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The day was hot as Jim and Rod stood by the side of the road signaling to each car as it raced across the dry desert toward the West.

The sign on the side of their bag read

They were both from small towns in the Mid­west and were returning to college after the summer vacation. They had left home two days ago and had hitchhiked over a thou­sand miles of the way. Their last ride car­ri­ed them a bit off the primary routes and had deposited them in a small desert town with a general store, an old two story hotel, and a one pump gas station. They had spent the night at the hotel before starting out again.

It was now mid-morning and they had walked several miles west along the two lane road thumbing at each car that passed. Both young men had pulled their polo shirts off and had them tucked under their belts which supported the new mod pants, which intentionally fit skin tight outlining their well developed manhood.

A dark blue convertible passed the young men as they signaled with their thumbs and pointed to the sign on their bag, 'L.A.' Brake lights flashed and the car slowed to a stop several hundred feet ahead.

Jim and Rod took off at a trot for the car as soon as they saw that it was stopping. No other vehicles were in sight in either direction along the long flat straight stretch of road. Jim shouted to the driver,

A woman in her early thirties sat at the wheel. She was dressed in a frilly silk blouse and a mid-calf-length skirt that seemed to blend well with the leather seats and the rest of the interior. She shouted back at the runners,

Jim gasped, out of breath,

Rod panted,

The woman grinned knowingly. She nodded and said,

After a second, she added,

Jim couldn't believe their luck -- a rich-bitch was picking them up -- and a real looker at that. He didn't expect anything to come of it, but he could daydream ... and maybe something would come of it! He looked at Rod for what he thought. Seeing an 'OK with me if it's OK with you' expression Jim spoke for both,

With that, Jim and Rod threw their bags in the rear seat and climbed in beside the woman up front. She held out her hand,

Jim wanted to sit thigh-to-thigh with her and jumped in first. As he slid across the seat Jim extended his hand and introduced himself and Rod. The door closed and Therina accelerated the car to 60. The breeze felt mighty good to Jim and Rod.

For some reason, Rod felt a little uneasy about the whole situation. He haltingly asked Therina,

Therina was not taken back at all.

Therina laughed and added,

Therina's ease and nonchalance calmed Rod's fears. Jim and Rod sat back and watched the miles clip by.

About 11:30, Therina pulled the car into a gas station in a small town which neither of the young men had noticed the name of.

With that, Therina left the car and went to a phone booth next to the station. Jim and Rod got out and walked around to stretch their legs while the attendant gassed the car and checked under the hood.

Neither Jim nor Rod heard Therina on the phone. Had they, they might have been more prepared for what was to come:

Therina hung up the receiver, chuckled to herself and admired the physicality of the two hitchhikers -- their half naked bodies danced and frolicked as they joshed with each other in the lot behind the car.

During small talk since she picked them up, Therina had gathered that the young men had not contacted their homes since leaving a few days ago and were not expecting to until after getting to LA.

Their parents had provided both of them money to fly to LA. But Jim and Rod had pocketed it to spend in L.A. when they got there. And, besides, they wanted to experience the 'adventure' of hitch-hiking.

As Therina walked back to the car she thought to herself -- 'It's perfect!' She tooted the horn and Jim and Rod came running. Panting, they laughed at each other as they hopped into the car. They tried to stifle their fun, trying to put on 'serious faces', but broke up several times before Therina even got back onto the highway.

About half an hour later, the car moved off the main road and on to a secondary paved road. Traffic had been light on the main road, but now, after ten minutes or so, they still hadn't seen a single car. They paralleled a range of mountains, traveling north on a desolate valley floor.

Almost without slowing down, Therina turned onto a dirt road to the right leading over the irregular desert terrain toward the base of the hills. Ten minutes later the car jumped and bolted like a buck-board as the road led into the foothills.

The valley floor and main road were out of sight as they approached a ranch type house. A wire fence with a gate blocked the road several hundred feet from the house. The sign on the gate read:

Therina slowed the car to a stop short of the gate and tooted the car horn in some prearranged recognition code. There was a 'click' and the gate automatically rolled open. Therina slowly drove through, then tooted again and the gate closed and locked.

Therina explained that these precautions were necessary to prevent vandalism. The explanation satisfied Jim and Rod.

As the car approached the front porch, a woman appeared through the front door and waved. She shouted,

Therina stopped the convertible and Jim and Rod hopped out eagerly. Therina was more deliberate. Jim and Rod were following behind Therina as she trotted up to the porch, grabbed the other woman's hand and half-hugged her. Then she turned back to Jim and Rod and said,

Turning back to Freddie-Anne, she said,

Freddie-Anne led the way through the front door into a Victorian-style room. -- It looked formal but comfortable for old-maid quarters -- a large fire place on one side was flanked by several red-velvet chairs and a red-velvet couch.

