Mark Andrews
a slave at last!
I didn't really understand myself. My sexuality, I mean.

I suppose I knew I was different. Once I reached puberty and the conversation got around to sex, as it does with all school kids, the other boys all talked about what they had done, or were going to do with their girls or what they would like to do with them. It all meant nothing to me. Their talk didn't turn me on but neither did their bodies. I wasn't gay. I knew what homosexuality was. Hell we sneered at those we thought were that way, I as much as the others although I didn't really hold it against them. It worried me though that girls, as such didn't excite me.

What did was the occasions I needed to see a doctor. Every time my mother decided I should go down to the clinic to see our local GP, I would get all tingly and hope he would make me strip right down to examine me. He usually did and I always blushed terribly at which he grinned and made a joke about it with me. He was nice and he never ever touched me in ways he shouldn't -- more's the pity.

I don't think that I really understood, then, my feelings about doctors or in any way related them to my lack of interest in girls as sexual objects. I only knew I delighted in the fear I had about what the doctor was going to do to me this time.

As I grew older and moved away from home, the feelings intensified. I got a job in a sports store and I spent all my spare time on the athletics track or in the gym. My success on the track was what got me the job but I suppose my good looks also helped. I am fair with fine blond hair and blue eyes and my skin is okay too, I guess. My body was naturally athletic but the training fined it down and developed my muscles pretty much, too.

I worried about my apparent lack of sexual interest in girls and that every time I felt the need to masturbate (which was only about once a week or so), I always used a doctor's office as the scene and his examination of my naked body as a stimulus. I know it sounds odd but I didn't really make any connection between these two anomalies until Doc Crisp showed it to me.

I began to visit doctors more often. I used to invent ailments, usually about my middle regions which necessitated me stripping down my pants but then when after a few visits and the doctor began to give me strange looks, I quickly changed to another. This went on for a couple of years and in the meantime my body continued to develop, my muscles becoming even finer and more defined although not bigger.

Eventually I found Dr Anthony Crisp. And in him I found what I had spent years searching for without even knowing that I was doing so.

"Well, Jimmy, and what can I do for you?"

"I've got this pain, down here in my groin, Doc. Sometimes it is in my backside, too."

"I see. Well perhaps we'd better have a look. Undress, please."

There it was. Those wonderful words which always made me blush right down to my neck but which also sent a surge of blood into my loins. I stood up and took off my shirt while he looked on, a pleasant smile on his handsome face. As I stripped, totally of course, his smile broadened as he beheld the athletic tone of my body.
"You workout, lad?"

"Track and field, Doc, and some gym as well."

"Good physique," he said softly.

By now of course, my cock had begun to swell a bit although I always fought to keep it in check. I didn't want to be thrown out of this really good-looking guy's office without even feeling his hands on my flesh. I stripped right down to the buff although I suppose just dropping my pants and briefs would have sufficed. He didn't comment but I could see he was impressed by my body.
"Okay, up on the table, please, Jimmy. Let's see what we can find."
I jumped up and lay back on the cool leather, putting my hands under my head and flexing my biceps and thighs and belly a bit. I wanted to please him with my body. I still wasn't gay. I didn't want to fuck him or vice versa. But I did want to be in his hands, both literally and figuratively.

My cock was half hard now but he still didn't comment.

"Where is the pain, Jimmy?"

"Down there," I said, pointing at my cock.

"In your penis?"

"Sometimes. And in my testicles and also sometimes inside my backside."

"Hmmm. Very strange complaint. What if I touch your penis... like this...?"

"Oooo, that's nice... Um, er, I mean, it doesn't hurt..."

But I think he had already begun to see through me. He didn't stop his hands on my cock though and now manipulated my balls as well.
"That's still nice...? No pain?"

"No. And it feels okay."

I had to be very careful in choosing my words. I didn't want to scare him off at this first visit as I had done with some other doctors.
"Okay, now draw your knees up onto your chest. I will need to conduct an anal examination... Have you ever had one of these before, Jimmy?"
I had but I wasn't letting on. They were painful but I loved it. I always thrilled when the doctor said he was going to insert the anal dilator up my asshole and that it would hurt. I did now and my cock responded as it always did. Of course, since he was still holding it, I could blame it on him if he commented. He didn't though, and it was soon rock hard, standing straight up my belly.
"No, Doc," I lied.

"They are painful but I will rub on some anaesthetic jelly to ease the pain."

"Thanks, Doc."

