a word komix by Maryland Jock Meat:
Chesapeake Bay Jack & His Grunt Jocks
Master Gunnery Sergeant G.I. Joe, USMC
Across the Potomac River overlooking the panoramic view of the nation's capitol, Washington DC, stands the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial. It was the year 2001 and the United States Congress had just recently passed a law that would finally abolish all means of warfare.

Following the International Peace Summit in Ontario, Canada and the signing of the Treaty of Ontario 2000 by all the seven super power nations of the world, each country's military capabilities of conducting war would be completely abolished and destroyed. Military personnel were a major part of the disarming of each nations armed forces which included the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The United Nations Special Forces was the only military organization to be exempt from being disbanded. All female and married male military personnel were either discharged or if approved transferred to the United Nations Special Forces. Only male military personnel who were currently single or divorced are restricted from leaving their assigned bases, which went into effect immediately. If unfortunate enough to be found caught outside their assigned military installations, these men were sent ASAP to the infamous special concentration slave labor camps to await public torture and execution. Many single and divorced males from the various military branches either requested transfers to the United Nations Special Forces or submitted marriage requests to avoid being assigned to the notorious concentration camps as heavy forced labor on slave gangs. All such requests for transfer and marriage were quickly denied in which the men making these desperate requests were then stripped naked out of their uniforms, viciously flogged in open view of the public citizenry and force marched to the nearest local concentration camp. Some capitalist businessmen came up with a very lucrative plan to turn these death camps into adult entertainment style parks. In the concentration camps people paid to watch the young healthy men who were being filmed, to be sold to the adult public, working out with heavy weights naked and sweating in the hot sun as their strong muscular bodies were constantly tormented and whipped. Some of the slave laborers were selected to be brutally tortured to death or sentenced to public execution by citizens who could afford to pay for such sadistic morbid entertainment. Some of the wealthier people paid extra to actively participate in the torture and execution of these condemned young healthy men. After the muscular slaves were killed their bleeding meaty bodies would be hung on meat hooks in the camp's butcher shop for the citizens to watch as the hanging corpses were being sliced apart, chopped up and gutted to sell the prime cut male steaks from the fresh killed hunks of beef. For those citizens who have a taste for prime USDA male steaks, large German style beer halls have been constructed to serve the rare roasted military beef along with beer brewed from male urine dispensed from large wooden barrels and live music from military bands whose members are naked wearing only their dogtags and military caps.

Men in special units of the Marine Corps were transported to Northern Virginia to be sold into slave labor, tortured and/or executed at the Iwo Jima Memorial starting at dusk on the 4th of July with an awesome display of fireworks. The executions continue through the hot humid summer days into the windy chilly fall and finally ending the existence of the Marine Corps on the Corps birthday in November. The executions conclude at dusk as another display of awesome fireworks are set off over the Marine Corps monument with the hanging of over two hundred academy commissioned young Marine officers. The method of execution for the Marines would consist of hanging from the monuments flagpole. It would be a fitting and honorable death for the units of hardcore Marines who resisted being sold into slavery to be executed at the sacred Marine Corps memorial. The execution ceremony would begin at 0500 hours with the Marine Corps band in their formal dress blues playing the Marine Corps Anthem as the first selected platoon of Marines consisting of the special White House guards, most in their late teens, the others in their twenties and early thirties. This first special unit of Marines were marched from the Marine barracks in Washington D.C. across the impressive Arlington Memorial bridge and march with pride up the steep hill to the Iwo Jima Memorial Park. As the crowds of onlooking citizens applaud, the Marines march in cadence to loud masculine shouts of "Semper Fi Marines". Next the Marine Corps band played the National Anthem as the stars and stripes were raised on the monument's flagpole. Following the National Anthem; the President of the United States, accompanied by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Secretary of State and the Japanese Prime Minister as well as representatives of all the foreign countries the Marines have fought campaigns in, announced the beginning of the execution ceremony of the Marine White House guards. The Marine Corps Commandant ordered the special platoon of Marines to line up in formation for the day long executions to begin.

