the Scottsman
Chris' Last New Year

Main Characters:

Story Synopsis:

Chris was attending the big Chicago New Year's Eve bash at McCormick Place presented by Mayor Daley, with his girlfriend and her parents. They argue over the fact they were seated at a table away from her parents even though they had requested they be seated at the same table. She is giving him a hard time and he is just let's make the best of it, and after dinner we can spend the rest of the evening with them.
KkkkShe won't quit, so he decides to step outside one of the back service doors to get some fresh air. He runs smack into a bunch of people from a street gang that have been sent to crash the party and bring back something from the party. Doesn't matter what, just bring something back to prove you were there. They took one look at this fine white-boy and thought, hey, what better than that! We can prove we were there, and have some real fun with him too!


Chris and his girlfriend got to the New Year's Eve dinner a little later than the rest of the people attending the big New Year's Eve Bash put on by Mayor Daley to showcase Chicago. He had invited guests from all over the world to represent their respective countries. A big dinner, dancing and fireworks ... quite the party!

At any rate, the tables had been preassigned, and Chris and his girlfriend were already arguing when they got to the table they had been assigned to as they were separated from her parents. She was pissed and giving him a real hard time. He was basically saying let's make the best of it, and after dinner we can spend the rest of the evening with your parents.

It was fun watching them argue. Chris was twenty-one, very handsome, a little short but he made up for that by clearly having a very defined body under his tux. One of those guys that was developed enough that even with a dress shirt and a vest over that you could still see he had the classic swimmers build. Not overly bulky, but no fat anywhere.

He had dark black hair, very nicely styled, stunning blue eyes and a smile that showed off his perfectly straight white on white teeth. He was definitely Caucasian, but hard to tell his nationality as he was very white, but yet his features and dark hair would have suggested an Italian heritage. His girlfriend was quite stunning herself, wearing a beautiful red evening dress, and with her blonde hair perfectly styled.

After we had a chance to talk to Chris he filled us in on why they were fighting. It was interesting because even though they were only dating, you would have guessed they were married! As the dinner progressed, she wouldn't give it up, until you could see finally that Chris was getting pissed.

Behind the curtains that had been set up to divide the room into an elegant dining room from the rest of the exhibition hall were the washrooms, and a smoking area. There were also a few doors that led to the outside of the building, in the back where deliveries would normally be made. There were security guards posted at all these entrances, as well as throughout most of the dining room. The mayor wanted to make sure there were no problems with his guests from around the world.

Chris decided to go for a break just to cool down a little. When he got to the open door, the guard had walked about thirty feet away to talk with one of the other security guys, and he did not notice Chris walking out the open door. Chris did not notice when he walked out that there were four black guys and one black girl standing out there.

They were from a street gang on the south side of the city, and they had pissed off their leader when they botched up a job he had sent them on. To atone for goofing up, he had sent them to the big bash at McCormick Place to bring back something from the party to show to us you crashed the party.

They had been eyeing the door to see if they could slip in, but the security guard had been standing by it all along and they never had the chance to get in. They were starting to get nervous and jittery, because they knew if they went back empty handed, they would be in BIG trouble.

When Chris walked out the door dressed in his New Year's Eve best, it only took them a second to decide among themselves that hey, the boss didn't say what to bring back, just something to show they were there. What better than this perfectly good white-boy! Not only would they be able to prove they were at the party, but they could undoubtedly find some interesting ways to amuse themselves with him!

