Steve Law

the Mistress' Tale

I had made up My mind that I would do it. It was, after all, My right as his Mistress. By the time he arrived I now felt completely sure of My plans and had worked out, by stages, what I would do for My complete and total satisfaction.

He stood there before Me and I could see the bulge in his trousers as he looked at Me. He always had a strong erection when he had served Me before and this time it seemed larger than ever. He licked his lips in anticipation and when I removed My cloak and stood there in My high heels, black stockings leather G string and bra, with My hair hanging full length, he groaned audibly with desire.

This time I would teach him in full the price of lusting after Me! He had served me well all these months now he would fulfil my deepest desires.

And, he had agreed to it! When we had first met, we had reached an understanding that he would always do what I wished, whatever that might be. I had even made him sign a contract to serve me which spelled this out. Little did he know then when he signed away his freedom just what I had in mind and just how far to the extreme he would have to go to satisfy me. And he had always let me do what I wanted. He was such a GOOD slave, it was almost a waste to do what I intended.

I pointed at the crucifix on its chain between My breasts and he gulped, but nodded without a word. So the die was cast! He would go through with it. Not that it was ever in question, I had such power over this slave, he would submit to anything I required him to.

I had complete control! I walked slowly over to him and started to remove his tie. This time, he would take no action of his own and would be completely controlled by Me. I would strip him naked and then take his body and punish it like it had never been punished before like no man had been punished before!.

I knew how to control a man. With his tie removed, I unbuttoned his shirt and eased it over his shoulders, fondling his quivering skin as I pulled it off his torso. I could feel his hard-on stiffen more as I pressed against him.

I stooped to remove his shoes and then his socks, casting them in a corner after his shirt and tie. Now I slowly and lasciviously unbuckled his belt and his trousers fell to the floor. Without being asked, he stepped out of them and I flung them in the corner.

There he stood, in his briefs, the crotch swollen with his lust and I had to laugh. What helpless things men in heat become! For a minute, we regarded each other silently, on his face the begging look of one who has to suffer and want to. On Mine, I believe, the look of total confidence, My eyes showing My power and My lips the smile of conquest.

I reached into his briefs and took hold of his cock. As always, it was smooth to the touch and remarkably firm, a truly fine cock! One of the reasons I had persisted with this male was the quality of his organ fully twenty centimetres(footnote 1) long and beautifully shaped, with a classic head.

He was neatly circumcised I should know, I had done it many months ago! What a pleasure that had been for Me! He screamed and squirmed, furthering My enjoyment of the experience. And it took him two weeks to recover enough to go back to work. But that didn't matter to Me or, rather, it just prolonged My pleasure. And that's all that's important.

He groaned with pleasure as I scratched under his balls with My nails and slowly closed my palm over his shaft, squeezing it gently, mockingly. It throbbed and he shuddered, shaking his shoulders, slightly. The skin of his love-handles rippled like horse-flesh when you're combing it.

Enough! I tore his briefs from his hips and dragged them down his legs, pushing him to step out of them and there he stood! Completely nude, giving Me the sight of his very acceptable body and the excitement between his legs. I had this man! He was now helpless to resist Me. He was totally within My power and over the next few hours he would come to know, through both body and mind, just how cruel and demanding I could be. Past sessions under My whip and on My torture devices would seem like nothing compared to what he would now undergo.

He would submit to Me to the very end, no less.

I took a leather thong and wrapped it over his cock, drawing it between his legs and round his balls, knotting it at beneath. I then drew the ends together between his balls and knotted the thongs again at the root of his cock. Pulling the thongs up tight and splitting his cock-sack, I then drew the ends back under his scrotum and wound them around his balls and cock a few times, keeping the cords tight all the time. I tied the thongs off in a neat bow above his cock and he was securely bound.

I command him to hold his hands together in front of his body. He obeys and I fit to each his of wrists straps with D rings and drew the buckles tight. Next I attached ropes to each.

I led him by the ropes to the twin pillars in the dungeon and I threaded one rope through the rings which were attached to both pillars some eight feet above the floor.

