Mark Andrews
Education of a Male Trainer
Characters: Lady Scott stood on the long dais surveying her latest class. Another good-looking bunch, she thought. Yes, these girls should all do well. She coughed and began her standard opening address:
"Welcome, Ladies, to SOMMDEC. I hope you are going to enjoy the next few months with us. I feel sure you will. Your course, the diploma level, is designed to assist you in managing the males who will be placed under you in your future employment. It is very much a 'hands on' course. Much of your training will be by example, interspersed with lectures from me and others on my staff... Behind this wall..."
And here she gestured to the long partition behind her,
"...are thirty-one males, sent to us for correction and now selected to be your subjects for the duration of the course.
Xxxx"You are already aware of the dual purpose of this Centre: It is partly a school -- to teach you young ladies the art of controlling mere males; but it is also a place of punishment where the more rambunctious among them are taught a lesson in servility.
Xxxx"Now, as a beginning to your course, I am going to open the wall. I will then select the young male whom I consider to be the worst among them. After that, you, in order of seniority in your passing out grade from high school, will then come forward and select the male who will be your subject. For the rest of this day you will then follow my example for the induction and initial treatment of the male you have selected."
The selection room was wide but shallow. The young ladies sat in chairs that formed a single row facing the stage, a narrow dais that also ran the width of the room. Lady Scott activated a switch on her lectern and the wall divided, sliding back and folding into sections against the two side walls. The young ladies stared in at the thirty-one males ranged in front of them.

Each was standing on a two foot high butt of wood. Each had his thumbs cuffed behind his back -- and each had a noose around his neck. The ropes dangled from holes in the ceiling and they were fairly tight, forcing each young male to stand up on the balls of his feet.

They were uniformly dressed in the short linen wrap-around skirt that was the maximum attire permitted of a male in this latter part of the Twenty-first Century. The skirts sat low on their hips and came only half way down their thighs. For the rest, they were quite naked.

When womankind had finally taken control of the Earth over the period towards the middle of the century, they had decided that in order to reinforce their hard-won control over males, stern measures would be necessary to maintain it.

A gradual erosion of male rights had followed the initial victory and with it, had come a desire that males, as virtual chattels, should be made to show off their physical attributes: their well-worked muscles, lean waists, deep chests and handsome faces.

Allowing them only a modicum of clothing allowed constant inspection and instant remedial measures if a male's body showed signs of slackness. The skirt could also be instantly removed since it was merely a length of thin linen with a Velcro fastener at the overlap at the waist.

Males formed a separate class in society now. Women still bore them, always in the ratio of three males to one girl and while the girl child's upbringing was the exclusive domain of her mother, the males were reared by her principal servant who was usually father to at least one of the male offspring.

It was up to this male to ensure the three boys behaved, learned their lessons and observed the proper attitude to all females; from their mother and sister, down to the meanest woman on the planet.

All it took was one complaint and a young male would be subject to the severest discipline. The cane to his young buttocks, bared naked for the punishment, was a common occurrence. It behoved the senior male to ensure the male youngsters behaved for if any one of them didn't, he might himself well be facing severe punishment and even disposal by public hanging.

A mother could at any time after a boy reached eighteen years, have him taken to her local SOMMDEC for correction. And a male in charge of young males could also recommend such a course to his mistress. (This was sometimes for his own protection).

Older males were not sent here. If, by age twenty-five, they hadn't learned to behave, they were judged incorrigible and were sent down to the town square for disposal by public hanging, naked and exposed to all. These events were staged each Saturday morning.

With males being produced at a three to one ratio, there were plenty to choose from as servants and part of the means of their regulation was to have the threat of a shameful and very slow death by hanging a constant risk. Under this regime, most males behaved themselves but of course there were always the few -- and so the reason for the SOMMDECs.

Lady Scott walked up and down the row of males, staring up into the face of each boy (and also assessing his body at the same time). All males were of course highly athletic in physique. They were made to exercise long and hard every day and any sign of fat, or even a slackening in the tight definition of their muscles, merited quick and severe chastisement. A dozen strokes of the cane at the very least, a probable loss of sexual relief for a month, and a daily, four hour rigorous work-out in the time normally spent in rest were other corrective measures.

But no, these thirty-one males were all perfect examples of what a lady demanded of males these days. All were handsome -- ugly or otherwise unsuitable males were terminated by strangling in the maternity hospital and the mother advised she would be required to have another. In this way the human race slowly improved each generation. Lady Scott therefore concentrated on their expressions. She always took the most rambunctious in each course and showed by example how to tame the boy.

She finally chose one named Peter, son of the Lady Emily Fisk, sent here for talking back to his betters.

She moved up to him and, grabbing his skirt by its waist-band, tore it off his lean body. He stared down at her in hate as his genitals were revealed to the girls seated before him.

"Note the insolent expression on this male's face, ladies. That will be beaten out of him..."
She took the long, slender, leather-covered crop from her belt. This, instead of the usual leather tassel on the end, boasted a pair of silvery tines. She walked up close to the boy and thrust the tines into his scrotal sac -- hard.
"Aaaagggeeeaaaggghhh," he screamed.
He twisted and turned on his butt and all but fell off, in his agony.
"You will apologise for your rudeness, scum male," she said quietly.
He just stared down at her even more malevolently so she walked around behind him. He tried to follow her with his eyes but the noose around his neck effectively prevented this. She now aimed the crop and then shoved it between his pert buttocks, right into his anus.

