The first can't really be called an accident, but he was definitely unintentional. Where I live the Military Base near by produces a constant stream of buff young men wandering the mountain backroads with their thumbs out. Some are looking for a ride into one of the small towns that dot the area, and some are just looking for a good time, or maybe the chance to pick up a few extra dollars.

This one was obviously wanting more than a ride. He was wearing a short pair of cutoff jeans with a T-shirt stuffed in the back pocket, and the sun was glinting off something on his arm. I was not having a great time right then.

My lover of sixteen years had decided I was too rough for him and took off for parts unknown, and the restaurant I had just opened was quickly draining my bank account and my spirits. So I thought maybe a quick wham bam with a hot young stud was just what I needed.

I pulled up a few yards in front of him and put down the passenger window. He came running up, stuck his head in the door, took a look and grinned at me. At 6'3", 245 lbs., of hairy muscle, I don't have a problem getting men in the sack, even hot young studs like this one.

Up close he was well worth stopping for. Buzz cut blond hair and blue eyes, a broad, muscular chest with quarter sized tits, and a washboard belly. With his arms resting on the door I could see the sun had been hitting a pair of handcuffs snapped on his right wrist, my dick jerked and began to lengthen down the leg of my jeans, his eyes got big and then even bigger as it became obvious the weapon I was packin' matched the rest of me.

Just shy of 11" long and as big around as a beer can it will either scare a guy off or make him drool. This one was definitely not scared, so I gave him his opening.

"How far are you wanting to go boy?"

"As far as you are willing to take me, Sir."

That was all I needed to hear.
"Drop the shorts, put on the cuffs, and get in the car."
He didn't even hesitate, he stepped out of the shorts, opened the cuffs and snapped them closed behind his back, and climbed in the car.

I had to reach across him to pull the door closed, and I let my hand wander over his tits. He moaned and his already hard cock twitched. This guy was so hot he was about to burst into flame.

Now let me say right here, anybody who strips naked, puts himself handcuffed and helpless in a car with someone he doesn't know is a fool who deserves what he gets. But neither of us knew how far this one was going to go.

I didn't want to take him home with me because I didn't know what kind of pest he might be in the future if he knew where I lived. So I took him to a little place I have down on the lake. It used to be a boathouse when they rented boats down here, but since they put in the manmade lake at the state park a few miles north no one comes out here anymore and I bought it cheap.

It's well constructed and as solid as the day it was built, even if it could use a coat of paint. It's also pretty secluded. Most of the land around here is posted private, so I really didn't have to worry about anyone interrupting us.

As it turned out I had made a good choice. I got out of the car and walked around and opened his car door. He got out of the car and stood in front of me in the proper position, legs spread and head lowered.

I unlocked the door and went in, he followed me in and stopped just inside the door. I took a good look at him, he really was a hot little stud. I walked over and ran my hands over him.

The body was hard and smooth, the pecs might not have matched up with Dolly Parton but they were a nice handful, and his rock hard dick probably maxed out at about five inches, but his goose egg sized nuts more than made up for it.

I took them in my hand and tested their weight. They were heavy with cum, and he moaned as I rolled them in my hand.

"Nice nuts, you like having them worked over?"

"Sir, yes Sir."

"How much can they take, boy, you man enough for some real pain?"

"Sir, oh yes, Sir"

His cock was twitching and starting to leak a steady stream. I picked up one of the pieces of rope from the old supply closet and quickly fashioned a noose in the end of it.

Dropping it over his head I threw the other end over one of the heavy beams supporting the ceiling and drew him up just enough to get him up on his toes. I looked around for something else to improvise into some play toys and spotted an old tackle box.

Inside I found some hooks, line, and weights, along with a fish knife and scaler. The hooks were easy, I held two of them up in front of his eyes.

"You got any guts, boy?"
He looked up and seemed to wonder what he had gotten himself into.
" Sir, yes, Sir!"
I pulled on his left nipple and pushed down with the hook. He whimpered and groaned and a spot of blood appeared as the barb came through. I took hold of his right nipple and slowly pierced it with another hook.