I would rather he didn't but I could hardly tell him I delighted in anticipating the pain of an anal dilation even if the actual pain was horrible. He let go of my cock, a trifle reluctantly, I thought and I smiled in happiness that he actually seemed to be getting off on my body, unlike every doctor I had so far seen. Some had commented that I had a good physique but it was a purely clinical interest; there was nothing personal about it with them. Here though, Doc Crisp really seemed to enjoy looking at and feeling my body.

He had of course examined me properly. I had enjoyed the cold stethoscope all over my chest and back and belly while his cool hands explored the inner regions of my torso, checking for God knows what.

He went to his cupboard and came back holding the instrument out for me to see. This too, was different. Always before, the doctor had kept it hidden from me, as if to shield from me the weird shape and purpose of the instrument. But Doc Crisp quite ostentatiously prepared it after taking it out of its sterile wrapping. He greased it with petroleum jelly then had me pull my knees up to my chest once more so he could apply the anaesthetic ointment. Then he paused and looked at me straight in the eyes.

"Might I be right in thinking you would prefer not to have this applied, Jimmy?" he said very softly.
I started in fear. He had obviously read me like a book. I stared up at him but he didn't seem angry. In fact his free hand again went down to my rigid cock, slowly working it. I nodded.
"Yes," I whispered.

"Good. Shows you are made of strong stuff. We will insert the dilator without anaesthetic."

He did grease my backside with ordinary jelly though and then placed the two spoon-shaped prongs of the thing at my anus and gently pushed. I gasped as my asshole was spread wider and wider but his hand on my cock was nice and then in it went.
"Now, we have to open it so I can see in. You ready, boy?"
I sure was. I nodded and grinned weakly up at him. He seemed to be in tune with me but I still had to tread warily. His hand now rested on my belly and he seemed to be feeling my abs so I flexed them for him. He winked down at me then began to apply pressure on the handles to open the dilator.

I gasped again as my asshole was stretched wide and he got down to look inside.

At that moment my cock spurted. It went on and one, particularly as he had again grasped it and helped it along. He released the jaws of the dilator and slipped it out of my backside then he wiped my belly clean of the huge dollops of sperm which had pooled from the top of my chest to the lower reaches of my groin.

"You can get down now, young man. Come over and stand beside my desk. No, you may remain naked for now. I want to talk to you and I want you standing as a naughty boy beside my desk while I do so..."
His words were an aphrodisiac to my ears. My cock, which had of course gone down immediately after the gigantic ejaculation now began to swell and harden once more. He stared from it to me, noting the blush which had again suffused my face and neck.
"I know what is the matter with you, Jimmy..."

"You do, Doc?"

"I do. As to its cure, well, there may be a way... It will depend on how much you need to be cured...?"

"Oh I need it all right, Doc!"

"I wonder if you do... I think you have a rare condition called physician-itis..."

He didn't even smile as he said it and at that time I had no idea he was playing with me. I just nodded vaguely.
"Yes. It will need a number of visits but I think it may be better treated at my home. My wife is a trained nurse and she will be able to assist in the remedy. These visits will be numerous. There will be no charge for them. Do you understand...?"
At last the penny had dropped. I now knew he knew exactly what was 'wrong with me' and that he would help me in its 'remedy'. We both knew this was no medical condition but a sexual one and I was thrilled that he was so understanding.
"Very well. How are you placed this weekend?"
For once I had no athletics meetings and I said I was free the whole weekend.
"Good. I will need to clear this with my wife first but I know she will be happy to help. Unless I contact you otherwise, you may come to my home at seven on Saturday morning. Expect to spend both Saturday and Sunday with us and you will stay overnight on Saturday.

I left his office in a state of near ecstasy. At last I had found a doctor who understood my condition. And he and his wife were going to help me with it. How help, I didn't know, nor did I care. I just knew they were going to 'treat' me and that it would be just what I needed.

I duly reported to his house at seven in the morning and was pleased to see his wife was a lady as lovely as he was handsome. The doc was just thirty-one years old when he began to treat me and Amanda Crisp, twenty-seven. Both of them had brown hair but her eyes were green whereas his were brown. He was lean but later I found he was nicely muscled as well. She was just lovely. Small and dainty but with the body of an athlete.