Again he screamed and his body danced yet again. The girls in the audience sat and watched enraptured as the writhing of his naked body showed off his beautiful muscles to perfection. They also stared at his cock which, despite his agony, was rising to a full erection...

"You see, ladies, how his body reacts to the punishment. We shall try him again..."
She walked around to his front and again ordered him to apologise.

This time he was more amenable,

"I am sorry for being so rude, Lady."

"That's better. Now, ladies. These scum must be brought to heel quickly. We don't have time for half measures. Short and sharp is the ticket. Hit them hard, and where it hurts most, usually has them back on track in a few days after which we reinforce it with extra-hard toil and more pain... but if it doesn't, we get even nastier.
Xxxx"There is no room for mercy or compassion here. Males must understand they are subservients and must learn to stay in line. Accordingly, we punish and then demand answers to questions relating to their role in our society. Let me show you by example."

She smiled down at her class and then turned back to Peter, her face hardening as her eyes cast up and down his lithe naked body. Then she smiled again, raised the electronic crop and lashed it down, as hard as she could, right across his testicles, now openly exposed from his erection.
"Aaaagggeeeaaaggghhh," he screamed again.
His body all but fell off the butt of wood as he struggled to cope with the agony of the attack on the most sensitive part of his body.
"What is your place in the world, scum?" Lady Scott asked softly.
His face hardened,
"I am a man," he said.
The boy had grit, there was no doubt about that.

Up went the crop again. This time she made it even harder. She was enraged. The word 'man' had been expunged from the vocabulary of the language. How dare he use it. She gave him another stroke for good measure at which his antics were even more entertaining -- and then again asked him his place. This time he was more submissive. He well knew another stroke like those three to his balls and he would lose them,

"I am a mere male, Lady. I am required to be polite, helpful and obedient to all ladies."

"That's better," she grated. "Alright, ladies, now in the order of your seniority by grade, you may come up and choose your male."

The first young woman, a girl named Amelia Furness, rose from her chair and strode up onto the dais. She had already selected the boy she wanted and now stood in front of him. He was a fine-looking boy named Robert, eighteen years old, very athletic with fine, silvery-blond hair and brilliant blue eye. After her, came each of the others in their turn until each girl had a male to work on.
"Right. Now, first, strip them naked... Good. Toss the garment aside. They won't be needing them again while they are here. Now, you must first erect them. You know how to do it... Proceed."
She watched critically as each of the girls took the penile member of their males in hand and masturbated him until he was fully erect,
"Now take out your crops. One very hard stroke with the tip, right across his testicles."
Each girl took up position, raised her crop and then at the signal, down they came. The screams from the thirty males were loud and shrill but the girls just grinned as they stepped back to watch the thirty, youthful, handsome and extraordinarily athletic males dance on their butts, their tongues hanging out at the strain on their necks from the taut nooses around them, quite unable to do anything to protect themselves from the onslaught as their hands were immobilised behind their backs.
"Now, starting from the left, ask your male his position in our society."
Having watched Peter suffer two more strokes for his rebellious ways, each of the remaining thirty boys was quick to respond as he was supposed to.
"Excellent response. Now, move around to their backs."
She led the way and once there, activated the button on the crop to charge the sharp tines on the end,
"The anus is another sensitive part of their bodies, Ladies. First charge the electrodes, then aiming for the cleft between his buttocks, drive the tines in hard, so..."
Peter screamed again. She was an expert and the two points had connected right on the anal ring. As they discharged the high voltage charge, he thought she had laid a red-hot poker in there. She moved up close to him and put her mouth up near his left ear,
"What was your error, muscle-boy?"
The pain had been terrible but Peter was a rebel. He had read of olden times when men had ruled the Earth and he wanted a return to those days. He was also stupid. He had no idea of the old adage: 'softly, softly, catchee monkey.' He had not reasoned that resistance now would get him nowhere. He was a MAN. He wasn't going to knuckle down so easily to these hated females.
"Get stuffed," he snarled.
The Lady Scott smiled. Good. This boy was going to give her a perfect means of showing her students how to tame the worst of the males,
"You see Ladies. For all our efforts, some renegades slip through. This boy is obviously one of them. Pain... A great deal of pain, is going to be necessary to calm his troublesome spirit. We will deal with him appropriately."
She stepped back and again thrust the live tines in between his boyish, cheekily rounded buttocks, this time ramming even harder so the sharp points really dug into his anal ring.

Of course he screamed again and his muscles knotted and writhed most alluringly at the agony but he was strong. He would not bow down to the bitch.

"Are you going to submit, boy?"



She took a deep breath then exhaled slowly as she rammed it in again ... and again ... and again. Now blood was oozing out between his cheeks, sweat glazed his fine skin, his chest was heaving and his belly muscles churning.
"Well?" she asked.

"No," he choked.

"Alright, let's try your nipples. These too, are very sensitive and being close to his heart, may cause him exquisite pain as the heart reacts to the shocks. He may even die if his heart is not strong enough."

