Interview with
the Giantess Kathy Castro

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DOS-SAKK: In your ad and article, you state that you enjoy the fantasy of shrinking men and crushing them underfoot. You state that you shrink them to boy-size all the way down to bug-size. What is the size you most like to fantasize about crushing underfoot?

KATHY CASTRO: I really love all small sizes; each is different. What gets me excited is the thought of a little man pleading for his life and knowing that all I have to do to kill him is raise my up foot and bring it down again.
        I like boy-sized men because I enjoy humiliating them by treating them like little boys even though they aren't really. Also, boy-size men are easy to overpower and yet large enough to enjoy as sex slaves.
        I can even act this fantasy out in private sessions with men. You see, I am a trained hypnotist and I use hypnosis on my clients to heighten their sensations.
        I recently used hypnosis on a client of mine named Tom. After I had "shrunk" him with hypnosis until he was about the size he was when he was eight years old, I began to call him Tommy and treat him like he was just some little kid I had caught sneaking into my house.
        I treated him like that even though he was really a grown man because I found it to be a wonderful way of humiliating him. And under hypnosis he was overwhelmed by the experience.
        Then I paraded before him in my spike heels. I am six foot three in heels, so I explained to him that I now weighed about three times what he did and that I was going to trample him to death under my big high heels. It must have had a powerful affect on him, because he started to whimper just like a little kid.
        As a further show of my power over him, I told him that I would spare his life if he could lift me off of the floor; proving to me that he really was a man. Tommy tried so desperately to pick me up, but under hypnosis he couldn't do it. He had gotten down on his knees to be the right height compared to me, so when he wrapped his arms part way around my legs and strained, he couldn't budge me in the slightest. While he tried I just looked down at him from my towering height and laughed at his red face as he fought so hard to lift my adult weight off the floor. Then I said, "Feel how heavy grown women are, Tommy? Poor little Tommy. When I trample you, I'm just going to crush you all flat, aren't I?" Then he began to cry! I had treated him under hypnosis like a boy so totally that he was starting to act like one. Needless to say, before the session was over, "Little Tommy" was pushed to the floor and trampled under the high heels of a grown woman without mercy.

DOS-SAKK: Do you like to punish boy-sized men in other ways as well?

KC: Of course! I have quite large breasts and find that it is easy for me to smother them. I also enjoy sitting on their faces. I am quite hairy between my legs and in my fantasies I find it thrilling to lower my big moist muff down onto the small screaming face of a boy-sized man and then apply my full weight. I have no mercy and like to wiggle around on my victims once I am firmly seated. In my fantasies, most of the victims I treat this way have suffocated beneath me. If I get sufficiently excited, however, I am capable of drowning them as well. Also, when I sit full weight on the faces of some of the smaller ones, I fantasize that I crush their heads; something I am sure would really happen if I had the power to truly shrink men. I also enjoy destroying boy-sized men by using a leg scissors and crushing them between my thighs.
        But I also like the thought of stepping on men who are only twelve inches tall. My feet are large (size ten -- although they look about the right size for my height). Because of this, I could completely cover a twelve inches tall man's body with my foot leaving just his head sticking out from under my toes so I could watch what happens to him when I stepped down..
        I started to enjoy this fantasy after I saw a video made by a woman in Georgia in which she slowly crushed a rhesus monkey to death under her bare foot. The animal was somewhat longer than twelve inches, even so, her foot covered the terrified monkey from its neck to its crotch! It was awesome to see!
        As her huge foot pressed down, the monkey's pee squirted out in an arcing stream from under her heel. As she continued to press, he screamed and struggled -- looking just like a little man -- until his eyes finally bugged under her crush and his guts popped out of his mouth and ass.
        When she put her full weight down, more monkey guts oozed out from under the sides of her giant foot. When she stepped off of him, you could see that the monkey's entire torso had been made into her footprint!
        Imagine being that poor monkey. What a way to die -- crushed to death under the foot of a giant woman! I'd love to try that, but those monkeys cost almost a thousand dollars. I wonder who got her that one for the video? Oh well, perhaps its not legal to do monkeys anyway, and I always obey the law.
        I should also mention that I like tiny men who are only a few inches tall. They pop underfoot like grapes!