I took his cock in my hand, if anything it seemed harder than before.

"Now lets see what you've really got."
He looked at me and I could see the fear in his eyes, but his breathing was getting heavier and his dick was drooling continuously as I inserted another hook in his urethra and watched it exit behind his glans.

He jerked, but didn't scream and his dick never wavered. I looked around for some weights, the sinkers in the tackle box weren't heavy enough for what I had in mind.

I finally found a couple of old glass coke bottles. Tying a piece of fishing line around the top of one of the bottles, I threaded it through the eye on the hook in his right nipple, then the one in his cock and lastly the hook in his left nipple. Then I tied that end to the other coke bottle, now I had something I could work with.

I got some water from the sink and began to pour it into the bottles, alternating back and forth. When his nipples had as much weight as I thought they could handle I stopped and got another piece of rope from the supply closet.

I walked around behind him and lashed him across the back with the old piece of hemp. He jerked, the rope tightening around his neck and the bottles turning the hooks into pure agony.

I laid another stripe across his buttocks and began to work up and down from his shoulders to his ass and back, alternating the direction of the lashes until his back and ass were a dark angry red.

I dropped the rope, walked up behind him, pulled out my cock and slammed it into him.

He screamed for the first time. At just under eleven inches long, my cock is a respectable if not massive piece of meat. The monstrous part of it comes from an accident in my misspent youth. I was fucking an older guy in the mouth to pick up some spending money when the fart starts having a heart attack. He clamped down on my dick and like to bit right through it.

After several weeks of being swollen and black when I was sure it was going to fall off, it started to get a little more normal color. But the swelling turned out to be a mass of permanent scar tissue about two thirds of the way down that stretched it to an ass riping eight and a half inches around -- thicker than most guys' wrists.

For anyone not into having his ass fisted it's like having a station wagon rammed up your guts, and once the ridge is inside, a guys hole will tighten down around the normal base and he gets to go through it all over again when I pull it out.

I pulled it out, and slammed it all the way back in. He moaned and shoved his ass back against me. I began to pound him hard. Pulling all the way out and driving it back in with all the muscle I have.

I could tell from the way he was writhing around he was getting close, so I pulled out of his ass and went looking for another toy. I settled on the fish scaler. I rammed all 11" back into his waiting hole and began to drag the scaler across the ripples of his hard young belly.

He went wild, his body moving so much that the noose began to get dangerously tight. Suddenly he started moaning and I felt his insides start to spasm around my dick.

I held my free hand out in front of him and felt him lace it with what seemed to be a gallon of cum. I took the fish scaler and scraped the underside of his still squirting cock.

He started screaming and jerking around so hard he tore himself free from my raping dick. It took a minute for me to realize the fish scaler had snagged on the hook in his glans and torn a gaping hole.

As I watched his frantic movements the hooks in his nipples could not take the stress and ripped free of his chest, the sudden weight of the two coke bottles jerking the hook the rest of the way through his urethra, and shredding the head of his cock, before crashing together and shattering.

He was strangling now, his struggles having tightened the noose to the point where he could no longer breath or scream.

I looked at him, his feet leaving a bloody mess on the floor from their dance through the broken glass, and realized it had gone too far. There was no way I could ever let him go. Consensual or not, he was too badly mutilated for there not to be consequences.

I gripped his sack tightly behind his balls, and picking up the two hooks that had torn loose from his nipples I drove one through each of the huge orbs. Whether from being hung, or his own deep masochistic tendencies his cock was still hard when I took it in my hand and severed it at the base.

The blood gushed out much the same way cum had just a few moments before, and I pried open his clenched jaws and shoved his mangled meat into his mouth. I moved behind him, and slammed my cock to the hilt in his ass. His hole clutched at the intrusion as though it were a means of escape, drawing my load out of me as he slowly stilled, and I spewed my cum into his limp corpse.