"You are Jimmy Smithers?" she said as she opened the door.
I agreed that I was indeed that personage and she ushered me into the house. They lived in a big house in a very large garden with lots of big trees and shrubs which largely hid it from the road. She ushered me into a small room off the main hall.
"Take off your clothes, Jimmy. The doctor wants you totally naked for the treatment. When you are completely nude, put your clothing outside the door then come back inside this room, leaving the door wide open. You are to stand facing the door with your legs apart and your hands clasped up behind your head. Suck in your belly, clench your buttocks and flex your muscles. Remain in that position until I come for you. Is that clear?"
It couldn't be clearer and my cock was already straining at my flies. I gurgled something or other to this beautiful little woman and she smiled and went out, closing the door behind her. I quickly undressed, aware that my cock was as hard as it had ever been and already dribbling large quantities of spunk onto my underpants. I folded each item neatly and made a pile of them, placing my shoes on the top. I took them to the door and opened it wide, my cock now quivering in fear of discovery by the doctor's wife but also in extraordinary excitement. I placed the pile on the floor outside the door then followed her orders, standing just inside the doorway, legs wide, arms bent and all muscles properly flexed.

I must have stood there for a good half hour and my muscles were all aching when she at last arrived. My cock stayed rigid however, excited by the events so far. She appeared in the doorway and stood looking in at me, her eyes raking up and down my body, taking it all in but saying nothing then she bent down, scooped up my clothes and departed once more.

Again she left me for a half hour and I fidgeted as my muscles began to cramp from the unaccustomed pose. Again she returned, now wearing a proper nurse's uniform which fitted her lissome body like a glove and left very little to the imagination. It was obvious she had nothing on under the fine terylene uniform which fitted every curve of her lovely body like a glove. This time she strode in and walked around me, looking me up and down and reaching out to stroke my flank and other parts of my body, particularly my biceps which she squeezed and felt for long minutes. She also seemed to be intrigued with my belly muscles which are fairly prominent, spending more minutes stroking and prodding them.

"A fair specimen, I suppose," she said at last but I could see from her eyes she liked my body.
I said nothing.
"The doctor has ordered me to prepare you for his examination," she pronounced now. "Come with me."
She led the way out of the room and down a back hall of the huge house to a small room at the very back which was like a very plain bathroom. Plain concrete walls, concrete floor and a rough concrete shower stall in the corner.
"First you are to be shaved nude. The doctor cannot possibly treat you as you are."
My cock got even harder. She was going to shave my body. I would look like a prepubescent boy!

First she clipped the hair on the top of my head down to a close crew cut. Then she close-cropped those under my arms and at my groin while I stood there, red-faced and highly embarrassed but still with a roaring hard-on. I wondered at this. Never before had a woman ever made me hard; always it had been thoughts of male doctors examining me and inserting odd things into my bodily orifices which had brought about that state. I was pleased. At last a woman had done the job.

Next she bade me stand in the shower and turned on the tap. There was only one. The cold one. The water felt icy but she made me stand under it for long minutes, informing me it would serve to soften the hairs. She turned off the tap and then carefully shaved me, all over. When she had finished and I looked down at my belly and legs, there wasn't a hair to be seen. Admittedly, I had little body hair and what there had been was fine and wispy but now there was nothing; just clean smooth flesh. My cock dribbled some more.

"And now to clean you out. You obeyed orders and had nothing to eat or drink this morning?"
I nodded.
"Yes, Nurse."

"Good. But the doctor still wants you to have a thorough purging. Drink this. It will go through you very quickly."

I drank the milky liquid she handed me and screwed up my face at the taste.
"And now your enema. Get back inside the stall, turn around and bend over. Spread your buttocks wide open."
She reached up above me and unhooked the nozzle from one of six enema bags dangling above my head. She didn't bother greasing it. The nozzle was big. Much bigger than a normal enema bone. I gurgled as she placed it against my anus and then pushed it in. Right in, until the whole six inches disappeared up inside and the anus closed down over the plastic tube. She turned on the valve and I felt it immediately. Most enema systems allow only a trickle. This was a gush and I could see when I looked up that the bag was emptying rapidly. I felt it too. It cramped my bowels and gut as it rushed in, filling me to capacity.

When it was empty, she turned on the shower and ordered me to pull out the nozzle. As I did, my backside erupted, spraying the floor and walls of the recess with a watery filth. By now, too, the salts she had given me were working and I could feel my stomach beginning to rebel. It was horrible. My cock was the only thing which was pleased with these events. It stayed hard as steel the whole time.

When I was at last empty, she gave me another glass of salts and again ordered me to bend over and take nozzle number two. By now, my asshole was in a lot of pain but she didn't mind, she said. I had a long way to go yet, she said. I had better start to get used to pain as it was a most important part of my treatment.

My bowels filled the second time and were emptied along with the dose of salts. Then followed doses numbers three, four, five and six, by which time my asshole was on fire and my tummy was rumbling horribly.

Then followed a last shower but this one was accompanied by a scrubbing. She handed me in a scrubbing brush and ordered me to cleanse myself.

