Jonathyn Wadsley's
Raping ... Snuffing a Porn Star.

In front of me was one of the biggest stars in gay porn, Jeff Ripper. He was actually sort of short ... about five four ... but he had it where it counts. He had a ten inch cock, and a cut body. He had a beautiful face, full lips, and a fucking attitude.

I thought to myself, well, we will see about that. Jeff had made his name in the industry by using that huge dick to fuck cute bottom boys. He was a certified star, probably the biggest star gay porn had seen.

Those cute muscled ass cheeks and big balls were the object of desire of countless gay men, and not a few straight men and women too. I knew that there would be a big demand for seeing a huge black dick go up his ass cheeks. So, I decided to give the public what they wanted.

It was late at night when the LAPD officer went up to the door. After knocking, a light came on, and a figure appeared at the door,

John Lezcynski was his "real name".

John startled awake,

I had found the name in a search of the California Department of Corporations. A few thousand bucks and an almost washed up female porn starlet had filed stalking charges with a Superior Court judge. The rest was easy.

The officer handcuffed a very pissed off Jeff Ripper, and put him in the back of the cruiser.

Jeff/John got suspicious when the ride took a long time, and downright belligerent when the officer pulled over in a sleepy warehouse district in a San Fernando Valley light industrial area. It was porn central.

After paying the officer off, I reached into the back of the cruiser to collect the goods. Jeff was angry and confused, but the sight of a big 0.44 magnum pistol made him more cooperative.

I had two assistants, and we got him into the back of an unmarked white panel van. We left the handcuffs on, gagged him with a bright red ball gag, and I holstered the pistol.

I got out a razor sharp Spyderco Police knife, and I figured I would check the goods. I placed my left hand on his crotch, while my two assistants secured his legs to tie down points with plastic cuffs. I wanted him to feel the cold metal of the van on his ass cheeks, and I wanted to check out the heft in those nuts.

I slipped the blade into his waistband. His eyes followed the blade in fear. That famous dick was getting hard under my touch.

I could feel the bulge under the fabric. I used the serrated edge to cut those pants from top to the crotch, and he had no underwear on. That big dick was half erect, and I freed the whole package in one cut.

I pulled the balls and dick out by encircling the package in my left hand, and taking the blade in my right, I put the cutting edge just below the scrotum.

I yanked his nuts down hard enough to hurt him, but not enough to damage him. Those heavy baby makers were full, and the feel of the smooth orbs rolling around in his sac excited my need to hurt the fucker.

I wanted to nut him ... bad ... but I would satisfy myself with some of his co-stars over the next few days.

I cut off his jeans up through the back of his ass crack, and I fingered his hole.

And I spread his ass crack and let it rest on the cold metal of the van floor.

We drove him to a Chateau out in the LA hills. It was the counterpart of a similar one in Paris, and a few other large cities throughout the world.

Servants took Jeff to be prepared. He was given an enema, had lipstick applied to his nipples, his pubic area was shaven clean, and had collars with lockable restraints applied to his wrists, throat, and ankles.

He was lead into the drawing room and set in front of the fireplace, bent over an ottoman. A cock ring with a ball separator was attached to his magnificent package.

The four people in the room included Johnny Wadd, a pornstar with a fourteen inch cock, Titof, an Eastern European with a twelwe inch cock, Jamie Gills, a porn producer, and myself. Jamie was fondling Jeff over by the fire, commenting on the heft of his package.

Using some oil, he massaged the long dick to full erection, and slipped a finger up his bunghole.

I pointed to a collection of ebonite phalluses on the bookshelf. Each was thicker than the previous one, and had three attachment points, one of which would connect to a chain strung up the ass crack, and the other two which would straddle the dick.

On another bookshelf, there was also a collection of severed cocks and balls, the remembrance of victims past. Some were quite massive, and recalled other porn stars that would not submit. The owners of many of the dicks were still alive, as I preferred to subjugate a man psychologically when possible.

Johnny Wadd was a big straight porn star, but, secretly, he loved fucking the ass of a man. So, he got behind Jeff, and fingered the hole. Jeff wimpered, "please don't, not my ass-hole." That gave John a good laugh.

He stroked his meat to full erection, and spit into that brown hole, and shoved the tip of his dick against that hole. He used his long, gangly arms to grasp Jeff's head, and, using the young porn star's whole body as leverage, he shoved his unit home up that tight passage.