I held him with one arm around his neck and the other groping his bloody tits. My cock slipped out of his ass, and now I was presented with the problem of what to do with him. Obviously I had to dispose of him, I just hadn't decided how.

I cut the body down and stretched him out on the floor. Picking up the knife I started sawing at his neck. It took a few minutes, and made quite a mess but I managed to separate his head from his body -- no one was doing CPR on this guy.

Laying there naked, his head staring at me from the table, and his body mutilated, he still looked good enough to eat. Which seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. The restaurant I was going broke on had a smokehouse where the previous owners barbequed ribs. I hadn't used it since I bought the place, but I decided maybe it was time to light it up.

I figured I was going to need some things to do this right, so I rolled the body up in an old sail, dropped the head in one of the big bait buckets and stuck all of it in the storage locker. I figured he'd be safe enough there until I got back from town.

By the time I got back a few hours later, there was a fire smouldering in the big grill at the restaurant and I had everything I thought I might need.

I pulled him out of the locker, tied a rope around his ankles, threw it over the same beam he had hung from before and hauled him up. I put a washtub under him and started to peel off his skin. I took it off in strips while what blood remained in his body drained into the tub.

Once I had all the skin removed from him I took a small chainsaw and sliced both hands off at the wrists. Released from the cuffs his arms fell forward from his shoulders and let the last of the blood drain out of him.

I pulled the tub out of the way and spread a vinyl drop-cloth underneath him. Using the chainsaw I slowly dismembered him, wrapped each piece in butchers paper and loaded it in the ice chest in the truck.

When I finished I cleaned up the mess, drove back into town and loaded my hunk of beef into the smoker. I Locked the padlocks the previous owners had thoughtfully installed to keep anyone from stealing their meat while it cooked, and went home to the best nights sleep I had had in several months.


To be honest it probably would have ended right there, strictly a one time deal if it hadn't been for the next day. At lunch I started dishing up barbeque, and everyone who ordered it seemed to have something to say about the meat. It was the best day for the restaurant since it opened.

I began to wonder how to keep a lid on the screaming when I took the chainsaw to the next one. I actually wasn't sure I would go through with it. I mean there is a big difference in picking up a hitchhiker for sex and having it go wrong, and in taking a man with the intention of having him end up on the menu (even though it does give a whole new meaning to the word).

I carried some things down to the boathouse just in case, and I put a pistol and some handcuffs in the truck, but I really had not decided whether I would do it or not. I even managed to lay my hands on some chloroform, but as it turned out I didn't need it.

I had started home late in the evening, there's a dirt road that saves me several miles, but like most people around here I usually avoid it because of the deep ruts and overall bad condition. But tonight I was tired and the idea of getting home that few minutes faster was appealing.

I had almost reached the turnoff to my house when I spotted the pickup on the side of the road. I recognized it immediately. The guy ran a farm a few miles past mine. I'd seen him working around the place and admired the body.

Suddenly I wasn't so tired anymore. I pulled up behind him and got out.

"Got trouble"

"Yeah, if I could get these battery cables loose and clean them I think it would be alright, but I pulled my toolbox out of the truck and went off and left it."

"I think I've got a wrench we can use to knock them loose."

It was as easy as that. I got the wrench out off my truck, walked up behind him as he leaned over the engine of his stalled vehicle, and hit him across the back of the skull.

The way he went down I was afraid I might have killed him without the chance to use that fine body. But when I checked his pulse it was still going, so I handcuffed him, loaded him in the back of my own truck, and pulled a tarp over him.

By the time I got out to the boathouse I had decided on my plan of action. First I got him inside, cut his clothes off of him and since he was still unconscious I took the handcuffs off and tied his arms behind him. Elbows bent, right elbow tied to left wrist, and vice versa. Then I looped a rope around his right ankle, ran it through a two foot piece of pipe and tied the other end around his left ankle.

