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Goodwin Prescott

the Bestest Christmas Ever

Jake gazed down into Toby's dark eyes and shuddered with pleasure. He was about to culminate a long, persistent campaign to bring a dream to reality. Since the day they met, he had wanted to fuck his best friend. Getting into Toby, pressing his big cock all the way up into the other boy's warm, clutching, spasm-wracked gut, had been a wet fantasy for as long as he could remember.

Toby, like Jake, was gay enough and they had been jerking each other off for years and had even taken to exchanging head. But until this afternoon, Toby had resisted all efforts by Jake to butt-fuck him. Finally, at long last, he had agreed and now seemed quite eager for the act to be performed. It made Jake wonder if the bastard might have been intentionally teasing him all this time by dragging out the seduction just to hear Jake actually plead.

Whatever, he thought, it's been worth the wait and effort, pleading or not. Fuck pride anyway.

They were in the barn, back behind a huge screening wall of baled hay. Toby was nude, save of course for his cowboy hat cocked back rakishly over the crown of his head. He was on his back on a bale, his muscular jock legs drawn up and wide-spread, frog-like, to fully expose his tightly puckered hole. He was positioned so that his butt jutted slightly over the lip of the bale, perfectly aligned in height for Jake's hips.

Toby was sporting a broad grin on his sensual mouth and a raging boner between his splayed thighs. He was impishly cute with his deep dimples and slightly pokey ears and his nude form was utterly gorgeous. The first time Jake had seen him naked in the shower room at school, years ago, he had almost panicked as he started getting a hard-on and had to flee before anyone spotted it. That was when the wet dreams began. He had actively cultivated the friendship and soon enough got his hands between Toby's legs. He had loved it the first time he got to taste the big cock and felt Toby's sucking mouth devouring his own rod, but in this barn on his father's ranch...he would really get what he had so desired for so long.

He was naked himself, though he too was still wearing the trademark stetson that was the symbol of manliness in this remote ranchland stretch of eastern New Mexico. Both boys were eighteen, Jake having just turned a couple of months before.

Jake shook his head in slight frustration.

Toby laughed,

Shit, Jake almost moaned in his lusting heat, This is even better than I'd fantasized!

He guided his flared cockhead to the puckered orifice lurking just at the base of Toby's granitic cockroot back behind his massive balls. It resisted briefly when he pressed forward but then suddenly the sphincter surrendered, dilated and allowed the invasion. He heard Toby's surprised gasp of pain. The hard, athletic body below him tensed, the muscles contracting beautifully. A slight grimace shaded Toby's handsome face as his smirking grin evaporated.

As he slowly pressed the length of his huge, horse cock up inside his buddy, Jake could feel Toby begin to relax and actively flex his gut muscles around the organ lodged up inside his belly. The grip was like a steely fist clothed in thick velvet stroking the length of his manshaft and it was about the nicest sensation he'd ever experienced. He almost swooned with the pleasure.

Jake needed no further encouragement. He rutted into Toby with beastial fury. As the explosive orgasm finally ripped through him, he felt Toby enter the first deep spasms of his own ejaculation, his steely cock and churning balls compressed tightly against Jake's hard belly. After they were both fully spent, he lay over his buddy-lover with his chest heaving as he gasped for air, Toby's labored breathing and throbbing heart echoing up into his chest where they touched. Toby locked his splayed legs around Jake's back and they just poised there, utterly consummated.

After a bit, they relocated to a soft hay pile and just lay together basking in the afterglow of their mating. They softly whispered, comparing notes on the sensations they had felt, giggling like a pair of silly schoolgirls. Eventually, reluctantly. they both pulled on their worn levis and boots. He knew Toby had chores to do over at his own dad's place while he needed to get about feeding the horses here and mucking out their stalls before he got his butt in trouble. They kissed at length and then Toby slipped out the back door of the barn and headed home.

Jake was just about to step out into the main part of the barn when one of the horses suddenly neighed and pranced in its stall.

Butch is coming. Jake thought. His horse, Vampire, always acts like that when he's around. Damned horse loves him like a fuckin' puppy.

Butch was Jake's older cousin, a buff, handsome golden-haired twenty-two year old who was pretty much Jake's idol. He lived with them and worked as a valued hand on the ranch and Jake viewed him as an older brother. But for some reason today he wasn't anxious to confront Butch. He shied back into the cover of the wall of hay separating him from the rest of the massive barn. He felt silly about it, but supposed it was just some little guilty twinge about what he had just done with Toby and how Butch might react if he sensed it.

