the Birthday

Five centuries from to­day the earth is re­cov­er­ing from a third world war. No long­er are ar­ro­gant hu­man males the fi­nal meas­ure of strength and pow­er, cruel­ty and lust, blood and death and hor­ror for when the smoke clear­ed, the strug­gling sur­viv­ors took a so­ci­o­lo­gi­cal fork ne­ver fol­lowed be­fore then.

The largest pocket of fer­tile earth was cen­ter­ed in the heart of South Amer­i­ca; tak­ing ad­van­tage of the con­fu­sion fol­low­ing the cease fires, weal­thy sur­viv­ors from every cul­ture made their way to this green land be­fore des­pair and an­ar­chy could ful­ly pre­vent trav­el.

Seventy years later the descendants of this wealthy elite ruled semi- permanent camps as spoiled. aristocratic Ladies, forming a loosely knit Nation of Brazilia. Their husbands were generally too concerned with holding what had already been won from encroaching barbarians; savages and bandits had followed legend to this last stronghold of civilization.

Border wars were constant. Compulsory military service was a necessity, requiring officers to command. This put the managing of local affairs almost exclusively in the hands of the Ladies. Within three generations the only Lords were a handful of military commanders, effectively banished to the edges of the Nation. Few aristocrat women wed, preferring to manipulate servants for pleasure and children.

Simultaneously these women became interested in commanding the military as well. Following their example, the common people began to marry less, the women assuming a bullying, dominant sexual role in imitation of the distant Ladies. Sons were held in disdain; a daughter was the pride of a woman.

Within a century no male aristocrats existed, the military forces were controlled entirely by women, and only a tenth of the citizens of the new Empire Brazilia were male. The most desirable males were entirely kept by the aristocrats for pleasure and progeny, leaving the remainder in the working force at a twelve to one ratio.

Desperation forced many women into military service as mere soldiers, in pursuit of sex and daughters; within fifty years the military was over eighty percent female. Shortly after the concept of "necessitated servitude" was reawakened, but with a twist males were deemed necessarily servile, and within fifty years no free male existed.

Within a century from the passing of this law the Empire Brazilia was ruled by female Ladies and guarded entirely by female soldiers; the more fortunate males were the pampered pets of the aristocrats and the majority were indebted at birth to life imprisonment in either public pleasure centers or impregnation clinics. Civil rights were limited as well, to prevent disobedience.

AA (Alpha Ascentia) 374 marked the year the Council declared both martial law and the proclamation of the Dictatress of a new and golden empire supreme Lady of Empire Ascentia, holding equal authority with the Council.

Her first dictate, which met no resistance, was the enslavement of males. The pets of the ladies became property; the indentured males became property of their centers, which merged functions. Within a single generation no social mores prevented willful cruelty to these powerless masses.

The Ladies developed sadistic policies that made life miserable for the slaves. To obtain confession, torture of males was declared lawful. Soon torture to set an example was allowed followed inevitably by torture to ensure discipline. Women eagerly became pregnant in order to sell or exchange their male offspring with others, the words for son and daughter vanished; instead child meant female and stock meant male.

Male numbersswelled when it was discovered that a particular root extract guaranteed the production of male offspring and, with regular use, could guarantee a "child" upon cessation. Simultaneously a mutant virus appeared that wiped out eighty percent of mammalian species; starvation threatened the land.

Only the Ladies, their slaves, and the military had food; mass rioting and rebellion began. To preserve order, the Dictatress opened grain houses and diverted the military to fishing, yet all seemed lost until a brilliant (if terrible) Council decree that "where there were two slaves, one would die". Order was restored by eating the flesh of the slain slave.

Cannibalism became the mainstay of survival. This dictate was made in AA 398, and Empire Ascentia received the title Dark Dominion by the hordes of barbarians in the savage lands outside.

Within ten years male meat is eaten at least weekly by all citizens, with fish, fowl, and the few surviving mammal classes providing the bulk of animal protein. One hundred years later the "stockyards" had grown sufficiently to put male meat on the table every day, and still have servants and laborers in every house.