Once I had him bound, I laid his senseless body across the big butcher block table I had brought down with his head hanging off one side and the pipe between his feet hooked to a chain strung to the beam overhead, holding his spread legs high in the air and giving me easy access to what I was willing to bet was a virgin ass.

Then I stood back to look at what I had. This was the hairy, muscular body of a man who worked hard for a living. His upper body was a deep brown from days outside with no shirt on. His legs were white, but bulging with muscle and covered with thick, dark hair. His chest was magnificent -- big slabs of muscle, with quarter sized nipples tipped with rubbery nibs like pencil erasers. There was a fan of hair spreading down his hard, flat belly.

Soft, there was no way of knowing how big the sex between his legs would be when hard, but it was a fat piece of sausage and I knew I he was going to feel me slice it off of him before this was over.

Now all I had to do was wait for him to come to, which from the way he was moaning probably wasn't going to be too long.

I ran my hands over his body, this was the kind of man I like. I couldn't resist any longer. I walked to the other side of the table and forced two fingers into his ass.

That was enough to bring him around, he jerked, and tried to sit up.


"You know if you would relax I think I can get you to enjoy most of this. Of course it really doesn't matter if you enjoy it or not, but I'd really like to see that fat cock blast a load all over your hot body."

"You fucking pervert, let me go!"

"For someone in your situation you've really got a mouth on you. But that's all right, I'm sure I can find a use for it."

I slid my fingers out of his ass and slammed them back in.
"I'm really going to like ramming my dick up that tight hole of yours."


I picked up a ballgag I had brought for the occasion and forced it into his mouth.
"Actually, I'm going to kill you. But not until I get tired of using your body ... so if you do good, you might live another couple of days."
That news seemed not to go over too well. I grabbed hold of his balls and gave them a hard squeeze.
"If you give me trouble I can rip these off right now, or you can settle down and I'll let you keep them a little longer."
He seemed to think about it a moment before getting still. He was starring at me, his eyes full of hatred. I was definitely going to enjoy this.

I picked up a spool of twine and cut off a couple of short pieces. I tied the first one around the base of his left nipple and the second one on the right. It didn't take any time at all for the two tits to swell and turn a deep red.

I gave him a few moments to appreciate the pain then I took a pair of large needles and drove one through each distended nib. He screamed behind the gag and tried to pull away from me.

"If you keep jerking around I'll drive a couple of them through your nuts and let you see if you like that better."
I picked up a candle and lit it -- one of those four inch fancy candles. I waited for the candle to get a good bowl of hot wax. During that time, I played with him ways he absolutely detested -- that made it all the more fun. I ran my cheek up and down his hairy belly, across his hair chest -- stroking his chest like a cat strokes your leg. Then I licked and kissed then sucked his nipples, one then the other, tonguing the twine nooses strangulating the nibs, careful not to prick my tongue or cheek with the needles.

He snarled and spattered and struggled, trying to bounce me off him, but the more he snarled and fumed, the more fun I had. Matter of fact, his protests made me linger long enough for there to be quite an accumulation of hot wax in the bowl.

I wanted to hear what he had to say, hear his screams, so I pulled the ball gag out and smeared his slobber over his chest. Then I picked up the candle and showed it to him. He knew what was going to happen and tried to apologize, saying he was really getting off on this, and he just found out he was a faggot and would really love to make love to me, and whatever else he could think I wanted to hear.

I just sniggered and told him maybe I'd let him go and we could play later, but first I was going to have my fun. I swished the candle around over his chest. The first splash took him in the valley between his big pecs. He yelped, but I knew it wasn't that hot -- not through that thick mat of hair.

I swished the next ones in a line down his hard belly, and then I let some drip onto his hairy balls. Now this must have hurt! He screamed and cursed, calling me a Goddamn faggot, a pervert, an incubus -- I don't think he knew what an incubus is!

I slapped his face and threatened to shove the ball gag back in. He decided to shut up so as I poured more wax over his balls and cock, he writhed in his bonds but didn't try to scream anymore.

