I have been working in a city mission for sev­er­al years. I have run the one in nor­thern Cal­i­for­nia for ten years and we were goi­ng great.

Today I get the word that I'm be­ing moved to the sou­thern part of Cal­i­for­nia to get the mis­sion going down there. Well, I got this mis­sion go­ing be­cause I'm us­ing do­nors for ex­tra things like meat that we don't get enough of from do­na­tions, and from the gov­ern­ment.

I had given my mis­sion peo­ple soup and sand­wich­es for the last time. Once in a while you have to have some sol­id meat.

Well, I'm on my way to Southern California to get this mission off its feet. The first thing that I'm going to do is look at the cooks and see if I can work with them or maybe I'll just have to fire them and get someone that will fix the food the way that I want it.

When I get to the mission I'm sure that were going to have to make some changes to the arrangement for sleeping.

Well it didn't take to long and I was ready to open the door to my mission. When I arrived I could not believe my eyes. There must have been a hundred people in this mission. I looked around and I new it was a mission because the only thing that was being served was soap and sandwich.

I asked for the management and a lady came over. I introduced my self to her and she said, So you're the one that's going to replace me.

I told her that I had been sent to work in this mission and to see if I could get it going better then what it was doing.

She said well, here are the keys and if you think you can do better then have at it. She walked out the door.

I went into the kitchen and in the kitchen had five women that were getting the meal for the noon serving. I asked the lady's what they were serving. They said the same thing, water down broth. I asked if they didn't have any meat for there soap. MEAT what the hell is that. I asked don't they get meat from the government. HELL, we haven't seen any meat in this place for years.

I went back to the office and started looking threw some records for information on donors giving contributions to the mission.

I looked and looked and didn't notice any.

I then called the local welfare office and they advised that they give nothing to this mission in the form of aide.

I asked what are we running this place on.

Most of the workers in this place tell me that they have not had anything to work with for so long that they only serve broth for noon meal.

And then they turn right around and serve the same thing for the evening meal.

I told the cooks that we are going to start a new trend. Were going to serve meat with at least one meal. I don't think that for a noon meal it is necessary to serve meat but for the evening meal we will be serving meat with our meal.

The cooks asked where are we going to get this meat. I told them that if they work for me they don't ask questions you just serve what I give you.

I told them that starting tomorrow we would also be having other workers in this kitchen that will help with preparing the meat.

I then asked one of the helpers in the mission if he would give me a tour of this place. He asked you want a tour. The last manager we had never left the office.

I told him that was going to make a lot of changes around here.

He took me to the sleeping area. In this one area alone we had twelve beds in this one area. I told him starting tomorrow were going to put up walls so that there are only four beds in each room. We will make a total of three rooms out of this one large room.

I went back to my office and made some phone calls to others that worked for me in up state California in the mission. I called and said HELP; we need to work this place over.

In a few days some of my help from the other mission came to work in this mission. We started to work on the room area.

We had to work in the room area because I needed to select the donors for the meals and they would stay in these rooms.

You see we have to get the meat from someplace and were not going to be able to go to a farmer and ask him to give us a cow for every meal. So we have to do what we have. We will take this mission and we will make it self-supporting. You see we have to get the donors and then we will take the donors and they will provide us with their bodies for meat for the others. And we will enjoy the donor's bodies at the same time.

First of all we have to work on the bedrooms.

Each room will have to have a separate water supply because I will need to put a chemical in the water during there bathing so we will be able to work with the donors.

You see they will not just give up their bodies. We have to work with them.

In these room they will have to have an exit so we will be able to remove the donors without the others noticing them gone.

Well, everything appears to be going good.

Tonight were going to try and obtain donors this evening.

We started to get four new members to the mission this afternoon. They range from eighteen to twenty and they appear to be runaways from another part of the country.

I talked with them and all four were from the east and they came to California to become move stars. Well were going to make them a star. I told them that we have rooms for them and that they would be able to stay the night but that they would have to obey our rules. They advised that they would.

I told them that the first rule is that they have to be in the mission by eight at night and that once in the mission they could not leave. If they would leave that they would not be able to return. They agreed to these terms.

I then told them. Each of you will have to bath every evening. Then you will find at the foot of the bed a mesh bag you will put your clothing in the bag and then place it out side of your door then in the morning you will have clean clothing to put on. This way they will receive clean clothing the next morning.

Every one agreed to this.

Well, at eight at night, everyone was in his rooms. I check the cameras that have been installed in the room with the new four young men. I needed to know when they were going to take there showers because I needed to turn the chemicals on that they would receive when they were taking there showers.

The chemical is called YCK-2 and it is a muscle paralyzes that take a hold two hour after it enters your system.

Well I could see that it was time to start the chemicals. One of the young men started to take his shower and then the next and within an hour every one of them had taken their shower and their clothing was out side of the door.