By this means I was able to hoist him up on tip-toe with his feet together.

When he was hanging satisfactorily between the posts I put the ankle straps on him and, with separate ropes, pulled his feel wide and tied them off alongside the pillars, leaving him spread wide and absolutely helpless.

It was great sight to see a man spread in an X between the pillars, his whole body exposed to Me. I felt the first tingling of My own lust in My clit.

I do so like to use My whips on a man and this one was going to get a real flogging in view of his final punishment, a "scourging" would be the right term like when the slaves-god was scourged before his crucifixion.

In preparation for this punishment I removed My bra to expose My breasts with their shining nipple rings and walked around to stand in front of him. I could see that the sight was a terrific turn-on. He was already suffering difficulties through his stretched and painfully spread position, all his weight hanging from his wrists, stretched through his lats and pecs, striating deep trenches in his otherwise smooth mounded chest.

Even so, his cock was certainly not showing any signs of that distress, and its head was actually now glistening with a few drops of his juice. I gave it a couple of strokes with My fingers and then scratched his exposed balls hard with My fingernails hard enough to draw tiny pearls of blood. He swayed and his eyes closed as the pleasure took him. I worked My other hand around his shaft, barely touching the surface and I could actually feel it swell as his hips stretched towards Me. I felt very powerful as controlled him.

Walking around to the rear of his exposed body, I took up My cat o' nine tails and swung it around, exploratively. It made a nice swishing sound as it whistled through the air. I saw him tense with anticipation so I waited a few seconds before I struck.

The sound of the thongs as they struck his back was music to My ears. And his jerky dance as his back was stung by the lashes was a delight to my eyes. But I had not even started yet! I raised the cat and brought it down harder on his buttocks, producing a squeal of pain which I found entertaining and, indeed, stimulating.

With every stroke of the whip he yelped and soon his buttocks was criss-crossed with pink to burgundy stripes, as the nine thongs each left its mark.

Speaking of that crucified slave god, he was given thirty-nine strokes of the cat. That ripped his back but good so good he couldn't carry his cross-beam to where he was crucified. They say Romans considered forty strokes the same as the death penalty and a man given forty strokes who survived was allowed to live. I gave my slave forty strokes, still he wouldn't be reprieved.

After forty strokes, I paused and lay down the whip to get My breath as much as to spare him for a moment. I reached between his legs and fondled his balls, then grasped his cock firmly.

I felt even more confident now. The whipping must really hurt and I have seen slaves beg for mercy at this point. It seemed, so far anyway, that I might get the ultimate devotion I so earnestly desired. It was up to Me to ensure he had no way to escape and was kept expectant and willing to do the thing.

It was one thing to have control of his body, but I wanted total power over him and this meant controlling his mind too, so that he continued to accept My will and do everything I planned. It would be far less satisfying if I had to do it against his will. Once we reached the point of no return, though, it would not matter if he changed his mind. But, as far as I was concerned, it would be pointless to proceed if he was unwilling to suffer for Me.

I resumed the whipping but this time I used My all-leather scourge with the silver death's head. Very appropriate! I worked My way around his body, lashing his legs, his back and then his torso.

I must have delivered a hundred strokes before My arm grew tired and I took up My cock-whip for some respite. With this I flagellated his still strongly erect cock, holding the head and striking the underside, which just made it even harder, I noticed.

The fifteen centimetre(footnote 2) leather thongs seemed to make that cock hot-pink as the blood engorging it was refreshed by the new blood that filled it. It was actually a very pretty sight, with the glans swollen purple and showing new drops of moisture at the opening.

That was when I had a new idea. I took My long whip which has twenty three-foot thongs and stood behind him, swinging the thongs between his legs, striking his ass and his balls quite gently I did not want to kill him ... yet.

I could hear him groan but the writhing of his body in his bonds was not from pain as much as from the excitement this treatment provided to his genitals. Clearly, the effect was stimulating as well as painful, which is what I had intended.

After about fifty of these lighter strokes I resumed on his body and threw My whole energy into this final stage of his flogging. I lashed him from head to foot, front and back, only his head was spared My onslaught and I had plans for that, too!