The girl in the group walked up to Chris, who was looking out towards the lake and wasn't really paying attention to his surroundings. Had he been, he should have been a little nervous himself, and if smart, he would have made a beeline back into the party. But, he was preoccupied, and didn't notice when she moved around behind him, and then to his side. You could definitely tell he was a suburban boy, and not street smart to the city. She startled him when she spoke,

"You wouldn't have a cig I could bum from you, would you?"
Chris was startled by her presence, and turned to look at her. He just replied,
"Sorry, I don't smoke."
Trying to keep him looking at her she said,
"That's ok, I guess I don't really need one anyway."
While he was looking at her, the four guys she was with moved into position behind Chris. Before he even realized they were there he heard one of them say,
"OK white-boy, I have a gun on you ... we want you to come with us right now."
Chris was really startled now, and spun around to see who was talking to him. He jumped back when he saw four black guys right in his face, so far that he bumped right into the black girl that was behind him. Before he could even think about reacting, she used all her strength to push him right into the midst of the four guys. They wasted no time in grabbing his arms, and then the one guy waved his gun in his face. He snapped at Chris,
"I mean we want you to come with us right NOW!"
Chris glanced over at the door he had come out to see if anyone was there looking, but the guard was still away from the door looking the other way. Chris started to panic and stuttered out,
"I don't have that much money with, but you can have it ... just leave me alone please!"
They all laughed, and one of them just said,
"We don't want your money white-boy, we said we want YOU!"
He was really nervous and scared now as they started to push him down the ramp that led to the parking lot. They had him surrounded, and whenever he walked too slow one of them would push him forward. They got down to the lot and moved him towards their car. When one of them opened the trunk he really started begging,
"Please, don't hurt me. I can get more money from the people inside. I'm here with...."
That's as far as he got when one of them had grabbed a dirty, oily rag from the trunk and stuffed it into his mouth. That really startled him, and when he turned his head to see who had done this, another one of the group had taken a small piece of rope from the trunk, and was starting to tie it around his head to hold the gag in place.

Chris really panicked now, and he started to raise his hands to swing at them, but one of the others already had another piece of rope and was starting to tie his one wrist, then the other, then they pulled the rope tight. This totally immobilized his hands behind his back.

While the girl that was with them kept watch to make sure no one was looking at them, the four lifted Chris and threw him into the trunk. He immediately tried to get up, but they flipped him over onto his stomach, and using another piece of rope tied his ankles tight together, then tied that rope to his wrists. He was now hog-tied in the trunk, and really unable to move.

They slammed the trunk, and all piled into the car and headed out to the highway. Once they were moving Chris could make all the noise he wanted, but no one would be able to hear him. With the gag in, the only noises he could make anyway were muffled mmfffss!

They seemed to be driving for quite awhile, and besides being really scared, Chris wished he would have stopped at the washroom before he went out the door because he really had to pee. As they continued to drive, they left the smooth roads of the main part of the city, and started down the torn up streets in the bad part of town.

It felt to Chris like they were deliberately trying to hit every pot hole in the city of Chicago. He was having a really hard time keeping from pissing himself, but when they finally turned down a back alley that was more holes than road, he finally lost it. Struggling not to, he finally couldn't hold it anymore and he felt himself pissing down his leg, and before long he was laying in a pool of his own piss.

Finally the car stopped and he heard the doors open. Then the trunk opened and he felt hands starting to lift him out. He was scared almost to death by this point, but when one of them said,

"God Damn, smell that! Look at the little baby ... we scared him so much he pissed himself!"
This raised a roar of laughter from all of them. One of them used a knife to cut the rope that was holding his wrists to his ankles, then they stood him up. Since Chris was wearing the light grey type of tux pants, you could clearly see he had pissed in his pants. Once they stood him up and could really see him, that brought about another string of comments, and then laughter from the whole group. Finally one of them said,
"Wait 'til Maurice sees this. He's gonna bust his gut laughing!!"
Without undoing his ankles the four guys were half dragging, half walking Chris towards an old building. Chris would eventually realize this was an old abandoned apartment building that this particular gang had turned into it's clubhouse, if only on a temporary basis. It was after all New Year's Eve, and they needed a place to throw a wild bash too. As they got closer to the building Chris could hear lot's of loud music, then laughter, shouting ... in other words one really wild party.

They dragged him up the back steps and then onto a small porch. The girl went ahead and opened the door, and they pushed him in. Since his ankles were still tied together, he went flying in the door and landed flat on his stomach, banging his chin on the floor. He hit hard enough to knock his teeth against his lip, and he could feel blood starting to trickle down his chin.

