Maryland Jock
The big muscular stud was stripped of his sweaty white tank top; his worn, torn 501 Levis™ were roughly pulled down his ample meaty buttocks and thick muscled thighs, exposing his bulging, 'holy' white jock-strap.

The handsome, strapping college athlete was straining in his rope-bondage -- his red lobste-boy muscular chest heaving, his large hands tied behind his broad, -tapered back. His meaty legs are restricted by his worn Levis™, pulled down around his ankles.

The young college athlete had been kidnaped earlier that day as he was finishing his weight-lifting routine at the University field-house. He had just left his football coach's office where his coach had informed him that a group of ladies were waiting for him in the field-house lobby.

David was flattered because his coach said they wanted to know if he would want to be photographed for an upcoming calendar of team athletes from his college.

David was a tall, handsome' muscular brunet from a rural farm community in western Maryland and had been able to attend college under a full scholarship as team quarterback.

When he entered the field-house lobby, David was approached by three well dressed, middle-aged women who asked him if he was interested in doing the photo shoot his coach had told him about.

The senior football quarterback was only too eager to agree even before being told if he was one of twelve chosen for the calendar, he would be paid a thousand dollars.

The three women wanted to see his football-jock body and asked David if he would mind taking off his shirt. Of course David peeled his shirt off without hesitation -- he loved showing off his smooth muscular chest and bulging bicepses -- especially to women.

The three women looked on with pleasure as the Adonis exposed his muscular torso, even permitting them to feel his bicepses as he went from pose to pose. He did not even protest as the three women moved their sharp long finger nails over his muscular pectorals, rippling abdominals and deeply carved, muscular back.

Finally the three women gave their approval to the young jock, who they noticed, not accidentally, also had a bulging basket in the crotch of his tantalizingly torn 501's.

They told him to report in one hour at an isolated abandoned warehouse in a sweaty white tank top, his torn Levi™ 501's, white Reebok™ high-tops, and a well used jock-strap.
The unsuspecting football quarterback was entering the abandoned warehouse when he was suddenly overwhelmed by a group of leather clad women who quickly tied his strong hands behind his muscular back.

The bound college jock was then led to the center of the empty warehouse where a pulley device was lowered from the high ceiling with a meat hook attached to the end.

A thick black dog collar was buckled around the captured jock's thick, muscular neck and the meat hook attached to the pulley was placed into the D-ring on the dog collar.

The pulley system was turned on, raising the meat hook along with the shocked muscular victim till the young man's stretched toes were barely able to touch the concrete floor.

Then the vicious leather clad women began to systematically strip the muscular football quarterback of his white tank top exposing his well pumped pectorals and chest muscles. One of the leather clad females came up to the young, bare-chested hunk and attached steel-teeth tit clamps to his large lred-brown nipples.

David grimaced in pain as the teeth bit into his virgin nipple-flesh. And as she jerked hard on the steel chain which connected the two tit clamps, stretching the young hunk's large, succulent brown nipples from his muscular pectorals, David bit his lip hard to keep from screaming.

Meanwhile, another leather clad female was in the process of removing the bound young man's worn-torn Levi™ 501's, exposing the strapping young man's bulging, tattered jock-strap and thick, muscular thighs.

Another leather clad female pulled out a switch-blade and sliced the elastic straps of the jock-strap letting it peel away and fall to the concrete floor, exposing the virile young jock's healthy, erect nine-inch cock and large succulent, low-hanging hairy balls.

One of the dominant leather females approached the naked, bound, muscular college quarterback and proceeded to take a barber's razor and began shaving the captured bound stud's hairy crotch and ball sack.

Once the hair was completely removed from the angry, humiliated jock's crotch and balls, the leather woman attached a heavy-duty, steel ball stretcher with a ten pound iron ball, tugging the young man's balls down farther than the pain-addled David ever thought possible.

Then the dominant leather clad females stepped back to look and take in the erotic site of their evil handiwork, watching the hung naked muscular quarterback struggle in his bound condition -- trying to balance his strapping young athletic body on his toes which were barely touching the cold concrete floor.