Two hundred years later and society was unrecognizable; social classes between women, weakened after cannibalism, virtually no longer exist. At most, women of a stronger hold have greater wealth but the law is impartial. Less than three hundred thousand women rule an Empire covering seventeen million square kilometers.

Living in small holds of several dozen women, loosely related by blood, each clan owns several thousand males, the majority being stock animals, a very small number living indoors as house slaves. Many women wear nothing but human skin in public.

At the time of this story, four thousand holds are scattered across the continent. Ten million captive males exist, the majority in herds of several thousand. Countless small barbarian tribes and outlaw bands harry the empire; new blood is constantly infused.

Small nations to the north exist, distant enough to remain secure for now. Rumors of a "great empire" across the sea keep the seed of rebellion alive in the enslaved male population, some of who escape to the barbarians in pursuit of safety and freedom. Remaining a slave is tantamount to a death sentence.

During last fifty years, well fed and secure in their power, women had encountered a new danger ennui. This led to hedonism on a scale never before seen, and this, combined with their natural instinct for cruelty and sexual satiation, as well as the unique situation of eating the same creatures that served them sexually, led to the expansion of torture from an interrogation technique or punishment to deliberate sexual practice. Women practiced techniques; inventive forms won public acclaim and social gatherings centered around torture events.

For males, it had become a grim world.

Dominique is the lady of Vanashta Hold and governess of New Manila. She lives with her mother, sisters, several nieces, cousins, and aunties, and their children in Vanashta Hold. Several landless women live there as well, including Anna, a captured and reformed barbarian. Anna loves her lady passionately for giving her a new life. Dominique has three daughters, one adopted.

Dominique's hold is of the guild of meat-peelers, women who flay the skin from living, screaming males in underground chambers of horror known as the Skinning Pits. This trade has existed since shortly after the proclamation of AA 398; her own family rose to prominence shortly afterwards when an ancestor discovered a formula for increasing and decreasing the suppleness of processed human skin, from light flexibility suitable for wearing all day, to a stiffness used in armor, shields, wall panels or similar applications.

This method allowed the use and demand of skin to expand exponentially; meat-peelers were hired at every slaughterhouse, where previously the hides were often torn off the naked men crudely and disposed of with the byproducts of slaughter.

Last week word was received that a ship bearing a valuable shipment of gladiatorial baboon from New Siam was lost due to negligence; several crewmen survived and Dominique must determine their punishment soon. She'd like to use them to entertain a group from a neighboring hold that will arrive within the week to discuss trade. She's dealing with a personal issue as well her twin children will celebrate their eighteenth birthday tomorrow, a coming of age ritual known as their Ascension, and she's promised them the right to participate in the family business.

Dominique smiled as she bathed; tomorrow was a day every mother looked forward to. It was incredible that her angels would awaken with the rights and responsibilities of Ascension. She'd been so busy these last years as governess, and so often her own mother smiled with love as she recalled Dominique's year of Ascension. An eager, dark-eyed child of obvious potential, Dominique had perfectly recited the Rite of Ascension,

Leaning back, she motioned to a silently watching male. He rushed to her; she pulled him into her mouth and sucked while her blond male massaged her tired shoulders. When he came, straining to produce enough for her belly's pleasure, she swallowed and patted him absently. Sighing, she rose with heavy breasts as always dripping scented water to the worn leather rug at the bath's edge.

Dominique had taken that from a delectable slave, a weak one who wept constantly. His terror had been delicious; it seemed suddenly as if she no longer had the ability to taste pleasure so deeply. Had it been so long ago? A sad evening; spirits were in the air. Sensing she was ready, the watchful blond kissed her and rinsed and dried her gently. He held out her robe, but she declined.

As he stepped away to obey, she told him he'd be sleeping outside the door. He asked if she wanted a smallrack assembled and a male delivered; she declined, being tired and strangely pensive. Normally, a pretty slave on the smallrack would exactly be her tonic for the day.

