Sandra ... this is a true story ... I know because I was one of the girls ... just sign me the Farmer's Daughter ...
"Hey, why don't you kid's get outta here. And don't ever come back! This is private property and I don't care for no trespassers."
Jethro looked over at his neighbor Luke,
"Dem damn kids. Got no respect for private property. I tell you, they ever come back they gonna be in big forever trouble."
Jethro's large farm was not completely fenced in, but was well posted. He went through the trouble every year right before deer hunting season began to put posters on the trees in his woods every few feet apart.


The following Saturday morning Jethro and Luke were out working on Jethro's barn when they heard the sound of rifle shots, rushed out, and found Jethro's prize milk cow falling over, mortally wounded. Jethro and Luke grabbed their shotguns and dashed off after the trespassers.

For their age, Jethro and Luke ran faster than the two wayward hunters and caught them. Exhausted, and out of breath, Jethro looked at his prey and said, "Dammit, boys, didn't I tell you last week never again to come on my property."

"Yessir," one of the boys answered politely, "but there was this damn big buck we had been chasing and finally saw, so we had to get him."

"Well, maybe there was a buck or not, but you done killed Betsy, my best milk cow."

"We're sorry, Mister," both boys answered. "Honest, we didn't mean to kill your cow."

"It ain't like I didn't give you fair warning."

"What we gonna do with 'em?" Luke asked.

"I guess for now just take 'em prisoner, and maybe teach 'em a lesson. Luke, while I hold them here with the shotgun, you go to the barn and get some rope. Boys, take off your hunting boots and march over to those two tree stumps over by the side of the barn."

"Mister, we're sorry, whatcha gonna do with us?"

"Ain't decided yet."

Luke brought the rope from the barn and then he and Jethro made each of the boys lay down on their backs each on a separate tree stump. They bent the boys' legs back and pulled their wrists forward and tied each ones wrists to his legs straddling the tree stump.
"I think for starters we oughta see what these boys got," Jethro mentioned to Luke.
His intent was to embarrass and humiliate the boys so that they'd never again trespass on anyone's property again.
"Luke, pull their camouflage shirts up to their necks and over their faces. Give us better access to their pants and belts."

"Hey, Mister, you ain't gonna pull our pants off are you?" one of the boys mumbled out from under his shirt.

"Why not? You fellows ashamed of maybe you don't got good ones?"

Luke and Jethro both laughed.

Luke and Jethro decided to work on one boy first, so that their enjoyment, and the boys' discomfort could last longer. Jethro slowly unbuckled the belt on the first boy and slowly unbuttoned the fly on the boy's camouflage pants. As he unbuttoned each button he purposely reached in through the fly and pinched the boy's cock which lay dormant and soft inside the boy's briefs.

Finally, after having unbuttoned the boy's fly completely, he pulled the boy's pants down below his knees.

"Lookie there, don't he look cute. His clean, almost hairless tummy justa glistening in the sunlight. And them nice, new store bought white underpanties justa shining bright right over where his boy goodies are supposed to be."
Daughters & Friends..
"Hey, Daddy, what you got here?"
Jethro turned around and saw his daughter Jeanine with two of her girl friends. They were just returning from choir practice.
"Got these two same kids that I threw off my property last week. Not only did they come back but they killed Betsy."

"Well, maybe you should kill them," Jeanine and her friends laughed. "So, what you gonna do with them Daddy? That one sure looks cute all stretched out. Looks like he got nothing on 'cept them cute little store bought white boy underpants."

"Gonna take the other one's pants off too, Daddy?"

"Yeah, I reckon so."

"Gonna, make 'em naked Daddy?" the three girls snickered.


"Then what you gonna do to them Daddy?"

"I don't know."

"Daddy, last week at dinner when you were so mad, you said if you caught anyone hunting on our farm anymore, you wuz gonna cut off their balls."

"NO!" both boys shouted from under their shirts covering their faces.

"Hmm, those voices sound familiar," all three girls muttered.

