I love arcades. The machines and gadgets they are putting in today are just awesome. I've been hooked since I was a kid and the home units just don't do it like the real thing. The real thing being the latest and the best I can find. Jimmy and I hit the locals all the time and we're usually hard up to find a new machine. They just don't produce them fast enough.

Jimmy and I grew up together, went to school together and even work at the same place now. Our schedules match, so we pair up in the quest for the latest and the baddest. Last Saturday, we found the very baddest.

Jimmy and I live within a few blocks of each other about a half-mile from the nearest stores and such. It's a quiet place and you had to go several miles to get to a really good arcade. That is, you had to until somebody converted the old 7-11 into one. It had closed down years ago and nobody had used it since. It sits about four blocks from my apartment and when Jimmy and I started to pass it last Saturday, we couldn't get into the parking lot fast enough.

The whole front had been closed up so the only glass showing was the door. Neon and dark lighting were all over. I could have sworn it hadn't been there the night before, but sometimes you overlook things going on when it's familiar. We walked in together and bumped straight into a woman who looked like she belonged anywhere but in an arcade. She was an 'anal' type, all business looking and pretty starchy. She smiled at me when we entered and welcomed us warmly.

Jimmy and I looked at each other, grinning. He turned back to her and nodded.

She smiled slightly,

Turning, she pointed to a unit that looked like one of those Indy type games except much larger.

She walked over to the machine and lifted up the door. It opened like the car does in Back To the Future. In fact, it really did look like that car from the movie inside.

I looked at Jimmy with a puzzled look. He gave me one of those 'go ahead, I DARE ya' grins, so I walked through the curtain.

It was like an oversized dressing room with a shelf to one side. On the shelf were several stacks of shiny garments, marked by size. I grabbed one that fit me and stripped. It fit like a glove once I wiggled into it, tightly following the shape of my body exactly. The only thing was, it didn't cover much. There was just enough material over my groin area to keep me from being arrested and it was softly thick. There was no top but it had a stiff pad that came up high enough on my back to press firmly against the base of my spine.

Fine wires ran all through the garment and came together on the left side at a connector. A stack of 'one-size-fits-all' slippers was off to one side. I figured I was supposed to put those on instead of my shoes, so I slipped into a pair and walked out.

When I came through the curtain, Jimmy let out a wolf whistle and started laughing.

The seat inside was very comfortable. In front of me was a huge monitor.

"I'll explain that in a minute. First, why don't put the seat belt on."

She pointed to it.

I clicked the belt into place. It fit across me like one of those you see in racecars. While I was buckling up, she reached down to my left side and pulled up a black cord that had the opposite end of the connector I was wearing. She snapped the two halves together and stood up.

She pointed to two black pads that looked like those insoles you see hanging in grocery stores. My immediate response was,

As soon as I put my arms on the armrests, my ankles and wrists were locked into place, triggered by the pressure from my feet and arms.

She didn't answer, instead, she reached between my legs and flipped a panel up over my groin. It snugged down on my dick like it was tailor-made.

It was totally dark, then the screen lit up and I was looking at the starting line of a racetrack.

Nothing was happening yet, the cars were just lined up ready for the start. Her voice came over a speaker behind my head.

The speaker gave a little 'click', indicating she'd turned it off. The sound of revving car engines engulfed the chamber and suddenly I smelled car exhaust. I felt vibrations as if there was a huge powerhouse up in front and the sound of the other engines came from all around me. Just like it would be on a track.

The flag came down and we were off. During the first lap nothing happened unusual and I took the lead quickly. Boy, I thought, this is gonna be a piece of cake.

When I passed the starting line to begin the second lap, I started feeling heat. Before I could get around the track for the second time I'd broken into a sweat. I remembered what she'd said about 'distractions', so I focused all the harder. I was still in the lead at the end of the third lap but the sweat was stinging my eyes and I could feel it puddlng under the soles of my feet.

