Mark Andrews' Domina.

Other Characters.

Emily McPherson was different. Not that she knew it -- not for a long time. She had a brother, Jimmy, who was a year younger than her and she thought it perfectly natural for her to always be the boss: the cowboy in their cowboy and indian games; the provider and head of the house when they played at those games; and as his mentor and protector at all other activities. Her parents weren't worried about her domination of her younger brother, thinking it perfectly normal in an older sister and neither were her teachers and other members of her family.

She grew up to be a striking, if not beautiful girl. Her face was rather more serious than it might have been and her blue eyes quite piercing when they fixed you with a stare -- particularly if you were male. She was a very intelligent girl and excelled at her lessons. She was also possessed of a fabulous body, being a star athlete, and doing exceptionally well at track and field, swimming and gymnastics.

If she thought about boys at all, it was as subordinates, not equals. As objects to serve her not to have as a boyfriend. Sex didn't become a thing for her for a long time after most of her peers. She never had a boyfriend as such although she didn't despise males. They just didn't figure in her thoughts much at all.

Her friends thought her an egg-head since she didn't want to continually talk about boys and how they were going to snare one of them... She thought them empty-headed with their constant inane chatter about this boy or that.

Jane Grey was an enigma in the family. It was thought that she was fabulously wealthy. It was also known that she owned or controlled a huge business conglomerate; one she had started herself when she left home, and built into an enormous empire involving hotels, shipping, communications and the media.

Her sister, Emily's mother, had never been close to her since she had always been interested in quite different things: stocks and shares, corporate take-overs and the other arcane intricacies of the business world rather than boys and their doings. It was perhaps strange that Mrs McPherson didn't compare her daughter and sister for if she had, she might have been surprised at the commonality between the two.

Jane didn't have time for family get-togethers. She lived a long way from her sister, the latter residing in Florida, while her residence was high in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, but even if she had, she wouldn't have bothered. Family was not important to her.

That she bothered to call in this one time was on a whim -- or was it that she sensed a need to see her niece. She took to Emily from the moment they met. She knew a kindred spirit when she met one, even if Emily was still quite unaware of her own essential being; her needs and aspirations.

She vaguely knew marriage was not for her. Not that she had ever considered the matter. Boys were not her thing. Sports and her studies were all-important to her as she neared the end of her high school years. Not that she didn't have the normal female urges of course.

She was a very physical girl and as her body changed, she felt strange needs. She didn't discuss them with her mother and when they impinged just a little too much, she put on her running shorts and punished herself unmercifully until they went away.

All this Jane gathered either by conversation or from a strange awareness of what made the young woman tick. It was if she could sense her thoughts without the need to articulate words. This first visit occurred when Emily was fifteen and she resolved to keep a close eye on young Emily. She detailed one of her assistants to watch the girl and submit regular reports on her progress and particularly her attitude to and treatment of boys.

Emily continued in her somewhat eccentric path and now her mother began to worry faintly at her apparent lack of interest in boys,

"But Emily, all your friends have boyfriends...?"

"I don't need them, Mother."

"Don't you like boys, dear?"

"They're alright. I just don't have time for them right now."

And nothing more her mother could say would draw out any further responses. Mrs McPherson took it up with her husband,
"I hope she isn't going to be like Jane, Peter?"
He grinned,
"If it means she will make all that money, who cares?"

"Be serious."

His smile vanished,
"Alright, but if it's not what she wants who are we to force boys on her?"
Emily's mother had no answer for that but she was still worried.

She was even more worried when, soon after Emily's eighteenth birthday, when she was in her third year of college, she received an invitation to visit her aunt.

"I don't think you should go, dear...." said her mother.

"Why ever not?" replied the young lady, her fine eyebrows arching in mock astonishment.

"Er, well... er...."

"It's only for a visit, Mother. I'll be back in a month."

She was met at Denver Airport by a handsome young man in a chauffeur's uniform,
"This way, Miss. I will see to your bags."
He led her to the big Jaguar and held the rear door for her. On the way she asked about the various sights but didn't once mention her aunt or where she lived. It was as if she already possessed a sense of propriety about what was proper to discuss before a mere servant -- and a male at that.