"I want to see you scrubbing every inch of your skin, boy," she said. "And you had better put some muscle into it or the doctor may well order another six enemas. Remember it."
I gulped. No way did I want another single enema let alone six of the horrible things. I took the brush and began scrubbing my flesh while she watched grimly. She was certainly a hard taskmaster, making sure I covered every square inch of my flesh at least three times before she would turn off the water and let me out.

She handed me a small rag and told me to dry myself. It wasn't a towel. It was just a small handkerchief-sized square of cotton cloth and it hardly sufficed but that was all there was.

"Good. You are now ready to see Doctor. Come with me."
She led the way to a room which was a near facsimile of his office, complete with examination table and glass-fronted cupboards. There he waited, dressed in trousers, shirt and tie and doctor's coat over them.
"Jimmy Smithers, Doctor," said his wife, handing me in to the office.

"Thank you, Nurse. Perhaps you would stay and help with the examination?"

She nodded and for some reason I was pleased. Mortified. But pleased as well.
"Hmmm. Very naked, Nurse. You have done a very good job with his skin. Makes my job so much easier..."
As he spoke his cool hands roved over my flesh, feeling, squeezing, grabbing. He paid particular attention to the areas she had shaved, noting the new smoothness of my pubes and testicles. I fidgeted of course. This was what I dreamed about every night but it was as much the shame of the so personal examination as his hands on my body. And the presence of his wife made it all so much better.
"Six enemas?"

"Yes Doctor. The last one as clean as a whistle.

"And six doses of salts?"

"Six big ones. His system is fully purged, just as you ordered."


His hands continued to rove over my flesh not omitting my cock but he was careful not to dwell there too long. It was already on a hair trigger and he didn't want me to shoot. Not yet.
"All right, boy. Up on the table and put your feet up into the stirrups. This time a full anal examination, now that you are properly cleaned out."
He did too. First he used his fingers, probing inside... One finger, then two, three and four. He worked the anal sphincter hard while I lay there, cock as hard as ever but very conscious of the pain of his examination. He gripped my cock sometimes, as if measuring its mettle but he didn't excite it as he had before. He also fondled my balls at other times.
"Yes. A great deal of treatment is required here, Nurse. I shall first need to conduct a running examination of his anus under extreme load. Get me the new anal plug, please."
She nodded and went off to one of the cupboards, returning with a gadget which looked like a large clear plastic test tube. In a slot around the top rim of this was inserted a chromed metal ring which in turn was attached to a thin chromed rod, bent at the middle to an angle of ninety degrees. At the end of this was a small chromed handcuff-like appliance.
"The tube goes into your anus, boy. It provides me with a clear view of what is happening inside your rectum at all times."
I gulped. The test tube thing was easily three inches across and nine inches long. Would it fit up my ass? And how painful would it be? He placed the rounded bottom end of the thing at my anus and pushed. My already well-worked asshole opened easily and the thing slid up inside me. It hurt, but not too badly. Once it was fully inserted and the rim was just poking out, he turned the protruding rod part so it went along my perineum, the cuff now lying open against my balls. He deftly slipped them and the root of my cock into the cuff and carefully closed it, making sure it was just firm. He didn't want any artificial erections on my part.
"And now to put you to work. I want to see how your anus reacts to the intrusion and anyway, you might as well earn your keep. Come, Nurse."
I was led out the back of the house. The back garden was as extensive, or perhaps even more so than the front and in the middle, near the house, was a grass tennis court. They led me over to this and up to a huge steel roller parked in one corner. It was one of those enormous things made of two inches thick rolled steel. The diameter of the roller was four feet and its width another four so you can imagine how heavy it was. It had a shaft attached to its central axle and at the end of this was a t-bar.

Doc Crisp bent down and picked up the handle then ordered me to back into it and place my arms behind it, bring my hands forward in front of my body. Mrs Crisp produced a set of handcuffs separated by a chain and she locked these onto my wrists so my forearms were tight across the front of my belly.

"And now, Jimmy, you will work. We will stay out here and watch as you struggle to pull this machine. Normally of course it takes two men and you are going to find it particularly arduous. That is what I want. If I don't see the sweat running off you in short order, either I or Nurse will have to come over and whip your bottom. Do you understand?"
I nodded again.
"Yes, Doctor."
I leaned forward and indeed found it almost impossible to pull the huge thing. It weighed the proverbial ton and getting it moving was very hard indeed. It wasn't impossible however and off I went, my muscles straining and heaving with each step. Dr and Mrs Crisp retired to two easy chairs set under a large sun umbrella on the edge of the court and they sat and sipped mint juleps in front of me.

