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Jeff was pissed! He felt like lash­ing out at somebody, but the prob­lem was he was alone. Here he was on a road in the middle of no­where with his car brok­en down. He'd work­ed a lot of hours for an eigh­teen-year old to save enough money to buy the car and save for col­lege. Now he was fi­nal­ly on his way, and it breaks down! Car loaded with his stuff, said his good-byes to mom, dad and sis, and thirty miles out of town he breaks down.

And to add insult to in­jury, this first week of Sep­tem­ber the southern Texas heat wave showed no signs of let­ting up ... it had to be a hun­dred ten de­grees if it was a hun­dred ... and it was only eleven in the morning!

Jeff knew this road well since he had lived out in the coun­try his whole life. There'd be pre­cious lit­tle traf­fic going his way today, if any. Being from this area, he'd lear­ned to always carry water in the car, so he wasn't pan­ick­ing, just pissed! He had plan­ned to drive most of the day, which should have put him in Hous­ton and Bay­lor by late af­ter­noon, or early eve­ning. Now that was out the window.

Jeff was a good-looking kid, and he had already lost his t- shirt when he lifted the hood and tried to figure out what was wrong with the car. It was the water pump, so he knew he was not going anywhere soon without help from someone.

So there he stood, six foot two, with the double handful of pecs and anacondas-under-the-skin abdominals, and three foot lat spread of a boy growing up on a ranch — a boy used to hard work. He had dark black hair and, he'd been told by all the girls in school, the bluest baby-blue eyes that they had ever seen!

He had a little bit of dark hair around his nipples, a pretty good amount of it coming in thicker every week in the area between his pec's, and tons of it under his arms. And a thick, heavy zipper from his navel down into his 501's ... just above the fist sized bulge. You couldn't see it now because he was wearing jeans, but his legs had been coated in thick black bear fur since he was sixteen.

All the other guys had been jealous of him for a long time, and all the girls wanted him — a lot of the guys too, but none ever let him know ... not by anything more than furtive glances. And many of them had had him, the girls, that is — Jeff was certainly no stranger to pussy.

Jeff was thinking about Sandra, one of those girls he'd "entertained" more than a few times when suddenly he realized he heard a car. Wow, I might get lucky yet today!

If he only had the slightest inkling of what was coming, he probably would have hidden under the car or run for his life, but instead he moved out into the middle of the road and started waving his arms like he was trying to get God's attention.

As it got closer, Jeff could see it wasn't a car, but a pretty beat up old van ... with a bunch of girls in it. One of those stretched eighteen passenger Dodge vans they used to use in airport shuttles.

When they pulled up next to him, he knew immediately that they were definitely not from around here anywhere. The one closest to him in the passenger seat shouted,

From inside the van he could hear a lot of tittering and whispering ... but he couldn't make out what they were saying. They weren't from around here, not by their looks ... hair in all kinds of weird shapes and colors — pink and green and blue and lemon yellow — and weird clothes. And all of them had nose and eyebrow piercing that he could see, and all of them also had multiple earrings ... some as many as ten, the best he could tell.

Anyway, he answered the girl with a simple,

She told him,

Jeff felt real strange ... it was something about the way they were oggling him ... he'd always been proud of his body and never bashful, but suddenly in front of this vanful of at least eight girls, he felt ... well, he felt naked.

He thought for a minute, and then told them,

He also had reached over to the hood while they were talking and grabbed his T-shirt and as discreet as possible slipped it back on. Still, how discreet can you be pulling a T-shirt on with eight pairs of eyes oggling your muscles. Jeff had never felt his abdominals, his pecs flexing and filling out like balloons, not like this, not even when guys were watching him dress in the showers. Not like this.

The girls inside the van tittered like first graders then booed when he tucked the shirt tail into his jeans, making all kinds of remarks about not having to cover up!

Even with his shirt back on, Jeff was feeling even more uncomfortable, so he decided to more forcefully tell them,

They all looked up the road and back then sniggered. No car or truck in sight, not even a dust devil. And they weren't going to be dissuaded from their hunt that easily. You see, what Jeff did not know was, this was a group of girls from a rather large gang in Houston. One of those new gangs — boy-fuckers. He'd never heard of them because his little town was just too prudish to talk about such things, even in the newspaper, even on the radio. And the local TV, no way.

These girls weren't out for a joy ride, they were out in the country specifically looking for some country beef to have fun with. And by luck, they'd found a real prize bull, and there was no way in hell they were going to pass him up.

Jeff just had no inkling what he was in for.

One of the girls in back slid the side door open, jumped out, and told Jeff in a strong, determined voice,

Jeff got a little indignant and said,

She just looked at him, and then pointed behind him. When he looked back at the passenger in front he saw he'd pulled out one of those Tasers he'd seen on TV — one of those guns that shoots fifty thousand Volts into you and throws you to the ground helpless ... and you wake up hurting all over for days. They'd shown films in science class and there was no way he wanted to experience it first hand.

Now there were three girls, rather nasty looking bitches, half surrounding him now. The one who'd ordered him into the van before did it again,

Jeff was now suddenly really scared ... if it had been a six shooter or something, he'd have felt just as scared. These bitches were serious — and they wanted him alive. He could resist, but that would just wear him down. He glowered for a few seconds, then tried to put on a pleasant face,

The girls in the van tittered, except for the one with the Taser. The three outside just shifted some, holding their hands on their hips, pointing their elbows to each other. The girl who had done all the talking so far said,

From inside the van there was a raucous chorus of,

The spokesman added,

Jeff started to say something, but she just put her fingers up to his lips, and turned his head to look at the Taser aimed at him. He rather nervously started walk over to the door, his knees giving out so he staggered like an old man. Two of the girls grabbed his arms and steadied him and helped him climb into the van, into the middle of the second row seat.