When I had had enough of this heavy scourging and had even grown weary, I called,


I knew exactly what I was going to do to him. I took My bag and walked around to stand in front of his outspread body, where he could see Me. Very slowly and deliberately I removed My G-string and stood there in only My shoes displayed fully nude for him to desire. And desire he did I could see his lust!

From My bag I pulled out a black double dildo with one long and one short moulded rubber cock on each side of the harness. I offered each end in turn for him to moisten with his lips and he sucked greedily on both, especially the short one, covering each with his spittle as ordered.

I mocked him with My eyes as I spread My legs and inserted the short end into My cunt, strapping the assembly around My waist and between My legs and drawing the straps taut. I saw his eyes widen and his cock harden some more.

And so I did. Standing behind him, I switched on the vibrator in the cock buried inside My cunt and grasped his ass cheeks, spreading them and thrusting the wide-flared rubber cock-head against his ass-hole and, with a vicious thrust of My hips, plunged it deep into him.

I heard his shriek as he was impaled on it and pushed hard to plunge it to the hilt deep inside him. Then I jerked it out and heard his gasp of relief. But only for an instant because I shoved forward again and drove the whole shaft deeply up his ass-hole again and again and continued My rhythmic thrusts for several minutes until I had had enough, though the vibrating cock inside Me was surely whetting My appetite for some more impalement of one kind or another.

"If Mistress requires it, then it must be and I must accept" he whispered, even more faintly.

I felt pleased. I had got him to this point and he still wanted to suffer more for Me. And he knew what that entailed I had made it clear that this must be the last and ultimate devotion to Me that his body could provide.

There was no doubt he knew what this meant and was prepared to accept it. Since no man in his right mind would voluntarily accept what was about to be inflicted on him, it was obvious that he had surrendered everything to Me. Excellent! So be it.

And I said it:

I removed the dildo and replaced My G string. Then I unshackled his legs and then his wrists and he fell limply to the ground, limp.

I felt at My most commanding now and he did not seem likely to disobey, for he lay on the ground, curled up and watched Me as I went about getting ready.

First I collected My bag of torture instruments from the table, opening it and laying it beside his face so that he could see what was inside.

I knew he could see what was inside and I saw the twin flushes of shame and excitement cross his face. I again removed My G string and stood there, flaunting My shaved cunt at him.

I could see him staring at My cunt with unashamed lust, although he must know what My reward was to be and should have been dreading it. I really was in total control now!

Into the dark recesses of My dungeon I strode calling,

And he crept on all fours, his body striped with pink whip-marks and gleaming with sweat, to where I stood over him and pointed.

His eyes followed My finger and saw the cross standing against the wall, all ten feet of it, rough timber in a T shape, with an angled block two feet up the vertical post.

I half feared he would refuse and spoil everything so I had to force him physically to obey. But he did not even hesitate. Standing, painfully, he grasped the upright and placed the whole cross on his shoulders, turning towards Me as if to ask "what next."

Up the winding stairs we went. I could hear the upright bumping on each step and his laboured gasps as he shouldered the 100 kg(footnote 3) cross and struggled up, getting ever near to his final fate. His doom! And he knew it as well as I did, but did not refuse Me.

As we emerged into the daylight, with Me leading him but not so much as a rope to control him, just My total domination doing everything it was trained to do, the sun glinted on his nakedness and the heavily striped body that bore the cross.

We worked our way through the house and out into the garden, where I had made things ready for the enactment. I did not want to be distracted by preparations which might break the spell under which he did everything that I commanded. No time for assembling ropes and such things, they had to be ready they were all there waiting for him to see, this obedient slave who soon would be so cruelly tortured and humiliated.

The effect on him was immediate and I could see that if he had thought of escape at this point, such thoughts were immediately banished from his mind.

I pointed to a spot under the large oak tree,

I saw him hesitate, I could tell there was a lot he wanted to say. Several seconds passed, then he blurted out a single phrase,

Then te offered his head to Me.