All I had to do is wait.

Well two hours passed and I knew that the YCK-2 would be taking a hold of these young men.

I think I should tell you a little about YCK-2.

It is a new drug that paralyzes the muscles. It enters threw your skin. You don't know that you have anything wrong until it is to late.

You see there is not warning about what is going on. All at once you can't move, you can't yell, you can't do anything except lay were your at. You know everything that is going on around you but you can't do anything about what is happening to you. I love this new drug.

I used it all the time at the other mission. We would have twenty to thirty young men a night would receive this drug. It was great.

We are going to set this up for other rooms to have so we can get more donors. Once we start serving meat with our meal were going to get busy.

I turned the camera on. I could see that everyone was in there bed. I could not tell if the YCK-2 was working yet so I wanted to give it a little more time.

I waited for an additional hour. I new by know that everyone had the drug into his system.

I entered the room, I could tell just by looking that everyone had received the drug and that it was working wonderful.

I went around to everyone. I told each of them that they didn't need to worry. They were going to be taken care of and that they just needed a few minute to lie.

I then told them that they would be taken to another place in the mission but for them not to worry.

Believe me everything will be O.K.

I started to pull the sheets back one by one to uncover everyone. I wanted to see what kind of meat and material we had to work with.

I figured I might as well start with the youngest one in the group. He was eighteen and he was a very nice looking young stud.

When he came into the mission. All I could do was to resist with my eyes going to his crotch area.

When he came into the mission I could see that he had a hard on.

He had a cock that was huge in length. I could not tell much but I knew that his cock was huge and that I wanted it so bad.

I walked over to his bed and turned the covers back and I could see his eyes watching me as I reached down and took a hold of that huge piece of meat that was just lying between his legs. You could tell that he had had a hard on before the drug and that it would not take much and that cock would spring back up in nothing flat.

I rubbed the head a few strokes and with his eyes I could tell that he was enjoying every stroke. I looked into his eyes and said Does that feel good. He tried to speak but he couldn't. I told him that he would not be able to speak and that he should just lay on the bed and enjoy being stroked.

I then rolled his cock up onto his stomach. I noticed his balls that were hanging under his wonderful cock. I reached down, and lifted his left nut. I looked into his eyes. It was a look like what's going to happen to me.

I still had his left nut in my hand. I looked at him and told him that this will hurt a little. I located his cords in his sack and then I took a hold of his left nut and had it between my to fingers and thumb. I started to apply pressure to the left nut and just looking into his eyes I could tell that his left nut was starting to hurt. I looked at him and I told him if he was hurting badly for him to blink his eye.

The young man started to blink a couple of times. I told him just a little longer. I continued to squeeze his left nut and I could tell just by looking at the young male that his left nut must have really been hurting him. Then I looked at his eyes and he had a tier coming from his left eye.

I then squeezed on my hard pressure and the young man closed his eyes. I then reached for his right nut. I again had it between my fingers and thumb and I started to apply a little pressure to his right nut. I looked at him and said, I no that this is going to hurt and I started to apply more pressure. Again the young stud closed his eyes and I continued to apply more pressure to his right nut. Again I could see a small tier coming from his right eye. I then applied more pressure and then I released the pressure and then held both of his nuts in my hand.

I looked at him and then said, You really have a nice set of oysters and I love that piece of sausage that you have between your legs.

I then spread his legs wider and told him that I needed to check up his little hole. I took a hold of his cock and opened his piss hole up. I then took a meet stick and started to insert it into his piss hole. I could tell just by his eyes that it really must have not been going into his piss hole well. I tried to place some lube on the stick but again it didn't want to go.

I knew that I could have shoved it onto the stick but I was not ready for that yet.

I then rolled him over so I could get to the little brown hole under him. I rolled him over and then I spread his legs wide so I could check his ass hole out. I put a glove on and then inserted a finger into his brown hole.

Again I looked at the young stud and when the finger went into his hole he closed his eye. I continued and located his prostate gland.

I felt the gland and while I was checking the gland out. The young stud started shooting cum all over the place. I called to one of the helpers to bring a jar.

The helper brought a jar and placed it under his cock. The young stud continued pumping his sperm into the jar.

I continued to message his prostate gland and the young stud continued to shoot until his prostate gland had empty all of his sperm. I could tell just by feel that the prostate gland was completely empty of all sperm.

As I was messaging his gland. I could tell that the medication that was given this first donor was starting to ware off.

I told the helpers that I needed more medication for the donors.

He returned with a syringe full of another drug. This drug is KYC-2 and this would allow the donors to move slightly and to communicate but they would be unable to do anything. The only thing they could was to lie on the bed.

This injection would have to be given to each of the four donors.

I took one of the injections and opened his piss hole and inserted the three inch needle straight into the piss hole. I then injected the KYC-2 and believe me these drugs are very painful. When this drug enters the system it is just like a red-hot poker being inserted into your piss hole. It burns like fire.