They helped him sit down, and the girl who had been their spokesman got back in and slid the door shut with a determined slam. Jeff was now seated in the middle of eight girl punks, and he had no idea why. They were all tittering and were making all kinds of lewd remarks ... he never felt so out of place in his life.

The van took off with a lurch, and it didn't take them long to start their fun! One of them said,

With that, several of them started pawing at his upper torso. As fast as he could push away one hand, another one would reach in and grab. Finally, the girl in front turned around and said,

Jeff leered at her and snarled,

She just laughed and said,

They all started cheering,

He looked at the Taser again and figured he really had no choice. So he leaned forward, and pulled the shirt off over his head, leaving him naked from the waist up again. This brought not only cheers, but many of the hands started grabbing him and pinching, tweaking and pulling him.

Again, as fast as he pushed one set of hands away, another one sneaked in somewhere. They soon tired of this though, and the girl in front with the Taser said,

The girl next to him brought up a pair of handcuffs, and pushed him to lean forward. Jeff really was panicking now, but as he tried to push her away, the one in front pushed the Taser right in his chest. She said,

Jeff stopped struggling and let them push him forward on the seat, and then several of them pulled his arms behind him and locked the cuffs on. He was a big guy and full of muscle, but he was now almost powerless against his captors. They pushed him back into the seat, and then put the seat belt tight around him and locked it in place.

The girl in front with the Taser turned back towards the front and simply said,

The girl next to him took his T-shirt and threw it out the window, flying back as they were doing about sixty now. Several of the other girls started shouting,

At the same time, one of the girls sitting behind Jeff pulled his head back over the seat, and starting kissing him like he had never been kissed, shoving her tongue half way down his throat.

While he was trying to pull away from her, the one sitting next to him leaned over and started first licking, then biting his left tit. The one on his right reached down and starting unlacing his high tops on his size twelve feet. They got a real stud and they were going to have fun!

Everyone was getting in the act, and as fast as the one would stop kissing him, another would start ... and in the meantime all hands were rubbing him, pinching his tits, rubbing his arms, chest and abs ... and he was frantically trying to pull away from them but with the cuffs holding his hands behind him and the seatbelt across his waist he could not go anywhere.

A couple of them had pulled off both his shoes and socks and were throwing them out the window. He saw this and started shouting,

But before he could say anything else the one next to him slapped him hard and snarled,

With that, the two closest to him reached down and opened his belt, and started to unbutton his 501's. He again really started to struggle, but still could not do much more than kick his legs around.

Once they had the pants unbuttoned, the two of them grabbed the waist and started to pull them down. He started really struggling now, and tried to force his butt down on the seat to keep them from pulling them off but all the girls were now pulling, pinching and in one way or another grabbing him. The ones in back were pulling him up by his hair forcing him up and off the seat. The two then easily slid the pants down to his ankles, then off.

With a cheer, they threw them out the window tool

Now that they were getting a good look at him they all cheered. One said,

With all this going on, and as afraid as Jeff was, with all the grabbing and pulling and pinching, he was getting a woody. That was another part of Jeff that was big ... when fully hard he was ten inches!

The girls could not help but notice that, and started another whole string of comments ... lewd ones. Jeff thought he was going to die from embarrassment.

Then, the girl to his right brought out what could best be described as an ankle spreading bar from under the seat, and the two girls started strapping his ankles into it, and then pushed the bar to its max about four feet apart and locked it in place.

They then took the chains off each end and clipped them to the bars under the seat. Jeff was now was totally immobile with his hands cuffed behind him, the seatbelt holding him firmly on the seat and now this bar holding his legs about four feet apart and chained to the seat.

The only thing left between him being totally naked was his Hanes boxer briefs, and one of the girls took out a small knife and started to cut them away. He started to struggle some more, but she reminded him that if he moved around too much, he might cut himself. He stopped.

The last remnants of his clothes went out the window, and all of them, except the driver now started to oggle good their captive.

Jeff did not like to even think what modify it meant, but since he was going nowhere it really did not matter. One of the girls in back started the chant,

So the girl next to him reached down and started to jack him off ... really fast and really hard! Jeff had never had anyone do that before, and it was a combo of feeling good, but yet hurting because she was holding it so tight and really beating it.

Despite all that, it didn't take it long for him to shoot a load straight up in the air and then arching back and landing all over him. Like any healthy eighteen year old, there was tons of it, much to the delight of his captors.

The one on his left reached over and scooped some of it on her fingers, then tasted it. She sniggered,

Jeff just glowered at her and shook his head as hard as he could, like she was nuts. That made all the girls giggle and she put it up to his lips. He tightened his jaws and would not open his mouth, but the other girl grabbed his nuts and squeezed them, really hard.

He yelped, and as soon as he opened his mouth the other one stuck her fingers in his mouth and snarled,

He had no choice but to let his own cum dribble into his mouth, and down his throat. The lead girl in front again turned around and chortled,

The girls giggled. As embarrassed as he was and scared shitless on top of it, the thought of not jacking off for three months drew a

from Jeff, but then he thought about it and added,

This drew a round of little girl titters from all of them, and then the one in front sniggered,

Jeff again started to pull against his bonds, and screaming all kinds of curses at the girls. The lead girl sniggered,

The girl next to him pulled out a gag that had what looked like a three inch penis on it. Jeff clenched his mouth shut but she pinched his nose and waited for him to gasp. When he did, she forced it in, and the other girl strapped it tight behind him.