She moved around to his front and the ladies followed, each coming out in front of her male to stare enraptured as their teacher demonstrated how to correct rambunctious young males. She thumbed the switch then raised it and lashed it down across his chest, ensuring the tines rested above and below his left nipple. Again he screamed and jumped from one foot to the other, his fine muscles rippling and cording most erotically.

Lady Scott made no attempt to hide her sexual interest in the males in her charge. Hell, males were here to be used for pleasure as well as profit. All the young ladies present knew this and none tried to conceal her prurient interest in the male she had chosen -- and those around her. Accordingly as each male was punished, the ladies delighted in running their hands over his flesh, feeling the warm hard muscles rippling and cording in their agony...

"Ready to submit, muscle-boy?"
The term was apt. Peter had been exercised hard and every single one of his muscles was beautifully developed and toned to the quintessence of athleticism. There was no fat on his frame. Every muscle was sharply defined and stood out cleanly.
"Yes," he croaked. "I was cheeky to my Lady. I should have been polite and helpful."
Jane Scott smiled. She had known he would submit eventually. They all did. Of course she had no illusions that he was cured. This boy was not only muscular and handsome, he was mentally strong as well. He was at the end of his tether at this moment but when he recovered a little, he would be just as rebellious as before.

Still, a slow wearing down would soon have him tamed. She had never met her match in the ten years she had been employed here at SOMMDEC. She hoped it would take the whole three months of the course to complete his taming as changing her subject midstream broke the continuity of her teaching. Hell, she wasn't averse to keeping them even if they were fully trained but if that happened too soon she would be forced to acquire another subject.

"Very well. Now ladies, proceed one by one. We all want to hear the response from each of these scumbags and then watch how you train those who haven't yet learned..."
This time a couple of the young males, heartened by Peter's spirit also tried it on but they were soon brought to heel by liberal applications of high-voltage electrical charges to sensitive areas of their bodies.

By the time they had all been tested and, where necessary corrected, it was well into the afternoon and Lady Scott informed them that their charges were now to have a dose of continuous pain to reinforce the lessons they had learned that day. The males had all been kept for the whole period standing on the butts, the nooses around their necks, and stark naked of course, while the young ladies had poked and prodded them, shocked them with the crops, fondled their flesh and demanded answers to their questions.

They had been waiting desperately for an end to the session so they could return to the hay-filled stalls and sink into merciful sleep. Now, it seemed, they were going to have to suffer some new torture... The ladies crowded around Lady Scott while one of their number lowered Peter's noose, permitting him to step off the butt.

They released his hands from the cuffs and then the students formed a guard around him while Jane Scott led the way out of the classroom, along the passage and into another room. This one was also wide and narrow as were all the rooms along this corridor, each being designed for the education of trainees and the punishment of males.

The difference in this room was that instead of the butts with the dangling nooses above them, here, about three feet up from the floor, and poking straight out of the back wall, had been affixed thirty-one steel members,. These were formed of 30° angle iron and placed so the sharp edge pointed up. At a point six inches in from the outer end of each of the members, a six-inch-long and three-inch diameter iron dildo had been welded. The members had been seated into the wall six feet apart.

Lady Scott led the way to the first of these and ordered Peter to mount it, facing outwards. His face reddened as he stared at the horrible looking thing,

"I won't," he said.
He was trying to run from the ladies holding his arms.
"Hold him tight, Ladies. And you others, pull his legs open. I think a few zaps to his balls are in order."
She thumbed her quirt switch and tickled the under side of his dangling testicles with the tip while he struggled and screamed horribly as the high-voltage charges surged into the most sensitive flesh on his body. The ladies felt the shocks but only mildly as his body's inherent resistance reduced the charge almost to nothing by the time it reached them.
"Ready to obey orders, scum?"
He raised his sweat-soaked face to her and nodded weakly,
"Good," she said, smiling brightly at him. "Get yourself up on it and get the dildo right on up into your Ass-hole."
One of the ladies brought over a box and placed it beside the iron member. He stepped up onto it and cocked his leg up and over the bar then gingerly lowered his anus down onto the fake cock. Once he was fully impaled onto it, the young lady bent down and removed the box. His toes and the soles of his feet could now touch the floor -- just, but that was all.
"And now to keep your hands from pushing you up and off the sharp metal to try to ease your pain, we will need to secure them once more," Lady Scott said.
She produced an iron collar, hinged at the front which was fitted with thumb cuffs at the back. She showed the ladies how to fit it and adjust it snugly around his muscular neck and then place each wrist in turn up behind the collar so each thumb could be locked into the cuffs. Then they returned to the first room to fetch another boy.

Each of them was brought in and forced to mount the metal brackets in turn and then Jane Scott dropped her next bombshell.

"Now Ladies, here are ankle cuffs. I want each boy's left ankle fastened to the next boy's right. Proceed."
The thirty-one young criminals stared in horror as the young ladies took a cuff each and, kneeling down at the boys' feet, locked each to the next. This forced their legs wide open, brought their feet up off the floor, and of course also opened their buttocks, anus and perineum so that the sharp ridge of the metal bracket was now even more forcibly knifing up into their tender flesh.
"You will now suffer here for the rest of the day and the night. There is to be no talking. No sound even. One of the ladies will be here at all times, changing on the half hour but there are also directional mikes pointing at each of you. The slightest whimper even will result in the punishment for unauthorised talking -- and that is to have your tongue pierced and a speech-guard fitted into the hole.
Xxxx"This keeps your mouth open and your tongue pulled out as far as it will come. You will find after wearing a speech-guard for twenty-four hours that you will not make an unauthorised sound again. Be warned."
She stepped back and suggested the ladies stay and watch as the males, already worn out from the day standing on the butts with the nooses around their necks and from the painful jolts to their bodies in some cases, now had to cope with a new pain.

