the Leopard's Lunch

Megan couldn't believe her good luck. She had just left her house that evening at around eight to go hunting, and there on the side of the road hitchhiking was the prey she was looking for. She stopped the car and opened the passenger door inviting him in. In the light of the interior she could see him more clearly. A young man, perhaps twenty to twenty-three years old, hair short cropped, blue eyes and a clean shaven face. He had apparently just left work, as he was dressed to look casual but it wasn't really casual clothes. Looked like some kind retail clothing store outfit of some sort.

Yes, he would fulfill her needs perfectly. He gave her a surprised look when he saw who it was that had given him a lift. It was also obvious that her excellent looks were not lost on him. Megan had dressed appropriately for tonight's hunt -- a fine black knee length dress, tastefully accented with spiked heels and the finest of nylons. The dress was slit up the side revealing much of her shapely right thigh. Very simple but extremely effective bait for the capture. He sat there with his mouth agape staring at her and looking rather ridiculous doing so.

Megan put the car in gear and headed down the road which led directly toward Rt. 23 about twelve miles away.

They drove on for a few minutes in silence and then Megan decided to break the ice a little and started a conversation. She always liked to know who it was she was dealing with before revealing her true motives.

He paused smiling not sure if he should tell her, but then,

She laughed,

She seemed nice enough. Hell, he might even get to score with her he thought to himself....though he doubted it.

Her smile faded as she studied him for a reaction. She loved to toy with her prey ... just as her pet would do tonight. Mouse gave her a confused glance, he wasn't sure he understood her correctly and just let the comment pass. They drove on for a few more minutes and then Megan turned right to head towards home, her cargo safely in tow.

When they reached her house, Megan put the car in park and looked over at her prize with an appraising eye. Yes, he would do just fine for the nights entertainment she thought smiling. It was becoming difficult to contain her anticipation.

Like most guys his age, Mouse was beginning to think maybe he would get lucky tonight after all. She was inviting him in to her house right? She must want sex he thought to himself.

Once inside, Megan went to the kitchen and brought out a Coors Light for her guest, told him to have a seat and then excused herself to get her things. Mouse was in awe. The house was absolutely huge! Everything was kept impeccably clean and the room gave off an aura of tasteful decoration.

As he looked around the room he began to notice some of the paintings on the wall. One pictured a leopard in the forest in the process of consuming a pig..... a boar. The leopard was depicted in the process of eating the boars testicles. The pig appeared to be struggling as the cat did so. Mouse shivered involuntarily.

Another picture showed a leopard holding a bound man by the throat choking the life from him while the shadow of a woman fell over his body. But the third painting simply took his breath away -- it showed a woman, in fact, it showed her posing with a leopard next to her.

The woman in the picture had her arm draped across the big-cats neck and the leopard was leaning against her affectionately. What caused him to gasp was the fact there was the mutilated carcass of a man in front of both of them. The man had been gutted .... eaten. Nothing remained of his body but his head, some sprung ribs, and shreds of flesh hanging from his bones. The leopard's muzzle was bloody.

Upon closer inspection, Mouse realized this was not a painting .... but a photo. He started towards the door, but too late..... she was already there.

Pointing to the one of her with the leopard and it's deceased meal, she said,

Mouse looked at her warily, and then looked at the front door not ten feet from him. He figured he would have no problem getting past her to the door to freedom from this madness. Then he noticed she was holding something in her hand. He quickly realized it was a weapon of some sort and knew his chances for escape were lost.

She pointed the weapon at Mouse and fired.

Mouse's world became hell as the two electrodes from the gun embedded themselves in his chest. He lost control of his body as the electricity from the weapon coursed through him, causing him to flop around on the floor like a fish out of water. In seconds, consciousness fled him.

Mouse awoke and at first he did not realize where he was. As he started to move his body his muscles screamed at him in pain. He realized he could not move. His legs were bound with rope at the ankles and his arms were tied behind his back. Hog-tied. He lay on the floor helpless. He also realized his clothes had been taken from him. His memory came flooding back to him, and he quickly realized his situation had become quite terrifying.

He had been moved to a different room as well. As he looked around he realized the room must be a basement as there were no windows anywhere. A variety of cages, some chains and ropes hanging from the ceiling, some devices that could only be described as instruments of torture were the main items in the room. He was laying on a bare mattress laid out on the floor.

Megan watched as her guest regained consciousness and smiled as she noted his reactions as he took in his surroundings. She watched his eyes widen as they finally came to rest on her and Diana, who was laying comfortably by her side.

She watched as the meaning of what she was saying sunk into Mouse's brain, relishing the terror showing in his eyes. Mouse opened his mouth as if to say something, then shut it again.