I moved back up and began to coat his nipples with wax, leaving the needles accessible. Once I had them well coated I applied the flame to the end of one of the needles and held it there. He screamed and started cursing again.

The words rather grated so I stopped and grabbed the ball gag off the floor. I started to wipe it off but then thought better of it -- the dirt would make him think twice about cursing.

I had to grab his hair and yank his head up while forcing his chin down with the heel of my other hand while twisting my hand around and forcing the ball back into his mouth then quickly let go his hair and push the ball in between his clenched lips before he could snap his jaw shut.

I had to try it several times but finally got it right, then buckled the strap behind his head again and all he could do was mnnnnnf instead of curse. He did try to curse, but the words just came out his nose, and just mnnnnnf.

He was writhing even more, so much it was becoming jerks. His back arched and he screamed as loud as he could through the gag. His eyes were squeezed closed, like he was trying to wish it all away.

I walked around the table and he soon found out why his legs were pulled up into the air -- why his lower back was pulled off the table so his butt wasn't hanging over the edge. I slammed my hard cock up to the hilt in his unsuspecting virgin stud ass. He screamed through the gag and tried to rise up off the table. I pulled all the way out and rammed it back into him.

He was trying to fight and pull away, but the ropes were heavy, and he was well trussed.

I spent a few minutes pounding into him, his insides were furnace hot and as tight as any I had ever been in. I was enjoying the sight and feel and smell and screams of this hairy, hard muscled, straight man, his muscles glistening with musky male sweat, and his big thighs spread wide and farting as I plunged into him again and again.

His cock was shriveled to nothing, seemingly trying to disappear into it's sheath of skin, but I had a way of dealing with that also.

I felt more than heard his sigh of relief as I pulled out of him to get the things I needed -- a short piece of cord, and a tube I had picked up at an Adult Bookstore in town.

I shoved all my eleven inches back into his ass and took hold of the head of his puny cock and stretched it out. He glared at me as I began to squeeze the tube onto his shrunken manhood and smear it around, being careful not to get it on my hands.

It didn't take long to begin working, the imitation Spanish Fly, made with some kind of pepper, started irritating the sensitive head of his dick, and it began to jerk and swell.

Once it reached what looked to be a healthy seven inches long and fat as a cucumber -- quite a bit bigger than it could get all by itself, bigger than he'd ever dreamed it could be -- I took the cord, wrapped it around both cock and sac at the base, pulled it as tight as I could and tied it off.

That made his dick swell even more, giving me quite a hefty piece of meat to play with. I knew the nerves in his sex would be so inflamed he would not be able to stop himself from cumming once I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it.

I let go of his prick and applied myself to riding his unwilling ass. Several times I buried myself in his clutching tunnel and held it there pacing myself until I was ready.

When I decided it was time to fill him up I took hold of his bulging manhood and began to rub my and over the head and stroke the shaft. He moaned and I pounded my cock up his ass even harder. I slammed into him as hard as I could, feeling something tear as I began to blast shot after shot into his bloody and brutalized ass.

Just as I buried it to the hilt, he arched his back again and his cock exploded with cum. It alternately drooled and squirted from the mouth in the end of his prick, coating my hand and his hairy stomach in a virtual flood of cum.

"Very good. I'm glad you didn't dribble out some pitiful little load since that will probably be the last time you ever get to cum."
There were so many things I wanted to do to this stud I wasn't sure where to start. His ass seemed to make a slurping sound as I pulled out, and that gave me the idea of what to do next.

I folded my thumb into the palm of my hand and shoved it into his raped hole. Once his ass closed around my wrist I closed my hand into a fist and jerked it out. I opened it and pushed it back in. I was pushing it in and jerking it back out as he stuggled to break free.

Eventually his struggles weakened, then finally ceased. I forced my arm deeper into him. The ever increasing girth stretched him more and more. When I had half my forearm encased in the warmth of his body I began to twist and turn my hand and pull back and shove forward, fucking him with my arm.