As Chris looked around he could see he landed on a filthy old floor in what once must have been the kitchen that was covered with garbage. As he looked up, he saw at least ten people standing around, and when he hit the floor they all stopped talking and laughing, and the room went quiet.

One of the people in the room was Maurice, the leader of this gang. The guy that had pushed Chris into the room just looked at him and said,

"OK Maurice! Here's something from the mayor's party, and I think you can have some fun with him too!"
Everyone went quiet as this addition to their party sunk in. After a long pause Maurice finally spoke,
"Great Job!! Let the party begin! Get his feet untied and get him into the other room!"
The guys who had brought Chris to the party lifted him up, and untied the ropes holding his ankles together. When they stood him up, there was an immediate round of laughter as the people in the kitchen saw he had wet himself. It brought lots of comments and more laughter.

The whole group half walked and half pushed Chris into the main part of the building into what once must have been a dining room and then the living room. There were at least forty people, both men and women, all black, in there dancing, laughing and shouting. Except for the loud music playing, this room also went completely quiet when Chris was pushed into it.

Just like had happened in the kitchen, when people saw him standing there with his hands tied behind his back and his pants all wet, it elicited laughter and many comments. As Chris was pushed further into the room he was completely surrounded by all these people, and men and women alike took delight in pushing, hitting, pinching ... in general tormenting him.

Chris at this point was scared to death and started crying. This also brought more laughter and many more comments about the little baby white-boy. This pushing and jeering went on for quite a while. Finally, Maurice stepped up and spoke to them all,

"OK, OK. Enough playing now. Let's open up our white-boy package and see what we got to play with! It's like a late Christmas present for us all!"
Chris really panicked at this, because he thought Maurice meant 'cut him open with a knife'. Of course, that's not what Maurice meant, he just wanted to see the white-boy naked so they could continue to humiliate him. One of the others appeared next to Chris, and he immediately started begging,
"Don't hurt me ... Don't hurt me. Don't cut me, PLEASE!"
All the while he was half sobbing and crying too. This just continued to bring more laughter from the whole group. The guy that had moved nearest to Chris untied the ropes that had been holding his hands behind his back. He immediately stretched them in front of him after being tied up so long. When he moved around a little, Maurice spoke again.
"OK white-boy, I want to see you strip for us all. Get naked NOW!"
Chris just looked at him in shock, then looked around the room. Many of the people were shouting at him to take it all off! He couldn't believe he was here in this place, and even though he was not bashful about his body in the locker room, he had never been naked in front of this many people. Especially both men and women. He thought for a moment, the in a panic turned to face Maurice and simply said,
"NO! There's NO way man. I told these guys I didn't have much money, but you can have it. Just let me go now!"
Maurice moved over to Chris, and without any warning reached out and with the back of his hand slapped Chris hard across the face a couple of times. He then told Chris,
"I'm not used to people telling me no. It really pisses me off! Now you can either take those nice duds of yours off for us, or I'll have it done for you. And if we do that, I can guarantee you that you won't like it! So strip for us NOW!"
Chris just looked at him and started begging and crying again. Maurice got pissed and hit him again, then yelled,
"OK guys. You know what to do. Take this little bastard downstairs and show him what happens when someone doesn't listen to me!"
About ten of the guys immediately moved forward and grabbed Chris and started to drag him back towards the kitchen. All of them were yelling and shouting and pushing Chris. Surrounded by so many he didn't have any choice but to let them push him along, the whole time begging for them to let him go.

When the got to the back part of the house there were stairs that led to the basement, and they started pushing him down them. He tripped and almost fell, only stopping himself when he was able to grab onto the old railing.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs the guys immediately surrounded him and pushed him into the center of the basement. As Chris looked around he could hardly see as there were only two small light bulbs on. From what he could see, the place was filthy beyond anything he had ever seen. It stunk like a cross between a garbage dump and an outhouse. The gang had been using it for both.