I sweated all right. In only a few minutes my body was a lather of sweat and as the sun raged down on my naked body, it got worse and worse. The minutes seemed like hours. How long was he going to keep me at this, I wondered. Ah, there he was, getting up from his chair and strolling over to me. Perhaps I could finish now?

No such luck. He ordered me to stop and bend over, but only so he could peer into the plastic tube up my asshole.

"Good. Excellent. The treatment is working very well."
Treatment! He knew and I knew this was no treatment but my cock was as hard as ever. I might not be enjoying the experience but my libido definitely was .
"Back to work, boy. You've got another two hours of this before lunch."
Oh God! Two hours! I couldn't!

I could and I did and they only needed to 'encourage' me a few times with their birch saplings, freshly peeled for the occasion. The second time Doc whipped my buttocks, I came. It was another huge outpouring jetting out from my cock and he stood back and watched in something like awe as it went on and one.

"How often do you masturbate, Jimmy?" he asked.

"Around once a week, Doc."

"And is it as much as that?"

"Oh no. Half, no more."

"Hmmm. I suspect you are not only suffering from physician-itis, but also a dose of masochism. Do you know what that is?"

"A love of pain?"

"Sort of. Pain attached to sexual gratification, anyway. I suspected as much when you ejaculated in my surgery. This was another test for that condition. Well, we will need to modify your treatment to cover this condition as well. Pain, humiliation and a great deal of hard work are called for now. Continue on with your rolling. I will return every quarter of an hour to monitor your asshole..."

As I struggled to keep the huge roller moving over the fine lawn of the court I mulled over what he had said. Masochism! Hell. I hadn't even suspected it but then when I thought about it, I realised it must have always been there. I suppose it was the humiliation of a naked examination coupled with a fear of some painful procedure which had always turned me on. Doc Crisp had only articulated what I had really known all along, deep down.

I stared around me. The court was in the centre of the back garden and there were trees and shrubs everywhere but I could see the roofs of houses on either side and I wondered if anyone might just come strolling around the side of the house. I thrilled as I thought of being discovered in this humiliating position of slavery...

Slavery! What a word. I rolled it around in my mind for a while and my cock, which had stiffened again almost immediately after that first gigantic orgasm, trembled in excitement. I imagined myself a slave. How wonderful it would be to be a full-time slave to Doc and Mrs Crisp. I caught myself. What was I thinking? And then I knew it was what I wanted, deep down. I wanted to stay here, chained to this roller and drag it hour after hour, as my body sweated and strained. I said nothing of course. Slavery was dead and buried -- I thought. It had been abolished around the world a century and a half ago, I thought.

They fed me water every fifteen minutes but that was all. My tummy was rumbling horribly. It had had nothing in it for hours and it was rebelling.

I still relished my position. I was stark naked. My cock was again hard and throbbing at my nakedness and my position chained to and struggling with the huge roller while my doctor and his nurse sat and sipped mint juleps, watching me avidly. It suddenly occurred to me that the both of them were as turned on to this scene as I was. I thrilled yet again. Perhaps we might do this all over again some time soon.

At noon they came for me. I was unlocked and taken inside to the surgery and the huge dildo was taken out to be washed and disinfected. He again digitally examined my anus and rectum then informed me it was lunch time.

Mrs Crisp had prepared their and my lunch. Theirs was a nice crisp salad. Mine was a banana; or rather a whole series of them. Can you guess how I was to be fed them? It certainly wasn't down my throat although by now I was as hungry as all hell. No indeed.

"On your hands and knees, Jimmy. Spread them wide..."
He took a banana and peeled it then carefully shoved it up my asshole. Another one followed the first and then three more! Really. I had five bananas shoved up my ass and these would provide my sustenance for the rest of the afternoon. The only thing I was allowed in my belly was orange juice and I had to kneel between their chairs at the breakfast table, lapping it up like a dog from a pet's dish as they sat and ate. To prevent the bananas oozing out of my anus, Doc pushed in a short dildo with a large ball at the bottom and protruding from the end of the ball were some leather thongs, like a tail. He pushed the dildo right in, ball and all. I screamed a bit as the ball stretched my anus wide open but once it was inside, it settled down to a mere discomfort, as much from the five bananas as the dildo. The thongs dangled down from between my buttocks like a real tail and again I felt that delicious humiliation which so turned me on.