DOS-SAKK: Crushing has been one of the methods of execution throughout the ages. Most ancient criminal codes have crushing defined as the punishment for one or more crimes. It was the punishment in England for refusing to testify against one's own self -- to self-incriminate. The way it was done in England was to strip a man naked, lay him out on a dirt floor, if possible, a rough stone floor otherwise, and to lay boards across him then start piling on heavy weights. Sometimes people would sit on the weights or stand on the boards. If this punishment was revived, would you like to be one of those who gets to stand and walk across the boards with a man underneath, piling on with other women until your combined weights crush the life out of the man?

KC: It is interesting that you should mention that. Back in 1974 there was a Spanish film called House of Insane Women. Perhaps some of your readers have seen it or could find a copy of it. The story takes place in a Nineteenth Century Spanish asylum for women. In the film, about forty sexy barefoot women (institutionalized on the pretext of being mad, but really being held by the asylum director for sale as sex slaves) break out of a room by knocking down a tall heavy wooden door. An evil dwarf assistant is pinned beneath a wooden door when it falls. As the women exit the room they see the hated dwarf's predicament and step up onto the door before the dwarf can get out from under it. There are some really good scenes of the screaming dwarf being crushed further and further down into the floor by the addition of each woman's weight. He is finally crushed to death as the door goes flat to the floor beneath the combined press of about three tons of angry, sexy, trampling women. There are good sound effects, too, of the dwarf being crunched flat along with scenes of blood popping out from under the door as the women trample on it. I would certainly have enjoyed being one of those women!

DOS-SAKK: There are various body parts particular to the male that seem especially designed for crushing under foot. One of these is the Adam's apple. One method of execution has been to strap a man in a seat and pull his head back over a board that pushes his Adam's apple up, then to crush the Adam's apple either with a sledge or other methods. With his Adam's apple crushed, the man can barely breathe, if at all, and suffocates. The Spanish refined this into what became their favorite execution method -- suffocation and/or dislocation of the spine on the garrotte. A variation of this was the beginnings of the development of beheading machines like guillotine -- the man was laid across a board and his head was locked in place with a stock. His throat was then crushed with a board that was slid into place then hammered repeatedly until the man's throat was crushed.
        The question is, do you ever fantasize about crushing a man's Adam's apple. And if so, how do you do it?

KC: You make it sound as though women are anatomically inferior. I should like to point out that we have Adam's apples, too, it's just that they don't stick out so far as to look ugly!
        To answer your question, in private sessions I have stepped on men's throats. But I can tell you that it doesn't take much of a press before they start choking and sputtering for mercy. If I stepped on a man full-weight there I would certainly kill him. But I don't fantasize about that much. If I did do it, I'd probable like to do it with my bare foot or perhaps with sexy stockings on, so I could feel the cartilage in the throat when they snapped and crunched. I would do it slowly and look into the face of my victim while I did it. By the way, as coincidence would have it, there is another film that shows this kind of a killing. It is called Angles' Wild Women and was made in 1972. In the film, Maggie Bemby (a Diana Ross look-alike whose ads say she wears a J cup bra to contain her forty-eight inch breasts) slowly crushes a man's Adam's apple in the arch of her spike heeled boot while three other biker beauties beat him with chains. In the film that beautiful black woman does the throat crushing. Perhaps you can get a hold of that movie sometime.

DOS-SAKK: While some men fantasize about Adam's apples being crushed, far more fantasize about their cocks or balls being ground under foot. Do you fantasize about this?

KC: Sometimes I enjoy the idea of turning a man into a woman. In my fantasies I forcibly dress a helpless man in my clothing and finish the job by trampling his cock and balls into goo under my high heels.

DOS-SAKK: How do you fantasize about going about crushing cocks and balls?