When they got him to the middle of the room, one of them grabbed Chris by the wrists, and started to tie them together with some rope. All the while Chris was still begging them to let him go, and when they got tired of listening to him they all started punching and hitting him and telling him to shut the fuck up.

They took the rope and pulled it over one of the ceiling joists lifting him up to the point where he was standing on his tip-toes to try and support his weight. They then tied the rope off to an old pipe leaving him hanging there just barely touching the floor.

He still continue to cry and beg, so they picked up a old dirty piece of someone's underwear that had been left in the mess, and stuffed it into his mouth. Using another piece of rope they tied it around the back of his head forcing it and the underwear into his mouth so he could only make muffled sounds.

Then they attacked like sharks in a feeding frenzy smelling fresh blood. Each one of the guys grabbed a piece of his clothing and started to shred it from his body. Someone reached down and pulled off his shoes and socks. Someone else got his bow-tie, then his vest was shredded, and then they ripped his shirt off him.

Another set of hands undid his belt, unzipped the pants and pulled them down over his ankles and off. His T-Shirt was literally ripped off him. In less than a minute his was left hanging in his black Calvin Kleins. They only lasted another few seconds before they were ripped from him, and then Chris was naked.

When they finished stripping him, they all looked at him and started a flood of comments. Nice ass! You call that a dick? God he is the whitest white-boy I've ever seen. What a pussy boy! And on and on. Finally, when they got tired of all this, they started to take off their own belts. One of them said,

"Now you're going to find out white-boy what happens when you don't listen to the boss."
One by one they lifted their belts and started beating on Chris. Some on his back, some on his legs. Others were beating his chest and his stomach. With each blow Chris tried to let out a scream, but his mouth was stuffed and nothing but muffled noises came out.

Then they started to have fun and deliberately tried to go for his most sensitive spots. They were flicking the ends of their belts trying to hit his ass-hole, and the ones in front were trying to hit his dick and balls, while others were trying to get his tits. This went on for a long time until Chris was one big mass of red welts, with welts on top of each other.

He had for the longest time struggled to get free and tried kicking at them, until he was exhausted and couldn't yell anymore even if he didn't have his mouth stuffed. When he finally stopped moving around and started to just hang there, they finally stopped the whipping. One of them said,

"OK boy, were going to go back upstairs now and join the party. You better make sure you do what Maurice tells you to do, because if we have to bring you down here again this will look like nothing compared to what we will do to you. Did you ever have anyone stuff your dick into a light socket? I don't think you want to find out what that will do to you!"
With that, they untied the rope, and Chris just slumped to the floor. He was strong and in good shape, but this beating took everything out of him. He had no strength left and no fight left in him at all. He just was like a limp rag doll as they picked him up and started pushing him towards the stairs.

He more crawled up the stairs than walked up, with them constantly behind him pushing him on. When they finally got to the top of the stairs they all pushed him back into the main party. If it went quiet when he made his first appearance in his tux, naked and whipped brought the room dead silent.

Chris was very flushed and still had tears coming down his checks and was breathing hard. He ended up being pushed in front of Maurice. He looked at him and said,

"OK white-boy, I hope you learned your lesson. You will do whatever I tell you to do, or I'll send you back downstairs for another lesson. So, what I want you to do now is put your hands high above your head, and then slowly turn around so everyone in the room can get a good look at you! Understand?"
Chris was going to say something, but he knew he couldn't go through another whipping, or worse back in the basement, so he did as told. He put his hands high in the air, and then started to slowly turn in a circle. He had never been so humiliated in his life and couldn't picture anything worse than this.

But, he did it. And, as he turned in his circle, the room was filled with all sorts of lewd comments from both the men and women, and lot's of laughter as the room full of people all made jokes about him. As he was surrounded by everyone, they also started prodding, pinching, tickling and grabbing every inch of him.

When one of the women reached over and grabbed his dick, he started to jump back and bring his arms down. Maurice just looked at him and said,

"No no! Keep those arms up in the air, and don't move boy."
Chris raised his arms back up and then continued to let everyone continue playing with him. He just sobbed as the girl reached back and grabbed his dick again and started to pull on it, hard, almost jerking Chris forward. He had to balance himself to keep standing.