That afternoon I had to display my gymnastics prowess. I now saw how they kept their bodies in such fine fettle. Attached to the back of the house was a building which had once been a conservatory. It was completely covered in glass. Walls and roof were all glass but the stands and plants had all gone. In their place was a very well set up gymnasium complete with horizontal and parallel bars, vaulting and pommel horses with springboards, mats and all manner of small equipment items.

I was taken to this room two hours after lunch was over. The intervening period I spent strapped down onto a wooden bed, almost totally immobile.

"I want to see how you react to bondage, Jimmy," explained the doctor.
I didn't like it. I was spreadeagled fairly tightly and had no movement in my limbs at all. I could wriggle my belly and buttocks but that was about it. The wooden bed was in a small plain windowless room just ten feet square. It had no other furniture and the bed sat in the middle. Once they had me fixed to it, they went out and turned off the light. It was absolutely black with the door closed. I lay there terrified but still my cock was hard. It ached badly now. Hell, it had been almost constantly erect for something like seven hours; it was no wonder it ached. I was terrified, yes. I was also wonderfully excited. I couldn't have dreamed the reality of this scene could be so much better than my dreams; lacklustre now, as I remembered them.

I lay there for two hours in that stygian darkness. I didn't know they were watching me via an infrared camera they had installed over the bed. I struggled at times and I pulled at my bonds. I probably moaned a bit, too.

Anyway they came for me around three in the afternoon and took me to the gym.

"Let's see your routine, Jimmy," said the doc.
I pointed down to my groin, so naked. I had always been taught never to perform without a support.
"It's all right. I wish to see you working naked."
I shrugged and then grinned. I loved gymnastics nearly as much as track and field and I used it to keep my body in tiptop condition. I had never ever worked on the equipment naked before but it was a new fillip to my libido. I first did the warm-ups which are essential in any form of serious exercise then moved over to the parallel bars, jumping up and performing the routine I had developed for myself. They watched silently and then I moved to the horizontal bar, going through my exercises on it before moving to the other pieces, doing the same thing with each while they stood and watched me. They didn't applaud but neither did they criticise. I knew I was a good gymnast. I was soon to find out they were better.

Doc stripped off his coat and shirt and pants, revealing a body far better than mine. I had known he was athletic. I couldn't believe how perfectly toned his muscles were. He did his warm-ups then leapt up onto the horizontal bar. He was an Olympic standard! His stark naked body was a symphony of beauty and excellence. His grace and fluidity was something I could hardly credit.

He did only a few exercises and then he smiled at his wife. She too stripped totally nude and again I gasped. Sheer perfection once more. Her breasts were perfect but her body was that of a top class athlete and her performance was as good as her husband's. I noted both of them were quite nude of hair on their bodies as well. Somehow it made my so naked flesh more acceptable.

When she had finished her routine, which was as good as his, they came over to join me.

"Do you like what you see, boy?" Doc asked, smiling at me.

"I think you two are the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen," I breathed.

They smiled again.
"Perhaps we are going to need a lot more treatment than we at first thought," he said softly.

"Oh yes," I said. "Please... Lots more."

By that time it was nearing dusk and the three of us went out for a swim in their pool. Naked of course. It was wonderful. I had never swum naked before and without my pubic and underarm hair it was even better. Oh I was so glad I had found Doc Crisp.

You are wondering about my asshole? During the two hours I spent spreadeagled on the wooden bed, it continued to feel as if an arm was shoved up there but towards the end of that time, the feeling gradually abated, I suppose as the bananas were absorbed into my body. And in my excitement at finding out about their gymnastic ability, I forgot about the dildo altogether. It was still there and the thongs still dangled out between my buttocks but I just accepted it. And as we swum around in the pool, it almost seemed quite natural.

I didn't like the enemas she made me take after our swim but at least that night I got to partake of real food -- through my mouth. She had prepared a delicious meal of chicken chasseur with mushrooms on a bed of savoury rice and it was both tasty and wholesome.

That night I spent in their bed.

Doc had questioned me closely about my sexual dreams and fantasies and had been surprised that neither women nor men turned me on -- unless it was in a doctor/patient situation.

"Let's see if we can excite you in a bedroom situation then, boy."
I was placed in between them and invited to touch and feel either or both of them as the mood took me. I turned first to her. Oh God she was lovely. She still is but this was my first day with them and I could hardly credit the loveliness of her naked flesh.

It was true peaches and cream, all over. Lying naked on the satin sheet she was simply wonderful, her athlete's muscles stirring slightly as she moved a little... I reached out to touch her breasts and nearly recoiled from the shock. So soft. So wondrous. A texture I wouldn't have believed. She lay there, smiling up at me while her husband's cool hands traced little patterns over my body. I shivered in delight at both sensations.