The first to ascend the monument to be hung by the neck till dead is a tall ruggedly handsome Sergeant in his mid forties. The proud and disciplined Marine is ordered to strip completely naked out of his formal dress blue uniform and hand over to the Commandant his carefully folded dress blues with spit shined black shoes and white service cap with brass globe, anchor, eagle Marine Corps medallion. The iron pumped muscular naked Marine snaps to rigid attention and with a crisp sharp salute to the Marine Corps Commandant shouts in a masculine voice, "Sir, Sergeant Major Jeff Schmidt ready for my execution as ordered Sir!" The Commandant respectfully returns the salute to the proud naked bodybuilder Marine and immediately orders the squad of Japanese executioners (an ironic political gesture for the benefit of the Japanese Prime Minister) to tie the brave Sergeant Majors hands behind his strong broad muscular V-shaped back. The Japanese executioners lead the big hunky bound U.S. Marine by his leather bound healthy genitals across the jagged rocks in his big bare feet to the noose hanging from the flagpole and the Japs place the hemp noose rope around the Sergeant Majors thick muscular neck pulling it snug with the knot positioned at the back of his high & tight butch head. At 0600 hours the roll of twenty-one military drums come to a sudden stop as the proud Sergeant Major shouts "Semper Fi Marines!" and the big brawny naked bound hunk is suddenly hoisted by his thick muscular noosed neck up the Iwo Jima Memorial flagpole. The middle-aged Marine, with his bodybuilders heavy muscular physique, hopelessly kicks his thick strong athletic legs for several minutes as his well endowed twelve inch erect cock shoots an ample load of milky white cum directly into his open mouth, then hitting his contorted butch face, with the final spurts of cum splashing onto his iron pumped massive hairy pectoral chest and rock hard rippling abdominals. The Marine stud's bulging USMC tattooed biceps flex as his massive hairy iron pumped cum splattered pectorals expand above the narrow rippling rock hard cum dripping abdominals. While the first Marine hangs twisting and flexing his iron pumped naked muscular body as an example for the proud onlooking condemned Marines and the fascinated awe inspired general public to view, the battle flag of the rising sun is hoisted up as the stars and stripes are lowered.

The next dozen plus White House Marine guards to be hung are ordered to strip out of their uniforms and stand at parade rest as their hands bound behind their backs by two dozen oriental executioners who direct the naked hunks to form a circle around the marble base of the monument and flex their well developed USMC muscular naked physiques for the excited viewing crowd to admire. The prime iron pumped USMC beefy bodybuilder studs are then sexually molested by a select civilian group of old Japanese men and women who viciously inflict severe painful torture on the helplessly bound yet sexually excited young hunky macho grunts.