With Blondie sucking at her cunt and gently probing her anus with his magic fingers, she'd put a few iron pins in her naked victim, timing them to her blond males fervent efforts; at the proper instant she'd savagely rip the bleeding skin from the naked, screaming man, completely unlike her cold professionalism while attending her trade. This bedtime ritual had gone on for several weeks yet tonight she simply had no lust.

The next morning Dominique woke as two small bodies hit her with precision born of practice.

Melissa interrupted with a kiss and reminder of tradition.

Melina cut back in,

Both girls were silent for an instant, then began to laugh in joy. Barbarians were so rare!

Internally, Dominique was betting she already knew the answers. Melina hugged her and said with utter sincerity,

Dominique hugged her youngest, the last to leave her womb, and always the least adventurous.

Melissa was adamant: she'd select her own.

Dominique had guessed this as well.

Holding Melina by the hand as Melissa skipped and danced for joy, Dominique led the way to the entrance to the Skinning Pits. Two muscular males stood guard; seeing the children, they instinctively covered their genitals, and the young beauties giggled at seeing their first male genitalia.

Turning to Melissa, she asked her if she wanted one of the guards. The men paled, as Melissa looked at them thoughtfully. Although young girls were not permitted to see genitalia, it was common gossip in class, and most girls had seen illicit drawings long before encountering the real thing. Although legal, Melissa hesitated until her mother urged her on.

She then raised her voice and imperiously commanded each naked male to assume the Posture of Se­lec­tion. Ritually, each spread his legs shoulder height and squatted six inches, while placing his palms against his shoulder blades and lifting his elbows straight up to the sky. Blushing deeply at her first Order of Dominance, she felt along the slave's inner thigh, and slid her hand along the smoothness of his belly.

As a Ascendant, she was still forbidden the genital examination that Dominants performed. This relieved her for she had determined in these past ten minutes that these genitals were misshapen and grotesque. She then slid her hands over his arms and shoulders, feeling for any of several imperfections. Watching Dominique out of the corner of her eye, she repeated the examination, and issued the Resume.

Dominique hugged her with pride.

Passing through the portal the girls became subdued, and Dominique, not for the first time that day, felt tears mist her eyes. How she loved her work, and her children!

As they passed along the tunnel, oil lamps lighting the way, the silence slowly gave way to faint sounds soon the sounds coalesced into hysterical shrieking and frantic cries for "the mercy of the drug". A drug existed that would deaden all sensation, used for women undergoing surgery.

Occasionally a sentimental woman would order this costly drug for the gentle deaths of males to whom they'd grown fond of, such as house slaves who were no longer able to perform. Rumor of this foolish extravagance spread like wildfire through the herds and settled like a religion upon hearing of it, every desperate male carried the hope in his heart that when he was strapped into the skinning rack, the grinning woman bent over him was sure to administer the drug.

Dominique had never used the drug, nor had any of her girlfriends, yet every male she'd ever selected had broken down and pled. The gorgeous mistress actually enjoyed this pathetic hope; perhaps her cruel deception really had fooled the ignorant animals watching! She enjoyed pretending she felt mercy, in order to shatter the hope she saw flare in her victims terrified eyes. Possibly the naked men she forced to watch her sensual orgies of torture returned to the herds to whisper that she'd actually considered it!

As they drew nearer to the holding pens Melissa and Melina began to shiver. Unlike their dark mother, the girls were creamy blondes. They would soon fill out and develop curves but were currently still wearing baby fat. They had pale blue eyes and giggled incessantly.

Such blondes were unusual but so was the male whose seed had quickened them. Although celebrating their eighteenth birthday, it was still (thankfully!) ten more years to the Domination celebration, and until then they must remain virgins.

Today they would skin a male; tomorrow they would begin formal training in efficient peeling, evaluation of skin type, and processing techniques. Not for ten years more would they be trained in the refinement of the art sexual stimulation of the male, sexual techniques in self gratification as they administered the torture, or even specific pain centers in the male body.