At the start of the third lap, I started itching. It was horrible, like the time I had the broken leg and couldn't get to it, only I felt this all over my body. I started squirming and a couple of cars passed me by.

Damn! I thought as I forced my mind back onto the screen in front of me. It took the rest of the fourth lap, but I got the lead back.

During the final lap, I started feeling the sensation of a feather being lightly brushed over my bare feet. I had to chew my lip for that one and really keep my mind on the controls. Just as I was running the final stretch to the finish line, I felt a hand stroking my dick. It was just too much. I ran off the road and crashed into a billboard just before winning.

The door swung up a few seconds later. Jimmy was grinning like a cat. I crawled out slowly. It felt like I'd just run about twenty miles. The clock on the wall showed the whole thing hadn't taken five minutes.

He was already in the 'uniform' and quickly stepped inside. She belted and secured him in then shut the door. She went to a control panel on the back of the machine that was set up with a screen and keyboard. A second, larger screen was above it. A close up of Jimmies' upper body and head looked back at us.

He did even better than I during the first laps, then on the final leg, he almost lost it when the machine started stroking him. Instead of wrecking, Jimmy got off the gas and managed to just keep the car straight enough to cross the line. He didn't win, but came in second. Most importantly, he finished.

While Jimmy was running the course, I kept watching for any movement of the machine or him inside. There was none. When I had been running the course I felt it when I rounded a curve or accelerated in the straightaway. Whatever this thing was, it was the most 'virtual' I'd ever seen. This lady was a genius.

We tested out on a couple more of her gadgets, each one having a higher skill challenge than the other and each one had the specially fitted groin 'cup'. They also had more intense distractions. Jimmy won out both times. He played sports -- football, swimming, track and he loved weight lifting. I guess all that training paid off, his concentration just kept getting better. I'm no lightweight but Jimmy's got me by about thirty pounds. He still works out and masses about two hundred without a bit of fat. I'm gettin' kinda pudgy these days; I don't see how he keeps it off.

She was making notes as we each tested out. After Jimmy got through with the last machine, she remained silent for a few moments as she wrote, then looked up.

She headed for the counter by the front door, producing a couple of beers when she went behind it. We took them gratefully. Champion testing is a real workout.

She took a sip of her martini and continued,

She crossed the room and disappeared through a curtain over a narrow doorway.

Jimmy didn't look happy and wrinkled his brow. Just as he was about to say something, she came out from behind the curtain. She was dressed in skin only. My mouth fell shamelessly open as I didn't even try not to stare. It was the same woman, but it wasn't. I mean, she was a knockout! She'd transformed from the anal bitch into a Hollywood sun-goddess.

We broke and ran at the same instant, nearly killing each other getting through that narrow door. She followed us casually, slinking through the curtain behind us.

We hesitated for a moment then there were three naked people standing in the doorway of the backroom. I figured since she'd been nice enough to show us hers' it was only right for us to show her ours!

The room was lit up brilliantly which hurt our eyes for a moment coming in from the semi-darkness of the 'arcade'. In the center of the room were the two machines. They looked like some kind of space age motorcycle. A strange looking helmet was on the floor next to each of them, but neither helmet had a hole to see out of. The only break in them was for your mouth.

We had to straddle the things with our dicks inserted into a hole in the front of it.

A long spiral hose ran from the outside front of each of them to a black cube about two foot square which sat on the floor beneath a small control console.

I sat down at the same time as Jimmy.

The cradle was padded and conformed itself to me as I sat, effectively sealing itself against me.

She picked up the 'helmets' and offered them to us.

She gave us a grin that I can't say that I liked. There was something wicked on her face for a brief second.

We put the helmets on and sure enough, there was the ball. It wasn't as easy as I had thought because the slightest movement of my head pulled the ball out of the hole. I had to be careful with my body movements.

I guess Jimmy was checking it out too because suddenly the lady asked,

We both mumbled 'yes' from under the helmets.