"Daddy, you know who these hunters are? How old are they?"

"Nope, never checked their wallets to see their names. Don't know or care how old they are. Just too pissed off."

"How come you got their faces covered?"

"Figured it be more embarrassing. They don't know what's happening to them. Makes 'em more nervous and stuff. Guy with his face covered and he can't see gets real nervous if someone undresses him."

"Can we undress 'em Daddy? Might make 'em more nervous if girls undress 'em. And can we takes their shirts off first, so they can see that it's girls undressing 'em?"

"Sure, you can undress 'em. But don't expect too much," Jethro said patting the front of the first boy's briefs. Don't feel like this one got too much of what he should have." They all laughed.

"Doris, you undress that other one, and I'll finish up on the one that Daddy started."

Jeanine unbuttoned the shirt that was over the face of the boy lying in his briefs. Doris and Ella went over to the other boy and likewise unbuttoned his shirt.
"Omigosh," Jeanine shouted, "It's Robbie."

"And this is Donnie, Robbie's brother."

"You know dem boys?"

"Yes, they're in our class at school. They're seniors like us. They're twins."

"You can sure tell," Jethro opined. "They're hard to tell apart."

"I wonder if they look alike in other places," Jeanine added, slapping her open palm down on Robbie's brief covered crotch.

Jeanine, pulled Robbie's briefs down past his knees,

"Wow, what a little thing," she said, flicking his lame three inch cock with her finger. But his ball bag things are so huge. He really looks kinda weird in the boy department." They all laughed.

"Please don't do anything to me," Robbie spoke up.

Jeanine laughed and grabbed and squeezed his huge boy nuts so hard that tears rolled out of his eyes,
"Daddy, in school we seen pictures of naked boys and their weiners look bigger and they don't have this loose skin at the end."

"I guess that's because Robbie probably ain't never been circumcised."

"What's that, Daddy?"

"It's like they do to a lot of boys know when they're born, and some boys have it done cuz of their religion. They cut the loose skin off, it don't do no good anyway."

In the meantime, Doris and Ella had finished unbuttoning and pulling Donnie's camouflage pants off and were in the process of debriefing him.
"Would you believe this," shouted Ella, " as she watched Donnie's freshly exposed cock flop around and bounce off his stomach. "It's twice as big as Robbie's. But his boy nuts are so dinky. They look like tiny pink colored golf balls and they're all wrinkly."

"Daddy, can we punish 'em? For killing Betsy and all? And for not obeying your warning?"

"Sure, I guess so."

"Daddy, although I never seen it, Doris told me that when girls play with boy's wienies, they get hard and creamy stuff comes out of the tip. Is that true?"

Jethro laughed at his daughter's feigned naivete. He figured by now she'd probably blown a dozen boys and seen plenty of hot, thick, creamy boy juice.
"Oh yeah! You bet!"

"Daddy, can we do to them what you promised to do to them?"

Jethro scowled,
"I guess. You can do what you want but don't let any of their boy goo get into your girl holes. You don't wanna have their babies."
Girl Fun

Jethro and Luke left, and Jeanine, Doris, and Ella were left to their devices.

"Hey, girls, let's see which one can get the hardest and who can spit out the most hot, thick, creamy boy stuff."
Jeanine wrapped her fist around Robbie's small cock and began stroking it. She seemed rather surprised that it grew to twice its size. In the meantime, Doris wrapped her hand around Donnie's ample dick and began pumping it as Ella took Donnie's teeny tiny ballbag in her hands and began rolling it with her fingers.

The girls laughed at both boys' apparent discomfort as they were masturbated against their will.

"Hey, lookie, girls, I just put my fingers up inside Robbie's shit hole. Look how it makes him wiggle. Do it to Donnie!"

"Dammit, stop, don't," both boy's shouted at the top of their lungs.