As a hot, burning, tearing sensation passed through his whole body, Jeff groaned,

As John raped the near virgin hole, I had one of Jeff's frequent bottom co-stars, Kevin Wiley, brought out. Kevin had been on the receiving end of Jeff's endowment in a memorable pool table scene.

While John plowed Jeff's nether hole, I bent Kevin over another ottoman. I had Kevin restrained just within sight of Jeff, and I told Jeff,

I slipped my fingers up Kevin's ass-hole, and fisted the blond beach kid. He was not taking it well, yelling and screaming, protesting that I was ripping him. Well, I was doing my best to punch fuck his colon out of place.

But, with my left hand, I had more in store for the bitch. I picked up a pair of pliers and went to work on his nuts.

I got one of the slippery orbs firmly placed between the teeth of the pliers. I squeezed down, and felt and heard a satisfying, "plorp!" as the nut burst.

He screamed, and I twisted the ruined baby-making organ to give him more pain. I found the other testicle, and, with this one, I twisted it first, and pulled it so that I could prolong the agony.

It took twenty minutes, but I think I pulled the nut free of all of its connective tubes and tendons and it floated freely within a quickly purpling scrotum.

Meanwhile John had finished up Jeff's ass-hole, and Titof and Jamie took their turns. We bound Jeff to a wall with his wrists secured to his neck and the wall in an attitude of prayer.

So bound, I had Jeff's tight ass cheeks whipped. His screams were a delight, and Titof had to fuck that ass again.

That night was just the beginning. Titof, the porn producer, wanted Jeff for a series of fisting videos. Those would be great, I agreed. John Wadd, on the other hand, just wanted to rape that hot hole. That had to come first before the heavy fisting ripped him open.

Jamie had a medieval torture snuff flick he wanted to make - not snuff really, since his scene would leave a badly damaged Jeff alive, cruelly so. I had my own ideas, and the bus from Folsom prison carried the instrument of my retribution.

There were ten of them. All black inmates. Hand chosen for certain characteristics. They were between eighteen and twenty-five. They had cocks that were a minimum of twelve inches long, and a circumference of seven inches. Equally important, their nuts had a minimum volume of 150 ccs -- they were heavy hung.

They had also committed violent felonies against white people. Murder, rape.

One, nicknamed, "Tiny," had raped a family ...

First, he tied up the husband, a white en­gin­eer from South Pas­a­de­na. With his wife watch­ing, he cas­trat­ed the hus­band, and tied off the stump of the balls and dick, and shov­ed the gen­i­tals down the throat of the un­hap­py man. He then raped the wife anal­ly, caus­ing a pain­ful tear­ing and rip­ping.

Tinyhad a thirteen inch, thick cock. 

Before he came, he put his dick up the wo­man's va­gi­na, and teas­ed the hus­band about the black babies they now could ex­pect. He then rap­ed the eigh­teen year old neph­ew who was vi­sit­ing. The blond boy scream­ed in pain as his ass-hole was rip­ped open. Tiny then cas­trat­ed the teen, forc­ing him too to eat his balls.

Lexington had twelve in­ches, as did Man­din­go, who was thicker. Omar had a twelve inch dick, and a massive inmate named Kong had a thirteen inch cock that was impossibly thick.

The scene was filmed in a LA warehouse with an audience of gay men who paid a thousand dollars per ticket to attend the event. A castration was promised, and one of Jeff's bottom boys was on hand for that purpose.

As the guests filtered in, they admired Jeff's testicles and penis, which were prominently displayed as he was spread open, bent over, and his nuts and dick were greased and glistening in a cock ring and ball spreader.

There was a price, $30,000 displayed ... meaning anyone who would cough up that amount could take a knife and slice those balls free. There were no takers, but the interest was building.

On the stage, Jeff was trussed up like a turkey, and his was prominently displayed. An EmCee told the story of the virgin hole on this hot gay porn star who previously topped only,

While not strictly true, it might as well have been, since that ass-hole was still tight and recovering nicely from the fucking from a few nights ago.

Each inmate was paraded in front of the crowd too, and a silver ring around their testicles was displayed.

The silver ring contained a military blasting cap on a radio controlled detonator. One flick of a switch would reduce the inmate - or all ten of them - to a ball of pain in a fetal position on the floor, with testicles exploded, a terrible spasm of pain and destruction having shot up through their body.