This last inhibition existed because of the obvious connection between torturing naked males and sexual arousal. Indeed, to keep their young minds innocent, they'd be watched closely during the next ten years and had to pass over the genitals when skinning. If observed breathing heavily or absently rubbing against the bloody victims during the peeling, they'd be told to desist and return to their books.

The empire considered it's Ascendants' treasures; even their time with house slaves was monitored. This is why prior to attaining Ascendant status, male genitals were covered in their presence. These young ones could not even tour the herds except from special walkways which some proud mothers erected to allow this.

Dominique knew already Melissa would need more watching than her sister.

As they passed one door it opened suddenly and shrieks burst into the corridor. Dominique's sister Darcie stepped out, flushed bright red with desire, wiping fresh blood out of her eyes and splashing it in all directions.

She gave her a quick hug, licking a fat bead of blood seconds away from rolling into her eye. Just outside the door to their destination, Anna came into view from a turn in the corridor.

Dominique slipped her arms behind the strange, curvaceous woman's neck. She loved Anna dearly; Anna, who'd been pulled screaming and spitting from a cave a mere two years ago, where she'd been taken with the rest of a band of savages trapped while raiding a farm on the edge of the empire. Empire policy was firm captured women were liberated women; they might kill themselves but no citizen would kill them except in defense.

Anna had been quick to appreciate her proffered new life, and to appreciate Dominique as her savior. She was a strange olive brown, and had unbelievably full and heavy lips. Her eyes were her most astonishing feature lovely almond shaped pools of absolute blackness. Her hair was gleaming black, and while the shafts were individually thicker than any of Dominique's people, they were sparse, particularly on her arms and legs. Her pubis was a mere narrow strip that left her labia exposed naturally!

Anna responded that a shipment of males contained two personally known to her had been accepted into Dominique's herds. She wanted both of them! Knowing her cruelty, Dominique smiled.

Dominique cast a warning glance at her children and Anna threw up her arms.

Stepping near, she lowered her voice.

Dominique stopped her mouth with a long kiss, and told her they were hers.

After hugging the girls, Anna started on then stopped and turned.

Dominique frowned; the barbarian must be the one she'd saved for the surprise. And now, with the little darlings ready it was awkward to change step. At once a thought came to her.

At Anna's gleeful assent, Dominique went on to warn her that another little person needed to consent.

The little beauty answered at once.

This last question made her giggle and blush. Little girls knew that "adult things" were not for the discussion of children! Anna answered herself.

Melina nodded, wide-mouthed in wonder.

Satisfied with the arrangement, the four moved on and entered Pit seventeen.

The Pit was a large chamber designed with acoustics in mind. Various smallracks of different styles were on hand, circling a fullrack. The fullrack accommodated every position possible to hold and expose a naked, writhing male.

The smallracks were mobile and used by those addicted to one particular method of meat-peeling. Arranged in a circle around the racks was a great pen in which males were kept when a mistress wanted an audience of future victims. Sometimes she would fill it to capacity; at other times only a select number would watch.

Small cages on wheels sat off to a side, for use when a woman wanted a particular terrified boy to watch the action from mere inches away. Generally this was done when the caged male was scheduled to taste the knife immediately after the screaming victim before him had been handed to the butchers. Two selection pens were present also.

Selection pens had glass sides to allow complete views of the naked males. Some Pits had selection pens with clamps to hold the males immobile; Dominique had chosen seventeen because she abhorred those pens, preferring to watch in amusement as the terrified males pushed and hid behind one another, cowering like insects.

A skilled meat-peeler prided herself on never handing a corpse over to the butcher. Dominique herself rarely lost one, at least since the children were born and her skills honed. Butchers knew her reputation and came to expect a shrieking, insane and skinless thing twisting weakly in its own blood when they came to collect. This made Dominique a favorite, as although butchers did not torture as part of their art (unlike roasters' and boilers') they had natural feminine instincts and enjoyed tormenting their meat before it died.