One of the other girls grabbed his balls and started squeezing them. A few of the guys were pinching his tits, and others were playing with his bubble butt. Chris was scared to death and totally humiliated by all this, but he was a healthy twenty-one year old and despite him not wanting to his dick started growing.

In a few minutes he was hard as a rock, with his seven inch dick standing straight out from him. This brought all kinds of additional jokes and comments and laughter from the whole room.

The girl that had been playing with his dick really grabbed hold of it and started stroking him, trying to get him to cum. With everyone pulling and prodding and feeling him, plus her jerking his dick, it only took them about five minutes until he took a deep breath and stiffened his back, and then shot wad after wad of his boy-juice out his piss slit and onto the floor. Now he was totally humiliated and started sobbing again. Maurice looked and spoke to the room,

"I think the white-boy likes us! Now that we made him feel good, I think we should all get a turn, don't you?"
Everyone in the room cheered Maurice on. Maurice then moved over to Chris, and pushing on his shoulders forced him down onto his knees. Standing right in front of Chris' face, he unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his big dick.

Chris knew what he wanted and two thoughts went through his mind. First, he had never been with another guy before. He had never even thought about it. Hell, he had only done it with a couple of girls before he met his current girlfriend, so he was no virgin but he was no expert either.

Second, he thought in all the times he had been in the locker rooms with all the other guys he had never seen a dick this big! Maurice must be at least six inches long and he wasn't even starting to be hard yet. Maurice just looked at Chris and snapped,

"You know what I want white-boy ... and I'll tell you right now that if I even feel one tooth while you suck my dick I'll personally take you in the basement and give you a working over you can't even imagine! So, suck it!"
Chris looked around the room and realized he had no choice. So, he slowly moved forward on his knees until he had his face right in Maurice's crotch. He slowly opened his mouth a little, then took just the head of Maurice's dick into his mouth.

Not being experienced at this, he tried to remember the one time one of the girls he had dated gave him a blow job. He started using his tongue to lick the head, then take a little bit more into his mouth.

It only took Maurice about a minute, and he was full hard at ten inches! Chris thought there was no way he could get this whole thing in his mouth, so he took as much as he could before he started gagging. Sucking and licking, he was doing the best he could. As much as he hated this he figured he must be doing something right because he could hear Maurice groan with pleasure occasionally.

The rest of the room was cheering him on.

After just a few minutes, Maurice took a deep breath, and then arched his back. He grabbed Chris by the ears and pulled him forward, jamming his whole dick down Chris' throat. Chris tried to back away as he started gagging immediately, but Maurice held tight. He then shot wad after wad of his cum down Chris' throat. When he finished, he let go of Chris, who immediately fell to the floor choking and coughing. Maurice just looked and said,

"Not bad for your first time white-boy! Why don't you ladies take him in the other room and get him ready to take on whoever wants him!"
A bunch of the girls moved forward, and grabbing Chris by the arms and his hair pulled him to his feet. They dragged him into another room that had an old dirty mattress on the floor, and pushed him onto it. The took some ropes and tied them to an old radiator, and then tied his wrists to them.

Someone at some point had put some nails in the floor, and they took some other rope and tied his feet to them leaving him spread out on the mattress. One of the girls looked at the others and said,

"I never fucked a white-boy before. I think I'll give it a try."
She moved into position over Chris, and pulled down her pants. She moved her pussy right up to his face and yelled at him,
"Eat my pussy boy, and you better do a good job or I'll cut those balls of yours off!"
Chris had done this once before with one of the girls he was dating, but he really didn't like it so he never asked to do it again. But he knew he had no choice now, so he stuck his tongue out and started licking her pussy. She moved forward, jamming her crotch deep into his face.

He started licking and licking, sticking his tongue in deeper and deeper. In the meantime, she was reaching behind her and was pulling on his dick. Humiliated and scared, plus the fact he had just cum a little while ago didn't stop him from getting hard again. After she was all wet and sloppy, half from her own juices and half from Chris' spit, she backed off his face and moved her pussy down over his dick.