Off to the side on a large wooden platform decorated with red, white and blue banners, an auction is about to begin similar to the slave auctions centuries ago. Lined up on the platform is a platoon of handsome muscular Marine MPs from Quantico, Virginia in their dress blues standing at ease. A white limousine drives up to the platform steps as two beautiful young oriental females dressed in fine Chinese silk gowns and brilliant diamond jewelry help escort an older black man up the steps to the podium which is located to the right of the large platform. The dignified black man is in his late fifties with silver gray hair wearing a formal white tuxedo and an abundance of gold jewelry. He is the auctioneer assigned to sell this platoon of well trained Marine MPs to the highest bidders from the gathered viewing general public. The auctioneer strikes the polished walnut gavel three times and speaks into the chrome microphone saying, "The bidding on each of these prime young muscular Marine studs shall begin." Facing the first Marine MP to his right the auctioneer is heard giving the command for the hunky MP to step forward and stand at attention. The well disciplined Marine MP sharply steps forward and snaps to attention saying, "Sir, yes Sir, Master Gunnery Sergeant G.I. Joe reporting as ordered, Sir!" The experienced auctioneer then instructs his two oriental female assistants to slowly strip the big hunky Marine MPs uniform as the auctioneer accepts bids from the audience on the Marines white service cap and decorated dress blue uniform. The excited crowd encourages the oriental females to strip the tall Marine MP faster as the crowd shouts out vulgar obscenities while bid after bid is placed on the various military garments during which they verbally taunt the rugged masculine soldier as he is slowly stripped of his Marine dress blues. When the Marine MP is down to just his white boxer shorts and tight fitting tank top with the hunks iron-pumped pectorals stretching the cotton fabric with the studs large protruding nipples clearly defined through the white cloth, the athletic built grunt is ordered to do one hundred military pushups by the auctioneer. The obedient Marine MP immediately takes position saying in a loud masculine tone, "Sir, yes Sir, one Sir, two Sir, three Sir . . . ninety-eight Sir, ninety-nine Sir, one hundred Sir!" The heavy breathing hunky MP stands again at attention with sweat rolling down his butch face onto his flexing pumped hairy pectorals soaked with his manly musky sweat drenched tank top saying, "Sir, push-ups completed as ordered Sir!" The auctioneer approaches the tall military issued human merchandise as the dignified speaking old man points with a sharp metal pointer to the various parts of the big MPs iron-pumped bodybuilder muscles saying to the MP, "At ease bulldog grunt slave as your Master points out your various prime young beefy muscles to the distinguished appreciative bidding audience!" Right on cue the disciplined submissive hulk of a Marine MP stands at ease with his hands clasped behind his broad V-shaped back and spreading his thick muscled legs apart then says, "Sir, yes Sir!" The auctioneer points to the handsome rugged high & tight butch face, iron pumped pectoral chest, bulging Marine tattooed biceps and thick muscular legs. The big husky MP stands firm as the two oriental females are instructed to rip the remaining sweaty tank top off the massive iron pumped torso exposing a moderately hairy chest with thick pectoral slabs sporting quarter sized protruding brown fleshy nipples and rock hard rippling abdominals. The auctioneer orders the fine specimen of a male physique to place his hands clasped on the top of his Marine high & tight head and flex his bulging USMC tattooed biceps, bouncing pumped pecs and sucking in his rock hard rippled abdominals. The auctioneer then points to the large iron pumped flexing muscles and then orders the MP grunt to turn around pointing to the broad muscular shoulders and back. The auctioneer points to the round buttocks and instructs the two oriental females to pull down the MP hunks white boxer shorts to expose two meaty flexing white slabs of prime USMC beef. When the naked Marine MP is ordered to turn around, the crowd hoots and hollers as the muscled stud grunt exhibits a healthy twelve inch erect cum dripping cock and a set of lemon size low hanging hairy balls. The young healthy Marine MP Sergeant continues to pose and flex his muscular physique with pride as he is directed to pose in various traditional bodybuilder positions by the auctioneer. The two oriental females are instructed to tie the big bodybuilder Marine MPs hands and hoist the over six foot two hundred fifty pound beefcake off the ground from a vertical pulley post. The silver haired old black auctioneer removes his white tuxedo jacket and produces a vicious black leather bull whip with the handle laden with ornate silver. The expert whip master begins to lay several well placed strikes of the leather whip onto the suspended MPs tender beefy USMC buttocks, broad muscular strong back and iron pumped muscled torso as the struggling MP grunt shoots a gushing ample load of cum into the excited crowd. The whip tortured Marine MP Sergeant shouts in a loud masculine submissive voice, "Yes Sir, Semper Fi Sir, thank you Sir, please whip me more Sir!" The pleased auctioneer informs the excited female crowd that this fine healthy young soldier is fine breeding stock for making babies and a strong body for doing hard heavy labor. The bidding is long and heated as the bids go higher and higher until the auctioneer drops the gavel three times on a final bid of $10,000 as this hanging proud Marine MP is finally sold to a rich middle-aged woman who has a thriving profitable cattle ranch in Montana. The western dressed female turns to her two female friends saying, "I'll buy about six more of these prime two legged steers for our male livestock bringing our herd of beefsteak grunts up to one hundred, we'll drive down to Camp LeJeune and then fly out to the west coast to Camp Pendleton where I'll purchase another two hundred prime USMC hunks of beef for our human cattle ranch business." The other western clad female is jotting down figures on a laptop computer and says, "This will bring us over a thousand pounds of prime USMC beef which should satisfy our lucrative business of prime USMC male steak to our special customers in Japan." The big hunky Marine MP stud is led naked off the platform with his still erect cum dripping cock and rope tethered low hanging shaved balls with his hands now tightly tied behind his broad muscular whipped back. The third female is consulting her business partner/lover on the financial status saying, "If we can buy the rest of these beefcake MPs at around $10,000 like this gorgeous hunk of studmeat, we will be well within our $100,000 budget today and still have over a million dollars available to buy the hundreds of other prime USMC beefy grunts at LeJeune and Pendleton later this week." In a few days these recently purchased hunky grunt slave buttocks will be branded like cattle with their nipples, cock heads and noses pierced sporting steel rings inserted for various attachment torture devices like the whipping/milking post. Most of the branded naked grunt's hard heavy labor will involve force marches up the nearby Rocky Mountains with heavy iron axes slung over their muscular broad shoulders to cut down acres of timber forest and hauling the heavy logs over miles of rugged mountain terrain to the sawmill near the ranch. In a few years after satisfying their female Master's sadistic sexual needs and working their hard muscled bodies at backbreaking heavy labor to peak physical condition on the secluded Montana ranch, their beefy prime USMC bodybuilder bodies will be hanging by their ankles on meat hooks in the slaughterhouse to be butchered for their prime USMC steak for the exclusive U.S. Meat Market Co. of Montana. In the slaughterhouse the female owner will slice off the still living ample male genitals while the helpless muscle hunks hang upsidedown from meat hooks awaiting the butchers sharp blades which have sliced up thousands of muscular young beefy Marines over the past year. During their short time as labor slaves, the young bodybuilder jarhead beefy Marine slaves will be filmed and videotaped to be sold on the lucrative special adult video market to interested adults.