Anna winked at Dominique while the children stood in awe, shivering with excitement. A real Skinning Pit! Their pretty cotton dresses, trimmed with male leather, gleamed in the light of the flickering lamps. Dominique called for Melissa.

Grinning and blushing. the beautiful little girl stepped up and walked slowly around the pen. Terrified, the males moaned audibly and pushed behind one other wildly. So terrified were they that they never considered the fact that it was a child eyeing them thoughtfully. Her cute grin terrified them as much as the lustful leer of an adult.

Silently Melissa paced. Finally she pointed to one young boy just into adulthood last year he would have been in the veal pens.

Veal was an ancient term for meat from immature animals.

The male turned white when he saw her pointing and flattened against the far wall of glass, tears spurting from his eyes.

Dominique seized a prod and separated him from the others, driving him to the cage door and out, at which time he obeyed from sheer terror.

Proudly, Melissa ordered him to assume the Posture of Se­lec­tion.

She analyzed his nudity and squealed as she found nothing wrong. His skin was flawless.

Before being asked, Melissa pointed to a small rack in the shad­ows.

Dominique was quite proud. Petting her child's soft golden hair she called Melina to another smallrack.

Her second child cut her off with a teary face, smiling from joy,

Without waiting she slipped against the male's sweating side and examined him closely. Dominique noted that she widely bypassed the genitals, avoiding even the skin just below his navel understandable shyness in a child on her eighteenth birthday. She'd learn professional detachment soon enough in school.

Melissa was fumbling in the tray already prepared along the wall. She assembled those scalpels and picks she decided to use to tackle the job. The cute little warrior was not going to ask Mother for help! The shivering male moaned, and Melissa turned and released him from the Posture.

Hands on her hips, she ordered him to Mount the Rack. A louder groan escaped him, and he half fell, before catching himself. Shivering badly, he cast an imploring look around the room but met only lustful stares from the two adults and mischievous giggles from the children.

Slowly he stumbled to the rack and climbed into place, laying on his back across two bamboo rods with his feet placed squarely on a third only a foot from the one his rump rested on. This forced him to raise his knees up high, but far enough from his ass to give the meat-peeler access to the back of his legs. His arms were laid across a longer rod, bent at the elbows with palms facing up.

Melissa quickly strapped his feet to their rod and his arms at the elbow to their supporting rod. Another rod swung down to which the male's hands were strapped, by the bent fingers which allowed access to the sensitive wrists.

A single rope was thrown across the naked male's belly. This was optional, but the little girl knew her first meat-peeling would be much more difficult if she needed to concern herself with her victim's frantically heaving torso.

The hapless boy's head was left fully free; it had no support so would droop unless the tortured male held it up. Aficionado's of this particular smallrack found it entertaining to watch as weariness brought the head down, only to have it whip up as the tormented victim shrieked when a new, cruel slice peeled back more tender skin. At last all was ready. Clapping her hands in excitement, Melissa asked if she could begin.

Solemnly, Dominique uttered the ritual response,

Clutching her scalpel tightly, Melissa stepped up and stared into the naked young male's face for several moments. He burst into wild sobbing and begged her for mercy, pleading that other males had finer skin. When she merely giggled, he asked for the drug. The child's innocent answer spelled his doom.

She began to laugh and dropped the scalpel, while the naked animal howled in terror. Retrieving it, she raised the doomed slave's body with the adjustment wheel and when she was pleased, seized his right wrist firmly.

Then the gorgeous, giggling little girl began to skin the terrified, hysterical boy slave. When the scalpel slipped beneath the skin of his wrist, the male screamed explosively and his head lifted almost vertically. When she delicately began cutting, however, his cries became static and his face red. Screaming, he spat froth and mucous as the girl's knife laid bare his arm.

At his shoulder she had to reposition herself and did so. Abruptly changing her mind she went to the left arm. Soon his screams changed again. Between howls of pure agony he blurted cries for mercy or the drug; Dominique restrained herself from joining in, but clenched in her pocket an empty vial used to torment her own victims.