"Fuck me, Jimmy," she said softly.
I rolled over onto her, not in the least concerned that I was making love to the wife of my physician while he lay on the bed next to me, his fingers tracing little whorls over my buttocks. I pushed inside and nearly fainted from the feeling. I began to rut, knowing very little about what I was doing and hoping it was okay with her.

Then I felt her stirring, turning on her side so my back was towards the doc. She smiled across at me.

"I am going to fuck you now, Jimmy," her husband said.
I felt his big cock slide inside my very well prepared asshole and now I was truly the meat in their joint sandwich. What did I feel?

Delight! Ecstasy! Wonderment! All those things and more. I could not have believed it was possible to enjoy anything so much.

We fucked all night, or at least for most of it. They showed me things I wouldn't have dreamed of. Positions. Ways to hold back. Erogenous zones... It was great. It was my first time and it was really the best thing that had ever happened to me.

We slept late into the morning. We hadn't got to sleep much before three or four and so we slept until ten.

We had breakfast, I again as a doggy, lapping up cereal from a bowl between their chairs. After breakfast I was put to work again. This time trotting around their back garden harnessed to a light gig Doc had made. I wondered fleetingly where all this equipment had come from. You don't have gigs in your garden sheds and rooms with wooden beds and fully equipped doctors' surgeries in your house, even if you are a doctor, normally. I didn't ask then and when I did find out, it all seemed so natural.

He and she took it in turns to ride the gig, whipping me on the back and buttocks at times. I didn't like the horse's tail on the end of the dildo he made me wear much. The dildo went right inside and the horse's tail was made of the real thing and it itched my anus and buttocks horribly but as usual, my cock was again at full mast, waving madly from side to side as I trotted and galloped around the extensive lawns. They made me twitch it from side to side like a horse, too.


It seemed like only minutes since I had arrived when Doc told me to get dressed and go home. My joy faded as if it had never been. I had to go back to my tiny apartment and face a new week of boredom in the sports store. Admittedly I had an athletics meet on next weekend but it seemed so far away and even that palled by comparison to what had just occurred. He took me aside before I left and handed me a piece of paper.

"Jimmy. I want you to go to this brothel. I know it's clean. I want you to try having sex with the most attractive girl there. Let me know how you get on... Will you do it?"
My expression must have been woeful for he laughed.
"Oh come on. It can't be that bad, surely?"

"It still doesn't appeal, Doc."

"But after last night...? After all, you made love to Amanda with great style and there was no doctor around. The three of us were naked!"

"I know, but doing it with anyone else just seems... impossible..."

"Well, will you try?"

"Okay, but no promises as to results?"

"Agreed. Now would you like to come back next weekend?"

"I can't, Doc. I've got an aths meeting."

"Cancel it!"

I stared at him. Cancel an athletics meeting? I had never done such a thing. Athletics was my life! But then I smiled. I now had a new life. A much better life. I knew they could teach me heaps about gymnastics and the other things... Well! Phew! Who cared about a few running races when you could serve these two.

Serve! There it was again. Slave!

"Sure, Doc. Same time?"

"No, make it Friday night after work. And you will stay until Monday morning. It will be much harder this time, Jimmy. More work. More pain. More sex. You're sure?"

"I'm sure."


The visit to the brothel was an unqualified disaster. Oh the girls were attractive enough and the one I chose was as near to Amanda Crisp as I could get. And once she stripped off, her body was lovely. But it did nothing for me. I couldn't even get it up despite her best efforts with hand and mouth. She was very understanding but I was really devastated. I had thought myself cured after that night in the Crisp's huge bed. I wasn't.

I went back to his surgery and told him the news. He just smiled and shrugged.

"Just as well we've got next weekend then isn't it, Jimmy."
I couldn't have agreed more and just thinking about it, my cock was already straining at the flies in my pants. He noticed it and gave it a little friendly pat.
"Remember, it's going to be much worse for you?"
I think he was trying me. Testing to see if I would back off. No way!
"Do your worst, Doc," I said, grinning broadly at him.

"I will."


This time I had been ordered to come on Friday night and I would be staying until Monday morning. I thrilled to the very core of my being as I contemplated two whole days and three nights of domination by him and his wife. Domination is the word. Slavery is another but he didn't use it all that often, not yet.