They had seen exactly what such a device would do, and they were very responsive to commands. The audience admired the novelty and cruelty of device.

On my order, the whipping started, and it was cruel. With steady, rhythmic pulsing, a huge man used a bull whip to attack Jeff's white, perfect cheeks and back. The guard regularly let the whip wrap around those magnificent, big, low hanging nuts.

As soon as the whipping ended, the inmates formed their line, and, with the massive Kong at the lead, speed raped his hole. The first penetration produced the kind of animalistic moaning from Jeff that one normally associates with an operation without anesthetic.

For all intents and purposes, that was precisely what was happening. Kong was thirteen inches long, but he was simply massively thick -- really as thick as a beer can! He could hardly get the tip into Jeff's hole, but when it did penetrate, he vigorously fucked his hips into Jeff's spread ass.

The inmates had a special terror. If they did not go "balls deep," they would be summarily castrated by the blasting cap. Balls deep meant total penetration, to the ballsac.

This was a very satisfying requirement as the guards watched the inmates take a truly virgin white boy new meat freshman inmate in the sphincter. Thirteen inches of black dick was a hard thing to put up a man's ass.

Kong had to sink it or be castrated, so he fucked with a vigor borne of desperation, rage at white people, and some animalistic pain deep in his brain.

The special cruelty of having the biggest inmate start the gang rape on a fresh, tight hole that had three days to recuperate now showed itself. On the stage, Jeff fought every inch of the invasion, while Kong fought to keep his manhood intact.

The resulting grunting and struggle was sweaty, painful, and intense. Kong grasped the muscular hips of his victim and drove his meat home. He had two minutes to go balls deep, and, at about a minute and a half, he hit full penetration. Jeff's back and chest spasmed in pain.

With his victim opened, Kong went into a ripping fucking motion. Blood from Jeff's torn ass-hole dripped from the hole. Kong took it almost all the way out, then plunged it back in a stabbing, impaling motion designed to rip the hole.

These thrusts produced terrible pain in Jeff, who writhed and tried to escape the invading dick. All of the rapist/ inmates were on special nutrition and exercise programs -- they worked out twice a day, swimming in the morning and boxing and weights in the afternoon. They could fuck for hours, and this capability was used in a sadistic way to tear open new inmates who did not submit to the guards' wishes.

Kong lasted over thirty minutes, and finally busted his nut with a roar.

Mandingo was next, then Lexington, Omar, and the other six inmates. Between fucking, the inmates were bent over and whipped on their muscular asses by their handlers - three female porn starlets who loved fucking black men. -- It was even more humiliating to be subject to the whims of these white women who demanded the utmost in sexual performance.

Jeff's ass was thus bloody and greased up by the many loads of sperm that had been forcibly injected into his rectum. Kong had some trouble going balls deep, but none of the others did after the biggest inmate cleared the way. Jeff almost passed out from the pain, but the guard gave him a popper to make sure he felt every inch.

So violated, Jeff's ass-hole went down in value, but his nuts and dick were the talk of the crowd. Who would finally castrate him. Can't wait until he is fisted.

That was the premier evening, but the show was repeated across the country to sold out audiences throughout the summer. Occasionally, one of Jeff's bottom boy costars was also brought out in a special terminal segment.

One co-star, Mike Hammond, was a blond-frosted gay star with a big cock. He had a cut, ripped body. After the inmates had thoroughly violated Jeff, Jamie Gills wheeled Mike out all trussed up and restrained.

.Between Mike's legs, he took a large pear, a medieval torture device off of a table and slowly fondled it with his back to the crowd.

Then, always the showman, he strutted to the front of the platform and held the device high over his head for all to see.

The pear came in three sizes and had several uses. The small pear was about four inches long and actually had the shape of a well-rounded pear.

A screw at the top of the device could be turned to expand the three sides at the base of the unit filling the cavity into which it was inserted.

The small pear was used as a very effective gag and when fully expanded reached up to five inches in diameter, enough to break a man's jaw if desired.

The second sized pear was about seven inches long and about two and a half inches in diameter when closed.

It expanded to almost nine inches in diameter as was designed for anal insertion. This device was the common torment for male homosexuals.