When Butch entered the barn, Jake was startled to see that he was not alone. He had a tall, slim, handsome guy with him. The younger male, probably nineteen or twenty, was not there voluntarily as his hands were tightly bound behind his back. He looked like he was part-Hispanic from his dark, silky hair and fawn-brown skin, though there was only a trace of accent in his pleading voice.

Butch looked at his captive with contempt and shoved him further along into the barn,

Oh shit, Jake thought. I can't believe how lucky this is!

Jake was well aware that rustlers caught on his dad's ranch just disappeared. He was pretty sure that they were taken out and executed, but it had been kept as a secret from him, shielding him from "traumatic" experiences as he grew up, he supposed. But now he'd find out what really was done with these prisoners, something he'd been dying to know for years! He secretly approved of the suspected policy of vigilante justice.

And before his thrilling eyes, he watched as Butch strung up a noose from an overhead beam and positioned it over a short barrel.

Oh fuck yes!!! Jake exulted inwardly, instantly getting hard as a rock between his thighs again. He's gonna hang the fucker's ass! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

If there was any fantasy that had longer haunted Jake's nights than that of screwing Toby, it was the delicious dream of hanging another guy. He had been fascinated by that mode of killing for as long as he could recall. He'd read every western novel he could find that had a hanging scene in it and had secretly spent hours and hours in the barn making nooses and playing with them. He relished the images of having another guy's neck within one of his creations...watching as he dangled and danced on the rope, gradually strangling while Jake slowly jerked off, getting off on the exercise of absolute, ultimate power.

He was also stunned at the deja vu when Butch stripped all of the clothing from the captive and then stripped his own superb body. He was already jutting up hard as a rock! In his fantasy, Jake and his prisoner were always naked too and hotly aroused by the erotic overtones of the pending execution. And here was Butch virtually acting out the very scene before his staring, disbelieving eyes!
There was the added bonus here of finally seeing Butch with that big rod of his in full, glorious erection. He'd seen Butch naked often enough but never erect. Man was he big!

Almost without realizing he was doing it, his eyes glued to the unfolding spectacle out in the barn, Jake popped open his levis and drew out his screaming erection before it ripped its own way through the confining denim to freedom. He began to slowly caress and stroke the steely, dripping organ as he watched Butch proceed.

The naked, condemned hunk was made to mount the barrel and Butch snugged the noose around his thick young neck. Then, in no seeming hurry to kill, he began to fondle the captive's cock and play with his balls and, de­spite the guy's obvious terror, he was shortly induced to a full, throb­bing hard-on of his own.

After a bit, Butch edged his way behind the buff stud with both hands around him, his hands still working the crotch.

Suddenly, with a prac­ticed skill that told Jake this was not a new exer­cise, Butch seized the genitals in a choking grip with his fists and drove upwards. He was a strong bull of a guy and had little trouble ac­tu­ally lifting the pris­on­er up off his feet.

He was hefting him up by his sex organs, the full weight of the suspended body communicated into the delicate sex flesh!

The young rustler's scream echoed all over within the barn and every muscle contracted in agonized, rippling cords beneath the silky skin.

Jake could only magine how terrible the pain must be. It was about the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

Not even in his fantasy had he envisioned such a perfect thing to do to another guy. Watching Butch's own straining, flexing muscles as he held the other man up in the air, Jake could only imagine the heady sense of utter power that his cousin must be experiencing.

And that, Jake sighed inwardly, is what it's really all about.

After a bit, Butch dropped his load, kicking the barrel away. Now the prisoner dangled by the rope, but the short drop was not enough to break his neck. He was to be slowly strangled, just as in Jake's fantasy.

The boy's feet were not restrained and he was dancing and kicking as he made his gurgling, choking noises, bobbing around on the end of his noose like a yoyo that's reached the end of its string but can't get back up. Butch produced a hunting knife and Jake tensed with excitement thinking for a moment he was going to witness a castration. That too would have been part of Jake's fantasy. But instead Butch just cut the rope binding the guy's wrists. Jake felt just a slight twinge of disappointment before his mounting lust washed it quickly away.