Neither Rod nor Jim noticed as Freddie-Anne looked at Therina as she talked and winked slightly. Therina understood and remained silent.

Therina said,

Jim and Rod nodded their approval.

Rod said,

Jim echoed,

As Freddie-Anne went out to the kitchen, she turned back and said,

Therina explained to Rod and Jim that they had bought this house together and used it as their living quarters as well as the mining company office and headquarters.

Jim and Rod sank down in a couple of chairs in front of the fire place as they heard the tinkle of ice going into glasses from the kitchen.

Therina commented,

Jim and Rod nodded their agreement. -- They had both gotten a noticeable sun/wind burn during the morning's ride in that open convertible with their shirts off.

Freddie-Anne returned with a tray with three tall drinks. Therina took the glass turned her way,

Freddie-Anne turned to the two guests,

She looked at them for confirmation, then added,

Rod sipped his tea and said,

Jim sipped his and grinned and nodded.

They were both too thirsty to notice anything.

Freddie-Anne walked toward the door, then turned back,

Therina excused herself.

Therina followed Freddie-Anne from the room. In the kitchen, Therina quietly closed the door behind her so they could talk without being overheard. In a low, murmuring guttural, Therina teased,

Freddie-Anne grinned. Therina asked,

Freddie-Anne grinned again and nodded. She snortled softly,

Therina grinned. Freddie-Anne asked,

Therina started to tell the pickup circumstances and what she had learned from talking to the young men but Freddie-Anne put her finger to her lips,

Freddie-Anne cautioned,

Therina nodded,

She started to open the door, but Freddie-Anne pushed it back closed. She grinned,

Therina opened the door as Freddie-Anne picked up a couple of dishes and followed her back into the dining room. Therina clinked her glass of ice and snortled,

Jim and Rod nodded, grinning. They hadn't moved from their chairs and both had looked up as Therina entered. Their eyes were already showing signs of drowsiness. Jim had drained his glass and Rod was just turning his up to get the last gulp.

Therina sat down across from the young men and propped her feet up on a stool. She kept talking to them to keep their attentions diverted from watching each other.

Rod's eyes closed first and his chin dropped down on his chest. Therina kept talking so Jim wouldn't notice. After a few minutes, Jim shook his head several times then folded over, unconscious. Therina got up and returned to the kitchen.

Freddie-Anne was washing her hands.

When Therina finished her sandwich she said,

She and Freddie-Anne returned to the front room.

Jim and Rod were just as Therina had left them. Their deep breathing indicated that they were both in a deep sleep. Therina grabbed hold of Jim's arms and pulled him up. Freddie-Anne also got hold and they moved him to the couch. They went immediately to Jim's boots, unlaced them and pulled them off. The socks followed. Therina pulled the T-shirt from under the belt and threw it with the shoes and socks. She then undid the belt and unzipped the tight pants.

A bulge of underpants expanded as the tight slacks were released. Therina and Freddie-Anne grabbed for the undershorts and pulled them down.

Therina stood up and smiled,

Freddie-Anne fondled the young man's genitals -- a large firm set of balls the size of peaches, well hung in an adequate pouch. -- A penis of better than average diameter and length and uncut too -- rare find in these days.

There was a gradual lengthening as Freddie-Anne continued to fondle the organ.

They picked the sleeping Jim up and moved him back to the chair and placed Rod on the couch. The same way they had stripped Jim, they stripped Rod and examined him. Rod did not have the balls that Jim sported, but his penis was one of the largest Therina and Freddie-Anne had ever seen. Both agreed that he too was perfect. Then they put Rod back on the chair too.

Therina and Freddie-Anne grinned at each other for several seconds, breathing deeply. Freddie-Anne broke the silence,

Therina went to the car while Freddie-Anne picked up the pants from the floor and emptied all the pockets onto a coffee table. There was some odd change, a knife and so many common odd items. Both young men had their billfolds in their pants pockets too and their contents were emptied out. Freddie-Anne went through each card and scrap of paper to assure herself that there was nothing suspicious to indicate that the young men were anything other than what they said they were.