He was trying to scream and yell through it, but just a lot of muffled mnnnf's came out his nose. Then the girl next to him grabbed his balls very tight, and started to twist them. Jeff gasped, his eyes bulging with the pain. She glared into his eyes and snarled,

He quieted down and stopped struggling, wincing back the pain, sniffling back his tears, trying to wish himself anywhere but here. She cooed like a mother talking to a baby,

Suddenly they all started talking like he was not there, ignoring him the best they could. One said,

One of the girls grabbed one of his tits like it was a piece of leather or something like that and opined,

The rest all agreed.

Another said,

Another said,

Jeff heard the permanently remove the body hair and started to struggle and make noise again. The girl next to him grabbed his balls and this time twisted them all the way around twice until he started to really yell, snorting through the gag like an angry bull.

She reminded him,

Jeff stopped struggling and making noise the best he could ... he was still whimpering like a whipped puppy, but he was getting control of that too. The girls too started to quiet down, and the next few hours everything was pretty quiet. And despite everything he'd been through, everything he was going through, Jeff actually started to doze off.


Jeff woke up with a start as the van was turning into a garage. The alley they were turning out of looked pretty beat up, so he figured they must be in a bad part of town. He almost snorted a little laugh — of course it was a bad part of town ... where else would these bitches hole up!

The girl next to him reached down and unclipped the chains holding the spreader bar to the seat, and the other girl undid the seatbelt. They then uncuffed him from the spreader bar.

Although his hands were still in handcuffs, Jeff was thinking I can make a run for it ... and it was as though they were reading his mind because the leader came into sight again, reached over and put a dog collar on him, locked it in place with a padlock, and then told him,

They helped him get out and his legs immediately gave out from under him and he fell flat on his chest, jerking his head back just in time so he only got a little conk on the chin as his head jerked forward. The girls laughed at him and then several lifted him by his arms and legs while a fifth grabbed his hair and pulled his head up. They carried him from the van, through the garage into a small yard in back of a big old house.

They had to shift his weight back and forth as they tried to balance him while going down the steps that lead to a basement. Once down there, Jeff started to struggle like a cat getting a bath — there were at least three other guys hanging from their wrists in chains from the ceiling. He looked at them, stared at them ... they were young and strong like him. And he definitely did not like the rest of the picture. Each of the guys had no body hair, none at all ... and all of them had tattoos and piercing all over their bodies and faces.

Before Jeff could take it all in, the girls shifted his weight around again and got a good hold and continued to heft him further into the basement, down a long hall. They came to a door on and pushed it open with his feet. It was a small cell like room, and one of the girls said,

They all sniggered. They rolled him off their shoulders and dropped him onto a dirty old mattress on the floor. They sniggered and tittered at him again then got out of the room and slammed the door shut with a clank. They locked the door and were gone.

Jeff could not believe what had happened to him today. He was in denial. He was trying to wake up from this crazy dream. He whacked his head against the wall till he got a splitting headache. But he still couldn't wake up. This dream was real.

Before he could get to sleep, his thoughts were broken when the door opened and the leader from the van gang came in with two other girls. She told him,

With that she left the other two to look him over. The first thing Janet did was to loosen his gag some, pulling it back some so he could just breathe through his mouth, enough for some sound to come out, if he screamed real hard.  She said,

Both of them told him to get up so they could get a better look, but he just looked at them like they were from another planet. He had still not adjusted to his situation. He would find that Claire was not one to put up with insubordination. She was one of the most viscous women he would ever meet, and that is why she worked as a trainer for their new recruits.

She wasted no time in kicking him very hard in his balls, so hard he could not breath and he thought he was going to puke. Before he even caught his breath, she did it again. This time he did puke ... through his nose and around the edges of his mouth. Jeff thought this was the end — his nose was full of puke making it impossible to breathe. It burned like hell. He gasped hard, sucking the stomach acid into his lungs and he nearly passed out the burning was so intense.

Claire grabbed the gag and jerked it out of his mouth and he screamed.  The two had ropes round his ankles and his body jerked into the air before he knew what was happening. They were pounding on his chest and punching his belly, making him cough the puke out of his lungs. More went into his nose and burned like a fire in his brain, behind his eyes.

They punched him repeatedly in the belly and then grabbed his balls and punched some more, making him gasp all the harder, coughing, puking, emptying his belly and draining his lungs but good. They jerked his head back and let the puke drain from his nose as he gasped hard through his mouth. Some puke oozed out his mouth too.

Then all of a sudden the pain wasn't quite so bad, the burning. His head was clearing some. His whole body hurt worse than he could ever remember, but his lungs were clearing and he could breathe. The air burned like a fire too, but not the same kind of fire. Not a choking, smothering fire. More friendly, if a fire inside you can be friendly. At least he could breathe.

They uncuffed his hands and let them fall, then cuffed them again. They lolled across the dirty, puke covered mattress. Then they lowered him and strapped his ankles to a rope at one end of the cell, his wrists to a rope at the other end. Then they left him wallowing in his own puke — cold but burning, the way only acid can be.

They left him like that for a while, letting him wallow in his thoughts. Then they returned and undid the ropes and let him sit up the best he could. Claire looked at him and told,

And again she told him to stand up so they could look at him. He could still hardly breath or move but he managed to pull his legs under him and started to push himself up, into a standing position ... he did not want to get kicked again. Claire said,

Claire and Janet then proceeded to examine him all over, turning him around several times. He was dizzy and disoriented and felt icky all over. He didn't like the pawing and prodding — it made him feel like a piece of meat in the butcher shop ... but there was nothing he could do.

Claire reached out and grabbed his dick and yanked it up hard so she could look at his balls. His immediate reaction was to pull back of course, but that is actually what she wanted him to do.