A knife-like iron bracket between their legs was the only support for their bodies. They could not make a sound under the most dreadful of punishments for a breach and their thumbs were cuffed up behind their necks. All found the position horribly painful but the worst was the knife between their legs and the pressure of the huge dildo invading their assholes. And even the slightest wriggle bought on new waves of pain as the bracket then seemed to cut even harder into their perineum and the underside of their balls as well as on the anal ring itself.

The girls stayed for hours, drinking in the sight. Thirty-one superbly bodied, stark naked young males. All wearing expressions of agony and even terror as they tried to cope with the idea that they were going to spend the whole night on these terrible brackets. But then, gradually, they drifted away to their rooms, to clean up for the evening meal or just to sit and chin-wag with their friends about the day's events.

In the morning the ladies gathered to assist in releasing the males from their confinement. During the night they had acted as guard for half-hour shifts but none of the males had uttered a sound. All were now convinced the Lady Scott was perfectly serious and none wanted his tongue pierced and then placed in the speech-guard. She had shown them all one of these horrible instruments.

They too were made of cold iron and comprised the rod itself, a twelve inch long, quarter inch thick bar of black steel. This went through the hole which was bored through the tongue at least two inches in from the tip and once it had been inserted so that six inches protruded from top and bottom of the tongue, the custom-made padlocks were then inserted in the two holes that had previously been drilled through the rod above and below where the tongue would be. The hole in the tongue would be drilled with a special bit on an electric drill and as might be expected this little operation would be agonising. So would the presence of the rod through the new wound.

First the ankle restraints were released and then, one by one, the males were allowed off the brackets, the box being placed in position under each boy in turn.

Their faces were a picture. Each registered the agony they had been made to endure for over fifteen hours. Their eyes were circled with blue/black rings -- not one had slept a wink all night... They looked terrible but all fight was gone from them. Even from Peter Fisk. Not that Jane Scott believed he was cured. Not by a long shot. Release him now and he would be playing up within a week.

She smiled to herself. Oh how she loved her job. Taming these so handsome and so muscular young males was a pleasure she would have performed for nothing but here she was as Head of Training at SOMMDEC, and being paid handsomely to do it.

They left the iron collars around their necks and their thumbs secured in the cuffs. They seemed to be tame but you could never take a risk with males. You had to be ever vigilant and ready for rebellion... They were made to walk (or rather to waddle awkwardly), single file with ladies on either side, electronic quirts at the ready, prepared to lash them down on very sore buttocks or testicles if the need arose. It didn't.

Lady Scott turned into a room that possessed two items: a wrestling mat and a greased cone of iron atop a four foot high rod. The top of this cone was surmounted by another of the hated dildos. The boys stared at this thing in terror. But then, noting there was only one, breathed a sigh of relief. Only one boy could be suspended on that dreadful thing... Nonetheless, each clenched his so tender anus, in an involuntary reaction to the thought of being impaled on it. Only then did they look at the mat, wondering what horror it held for them.

"Males will sit around the four edges of the mat. Ladies, you will please stand behind them. Watch them carefully. Do not hesitate to lash the quirts at their shoulders or their heads if they even move a muscle."
She paused and walked around the mat, staring down at each boy in turn as if assessing him for some task. She was but she had already made up her mind who the performers were going to be.

She finally stopped at Robert, the Lady Amelia's boy,

"You, boy. Stand up."
She moved on and then stopped in front of a well-muscled black boy,
"You too, boy. Get up. Now, Ladies. These two criminals are going to fight. There are no rules. They may kick, punch, bite, gouge, headlock, twist ... in short, use any tactic they like. The fight goes on until one is unconscious.
Xxxx"The winner gets to choose any of the other males whom he will then rape for a minimum of one hour -- and he had better perform well here too.
Xxxx"The loser gets to spend the rest of the day on the greased cone. Believe me, if he thinks his bottom is sore now after the night on the bracket, after a day on the cone, he will welcome the bracket."
There was a round of tittering as the women watched with eager anticipation,
"Right, scum. You will fight -- and don't think you can go easy on each other. I have far worse fates awaiting you if I think you are holding back."
The two young males eyed one another warily as they moved to the centre of the mat and then circled around each other. Then Robert slammed a jab with his right fist -- right into his opponent's nose. Jason stepped back smartly, his eyes watering badly. Robert saw his opportunity and waled in, slamming punch after punch into the black boy's belly, chest, face and neck. Each blow told but Jason was far from finished.

He shook his head and then came in hard himself. He was bigger than Robert and he reasoned he could use the strength in his muscular arms to squeeze the other boy into submission. It nearly worked, too. He grabbed the white boy in both arms then pulled him close in a murderous embrace, pulling in as hard as the powerful muscles in his shoulders and arms allowed.

Robert grunted. He knew he had to get out of this -- and get out of it quickly if he was to survive, for although she hadn't said so, he was sure if one of them was killed, it wouldn't really matter. They were only males, after all.