She looked out as they climbed higher and higher into the stark mountains, wondering just where it was her aunt lived. When they arrived she smiled. It was as she had expected. A lonely house, built of stone, perched on the edge of a craggy outcrop and accessible only by this one narrow road that led along the top of the long ridge leading out to the crag.

Jane met her at the door. She didn't kiss her but she did take her hands and lead her into the house. Emily looked around her, taking in the tasteful luxury as if she had been born to it -- which she had, in a way... She accompanied her aunt into her private sitting room and accepted a chair by the fire.

"No doubt you are wondering why I asked you here, Emily?"
The girl smiled,
"You want to get to know me better?"

"That is true. But there is another reason."

"Is it perhaps, that you see in me a carbon copy of you, Aunt?"

Jane looked at her niece searchingly but found no guile in her face. She smiled again,
"Yes, perhaps that also is true. But it goes deeper than that. You see, Emily, I am not only a very wealthy woman and a powerful one... I also delight in men...."

"But you have never married...?"

The girl was a trifle disappointed. She had felt her aunt had as little time for men as she did. She sat quietly however after that one question, sensing there was more to come and now feeling a very strange feeling down between her legs. One that was a bit like those feelings she had so ruthlessly suppressed all these years -- but different.
"No, I haven't married, that is true. But it doesn't mean I don't like men. In fact I like them a lot. Perhaps I should show you what I mean."
She reached out for the bellpush then sat back in her chair, smiling lightly across at the young lady opposite. There was a discrete knock at the door to which she curtly allowed entry and then the door opened.

Emily gaped at the sight. Framed in the doorway was a young man. A very handsome young man and one whose body was quite stupendous. Athletic and clean-cut, he looked like a perfect Adonis to Emily. But it was neither his good looks nor his physique that had her so astonished. It was his lack of clothes!

He was utterly and totally naked! Not a stitch on his lithe body. And more than that, his natural body hair was missing. He had no pubic or chest hair and none under his arms or on his legs. He was totally smooth and hairless; so much so that his muscles really stood out all over his lean frame.

He walked in now and dropped to one knee and bowed his head; at the same time placing both hands up behind his neck and tensing every muscle on his body. He stayed there, his naked body gilded in the light above him while Jane watched amusedly at her niece's shock at the sight.

"Do you like what you see, Emily?" she asked eventually.

"He is fabulous, Aunt... Er, why is he naked?"

"He is my slave. Slave's are not permitted to wear clothes in this house."

"Slave? I thought we abolished slavery last century?"

"Yes, I believe the government did. I don't accept such a silly law and neither do my slaves. Do you puppy?"

"No, Mistress," said the young Adonis softly, keeping his head properly bowed.

"What are you then, boy?"

"Your slave, Mistress. The slaveboy puppy who will serve you until you tire of him and then submit to being offered to sale overseas."

"Correct. And if I decide you have become useless as a stud-puppy?"

"This slave will be castrated, Mistress."

"How will you be castrated, puppy?"

"By surgical removal of this puppy's cock as well as his balls, Mistress."

"And will you be anaesthetised during the operation?"

"Oh no, Mistress. This puppy is strong enough to suffer without screaming as your surgeon removes his organs...."

"Stand up, slave. Present your body to my niece for inspection."

He immediately leapt to his feet, spread his legs wide but kept his hands clasped up behind his neck,
"Go on, Emily. Feel him down. He really is a slave. I own him totally."
Emily stared from her aunt to the so handsome young man standing before her. That funny feeling down between her legs had become much more intense and she was embarrassed to feel a wetness down there that was totally new to her. Nevertheless, she felt it wasn't quite right, even if the temptation to indulge was so strong. Still, her aunt was a very powerful woman. They were in her house, miles from anywhere and this boy seemed to be acquiescent.

She stood up and walked up to the boy reaching out to feel the satin smoothness of his tawny flesh; the velvet softness of his skin and the underlying hardness of his superbly toned muscles. The feeling down there got stronger as her hands roved all over his body, enjoying now the feel of his broad chest, the sharply defined ripples of his abdominal muscles and the strands of muscle in his shapely thighs. Then her hands moved around to his buttocks, admiring the boyish curves and the sharp indentation on either side.