He was still unsteady on his feet but that didn't matter to Claire — she kicked him very hard in the balls again, totally taking his breath away and making his knees give way and he crumpled slow-motion to the puke-slimed floor. He bent over his belly, drawing his knees up and wrapping his arms round his knees, twisting and moaning in a fetal position.

He was having a real hard time breathing, and sounded like a wounded animal. Claire had no sympathy, and said,

Jeff knew he would not be able to take another hit like that without passing out, or possibly having permanent damage done to his balls, so he desperately tried getting up to his feet again.

He wobbled and twisted into a standing position, weaving back and forth, doing his best to get some kind of balance. Claire reached out again and lifted his dick and grabbed his balls again. This it least steadied him for the nonce.

This time he fought every urge he had to move or get away ... he did his best just to let her do it, examine his balls like they were some kind of purse or something at a leather store. Under normal circumstances he would not like being grabbed like that, but now especially after the pounding his balls had taken, they were very sensitive and swollen and his stomach churned at just a touch, at just the thought of them being touched.

At the same time, Janet reached out with both hands and grabbed his tits and started really pulling and twisting them ... he was doing everything he could to stand and take it, not to give in to his knees' begging to give way and let his body crumple again to the floor. He was seeing stars from the pain but he managed to keep himself from pulling away.

Claire said,

They both started to leave the room and told Jeff,

Jeff tried to obey but he couldn't. His body wouldn't let him. His knees gave way and he slowly collapsed to the floor again and drew up into a fetal position. Claire back in a flash, kicking him in the sides, in his kidneys. For a while Jeff flopped one side to the other, trying to protect the kidney being punched. Janet was now on the other side and kicked him in the side when he flopped her way, Claire kicked him when he flopped her way. Back and forth a dozen times or more till he just lay there and took a half dozen or more kicks right into his kidney.

He was now coughing and puking, pissing and shitting — a sloppy diarrheal gush. The two women stopped their kicking, dragged him up onto his mattress and stretched him out, tying his wrists to the one rope, his ankles to the other so he was again stretched out across his puke and now piss and diarrhea covered bed.

They each knelt down, careful not to get their knees in any of the puke or shit on the floor, and kissed his cheek, ran their fingers through his sweat and puke plastered hair, and gave him a pat on the forehead. Then they stood and walked out, clanging the door closed, leaving him for who knows how long to ache and piss over himself over and over.

He couldn't sleep, at least he didn't think he was able to sleep. He just lay there, stretched, just able to twist back and forth, not stretch or move otherwise. But at least twisting took some of the ache from his stretched muscles.

After what seemed days, the women were back. They opened his mouth and stuck a turkey baster into his mouth, towards the back, and squirted something down his throat. He gulped as quick as he could and managed not to inhale any of it. They repeated the procedure a dozen, maybe more times, feeding him something he couldn't really taste — but he could smell. It was something like turkey soup, maybe beef soup, maybe broth, but it smelled like it had more in it. But there was no chunkiness, so it had to have been pureed to mush.

They left again. The food and maybe drugs brought back some of his strength. He was still achy all over, he was still very weak. His arms and legs ached from being stretched. His kidneys burned. His cock burned inside from the bloody piss.

After a short while, the women were back and untying his wrists and ankles. Jeff felt an urge to punch them both out and running. But where could he run? Besides, he knew he was too weak to resist. When they told him to stand, he struggled to his feet as quick as he could.

Then when ordered to place his hands behind his back, he did. He held his wrists together so they could handcuff him. Now he couldn't resist even if he wanted to ... not effectively. And when they ordered him to follow, he did — reluctantly — down the hall to what looked like the men's shower room at high school ... the old green tile routine.

Claire looked at him and said,

She glowered at him and added,

Janet was behind him and opened the cuffs, and he forced himself not to even think about running ... down the hall and out the basement. Still he couldn't help think about it — screw whether he was naked or not ... he had to get away from them.

And as they stepped back from him they looked the other way for a split and he bolted! Somehow his legs got the strength. His body fought back the pain, the ache, the exhaustion. Somehow he was running down the hall ... not so much running, but fast staggering, like a wounded buck.

What Jeff did not know was this was exactly what Claire wanted him to do — so she had a "legitimate" reason to beat the shit out of him!

He got about fifty feet down the hall heading back the way the had originally come in, the best he could remember and figure, but now the way was blocked by a heavy metal door ... it was all a set-up, a trap.

He staggered around and stared back down the hall at not only Claire and Janet, but about six other girls looking at him like the little creatures in Galaxy Quest ... so cute and innocent looking ... till they grinned, bearing their pointy teeth, and attacked.

Claire started moving towards him, very slowly. Jeff had never been in a fight with a woman, but there was no way he was going to let any woman do what she had done to him again. His body was moving like a barge in a harbor, like a drugged bear, but he still could move, and as long as he could, he would fight.

What Jeff did not know was behind her back she had a Tazer, and when she was about three feet away from him she swung it around and planted it right in the middle of his chest. It was even worse than he had imagined, worse than what it looked like in the AV's at school ... it felt like an elephant suddenly sat on him and crushed him to the floor ... he was powerless to move a muscle.

He crumpled to the floor again ... in slow motion ... Six Million Dollar Man slow motion. And he just lay there twitching, his feet shaking, his hands twitching like a cat's paws when it's asleep. He was awake, dazed but in some ways even more aware of things than a few minutes before. He tried to scream, to beg, to curse, but he couldn't make a sound.