The boys seated around the mat watched in horror at the brutality of the fight. There was no Marquess of Queensberry here. There weren't any rules at all. Anything went. All knew it might just as well be them slogging it out on the mat. Hell, most of them guessed this would not be the last of such fights at this terrible place and that each of them would have to take his turn at the brutal combat.

The ladies, on the other hand, watched enraptured as the two so naked and so athletic males fought for their very lives. For some guessed a boy placed on the cone might well expire from the agony of his impalement.

Robert thought quickly. With his arms imprisoned in the bigger boy's grasp, they were useless to him, but there were his legs. He acted. Up came his knee, right under Jason's balls. Hard. Very hard. As hard as he could. Jason screamed and his eyes glazed as the pain of a ball being crushed sank into his consciousness.

His arms dropped and Robert reached down, grabbing at the black boy's scrotum and cock, twisted and pulled as hard as he could.

Jason's scream was heart-rending. His eyes glazed even more and his body went limp. Robert twisted again. The scrotal sac came free easily but Robert, enraged now, wanted the lot. He bent down over the near unconscious black boy and bit into the root of his cock, cutting parts and tearing off the rest.

"Hmmm," said Lady Scott, eyeing the victorious boy carefully.
Well she had said anything went. She gestured for two of the males to carry Jason down to the infirmary where the mess at his groin would be tended to then turned back to the victor,
"Alright, boy. Choose your next victim."
Robert grinned and went straight up to a handsome young Thai boy. He was small and dainty but perfectly formed and his muscles clean and sharp,
"I choose him," he said.

"Okay but remember you must fuck him for an hour, minimum. Fail and you will end up on the cone."

He shuddered but then leaned down to pull the Thai boy to his feet. He was not homosexual -- for that matter neither was the Thai. But here, your sexual preferences mattered not one whit. If they wanted you to fuck a boy, you did so.

He made the boy get down on all fours and then rammed his pecker, now hard from thoughts of fucking the Lady Scott, straight into the golden-skinned boy's anus. He grunted and swayed at the onslaught but otherwise held his peace. He well knew if he made a fuss, he would be for the cone, at the very least.

Robert had never fucked a male in his life. Hell, he had only been selected a few times by a girl to pleasure her. He had no idea what to expect. In fact, it wasn't as bad as he had thought. Of course the boy's anus had been well opened by the dildo on which he had been perched all night but it was still tight enough to give him a great deal of pleasure.

He pulled back, remembering that his pleasure was not at issue here. Giving the hated women a thrill was what he was supposed to be doing -- a thrill generated for the most part by his own shame and horror at being forced to have sex with a male.

Still, as his belly lay along the young Thai's slender back and buttocks, he thought it wasn't really that bad after all. He nuzzled the boy's neck and bit his ear softly. The boy giggled a little and Robert smiled. Hell, why shouldn't they get some pleasure...?

He watched the clock carefully. He knew if he stopped after fifty-nine minutes, he would still be judged wanting. And so he fucked the boy solidly but carefully watched his libido at the same time, making it last for an hour and ten minutes, then allowed his orgasm to come to fruition.

Jane Scott sniffed,

"A not unintelligent male," she said to her charges. "If he had allowed himself to come within the hour, he would then have lost his erection and would have faced punishment. As it is, he has succeeded.
Xxxx"You may both return to your places while we select two more males. We will continue this process ladies, until we have a boy on the cone. I wish the others to see his agony as his anus is stretched wider and wider by his own weight."
She moved around the seated males once more, eventually selecting two more well-muscled boys. They stared up at her in near terror but they quickly got to their feet and shaped up to one another. One boy was tall and fair, the other shorter and darker.

It was another blood-fight. Both knew, having watched Robert and Jason fighting that only a knockout or a hurt as severe as Robert's castration of Jason would satisfy Lady Scott's requirements. Neither wanted much to win and then be made to fuck another boy; but neither did they want to lose and suffer possible impalement on the fearful cone.

They punched and wrestled in a fairly normal manner and then the fair boy saw his opening. The dark boy had left his legs apart and up came the other's foot, slamming into his balls as hard as he could. The dark boy collapsed his legs drawn up into a foetal ball, screaming in his agony while the fair boy stood over him, staring down at him in awe at the hurt he had created but also glad it was over. He wasn't looking forward to fucking a boy for an hour but that was infinitely better than the alternative.

Lady Scott gestured to four of the girls to take the dark boy and they stepped forward, bending down to pick him up by his arms and legs. When he realised what they were doing, his screams were renewed double volume and he struggled mightily but the girls were strong and had him securely. They stepped up on the two boxes either side of the cone and carefully positioned his anus over the dildo.

"And now let him go," said their teacher.
They did and down he went, first the dildo and then the top of the cone under it entering his rectum while he flayed around, his feet grabbing the greasy cone (futilely) and his hands trying to reach down to ease his slow downward movement. The ladies grabbed his hands and cuffed them together behind his back. Now, his own weight was quite enough to ensure he inched down, his anus being stretched wider and wider with every millimetre.

The girls stared in pleasure at his antics and at the now enormous width of his anal opening while he stared out at them in hate and misery. Lady Scott allowed them to watch his slow impalement for half an hour before turning to the victor,

"Alright, scum, choose your partner."
The fair haired boy turned from watching his erstwhile victim's agony. He had already made up his mind which boy he would choose and now went to stand over him. The handsome, beautifully muscled black boy looked up at him in fear.