Like I said when this medication of KYC-2 entered his piss hole he came unglued when it went in. He yelled as the needed was pushed into his piss hole and the skin was being pierced. He didn't care for that but when that medication was being injected into his cock. I can't believe what he was like. As soon as I took the plunger on the syringe and started to inject the KYC-2 into his cock he screamed as if I had just cut his cock off. I could not believe how he started kicking and screaming and trying to get off of the table. It took all that I had and one of the workers to hold him on the table until I got the rest of this medication into his system.

I told the worker to get that KYC-2 ready for the rest of them because I'm giving them that medication now and I'm not waiting.

After I left the young stud. I continued to the rest of them. Believe me it was a good thing that I noticed that the drug was wearing off.

I went to the second young man and when I inserted the needle into his piss hole he jumped and when the drug entered his cock he screamed as the drug entered his body. I could tell that it was not to early that they were getting this drug.

I then went to the third male and opened his piss hole and thrust the needle straight into his piss hole. I knew that I had to get that drug in as soon as possible because they were coming out of the other drug. As the need entered his piss hole he screamed and the needle went into flesh. After I retrieved the needle from his piss hole he continued to bleed more then he should of.

I didn't have time to look I new that I had only a few minute to get that last injection into the other young studs piss hole before he would be coming off that bed. I reached over and I could tell that this young man was getting his strength back. I opened his piss hole and took the needle and again thrust it as hard into his piss hole. He screamed and when the drug entered his cock he screamed as if I had just stuck a red-hot poker up his cock. He reached down and grabbed his cock and held it. I could see that the head of his cock was turning blue. He had a hold of his cock so hard that it was all he could do from crushing the head of his cock.

The pain was very intense and you could see on his face.

A short time later he released his hand tension around the head of his cock and the color came back to his cock. I removed his hand from his cock and laid them along his side.

I then went back to the first young man and told him that I had just two more things to do before I let him a lone for a few minutes.

I reached down and took both nuts in my hand. I held them between my fingers. I took a needle and shoved it into one nut at a time. I pulled back on the plunger to attempt to draw back more sperm that was being made in the nuts. As soon as the needle entered the left nut I was able to locate the sperm sack

It was just like the needle new where to go. I pulled back on the plunger and withdrew four cubic centimeters of sperm right from the nut.

I removed the needle and then took another needle and put in into the right nut. I was not so lucky with the right nut. I had to move the needle around several times to try and locate the sperm sack inside of the right nut.

Every time that I attempted to locate another area the young man would yell out. I new that we would have to remove these young men from this location because of the yelling and screaming that would start from the evening of pleasure of removing items from these donors.

I continued and located the sperm sack and again was able to withdraw another four cubic centimeters of sperm from the right nut.

I then removed the needle from the right nut.

I went to the other workers and told them that we have to remove these donors and take them to the basement so we could have more privacy. They are going to continue to yell and scream and we don't want to disturb the others.

Each helper took one of the donors and took them to the basement. Each donor was then placed on the table in the only room that we have in the basement.

The one helper said, don't you think we should remove them so they can't see what is going on?

I told him that they might as well see what the other one is having done. That way when it happens to them they already know what is going on.

I looked at the helpers and told them that I still wanted all the donors tied to the table and that I wanted there legs spread very wide. I don't want to have to move their legs so I can get to there nuts and cock.

One by one they were tied to the tables. The helpers asked what are we going to do with them. I told them for right now were going to have fun with them. I'm going to remove all there sperm and then I'm going to find more sperm that their bodies have made and then remove them as well. When they don't have any more sperm. I'm going to suck them off. Then I'm going to enjoy playing with their cocks. Then their cocks are going to get as hard as possible. Then I'm going to remove the cocks. That way we can have sausage tomorrow morning for the others.

Then I'm going to remove the prostate gland and was going to fry it up tomorrow and were going to serve it as well. Then the rest of them will be taken to the cooks and were going to cut them up so we will have hamburger to serve tomorrow for the evening meal.

When I told the helper that the young stud really started to move on the table. I looked at him and told him that he was the first and that I would really do a good job on him.

After I drew the last drop of sperm from his right nut. I reached over and took his huge cock in my mouth and started to suck on it.

I told him that I was sure happy to see that he was circumcised. And that his cock had a very high and tight skin from his circumcision.

I was happy to see that he had a tight circumcision. That way I would not have to re-circumicise him.

I continued to pump him until his cock reached nine inches.

The young stud scream as he felt his cock tighten even more and then he noticed that my hand had a knife in it and was heading for his cock.

I had the castration knife with my right hand. With my left hand I located the rear of his shaft.

I then made a cut around the shaft of his cock. This young man felt the blade as it slices around his shaft.

He continued to scream as I took the skin that was around the cock and pulled it off over the head of his cock.