Therina returned from the car with the bags and emptied their contents on the floor and likewise went through everything. Freddie-Anne remarked,

Therina nodded,

Freddie-Anne looked at the wallet contents,

Freddie-Anne shoved the cards back in the billfolds, the cash she divided with Therina. Therina gathered up the heap of clothes and stuffed everything back into the suitcases, this included those that were stripped from the young men. Freddie-Anne tossed the wallets into the suitcase but held onto the I.D.s. Therina asked,

Freddie-Anne answered,

Therina lugged the suitcases out back and dropped them into the acid vat out back. Bubbles and hisses and crackles quickly ate the 'evidence'.

Freddie-Anne put the I.D.s in the scanner then scrambled the programme so no one without the key could get them back. Then she burned the paper and plastic in an ashtray and washed the ashes down the toilet.

Both women returned to the room at about the same time. Therina asked Freddie-Anne,

Therina pulled Jim forward and twisted his arms behind his back. Heavy rawhide strips were used to secure each wrist and knotted very tightly. Then each wrist strap was tied to the opposite arm just above the elbow. A pair of ankle cuffs with only three chain links connectors was locked on his ankles.

Jim was pushed back in the chair to sleep off the drug. Rod was similarly bound. Therina stood back and looked the young men over, smiling and commented,

Another hour passed before either of the young men began to stir. Jim was the first to come around. As he opened his eyes he shook his head to clear the cobwebs. He didn't realize that he was bound up at first. He glanced down at himself and first realized that he was completely naked.

With a lunge he jumped forward and realized his arms were secured behind his back. He started to shout,

as he jumped to his feet, and immediately fell flat on his face, losing his balance because of his ankle restraints.

Therina and Freddie-Anne stood across the room and laughed at the surprised expression on Jim's face as he started to realize the condition he was in. Jim screamed his face red,

Therina answered him in a soft, affected voice,

She and Freddie-Anne knelt down to the flopping young man, grabbing his shoulders and ankles and lifting him from the floor. They sat Jim back in the chair.

Jim struggled with the straps but didn't try to jump up again. After ten or fifteen minutes, he stopped struggling. Rod recovered from his sleep about a half hour later and went through the same kind of surprise as had Jim. The two of them sat staring in astonishment at each other not knowing what to expect next.

Freddie-Anne and Therina were in and out of the room from time to time to verify that their prize catch was secure. About four o'clock Freddie-Anne came into the front room.

The young men got up carefully to retain their balance and hobbled with the very short steps the leg irons required toward the next room. Freddie-Anne pointed to Jim,

She pointed to Rod,

Jim and Rod worked their way slowly to the two chairs Freddie-Anne had indicated. As they sat down, Therina scooted their chairs under the table. Two plates were set in front of them.

Freddie-Anne dumped a can of cold hash on one of the plates. With a knife she cut it in two and placed half on the other plate. She then broke it up into bits sizes.

Jim looked at Rod. His eyes were full of fear -- almost ready to tear up. -- This was inhuman. There was no way to eat except like dogs. Rod started first. He had to push the plate back a bit with his nose to get his mouth to the hash. He thought to himself, At least it isn't gooey or it'd be all over the place!

With much trouble they both finished their plates and sat up. It was the first they had eaten since breakfast. Jim shouted,

Freddie-Anne was standing beside the table and slapped Jim's face. She leaned over and shouted in Jim's ear,

Freddie-Anne then jerked the plates from the table. She shouted to the other room,

Therina shouted back from the front room,

Jim and Rod twisted and squirmed, pulling themselves up, leaning over the table like worms. Soon as they had their legs under them, they pulled themselves up.

They slowly hobbled toward the front of the house. As they hobbled onto the front porch into the bright afternoon sun they felt their nudity all the more! The sun-heat on their genitals was a new and frightening feeling.

There were three steps from the porch to the dusty ground. Rod forgot about the short chain restraining his legs and took the first step. He lost his balance and fell face forward into the dust.

Therina roared with laughter.

Jim hopped down the first two steps, but then lost his balance too and landed next to Rod in a poof of dust.

Therina took her foot and rolled both young men over on their backs. From this position they could both struggled to sit up.

There was a hose was attached to a faucet next to the house. Therina turned the water on full and directed the stream over the young men. This initially washed the dust off but quickly made a mud puddle of the dirt they were sitting on.

Therina played the water on Jim's face and then Rod's. She then walked up to them and shoved the hose into Rod's mouth, forcing him to drink to keep from drowning, then repeated the drink-or-drown with Jim.

She repeated the belly-filling drink-or-drown torment untill both of their bellies looked like watermelons. Only then did Therina decide that they had had enough. She dropped the hose and let it dance like a snake and walked back to the spigot and turned the water off. She went over to the pickup truck in the drive some twenty feet from the porch and returned with a bull whip.