This device was normally used for vagina insertion, but was the selection of Jamie for use on Mike.
As Jamie walked back and forth in front of the crowd on the platform, he screwed the horrible device open. The men cheered Jamie on.

The crowd roared in approval as Jamie walked over to the cross and held the opened monster in front of Mike's face and leered at him while he trembled in fear.

Jamie closed the device and took his position between the upturned legs of Mike. Mike began to squirm the best he could in his bonds and plead for mercy offering anything he had to the to torturer in return for a speedy death.

But Jamie just laughed at his comments and moved the tip of the device to his anus where he rubbed it back and forth over his hole while the poor porn star cried in terror. Then

Jamie began to apply pressure to insert the device and encountered great resistance from his young anus. Jamie used the huge pear as a dildo fucking it into Mike's anus with rough, painful strokes.

At first, it would not go up the hole, even though that hole had been widened by Jeff in various fuck scenes. The hole had puckered and closed, and Jamie delighted in invading it with the cold metal torture device.

The insertion was difficult, and Mike bucked and resisted every inch, but finally, it sunk all the way home. Jamie withdrew the pear completely, but then sank the device again.

While the prior insertion made the insertion easier, it was not painless and Mike bucked his hips in a futile attempt to avoid the intruder. He felt stretched beyond capacity and it seemed as if he was being already torn open.

Jamie slammed the pear upward and drove the massive instrument directly into Mike's rectum as he screamed like a wild jackal in pain. Then Jamie began to move the device in and out of him, fucking him with the instrument of torture and watching his head shake from side to side while his body quivered in agony.

At this point, I walked over to Jeff's bloody rectum, and told the crowd,

This caused a few whispers among the spectators.

Then Jamie slowly ran his hand down over the boy's stomach until it came to rest on his cockhead, which he tweaked causing Mike to shiver as the pain ran through his body.

His hand moved to the screw and he gave the device a full turn which began to open the leaves. The effect on Mike was hard for the crowd to judge. His eyes opened wide and his mouth gaped in a silent scream.

Slowly, his head moved from side to side in disbelief at the sensations he was experiencing. But all this changed as Jamie began to tug on the pear and began fucking him with the expanded device.

Mike arched his back and screamed pleading for mercy as a slurping sound could be heard coming from his neither regions.

Jamie pushed hard and the device slammed into his tender rectum which caused him to convulse in his bonds while a low groan rolled out of his throat. Jamie then turned the screw one more revolution which opened the device to a little over seven inches in diameter.

Above his shaven groin, a bulge could be seen from the expanded implement and Jasper placed his hand over the bulge and pressed down with the palm of his hand.

This compressed Mike's prostate against the metal intruder and almost drove him mad with pain. So great was his agony that he was able to break the leather strap on his right wrist and in an instant his right hand grabbed at his crotch in a feeble attempt to soothe his damaged privates.

Quickly his hand was tied again with coarse rope, but the crowd when wild at the sight.

Again Jamie reached for the screw which resulted in Mike screaming at the top of his lungs,

but it had no effect. Jamie gave the horrible device a full turn and Mike's legs convulsed in utter torment.

The device was almost ten inches in diameter and was so large that when Jamie tried moving the object in a fucking motion, even with the lubrication it tugged at his rectum and began to disturb the tender organs from their moorings.

As Jamie laughed, he turned the screw to its maximum setting. At once a stream of pee squirted from Mike's cock as the pressure on his bladder became too much to contain.

His body shivered as if he were freezing cold while only an animal like groan came from his lips. Then Jamie braced his hand on his ass and began to pull. Mike's whole body convulse as his screams echoed throughout the plaza.

Jamie pulled as hard as he could, but the device was too large to remove. He backed off the screw a turn and half and with the help of one of his assistants pulled the monstrous device from his ass as if he were delivering a child from hell.

The next stage was a very exclusive performance out on the back of a luxury yacht on the Mediterranean. We were docked in San Tropez. The tourists looked at the rich owners of boats, and the rich owners of boats looked back - both groups eyeing each other and trying to act cooler than the other.

On board our yacht were Jeff, and some other folks. We headed out to the sea around noon, and had Jeff trussed up in leather and restraints on deck. The entire video is shot on the high seas.

The action starts with Jeff, now a bottom boy, and one of his costars. The Master allows the first top to enter the torture deck and choose which boy he is going to fuck and fist first.