"Bend over boy. Spread them. Show Miss Emily your anus."
Emily gaped as he complied without demur, spreading his feet wide apart and opening his buttocks with his hands for her to inspect the little pink rosebud that now pulsed delicately for her to admire. She reached in and touched it lightly, wondering at his compliance to such an indecent order. Then she touched him on the back, indicating he was to rise once more. She stared down at his so naked cock, wondering at its thickness and length. She grasped it in her hands and Jane growled at him to erect it.

He did, almost instantly and now there it was, standing up from his so naked groin, hard and quivering. His hands were again up behind his head but he moved his loins a little, back and forth, as if he was copulating and Emily sighed as she stared at the play of his belly muscles.

"Alright, puppy. You may go. Send in panther."
The boy bowed, dropped his hands and trotted out of the room, to Emily's disappointment. She had enjoyed feeling his down, as her aunt called it.
"He is your willing slave, Aunt?"

"He is now, dear. He wasn't. But after conditioning and training he is perfectly docile. Of course I have to watch them. I have people here to do that, as you will see shortly. But now, here is panther. Aptly named, don't you think?"

Emily gaped again. The young male who now entered the room was as sleek and lithe as his namesake. He was as black, too, his ebony skin gleaming while the movements of its muscles caused the flesh to scintillate in the light. He was very tall and lean and his muscles were, if anything, even sleeker than puppy's. But now , as the girl glanced down to his middle to compare his genitals with those of the first boy, she gaped again.
"So," she said after a few moments while she regained her equanimity, "this is a castrate?"
Her aunt smiled,
"He is. He was warned but he was cheeky and presumed too much. A pity in one way for he was very well endowed. In a moment, I will show you his organs.
Xxxx"But discipline must be maintained and as a castrate, he will bring a very good price in a certain part of the world. Go on, inspect him. See if you can see the marks where Dr Marcuse removed his genitalia."
The boy obligingly posed for her, spreading his powerful thighs wide open to reveal his so naked and now so empty groin to her gaze. She knelt down and stared into the empty expanse where once the root of his penis and scrotum had been joined to his body. It was quite smooth. The muscles of his belly coming down in a truncated triangle, almost to the junction of his legs. She couldn't even find a scar when the skin had been sewn -- at first. But yes, there it was, right in the fold where his thighs met his groin but so small and so fine. You had to get your head right down to see it.

She stood up again and now, rather more expertly ran her hands all over the black boy's flesh, now actually delighting in the sensation -- and the act of what she was doing. This time, when she aped her aunt and growled at him to show his anus, she actually delved inside it with her finger.

Jane smiled broadly. She had judged right about this girl. It was going to be alright. Soon enough she would come here and become her partner and then her successor.

After half an hour, during which Emily inspected the boy panther's body minutely, Jane gestured to him to leave and Emily reluctantly returned to her seat,

"How many of them do you have, Aunt?" she asked shrewdly.
Jane smiled again,
"At the moment, six. It varies from two to ten, depending on circumstances."


"They come. They are conditioned and trained. I use them for my pleasure until I tire of them -- and then I sell them."

"How do they come?"

"Ah ... well, it's probably just as well you know that from the start. I wouldn't want to get you into something without you knowing it all ... I have agents all over the country. They seek out likely lads. Boys of eighteen to twenty who will not be missed. They must be good-looking and have a physique from which we can build the perfect Adonis -- as you have just seen."

"So you kidnap them...?" Emily said slowly.

Her aunt looked at her long and hard then nodded, slowly,
"That is right. We kidnap them, against their will and quite illegally."
Emily stared at her for a few moments then grinned broadly,
"When can I start?"
Jane smiled back at her,
"Not so fast, young lady. First there is your degree. You are doing Business Studies?"
Emily nodded impatiently,
"Yes, but...."