I pulled the skin back as far as it would go just to the circumcision head of his cock. I then took the knife and sliced around the head of the cock and removed the skin from his cock.

I looked down and the blood was flowing from his cock where the skin had been. I then reached down and took his nuts and with the castrating knife I made a slice across the nuts and both of them oozed out of the cut and into my hand.

I pulled the nuts tight and could see all the cords to the nuts. He continued to scream. He knew that he was about to be castrated. I pulled as tight as I could and then sliced both nuts off and laid them on a plate.

I then reached and with the same knife I sliced his cock off at the base. I told the helpers this one is ready to go to the kitchen.

The helpers dragged this young stud screaming and then took him to the kitchen.

When the cooks received him they opened him up and cleaned him out. They removed his head.

They started to slice him up and then turn him into hamburger for tomorrow evening meal.

The helper took his cut cock and oysters to the cook.

They told the cook that his cock could be used for sausage in the morning but the oysters were for the manager.

He wanted all the cooks to be aware that all the oysters that he has taken and that he will take will always be for him or his guests. They are not to be served to any others. Also the only way that the cocks are to be served as a cock are to the manager.

Well after the younger of the studs were taken care of.

I then proceeded to the next younger one. I found out that this young stud was nineteen and that he also was from the east cost. This young stud wanted to be in porno movies.

I could tell when I removed his sheet that he still had over him from the sleeping quarters. My God, the size of that cock. It was wonderful. That cock must be two inches wide and nine inches long and it wasn't even hard yet.

I couldn't help my self. Before I could do anything I had to rap my lips around that cock and start to suck it. He shot a hard on right away and it didn't take him long and I had a mouth of sperm. I started yelling to get a jar. I could not swallow fast enough that sperm just flowed out that piss hole like it was Niagara Falls.

I got a jar and he continued to poor that sperm out. It ran and ran. I thought he would not stop. I then thought about castrating him and what a sham that would be. I wanted him to be taken to my room and have him for my personal slave when I wanted him.

I thought about it more and more as he was shooting that sperm into the jar.

I couldn't see wasting that sperm on anything except in my mouth.

I took a hold of his nuts and his eyes popped out as to say DON'T CASTRATE ME!

I squeezed his nuts and he yelled out as if I had already cut them off. I looked at him and told him that I was going to save him.

But he would have to do what I told him to do because I was going to use him for my personal slave.

If for any reason he fucked up that I would castrate him in a minute. He looked at me and told me that he would do very well for me and that he would jack off anytime that I wanted him.

I looked at Larry and told him that I wanted him to take this young stud to my room.

I looked at the young stud and said. I don't even know your name. He told me that his name was Cody and that he would do what I told him to do.

I told Larry to get me some YCK-2 and that I would give him that until I returned to my room.

Cody looked at me as I drew up the needle with YCK-2 in it. I drew five cubic centimeters so he would relax until I arrived.

I grabbed Cody's cock and opened his piss hole. Cody screamed as the needle interned his piss hole. I shoved the needle all the way in all three inches of it. I could hear the tissue being pierced as the needled interned his piss hole.

Cody again screamed as the YCK-2 entered his cock. When the YCK-2 was being put into Cody's cock his cock got extremely warm and hard and while I was putting the YCK-2 into his cock his cock shot out another load of sperm around the needle.

I looked at Cody and said, I'll see you in a few minutes.

I told Larry to take him and to bring another young stud. I then told Larry that we would have to replace a young stud for Cody.

Larry told me that another young male had just entered the mission and that he thought I would like him also.

I asked Larry to put him in a room with the water that has been medicated and that when he was a sleep for him to contact me.

Larry then brought another stud into the processing room.

Again these young stud was in his early twenties and that I removed the sheet and he had already a hard on just lying on the table.

I looked at him and told him that his friend was already for me.

The young stud said what are you going to do. I looked at him and told him that he had come to the mission for help and that I was going to see that he received some help.

I wanted him to get some help for being at the mission. And the help that I was going to see that he got was to help others.

I then took a hold of his cock and I could see that he was not circumcised. I looked at him and told him that his parents didn't care about him. When he was born they didn't even circumcise him but that I cared about him and that the first thing that we do at the mission is to take care of our little friends between our legs.

I want him to lay back and don't worry. Your friends are going to get the best care. I then pulled the foreskin back over the head of his cock. The young stud grunt as the skin was shoved back over the head of his cock.

I looked at him and said, does that hurt. He said a little, I then told him that it should not hurt him and then I reached for a clamp and put the clamp inside of his foreskin and opened the clamp. The clamp then spread the foreskin wide open. This was like ripping the skin when the clamp opened. The young stud let out a scream and said God that hurts don't do that?