Claire came up to him and knelt down and whispered into his ear,

The others came forward now and as a group they picked him up and toted him back the "shower room". He tried to move his arms, tried to push them away, but it seemed as though his arms were lifeless appendages, more like sand bags than limbs. They wouldn't respond. And they felt so numb he could barely feel the women's hands through the dull pins and needles.

The women were tittering as they schlepped him back into the room and put wrist cuffs on him again — not hand cuffs, but wrist cuffs — fleece lined but still cuffs. Before he could understand what they were doing, they had attached the cuffs to chains that were hanging from the ceiling.

Some of the others strapped on ankle cuffs which they attached to chains anchored in the floor about five feet apart so his legs were spread wide. Someone then started turning a crank, which started pulling his arms up. In a minute, he was spread eagled and stretched taut, his belly strained tighter than a snare drum head. Even if his muscles worked he would not be able to move, but he was still stunned and had no power to even twitch.

Claire looked him up and down again, studying his body. After several minutes, or what seemed like several minutes, she tilted her head back some, like a Stetson graduate, looking down her nose at him like he was something too dirty to touch. She pomped,

Jeff's head just lolled ... he still had virtually no control over his body. They left him hanging there and all left the room.

He had no idea how long they were gone, but as his muscles started responding again he started struggling ... testing the bonds to see if he could get loose. He knew it was futile, he couldn't get away even if he could get free. They would run him down, they would punish him. But still, he had to try. He had to try.

Still, they had him stretched so tight he barely could move at all. The chains holding him were not going to give no matter how hard he tensed, no matter how hard he pulled. He could break his bones trying to pull free. And what good would that be? Despite his desperate urge to do something, to get free somehow, he realized he was not going anywhere.

About the time he realized that, Claire was in the room. He hadn't seen her come in. Jeff looked at her, and without even thinking, without knowing what he was sayng, he started begging her,

He broke down and blubbered, whimpering, sucking air, spraying his words. He had never had to beg anyone for anything in his life, but he just did not want her to hurt him any more. He just didn't want her to hurt him any more.

Jeff did not know that Claire had not even started yet.

She laughed at him and said,

She went over to a counter and tore off a piece of duct tape about a foot long. Good old duct tape ... it can be used for almost anything. She went over to him, and picked up his dick and taped it up to his stomach.

Jeff just looked at her like he was some distant observer. It wasn't him, wasn't his body. He was somewhere else. He was just watching. But he could still hear it when Claire said,

Somehow the statement registered in Jeff's addled brain. He started begging, crying, whatever,

At that point Claire stood in front of him and jerked her knee up hard into his balls ... forcing his breath out again. Jeff would have puked, but he had nothing left from before, not even enough stomach juices to retch. His head just jerked back, lolling, tears streaming out his eyes, down his nose — both inside and out.

When his head jerked forward again and he made eye contact with Claire, she did it again.

He had never felt anything so intense in his life ... and he couldn't breath. His chest was locked. He was going to die. He was going to smother. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't raise his shoulders, he couldn't push his diaphragm down, he couldn't squeeze his chest. Everything was locked.

He made eye contact with her again. His eyes were desperate, pleading. He couldn't see them, but he knew what they looked like.

Then she did it again. Harder than ever. His balls crushed and ground up against the hard bony plate between balls and ass-hole. She ground his balls against the plate. Then she pulled back and rammed her fists into his belly, once, twice, five or six times, punching the air out of his lungs.

This started his breathing again and Jeff gasped hard, sucking in air so fast he sounded like a just shot buck.

He could feel his balls were swollen several times. They felt like they were as big as grapefruit. And even when she wasn't kneeing them now, just the air wafting by made them throb like his heart was inside them. They pulsed and pounded. And with each heart beat, iron fists grabbed, squeezed, twisted, then pummeled them — so hard they would splatter with the very next punch.

Claire grabbed his balls in both hands and squeezed them. The pain was so intense Jeff finally passed out.

When he came to, his balls still throbbed, but more, they now burned like there was a fire inside them. But at least he could breathe. They didn't hurt so much that he couldn't breathe normally. Still, when he tried to pull them up a little, there was such a sharp pang, such a hard punch to his balls again, it knocked the breath out of him, making him wheeze, sucking air bark in.

His balls hurt so much, they ached, they begged to be caressed, to be kissed so it would be all better. Jeff wanted so badly to reach down and touch them, lightly massage the blood back into them, massage the hurt out. But he couldn't.

He notice Claire was still there ... and Janet had joined her. Janet noticed he was awake and said,

Jeff had gone from a supremely self-confident young man this morning, a young man who had the world by the balls, to bowl of Jell-O now, to someone the world had by the balls.

He started crying, like a baby,,

Claire laughed and snorted,

She leaned over and ran her fingers through his matted hair, sniffing his breath, kissing him on the point of his nose, licking it, pressing her lips to his. Jeff didn't know what to do. His brain was totally addled. He wanted to resist, throw his head to the side and not let her kiss him. He knew he should do whatever she wanted, relax, let her kiss him, respond. He just gave in and let her kiss him, relaxed and opened his mouth a little. She smeared her lips over his, then reached down and filliped his balls.

Hot fireworks exploded in his head, in his balls. His temples throbbed. His eyes nearly exploded. His heart was being squeezed by a gauntlet,(footnote 1) his chest was being sat on by an elephant. His head nearly exploded, the pain was so intense.

He gasped and cried and Claire kissed all the harder, grabbing his head with both hands, holding it steady as she smeared her lips over his, onto his beard-stubbled cheeks and chin, gasping.

Jeff was sobbing now, whimpering like a baby. Claire rubbed her breasts against his chest, reaching down to his cock, ripping the tape off. Jeff tried to scream again, but could only gasp and whimper as his skin was pulled off his cock — at least that's what it felt like.