Chris could only watch as she lowered herself on him in one swift move. It actually hurt him when she dropped on him and he let out a moan, half pain half pleasure. She wasted no time in starting her up and down movement on him, and in a short while she let out her squeals of pleasure as she reached an orgasm.

Chris was close to cumming again, but not quite there yet as she rolled off him leaving his dick flopping around. One of the other girls had gotten turned on by all this, and lowered her pants and virtually dropped on him.

Since she was dry, and it hurt Chris as she dropped and he let out a loud noise. She pounded on him for a while too before she also moaned as she climaxed too. Chris still had not.

Yet another one of the girls jumped on him, starting the cycle all over again. This time though, she lasted longer and before she came, Chris did. She just backed off him and while he was still shooting into the air, she made a fist and punched him in his nuts as hard as she could. It took Chris' breath away and he was unable to make a sound as the incredible pain hit him as he was still cumming. She just looked at him and yelled,

"The fucking piece of shit white-boy just came in me. I should kill you, you little fucker. If I get pregnant with some white trash I'll kill you myself!"
Chris in the meantime was in incredible pain. It was all the worse not only because he had just started to cum when she hit him, but with his hands tied over his head he couldn't even reach down to grab his balls and take some of the pain away. He just writhed in agony unable to breath and barely able to move.

Right after this, several of the guys came into the room. Chris was still in a lot of pain, struggling against his bonds. The guys looked at him and the girls, and one of them said,

"So you been fucking our women boy? Time for you to see what real fucking is about!"
With that, he pulled his pants down and moved his dick up to Chris' face. Chris was still in terrible pain, but he knew what this guy wanted, especially after what he had been forced to do with Maurice. They guy just looked at him and yelled,
"If I feel any teeth white-boy, I'll cut your nuts off right here and let you bleed!"
Chris had no choice has he put the head of the dick in his mouth, and started moving his tongue around it. He still couldn't believe he was in this place. A few hours before he had been at one of the biggest parties in the city, and now he had become a sex toy for a black street gang.

Hesitantly he pulled more of the dick into his mouth, and he could feel it beginning to grow rapidly. The guy let out a few pleasure moans, and when he was fully hard he started face fucking Chris fast and rough. As he pushed deeper and deeper into Chris' throat, Chris felt himself starting to gag, but being bound the way he was he couldn't move away from it. The guy kept fucking him for a while, then suddenly pulled out.

He moved himself down, and with the help of the other guy they untied Chris' legs. In one swift move, he lifted Chris' legs up onto his shoulders, and then found his ass. With one shove, and just with the spit from Chris' blow job, he jammed his dick into the virgin asshole. Chris let out such a loud yell, a number of people came to the door to see what was going on. After Chris let out a number of screams, he finally was able to take a breath and pleaded,

"Take it out ... take it out PLEASE! You're tearing me apart! Please, take it out!"
Of course the guy just kept fucking him, and everyone else just laughed. The guy just kept pounding away at Chris, banging deep enough that Chris could feel his balls slapping against his ass with each thrust. He finally stopped screaming and pleading and more started moaning. Finally, Chris could feel his insides filling up with the guys cum.

Before he could even start to relax a bit, the guy pulled his dick out with a loud pop as all the juices came running out. It was a mixture of Chris' own shit, cum and blood. The guy let Chris' legs drop, and then moved over his chest again, and pushed his dick to Chris' mouth. Chris was revolted now more than ever knowing the dick had been up his ass, and he could smell the combo of shit and cum and blood, and he could see it too. The guy just looked at him and said,

"Clean it up white-boy, and I mean NOW!"
Chris was sobbing as he took the now shrinking dick in his mouth. He started gagging again as he tasted his own shit in his mouth. He thought the blow jobs he gave before were bad enough, but this was horrible. He sucked on it awhile and then the guy moved off him.