KC: In sessions I usually don't wear shoes because clients prefer the feel of my feet. But some cocks are thick or fat and, well, just plain ugly. So in my own mind I would like to trample on them hard while wearing heels. The tips of my heels could really make a mess out of some guy's cock and balls. I once pinned the head of a guy's cock under my spike heel and he was really screaming even though I was hardly even stepping down on him. I could tell that if I put my weight on that heel there wound have been a scrunch sound and my heel would have gone right through the head of his cock all the way to the floor.

DOS-SAKK: Cocks are relatively hard and unyielding when erect, they can be rolled side to side on a hard surface. Some men fantasize about their hard cocks being rolled back and forth under a woman's foot like dough being rolled under a rolling pin. Have you ever done this to a client?

KC: I have given lots of foot jobs like that. But because I am into domination I like to play a game when I do. I have a little hour glass that really only measures three minutes. It is an egg timer I got in the store. When I begin to roll a guy's dick under my foot I turn the glass over. He then has three minutes to come. After that I will be insulted and will step down full weight! When I step that hard on a cock with my stocking heel I can feel what seem like two hard bands(foontone 1) inside supporting my weight, although just barely supporting it. The head of the guy's cock always turns purple and points skyward under my weight and he always screams or groans for mercy. I guess it must hurt, I wouldn't know. But I just stand there with my hands on my hips looking down at him in a way that lets him know that this is what he deserves for not coming right away under my sexy foot. I even had one guy come just seconds after I stood on his dick. No cum could get out, of course, so I guess while I stood there it all backed up into his balls -- tough!

DOS-SAKK: Under full erection the penis can be broken. I personally know a man who's penis was broken in an accident. Do you worry that you may break a man's penis by crushing it?

KC: I didn't know that, but I haven't broken any yet. But I bet I could!

DOS-SAKK: A man's testicles under pressure can be squashed nearly flat if the pressure is applied slowly. But if the pressure is applied too fast, they can be ruptured. So slowly crushing a man's testicles under your feet against a board or something would be relatively safe, while stomping on them could cause severe damage. Have you ever stomped on a man's balls? Or do you always apply pressure slowly?

KC: I do it slowly because I am always worried about destroying something. I must say that I had a client who really wanted it and I gave it to him. But I trusted him to say when. We videotaped that session and when I saw the tape later I was shocked by how flat his balls got under the sole of my high heeled shoe. I didn't know you could squash them that flat without destroying something. I could tell that he wanted to scream but was holding it in.

DOS-SAKK: There are other ways of crushing a man's testicles, such as grabbing them in hand and squeezing them hard, holding them in one hand while you fist them with the other, holding them while you ram your knee into them. Do you enjoy doing any of these?

KC: I use ball grabbing to get what I want. If I am sitting on a man's face and order him to stick his tongue up my hole and he won't because he is too busy trying to breathe, I find that a good grab of the balls will get his attention. As for ball torture, I like to tie a man up and then put his entire scrotum into my mouth. Then, while he struggles, I like to look softly into his eyes -- and chew.

DOS-SAKK: How hard do you chew?

KC: Hard enough to make him scream for mercy at the top of his lungs. I find that my back molars work best toward achieving that aim.

DOS-SAKK: One fantasy shared with us was that of a floor with holes drilled for men to be shoved up to from underneath. Their cocks and balls would be pulled through and large washers split in the middle would be fastened round the cocks and balls to prevent them from pulling back through the floor. Sometimes the men are left to hang, supported only by their cocks and balls, other times they were supported. But always they were anonymous -- their bodies and faces were never shown to those above -- only their cocks and balls pulled through the floor and locked in place.
        Would you like to walk or dance on a floor like that -- with living cocks and balls pulled through them for you to step on and grind under foot?

KC: Yes, I would enjoy that. I think I would like to wear high heels and walk about without looking down and just let fate decide what happens. That way I could thump heavily past your cock in my high heels, if I step over it okay, if not, too bad!

DOS-SAKK: I understand that in your private sessions you have a very popular face-in-the-floor platform that you use. That sounds very interesting. Would you describe it for our readers.

