Once a month

The car ride was quiet now. My passenger was sleeping now. Smiling to myself I gently reached over and massaged his inner thigh. It was firm and well built. A young man of nineteen, so he told me earlier in our conversation.

I was in Nevada, on my way to semi annual get together when I him. He was standing along the roadside thumb out and wearing only some faded worn blue jeans and boots. His chest was smooth and dark, rippling with muscles. His short black hair was tightly curled and dripping from sweat. I pulled over and offered him a lift.

The conversation was steady for the next several hours. He talked about his bad childhood, leaving home, living on the streets, hooking for a while, and now his plans to try to get a job in Vegas in some show or something.

He took every chance he could to show off his body to me. He flexed his arms, rubbed his firm rippled chest, and his bulging crotch. He even offered to have sex with me if I wanted to -- to thank me for the ride. I declined for the moment, saying that maybe later would be better.

After talking to him for a while I asked if he wanted to go with me to a party I was on my way to.

I smiled and placed my hand on his thigh. It felt as nice and tight as I wished it would. A warm grin came across his face. He reached for my hand and moved it to his crotch.

He pushed his growing cock into my hand as I massaged it, helping it along. He was a very well hung boy.

He kept holding my hand to his crotch, rubbing it harder. I worked my hand more and started a rhythm going. I could feel his cock perfectly now. He was not wearing any underwear and his jeans were so worn as to now be paper thin. He was built like a horse -- at least ten inches of thick meat pumping away at my hand. His blue eyes closed and he picked up the rhythm.

After some time of this he arched his back, his thick muscled chest heaving, sweat dripping from his hard pecks and erect nipples. I could feel his cock spasm hard and jerk. He grunted and dug his hip deep into my palm as he shot his load in his jeans. Breathing deeply he let go of my hand and slumped down into his seat.

I played with his semi hard cock for a while, feeling his spent cum seeping to the front of his jeans. The car filled with the scent of his cum and my mind raced at the thought of what games we might get to tonight.

He slept well into dusk. Night came on and we were a few miles away from club when he woke.

I smiled and told him that we would be at the party soon so he would have needed the sleep anyway.

He grinned while he rubbed his now dried cum filled crotch.

We arrived at the club at nine in the evening.
The front door opened and a tall thin man stepped out to greet me.

We both grinned to one another.

My hitchhiker got his stuff out of the car, put on a shirt and was now walking to us.

He reached out his hand to my friend.

We all shook hands. Greg grinned,

Greg leaned over to me and whispered while grabbing my ass,

He smiled and followed Tom out of the main hall. Slowly I made my way to the Members personal suite.

They were all there. All four of them, not including Tom, myself and the guest I brought -- Rich, John, Mike, and Steve. We had been coming here for the past ten years to this very room and knew one another well!

The room was comfortably laid out with lounge chairs and a wet bar. I walked to it and poured myself a scotch and settled in.

We all started our normal routine telling each other about the scores we had in the past year. Something we all loved to "one-up" if we could. Rich told us about a hanging he did about a couple, three weeks ago. Steve told us how he "bagged" this bum in a park near his house. He was very excited and proud that he could find such easy picks so close to home. -- We have warned him but felt that if he ever got too far out of hand we could take care of it ourselves.

Mike had one as soon as a week ago -- his was a great piece of work. He had built a complete mini chamber under his house. He was able to play in peace with out his wife ever knowing. He was more partial to younger drug addicted teenagers. He thought he was doing a real service.

John was, like myself, a busy man who worked in a white collar job and traveled a lot. He had certain connections that helped me out while traveling so I always tried to make sure I had some "flavors" he liked on hand and tonight Greg was right on the menu.

The others took turns greeting him while I went to mix his drink for the night. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Greg was the life of the party. He seemed to warm up to everyone very fast. At one point I told the room of his plans to "make it good" in Vegas and how Tom might be able to help. In no time he was shirtless and giving the guys a little pre show. He had drunk three of my mixed drinks and was now falling over himself and saying how tired he was getting.

He came over to me and said,

With that I nodded to Tom and both he and Rich came over to Greg and started to gently lead him to a chair. Greg never had a chance. Soon they had him sitting when Rich pulled out the hand cuffs.

You could see the fear building in his eyes. I moved over to him,

I rubbed my hands on his smooth chest. Rich had both cuffed hands and now feet firmly tied to the steel legs of the chair, which happened to be cemented into the floor.

You could see the fear fill Greg's eyes as he tried in his drugged state to fight us. He was swearing at me now.

His slurred speech told me that we would have to wait for a while before the drug wore off.

Rich slapped Greg's face hard,

We all smiled at the remark.

Steve pulled out his razor he kept on hand at all times and started with Greg's clothes. Soon Greg was bound and naked in the chair. I was right Greg was hung like a mule and this made me lick my lips. I was going to have THAT mounted and on display in the game room!

It took four of us to get him safely out of the chair and to the hidden and locked stair well. We had all pooled together and spent a vast fortune to have a deluxe dungeon built under the club. It was outfited to the limit with crosses for hangings, stretching racks for all sizes, steel beams enough to hang up to four heavy men, every kind of torture device known to humankind -- we had it all at our finger tips! -- My last buying trip had made our little play room complete with a fifteenth century, fully restored condition, Iron Maiden I found in Germany. This was the toy I hoped to use tonight!

Once in our play room we had Greg tied up on to the giant cross in the center of the room. He fought us at every move but the sedative I had given him was working well. Seeing him helpless on the big cross got my crotch feeling warm. I walked over to him, grabbed a small amount of his long hair by the top of his head and pulled hard!