Like most of them, he was (or had been) exclusively heterosexual and the idea of another male fucking him was utterly repugnant, but the conditioning had worked. He knew to refuse would only result in even more humiliation and terrible pain so he got to his feet. The blond boy then felt him down, just as if he was a slave being assessed, his hands sliding up and down the black's lithe, muscular body.

Jane Scott smiled. This boy was obviously a showman. Well, let him put on a good performance. It might even stand him in good stead in the future when he was due for release. But then he told the boy to bend over and spread his legs. He was going to fuck him standing up as he thought that might provide a better view for the ladies.

Unlike Peter, this boy was intelligent. He had quickly sussed out the fact that if they performed well, things would go more easily for them. If they resisted the lessons the ladies were ramming into them, then only more grief would follow. This was why he had put on the little by-play of inspecting the 'slave' prior to fucking him.

He then moved up behind the boy, grasped him around his slender waist and positioned his now throbbing tool between the muscular butt-cheeks. Then he rammed it in -- hard. The boy grunted but he didn't scream. The blond's hand went up to his right shoulder and now he began fucking in earnest, but remembering he had to make this last at least an hour.

Meanwhile, the dark boy on the cone was still struggling with his torment. His anus was already stretched to five inches across and the dildo was pressing up hard into his inner organs. His legs continued to try to find purchase on the greasy cone while his body twisted back and forth, trying to find a comfortable position.

It was impossible of course. The agony in his anus was all-embracing. It shot knife-stabs of pain through and through him and moving his upper body only made it worse. He couldn't stay still though. Then the fiery torture in his anus seemed to be worse. It made no difference if he moved or not; the one was as bad as the other.

Stay still and he wanted to move. Move and staying still seemed the go. The young ladies watched enthralled as his lithe body gave them a second-to-none display of near-perfect athleticism. This was even better than watching males compete in the compulsory races. Of course they were naked then too but now, as the torture took hold, his facial expression; the magnificent writhing of his muscles and the patina of perspiration gilding his flesh all added up to a superlative display.

Did none of them feel a spark of compassion for the boy? Not one. Girls and young ladies were taught from the earliest moments that males were lesser creatures. That left to themselves, they could attempt to take over the world again. And that only the severest discipline and punishment would ensure ladies retained their ascendancy in these modern times.

The blond boy put on a magnificent display of fucking. As a born showman he varied the action, pulling right out and inspecting the black's anus with his fingers and then ploughing right back in again. He also made the boy suck his cock, but even when he was actually raping the boy, he used as many positions as he could imagine to make the scene even more pleasurable for the watching ladies. He tried corkscrewing the boy's anus; he drew him up and danced around the floor with the boy impaled on his cock; he forced him down on hands and knees -- and all without removing his cock from the boy's ass.

Jane made a mental note to watch this boy. He might well be a possibility as the servant she needed to replace the insolent boy she had had hung last Saturday week. Yes, Scott was his name. He was certainly one of the best physically. Tall and beautifully muscled, with a definition as good as she had ever seen; skin like velvet and what used to be called matinee looks. Yes, he was a definite possibility...

After sixty-five minutes, he withdrew from his ass, still unfulfilled and Jane gave him another tick. Yes, this boy was something alright.

Both boys rejoined the others who now all stared at the dark muscle-boy on the cone. His face and body were now dripping with sweat, his eyes were hollow and his face haggard. His anus was now seven inches in diameter and it had ruptured in parts causing blood to dribble down the cone.

The Lady Scott eyed him carefully. Yes, it was time to remove him if they wanted to save him. Much longer and he would expire from shock brought on by pain,

"Very well, lift him off, Ladies. Take him to the infirmary. The others we will return to their stalls..."
The girls went back to their rooms that night and excitedly talked about their day. Some called their mothers to report how wonderful the course was so far. The older ladies listed in amused silence. They had all been through this course or one very similar and knew for themselves how great it was to learn how to keep rambunctious males in line.

The next day, the males were put to mindless labour. In the capstan room, eight to each machine, two to each of the four shafts, their wrists were locked into the manacles on the shafts up above head level and then they were whipped into pushing the things round and round and round -- endlessly -- and quite uselessly.

The vertical axles were weighted by a brake which was actuated to make it almost (but not quite) impossible to push the things and with their hands up so high, there was the added ache in their shoulders that just got worse and worse as the day wore on.

The ladies were now armed with single bladed whips and were being taught how to apply them accurately. They practised on the males, learning to crack the tip exactly where they aimed. This, apart from the necessary pain for the males, was the principal reason for this lesson. Accurate placement of the bull-whip was an essential qualification for male-handlers.

At first of course, they were quite hopeless and the tails of the whips landed anywhere at all. Nevertheless, the screams of the males as a lash landed on the tip of his cock or perhaps his balls, when it had been aimed at his buttocks was most entertaining.

The noise was deafening. Thirty whips were cracking almost continuously at first and thirty-one young males were screaming and yelling as they landed on naked muscular flesh. The sight was incredible -- at least for the ladies.