"Yes but nothing. I have built a business empire that spans continents. It needs a sound mind to control it -- to make decisions that affects thousands of personnel. I do it from here mostly but I do it with a solid background of knowledge built up over many years. If you are going to play a role in that business, you need to finish your degree."

Emily nodded. She was a most perspicacious young woman and recognised the sense in what her aunt was saying. That her body wanted only to feel and fondle the two healthy young male animals she had just seen, she now put on the back burner -- as she had for all these years; her mind accepting that much bigger and better things were there for the asking as well.

But she was also aware that her aunt had shown her these two males before discussing her businesses for a reason. She decided to pursue the matter,

"This conditioning and training, Aunt...?"

"I think, from now on, it had better be Jane, dear... Oh yes, the conditioning. Well, as you might imagine, they don't like it. We, my trainer and I that is, have perfected a system that brings the males down to size very quickly.
Xxxx"Barbara, my trainer that is, and her staff, work to this system with each new male. Pain, discomfort, a constant barrage of information under extreme conditions, all conduce to reduce the males to slobbering wrecks.
Xxxx"We then build them back up into slaves. Perfectly docile and compliant male slaves, trained to perform in any way we wish."

"And that includes sex?"

"Of course, dear. As I said before, I like males -- but on my terms. And my terms means they are sexual giants who can perform long and hard, or long and soft, as I dictate. When they fail to please, Elizabeth Marcuse comes up here and does her stuff with their penises and testicles...."

"Oh yes, can I see the black's genitals?"

"Them and many more, Emily. Come on."

She led the way out of the sitting room, down a passage and into a room at the back of the house. There, perfectly preserved and each occupying a tastefully lit niche of their own, were fifteen human male genitalia. The niches were half-round, two feet high and let into the wall and each set of organs was perched on a marble finger.

The room was long and narrow and carpeted in a thick grey Wilton carpet and was quite bare except for the niches set three feet apart in all four walls. The room itself was dimly lit but each niche had its own lighting that displayed its contents perfectly. Only the occupied ones were lit. Each set of genitals had been preserved in its erect state and stood up on its marble finger with the scrotal sac full, as if still occupied by the testes...

There were white ones, pink ones, tawny ones and black ones. Below each was a printed card, enclosed it its own plexiglass frame, delineating its former owner by name, physical statistics and brief history including his final fate, "Sold to Madame Grimaldi of Vienna on 4th August, 1990."

In panther's case, this last line was still blank. Emily stood before each one for long minutes but panther's occupied her more than the others, perhaps because she had so recently observed and inspected the body to which they had previously belonged.

"Good heaven's, Jane, he certainly was well endowed, as you said."

"Well, he's worth more as a castrate and I still enjoy his body, dear...."

"You do?"

Emily didn't want to show her ignorance of matters sexual but she was clearly intrigued and she was not one to dissimulate when she didn't know,
"How?" she asked.
Jane smiled again,
"Come into the next room. I was going to take you there next anyway."
She led the way once more and now entered a room similar to the one they had just left in which glass-fronted, french-polished maple cupboards lined all the walls. In them, neatly classified, were all manner of disciplinary instruments and sex aids, including dildos of various types and shape and size.

Jane went to the cupboard containing these and opened it, extracting a huge item, shaped rather like a banana with flesh coloured straps attached to the shaft about a third of the way down its length. She handed it to her niece who took it gingerly, wondering at the penis-shape and especially the realistic crown on either end.

"How does it work?" she asked after a few moments.
Jane took it back,
"This shorter end goes into my body and then I strap it on. This leaves the larger end poking up from my middle, as if I was now endowed with an erect male organ of my own. I can then either fuck his face, to put it crudely, or his anus. Both are most pleasant as the movement of the dildo in his body causes it to vibrate in mine and excite me to orgasm...."
She paused and looked at her niece worriedly,
"I'm not going to fast for you, am I, Emily. I'd hate to frighten you off, dear...."

"On the contrary, Jane. I am more excited about all this than I could have imagined... Er, when can we see the other slaves?"

Her aunt smiled.
"Emily, this is Barbara Jones, our trainer. Barbara, my niece, Miss Emily McPherson...."
Barbara was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, jodhpurs and riding boots and Emily could see she was even more athletically built than she was.