He could feel his cock swell and get hard. He couldn't help himself. He couldn't stop it. It throbbed to as hard an erection as he had ever had in his life. A throbbing, aching erection, begging for release.

Claire grabbed it and stroked it. She squeezed it as she slid her hand up the shaft, pulling blood and urgency into the throbbing head. She smeared her lips over Jeff's chin, down across his Adam's apple, over his chest, to one nipple then the other, sucking them like a suckling babe, reaching down to his balls and filliping them again, grabbing his bobbing cock again, holding it steady as she sucked the head into her mouth. She tongued the head, under the crown flare, into the flared piss lips. She filliped his balls again, making Jeff's head explode, making the whole world dissolve into nothing but searing, burning, white hot pain. The whole world was a lava pit of pain.

Through the pain came a gushing orgasm. The pain was all pleasure. The lava pit was a sauna. It was heaven. Then suddenly it was a lava pit again and he was twisting in the bowels of hell, in the eternally burning lake of fire, never being consumed.

He passed out again. When he came to, he was whimpering and begging — incoherently with words that were not words. He lifted his head just to see Claire and Janet watching him. When they noticed he was conscious again, they went over to the counter again. He could not see what they were doing, but his incoherent please became words,

Claire came back and had thin copper wire. Jeff figured pretty quick what she would be doing with that. He started begging again,

She laughed, and started winding it around — first the left ball about five or six times, then around the right one the same way. Janet handed her a long thin piece of wire, about six inches long. Claire looked at Janet and asked,

Janet said,

Claire grabbed Jeff's cock and used her fingernail to pry his piss slit open again. Then she inserted the wire down the inside of his piss slit.

Jeff started screaming like crazy as it felt like the inside of his dick was on fire, like it was being stung by a thousand bees, being bit by a thousand fire ants, his cock was being scraped all the way down inside. And Claire was laughing, taunting all the time,

She sniggered and gave the wire a wicked twist.

Janet handed Claire some more wires that Jeff could see went over to an old train transformer. She attached the one to the wires on his balls, and the other to the one down his dick.

Jeff knew deep inside what she was going to do so again he started begging,

Before he could finish the fourth "please", Janet threw the switch and instantly turned him into a screaming machine. He shrieked and throed, his voice started out like a screaming young teenaged boy with a cracking voice but soon his screams were so high pitched it was like a preteen girl at a Halloween haunted house, thin, piercing like a knife blade.

The women were laughing and taunting, slapping his face, spanking his cock as his body jerked back and forth as much as he could pull. Again his head was exploding, fireworks going off inside his head — blinding white, red, blue patriotic phosphorous bombs. The world was again that lava pit hell — nothing existed in the whole world but killing pain.

Then suddenly it was over. And the real world came rushing back into his world. His heart was pounding in his cock and balls, punching his balls with balled up fists. His pulse pounded his ears, his temple, his eyes, his chest. His guts were roiling, his lungs burning, his heart crushed by that gauntlet again.

Then just as the pain was subsiding and his senses were coming back to him, the blinding rush in his cock and balls threw him down that steep slalom slide back into the lava pit — a whooshing, dizzying, mind numbing, stomach churning, thoroughly disorienting whoosh more intense than any ride at Disney or Universal ... with the most intense pain unimaginable overlaying it all.

He couldn't feel his body tense and jerk at the restraints. He couldn't feel his back thrust forward, his belly tense, his chest swell, his lats flare, his pecs striate. He couldn't feel anything but the caldron of pain he was immersed in. But he could feel his muscles' tears when Claire turned off the power and his senses began lapping over him again like warm water at the beach.

But soon as he was nearly sensate again, Claire threw the switch again. And it all repeated, maybe even worse. This went on for what seemed like days until Jeff passed out again — hard, his body not responding at all to the electric shocks.

When he came too again, Jeff ached all over, a thousand times more than that time he had been sandbagged and piled on by the whole Rustlers' team. That time his collar bone was broken, this time probably nothing was broken, but still it hurt so much more his mind almost couldn't exist in his body.

Suddenly, over it all, his balls started throbbing, throbbing and burning ... on fire from within, being lapped by the flames on the outside, all the while being squeezed and punched by a pair of gauntlets with each heart beat.

Claire was examining his body again. Soon as she noticed he was conscious, she grabbed his balls and squeezed them — lightly, but it felt like she was crushing them in a vise. Jeff's whole body tensed and twisted and she sniggered,

Jeff didn't realize it, but he was softly whispering,

She lightly slapped his face then grabbed his hair and pulled his face toward her as she leaned forward to it. She pressed her lips hard to his and rubbed them over his lips, his heavily stubbled cheeks and chin, then pushed his head back again, not hard but hard enough to conk the wall behind. She slapped his face again, then snarled,

She grabbed his cock and stroked the head lightly till it started swelling,

She sniggered then gave his puffing-up cock a slap and dropped it, grabbing his nipples and twisting them like radio dials,

Jeff just nodded his head ... he had lost his voice from screaming, anything he would try to say would just be huffy almost words.

Both Claire and Janet left the room again, most unceremoniously, leaving him hanging there stretched-eagled, his body and brain in what would have been the most unimaginable pain just hours ago. Now it was a relief.

But there is no rest for the wicked. A few minutes later a group of four different girls he had not seen before came in. They started circling him like sharks in a seaquarium, making comments about him that would have normally made him blush but since he was in such pain they just rolled off him like the insignificant chatter it was.

But then they started talking about modifying him again, and that made him perk up.

She told the others what he said and again the girls laughed, some tittering like little school girls, others guffawing like drunk truckers.