I told him that we have to have his foreskin being able to retract over the head of his cock when his skin is pulled back. We have to stretch it so it will go back even. He said that he has had no problems before and that he does not want that skin stretched liked that. I told him that he doesn't have much choice because we would open his skin as far as I wanted it. I then took the clamp and opened it even farther. He screamed as the skin opened even more.

I then removed the clamp and shoved the foreskin back over the head of his cock and it went really nice.

I looked at him and said, see it went over really nice. The young stud laid his head back and let out another yell and asked someone to help him.

I told him that he could yell all that he wanted and that he could ask anyone for help. But you see everyone that is down here on the table is going to get castrated just like you. But you are going to get circumcised after you have been castrated.

I then put on a pair of gloves and told Larry to spread his legs wide so I could reach inside of his ass hole.

Larry spread the stud's legs and then pulled the cord so the legs would go in the air.

This young stud legs were now spread and I entered his ass hole.

I put a finger into his whole. He screamed and told me that he has never had anyone put his finger in his ass. I told him that he was not going to have a finger he was going to have a lot of fingers in his ass hole before we got threw with him.

I then inserted another finger into his hole. I then took a spreader and inserted it into his hole. When the spreader opened his ass hole believe me if you thought he yelled when his foreskin was spread you haven't heard anything until you hear him with his ass hole spread wide.

I then inserted my finger back into his ass hole and located the prostate gland and where I thought his sperm might me held.

I inserted a drain tube into his ass hole. I then thrusted it into his prostate and again when the point interned his glad and it popped threw the gland the stud let out a scream and the sperm just flowed down the tube. I was able to gather all of his sperm in a jar.

After I had drained his gland I then removed his spreader and then lowered his legs so that I was at his nuts. I located his left nut and then rolled it around in my hand and then found the three cords.

I then squeezed the cords between my fingers and he yelled again not to do that. I told him that I had to drain the manufacture of its sperm.

I then reached for a needle and syringe that was lying on the tray. The young stud noticed that I had picked up the syringe and needle.

He asked what are you going to do? I told him that I was going to insert this into his left nut and drain out what sperm that I could find.

I then inserted the needle into his left nut. When it entered it made a sound like it was going into several layers of skin. I kept pushing and he kept yelling but I was able to enter the nut and locate some sperm. I drew back on the syringe and drew what sperm was located out.

When the needle exited his left nut the stud let out another yell.

Then the young stud saw the syringe going toward his right nut and he said, NO not again. I then put the needle at his sack and then looked up at him and then pushed the needle into his right nut.

He screamed as the needle entered. I continued to shove it in and it went all the way to the shaft. Right away I located the sperm area and drew the remaining sperm from his right nut.

I then removed the needle from his right nut and then held it up and said to the stud. I have your sperm from you young man.

This will be very useful tomorrow morning in the coffee of the others cups.

When the young male seen his sperm in a jar and the needles that were full of his sperm he continued to scream and told me that he could not take much more. I told him that he would not have to.

I then reached down and took a hold of his nuts both together. The way the stud was laying in the chair he could see his nuts really good.

I held his nuts out as far as I could pull them in the sack. I then reached for my castrating knife. He saw the knife coming to his sack. He let out a scream as the knife sliced once across the sack. Both nuts shot out of the sack and were lying in my left hand.

The stud looked at both of his nuts. He started to scream and cry and yelling not to cut them. I took the knife and made one more slice and both nuts were removed from the sack.

I laid the nuts on his chest and told him that tomorrow I would have them for breakfast. He continued to scream.

I then took his cock and told him that he would be circumcised but not the way that he should be. I started to pump his cock and I placed his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it. It didn't take to long and his cock started to get hard.

I pulled the skin as tight out in front of his cock as I could. Again he screamed as the skin was being pulled over the head of his cock.

I took pliers and placed it at the opening of his foreskin. I again pulled as hard as I could to make sure that the skin was very tight.

I took the castration knife and made a slit at the base of the cock and then I pushed the skin back over the head of the cock and made it very tight so I could slice around the head of his cock. All the time that I was doing this he was screaming and asking for help.

I then took the skin from the base of the cock and grabbed it with the pliers. I then took a pull on the skin and removed the skin back over the head of his cock. This way the cock was striped of the skin and his cock was raw.

The blood just flowed around the opening and around the area where the skin was ripped from his cock. He really screamed as the skin was being ripped from his cock.

After I had the skin in my hand. I held it up and told him that if his parents had done this when he was born it would not of been this painful for him.

When he was a child and if they had circumcised him they would have not removed this much skin. But I want this for tomorrow morning breakfast.

I don't think he heard one thing that I said because he was screaming at the sight of his skin hanging from the pliers. I then reached down and cut the cock off at the base of the cock.

When his cock left his body he again let out a scream. He continued to scream. I showed him that his cock had been cut off and Larry came and removed this young stud to the kitchen so they could prepare him for the breakfast and everything for tomorrow for everyone.