The pleasantries exchanged, Barbara led the way down into the training area. This occupied the whole of the basement level of the huge house and was accessible only through a steel door requiring retinal recognition to gain entry. She led them down a long corridor with doors on either side,

"Training rooms," said Jane briefly as Emily raised her eyebrows in silent query as they passed.
Emily said no more and Jane was pleased. The girl knew better than to ask a lot of silly questions, knowing all would be explained in due course.

They came to an open area at the end of the corridor and there, ranged along the back wall were cells. Very small -- just big enough to hold an adult male in fact. They were a yard wide, three long and two high and were quite bare inside. Outside the cells stood James, the young man who had chauffeured Emily from the airport.

He was no longer wearing a chauffeur's uniform however. Now he was dressed in a leather cod-piece from the belt of which hung a whip on one side and a cattle prodder on the other. Emily looked him over in approval. In uniform he had appeared a handsome young man. Now, almost naked, he looked even better, his fine muscles rippling most attractively as his body moved. He greeted his employer, saluted his boss, Barbara and smiled at his erstwhile passenger,

"Good afternoon again, Miss."

"Good afternoon, James. You have changed your role, I see?"

"This is my more usual occupation, Miss. I help Miss Jones turn these scum into proper little slaveboys."

Emily smiled at him and then turned to her aunt,
"There is just Barbara and James, then?"

"Oh no, Emily. Barbara has two other young women, Alex Brown and Billie Smithson as well."

She turned to the head trainer,
"I think Emily might well benefit from a demonstration of disciplinary training, Barbara."

"Right," said that worthy. "James, bring the new boy, what's his name...."

She paused as if trying to remember the boy's name. Then,
"Oh yes, niggerboy."
Emily turned to the cages as James approached one of them, looking in at the naked slaves incarcerated inside with a more than clinical interest. She was quite surprised at herself actually. No boys had ever interested her as much as those in this house.

James opened a cell and strode in, dragging the tall young man out. He tried to resist, screaming out in fear and horror of what was coming. James had his prodder out in an instant, thumbed the switch and jabbed it into the boy's groin, snarling at him to

"Stop snivelling and to come on!"
The alternative must have been worse for the tall and so handsome boy, named because he was so black (and to demean him by the insulting title), now calmed a little and walked out of the cell, held by the muscular James.

The party moved off down the corridor with Emily behind the two males, the one stark naked and totally depilated (as were all Jane's slaves), the other nearly so. She couldn't take her eyes of their boyish buttocks, rising and falling most erotically with each step as they walked up the passage.

They stopped at a door and now the handsome black screamed again and tried to pull back against James' grip on his upper arm,

"Nooooooo," he cried. "Not in there...."
Jane smiled,
"They don't like what is in here, Emily," she said unnecessarily.
Emily nodded, waiting to see what was so fearful in this room. Barbara opened the door revealing a small room -- each of those along this passage were small, housing just one item of discipline.

She was mystified at the implement inside however. She couldn't imagine what it was or what it could be used for. It was rather like an oversized towing ball like those affixed to the back of a car to pull a trailer, except it was much bigger.

At least in height. It was only slightly wider in width at four inches but it was a long egg-shape being a good eight inches high. At the base it narrowed down to a two inch diameter for about a three inch length and then flattened out into a plate that was bolted down to the floor. Above it was a pulley with a hook on its end and on the floor were some light chains with attachments on either end.

Emily stared at it all, trying to work out what it was all for. Jane watched her, smiling at the girl's mystification,

"Watch, dear, as he is affixed to the punishment ball...."
Barbara first cuffed niggerboy's hands behind his back while the boy continued to struggle and scream his protests. Jane explained that this behaviour was quite unacceptable,
"Soon enough, Emily, he will be docile and will accept whatever I decide he is to suffer. In the process, he will learn to serve me, knowing that a dose of this or another of the punishments for disobedience awaits him when he fails. Niggerboy has not yet reached that stage which is why he is so intractable."
Then Barbara and James moved up either side of the boy, grabbed him under his knees and by his upper arms and lifted him up, moving over to the huge black iron egg poking up from the floor.