The steel ball moved and jerked painfully on his healthy stud-balls all the while his large brown, succulent nipples were being pulled and bitten even more painfully by the steel-teeth tit clamps.

The final touch was done by the leader of the dominant leather women when she came up behind the hung bound and naked jock-meat and replaced the rope bindings on the young man's large hands with steel hand-cuffs and then jerked the torn/worn 501's from the young man's ankles.

Now the captive jock stud was stripped of any clothing -- and of any pretense of clothing.

The young handsome quarterback hung naked with only steel attachments on the muscular jock tits and balls -- his wrists were cuffed behind his strong muscular back -- and there was a thick leather dog collar around his thick muscular neck -- pulled up by the meat hook attached to the collar's D-ring by the pulley system connected to the high ceiling beam.

The young college jock was then whipped by the leather females on his well exposed meaty buttocks, making the stud's ability to balance on his toes a very difficult and painful task.

Then a thick cold steel dildo was brought out by the leader of the leather females and unceremoniously plunged into the unsuspecting young athlete's virgin ass-hole.

Finally, the leather females put on the final touch to their hung jock-meat -- placing the quarterback's football helmet on his handsome brunette head.

The leather females were very excited about their latest acquisition to their inventory of young handsome college jocks from around the campus, sadistically watching the current hung muscular jock-meat physically as well as mentally deal with his embarrassing bondage predicament he had stupidly allowed himself to get into.

But despite the young stud's pain and humiliation, there was that evidence -- evidence that the leather females knew more about this young male jock's passions than he knew himself -- he enjoyed being dominated and threatened and inflicted with pain by strong, dominant women.

The evidence that betrayed the young muscular athlete was his healthy erect cock dripping with pre-cum running down the length of his rigid cock shaft.
Next the dominant leather females systematically shaved and cleaned the young man's muscular body of all hair with the exception of his handsome head, which remained encased in his football helmet.

Then the muscular jock was lowered from the hook pulley system, allowing him to stand finally on his feet rather than his toes. But one of the leather clad females then attached steel ankle restraints and released the hook connected to the thick black leather dog collar around the jock's thick muscular neck.

The naked steel-bound college quarterback was forced to walk in humiliation over to a large door leading to another part of the isolated warehouse all the while the steel ball connected to his stretched swinging scrotum pulled painfully on the entrapped two large healthy jock-nuts.footnote 1

Also the enslaved naked jock's tits were pulled painfully by one of the leather females who was leading the unfortunate captive athlete by the steel chain connected to the steel-teeth tit clamps.

Despite the pain, his healthy erection remained stiff and dripping with pre-cum.

As the naked young quarterback was led through the large door into the next area of the huge isolated warehouse, he was shocked by the sight that faced him.

Lit torches were placed all along the concrete walls with an intricate system of chains and pulleys attached to the high ceiling beams. In the center of the large room were medieval torture equipment and devices -- a wooden body stretcher, a wooden chopping block for beheading, and other wooden devices.

But the most shocking site was, lined up in front of these devices were twelve other naked, bound muscular young men -- like him, except they wore various other types of helmets: military, firefighter, police, baseball, lacrosse, construction, etc.
This row of bound naked young men was witnessing the butchering of a muscular blond sailor. The naked sailor was hanging by his wrists, bound above to a meat hook from a ceiling pulley.

The seaman's dog tags were still hanging around his thick muscular neck and his legs were spread wide with his ankles attached to iron rings in the floor.

The stretched muscular sailor was depilated of all his body hair except for the wavy blond hair sticking out from under his white sailor's cap, cocked just so on his gorgeous handsome head.

His erect ten inch cock was dripping constantly with pre-cum as a large, fat, ugly bitch dressed in black leather gear with steel spikes was sucking and biting the struggling young sailor's tits riding like brown white-caps on his muscular pectoral waves.
The leather clad Women then led the bound college jock through a metal door into a large refrigerated meat packing room with row after row of gutted muscular male bodies hanging by their ankles from meat hooks.