I held the bag in My hand and from it I drew a steel gag in the form of a bridle.

He had obeyed, if rather slowly. I knew he did not like being gagged but we could not afford his screams to be heard and this type of gag looks so effective. I bound the gag in place whilst his eyes goggled but he could say nothing now, even if he wanted to. Not even to plead for mercy, if there was any!

I led him by the arm, naked in the sunshine, towards his cross. It was his, for I had had it made for him and only he would suffer on it. Afterwards I would burn it. It would have no further use.

I turned him to stand beside the upright and made him step astride it. His arms dangled loosely by his sides.

I paused to savour the sight a Mistress yearns for a totally subdued and unresisting slave. A man who, despite all he has been through, still wishes to serve more. Even unto death, though I believe he had vague notions I would eventually release him before it was too late. Little did he know what I intended, what I wanted and what I would have from him.

He hesitated and I could hear from his grunts that there was something he wanted to say. Too bad!

He sat on the upright and meekly extended his feet to rest on the foot-block, adjusting his seating position until his legs were only partly bent when laid side by side.

He lay back and extended his arms towards the crossbar so that his hands rested on the flat surface, near the ends. In this position he assumed a Y shape and I had to admire the sight so submissive and a sign of marvellous things to come.

I knelt down by his waist and took another leather thong out of My bag. I threaded it under and around the upright and then crossed it first under and then over his balls and finally right around his cock, balls and the wooden beam. Thus harnessed, he could not struggle when I went about My business, even though his arms and legs were free it would be too painful to move his body!

I stood to see the picture of total subordination beneath Me. I had him finally and I could now look forward to his impalement without any fear that he might resist or struggle too much.

Through his gag he again tried to say something, but I couldn't care now. What he said or did mattered not at all and I would not allow anything to affect My enjoyment of the forthcoming crucifixion. His crucifixion! MY very own, personal, slave's crucifixion! I was wet with anticipation and My clit was already enlarged and hot.

His own excitement was clearly unabated as his cock stood vertical above his prostrate body and I could see his balls-sack taut and pushed upward by the tension in his crotch. What fun! My slave was saluting his Mistress as ever, even though she was about to inflict upon his helpless body the worst torture ever devised for a man. I really savoured this moment and stood there for a long time, fighting My own impatience to get on with having My pleasure at his expense.

I think it was nearly five minutes before I became aware that I was still standing there motionless above him as he lay with his eyes wandering all over My body and occasionally glancing at his outstretched arms and extended feet. He shifted a little from time to time and I made a mental note that I might have to restrain his extremities after all.

Again he hesitated and tried to say something. Finally, after making almost no sound at all, he made an almost imperceptible nod, "yes." Good enough for Me, I thought and stooped to recover My bag.

Kneeling beside his left hand I took out the hammer and on of the steel spikes I had had made for this day. It was fully seven, maybe eight centimetres(footnote 4) long, square in section and about a thirteen millimetres(footnote 5) at its broad end, tapering to a sharp point specially ground on all four sides. The nail had a broad head for hammering, about twenty-five millimetres (footnote 6) square at the other end. An instrument of exquisite pain, I thought as I grasped it by the head and showed it to him.

I saw him flinch and look away momentarily and I had to laugh. They always have had enough when the time for real devotion comes, don't they? But he would not escape Me now, his fate was 100% certain and pre-ordained from the time he pledged his undying devotion. In fact, his dying devotion!

I paused, waiting for his answer. But it never really came. He started to nod but caught himself before, he thought, I could detect the movement of his head. His instincts had got the better of him, I guessed. Still, why should I care? It was My right to crucify him wasn't it, and why should I wait until he was ready?

So I ignored him and concentrated on what I was about to do. I knelt on his wrist, pinning it to the crossbar and placed the nail in the centre of his palm. I could feel him trying to pull the arm away but My weight was in just the right place and with no ability to move his torso, thanks to the noose around his balls, he could get no leverage.

It was an incredible sense of power that overcame Me at that moment, knowing I could do it whether he wanted Me to or not. Total domination of this man!

