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II ... the Amazons' city

If captured Amazons were cruelly raped by their male cap­tors, male pri­son­ers of the Ama­zons fared even worse. The Ama­zon's had devised games of their own to amuse themselves.

The males were first stripped of all of their clothes and herded into the arena where they locked in dun­geons below ground until they were needed. The arena was filled with spectators waiting anxiously for the games to begin.

Some of the women had brought smooth wood­en ba­tons cov­er­ed with gold they would use to satisfy them­sel­ves as they watched action in the arena. There were poorer women who brought zuc­chini's to shove in their vagina's since they were not able to afford the gold covered dildos.

The first event began when four men were led naked from the dun­geon. They were tied spread eagle on four large pieces of wood so that their feet were off of the ground and they hung suspended on the wood with their hands and feet spread wide. At the other end of the arena appeared four Amazons dressed in full battle armor each holding a bow with a quiver of arrows over her shoulder. The women arranged themselves each in front of one of the men.

One of the Amazon generals walked into the middle of the arena,

A cheer went up from the stands and the archers got into position.

The first archer prepared to fire. She looked closely at the male as she drew back her arrow. He was very large and thick. with large well defined muscles. She could clearly see the muscles that made up his abdomen as he struggled. His penis was fully exposed between his legs and had began to swell just a little as the wind blew across the arena and teased it. This would be her target since a score here would make her very popular with the crowd.

She let her arrow fly. It sang through the air and pierced the man's penis midway along its shaft, pinning it to the wood behind him.

A deep howl of pain came from the man.

But his screams were drowned out by the cheers of the crowd as the archer raised her bow in triumph.

The next woman drew her bow and took aim at the belly of the next man just above his penis. Her arrow went high and struck him in his chest. He screamed and struggled wildly against the board to which he was tied. But shortly his head drooped forward, he was dead. Immediately howls of derision came from the crowd and the second archer was pelted with fruit and vegetables thrown from the stands until she was driven out of the arena.

The tournament continued with each archer shooting at her target in turn. They placed their arrows well hitting the men in the arms, legs, and upper chest just below the shoulder. The woman who had hit her male's penis with the first shot scored well with her second that went through the middle of his right foot into the wood. Her next shot impaled his left foot, going through the middle of the foot and into the wood.

The males' screams of pain were mixed with cheers from the crowd. Blood poured from the wounds that the arrows had made. It flowed over their naked bodies and onto the dirt of the arena. One by one the males died either from loss of blood or a misplaced arrow that strayed from the mark.. One of the women who tired of hearing the screams of the men, sent her arrow into the throat of her male target. He strained and pulled against his bindings as the crowd cheered, his chest heaving with exertion. But then his body relaxed and he was still, she had been eliminated. Filled with anger she quickly fired another arrow that struck his penis and pinned it to the wood. Shouts came from the crowd, but it was too late, he was already dead.

The third contestant was eliminated when her arrow rose too high and struck the male in his chest. He thrashed about violently and to the amazement of all his penis became erect and stood out straight and hard from his body. All of the women pointed and laughed at the sight of the dead male with the erection.

The first archer became the winner with ten arrows in her target and the male still barely alive. She approached him and taking her dagger from its scabbard, she pulled the arrow which had gone through his penis from the wood and using it to pull his penis up, she castrated him with her knife. She then held the severed penis, still on the arrow, high in the air to the wild screams from the audience.

Blood now pouring freely from his new wound, the male's head fell onto his chest as the Amazon pulled the other arrows out of his body. Each time she placed one hand on his warm flesh as she pulled the arrow out with the other.

Her competitor, although she had lost the gold, she was not to be outdone. She walked up to her male, whose penis was still in full erection although he was dead, and began to suck on his cock taking it deeply in her mouth.

The crowd roared with approval.

All around her laughed and shook their heads.

The Amazon in the arena then stood on tip-toes and rubbed her vagina with his hard penis.

All around laughed.

To finish the show she grabbed his penis in her hand and slid it up and down his shaft as if she wanted to make him cum. Then she removed her knife from her belt and with one slice cut off his cock and held it above her head. The crowd went wild throwing flowers and money to the two women.

Some women came into the arena and cut the bodies of the men free and dragged them by the feet out of the arena. The crowd hurled crude knives, spears and rocks at the bodies of the men as they were dragged away. One woman jumped from her seat and standing astride one of the bodies, she urinated on his chest.

The next event featured pairs of males fighting in the arena with knives while being whipped by some of the women. The men were naked and the women had not only whips but swords to protect themselves from the males. The males fought desperately against each other as the whips came down on their bare skin. The women raked every inch of the men's bodies especially their asses and cocks when they could reach them.

One woman managed to reach a male's scrotum with the whip, his back arched as he cried out in pain. By reflex, his opponent took advantage of this moment to drive his knife into the man's belly just below his ribs. The pain in his groin now became secondary as the male bent forward and clutched the wound made by the knife. Groaning in pain, he stumbled forward and fell to the ground.

The victor was pushed to fight against another male who had won his contest while women with spears roamed around the arena stabbing the losers who were still alive and dragging them by their feet to the side. One of these women became filled with lust as she plunged her spear into the chests and bellies of the defeated males. When she came upon one of them who was especially well built with muscular arms, a large, full chest and a flat stomach that revealed every muscle, she pulled him to the side of the arena and began massaging his penis. Although the man groaned and held his chest where he had been wounded, his penis became hard. The woman then straddled him and removing her clothes, she forced his penis into her cunt. She rode him and felt his body with her hands, grabbing his shoulders and arms with her fingers.

He was weakened by his wound and unable to resist, but his penis remained hard within her as she rocked back and forth on his naked body. Soon her juices flowed out onto his legs and the ground as she let out a scream of satisfaction. She collapsed on top of him in ecstasy hearing him groan as her weight came down on his chest.

After laying on top of him for a few moments to regain her strength, she pulled his cock out of her and stood over him. Taking her spear she plunged it into his chest, killing him. Then she walked back to the middle of the arena to get more of the wounded.

When the contest ended there were four of the males left standing. They were taken to an overhang at the end of the arena. In the stone above their heads were metal rings. The women tied the hands of the males and putting the ropes through the rings, they pulled the males into the air.

The males hung naked in the air by their hands. Their naked bodies swinging in the breeze that came across the arena. A guard of Amazons appeared in the arena. They raised their bows and began shooting their arrows at the men. As they were hit the men jerked wildly in the air; their bodies swinging on the ropes turning completely around. The arrows shot by the women thus hit them in all parts of their bodies. Some of the men were struck in the chest, some in the back. Others were hit in the ass which drew loud cheers from the spectators. An arrow from one of the women struck a male in his anus and came out through his belly.

All of the men were hit by arrows many times, and each suffered arrows shot into his groin. It did not take long before all four were dead. Each of the men had ten or more arrows in his body. All swung slowly from the ropes with their heads on their chests.

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