She cracked the whip to let them know she meant business. Jim and Rod tried to regain their footing but both slipped and fell face down into the mud. A crack of the whip made contact across their backsides and made them dive forward.

They finally wormed their way to solid footing and managed to get to their knees. They hobbled to the back of the pickup. They were both a mess coated from head to foot with the mud paste. As they reached the tailgate, Therina shoved her foot under Rod's crotch and half-lifted him into the truck bed, then helped Jim up the same way.

Both cried from the sudden pain in their groins. Both young men laid gasping in the hard bed of the truck. Therina closed the tailgate and returned to the house. The truck bed was scorching hot from the desert sun which also baked the mud goo into a solid clay on their skin.

Freddie-Anne and Therina shortly returned from the house and Freddie-Anne joked,

They both laughed and climbed into the cab. The ride was a bumpy one and the truck pitched over washes and rolled from side to side. Jim and Rod could do nothing to brace themselves and were rolled from side to side in the flatbed. The hot sun and the rolling knocked most of the drying mud from them so that by the time the truck came to a stop they were just dusty.

Neither Jim or Rod had been able to see where they were heading. Now that the truck had stopped they saw several buildings. Jim and Rod both thought this must be the mining camp.

Therina and Freddie-Anne were greeted by several men. They were naked except for a pair of jockey type leathery material briefs. Attached to their waists on a clip hung a bull whip. Several of them reached over into the flatbed and examined the two young men.

Freddie-Anne ordered them,

She tossed the keys to a man standing nearest her by the bed of the truck. The man reached over and removed the ankle cuffs from both Jim and Rod and tossed them into the cab of the truck. The second man let down the tail gate and ordered both young men out.

With their legs free they were able to maneuver about a bit better even though their arms were still tightly secured behind their backs. Jim and Rod were on the ground in short time for they saw both men remove the bull whips from their waists for ready use.

One of the men pointed to an open shower head against the side of one of the long narrow buildings,

Another man cracked a rawhide whip across Jim's back as he stumbled toward the shower. Whack! The rawhide bit again, this time into Rod's rear end, making him jump and almost lose his footing as he took off in a trot for the shower. Cold water gushed over both young men, rinsing down removing the remainder of the mud they had accumulated before leaving for the camp. Rod and Jim shivered violently. The heat and the drugs and the exhaustion and now the cold had drained them.

One of the men shouted,

The water was shut off.

The man pointed to a door in the end of the building. Jim and Rod were marched through the door. The room was long with no dividers inside the whole building. A walkway extended the length of the room down the center. On each side there were long shelves about twelve feet per section constructed of heavy timber lumber. Each shelf was about eight feet wide and was pivoted along the center of the long axis so they could rotate from the horizontal to the vertical. Fixed into each section of shelf were six pairs of U clamps along each long edge. These clamps looked capable of rotating on one end from a control under the shelf to let them to be opened and closed. There was a lock to prevent unauthorized operation of the control.

The first shelf was rotated to the vertical and Rod was ordered to back up to it and to place his ankles next to the open clamps now at ground level. When Rod was in position, the clamps were rotated and clamped on to secure his ankles to the table. Jim was similarly placed into the next set of clamps. Their arms were then untied from behind their backs and their wrists placed in the clamps along the top edge of the shelf. The young men were now cuffed spread eagle to the vertically positioned shelf.

The shelf was then rotated back to the horizontal and pinned. The two men then reached over and gave Jim's and Rod's balls and cock a couple tight squeezes. Both Rod and Jim squirmed and grimaced.

Walking out of the room, one of the men snorted,

For the first time Jim and Rod had a chance to consider the situation to which they had befallen. Although they had no idea of what lay ahead, it certainly wasn't a good position that they were in. -- No one would miss them for weeks, and when they did, they wouldn't have the slightest idea where to look. As far as anyone knew, they had taken a plane to L.A. The fact that they hadn't would be learned, but that wouldn't help much. Their only solution was to escape somehow.

After about an hour, many voices were heard outside the building. With the crack of bull whips, many young men raced into the room, lowered the shelves to the vertical position, and took their places with their ankles and wrists against the open cuffs.

One man went behind each board closing and locking the clamps while another checked along the front. In a matter of minutes every last young man was secured like Jim and Rod.

The age of the young men ranged from nineteen to twenty-five. They were all very muscular with well developed bodies with one thing in common -- the size and development of their 'manhood' was well above average. Rod whispered to Jim that he had not seen so many 'big' young men in one place in his life.