The nail pricked his skin and the sharp point drew blood as I pressed it down to pin his hand. The sight of blood always arouses Me and now I was so horny I could not believe how much. I pressed down on the nail some more and the blood started to flow. Not nearly as much as it would, soon, of course, but quite enough.

I glanced at him, his eyes were closed. He submits, I thought! I looked round to inspect his erection and sure enough it was just as hard as ever, probably more so, and his juice was actually now dribbling from the opening.

He gazed intensely at Me and whispered,

I raised the hammer over My head, took a deep breath, thought "suffer, slave" and brought the hammer down on the square head of the nail in one smooth movement.

I saw the nail penetrate his hand by a full twenty-five centimetres(footnote 7) and almost immediately the blood started to gush out. Right on target, I thought as I raised the hammer for the next blow. I felt him buck and heard him scream mutely behind the gag as I brought the hammer down again and this time the nail was into the wood and progressing more slowly. But with only another two blows it was seated firmly in the wood with the head of the nail tight against his palm, blood and flesh everywhere! Oh YES!

I immediately came and waves of orgasm washed over Me for several minutes. It was perhaps the best orgasm I have ever had but as the feeling subsided I did not feel satisfied yet and quickly moved to his right hand. I had to grasp his arm as it flailed around in his agony and I could feel his legs bucking behind Me, but restrained by the harness round his balls. This made Me feel very happy, knowing I could crucify a man without even tying him down properly.

Quickly I knelt and impaled his right hand, pulling his arms out wide to tauten his body. I felt even more power as I raised My hammer and I saw the nail glinting momentarily in the sunlight as I brought My full strength to bear and drove it through his hand in one blow and halfway into the wood. I felt another orgasm mounting as I hammered it home with just one more enormous blow.

I was really beside Myself now and squirming almost as much as My slave as the peaks came and came again and I half slumped over My groaning victim as I savoured the true pleasure of a woman for whom a man atones.

But I had to complete My work and the most difficult part was in front of Me. I rose to My feet, weak for a moment and then I saw his full body as it lay in its agony upon the cross of its destruction. What a sight and yet there was more to come.

I grasped his feet and immediately knew that I would have to tie them down. Kneeling on one of his legs, I took the longest strap from My bag and lashed his right foot to the block with one end, bringing the free end over his left foot and pulling it on top of the right, then tying them both securely, overlapped, in position to receive the final nail. Neat!

The last nail was My pride and joy. Shaped like the others, sharply pointed and with a large square head at the end, it was at least 20 centimetres(footnote 8) long enough to pierce both feet and then some. This was about to be My finest moment and the waves of passion were already distracting Me as I prepared.

I knew I needed to get the nail through both feet in one hit, but the bones would get in the way if I did not aim just right. I pushed the point into his upper foot in the middle of his instep and immediately knew there was bone underneath. So a massive hammer blow was needed and I drew Myself up to deliver it.

There was a fearful crunch as the nail went home, right through both feet and just barely into the wood. Blood spurted everywhere and made My hands slippery but I pressed on

I lifted his feet by the nail to ensure I had done it right. I saw that the nail joined them both, had jammed into the bone and had penetrated completely; about thirteen millimetres(footnote 9) was sticking out from his lower sole. Good work, Mistress!

As I replaced his feet carefully in the centre of the block I heard his groans and looking towards him saw the contorted face of a man in ultimate agony, yet unable to scream. Nearer to Me, his rock-hard cock was waving about as he writhed, still painfully limited by the thongs around his balls. The thrashing about was distributing quite copious drops of his fluid around and some of it fell on My breasts. Again, I thought, very good work, Mistress!

With the feet back in place it was a simple matter to use the hammer to drive the long nail home into the block and soon his feet were as securely pinned as his hands. Oh Yes, I thought as the climaxes came again and I sagged limply over his nailed and bloody feet, My breasts pressed against them in My paroxysms of pleasure.