Freeing the hands was a clever move. Now the dude could grab at the choking rope and pull himself up to ease the strangulation. All that did, of course, was drag out the inevitable, but that was precisely what Butch intended. Jake noted with no surprise that the hanging rustler's cock was not only still erect, but jutting out in corded splendor, jerking with little pre-orgasmic spasms. He knew from the voluminous reading he had done on the subject of hanging that a huge percentage of guys get off sexually from strangulation.

He was a magnificent sight as he writhed around in the air for a seeming eternity, one arm clutching desperately at the overhead rope while he rested the other, his manpole betraying the erotic effect he was experiencing as he faced his own death.

In the midst of this dancing struggle against the noose, the guy suddenly spewed forth his accumulated gism in a powerful orgasm, a thick drool of glistening cum hanging from the lips of his rod afterwards like an icicle on a cold morning.

That triggered Butch who spewed forth his own copious load of cum and Jake popped right there with them, still unseen behind the edge of the hay wall.

He wrapped his arms around the hanging boy's body and lifted his booted feet from the floor. His added weight put way too much strain on the neck and Jake heard the crack as it snapped.

As Jake turned to retreat into his hiding place, he knocked over a pitchfork that made just enough racket that, in a flash, he found himself confronted by a startled-looking Butch. Though the boy was trying to tuck his spent, still enlarged, cock away, Butch spotted it and clearly realized what had been going on. Suddenly Butch relaxed and started laughing.

They decided to keep Jake's predilections secret for a while. Butch was fearful that the old man would be pissed at him for accidently exposing Jake to a killing without his permission. He did promise, though, to let him help out in any future executions.

He then dumped the newly-killed body down the yawning mouth of the well and poured lime powder after it,

Butch shrugged,

And Jake, delighted to be able to freely talk about his urges, confessed to his long-time fantasy about hanging. Jake shook his head in wonder.

And that night, Jake bedded with his cousin and began what was to be a regular sexual relationship. Butch was dominant and Jake learned what Toby had felt as he was relieved of the last vestige of his own virginity. But Toby had been right. After the initial searing pain of entry, there was a truly wonderful sensation as the intercourse continued and he found he really did like being butt-screwed, especially by his hunk cousin.

And then came Christmas.

Jake was an only child, his mother having died while he still an infant and his father, who doted on the boy, had never remarried. Butch was the only other family member living on the ranch. Thus life on the sprawling spread was an intensely masculine thing, but Christmas was still a big affair. On Christmas eve, all the hands were feted to a big feast and party and presented gifts and bonuses by the boss while exchanging their own gifts, many hand-made. There was quite a bit of talent among the men in skills such as wood carving, leatherwork, and even drawing. The ranch cooking staff were talented too and outdid themselves on these special occasions, so everyone went away sated and had the next day to themselves.

Christmas morn was reserved as a special private time with Jake, his dad and Butch. They rose to enjoy a special big breakfast and then exchanged their own gifts. On this particular Christmas, Butch and the old man insisted on receiving their gifts first, leaving Jake's awards for last. That was unusual and puzzled the teen but also excited and intrigued him. He had a hunch they had something special for him this year and was curious as to what it could be.

Butch gave Jake his gifts first when the time came. There were two from the cousin, the first a handsome new bowie knife in a hand-made silver-inlaid scabbard and belt. Jake was a knife collector and was delighted. The second gift puzzled him a bit. It was a coil of new hemp rope perhaps thirty feet in length.

There in the den, stand­ing sullenly before the Christ­mas tree, stood about the hand­som­est young stud Jake had ever seen. He was bronze-blond with short-cropped, unruly hair and a smooth, silky body that was perfectly pro­por­tioned, solidly muscled and sexy as hell.

He was naked as the day he was born except for big red ribbons tied in bows around his neck and his genital package. His wrists were bound tight­ly behind his back and his ankles were hobbled.

His incredible cock had been forced into steely erection by a candy cane that had been inserted into his piss tube and stuffed most of the way down the shaft of the organ. A needle had been pierc­ed through the super-buff hunk's right nipple and from it dangled a brightly decorated gift tag...


As a final touch, a sprig of mustletoe and holly dangled from the ceiling directly above the boy's head.

And upon closer inspection of this remarkable "present," Jake determined the other guy really qualified as still being just a boy, no older than perhaps eighteen or nineteen, but as fine a manly figure as any such youth could be, unusually large and virile for his age.