For the males, it was yet another horror. Each boy jumped and screamed as the whips landed on back and buttocks. They strained and struggled against the brake mechanism on each shaft to turn the huge capstan bars round and round and round. Lady Scott had advised the ladies they could whip hard and often at first but then they should wait until the male was obviously slacking or otherwise in need of a touch-up and then apply it hard, aiming for the upper back or the buttocks.

The males sweated and strained, their muscles standing out in sheer relief as each struggled against the dead-weight of the bar. With hands up so high above their heads, their back muscles were always in tension and the sight was most pleasant for Lady Scott and her charges. The males were kept at it all morning but then the girls went for their lunch. The males were given some water and allowed to rest but they were not released from the terrible position in which they were shackled. Nevertheless, each was grateful for the respite.

Then, after lunch, the ladies returned, took up their whips and amidst more screams and groans, the whips cracked, the great capstans creaked and again began to turn, pushed by the straining backs, buttocks and thighs of the thirty-one naked males.

That night they were again permitted to sleep in their stalls, chained by their balls to the back wall and nestled into the straw that was their only bedding.

The next day they had to face yet another horror, this one, while dreadfully humiliating, was not quite as painful.

"Every second slave will turn and face his partner on the left," said Jane Scott when they were all assembled in the training room. "You will now move together and kiss each other."
She smiled slightly at the new expression of disgust on the males' faces,
"Do it now or face another day and night seated on the brackets next door!"
Now they jumped. Some hands went back to their butts as if to protect them from the sharp bars but all quickly moved together, embracing his partner as if he was in the habit of kissing males all the time.
"Move closer, savour his body. Feel his muscles. Look as if you are enjoying it... Ladies, touch up their buttocks if they slack."
The girls grinned, took up their canes and moved closer, watching in glee as their charges kissed and mouthed each other, their hands now frenetically moving over the other's flesh. Most now had hard cocks and Lady Scott encouraged the girls to move up close and sneer at their charges. They grinned anew and moved next to their male, calling them cocksuckers, pansies, whore male-lovers, and the rest but the moment the boy tried to take a break from kissing his partner, down came the cane, hard, lashing at the boyish curves of his naked buttocks.

All morning they were made to stand and kiss. A most humiliating and embarrassing act and in the end very tiring. Standing against another person, be he male or female and kissing for nigh on four hours without pause can be a most debilitating deed. None of the boys was homosexual in inclination and so it was also a most hateful thing as well.

But all did it and continued to do it, right up to the noon bell when Lady Scott said they might rest for the duration. Talking of course was still taboo. No male was ever permitted to talk to another for the whole of his period in SOMMDEC and none tried now. They laid down on the floor and dozed, each shuddering as he thought back over the last four hours and what he had been made to do.

But worse was to come.

"Odd numbered males will turn their backs to their partners," said Jane after they had returned.
The males were again lined up in their pairs. She paused while the males assumed the position directed. Then, very deliberately, she spoke again,
"Each even numbered male will now fuck his partner. The fucking is to continue for one hour.  Failure here will earn the guilty party a radical castration. Your cock as well as you balls will be removed in their entirety leaving your lower belly smooth and sexless. You will then be immediately transferred to a Department of Transport unit where you will labour for the rest of your days as a transport slave, harnessed to a taxi gig or one of the big buses that are so pleasant for us ladies to use to get about.
Kkkk"Proceed. You have one minute to get your cocks hard and into the assholes of your partners. Ladies, cane their buttocks to assist their erections..."
Lady Scott knew very well that caning their buttocks would achieve quite the opposite result than that which was desired but she had a motive. She wished to have an excuse to take the thirty-one males and her thirty students down to watch an execution.

Actually it was two executions. One of the other males in the Centre had committed the unpardonable sin of refusing an order from a lady while the other had spoken out of turn three times. Both offences merited death... but not the simple public execution by slow hanging. That was far too easy. No, one would be facing the guillotine while the other would ride the knife.

"Disgraceful!" she said, suppressing a smile. "Very well, ladies. I think a demonstration of what disobedience and failure means here is called for. Cuff their hands behind their backs and manacle their ankles in the hobbles. We don't want any runners, do we?"
When each male had been appropriately shackled, she led the way out of the classroom and down into the bottom level of the building. This level had a very high ceiling and in the room they moved into there were just two items, both instruments of execution.

The first, the guillotine was modelled on that instrument invented by the gentleman of the same name during the French revolution but it was much higher and the blade much bigger and heavier although the angled blade was just as sharp. At the front and back of the blade were situated two steel posts set a metre away from it and with pulleys at the tops.

The other instrument was an enormous knife whose sharp edge faced up. It was six feet long a foot deep and gleamed in the lights of the room. It was supported at both ends by ten feet high steel posts and there was a small set of steps on both sides. Set out on the floor, either side of the knife and two metres out from it were two lugs.

The girls looked over these two fearsome items with interest; the males in their charge, in very real terror. They had no idea which of their number was destined for death; only that they had failed to erect when ordered and anything might result from such a dereliction. When four more ladies dragged two other young males in through the door, they breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The males struggled of course when they saw where they were headed. They had been through this demonstration before and knew exactly what was going to happen -- but not who was going to end up on which machine. And that was crucial. One was quick and relatively painless; the other was diabolically slow and agonisingly painful.