I licked his ear while pulling what hair I still had in my hands right out of his skill cap! The scream sent chills down my spine. He would do better than I hoped for!

Rich came around and pulled on some rope that moves the cross. Soon Greg was level with our waists and lying flat. Steve brought out the blade set. His first action to our guest was to carefully and slowly slice through the top of Greg's left nipple while I bit and sucked on the right one. The scream was wonderful. I could feel him struggle and writhe in pain while I suckled on his good nipple.

Next Steve placed both fingers over and squeezed hard while putting salt on the wound where the nipple had been. Greg was whimpering as well as screaming now. He was thrashing as best he could in his confined state but all to no avail!

I moved my hand to his crotch and played with it now. Greg tried to move away from my touch so I slapped his balls hard enough to hear him scream again.

I moved back to his cock and took it in my hand. I worked it will I could feel it getting hard. I rubbed my hand down to his big nuts and said to all,

I moved away from the boy to let my friends play for a while!

Steve, with a grin so large you would have thought it was Christmas brought out his selection of knives and blades to work on Greg's chest. Starting just below the collar bone he carefully worked at making an incision across Greg's entire chest. The nineteener boy was screaming hysterically now.

Rich moved in and belted Greg so hard we all heard the crack and knew he had dislocated Greg's jaw. Greg worked now at pealing away the skin into strips, taking each one and chewing on it as he worked.

Tom moved to the underside of the cross where a hole was placed to expose Greg's buttocks. He moved under and pressed his mouth to Greg's ass, saying in a low voice,

Tom moved his tongue into the crack of his ass and started to lick. He was working his tongue in and out fucking and sucking the ass for all his life. As I watched I could see Greg's huge cock had started to grow. Mike moved in and started to put a cock and ball ring on the growing cock. Soon it was at its full ten inches. I licked my lips at the thought of it!

All too soon Steve had Greg's chest bare of skin and glistening of blood and brown-fat covered meat. Slowly he put his blades away and started to lap at the bare chest. Greg was fighting as best he could but Mike kept slapping his broken jaw telling him,

Greg was crying and babbling so much so now I got up and shove a rather large rubber ball in his broken mouth. Steve was lapping at the blood and moving his hands over to play with the exposed muscles. Soon there was blood all over both Greg and Steve.

Naked now, Rich moved to join Tom under the table. He moved Tom out of the way and, with the help of a rolling platform made for this ordeal, shoved his eleven inch long, four inch thick dry cock all the way into Greg's spit-wet hole.

In spite of the restraints, Greg jumped at the assault. Rich reached around and forced Greg's hips to stay in place and started to fuck him. The harshness of the attack mixed with Rich's size made ripping Greg's ass easy and soon the blood was pouring freely.

Rich smiled at me and said,

Mike moved to go behind the bar for a moment, got something, then went back to the scene. In his hand was a little stun gun. He got close to Greg and said,

With that he placed the tip to Greg's foot and pressed! Rich was smart and pulled out and away long enough to clear the shock but was back in as soon as Mike moved,

Greg was flinching and bucking from the assaults adding to Rich's pleasure!

Steve moved to Greg's feet and started to remove his toe nails while Mike was pounding his cock sucking on a nine volt battery.

It was time for me to have my fun now. I took off all my clothes and moved to Greg's head. I leaned into his ear and whispered,

He did not respond so I slapped him hard saying,

He nodded his head violently.

I moved closer and place my hands on either side of his head, then with my thumbs gently working to the sides of his eyes I shoved them in hard and popped his eyes out. They dangled to the sides of his temples and despite of the ball in his mouth he gave the loudest yell he had so far this night.

I took a tall jumbo-olive jar and twisted it back and forth till one of the eyes slid down inside it. I leaned over and bit the muscles, one by one, grinding my teeth through them, then the optic nerve so the eye fell into the jar. Then ditto the other eye ... an excruciatingly long, drawn out ceremony.

Then, holding the jar with Greg's two eyes out to Mike, giving it to him, I said with a wink and a grin,

Next I went to Greg's captive cock, still held skin-bursting hard by the cock-ring. I started to go down on it. It tasted wonderful! It was thick and still full of life. It twitched and jumped at my touch. I then started to go down on it with a furry.

Rich seemed to be in sync with me and started to fuck Greg's ripped and bleeding ass faster as I picked up my own pace and sucked harder Soon, as though they were one, Rich howled and said he was cumming as Greg's cock twitched and spattered his spunk down my throat.

Rich grabbed my cock from under the table and with the blood still fresh used it to jack me off. I shot my load in no time flat thanks to his skill, FIRM hands, and all that fresh blood!

Steve was not to be left out. Moving to Greg's side he took his knife and well under the ribs sliced a nice gash and shoved his hard cock deep into Greg's side! Tom moved in and stuck his now lubed cock into Steve's ass and they were double fucking away.

Rich was licking off the mixture of cum and Greg's blood off my cock as Mike shot his load watching all of us. Soon we could hear Steve and Tom reaching their climax and smiled as they slumped to the floor.

We could still see Greg's battered and bloody body breathing. Tom got himself together and got the bag he had on hand for the times . Soon Greg's head was covered with a plastic bag so as to slowly suffocate him as we just relaxed and had some drinks.

Later, after we were all cleaned up and having our dinner, I was able to ask our host something I had always wondered,

We all looked at one another, grinned, then laughed.