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The male on the table tried to pull his arms down but stopped when he felt the shackles around each wrist holding them in place. He was on his back with his legs bent and in the air. His upper body slanted upward on with the angle of the table and his hips were pinned to the surface by a wide strap. His ankles were secured to stirrups, hard and cold against his skin, holding his legs bent and spread wide at the knees. He wore a mask made of leather and was naked from the waist down with his shirt spread open to the waist.

The last thing he could remember in his fogged brain was being in the maintenance workroom and starting to turn at a noise he'd heard. Then WHAMMO! The lights went out.

The voices around him were discussing him and their plans when one of them noticed his movement,

He jumped as his left thigh stung when the needle entered and emptied it's contents,

It came out as a muffled garble through the mask. Suddenly he itched all over and he felt like every muscle had seized up. He laid there helpless with his teeth clenched and trembled.

Within moments his head cleared as the headache subsided and his muscles relaxed. With the headache going away, he was able to open his eyes, blinking against the light until he could see clearly.

Raising his head, he looked around the room and recognized it at the basement of one of the sorority houses. There were a number of them built similar and he'd been in all of them at one time or another the last few months when there was a problem with the electrical, plumbing or such.

There were five figures around him, all women. He'd been hijacked by a bunch of females! With the headache gone he was able to lurch against the restraints in earnest but all he got for my efforts was pain as the cold metal of the stirrups dug into his ankles.

He recognized two of the girls as part of Rho Tao, the wierdest sorority on campus. He tried to scream, "You Goddam bunch of fucking slut whore sorority bitches!!" but it came out,

The all stared down at him and one of them said,

The all laughed at the remark and it really got all over him. He jumped against the restraints again, accomplishing less than he did the first time.

Looking down toward his feet he could see them set into the stirrups and realized for the first time he was on a medical examining table. His heels were set firmly in place and leather straps pinned his ankles tightly to each one.

He was spread out so that any movement of his legs caused the steel of the sturrups bit into the bones of his ankles. Overhead, plastic tubing hung down from the rafters to a nasty looking chrome gadget.

It had two of the hoses attached. The larger connected to a long black extension which fed into the top center and a second smaller one attached directly to an outlet just off center next to the extension.

Chris was the other maintenance worker who'd been hired last. These guys often just disappeared, sometimes not even picking up their last check as they went on to wherever guys who drift go to.

This one wasn't as cute but would do. Like all drifters, he had nobody to become curious if he should just vanish. The ladies had definite plans for his unscheduled 'departure'.

One of them had put on surgical gloves and grabbed his cock. He screamed his protests through the mask but all of them just ignored the noise. A heavy coating of clear lubricant was applied until his cock was covered. Another of the girls pulled the chrome sleeve down and slipped the open end over the tip of his swollen dick. She held it steady as another girl reached out to a machine where all the hoses connected and flipped a switch.

It swallowed the head easily but stuck when it reached the thick shaft. The stud suddenly tried to arch his back as the sensations hit him. Hundreds of little 'fingers' within the sleeve worked steadly on his shaft, teasing it upward to fill the enormous sleeve.

He slammed his hips against the waist strap, screaming a mixture of agony and pleasure through the mask. Internal pressure squeezing his cock would normally have encouraged it to become flaccid, but the myriad of tiny 'fingers' forced him to remain rock solid, and it hurt!

The pain was becoming exquesite as it mixed with the most erotic stimulation he had ever felt.

Slowly and deliberately, the chrome sleeve inched its way down until the tip of his agonized cock reached the domed top where his pis slit sealed itself against the opening which exited into a slender black sleeve attched to the top.

The hum of the machinery diminished once his cock had filled the chamber.

One of them pushed his head against the table as two others quckly snapped metal connectors to the mask then to rings on the table surface.

Once it was secure, he felt something heavy placed on the table between his legs.

He felt cold steel pushed up into the crack of his ass.

The device looked like the base of a blender and its function was similiar but far more deadly.

It was bolted down once in position. The part which was pressed into his crack resembled a small hydraulic jack found on some automobiles.

There was a single center piston which had a rounded tip containing several dozen small holes. It looked like the top of old salt shakers you sometimes see in small café's.

He felt the vibrations of its coming to life and the piston moved forward slowly. When it started, clear lubricant oozed out of the myriad of small holes in the tip, thoroughly greasing anything ahead of it. When he felt the gel and the pressure against his hole, he screamed and thrashed agaist his restraints.

Very slowly the piston pressed its way into him, parting his sphincter mucscle without hesitation and continuing deep into him. When it finally stopped, he had nearly a foot of hollow piston inside of him. He had stopped thrashing when it caused the piston to move around inside him, but he continued to scream his protests.

Once the piston had seated itself, the chrome 'milker' covering the top half of his dick came to life again. He stiffened as the black sleeve on top lowered a small rod into the piss slit and canal. It extended until it reached its full legth of ten inches then six hard wire 'blades' fanned out.

When it opened, the stud jerked at the new pain. The device between his legs pressed hard against his scrotum, forcing his balls back up into him.

One of the girls nodded to another controlling the 'blender' and she turned a switch. It activated a pump in the base which bagan to force saline solution into the anal cavity.

It burned! And he reacted accordingly, struggling against the straps holding it. A moment later, the rod was activated. It shreaded tissue like a malt mixer, blending and liquifying everything within it's reach.


He slammed into the restraints, oblivious to the pain in his ankles. The saline expanded the anal cavity so it pressed the "meat" and tissue upwards into the whirling blade. One of the women started moving the sleeve back and forth so the blade travelled within him, passing it through his balls. His entire internal sexual reproductive was pureed in seconds.

He was beyond anything but the pain and didn't notice the deep red line which passed out of the chrome bell and was drawn upward until it passed the peak and ran down into the chamber within the motor housing on the floor.

Each year the blood covenant must be renewed on October 31st using a male for the source and sacrifice. The means used to obtain the blood is entirely up to the imagination of the women and the women had fertile imaginations.

The only part of their chosen victims body that wasn't firmly held were his legs which he was using freely to express the intensity of his pain. The process was continued until the blood began to show signs of bile then it was terminated quickly. The blood and 'pulp' had to be pure.

When they turned the machines off, their victim had already died. His continued violent motions had been reflexive for several minutes. When the process was stopped, the body on the table relaxed, the legs splayed wide at the knees.

It was released and carried over to the old boiler furnace where it would be allowed to "cook" until all that was left was cracked bone. The girls would remove that as soon as the furnice had cooled after they turned it off in a day or two.

The blood and pulp were poured carefully into a huge silver chalace and carried upstairs. The women went to their rooms and changed into the black attire required for the ceremony and gathered in the salon of the old house where the candles, chalace and other needed items were ready.

As the sun disappeared and darkness fell across the campus, the ladies of Rho Tao renewed their sisterhood and blood oath for another year.

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