I started pulling it further out and shoving it back in. Working at it until I was coming all the way out and pushing back ever deeper. When my elbow disappeared into him I felt a shiver run through him and he went limp.

I pulled out of his ass and checked for a pulse in the side of his neck. It was still there, steady and strong. He'd simply passed out, so I decided to wait for him to come to, and wrap up the last few hours of his life.

Once I had decided on how to make use of my straight, muscle-stud hunk, I became impatient to continue, so I removed the ballgag and aimed my cock at his open mouth and filled it with piss.

He startled, choked, swallowed, and sputtered. I grabbed his nose and squeezed it closed.

"Now you can try to hold your breath, but if you do it long enough all that's going to happen is you'll pass out, and I'll piss the rest of it down your throat anyway. So why don't you just open up and get it over with."
He tried to turn his face away from me, but then seemed to realize the futility of the situation, closed his eyes, and opened his mouth. As my piss flowed into him he gulped and swallowed.

When I was finished I shook it into his face and turned my attention to the tools and toys I had laid out on the table. I knew that since I had not untied the cord after he came, his cock must be excruciating by now.

I took it in my hand and played with it for a minute, from the way he jumped I could tell how much it hurt even to have it touched.

My ex was a mechanic, and he left in such a hurry he forgot to take his tools. I had picked out one of his screwdrivers -- a Phillips' head, the largest in the set -- it was ten inches long and almost as thick as my little finger.

I picked it up and lined the head up with the head of his cock and slowly started to push it into the turgid sex organ in my hand. I ignored his screams and struggles and continued pushing it in until the handle snugged up against the head of his dick.

When I let go of his sex organ, he relaxed, his chest heaving, sweat beading the hairy muscles, and blood seeping out onto his belly where the screwdriver protruded from his ruined sex.

He began to struggle again though when he saw what I got out next. One of my other visits had been to the local florist for a box of the pins they use for corsages. About three inches long and pearl headed I had the perfect use for them.

He screamed and jerked so hard he almost tore his big nuts out of my hand as the first pin pierced one of his balls. I took a firm grasp and drove the second one all the way through.

As I continued I realized he had quit fighting and was gasping for breath. When I grasped his other nut I felt him steel himself for more pins, but I had something else in mind for the last of his sex. Tying a cord around it I added a ten pound weight to the other end and dropped it over the edge of he table.

Now that it was stretched out away from his body I picked up the hammer I had for the occasion and brought it down on his undamaged orb.

He didn't even scream before passing out again.

This time when he came to I was ready to finish it. I sliced through the cord holding the weight and took his sex in my hand. While he was out I had removed the pins and the screwdriver.

Now I took a firm grasp and pulled it out. I stropped a knife under his balls, like I was shaving the area. He was quivering in dreadful anticipation and I wasn't gonig to make him wait. I turned the knife blade and slid it under his balls. I quickly jerked, slicing upward, pulling the blade through his thick, hard sex meat, severing his manhood from his body in one quick yank.

Blood gushed from the wound, spurting with each heart beat like hot, red cum. Pulling what was left of his testicles from their sac, I dropped the bloody dick on his chest.

"Now I left your head hanging off the edge for a reason. So you just relax and let your head fall back and we'll get this all over with."
He glared at me with pure hatred, but he let his head fall back, stretching his throat.

His neck was beautifully muscular, thick and corded, but I had sharpened the old broadsword to a razor edge and the feeling was like cutting through a round of cheese as I brought it down with all the muscle I could put behind it and sliced his head from his body.

As the blood gushed I grabbed his head by the hair with my left hand, and shoved my cock into his open mouth with my right. With his eyes blinking and moving slightly, I fucked his mouth, feeling my cock-head coming out the end. I spurted a load into the air through the hole, sniggering as the light in his eyes faded.


I skinned the body and dismembered it, like the first, wrapping it in Butchers paper and getting it ready to take in to the restaurant. Then I cleaned up the mess and started thinking about the next time.