KC: Yes, it was a device built for me some time back by a client who wanted to act out this fantasy. It is a double-decked platform eight foot by twelve foot with padded holes cut in the upped deck for the face and hands. The man lies sandwiched between the decks which are held in place together by six metal poles. I keep the device in my finished basement where there is lots of room and privacy. The upshot of all this is that if you're pinned between my decks you will become, literally, a face in my floor (and some hands or fingers, too -- but not a cock, although I suppose that could be added).
        Do any of you readers out there ever get to Salt Lake City? If so I offer private crush sessions. I would be glad to walk around the floor in my bare feet or stockings while you were helplessly trapped down there. I'd be sure to walk about carelessly without looking down. The view, I am told, is very frightening. Men tell me that I look ten feet tall and that they feel like helpless insects far below waiting to be crushed by the giant girl with the large feet. And I promise, no matter where I walk, when I step down, even if I feel your face beneath me, I will always apply my full weight without mercy! I can also stand on your face for as long as you might like -- or as long as you can take -- because I am told that it is impossible to breathe when under both of my large crushing feet. Would any of you like to experience that?
        Please understand that I am not a prostitute and I do not offer sex for sale. I never charge for hard-core games and only do them with good looking guys. I will not engage in any illegal activity. For money I only do domination fantasy, trampling, and crushing. I also have tall girlfriends who can join us in our games for such things as totem-poll crushing. In this, one girl steps on you while another rides on her shoulders -- CRUSH!
        I am also willing to play the face-in-my-floor game while wearing spike heels. I hear that that is the most terrifying of all. I am told that my high heeled feet look huge from down there and that the floor thumps heavily under my heels as I walk about. Anyone would need to be an extreme masochist to play this version of the game with me, of course, because the crushing under high heels, especially those of a tall woman like myself, is absolutely horrible. If someone wanted to do that, however, I would also require him to sign a release absolving me from any liability for permanent damage or injury. I can't promise total safety except to say that I am be very careful not to step on eyes. Like all of the games I play, however, I would go full out and will have no mercy.

DOS-SAKK: In your ideal fantasy world, would there be hundreds of men for every woman so every woman could indulge herself in crushing men? Or would only a selected few women have the privilege?

KC: I like the idea of having hundreds of tiny men as my slaves. That way twenty or so could spend the day picking lint off of the carpet while another twenty washed my underwear, etc. I would also like many men waiting in reserve to be my slaves so that I would feel free to destroy any little man for the slightest offense or even at my whim.

DOS-SAKK: In the very near future it will be possible for humans to be artificially gestated in large ungulates, such as cows. A female cow could be used to gestate as many as eight to ten human males without damaging the cow. When this becomes a real possibility, do you think males should be manufactured as a slave class for women?

KC: It might be dangerous to allow men to outnumber women unless the men were made small.

DOS-SAKK: One possibility when bio-engineering becomes more sophisticated is the creation of real miniature men. They would probably be lacking the higher human qualities since their brains would be much more primitive, but they would be able to feel pain and scream. Do you think miniature men should be bred and sold like mice are today? For feeding to pythons and other pets? And for crushing under foot?

KC: I would love it, so long as it was legal to do whatever I wanted to them. I am curious to find out if my vaginal muscles are strong enough to crush a miniature man. I'm sure that they close down tight enough when I come, but I wonder if I could do it voluntarily. I would find that out first. I'm strong down there -- so I bet I could. Wouldn't you like to be the first to find out?

DOS-SAKK: A man proportioned like an average young man but only six inches tall would weight from one ounce to an ounce and a half (equivalent to 111 to 167 pounds for a five foot ten inch man) -- about the same as a regular hot dog. Would you enjoy eating miniature men instead of hot dogs? Eating them alive?

KC: One of my favorite fantasies is to hold a tiny man before my mouth and lick my lips while I slowly strip him and tell him that I am going to eat him alive. I especially like the idea of making him first watch me eat other small men. I would make him watch as I cruelly lowered pleading little men into my mouth and then swallowed them whole. I would even describe how I could feel them struggling in my stomach as they were being digested to death. I would also chew some little men up just inches in front of his eyes -- and I'd chew slowly with my mouth open, so he could watch how my enormous teeth and tongue can turn helpless, kicking, screaming little men into the food of a woman. This is total domination -- a fact that can be appreciated when a few days later I shit the teeth and bones of my little victims -- which would be all that was left of them!