When Mouse yelled, Diane became agitated and Megan put a hand on her head to reassure the big-cat.

She laughed as she said this.

Mouse was speechless. He watched as she produced a knife from behind her back ... a big knife. She approached him and when she was near enough, she lay down on the mattress next to him.

Grabbing him by the hair, she pulled his face to hers and kissed him full on the lips, driving her tongue deep in his mouth. Despite his terror, Mouse reacted, kissing her back. He was completely confused. Hopefully, she was just playing a game at his expense.

Megan moved the knife, letting the steel blade slide harmlessly against her prey's belly. Then, by turning it slightly, she let the blade bite into his lower abdomen drawing a thin red line from his navel downwards towards his exposed genitals but stopping there.

She kissed him more deeply as she did so. Mouse felt the blade, but could only make a noise in his throat. She pulled her lips from his and studied his reaction as she let the cold steel again slide harmlessly along his chest.

The cut she had just made was not deep. Mouse could hardly feel any pain from the cut, but that did nothing to squelch the terror he felt for his captor. He was literally frozen with fear ... a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. He wanted to fight back, scream, kick, anything to get out of the situation he was in, but his body would not obey him.

But also, deep in the recesses of his mind, he became dimly aware that a part of him wanted to be here. To see what happened next. He was at her mercy completely, and the idea wasn't all that bad to a dark part of him, no matter how much it hurt. But then he looked over at the leopard, who was regarding him with a chillingly cool gaze. The thoughts fled him. He knew he was in big trouble and probably would not survive to tell the tale. As if to confirm this, Diana slowly licked her chops while staring hopefully at Mouse's trussed form

She let the blade run across his left nipple.

She moved it to his inner thigh, close to his testicles. Mouse's eyes widened in fear and he managed to shake his head. "No?" She teased, and then while smiling at him, she let the point cut a shallow line from his upper inner right thigh down to his knee.

Mouse was helpless against her onslaught. He managed a couple of squeaks of protest, but was simply too afraid to move. Megan's game continued as she created new openings in his body. The knife only stung Mouse a little -- it didn't really hurt. The deadly potential of what she was doing was most terrifying however,

Mouse simply gave her a pleading look as his voice would no longer function. Megan got up and went to the wall, pulling a rather nasty looking bullwhip from the wall

Without waiting for Mouse's voice to return, she expertly let the bullwhip fly, cutting a nice welt across his chest. Mouse went rigid, his body rebelling against the sudden sharp stinging pain, and he cried out in agony,

His cries for mercy were cut off as she again let the bullwhip whistle through the air, landing it across his exposed thighs. He cried out and rolled himself onto his belly to protect himself.

Diana took a few quick steps forward, anticipating an escape attempt on the part of her prey. Megan called her name and stroked her neck, soothing the big cat into calming down. His back now displayed to Megan's onslaught, she took full advantage, cracking the whip across his exposed buttocks, and watched with sadistic satisfaction as his body convulsed in anguish. Her assault continued at an ever increasing pace.

She marveled at how his trussed and helpless body literally danced beneath her powerful strokes of the whip. This was her favorite part of her little ritual. She began tearing into her prey with increased urgency, making the whip bite into the male's flesh and reveling in the tortured reactions of his body as it twitched and flexed against the agony of the onslaught.

After some time, having worked herself into a sweat as she wielded the whip, she realized Mouse could take no more and watched as his body suddenly relaxed in defeat, his simple way of asking for an end to his torment. This was the moment of triumph she always relished and the sudden moistness between her thighs confirmed her feelings.

She took the knife out and cut his bonds free so that he now lay exposed and at her mercy on his back ... waiting. She stepped up onto his lower abdomen, letting her spike heels sink into his unresisting flesh and she slowly walked up to his chest, marveling at how his body yielded to her weight. He belonged to her completely now.

Looking down, she let her fierce gaze penetrate his already defeated soul,

It was a question she expected an answer to, and she always got one.

He had no fight left. She had been right. He would welcome the cat's attentions after receiving Megan's. Megan stepped off of him. Laying down next to him, she looked into his tortured eyes.

Nothing was said -- nothing needed to be said. She looked at Diana, who was now licking her chops in anticipation of feeding, but would not do so until Megan allowed her to do so.

Megan lazily stroked Mouse's cock, watched with detached fascination as it engorged and hardened. She shook her head in disbelief -- men were such strange and pathetic creatures, she thought to herself. She wiggled the member enticingly, and Diana knew the invitation had been given.

Mouse didn't even stir as she took her first bite...