The shelves were all rotated back to the horizontal and the young men all laid pinned on their backs. The guards then left the room.

Jim asked the follow next to him what this was all about. The man was about twenty and said that he had been there for about two months now. Over the next few minutes, Jim learned about the horrible situation he and the others were in:

He as well as all the other young men had been kidnaped in a similar 'no traceable' situation that Jim and Rod found themselves. He said Therina and Freddie-Anne did run a mine which produced just enough to keep the operation above suspicion. -- During the day, the captives were used as slave labor in the mines. This, in itself was not too unbearable. The work was hard, the pace steady, and the work kept the young men in top physical condition. But the nights were something else again.

Therina and Freddie-Anne ran a private club located here at the campsite which catered to screened individuals who desired 'Apollo type' males for illegal purposes. Customers were sexually mad women -- and the young men were their playthings for their torture and humiliation parties.

The young men are hand picked from their racks by the customers and are placed in their power until the following morning. After a complete nights activities, the young man is placed on the unavailable list for the next night unless the demand and money is too tempting for Therina or Freddie-Anne to turn down. The young man ended with,

"The food is nothing to brag about but it is nourishing and wholesome. We are fed two meals a day with a small snack break at noon. You know, you really get to look forward to that snack!"

Now that Jim and Rod knew what they had been forced into, they weren't any happier. They both had to try hard to keep from sobbing.

The evening meal was now ready to be served. The shelves were left in the horizontal position and the wrist clamps were released. Each young man was then able to sit upright, but the ankle clamps remained locked. A soup bowl of thick broth was dipped from a large pot and set between the spread legs of each young man. It was a puree of potatoes and vegetables. There was a soup spoon stuck in each bowl.

Rod and Jim noticed that the appetites of the other young men were good. That would be expected if they had to work as hard as Rod and Jim imagined. But, since they had just finished a half can of hash each a few hours earlier, Jim and Rod were not hungry enough to eat this stuff eagerly. But, not knowing what to expect, they agreed with each other to force down all that they had been issued.

Several of the young men requested seconds and received refills until the supply was exhausted. The dishes were then gathered up and carted away. The young men were then required to lay down again and their arms relocked into position above their heads. Shortly later a guard came through the room and placed several red tags on hooks mounted between the legs of several young men. The young man who had explained things told Jim,

At about 7:30 pm, just about sundown, several cars arrived at the compound. They brought the night time customers. Financial arrangements were made in a small office with Therina and Freddie-Anne in advance. And then the customers were escorted to the building which held the young men.

The guard entered first and rotated each of the shelves to a vertical position. The young men were then all standing in two rows facing each other restrained in the spread-eagling bonds. The customers were permitted to visually examine the available young men. Those with red tag markings were not available this evening. The customer would then indicate her choice to the guard and leave the building.

This particular night there were six available young men -- Jim and Rod were two of them. There were two customers -- or would you call it three? -- A man and woman together, and another woman. The man and woman were husband and wife -- that was the only way a man could come here, except as a slave -- they had contracted for two young men for the night and the other woman required one.

The selections were made and Jim was picked by the man and woman as one of their brace. The guards released the three young men, put neck collars on them, then fastened their wrists to the collar so their fingers could only play with the air or scratch under their jaws.

The single young man picked by the woman was led from the room by one of the guards. Jim and the third young man were ankle-cuffed together. The shelves were then rotated back to the horizontal.

The room lights were extinguished as the guard led the two young men to the outside. The guard pointed toward a building across the compound, and with the crack of his whip hustled the young men at quick pace to it. This building had no windows and only one large door.

The guard opened the door and all three entered into a small entrance room. Another door led off the small entrance room. It had a barred window about one foot square inserted into its heavy frame. Through the bars, Jim could see a well lighted large room.

The guard closed and locked the outside door, then removed the leg irons joining Jim to the second young man. He then opened the inner door and shoved them both inside.

The man and woman were there waiting. The guard told them that he would remain in the outer room and would be available for any assistance they wanted. The couple thanked him and he left closing the inner door and locked it from the outside.

Jim gazed around the room in astonishment. It was an update of a mid-evil dungeon. On one side there were several kinds of racks. In the center of the room there were tables with restraints. Pulleys of all types hung from the ceiling. Chains, ropes, cuffs and all other types of restraints lined a holding rack. A pillar stood in one corner. Whips of all descriptions were displayed in another area.

As she eyed Jim and the other young man, the woman said,

She grinned, then added,

The other young man followed with,

She looked right into Jim's eyes and chortled,

She snapped her finger,

She pointed to a portion of the room located under several of the pulleys.