Melissa had removed the skin of her victim's arms and shoulders when she raised the rack to get at his lovely bare back. When she was through, her pink dress and golden hair were dripping blood; her face was a red mask as she kept wiping her eyes clear.

Anna grinned and told her she had the makings of a champion. Anna too was learning the trade. Obviously, however no sexual restrictions bound her. Anna was taught privately, at Dominique's expense she watched the little girl work carefully.

Soon Melissa finished his back and buttocks and began cutting away up the bottom of his legs, to his knees. She worked strenuously, tearing the soft skin frequently. Her ornate hairstyle was completely gone, acting as a sponge it clung to her head, sodden with the naked sufferers blood, saliva, and urine.

The meat was gorgeous in his agony; he'd voided his bladder twice so far and shrieked himself hoarse yet still he shrieked. Even with the rope his tortured body heaved so that each time his buttocks lifted from the bamboo a sucking noise could be heard, from raw flesh against the absorbent wood. Like the term "veal", bamboo was an ancient tradition. No one knew why, but it was synonymous with the trade of meat-peeling.

The gorgeous young male's suffering was tremendous, and contagious. Concerned only with skinning, the wide-eyed innocents were completely unaware that Anna and Dominique were dripping with lust as they savored the hysterical suffering of the writhing, naked, well-hung male.

Melissa lowered him again as she began on his chest. He screamed frantically as he watched the cute little meat-peeler strip the skin from his torso, choking on his own blood. Males often had their mightiest erections when under the knife; knowing this Dominique had fitted the racks with a small wooden cup designed to fit over the genitals.

Melissa didn't notice.

Sobbing, gibbering incoherently, the agonized male no longer spoke clearly but his hysterical shrieks for mercy were unmistakable. Anna was impressed; she'd not yet learned that although older animals could envisualize the suffering more deeply, due to longer experience, young males had a far greater capacity for terror as well as far better sensation in their skins, resulting in actually suffering more profoundly.

Some women favored skinning veal for this reason, although if immature enough, the meat had no real expectation to savor. Most aficionado's found meat between ten and twenty the most satisfying; a small group focused entirely on classic veal, however, from three to nine. Generally, younger animals were not killed. Some meat-peelers refused to peel animals not yet into past puberty, although their reasons were vague.

Finally the stark naked male was raw except for his throat and face. Tremors of agony pulsed through his exposed muscle tissue. Melissa slid her scalpel up his throat but misjudged the depth and opened his jugular vein. Heartbroken, she watched the animal die, and she turned and began to sob as her mother rushed to comfort her.

Smiling through her tears, the beautiful little girl smiled blearily.

Next, Melina moved to her victim. Upon hearing the ritual words, she squealed with delight and shouted happily that she would "teach it more than that!" While her sister had started with an arm, Melina began at the feet.

Her scalpel began it's terrible journey at the wide-eyed male's ankle. Soon he was writhing and shaking in agony, screaming far more loudly than Melissa's victim, if not pleading so deliciously. Unlike Melissa's smallrack, Melina's held the naked male face down on his belly across two bamboo rods, and his knees had a third thrust tightly behind them.

His arms were held out before him, bound twice shoulder width apart. It was easier for a male to hold his head upright in this rack, but more pressure was exerted on his chest and thighs also, his genitals hung attractively, except in a case like this, where they were held in a cone, away from the eyes and knife of the innocent little girl.

The barbarian cursed loudly as well as shrieking from pain, which frightened the slight child until her mother patted her reassuringly. Melina skinned him well. Her touch was more hesitant and lighter than her twin's, Dominique noted. She would probably make a more adept torturer, when of age. Melissa, on the other hand, would be more merciless.

Mentally, the governess made notes to pass on to the teacher the observations she had made. Suddenly she cursed silently she'd been so involved with the torture that she'd forgotten to prepare the clotting spray!

Amazingly, this tough little barbarian had not needed it.

By this time Melina had almost completely peeled him. Dominique softly reminded her of her promise and Melina smiled and nodded happily. Carefully, she slid the blade up over the shrieking naked shoulders of her victim and stopped at the face.