Jeanine, Doris, and Ella united the boy's feet just long enough to remove their trousers and their briefs. They then retied the boy's feet to their wrists alongside the tree stumps.
"Stuff each other one's underpants into their mouths," ordered Jeanine as she stuffed Donnie's briefs into Robbie's mouth. "They're making too much noise."
Robbie's briefs found their place in Donnie's mouth.
"I think it's more fun to hear them scream," said Doris.

"Naw, them is just fake screams right now. They'll really be screaming when we take their boy things from them. That will be fun to hear."

The girls continued their manual manipulation of the brothers' dicks until almost in unison the two dicks wobbled and stiffened, their ball sacks drew up tight against their bodies, and their boy members began shooting out streams of their hot boy cream. The semen shot up into the air and fell back down on the boys' chests and stomachs.
"Ever tasted this stuff girls," Jeanine asked as she wiped her finger across a puddle of cum on Robbie's chest and stuck it in her mouth.
She then walked over to Donnie and sampled his boy cream also. Doris and Ella also sampled each boy's offering.
"I think Robbie's is just a little sweeter. Donnie's stuff is kinda salty tasting," Ella observed.

"I wonder if they ever tasted each other's stuff?" Jeanine wondered aloud.

Doris then took some more cum from Robbie's torso with her finger and forced it into Donnie's mouth. Ella simultaneously force fed Donnie some of his brother's rapidly drying cum.

The girls then spent the next couple of hours poking and tweaking Donnie and Robbie's nipples, balls, and cocks. They delighted in the grimaces they brought to both boys' faces.

"Say, girls, how long you think it takes before a boy can get more goo outta his pecker?"

"Oh, according to dem school books, bout a couple of hours if they be high school ages."

"I wonder if boys ever stick their sticks up inside each other?"

"I hear tell that sissy city boys do that much."

The three girls smiled. The two boys grimaced in fear.
"Be more fun to stick Donnie's thick pecker in Robbie's ass hole."

"You know girls, some guys say that other guys have pencil dicks. Anyone know what that means?"

"Yeah, it would almost be like Robbie's weinie. But I think a pencil dick isn't that short or little, but kinda skinny."

"I got a great idea what we can do to Donnie before we makes him stick his big one up inside Robbie."

"What's that?"

"Well, look at Donnie's dick. It got this hole down the middle of it. I think that's where his pee comes out of. Why don't we stick a pencil all the way down inside it. Then see if he can still pee."

"And maybe see too if his creamy junk can still come out of there?"

The girls untied Robbie's hands from his feet and quickly forced him back face down on the same tree stump and retied his hands to his feet alongside the stump.

They then untied Donnie, made him get up from his tree stump and walked him over to the tree stump where Robbie was tied, ass up exposed.

"Donnie, dear, we want you to stick your thing inside Robbie like you've tried to do to us."

"No way, perverts," Donnie answered defiantly.

"Do it or else," Jeanine ordered in a harsh voice.

Donnie refused to move. Suddenly, he jumped and yelped as Doris and Ella stuck two long hair pins into his eighteen year old ballbag. He could feel one of the pins go right through one of his balls and out the other side. The pain was unbearable.
"First, Donnie, pee on your brother! Piss on his back hole, so your pecker can slide into him."
Donnie, having no choice stood behind his brother and forced himself to piss. It hurt him to pee because of the pencil which had been shoved down all the way inside his eight inch, beer can thick cock.

Instead of pissing in a normal boy stream, his urine dribbled out if spurts.

Jeanine then grabbed his piss dribbling cock and pumped it until it was bright red and stiff, both from the normal erection he got from her manipulating his cock and from the pencil which prevented him from going soft.

The girls then forced Donnie down on top of his brother. Doris held his cock, placed it at the opening to Robbie's nether world, and Jeanine and Ella pushed down on his buttocks, forcing his super thick cock into his twin's virgin anus.

Both twins screamed in agonizing pain, but their sounds were not heard because of their gags.

The girls laughed as they saw a rivulet of blood exit Robbie's torn anus coating Donnie's pain and pencil filled cock. The girls kept whipping Donnie on his ass with his belt buckle forcing him to continue his incestuous rape of his twin brother.