He reminded Jake of someone and with a start he realized the hunk was a vague look-alike for Jake's favorite actor, Ben Affleck, especially with that pouty expression on his long, handsome face.

He laughed and put his arms around his son.

Jake could hardly restrain his zest. He stared at the bound, naked rustler hunk as if mesmerized. He thought his suddenly roused cock would shred the pouch of his levis it was so screaming hard and pulsing in violent contractions. At last his cherished dream would come to reality...and to have the victim be such an incredibly perfect stud was beyond his wildest hopes. It helped, as well, that any natural sympathy he might have felt towards the kid was wiped out by his outraged anger at the attempt to murder his cousin.

He was filled with a sudden burst of love and gratitude for both his dad and Butch and gave each of them such violent, prolonged bear hugs that they wound up gasping for breath.

The father beamed,

They laughed as Jake held up the new bowie knife.

As soon as they left, Jake got on the phone to Toby.

He returned to his "gift" and ran admiring hands over the hard, willowy body. The guy was deliciously warm to the touch, his corded muscles solid and springy. He removed the decorative ribbons from the throat and crotch and lovingly admired the thick, strong neck. The guy would be hard to kill which pleased Jake. He would last a long time strangling on his rope.

He suddenly jerked the needle from Richard's skewered right nipple. Caught off guard the rustler cringed and gasped in pain. It hurts as much or more, probably more, when a steel skewer is removed from a piercing as when the insertion is made. Jake disposed of the the gift tag string, then slowly forced the needle back through the sore tit at a different angle, taking his time and drawing out the torment as the guy flexed and grimaced. He found a second needle in a drawer and slow-pierced the left tit as well.

He forced the big goose-egg seeders into the bottom of Richard's scrotum and tightly bound them above with a thin leather cord, drawing the loose end out behind him between his legs to use as a form of leash.

He gave Richard's bound balls a brutal jerk with the leash, watching him cringe in pain. He slapped the reddening, swelling gonads about for a while, producing nice squeals and choking gasps of agony. After a bit, he stripped himself naked and buckled the new bowie knife around his hips. Carrying the new rope in one hand and tugging on his jockish prisoner's ball leash with the other he started on the trip out to the barn.

It wasn't long before Toby showed up. He came up short as he entered the barn and saw the captive. He whistled through his teeth.

Toby nodded, satisfied. There was zero tolerance and sympathy for rustlers in the tight ranching society that dominated the area. You could kill someone and be less abominated. He and Jake had also pillow-talked about their mutual killing fantasies and Toby was well-aware of the hanging fetish of his buddy.

Toby needed no second invitation. He all but ripped off his clothes. He did, naturally, retain the gorgeous new white-calfskin calvary-style western hat he had just gotten as a gift. He had been itching to experience a butt-fuck from the fuckor's perspective ever since letting Jake pop his own cherry asshole. He knew full-well that Butch was screwing Jake with regularity. He had felt a deep twinge of jealousy that Jake had not accorded him the same pleasure, but somehow understood that it was a "pecking order" sort of thing emotionally that Jake couldn't control. That Jake had now included him in this delightful scene made it all okay again.

After racing to his truck and returning, Toby displayed the new braided leather riding crop his sister had just given him as a gift.

The grin that moved over Jake's handsome face matched Toby's.

That shut the blond bull up quick enough. He'd been eyeing that big hunting knife strapped around Jake's waist anyway and shuddering at the implications. He closed his eyes and steeled himself as Toby drew back the slim, brutal crop, his muscular arm bulging, the bicepses balling beautifully.


The leather slit through the air like a sword.


The sound of leather biting into velvet skin and underlying hard muscle echoed in the barn.


Richard's gasping moan of mixed pain and surprise rang out at once. The stroke across his right thigh had hurt a lot more than he'd expected. The sharp searing burn made his hard body recoil violently. He looked down and watched as a thin, furious red welt swiftly rose in his creamy, smooth skin, angry bruises peppering the mark and a few tiny specks of blood oozing from tiny rents in the skin.

Toby was in no rush. He took his time in administering the whipping. Doing this to another guy had been a main element of his own wet fantasies for years and he was relishing every second as he finally got to put dream to action.

Over and over the sounds repeated. WHOOOOOSH! SPWHAAAAK! YAHHHHHH!