Of course, he chooses Jeff.

From the cage, Jeff is taken to a restraint at one of the masts of the ship. There, the Master fondles and attaches weights to Jeff's magnificent package.

The guests are Saudi and Kuwaiti sheiks, famous sadists, and wildly rich men who are there to purchase a white porn star to subject to their sick tortures. They want Jeff intact, so that they can have the pleasure of castrating him themselves. One of the sheiks takes his dick out and feeds it into the mouth of a black slave as he watches the action.

The Master grabs Jeff's nuts and pulls them taut. With some glistening oil, he greases up Jeff's big genitals, and strokes the cock hard. He then uses a riding crop to whip the dick, causing Jeff's spasms of pain across his perfectly chiseled abs.

A punch up through Jeff's huge nuts has me thinking that these guys might hurt him permanently, which would be a shame because I would have to feed Master to the sharks after cracking a thermometer up his piss hole and cutting his fingers and toes off.

But the guy seems to know what he is doing and he simply is convulsing Jeff into paroxyms of pain. Fair enough.

Eventually, they put Jeff on a table, spread eagle him on his stomach, and this shows off his oversized genitals nicely. Now the real action is getting ready to start as the Master and his assistants use big, oversized dildos to open Jeff's fuck hole beyond belief.

Then, the Master works his fingers, then his whole wrist into Jeff's hole in a methodical, painful sequence that has Jeff's gasping for relief. His hole is not used to the stretching, even with the preparation of the inmates' fucking his hole for months on end.

The Master enjoys every moment of the invasion, and clenches and relaxes his fist inside Jeff's colon.

Now, Jeff's costar, Don Sabino, is brought out. In one scene, the costar had protested,

before Jeff fucked him while he was bent over the edge of a car.

Don is a pretty boy, with black hair.

His fate is a lot more brutal and painful than Jeff's. While Don is strapped down, legs spread eagled, face down, a narrator begins,

As Jeff was gasping for his breath from the continued fist fucking into his guts, and Don was struggling against his bonds as he suspected his fate from the narration, I settled in for a highly enjoyable spectacle.

It was not often that I could see a man truly impaled. It was sort of like filet mignon. I held it in reserve for the sheiks so that I could excite them into paying the highest price so that they could in fact impale Jeff. As I looked on the scene, the crew put a large, oiled, blunted stake about the width of a muscular man's forearm behind Don.

The narrator continued,

As the narrator described the process, the men enacted it with Don as the focus. Now, the focus shifted to Don from Jeff, as the pole was targeted precisely at the flesh ring of his anus.

Then, his legs were attached to two powerful winches used to lower a rubber dingy into the water. The leather straps at his ankles were attached to the steel cables, and he was pulled, slowly onto the fixed stake. The initial penetration was painful because the wide pull ripped his anus.

Jeff was returned to his whipping post so that he could watch, and all the spectators on deck watched in fascination as the winches continued to pull.

The stake was marked at foot long increments, and Don howled in pain as the wooden shaft sank into his nether regions. He begged for mercy, the quick death, as the post went into him do a depth of two and a half feet.

As it was enacted in front of them, the cameras caught it all, and the narrator continued,

I now had Don flipped over so that he was face up. With a little les than three feet of the pole up his ass, I knew that his death would take days.

This was perfect.

The guards now took nails and hammered them through his testicles. This caused the weakened man to howl in pain, and his howls, in turn caused further convulsions as his stomach muscles contorted around the invading shaft.

The shaft was raised from horizontal to vertical with Don firmly impaled on the stake.

As the afternoon wore on, he would slowly sink onto the shaft further, and his balls would be pulled off, but they would provide some support to, to prolong his suffering. His still living body became a kind of party favor, and I had various instruments of torture arrayed around him.

Pliers, a blowtorch (to be used sparingly to avoid too quick a death), and some 4th of July fireworks, which could be ignited after they were inserted into various parts of his body.

Thus, his dying agonies became an incentive for the sheiks to bid up the price of Jeff's exposed ass-hole and gonads which were displayed nearby.

My guests would alternate between working a dildo up Jeff's ass-hole, fondling his huge balls, and twisting off a finger from Don's arm, causing a weak, but satisfying moan from the impaled porn bottom boy who had taken his last shaft up his ass.