One of them said,

Jeff was immediately thinking, Fine, shave it. It'll grow back. And again it was almost like they were reading his mind. The one girl said,

The girls were sniggering as Jeff involuntarily hung onto each "then", his head straining forward like he could pull the words out if he was just closer.

The girls sniggered and the talker added,

Jeff couldn't believe what he heard ... but he had to ... he made himself. He started with them again,

They laughed and tittered, and one of them chortled,

They laughed and sniggered all the harder and one of them reached out and slapped him on the balls, still wound tight with the wires Claire and Janet used to shock him into submission. The jolt sent Jeff into a fit of hoarse screaming and jerking and twisting. He thought he felt one of the chains pull a little from the wall and he tried yanking harder, but it was only his wishful thinking.

The girls laughed and sniggered and said tacky things he couldn't understand till his senses started coming back again and his body calmed down, if not his heart and soul. After he had been still several minutes, one of them started removing the wires.

Then, one of the other girls took a hose and started spraying him with water, then they each started putting shaving cream wherever he had hair on his body — arms, under arms, chest and abs, his crotch and ass, and then all down his legs, inside his thighs. He was begging them,

But his voice was so hoarse and soft he couldn't even hear his pleas himself. He finally realized, the more he begged about anything the more they seemed to enjoy doing it. He tried squirming as much as possible, but one of them reminded him,

They sniggered and kept shaving as Jeff did the best he could to be absolutely still, not even twitching.

It only took them about ten minutes or so to have him looking like a little boy again ... without a hair on him ... not a hair except on his head — his eyebrows, eyelashes, hair on the top of his head.

The girls then took the hose and rinsed him off again. They stood back and agreed with each other,

Then they started applying hair removal cream from his arms on down. It took about a minute and Jeff realized it was starting to burn, especially around his balls and ass. At first the burn was hard to feel because of all the other aches and pains and things, but soon the burning was strong enough to crowd out the minor pains. Soon it was as hot as fire ... not like the burning lava pit he had endured, another kind of heat. Not as bad, but bad enough. And he was fully sensate — and that made it worse — he could feel it all.

He was trying to lose himself in a trance, trying to hypnotize himself, but he couldn't quite. He heard the girls smugly agree with each other,

He sniffled back tears and heard one of them continue,

She sniggered and then they all left the room laughing ... but not before they rolled a mirror over in front of him so he could see himself. He couldn't believe it ... he had not looked like this since he was about eleven years old ... with no hair at all. The only difference was his cock and balls were a hell of a lot bigger than they were then, and especially now with his balls swollen like they were, they looked huge.

Jeff started sobbing again ... as much from the burning sensation all over him as from the actual removal of the hair. And maybe more from the whole situation — a situation now as hopeless as a man's sitting in the electric chair waiting for the switch to be pulled.

It seemed like much longer than an hour, but finally Claire and Janet came back. Claire said she liked to do this next step herself because,

They all sniggered.

First though, Janet took the hose again and washed off all the hair remover and with it, any trace of body hair that might have been left from the shaving process. Claire then took a big jar with this white looking gunk in it, and she pulled on some thick rubber dishwashing gloves. She showed them to Jeff then told him,

The girls all sniggered and tittered again.

Again, he started with the "please, please, please ... why are you doing this to me?" routine. He hadn't learned. Claire ignored him totally as they all did. Maybe not ignored him, just didn't heed his pleas — they did laugh at him all the more. To them, he was simply a thing to make noise and to torment, not much more. Anyway, Claire told him,

Again more sniggers and out right guffaws.

Jeff was frightened, but more numb than anything ... his mind. His body was beyond hurt. It was like he had always been in more pain that anyone in the outside would could possibly imagine. His mind snapped and he started cursing them both. Of course, Claire just raised her knee and crushed his balls again, looking at Janet and sniggering,

Janet turned around then came back with another gag, this time a ball gag. She shoved it in his mouth and then strapped it tight behind him. Claire said,

She was making fun of him, of course — he was so hoarse all that could possibly come out would be huffs. Jeff tried to struggle again, but he was stretched so taut and his muscles were so exhausted, all he could do was wiggle.

Claire now started smearing the goop on his arms, and the instant she swabbed the stuff on, Jeff felt like someone was running a blowtorch over his arms. He tried yelling through the gag, but all that came out was soft, voiceless snorts. Claire looked at Janet and sniggered,

Jeff's body was jerking as much as it could, more than he could do if he was trying to force himself, trying to move himself. His body had a mind of its own, trying to get away from the searing goop, but to no use, the straps and chains were holding him tight.

Claire continued smearing the stuff onto his underarms, his chest, down his abs. The whole time Jeff's head was throeing back and forth; he was banging it against the wall, trying to knock himself out, trying maybe to kill himself, split his head open so his brains splattered all over the place. That would serve them right! he thought.

The cream was fire wherever it touched. When she started rubbing it onto his crotch, his cock and balls, Jeff thought he was going to die from the pain. He prayed to die. Shortly after that, he passed out.

Claire continued until he was covered, and then she told Janet they could wash it off in about an hour,

When Jeff came to again, someone had rinsed him off with the hose again, but whatever that stuff was had left his skin a bright and painful lobster red, burning nearly as much washed off as it had burned when it was being applied.

Jeff cried again, tears streaming down his cheeks, inside his nose when he looked in the mirror again, seeing himself like this. After a short while, he cried himself to sleep.


Jeff totally lost track of any time. When he was awakened again by another group of girls coming into the room, he had no idea how long he had been there. He was so disoriented, he had to think a minute to even remember where he was, what had happened to him, what was going on.