After each stroke over his cute ass, broad back or thick young thighs, the bound rustler writhed and danced around, his muscles quivering and flexing gorgeously as he sought to absorb and control the agonizing new dose of pain. He could not guess exactly where on his nude body the crop would descend each time and that suspense was a form of torture in itself.

After his ass, back and thighs were a mass of welts, he almost welcomed the rape. He allowed himself to be bent at the waist and shuddered violently as he felt the widely flared crown of Toby's monster cock as it was pressed against his tightly coiled sphincter.

It felt like he was being split in two as Toby brutally forced his rod on home into the warm, furry little recess hiding between the dimpled ass cheeks.

Watching his friend rape the captive with all-out zest was just too much for Jake's over-heated lusts. As soon as Toby fired off his load up into the wildly spasming ass canal, he replaced his buddie's spent cock with his own drooling, twitching, steel-hard monster and made a good faith effort to rip the condemned blond hunk wide open. He fucked him with pile-driver thrusts that lifted the guy up off the balls of his feet. He held the ball tether in his fist and with each fucking drive of his hips gave a brutal jerk on the imprisoned, swollen seeders to add to Richard's suffering.

That seemed to definitely have the desired effect, producing nice shrill shrieks and squeals from the prisoner.

After he too spilled his load and recovered his senses, he had Toby help position the groaning hunk for his killing. They made the guy kneel below the dangling noose and Jake tied the ball tether loosley to a stout "O" bolt he screwed into the wooden floor of the barn below his crotch. They then bound each of his hands to the ankle on that side of the body and drew out the ropes to the side and up until he was raised up off the floor and high enough to snug the noose around his thick neck with the hanging rope still slack. His legs were drawn widely apart by the process.

Toby was obviously intrigued by the strange but surprisingly erotic pose in which Richard was now poised. He cocked an inquisitive eyebrow.

Toby returned the grin as the game sank in. As he was drawn upwards, the imprisoned balls, tethered to the floor below, would be stretched further and further from his crotch. The effect should be utterly excruciating.

It was. Richard's screams made that pretty clear.

Jake looped out a finger and like a soldier pulling the pin from a grenade he jerked the candy cane from Richard's cock in one hard, swift movement. The moisture of the piss tube lining had adhered the sticky candy to the tube and the sensation of having it jerked free like that was akin to having his rod pulled inside out. He bucked on his ropes like a bronco and looked like he might faint. Somewhat to Jake's disappointment he didn't ejaculate.

With the swollen, purple balls stretched out so tightly that they were on the verge of being crushed by the pressure, Jake drew his beautiful, unused new knife. Toby watched in excited anticipation as Jake approached the dangling prisoner.

Richard was in such agony from the searing torment between his thighs that he may not even have felt the cold steel of the razor-edged blade as it was pressed to the side of the thin-stretched neck of his nut sack.

However, he certainly did feel it as Jake made the slow, steady cut. His scream as he was castrated bounced off the walls of the barn like the shriek of a demented banshee.

With blood spurting cop­i­ous­ly from his crotch wound, the noose around Richard's throat was pulled taut until he began to stran­gle, turning his screams to loud gurgles and pig-like grunts. At that point Jake cut the ropes securing the ankles and wrists and left the limbs free to thrash and struggle, the toes just tan­ta­lizingly far enough above the floor that they couldn't quite make contact.

After just a short bit, the dang­ling stud's face turned red, then bluish and his eyes began to bug as his tongue lolled out, pearls of saliva drooling from his mouth. Amazingly, at that point, despite having been nutted, he did reach a re­latively weak orgasm, his creamy gism just sort of oozing in spastic dribbles from the lips of his cock.

Jake and Toby settled in with a supply of cold beer to watch the show play out and time how long it took Richard to finally die. Although the shock from his blood loss and the trauma from his castration probably sped up the end, it was surprising how long he did last.

It was nearly twenty minutes before he finally went limp, twitched around spasmodically a bit, then was still. They pressed their hands to his chest and found there was a weak heart beat. They waited, savoring these last few seconds as the life was forced from the powerful, athletic body submitting to their ultimate power trip. After maybe a minute, the throb in the broad chest became erratic, stilled, started up again with a few weak thumps, then stopped and did not return.

The execution was complete.

After dumping the body down the well and liming it, Jake led Toby to the house.

Toby grinned broadly beneath the white brim of his gorgeous new hat.

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