On the Friday night Dr and Mrs Crisp took me up to their bedroom as they had before. This time however there was a very strange object standing at the foot of their bed. It was a cross! It was made of tubular steel about six inches in diameter and was nearly as high as the ceiling. It seemed to be slotted into a hole in the carpeted floor and I wondered that I hadn't noticed it the last time. As I got closer to it I started back in fear for I now saw there was a piece of triangular steel poking out about a foot from the upright at a point about four feet from the floor. The triangle was fairly sharp and pointed upwards and in its centre there was a large steel dildo.

I shuddered in fear at what this item meant for me but I also thrilled as I imagined being impaled on that dildo with the sharp angle of the triangle digging hard into the cleft of my buttocks and my perineum.

"You are frightened, boy?" he asked.

"Yes, but I am also very excited."

"You know you will spend the whole night on it?"

I just smiled but I think I also shuddered a bit more.

They put a box in front of it and bade me climb on. I did and Doc helped me position my asshole over the dildo which was long and fairly thick. I had never imagined being plugged by a steel dildo but I was about to find out what its cold embrace would be like. It slid in easily enough and then I felt the sharp angle of the steel splitting my buttocks in two. My balls rested on the steel as well.

Mrs Crisp removed the box and now all my weight was resting on the triangle. It hurt but my cock, as usual, was hard as the steel up my bum. She knelt down and drew my two feet behind the steel pole and buckled them together then she climbed up on the box and attached my two wrists to the manacles dangling from the ends of the crosspiece. I could now ease the pain in my ass by pulling up off the triangle a bit but it took a lot of effort.

They stood back and looked up at me in admiration.

"He looks superb, my dear," said the doctor.

"Lets go to bed and make love while we look up at him."

They did. I hung there, stark naked of course, my cock remaining rigid the whole time while these two beautiful people made naked love together, staring up at me from time to time. Then they slept, leaving me hanging there, supported mostly on the dildo which now burned and raged inside my asshole while the sharp ridge of the triangle seemed to be cutting my body in two.

At five in the morning they got out of bed and let me down.

"How do you feel, Jimmy?" asked the doctor.

"Wonderful," I said.

"You don't look all that wonderful," he remarked.

And when I saw myself in the mirror I had to agree. My face was haggard and my eyes looked very tired but inside I did indeed feel terrific. After a shower and some breakfast however I recovered physically.

That day I was put through my paces yet again. Hours in the gym, in the swimming pool and a lot of housework then a session pulling them around the garden in the gig. The next day was the same but on the Saturday night they had me in their bed again. The sex was as good as it had been the week before but we did it for longer and with fewer breaks. On Sunday, more work and more exercise. Then on Monday morning, Doc Crisp made me stand before him in his study. I was again naked of course, standing as a small boy before his school master.

"Jimmy, how important is your job to you?"
I stared at him. I didn't know what he was driving at but I did know the job was not at all important to me. I said so and he smiled.
"Good. Now what I am about to propose may sound quite bizarre. I want you to go away now and think about it over the next week. On Friday you will be coming back here. Possibly for good. Possibly for the last time...
xxxx"You see, Jimmy. I think you are a born slave. I think you delight in serving me and Amanda. The doctor thing was a fetish of yours but it could just as easily have been a lawyer or an architect who turned you on. Anyway, fortunately for me, it was a doctor and I now have you. I want to keep you. We want to keep you... as a slave. As our slave.
xxxx"It will be hard. I am going to work you so hard you will drop. Both mentally as well as physically. I don't believe your brain is as slack as you think it is. I am going to enrol you in a nursing course. Amanda and I will train you in the physical side of it and we will drill you in the lessons as well. Your mind will be reeling... but so will your body. I am going to turn your physique into a veritable Adonis. There will be no fat on your body at all. Not that it is not bad now but when I have finished with it, you won't recognise it..."

"You aren't going to make me into one of those ugly bodybuilders?"

"Of course not."

He shuddered.
"They are gross. No, but you will have what I consider a perfect physique. Lean, hard and with muscles which will stand out even when they are perfectly relaxed."
He paused and leaned back in his chair.
"Well? What do you think?"

"And I will be a real slave. Owned by you and Mrs Crisp?"

"You will. When you err, as you undoubtedly will, we will punish you with the cane, the whip and the paddle. You will spend long nights hanging upside down in the cellars with your legs spread as wide as we can pull them. You will shower under icy cold water. You will sometimes have large enemas administered to you while the purging mixture works on your guts."

I stood there, cock as rigid as it usually was while he talked to me, quivering in lust and desire for the scenario he had painted.
"Can't I just ring up now and resign?" I asked.

"No you can't. I want you to think it over very well and very hard. Once we start I don't want you whining it is too hard and you want to back to your old life..."

I knew I didn't need to think it over.