Larry said that we have only one more waiting. I told him to bring him in.

Larry brought the young stud in and before I could say anything he started to scream. I removed the sheet and again he was lying on the table with a hard on. I took a hold of his hard cock and examined it. He had been circumcised and you could see the scar around the shaft.

I told the young stud that he had a nice circumcision and that tomorrow when I was enjoying it I would think about his cock.

Well believe me he screamed as I told him that.

I opened his ass hole and examined his prostate. Again it was full. I took a drain tube and inserted into his prostate gland. The sperm shot out and almost ran all over the place before I was able to put a jar under the tube.

I was able to gather all the sperm. I removed the tube and then went to work on his cock. I opened his piss hole and he had a cock that would not quite with the piss hole. I tell you his piss hole was opened very wide.

He told me that he use to insert rods into his piss hole all the time and make it bigger. I asked him if he liked doing that sort of thing. He said he really did.

I looked at his nuts and I could see that he had a lot of scaring around his sack. He told me that he had a master that use to cut his sack open all the time and play with his nuts.

I asked him if he would like to continue to do that. He told me that he would.

I then remembered that I had already had a young stud waiting for me (Cody). I didn't think that I could use another but, maybe Cody would not work out and this one wanted to do the things that I like to do. I told Larry to hold onto this young stud. I asked him his name and he told me that his name was Randy.

Larry removed Randy and came back and told me that the young stud in the waiting room upstairs had went to sleep and that he would be ready for YCK-2 to be entered into him.

I went upstairs and sure enough the young stud had not made it back onto the bed. He had fallen on the floor and that he was lying on the floor after taking a shower. I reached down and he was lying on the floor and unable to move.

I took a hold of his cock and pulled the skin back as far as I could to open his piss hole up and then thrusted the needle deep into his piss hole. I looked into his eyes and you could see the pain as the needled entered his piss hole.

I then took the YCK-2 and plunged it into his cock. The tears ran from the side of his eyes and the medication burned as it entered his cock.

I then told Larry to remove him and to take him to the processing room in the basement.

I told Larry that I would join him in a few minutes.

I went back upstairs to look in on Cody.

Cody was lying on the bed spread wide and was just waiting for me. I walked into the room and laid my hand between his legs and rubbed his crotch. I told him that I would be back shortly and then we would enjoy the evening.

I went back downstairs and when I arrived the new stud was already on the table. I pulled the sheet back and he was lying on the table but didn't have a hard on. Instead the blood was flowing from his piss hole.

I must have hit an artery when I gave him his shot.

I squeezed his cock and the blood continued to flow.

I opened his piss hole but I could not see into it. The blood was flowing out of it and it was getting all over.

I then took an iron that I use to close blood veins with and shoved it into his cock hoping to get to the vein or artery that I had stuck.

After I removed the iron and it appeared that the flow of blood had stopped.

I then opened his ass hole and inserted the ass hole spreader. I knew that I was not going to waist must time on this young stud.

Cut him and get him over with.

I located his prostate gland and inserted the drain tube.

I could not get any sperm from him out of his prostate gland.

I looked at him and he was starting to come around. I told him that he was drained of his sperm. He told me that he has not been able to shoot a load for three years. He was dry. His nuts were not

Making any sperm.

I then reached down and took a hold of his nuts and reached for my castration knife. I slit the sack open and he let out a scream as his nuts rolled out of the sack. I pulled both of his nuts out and I could see that the sperm tube had been cut.

I told him that he had been cut. He told me that he had a vasectomy a few years ago and that he was not making any sperm anymore. I reached over and cut both nuts off. I held them up and said this is better then your vasectomy any day.

When he seen his nuts hanging from my hand he yelled.

I then reached down and grabbed his cock and at the base of the cock made one slice with the knife and his cock was in my hand. I also showed that his cock had been removed. He continued to scream. I told Larry to remove this young stud to the kitchen.

I was upset that I didn't get any sperm from him at all. Were going to be short this morning on sperm for coffee.

Then I though of the young stud in my bedroom. If I sperm him most of the evening we should have sperm for tomorrow.

I also remember that Randy was back in the waiting room. I told Larry that all night I wanted Randy spermed. He told me that he would.

I went back upstairs where Cody was waiting for me.

When I arrived at the bedroom. Cody was lying on the bed. As soon as he seen me he turned over and got on all fours on the bed. His ass hole was up in the air and he then took his hands and spread his ass hole wide. He told me, if I had a hard on, I could relieve some vital sperm in his holding hole.

I looked and those huge things that hang between his legs were even larger then I remember them in the processing room. I then seen his cock that was also hanging down and it was so huge that the head of his cock was lying on the bed.

I reached down and took a hold of his two friends and squeezed them. He said those are for you anytime that you want them.

I then grabbed his cock and pulled it back between his legs. He asked that I remove some of his sperm that has been made since he had shot last.