Before he had time to think, the other guy had already dropped his pants, lifted Chris' legs like before, and in one move shoved his dick all the way into Chris' ass. Chris started a combination of screaming, pleading and sobbing, all at one time. This guy was really pounding his ass, and it did not take him long to cum.

He also moved up Chris' chest and put his dick in his face. He didn't have to say anything, Chris just opened his mouth and took the dick in and started cleaning it with his tongue.

The other men and women were all cheering the whole time. It had apparently turned on a bunch of the other guys, or maybe they just wanted a piece of the white-boy's ass, but one by one the rape of Chris' ass and mouth was repeated.

This went on for hours, and Chris lost track of how many of the guys had shoved their dicks up his mouth and ass. Sometimes, one would be fucking his ass and another would slip his dick into his mouth so he had two of them on him at a time. After what seemed like forever to Chris, one by one they started leaving what once had been a bedroom, and returned to the party. When Chris was finally alone, he cried himself to sleep.

The party had gone on for several more hours, but one by one the gang had been leaving. Finally, only Maurice was left, and a few of his guys. He looked groggy from being up all night, and was pretty drunk too, but managed to tell them,

"You know what to do with him, right? You can play with him all you want, but we can't have anyone left to tell what happened here, and I don't want to be picked out of some police line-up. Make sure when you're done with him he ain't alive to tell anyone about it."
Theses guys were just as tired and drunk as Maurice, but they all just smiled. They were looking forward to getting rid of the white-boy, not only for the fun of it, but they also knew it would improve their status in the gang. Maurice left right after they promised him they would take care of it.

Chris was awakened as about five guys came clamoring in the room. The untied his hands, then started dragging him back to the basement. He knew what they did to him there the last time, so in his squeaky voice he started begging them,

"Please, please. No more please. I did everything you wanted, just let me go now please! I promise I won't tell anyone, just don't hurt me anymore!"
One of the guys just laughed at him and chuckled out,
"What makes you think we're worried about you telling anyone what happened boy?"
The others all laughed at this, and they continued to push him down the stairs to the basement. It was starting to get light out now, and the basement was a little brighter than it had been last night as some of the light filtered in through some windows.

Chris realized this place was even more filthy than he thought it was last night, and he thought it smelled worse, if that was possible. They pushed him to the center of the room, and again tied his hands together, and then pulled the rope over the pipe like before.

They found an old dirty, oily rag on the floor, and stuck it in Chris' mouth, and tied it in place with a short piece of rope. Then one of them moved a big box in front of Chris and said,

"We broke into a pharmacy for some drugs, but one of the idiots brought this stuff instead. I guess now we finally have a use for them!"
He reached into the big box and started taking out small boxes, and he tossed one to each of the other guys. He laughed and said,
"If this isn't enough, there's plenty more here!"
Chris was trying to see what they were tossing about, but all he could see was the little boxes. He was aware of some jingling inside the boxes, but still couldn't tell what was in them. When one of the guys opened one of the boxes, he held up for Chris to see a huge safety pin, the kind you would use for holding a babies diaper together.

Chris figured they meant to stick these in him, so he started making muffled noised into his gag, and tried to struggle and pull his hands free. He was tied to tight though, and could go nowhere.

Having the pins stuck into you one by one was probably bad enough, but all five guys started at once. They each picked a spot on Chris to work. One started on one leg, another one on the other leg. One on his back and two on his frontside.

They worked carefully, pinching out a piece of skin, and putting the pin through it. With each prick on his body, Chris convulsed and tried to pull away. In ten minutes his whole body looked like it was covered in metal. He was beyond screaming anymore and was just letting out moans and sobbing.

As they had put all the pins in, they had carefully avoided some of his more tender spots. Now they stood back, and started on those. They opened the pins all the way and bent them back.

They started inserting the long point under his toe nails. This was excruciating, and Chris started screaming again in earnest, but still could not break free of the bindings holding him. Each time he would settle down a little and stop screaming, they would insert another one.

Some of his toes had four or five pins stuck under the nail. Then they moved up to his nipples. This again made him struggle and scream, and he had tears running down his face and was breathing very hard.