Lady Scott moved from one to the other of the boys, pretending to be selecting who would go to the guillotine. One was eighteen; the other nineteen. Both were handsome and both possessed of beautiful bodies. Ugly males were disposed of as has already been said but these two, for all their rambunctious natures, were exceptionally good looking.

She finally made her choice and pointed to the darker of the two boys,

"Place this male on the guillotine," she said harshly.
He sobbed a little but it was in relief rather than sorrow. The other boy just stared hollowly at her. His fate was going to be far worse.

The guards dragged the first boy over to the guillotine and made him lie down next to it. He did, almost willingly now, as if anxious to get the dreadful business over with as quickly as possible. The guards each went to the posts and pulled down the wires from the pulleys.

They had a leather manacle on the end and these were now fitted to his ankles. When they went and actuated the motors that pulled them up, he was drawn up under the blade with his legs stretched out wide. They adjusted the tension so the exact middle of his body, the line of his perineum was directly under the blade.

The males watched all these preparation in horror. It was now very apparent what was going to happen when the blade was released. Each of them glanced up at it. It was huge and obviously heavy enough to slice right down through his whole body, severing it in two from his groin to his head...

The girls were breathing in deeply. All females were taught that males were expendable and that to keep them in line these so brutal methods of execution and punishment were very necessary. None doubted the word of her betters. Each now stared up at the blade just as the males were but since it was not a threat to them, their expressions were those of fascination rather than fear.

"There is no need for explanations, ladies. You are aware of the offences of these two rascals and that the death which will shortly be theirs is well deserved... It remains but to pull this lever..."

She did so and the blade began to move, slowly at first but with ever increasing speed as it slid down the very tall guides. It was very quick. One moment there he was, suspended upside down with his legs stretched as wide as they would go, the next the two halves of his body had separated, blood and entrails gushing out from the two open halves onto the stainless steel floor under the instrument.

They left the two halves dangling there, dripping blood. It would be collected and turned into fertiliser as would his bones. The meat, organs and entrails would be stripped of the bones and turned into pet food.

There had been no noise, other than the soft whoosh of the blade -- and the scream of the second boy. The male who had been executed had not even had time to make a sound before he died, mercifully quickly. The same fate was not facing the second boy however.

Lady Scott nodded to the guards who now dragged the second boy (whose hands were manacled behind his back) over to the huge knife. He struggled mightily but the female guards employed in the Centre were very strong and were easily able to control the naked youth.

Two of them dragged him up the steps on one side of the mighty blade while two other went up the other side. When they had him up to the top of the steps, they lifted his left leg up and over the blade and handed it to the ladies on that side. He was now straddling the blade and blubbering and moaning in fear and terror.

Two of the guards stayed up there to ensure he didn't try to get off the knife while the other two came down and went over to a bowl of water on the floor from which they extracted two long thin strips of rawhide. They now proceeded to stretch these to twice their normal length and then went back up the steps, each tying one end of the rawhide to an ankle and then returning down to the floor to thread the other end in the lugs set in the floor on either side of the blade.

They pulled these snug then tied them off. The boy was now seated on the blade and his feet were off the top of the steps. His perineum and his genitals now rested on the sharp blade. He was screaming incoherently.

The two ladies who had remained up there now came down and they wheeled the steps back against the wall. The boy now had nothing at all to support him except the huge knife blade set ten feet up of the floor.

He stared down at them in terror. They looked up at him with interest. What would happen now, the ladies wondered.

It didn't take long. Rawhide has a remarkable propensity. When wet it may be stretched to at least twice its normal length but as it dries, it shrinks back to its normal size. That is what happened now. Whereas the first boy was sliced in two by a descending guillotine blade, this one would also be cut lengthwise, but by the weight of his own body assisted by the ever shortening length of rawhide strips.

The blood began to drip quite quickly, then, as his body was pulled further onto the knife, it flowed more copiously. It too was collected by the stainless steel tray beneath him and carried away to the fertiliser converter.

His screams were horrible -- but not to the ladies watching. To them, this was all very right and proper. The boy should have learned his lessons. After all it was easy enough to do what you were told. If these mere males couldn't even learn that, then they deserved death and it was also right and proper that the new boys, the latest criminal males should come and watch and learn the fate that awaited them if they erred.

Back upstairs they erected on command, ploughed their rigid cocks into the unwilling but open backsides of their partners and then fucked them solidly (but carefully) for the required hour. After that they changed places. Each performed perfectly, the morning executions being now indelibly etched onto their brains.

The next day they were required to perform sexually with their mistresses. Lady Scott had told the girls they were to work them hard,

"Make them fuck you for an hour non-stop. If one of them dares to ejaculate in that time, report him to me and we will have him castrated forthwith, in front of the others.
Xxxx"After the first hour, allow him to come but then, after he is slack, order him to get it up again. Give him five minutes. Tell him castration will follow any inability here. Keep this up all morning. Use your canes liberally. Make them suffer..."
The ladies went home for the weekend while the males stayed in their stalls, each trying to recover from the first terrible week. The ladies were ecstatic about the school as they reported to their mothers. These ladies, all graduates of the local SOMMDEC smiled at their daughters' enthusiasm. Each remembered her own course with pleasure.

Each girl returned to the Centre on Monday morning, eager to discover what new methods of discipline the Lady scott had in store for them this week.