I must have remained like that for a good ten minutes until the ecstasy started to subside and I became aware of his sounds. He was trying to say something . Ordinarily I would not care what he had to say but something prompted Me to listen more closely. I could not make out the words so I rose and moved closer but still could not decide what he was trying to say. So I removed the gag.

Immediately he began to scream and continued to do for several seconds, the harshness of his pain articulated in guttural croaking and moaning not to mention his tears which coursed down his face. But then his cries stopped and I heard him whisper; bending closer, I made out his faint voice.

Surely this must be My very loyallest slave, to remember to say he loved Me in the midst of his agony and humiliation, delivered at My hands! But wasn't that the least I should expect, giving this slave the chance to show his love? I decided I should not be swayed by what he said, in case I became weak and merciful. He should not suffer any less because he loves Me, rather he should endure more till he reaches his limit and proves not to love Me as much as he claims. Yes? I decided I was right and stood up.

There he lay, his body mangled on the cross but even then, a perfect and symmetrical body impaled so neatly! I was proud of My handiwork and so I should be. Not everyone could nail a man to the cross and almost nobody could control a man so well that he volunteered for it to please a woman. No, I had good reason to feel very satisfied with Myself.

It remained for Me to clean Myself up, which I quickly did with some water from the garden tap and then to enjoy My suffering slave for the remainder of his wretched life. As I washed Myself I watched his naked body as it twitched on the cross, lying so beautifully displayed in the centre of My garden.

I walked back and stood over him. I was experiencing constant orgasms by now and I can't remember what I said to him or what he groaned in reply but I made every effort to taunt and mock him and I know he had no answer to Me. I stooped to play with his cock, which had remained fully erect through all his torments showing how much he secretly enjoyed suffering this way, which was what he had always maintained. In this regard, he was certainly truthful, though not in every thing, I am bound to say. 

I could hear him begging to be masturbated but I was not going to do that just yet. He had to be hoisted aloft to hang for Me and many hours would have to pass before he would be entitled to his final orgasm

I attached the roped that I had previously fixed to the overhead tree-branch and threaded them through the pulley blocks and pulled them taut. Now I was ready to hang him!

It was only moderate effort to hoist him and his cross upright and his moist and bloody nakedness glistened in the afternoon sun as he steadily rose to his final place of honour amidst the bright red flowers and bushy shrubs that adorned My garden and of which I was justifiably proud.

I remember thinking, he is one special rose to be proud of and his thorns are especially remarkable, but will never hurt Me, however much I handle and caress My flower.

Very soon, his body hung in full bloom there, his feet more than two feet off the ground, his head almost nine feet aloft. What a splendid sight, superbly naked, totally humiliated and Oh so bloody!

I walked towards the cross, approaching from behind and reaching round, took gentle hold of his cock, which was about the level of My breasts. I enjoyed fondling his balls and I cupped them both in one hand whilst I encircled his shaft with the other. I could feel him respond and I became aware of the thongs around his balls which held him to the upright. The thongs had to go, they had done their work. So I went round to the front and unthreaded them from between his legs, and pulling the leather strips out.

Immediately, his body sagged and his hips swung away from the cross towards Me as if as an offering. I was quite overwhelmed for a moment and started to feel some affection for a man who still shows his love even in a moment of such extreme hopelessness. For he must have felt, at that moment, the bitterest pangs of total degradation and abandonment as he hung, freshly raised, on the cross from which there could now be no escape.

After all, I had designed his punishment so, had I not?

But then I realised that he could not help himself and the vertical position of the cross together with the angle of the foot-block must force his hips to sag outwards. Ah well, I a getting all I want, who cares if he wants to show his love for Me?

I felt some resentment that his offering had been unintentional rather than a token of his devotion and I resolved to make him pay for this. Reaching into My bag, I found another nail, thinner and round but still about seventy-five millimetres long.

Taking the hammer, I approached him and reached between his legs to grasp his scrotum. I felt for the centre, between his balls and placed the point of the nail squarely there. Without pausing, I hammered it into the cross, pinning him to the upright. It gave Me hot flushed, it was so exciting to do this for the first time.