The innocent young quarterback was in a state of shock at this point, knowing that he was helpless and at the mercy of these sadistic man-eating Women who were preying on any young man unfortunate enough to be lured into their dungeon of death. There must have been over a hundred hanging meaty carcasses -- all white and muscular with USDA PRIME stamped on the buttocks, pectorals, bicepses and thighs.

The bound jock was briefed on the demand for healthy young white meat which the leather Women were supplying for their clients around the world -- and that each male carcass netted them a couple hundred to three hundred dollars apiece on the black market.

The leather Women had even expanded their operation to provide exclusive restaurants to serve their Women clients who paid a premium for prepared feasts with entertainment -- and the women could earn a jock's meat-worth several times over with these entertainments.

The twelve muscular men back in the butchering chamber had been entertainment for months and now have been chosen to be butchered for a benefit banquet feast for some high society Females to raise money for homeless Women and children.

Much of the meat from the twelve muscular hunks will be donated to the shelters for the same Women and children after the benefit banquet feast is over.

The leather Women informed the stunned young athlete that they can't seem to keep up with the increasing demand for the tasty tender male flesh and that the new laws just enacted condemning any man to death for any accusations of sexual harassment reported by Women was pushed through the legal system to provide ample young male meat for the leather Women's lucrative enterprising business, paying off the Female politicians, judges and law enforcement officials.

As witnessed in the butchering chamber earlier, there are a wide variety of masculine young men being entrapped by the new laws from construction sites to college campuses.

As the leather Females lead their bound naked young man through the next set of doors, a group of old black Female cooks lower a meaty male carcass from the refrigerated chamber to the cooking kitchen where the leather Women show the frightened college boy how the tender young male meat is prepared.

The terrified young man watches as a dozen meaty carcasses are being cooked over huge fire pits like slaughtered cattle and then garnished on large silver platters like roasted stuffed pigs with their masculine mouths each stuffed with a big red apple.

As one large cooked muscular brunette is being carried out on a silver platter, the leather Women lead their young jock by his tortured tits into the dining room were about a hundred well-dressed older Women are being wined, dined and entertained.

The well to do Women were enjoying their feast of tender cooked male flesh while watching a strapping young muscular man being tortured for their entertainment.

The tortured young man is being hoisted off the floor by large steel hooks in each of his meaty pectoral nipples with his hands bound by steel cuffs behind his bare back.

Heavy steel weights have been chained to the hanging victim's large, egg-sized balls while his muscular legs are spread by steel anklets and pulled up by another chain, tensing his muscular buttock cheeks and broad back.

A slack chain is attached to the young man's steel neck collar -- if the hooks pull through his pectorals, the muscle-hunk will then hang by his neck collar.

The big muscular torture victim has a black-leather hood covering his head and a rubber cock-&-ball ring to make and keep his cock full and hard.

A very beautiful blond Woman dressed in a gorgeous white laced wedding gown is whipping the hung victim's large erect cock with a black spiked penis whip.

The young muscular victim is struggling violently as his meaty sex organ is being whipped viciously.

Women in the audience shout encouragement to the young Women inflicting the torture. Soon the bloody whipped cock shoots a thick stream of milky-white cum and in one swift move the beautiful blond Women slices the thick meaty cock from the hung muscular male body with a sharpened wedding cake knife.

A Female companion to the beautiful blond Women places the severed cock with a cum sauce on a fine Lenox china plate, then slices the stretched ball sack from between the suspended muscular stud's thighs and places the plump balls on the cum-filled plate, to the side of the nine inch long, plump, fully engorged cock-meat.

The fine china plate with the dainties of a once athletic jock are presented to the beautiful blond in white as a special wedding gift in her honor and the all-Female bridal party lift their fine crystal champagne glasses filled with a special blood wine from the finest stock of young male jocks to toast the just married Female couple.

The hanging muscular man had been personally selected by the Female wedding couple to impregnate them to bear children and both Females are now six-months pregnant.

Now the hung stud will be butchered and packaged for the Female couples next few months of meat supply till they give birth.

The handsome young jock's blond head will be preserved and mounted on a walnut plague for the Female couple to hang above their Victorian marble fireplace as a wedding gift and for the future offspring to see the male that sired them.