Finally, satisfied that Donnie had has an orgasm inside his brother, the girls pulled him to a standing position. A mixture of Robbie's red blood and Donnie's white boy cream covered the tip of Donnie's cockhead.

The girls then walked Donnie over to a nearby tree and tied him. They tied his wrists to a branch above his head and his ankles to the base of the tree. His pencil filled cock stuck out grotesquely in front of him.

"Hey girls, he looks like he's hurting. Let's pull that pencil out from inside his pecker."
The girls tried to reach down inside Donnie's pisshole to pull out the pencil, but only succeeded in scratching he inside of his pee hole.
"Girls, that pencil is too far down inside him to pull it out. Here, I got a great idea. Let me show you how to get it out."
Jeanine, pulled a pocket knife from her purse and said,
"First we circumcise him...."
She then proceeded to make a slight cut all around the base of Donnie's cockhead, slicing his foreskin.
"I wanna hear him sing," Doris laughed, as she pulled Robbie's underpants out of Donnie's mouth.
Donnie's eyes were filled with tears as his foreskin was unceremoniously removed from his cock and then stuffed into his mouth.
"Now let's get that pencil," Jeanine said.
She placed the blade of her knife against the base of Donnie's cockhead and sliced off his gargantuan mushroom shaped cockhead, leaving the eraser on the pencil exposed.
"See, how easy that was."
Donnie silently gritted his teeth. He was determined not to give these hillbilly girls the satisfaction of his screams.

With Donnie's mutilated cock-head bleeding, Jeanine extracted the pencil from his lacerated penis. She then took the pencil and pushed it into his right ear.

The girls then untied Robbie from his tree stump and tied him to a tree ten feet across from the tree to which Donnie was tied. They removed Robbie's gag from his mouth.

"You know girls, Daddy said that if he ever got these boys trespassing on out farm he was gonna gut their balls off. I think we should save Daddy the trouble."

"Come on, don't," both boys pleaded.

"You already wrecked my dick, ain't that enough," Donnie begged.

The girls ignored the boys' pleas for mercy.
"I think since Donnie has such little balls -- he ain't gonna miss them. But first let's empty his white stuff outta them."
Donnie rolled his eyes and awaited the masturbation which the girls implied they would do. To his shock and surprise they did not grab and masturbate his wounded cock. To his stupefaction they sliced open his ballsack, pulled out his testes and let the supply of cum in his ballbag dribble out. They then delighted in stabbing his exposed testes with their hat pins until he screamed at the top of his lungs in absolute agony.
"Now, let's cut off his ballbag."
Their atrocity completed, the stood back and said,
"You know, he still looks like a boy. You can't see that he doesn't have his baby makers hanging. He still has a pipe stem."

"Let's see if a boy still looks like a boy if he don't have no skin stick, but still has his baby seed holders."

"Stay away from me," Robbie screamed.

Doris grabbed Robbie's limp little dick and began masturbating it while Ella fondled his ample ballbag. As his dick drew to its maximum and began to wobble and throb and a stream of hot, white, creamy boy juice began to exit the pee slit at the end of his boyish dick, Jeanine sliced it off at its base.
"Hmm," the girls all exclaimed. "Boy without a dick but with big balls still kinda looks like a boy. Let's finish them both off."
The girls then proceeded to cut off Donnie's ample prick and stuffed it in Robbie's mouth. They then severed Robbie's scrotum after having first slit it open and cooked his exposed testes with a cigarette lighter. They then stuffed the half-cooked boy ballbag in Donnie's mouth.

They then sliced open both boys' torsos and let them suffer as their intestines fell out, before ending their miseries by slitting their throats.

They untied the half-dead boys and threw their bodies into the same pit into which Jethro and Luke had deposited Betsy's carcass. They then covered the bodies with lime.

"That sure was fun," Jeanine said.

"Yeah, I hope our Daddies catch trespassers on our farms so we can have some more fun."