He told me that the head of his cock had gotten hard while I was gone just thinking that when I returned that I would drain his sperm again.

I took that head of the cock and opened my mouth and took it in. I can't believe how big that head gets when this young stud gets aroused. This cock is huge. I asked him how often would he jack off before he came to the mission. He told me that it was not usual for him to jack off eight times a day. I asked him if he thought he could jack off most of the night because we didn't have enough sperm for the morning coffee.

He told me to give him a jar and he would see that he filled it before morning. If that would please me he would do it.

I told him it would.

He took the cock from my mouth and said, I'm ready to shoot a load so get the jar. Or if you don't want to save this load I can let you have it.

I told him that I would like some coffee and that I always like cream with my coffee. He told me that maybe I would like a short cake and have some whip cream because he thought tonight he would be able to shoot enough load tonight that he would have enough for my coffee and a short cake.

I told him what was left over from my coffee that I would take it in my mouth.

He started to pump himself off and the head grew and grew and it was not long ago that the head of his cock shot out a load that must have had his sperm in one shot. He through out a load that hit the coffee and it just squirted all over.

I then took the head and drained the remaining sperm that was still being shot from his cock.

I then lay back on the bed. I knew that Cody would be up all night filling the jar. I needed that sperm for tomorrow.

I kept thinking about Cody and Randy and I can't make up my mind that I want to keep for my slave. Shit maybe I will keep both of them.

The next morning when I got up Cody had filled the bottle about full and he was lying on the bed.

I reached over and grabbed his cock and he came up screaming. God doesn't do that my cock is sore and I can't shoot another drop.

I looked at Cody and told him that if I wanted sperm from his cock that he will give me sperm or I'll have to take it.

I told Cody, spread your legs and do it know. Cody just lay on the bed. I reached over and called for a worker.

When he came into the room I told him that Cody needed some explaining about what a slave does when the master tells him to spread his legs and to get his cock ready.

The worker took Cody's hand and took a rope and tied his hand to the bed. He then in turn tied the other hand to the other side of the bed.

The worker then tied each leg spread wide to the bed. Cody screamed all the time that he would be good and that he would do what I told him to do. He was just sore and he didn't want anything done to remind him to be good. He told me that he would be good.

I looked at Cody and told him that I know he was going to be good. Cody said what are you going to do.

I told Cody that from know on when I tell you to do something. No matter if you're sore or not you will do it.

I took a hold of Codys nuts and held them in my hand. I rolled each nut around and told him that I liked this thing. He told me that he would be good and don't do nothing to me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I beg you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! I will do what you want? Don't do anything to me.

I continued to play with Cody's nuts and then I told Cody that if I didn't do something to remind him that when I tell you to do something and you decide not to what should I do. Please master I will do what you tell me from know on.

I told Cody that I know that from know on he will do what I tell you to do. I told the worker to bring me a tray.

Cody said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You don't need a tray! I'll be good? I'll do what you tell me? Don't get the tray!

The worker brought the tray and I reached over and took the #7 sound and I opened Cody's piss hole and shoved the sound straight into his piss hole.

You could hear the ripping of the skin as the sound was shoved into his piss hole. Cody screamed. I took a #7 sound and then I entered his piss hole.

Cody and I both could see that the sound was again as big as the opening of his piss hole. Cody screamed NO please don't shove that in. I looked at Cody and I started to enter the sound. Cody screamed but the sound went all the way into his piss hole.

I moved the sound around inside of Cody's piss hole and he continued to scream as the sound was moved around.

I then removed the sound and Cody said, I'll be good believe me I'll be good. I looked at Cody and told him that I was not finished with him. The reason that I put the sound into his piss hole was that I like a large slit in the head of the cock and his was just not open enough for me.

Know I going to punish you for not doing what I told you to do. Again Cody screamed and told me that he would do what I told him and that I didn't need to do anything with him. I reached over to the tray and took my castration knife and brought it over to Cody crotch.

Cody seen my hand reach for the knife and as the knife was taken from the tray and was taken to Cody's crotch he new that he was going to loose his nuts. Cody screamed, if you castrate me I wouldn't be able to make that sperm. I know you like it with your coffee. Pleaseeeeeeeeee! Don't castrate me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!.

I reached down and grabbed both nuts and then I looked at Cody. I told Cody, this is your discussion. You will tell me which one of your nuts you want me to cut. Cody screamed again, I don't want any of my nuts cut off. I told Cody that that was not an option and if he didn't tell me which nut he wanted me to take that I would cut both of them off.

Cody continued to scream. I told him it was time. I held both nuts up and told him to make the discussion. Cody continued to scream. I said, O.K. that it I'm taking them both.

Cody screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Take the left nut. I reached over and released the right nut and then grabbed the left nut. I looked at Cody and told the worker to raise his head up because I want him to see his left nut leaving his sack.