I knew I couldn't do this every week or my supply would disappear. I would have to give out the story that the secret of my barbeque was in the meat and I couldn't get it all the time -- which is perfectly true.

I decided to cook my stud over a couple of weekends and then wait a while before I went after the next one.

As it turned out when I started looking for my next meal it wasn't as easy as the first two had been. It seemed like the only guys looking for a ride were either scruffy, ugly, or fat, or if they were hot looking there were too many cars around for me to take a chance on someone seeing me pick them up.

I spent my time thinking about how I could use the next body I had in my hands before I turned him into the Saturday Special. But as it turned out I didn't do any of the things I had come up with.

I was cruising one afternoon, trolling for a bite, as it were, when I spotted a young black guy with his thumb out. Now except for the construction worker who used to blow me when his wife was out of town, I had never been with a black man, but this kid gave a new meaning to the word hot.=

There was a set of dog tags hanging around his neck, so I knew he was of age, but to look at him I would have guessed about seventeen.

But it was his boy that was unreal. He was short, probably around five seven or eight -- I thought there was a minimum height required to enlist, but whatever it was he must have just made it.

He was shirtless, his jeans down around is hips and a wide white band of briefs showing above the waist. His own waist was tiny, and when I got close enough to get a good look I knew I had to have him.

His body looked like a poster to name the muscle groups. Every muscle incredibly defined, from wide shoulders, bulging pecs, to the tiny waist beneath a set of abs that looked like they had been carved in stone.

There were no other cars in sight, and no sooner did he climb in the car than I had him unconscious with his hands cuffed behind his back, and I was headed for the

By the time he came to we were at the boathouse, I had stripped him, laid him face down across the end of the table and bound his ankles to the table legs.

While he was out I had looked him over thoroughly and decided I would have to make some changes in what I had planned. slid a finger into his ass an felt for the hard knot of his prostate, once I found it I inserted an electric cattle prod, lined it up with the spot, pulled my finger out, and lit him up.

The first jolt had him conscious and upright, and screaming. The second had him twisting frantically trying to get away from the pain buried in his ass.

My surprise was hanging between his legs -- a raging hardon almost as big as my own. I learned later that his erection was simply from the shock to the prostate not from any masochistic tendencies on his part.

This was my cue to plant my own load in his ass as deep and as brutally as possible. The places where the prod had burned his insides were almost too hot to touch. That combined with the tightness of the channel I was fucking meant it didn't take long to slam a quart of cum into his still fighting body.

Considering the difference in our sizes, I didn't have any trouble uncuffing him and retying him with ropes strung from the beams spreading his arms wide and then chaining his feet to rings set in the floor spreading his legs.

When I brought him in and got the clothes off of him was when I decided to change my plans. It was the sight of his skin. Dark, satiny smooth, and almost totally hairless, there wasn't a blemish anywhere on his body. That's when I decided it would be a shame to damage it. Now I was going put it to good use.

Inserting the point of my hunting knife into his ravaged ass I drew it out and up, tracing a line up his back alongside his spine to the base of his neck. Over his shoulders and low enough onto the tops of his pecs to avoid cutting any arteries or his windpipe.

Then I opened a line around each wrist and cut slowly down the back of one arm across his shoulders and up the back of the other arm. Trying to keep as straight a line as possible with him struggling more than I would have thought possible. Once he passed out I made use of the time slitting lines from his asshole down the backs of both legs and around his ankles, again being careful not to sever any veins or arteries.

When I had him all marked out all that remained was for him to regain consciousness, so that I could begin peeling the skin from his writhing body.

I started at his wrist and used my knife to gently release his skin from the flesh underneath. I pulled slowly, easing it off his body, using the blade when necessary, but being careful not to damage the hide. When I had peeled it completely down his first arm I repeated the process on the other, working from wrist to shoulder with exaggerated care, leaving the unblemished skin in perfect condition.

Once the skin of both arms was hanging from his shoulders like the sleeves of some medieval costume I began to separate the incision down his back into flaps. That done I moved around in front of him and pried up the skin on the tops of his shoulders.

