on my roasted flesh and organs. Only after the carcass was thrown into a kitchen hamper to be minced up did I let the remains evaporate. I like being eaten, but prefer it when I am alive for the honor, at least for the beginning.