Cody screamed as the worker raised his head and he seen my knife heading for his left nut and his sack. I pulled the left nut and his sack tight straight out and Cody new that when the sack gets tight that is when the knife slices the sack open for the nut to slide out.

Cody screamed and screamed as the sack got tighter. I then slit the sack and out popped his left nut. I then took the castration knife and held the left nut up and Cody seen the nut and the cords hanging from his sack.

Cody said please don't castrate me please! I looked at Cody and told him that. This time I would place his left nut back inside of his sack and that if he ever did this to me again that I would not give him the option to tell me which of his nuts he wanted cut. That I would just take them both.

Cody told me thank you and that you will not have to tell me again. I told him Good then get a hard on and let's gets some sperm flowing.

Cody attempted to get a hard on but was unable to.

I told Cody that I was sure because of incident that he was unable to get a hard on but later this morning he will have to sperm. I took put his left nuts back into his sack and made sure that it was laying well and then I stitched his sack up.

I then left the room and went down to Randy.

I entered and Larry had jacked Randy off all night and he had filled a jar full of sperm. Well I then knew that Cody had fucked up and that I would have to keep Randy and let Cody go.

I reached over and held Randy's cock and nuts. Randy looked up at me and told me Master if you want them their yours. Just left me please you.

I told him that I would be back.

I left and went back to my room.

When I walked in Cody was still tied to the bed.

I looked at Cody and told him that I had a young stud in the other room that it was later then when Cody came to the room and that Cody had long time to fill his container full of sperm and he only filled it full. This young stud in the next room filled his jar full.

I looked at Cody and told him that this was not permissible and that he was not going to be my personal slave after all.

I placed my body between Cody's legs and again I reached for the castration knife. Cody saw my hand reaching for the knife and he again screamed. Please NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! As I took the knife I reached with my left hand and again I took Cody's nuts in my hand. I brought the castration knife back across and held the knife at Cody's sack.

Cody looked at his sack that had just been pulled tight again and he seen the knife slice across his sack and he seen both of his nuts pop out of his sack.

Cody through his head back on the bed and screamed as he new the next swipe with the knife would remove his nuts from his sack. He felt my left hand pull on both of his raw nuts out of the sack and that he could feel the cords tighten. He knew that he was about to be castrated and just the thought of his nuts being removed from his body was terrible. He let out a scream and said NOOOOOOOOOOOO! And as he was screaming I took the knife and cut all the cords hold Cody's nuts to his body. I know had Cody's nuts in my left hand.

I held his nuts up and Cody seen both of his nuts hanging from my left hand. He let out a yell that I knew everyone could here.

I told him that he was not just going to loose his nuts but that I was going to take his cock as well.

Cody again said, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Leave my cock pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! I have to keep something. I reached over with a pliers and grabbed the head of his cock I put the clamp of the pliers through his piss hole with the jaws of the pliers and pulled his cock straight out. His cock wasn't hard but as the jaws crushed through the skin of his cock you could see that his cock was getting hard. I pulled his cock as tight as I could.

I then took the knife and went to the base of his cock and cut around the shaft so that his cock would be free from the skin that held it to his body.

After the skin was cut that held the cock and it was free from his body. I pulled on the cock and the root of the cock came out from inside of his body. This would give me about three more inches of cock that you do not see that is inside of your body.

Cody felt the remaining cock being pulled from his body. I took the knife and cut the cock at the base of the shaft. I then held up the cock so Cody could see just how big his cock was. I bet if you measured the cock from the head of his cock to the base of his shaft it measured a good thirteen inches.

Cody saw the cock hanging from the pliers and he screamed even loader. I looked at the worker that was standing beside Cody. I told him that Cody needed to be taken to the kitchen.

Larry untied Cody and then pulled him from the bed and through him over his should and held him to the kitchen.

I then returned to Randy.

When I arrived Randy was again laying on the bed and this time he had taken a sound and had placed it inside of his cock and he know has a hard on. When I walked in he said master this piece of meat needed to be on a spilt and the only thing that I could find was this. Take my cock and do with it, as you want. But before you finish please drain my supply of sperm that has been made by your two friends and the supply are in the holding tank.

Randy just laid back and after that I new that I had made the right decision about which of the two young studs were going to be for me.

I told Larry that we needed to get the rooms ready for any new mission person that need help tonight and for us to get ready to serve breakfast to the one's coming in.

Larry left and told me that the rooms were already ready and for me to determine whom needs to be in which room.

Randy told me that he would be laying on the bed and anytime that I needed a pick me up or some white juice for me to come in and he would have the tube hot and ready.

I'm sure happy with Randy.

Well, if you need help and if you want to see just how we can serve anyone come to our mission and if you have no where to hang your hat. You can stay at our mission. We have the best accommodations in this area. And we have the hottest food around. You can always have a good hot meal at our mission. See you here.