He hung limply from his wrists, writhing in agony, but no longer able to even attempt to free himself. His screams turning slowly to moans, and eventually to wracking sobs.

I eased the skin off the bulging pecs, slipping the knife underneath to slice the nipples free, and pulling down to the intensely individuated muscles of his abs. Working around him, peeling down the flaps in back and moving to the front, so that his skin became a drape around his waist, hiding his shriveled genitals from sight, while exposing the inner surface of his upper body.

I reached his waist, and spent a few minutes concentrating on removing the velvety smoothness that covered the cheeks of his ass, and parting the skin up the backs of both legs.

I reversed direction. Standing in front of him holding the skin from one ankle in each hand and pulling easily I let it creep slowly upward coming free of the flesh.

Once it reached the top of his thighs I let go, and it hung down in front of him, attached only by the small area above his crotch.

His body was both seductive and repulsive, his musculature still intact, but coated with a fine sheen of blood.

I slid the knife in behind the short hair over his dick and pulled it loose. I felt him tense, probably expecting me to slice off his cock. Instead I began to work on his scrotum, forcing his juice heavy balls out of their hiding place.

His cock slipped easily out of the loose sheath that covered it, until he was totally flayed. His hide remaining a part of his body only because of its connection with the head of his outsized meat. I lifted his bloody skin, stretching his big dick away from his body and sliced off the head.

He screamed one more time and hung there sobbing. The blood dripping from his mutilated cock, his big nuts dangling from their cords.

But I wasn't finished yet. His screams began again in earnest as I applied the cattle prod to his unprotected balls. His struggles were not so much an attempt
to get away from the agony as they were seizures brought on by the excruciating pain in his sex.

Forcing a gag into his mouth so that I would not have to listen to him, I took a small acetylene torch and let the flame dance over his balls without really making contact. Inserting a skewer into the urethra of his partially severed organ I began to make slow passes with the torch, roasting it with the flame as he became more and more unhinged from the pain.

I began to wonder how much more he could endure. Since I had already decided how I wanted to finish him off, I thought I had better get on with it before his heart gave out and robbed me of my fun.

I sliced off his partially cooked member and laid it aside, I would finish cooking it for dinner. Then I adjusted the flame up on the torch and let it burn through the cords on his blackened nuts and crushed them underfoot.

"There's no way you can possibly live. You're dead already, your body just doesn't know it yet. So I'm going to give you a choice. I can put you down on your knees and close off your nose, when you are gasping for breath I will shove my cock down your throat until you have no air left, and then I will pull back leaving the head in your mouth, flooding it with my piss and drowning you.

"Or I can continue on and we will see just how much you can take, and you can pray that your heart will burst and end your suffering"=

He muttered something, his voice so lost in sobs I could not understand him.
"You will have to repeat that."

"I'll do anything."

"Then ask me nicely to kill you."

"Please let me die."

"That's not what I said."

He seemed to struggle with the words,
"Please ... please ... please kill me."

"You have to tell me you want me to."

"I want you to kill me."

"You have to say please."

He choked back a sob.
"Please, I want you to kill me."

"Very well."

I grabbed him by the back of the head to keep him from falling, and cut the ropes holding his arms. I let him sag to his knees. The bindings on his ankles keeping his feet spread wide.

He looked up at me with fear in his eyes and opened his mouth. I slammed my cock down his throat with the same brutal force I had used on his ass. It spasmed around my dick as he gagged and choked. I brought my hand down over his nose and squeezed the nostrils together.

He began to gasp for air as I ripped in and out of his throat, pounding all the way in until his face was buried in my crotch. I pulled back until only the head remained in his mouth and let go with my bladder.

He swallowed, his lungs fighting for air and filling with piss instead. As he began to go still I forced my cock back down his thoat and continued to fill him with piss as he made a soft gurgling sound and went limp.

More adventures in fine culinary arts to come?