Jim and Ed walked to the location indicated.

The man attached a leather strap to each of their ankles. The strap was connected to a short length of chain which in turn was connected to an iron eyelet set in the floor. The straps spread the legs several feet apart. Straps attached to the pulleys were then affixed to each wrist.

The man tightened the bonds with the pulleys which spread the young men's arms at length above their heads. The ropes were further tightened lifting the young men from the floor and tightening the slack in the restraints.

The woman began removing her clothes as she posed in front of the two young men stretched in their helpless condition. As she stripped both Jim and Ed became aroused. When she had only her thin silk panties on she moved in to Jim.

As she brushed up against him, his cock exploded to its fully erected state. Jim's oversized cock, now erected, looked like a small baseball bat extending some fifteen inches straight out to his front -- its diameter approached two inches.

Ed was responding in a similar manner. He is a few years older than Jim with a much more developed, mature physique. -- He had been at the mine for almost a month and the hard daily labor had hardened his muscles.

Ed, like Jim, was exceptionally well endowed between the legs -- of course, since it is a 'recruiting' requirement for Therina and Freddie-Anne. Ed's balls were not quite as large as Jim's, but hung lower. And his cock was every bit Jim's equal -- if not slightly longer now that it was fully erected.

The man, who had been watching his mate excite their young prisoners, now began to remove his clothes. As he pulled off his shorts, he too was in a state of arousal. He was not as gifted as the two young men, sporting a normal size dick. He grinned at his mate and chirped,

He went over to Jim and grabbed hold of his balls and gave them a twisting jerk -- playfully. Then he let his fingers slip over Jim's belly and up to his pectorals, stroking them lightly, rubbing Jim's nipples. He played with Jim's fingers. Jim's wrists were still tied to the neck collar. He pulled a small leather strap from a small box on the floor and slipped the noose round Jim's balls and tightened, making sure both testicles were inside the noose. He reached overhead and fingered for the pulley hanging just above Jim's middle. He fingered the pulley rope and tugged the free end to the floor. He then attached it to the buckle on the leather ball strap.

With Jim's arms shackled to his neck and his feet pinned several feet apart, this was no easy task. Slowly he managed to raise himself about a foot. As he did, the man removed the slack in the pulley rope until it was pulled tight.

He increased the tension. Jim strained with every muscle he had to relieve the pull exerted on his balls. When he was satisfied Jim could not raise any further, the man fastened the rope to a stay in the wall securing it. Jim was now virtually being hung by his balls -- only by maintaining the arch in his back could he hope to maintain his manhood.

The woman then returned from the whip rack with a leather tipped whip. Slowly, but deliberately she began laying the whip across Jim's front side, starting on his chest and working downward. The leather straps produced a fire hot sting, but did not blister Jim's skin. She placed the whip with great accuracy when she reached Jim's genitals. Jim's cock expanded to its maximum as the leather tongs wrapped themselves about the shaft. She finished up by moving on down his thighs and legs.

Jim moaned and screamed from the pain the lash produced -- and the more frightening pain from the pull of the noose about his balls. As the woman paused to catch her breath, her mate asked Jim,

Jim sobbed, gasping for breath, swallowing his throat to utter,

Jim squeezed his eyes shut and cried. He pleaded in a hoarse, little boy voice,

The man laughed and looked to his mate. She laughed too, then asked Jim,

Jim gasped and tried to nod, but moving his head jerked his weight on his balls, so he just whimpered softly,

Jim squeezed his eyes again and whimpered in a soft falsetto,

She grinned then nodded to her mate. He released the rope and slowly lowered Jim to the floor. When he was again on his back and the tension in the rope slacked, Jim relaxed his muscles and let out a great sigh. The man removed the rope and the noose and returned them to their prior locations.

In the meantime, Ed watched the entire procedure still suspended in spread eagle above the floor. Turning to Ed, the man tweaked his own nipples. Grinning and scratching his nuts, he quizzed,

Although Ed had not been subjected to this type of treatment since his capture, from other nights out he knew that the customer was always right no matter what he demanded. He answered,

Ed was lowered to the floor and his wrists released.

The man pointed to Jim. Ed didn't utter a word and rapidly followed the man's direction. When Jim was released, Ed helped him to his feet -- Jim's arms were still secured to his neck collar.

Using the key, the man released Jim's wrists and removed the collar from his neck. Jim rubbed his arms to get the circulation moving. His front side was still quite sore from the whipping and the red stripes stood out as reminders to both young men. As Jim was trying to comfort himself, the woman commanded,

She stood beside one of the padded tables.