When they couldn't get anymore into his tits, they started on his face. Through his cheeks, through his ears, through his eyebrows. Each insertion brought more moans.

One of the guys untied the rope from Chris' mouth and pulled out the gag. Before he could even form any words, one of the guys reached into Chris' mouth with a pair of pliers, and grabbed hold of his tongue.

He pulled it hard, and stretched it so far out Chris thought it would be ripped out of his mouth. While the one guy held it out like this, two of the others started sticking the big pins through his tongue until there were twenty or so of them in it. When the guy with the pliers let go, Chris couldn't even draw his tongue back into his mouth as the pins were catching on his teeth.

He looked absolutely obscene at this point. Tied and hanging from the ceiling, with huge pins sticking out from almost every inch of his body. Tears were streaming down his face, and little rivers of blood ran all over him. There was no part of his body that wasn't covered with the pins, except for his dick and balls.

The guys just stood back and admired their work, and as Chris moaned they laughed and made jokes. Finally, after they had enough fun, they decided to finish him off. They were getting really tired now, and wanted to go home and crash too ... despite the fun they were having with this kid.

One of them kneeled down in front of Chris, and he took his dick into his mouth. After all the pain that Chris had been through, he couldn't believe how good this felt. He was even more surprised, that despite everything he started to get hard.

It didn't take long until he was fully erect and breathing hard from the sensations. Before he could enjoy it too long, the guy stopped sucking his dick, and took a small piece of rope and tied it tight around Chris' balls and dick, leaving him with a painful hard on that wouldn't go away. Once they had done this, they started sticking pins through the root of his cock.

The were going much slower now, putting just one pin at a time and enjoying his half screams half moans. They then started sticking pins through his ball sack ... being careful not to actually hit his balls, but just through the loose skin. They would take turns jerking his dick to make sure he was stimulated and kept as hard as possible, but not letting him cum. Finally, they got tired of this game too, and decided to finish him off.

Several of them moved in around him, and one of them started stroking his dick faster and faster. After about five minutes, they could see he was getting ready to cum. Just as his first wad was starting to shoot out, as a group and at the same time they put several pins though his balls, and one into the head of his dick.

Chris jerked back and couldn't believe the incredible pain of his balls and dick being pierced as he was cumming. He couldn't speak, he couldn't scream ... it just took his breath away.

After he shot his last shot of cum, one of the others reached out with a knife and slipped it under Chris' balls. With one swift move, he cut up and took off the balls and dick in a quick motion.

Chris took a deep breath, and it was a while before he could even scream. He finally did, but then looked down in horror as he saw the guy holding his pride and joys in his hand, and could see spurt after spurt of his blood shooting out of him.

He was moving his hips back and forth almost like he was trying to fuck something, but then he could feel himself getting weaker and weaker. He spasmed for a while, but after about ten minutes he had lost enough blood that he passed out.

The group waited a while, then felt his neck to see if there was a pulse. It really didn't matter if he was totally dead or not anyway, because one of the others was taking a can of gas and pouring it out in the corner of the basement.

They all laughed as he lit a match and tossed it over there, immediately starting a roaring fire. Quickly they went up the stairs and out of the building and headed home.

In ten minutes the abandoned building was totally in flames. By the time the fire department got there it was completely engulfed in flames. Knowing it was an abandoned building they only half heartedly tried to put it out, as they were more concerned to keep the fire from spreading to any of the other buildings.

The police had been notified the night before Chris was missing, but after they found out he had been fighting with his girlfriend told them he probably just went somewhere, they wouldn't file a missing persons report for forty-eight hours.

The fire department was backlogged with more important issues, and an inspector didn't get to the old building again for two weeks to do an inspection to see what had caused the fire. They were totally used to these old buildings going up by someone setting them on fire deliberatly, so it was no surprise when they determined it had been set in the basement by lighting gasoline.

But they were surprised when they found the blackened and burnt body, covered with melted pins and it looked like he had been castrated? It was another two days before that mess was identified as Chris.