DOS-SAKK: The same proportioned little men only an inch and a half long -- about the size of a large cock roach -- would weigh in at about six to nine grams -- from just more than a nickel to just less than two nickels. Clearly bug sized little men would be easily crushed by any woman walking on them. They would be easily ground under foot to a grease spot. Do you think scientists should try to develop little men this size just for women to play with--to crush for their amusement?

KC: I can't imagine how it could ever happen, but I would love it.

DOS-SAKK: If this becomes a reality within your lifetime, do you think you will buy miniature men for crushing? Or do you think it is best something left to fantasy?

KC: I don't know. I love the fantasy, but the reality might be too addicting. The closest I've come to stepping over the line like that was when a guy in Oregon who had leukemia asked me to kill him. If that sounds too wild consider the fact that Holland now allows assisted suicide for individuals with terminal diseases -- but the person has to be a licensed doctor. There was one woman, however, who wasn't a doctor and was put on trial last year in Holland for assisting a man in that way.
        If you are unfamiliar with the case her name was Lydia ter Heege. She was the man's live-in nurse and he paid her a considerable sum to kill him according to his own sexual fantasy. Lydia is a very large woman weighing just over three hundred pounds. I have seen pictures of her and she is in her mid twenties and good looking for such a heavy woman.
        The dying man was in his forties and had leukemia. He wasn't all that sick at the time of his death and may have had months left to him, but in his farewell letter, he said that he wanted to leave while he was still feeling relatively well, rather than to wait to the bitter end.
        He wanted her to smother him to death -- which is what she did. She tied him up, removed her panties, climbed onto his bed, and sat down on his face all according to his written instructions.
        The trial centered on a number of issues. One, that he wasn't on death's door. Two, that he may have changed his mind after she sat down and she would have had no way of knowing since he had told her not to let him go no matter how he struggled or screamed, and three, that she was paid to help him. The Dutch didn't care about the sexual aspect, they are easy that way.
        As I looked through the English reports of the trial I saw that she was found not guilty and all three charges.

First, 1) because the man was terminal, it was agreed that he should have the right to choose how and when to die.
Second, 2) when doctors administer lethal injections to help terminal patients, there is a time after the injection that the person might change his mind and it would be too late, so there has to be a point when consent is considered final.
Lastly, 3) since doctors are paid, how much someone charges is of no concern so long as an inexpensive alternative is made available through the government.
I guess I agree with these findings, except I can see how a man might think it was a good idea and be attracted because of the sex, but then change his mind as he realized what was really happening to him. I can't help but wonder if that poor man did change his mind after Lydia sat down.
        Lydia did testify that the man had struggled and that she could hear his muffled cries coming from beneath her, but when that happened her only response was to manoeuver herself down into a better smothering position.
        It has been rumored that she has since been hired by others to perform the same service! She has quite a reputation in Holland as you might imagine. And she may not be the only one helping men in this way. I don't have any direct knowledge of such things, but I have heard rumors. For instance, there is an American girl whose name I won't mention who returned from Holland recently after receiving a lot of money. She is known for her truly humongous boobs and I understand she smothered a man to death with them.
        Of course, this is not legal anywhere but Holland, but I still believe that it happens here and elsewhere. Like I said, I was approached to do similar things with my feet. After seeing my raised foot ad in Instep magazine, this man in Oregon offered to show me his medical records to prove he was terminal. He wanted to lie in bed and have me stand on his face with my bare size ten feet covering his mouth and nose. He just wanted me to stand there, with my full weight on him, while he slowly suffocated to death beneath me. He had it all figured out. He was going to take a mess of sleeping pills and leave a suicide note. He wanted me to stand on the mattress near his head so that once the pills had begun to take effect and he had become weak, I could step down over his mouth with one foot and his nose with the other, crushing him under me. Afterwards, if anyone did an autopsy, they would find all the pill pieces in his stomach and never suspect any other cause of death. He offered a cashier's check for twenty thousand dollars that he couldn't stop payment on if he were dead--something he could do if I just took the check and ran. He had it all figured out except for the fact that I wasn't willing to go along with his plan. But I have often wondered if he ever found a woman who did. For that kind of money I wouldn't doubt that he did meet his end squirming in bed, weak from pills, staring up the long legs of a tall cruel woman who was standing right on his face, his mouth and nose squashed totally closed under the terrible heavy press of the warm bottoms of her large feet, watching her as she peered down at him past a long feminine arm hanging carelessly at her side. Perhaps she would even appear to be amused as she looked down from so far above to see a helpless man actually being killed beneath her weight -- beneath her heavy smothering feet -- crushed alive under her feet like a bug -- like the bugs all men are.
        So, if any of you ever get terminally ill, which I wouldn't wish on anyone, and you don't wait until you are too sick to care, at least you might find a bright side to the mess you're in and use this idea to fulfill your ultimate masochistic fantasy whatever it may be.