As each of the remaining men in the elite Marine platoon of MPs are stripped naked and auctioned off in similar sadistic order as muscle labor slaves to the rich wealthy elite female ranchers, one by one another of the muscular young naked Presidential Marine guards from the White House is hung by his thick muscular neck from the Iwo Jima Memorial flagpole taking the place of the dead naked Marine before him. The naked muscular bodies of the dead Marines are unceremoniously hung by their ankles on vicious meat hooks and shipped by refrigerated box cars on Conrail to slaughterhouses owned by these female ranchers in several major cities along the east coast. The younger western clad female wearing a black western hat, ornate western boots and turquoise and silver jewelry leans over to the other two female friends saying, "Later today after the auction is over, I want to visit our harbor slaughterhouse/restaurant in Baltimore for a thick juicy prime USMC steakroast and to observe the butchering procedures on these hung beefy dead Marines." The other two females agree and concentrate their bidding on the next naked muscled Marine MP stud from Quantico, Sergeant Mike an Oklahoma boy, being hoisted off his feet by his bound hands as the two oriental females begin to lash his beefy ass with bamboo canes. During the bloody caning of Sergeant Mike's big hard muscular body, the brawny butch MP breaks down crying out and pleading to his oriental female torturers, "Please Sir don't humiliate me with these bitches doing the torture, Sir please, you whip my ass Sir, I beg you Sir to torture my proud Marine body Sir!" As the high & tight dark haired USMC MP is being viciously lashed with the two bamboo canes, the angry oriental female torturers puncture bamboo splinters into Sergeant Mike's iron pumped protruding pectoral nipples, low hanging egg size hairy balls, twelve inch plus six inch fat Oklahoman meaty cock sausage and forcing a thick bamboo rod up the hunky cowboys beefy USMC MP ass. As Sergeant Mike twitches and flexes his muscled six foot plus and over two hundred fifty plus pound bodybuilder physique he cries out in a southwestern drawl pain racked tortured voice, "Oohhh nooo you fuck'n bitches, shit don't hurt me anymore, fuck'n stop torture'n my body, fuck I'm go'n to shoot my fuck'n load, you fuck'n bitch stop force'n that rod up my Ass-hole you fuck'n bitch, ooohhh you're fuck'n kill'n me, aaaarrrggghhh fuck no aaaarrrggghhh!" With that final word the jarhead Sergeant Mike screams out a painful cry as he shot six ample blood streaked loads of Oklahoma prime stud cum as his muscle flexing bodybuilder Marine MP body turned slowly for the onlooking crowd to witness the handsome butch high & tight head slowly lowering in between his stretched bulging biceps finally resting on his massive iron pumped hairy pecs with the Marine MPs final death twitches after the oriental females ram the bamboo rod up the MP studs bleeding ass which fatally punctures the grunt's vital life organs.

Over at the Iwo Jima Memorial, another tortured naked bound special Marine White House guard is being hung as the latest struggling bound tall muscular blond high & tight grunt is raised up the Iwo Jima flagpole, now flying the red and white Japanese rising sun battle flag, wildly kicking his muscular legs as his ten inch erect cock shoots the Marine stud's final load of ample cum.