Fresh blood coursed down his legs to join the rivulets which flowed from his hands and feet and into the pool at the foot of the cross.

I just grunted, thinking of other things to do to him, but I was appeased for the moment. So I went inside and made Myself one of those special cups of coffee I like so much freshly ground beans, half coffee half cream with a dash of milk and four spoons of sugar.

I returned to the garden and sat down on the bench to watch My victim's sufferings. And he watched Me from his cross through tear-stained, blood-spattered eyes.

I still felt so horny! The crucifixion had served only to super-excite Me further than I had ever felt before. I realised now that it would be the moment of his death on that tall cross that would ultimately satisfy Me nothing less. So even if I had thought of relenting and releasing him, with a faint chance of his recovery, none of his ever walking again, I was not going to give in now. He would die.

As I watched the tall body displayed in such humiliation and suffering upon the cross which in past ages had been used publicly to shame its victims, I pondered how long he would last. I would have to wait but probably not as long as the three days that they say a healthy victim could be expected to suffer before death. The severe scourging must have weakened him; the nailing had produced a lot of blood, more than I had expected; what's more he would have been devastated when I nailed his balls to the cross, too. He would have given up all hope at that point, no?

I saw him faintly mouthing something, and I made out his words.

I didn't reply for a moment but I figured he was suggesting that I could bring his suffering to a conclusion. Actually, only one thing remained, which I had promised to do in return for, and just prior to his death. I had to wank him wank him to death! This final masturbation was to be the sign, we had agreed, of his total humiliation. His reward, if you could call it that, for his submission. My reward, too, in the form of his ultimate surrender of manhood.

I watched and waited for an hour or so. He was already growing weaker and I was conscious of My undertaking: honour dictated that I did not fail to wank him just before he gave up his life to Me. It was also growing late and the shadows in the garden were lengthening. With My visitors next day I had not made up My mind whether to display him to them. I probably needed him dead beforehand and I decided to hasten the process.

Walking up to him I smeared grease all over his cock and balls and around his ass-hole, too. I could feel his whole body stiffen as his cock came hard again. Glancing up I saw a look of utter devotion on his stricken face and I knew he was ready.

I started to massage his cock and with My other hand kneaded his balls and the space between them and his ass-hole. It did not take long, but I too became wonderfully excited at the prospect of his death and pressed his cock between My breasts and rolled it to and fro.

Then I settled down to giving him the long slow wank that only a dying man deserves. I worked My fingers up and down his shaft, circled his glans and penetrated the opening with My finger-nail. From above, and despite his sufferings, he responded and his hips rotated in ecstasy, despite the fact that his balls were nailed to the cross as well as his hands and feet.

I heard him moaning, a different moan from one of suffering, and then he came. His cock lengthened suddenly and swelled up to a size I had never seen on him before. It jerked in My hand, then he bucked and a jet of creamy white spunk jetted from his cock followed by another and another. A scream of intense pleasure came from his lips above Me as his fluids ran down My breasts.

All this time, My own orgasms had been coming and waning then coming again but when he screamed and his spunk filled the air, I had My best one yet and it was hard to concentrate on his cock, though I did.

Then he went limp up there and his cock gushed cream for the last time. I continued to massage it for a while until it grew soft. I let it drop over his impaled balls.

I stepped back; he was gasping for air and clearly in his final moments. I felt the truth of the moment in My loins as the true feelings of power drove Me to My peak again and again and I collapsed on the grass, furiously rubbing My clit and deeply fingering My cunt as I savoured one climax after another, each one more powerful than the last. I heard My screams ... AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I came to many minutes later, in a welter of sweat and not a little of his blood. When I looked up at him, he had given his all and he sagged from his cross. The nail had torn out from his scrotum and he was again sagging towards Me in his final offering. His eyes stared at Me, sightless, his mouth was open in his last scream of submission. Put to death, he had made the final sacrifice. For Me!!

Thus was I, Mistress C, appeased and satisfied by My slave's Ultimate Devotion. I have no equal as a Mistress, nor as a Goddess to men. There will be many more men who suffer for Me!!!