The man pulled up a couple of easy chairs next to the table and they both took their positions of relaxed comfort.

The whipping still fresh in his mind, Jim jumped on the table and laid down as directed.

She pointed to Ed,

Ed hopped on the table and straddled Jim on his hands and knees. The woman corrected with impatience,

Jim and Ed now realized what was about to happen. Ed repositioned himself and prepared for the ordeal.

She got up and removed a cane whip from the rack.

She looked to her mate then back to the two and chortled,

Both she and the man laughed. She turned very serious and commanded,

She settled back down in her chair with the whip ready.

Ed's cock hung directly in front of Jim's face. Jim reached up and circled Ed's balls and dick with his thumb and forefinger pulling Ed down to his mouth. Ed's knees slid out and his weight dropped onto Jim's chest as Jim fitted the mass into his mouth. He closed his teeth to hold the balls in place. Ed, simultaneously, lowered himself on his elbows so his head lay on Jim's crotch. He too grabbed Jim's balls and dick and forced both into his mouth.

Because of their enormous size, Ed had a hard time breathing almost immediately. He bit hard to keep the balls inside and pulled back as far as possible to release Jim's expanding cock from his throat. But each gasp excited Jim -- making it even harder to hold on. Because Ed's balls were hung longer, Jim was able to pull back somewhat further, but this only compensated for Ed's longer prick.

Jim too gagged as Ed's erection developed.

The two young men hung onto each other as they both approached climax. Then all of a sudden, Ed choked and opened his jaws to cough. Jim's balls slipped out.

The woman was watching for this to happen and immediately brought the whip hard across Ed's ass. His weight all dropped onto Jim as he used both hands to force Jim's balls back between his teeth. A second crack of the whip ripped across his back before he got them back into his mouth.

The struggle continued for several more minutes with both young men gasping for breath. Then, almost simultaneously, they both reached their climax. The juices were forced directly down each others throats.

The man and woman were very pleased with the demonstration and when satisfied that the young men were both drained. They ordered them to release each other.

Ed rolled over on his back beside Jim as they both drew deep breaths to replenish the semi-suffocation they had experienced.

The man and woman allowed the young men to regain their composure for about five minutes before continuing their pleasure.

The woman produced two one-by-three boards about two feet long and several short lengths of rawhide. Holes in the board were paired -- one pair on each end and a third in the center.

The woman ordered both of the young men to get off the table and stand at attention. The dragged themselves up as quickly as they could and stood at attention the best they could.

The woman laced a piece of the rawhide through the two center holes so as to make a loop on one side of the board. She then laced the other two pairs of holes the same way. Then she laced the second board. She ordered the young men to extend their arms straight out, palms down. She slipped the open loops on each end of the boards, then round each hand, and back to the wrist. She pulled the rawhide tight and knotted them tight on the other side.

The board were now a ridged set of handcuffs.

The young men were directed to lower their arms to their sides. The boards crossed their bodies across their crotches.

The woman threaded Jim's cock over the top edge of the board. She looped the center strip of rawhide around Jim's balls and tightened the noose tight -- to hold his testicles from slipping free. The ridged handcuffs were now fully secured. -- Jim's arms were of no use to him, held fully extended at his sides. Other than this, the young man had complete freedom of movement.

At the same time, the man threaded Ed's cock and balls through his noose so he was ball-and-hand shackled just like Jim. The man pulled two long lengths of heavy string out of that small sack still on the floor. He tied one free end of these strings to a wall fastener at the far end of the room, then stretched the string tight toward the opposite wall cutting them to length three feet short of the wall.

The woman brought the two young men over to the side of the room where the strings were fastened to the wall. The woman smiled and cooed in a mockingly 'feminine' voice,

She snorted then laughed,

The man opened a box of ordinary 4th of July fire crackers -- the small kind which are normally lit in a string to mimic a machine gun.

The man unwound the fuzes and separated the small fire-crackers from each other. Each had about a three inch fuse on it. He tied the free end of the string around the body of the fire cracker so that it wouldn't slip off.

Then he looked right into Ed's eyes and grinned.

He sniggered and the woman finished the 'consequences',

Jim and Ed shuddered involuntarily.

Ed was to be first. He had to bend over at the waist. The man spread his cheeks open and shoved the fire cracker in -- its forward end just exposed with the fuze hanging out. Ed could see it looking back through his legs.

The man instructed,

He patted Ed on his bottom.

The woman had gone to the other end of the room to watch from that angle. The man flicked his cigarette lighter and Ed flinched in anticipation.