The new girls told him,

One of them snittered,,

She leaned over and licked his earlobe, then whispered,

She then stood back and said,

The girls all sniggered and Jeff winced. There was nothing he could do. He was so ashamed, so mortified. That on top of everything else. He was nothing ... not straight, not gay, just a slave. They could and would do anything they wanted to him, to his body. He no longer owned it.

One of the girls came forward with an ear-piercing gun and put a hole in the bottom part of his right ear lobe. He jumped, not so much from the pain — it was nothing compared to what he'd been through, not even a mosquito bite — but just because his body was so wired, so tense, despite being so exhausted.

Another girl came forward and put in a long dangle earring. They all stood back and commented on how great it looked.

One of the girls said,

She started playing with his left nipple making it stand up hard and pointy. Jeff just wished he could die. He couldn't understand his body responding the way it was. He was so beyond everything, how could his body respond!

One of the other girls came forward with a fine wire and started wrapping it around his nipple three or four times, really making the nub stand out. She then took a needle, and without any warning to Jeff just shoved it through the nipple.

The piercing for the earring may not have hurt, but this needle made his body come alive even more and start struggling to pull away — it really hurt. He started making as much noise as he could through the gag, but still all that came out was voiceless snorts and huffs, and the girls just laughed at him.

The girl doing the nipple piercing then brought over a ring, ran it through the opening, and then used some kind of tool to close it into a circle.

So again the gun came out and they made another hole above the one he just gotten. Again he jumped, but compared to everything else they had done to him it was little more than an irritant.

So they put in another hole. And again. And then put in the hoops. They pinched them closed with a special tool.

So they proceeded to make two holes with a long needle in his right brow, towards the outside of his face. That really hurt, but he was far beyond struggling anymore.

In rapid succession, they did another nipple piercing, on the same nipple but with a long bar type from the top to bottom so it was actually behind the ring they already put in. Then another girl put three rings into his navel.

They all stepped back and admired what they had done.

Another one said,

And in a series of quick moves, they ringed and guiched him.

As sensitive as his balls were, he couldn't feel anything but throbbing pain, like they were crushing his balls — he couldn't feel any of the finer movements. He tried to scream again, but again nothing came out but huffs and snorts.

One of the girls said,

She approached him with a long curved needle and held it up to his face, making sure he looked at it. She then laughed and snortled,

The girls all laughed and tittered again.

Taking his dick in her hand, she used her fingers to part his piss slit wide open. Then she slowly started to push it in and then down. She kept pushing until it came out the bottom of Jeff's beautiful flange shaped cock-head.

Again, of course, he tried to scream, but this time, mercifully, he passed out.

When they got the bleeding to stop, she put through the round hoop and then used the tool to permanently close it. They broke an ampule of smelling salts under his nose to bring him around, and he immediately tensed and jerked, his body screaming from the intense pain all over his body.

Jeff looked down and again, it wasn't him, it wasn't his body. It was just a video he was watching, a perverse one like he'd heard about. But he couldn't make himself really believe it was all a dream, and he started crying again, tears running inside and outside his nose. He sniffled back the tears.

The girl who'd given him the Prince Albert looked him up and down then laughed and said,

There were sniggers all around. The girl added,

The sniggers turned to guffaws.

All this time, the girls had made sure the big mirror stayed in front of him so he could look at himself, especially all these new modifications they'd made. At this point, when Jeff looked in the mirror, he realized how pitiful he looked now, and wondered if he ever did get out of this place, what would people think. He had always been so proud of his body and now he felt he would never be able to be seen in public.

Jeff was brought back to reality as two of the girls started using a magic marker and started drawing square boxes on his skin. One big one around his navel, one around his right nipple, one on his back, several on his legs and finally one small one on the tip of his dick. They explained to him,

They all tittered again then said good night and left the room chittering like a tribe of monkeys, and Jeff finally dozed into a deep sleep still hanging from the chains.


As much as he had gone through, he was still blissfully ignorant of what the girls had in store for him ... the forced sex whenever they wanted ... having to perform in orgies ... being raped up the ass and in the mouth with dildos and other slaves' cocks, at all times under the threat of having his balls cut off if he did not perform, if he did not behave ... and if he still did not behave, they would take his dick too.

In a short span of time, Jeff truly became a total slave, subject to their every whim, and very soon lost all will to fight them in the hope they just would not hurt him anymore. Sure, like that would happen!

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1. Gauntlet = a medieval glove, usually of leather, covered with metal plates and worn by knights in armor to protect the hands in combat. Often the knuckles were studded with pointed, pyramidical spikes. Also the palms could be covered with sliding plates of iron or not, depending on the gripping requirements and preferences of the wearer. Armor was almost always custom made for the wearer and cost the equivalent in today's world of an expensive luxury/performance car or even a luxury beach front cottage.
XxxxThrowing down the gauntlet means to challenge, from the custom of taking the glove off and throwing it down as a challenge, or using it to slap the face of the closed helmet, similar to taking off a leather glove and slapping the face of the man you want to challenge.
XxxxRunning the gauntlet is from an entirely different word. It is a variant form of gantlet (no "u"), a double row. That was a military punishment in which a man, stripped naked or at least stripped of anything but thin underclothes, is forced to run (or walk) between two rows of his fellow soldiers who hit him with fists, clubs, whips, flails, or whatever, depending on how much damage he is to receive. Running the gantlet was a serious sentence in which serious injury was almost always inflicted, often crippling, sometimes fatal, especially if the offense was serious and the gantlet was armed with lethal weapons.

... John

2. Guiche = a small ring placed in the area between the balls and anal area. They look especially good when the person wearing it is on all fours.
... the author

3. Hafada rings = larger rings placed on both sides of the ball sack.

... the author