For a few moments nothing changed, then it started sucking my dick! It felt great but the ball shot all the way off the screen. Then I heard music. There ware speakers, one on each side of the helmet. I was in ecstasy but that had to wait, I wasn't keeping the ball centered.

Dammit! The thing made me feel like I was on fire. I tensed up and I started breathing more heavily. I have GOT to focus! The ball came to dead center again.

My legs began to tremble. The damn thing was going to make me cum. Shit! I lost the ball again. I got it back on center but knew I was going to lose it again any second because I felt my juices churning.

Then, just as I was about to blow, the sucking stopped. I still lost the ball for a second as it quit but recovered and got it back just as the screen went black.

She wrapped something soft around each of my wrists. When she let go I couldn't lower my arms. Next I felt her do the same to my ankles. She stopped and I could hear her working on Jimmy.

It got quiet for a few moments when she stopped.

Suddenly, my arms were pulled tighter, stretching me slightly.

Then my feet were pulled further apart, spread-eagling me over the machine.

I suddenly felt very small and very alone. I did not like the sound of her voice.

She didn't speak. Instead, I felt the sting of a needle breaking the skin of my left arm.

Still she said nothing. I heard Jimmy yelp when she stuck him. Both of us started in on her at the same time. He's yellin' to be let go and I'm cussin' her and her whole family, if she's got one.

Finally she starts talking,

I felt something cold begin flowing into my vein and I started getting very hot. I was having trouble getting enough air and I could hear Jimmy having the same problem.

I heard her move to the console. I was getting extremely hot and suddenly very horny. My dick had swollen up although there was nothing about this that was turning me on.

I cannot describe what came at me inside that helmet, but it scared the shit out of me. I was terrified and I cannot tell you why. Whatever I was seeing must have gone straight to my brain because I don't remember 'seeing' anything. I was also so horny I would have fucked a beehive with the bees in it.

Whatever this mix of chemicals and machine was, it had turned the skin of my body into one huge sensing machine. There wasn't a part of me that didn't' FEEL. Also, the damned machine was learning as it probed me. I started noticing that sensations that weren't 'on the edge' were not repeated. The ones that lit me up came back around again.

Suddenly I felt something probing my ass. Oh, shit! I thought.

But instead of hurting, the damned machine gently experimented with my asshole until it started feeling incredibly good. All the while I was being scared out of my wits. I cannot really describe what it was like but think about the very best, most turned on and hottest wad you ever shot. Now multiply that by about a hundred. Then add in that every few minutes you shoot a load three times bigger than every before. Now think about getting stuck there and scared shitless to boot. That doesn't even come close.

The machine was slow fucking me up the ass and between screams, I was loving it. I couldn't get enough of it. The damn thing KNEW what worked on me. Shit I would never have tried or allowed to be tried on me. NO WAY!

I don't know how long it went on but I reached the point where I didn't care if she killed me or not. I never wanted to have sex again and didn't care if I never got any. My dick stayed hard and I could FEEL the cum being drained out of me. Inside, my guts or something was starting to burn after awhile. I had tried yelling for the first little while. Now all I heard was the sound of Jimmy making the same oohhhhs and aaaahhhs that I was making. Occasionally one of us screamed.

Through the fog I heard her talking.

Whatever that meant, it amused her. She laughed.

I don't know when I passed out, but I woke up in the hospital. I was bandaged all around the middle like a diaper. Jimmy was in the next bed still out of it. A cop was standing over me.

The cop leaned closer and spoke.

It turns out the bitch had dumped us out in the parking lot in front of the arcade and left us. Some kid found us bleeding and called the cops.

So I started talkin' about the arcade. The cop kept looking at me funny.

I closed my eyes and whispered,

I opened my eyes as if to say 'what?'

The cop blurted out,

It took three shots, the cop and four nurses to put me back into the bed. But they couldn't stop me from screaming.