The man moved his hand rapidly toward the fuse, then stopped short.

Ed again flinched and just about lost his balance. His heart was pounding fiercely. He knew that if he ever fell that he would not be able to get back on his feet without the use of his hands or arms before the fuze burned.

The man then moved the lighter to the fuse end and it caught immediately spitting small sparks and making a hissing noise.

Ed straightened up and took off as fast as he could for the other end of the room. The fuze hissed as it burned down toward the fire cracker sticking out between the cheeks of Ed's butt.

Ed yelled but did not break his pace.

Then -- wham -- the string pulled tight and the fire cracker was jerked from Ed's ass. His momentum carried him slamming into the wall.

The fire cracker exploded just after Ed hit the wall. He dropped to his knees but caught his balance before falling to the floor.

The man and woman laughed their heads off.

Jim, still standing at the starting line, didn't think it was too funny. Jim tried to breathe regularly but still startled when the man laughed,

The man pointed and ordered,

The man had retrieved the string and tied another fire cracker to it. Jim bent over as Ed had done and the fire cracker was rammed into his ass hole.

Jim expected the man to give him a few false starts he had done with Ed, and Jim was caught off guard when the fuse lit on the first try.

Jim delayed a second or two before realizing the fuse was lit. He straightened up and ran like hell for the other end of the room. The string jerked tight and the fire cracker popped out. Immediately it blew.

Jim felt the spray of the wrapping against his legs. He then slammed into the wall just like Ed had done. He was stunned but did not loose his footing.

Both young men were brought back to the starting wall and everything was repeated. -- They both again just beat the fuze time.

The third time, Ed got off to a false start. The man clipped about a half inch from the fuze as he said he would. Ed knew that he could make no mistake now to make it this time.

The slammings he had taken against the wall had not helped his reactions any. This time his start was good and he moved with all the speed he could muster.

But one foot before the string jerked, a muffled pop and Ed screamed. Both of his legs went limp from under him and he went sprawling in a heap into the wall. His ass burned like fire and he involuntarily farted blue smoke. Ed fainted and lay face down on the floor.

The man had only one more fire cracker left. And it was Jim's turn again. Jim was determined not to make a false start -- that had been Ed' failing.

The man made a few evasive maneuvers but Jim didn't fall for them. When he saw for sure that the fuze was lit, he took off. His strength was beginning to slip away, but he forced himself to run.

Wham -- the string pulled.

Jim prayed to himself in relieved ecstacy, I made it! He smacked into the wall. He didn't even hear the fire cracker go off. He was stunned, but he did not pass out.

The woman ordered him over to her and she untied the hand-and-ball-bonds. She ordered Jim to pick Ed up and carry him over to the table.

He laid Ed down on his front -- his wrists and balls still tied to the one-by-three. The man handed Jim a full tube of burn ointment and told Jim to spread it all around Ed's ass hole. He then ordered Jim to screw Ed,

The woman produced a lash and began lashing Jim on the backside and legs. She told him she would continue until he entered Ed's ass hole with his cock.In his exhausted condition, Jim had great difficulty in summoning an erection. And he was now confused whether the sharp stings of the whip on his backside helped or hindered, but he finally got a semi-erection -- enough of one to support a penetration.

Ed began to regain consciousness just as Jim poked his dick through the ointment and into Ed's ass. Ed squirmed and then screamed as Jim went to his maximum penetration. -- Most of the pain was from the ointment rammed into the powder burns.

Jim continued pumping for many minutes before he felt himself heading for another climax. When it came, the eruption was just as violent as the earlier one had been.

Ed offered no resistance and laid on his stomach, still bound with the board, groaning. When Jim was completely drained, he pulled away and fell over on his back beside Ed in exhaustion. His back side and legs burned from the whip but he was too tired to roll over.

A short time later, the man lifted Ed over on his back and untied the board from Ed's wrists and balls. Ed was now fully conscious but lacking the strength to get up. The man looked to his mate and snortled,

Neither Jim nor Ed moved but inside they were both heartened and mentally sighed their relief. The man and woman dressed, then called for the guard to unlock the chamber door. They left immediately and the guard looked round the room, checking for breakage, then sauntered over to the table where the young men still lay.

He snapped the ankle cuffs back on Ed's left leg and Jim's right then ordered them up. A crack of his whip showed that he meant Now!

Ed and Jim struggled to the floor. The guard ushered them back to the barracks where they were secured to their sleeping racks. Jim fell asleep immediately. It had been an extremely long and exhausting day for him.

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