DOS-SAKK: Finally, as you can see, in our header we have included a hymn of worship to the goddess Semiramis. What do you think of it?

KC: I like it, but in my own mind I worship the Buddhist goddess Sarva-Buddah Dakini. According to Buddhist teachings she is a terror to all men and challenges them to overcome the fear she brings to them. Only those at the highest cakras--level of consciousness--are able to do so, because Sarva-Buddha Dakini is a terrifying giantess who eats men alive and enjoys crushing them to death under her feet. I have enclosed a photocopy of her as depicted by a buddhist sculptor. In the photocopy you can see her drinking blood from a man's skull. As you can also see, she has crushed one man to death and is about to crush another. This last remaining victim is praying for mercy as she is putting him beneath her enormous foot. But I can assure you that he will receive none because he is showing his fear by praying. She will crush his insides out for being a cowardly man. Every buddhist boy is admonished by his mother at one time or another for showing fear. She will always tell him to learn to be brave, or "When the Dakini comes," he is told, "she will surly crush you under her huge foot like a little beetle."
        I know all these things because I am a buddhist and have studied this philosophy for years. In fact, I like to believe that I am a reincarnation of Sarva-Buddah Dakini here on earth. Perhaps some day, then, I will grow in size and become immortal like her. Then I will bring her terror to all men. In her name the orifices of my body will devour little pleading men alive, my breasts will smother them by the score, and my large sexy feet will crush them into grease!!


1) The penis is like three balloons inside a stretchy skin. Two of the balloons are long and run side by side; about half sticks outside the body in what we call the 'penis' while about half of these two balloons stick inside the body. Some people call the part that is inside the body the 'inner penis'. The third balloon is a somewhat round one on the end of the penis. Blood flows through the penis all the time, but during sexual arousal, little valves turn off the 'outflow' side and the blood starts pooling, pumping up the penis. How hard the penis gets depends on blood pressure and how well these small valves work -- if they leak or not, and how much they leak.

In a normally functioning penis, the two balloons fill up the same and make it stick out straight in front of the body. That's the reason for two balloons --so the penis will go straight and not curl around or twist everywhich way. Sometimes one balloon is smaller or has a scar in it that won't stretch and the penis twists to the side, but this is not the way it was designed.
            The reason for the part inside is to give an anchor to the penis -- so it doesn't hang cross section of a normal penis in the erect state when inflated, the balloons stretch and get hard with half the balloon inside to hold up the part outside down while it is hard, like an iron pipe hanging from between a man's legs.
        The third balloon makes the end hard but spongy, so it can poke and probe without breaking. The end balloon is sort of like the rubber tip on a pencil--except it covers the ends of two pencils tied together. This way the two long balloons don't get damaged by the poking.
        It is the two long balloons the giantess is referring to here. The two balloons do feel like two hard but yielding `bands' or `balloons', side by side. The reason the head turns purple is, more blood is shoved into the head by the pressure of the step. It points up because of what is called `corbelling' --the weight is shifted toward the middle as it is passed down, so the bottom right under the edge of the shoe or foot isn't pressed that hard against the floor. That part can stretch, so more of the bottom of the penis can stretch than the top, and so with more stretching on the bottom, the end of the penis sticks up into the air.

the editor