Anna had to hold back tears as she hugged the child warmly. Goddess, she loved the gentle little blond girl; what a beauty she would one day be! Dominique was visibly moved as well. Laughing with a husky voice, the exotic new citizen positioned herself on a short bench and gently whispered into the writhing male's ear.

The sufferer blinked his eyes and slowly focused them. His raw body calmed it's pulsating somewhat. Several times he tried to speak, then succeeded.

He nodded, and she slowly raised and tilted the smallrack until he hung only partially supported, in an upright position.

Anna then removed the cup and hefted his untouched penis and testicles.

The tortured male nodded.

Then, leaning forward, she engulfed his left testicle and deliberately chewed it to pulp. Calmly chewing without taking her eyes off his newly awakened face, she swallowed and then ate the other one. The naked man was shrieking into the ceiling, writhing, then looking back at her with horror. Then he died.

The young girls examined the wound with interest, while privately doubting that raw and oddly formed flesh could possibly taste good when it looked so revolting. They were impressed with the effect Anna's teeth had on the male, however. Calling the butcher, the Ascendants turned over the juicy corpses. The butcher praised them as fine little meat-peelers.

Giggling like demons, the ten year old Ascendant warriors of Vanashta Hold admitted they were tired and sleepy as they followed their mother home to a warm bath, clean nightdresses, and a hot meal. It had been a big day, and they were almost grown, but they were ready for bed. Yawning hugely, they drifted to sleep with dreams of their victim's agonized shrieks ringing in their ears.


John forget the letter I described as a submission; here's my genuine salutation to the unknown woman (to me at least) who drew the file attached below it. Her Scandinavain women and the little men are gorgeous, and this perticular drawing is literally haunting. I rise to look at it.

This will be two imported files. Realize you can't send the picture again, but you sad an idea based on another's is fine her idea captivates me. This is a "short short" in it's own right. Plz pass this along to her if it's convenient. She is wonderful.

The Hall's heavy stone walls are centuries old, and smell pleasantly of blood and sweat and roasting flesh.

The women of the Hall are strong and cruel and beautiful; they serve themselves and love pleasure above all else. These goddesses are strong and take what they desire.

One goddess has seized a beautiful little man. She has stripped him and bound him atop a flaming grill, and Oh! how terribly he suffers. Her nostrils demand the scent of his roasting flesh, and her eyes demand the anguish as he suffers the fires on his tender skin, and her ears demand sweet music as he shrieks aloud while cooking for her pleasure.

Terror has consumed the little man, and his beautiful face is twisted by his fear. Tears splash across his velvety cheeks and he pleads for his goddess to spare him, uselessly, for she has a giant's cruelty. Flaming coals sear the testicles of the wail ing little man; his soft buttocks blacken as the flames caress them. His soft belly will sizzle and the daughter of Scandinavia will appreciate the sounds of dripping fat and cracking skin, and her nose will be pleased and her tongue and her ears for he is hers to use as she will.

Soft and tender, the little man writhes gracefully on the grill; he twists and turns as he shrieks hysterically for there is no escape from the searing heat but that is unthinkable, there must be there must be an end to the fire but there is none!

Pain beyond endurance has stiffened his erection. The kneeling goddess appreciates this reddening tube of tender flesh. She knows it will soon brown deliciously. She caresses his sweat-sodden scalp tenderly, patting his shoulder comfortingly, murmuring gently as she watches his unbearable suffering.

The goddess reaches under his writhing arms and seizes his soft breast, digging deeply into the flesh surrounding his pink nipples, digging for the root of his agony, drinking in the beauty of her power over this smooth and naked little man, so beautiful and delicious.

It is right that nothing is denied her.


His brother stands naked on a table behind them, shivering violently, so terrified that he feels he must vomit. His erection throbs as well, pulsing in his agony as he wonders what will befall him. He watches the horror of the slow-roasting because th e proud, giant women enjoy that he does. They want him to tremble, and sob harshly, his face a wet mask of tears.