Suddenly the penny dropped. Emily now knew why he was struggling so much. She grinned as the two trainers slowly lowered the muscular black down, his anus getting nearer and nearer to the huge dildo that was about to impale him. He was still screaming but when the ball touched his anal sphincter and James and Barbara began pushing him down, the screams reached a crescendo and he flailed around in their arms, trying to pull back up and of the horrible thing.

Once he was fully seated on it, James kept him there by pressing down on his shoulders while Barbara bent down and picked up two of the little chains. James forced the boy's head back and down exposing his face to his boss while she deftly inserted one of the attachments into a hole that had been pierced in the septum of his nose. Then she knelt down beside him, grabbed his right ankle and pulled it up so his thigh was hard up against his chest, then clipped the attachment on the other end of the chain around his big toe.

She moved round to his other side and did the same with the other chain then stood up, reached up and pulled down on the hook on the end of the winch wire, hooking it into the connection between the handcuffs. James now moved over to the winch and began to wind in the wire, drawing the boy's hands up behind his body and forcing him to bend over forwards.

He was now impaled fully on the huge iron egg, his toes were attached to his nose (which was going to be a most painful position to hold as he would have to use his thigh muscles to keep them up close to his belly and chest or suffer appalling pain in his nose) and his arms were painfully drawn up behind his back.

"And he may stay there all night while he contemplates his errors," said Jane. "Learn, niggerboy, that you are here to serve me with your miserable body. I will brook no refusals; no whingeing.
xxxx"You will learn to display your body for my pleasure and to use it to serve me. Nothing else matters.
xxxx"Remember, slave, if you don't learn in the prescribed time-frame, I will have my surgeon up here to remove your useless penis as well as your testicles...."
He looked up at her hollowly, moving his head alone, an agony in itself,
"Yes, Mistress," he croaked.
Emily looked down on him, wondering why she felt no horror at his dreadful position -- only pleasure at the sight of his lithe young body so magnificently displayed in this so obscene position. Jane watched her, pleased at the expression,
"Perhaps you would like to stay and watch him for a while, dear?"

"Oh yes. I would like that."

"Very well. James will be on duty at the cell block if you want anything. Just call out...."

She and the two trainers left the room while Emily prowled around the young man, staring down at his stark naked body affixed in this so painful position,
"Does it hurt a lot, niggerboy?" she asked softly.

"Yes, Mistress," he replied.

He was trying to stare up at this so young woman who showed not a scrap of sympathy for his plight -- more a sort of clinical interest in his pain.
"Why don't you comply then, if it so painful when you don't?'

"I try, Ma'am. But they want so much...."

He stopped, wondering if he had said too much.

Emily stared down at him as he moved slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position but not achieving it. He knew better than to ask for mercy however. Even in the few days he had been in this dreadful place he had learned not to beg.

She stayed for an hour, until James came in to inform her it was time to go upstairs and change for dinner. She smiled at the near naked trainer and strode out of the room, waiting outside while James turned off the light and closed and locked the door,

"It will be dark in there?"

"Black as the proverbial ace of spades, Miss," he said, grinning widely. "Come morning, he will be a gibbering wreck. This is his second time on the ball. I doubt he will need another."

"Is it that effective then?"

"It sure is. Even the threat of being returned here has them on their knees, crying like babies, begging for mercy."

Over dinner, Jane began to tell her niece about her business empire, outlining the way she controlled it from this mountain eyrie without the need for constant meetings with her subordinates...
"It means I can stay here and enjoy my slaves, Emily. Of course I have to go down sometimes and that is why the roof is flat. It makes a perfect helipad. We also use it to expose the slaves to the sun while Barbara puts them though their physical jerks."

"Is that how they get such magnificent bodies?"

"Partly. Barbara is an expert on physical education. So is James for that matter. The other two girls are just muscle... Guards if you like. Barbara, aided by James, has developed a routine that quickly hones their bodies down just as I like them. Not too muscly... I hate those body-builder type bodies...?"

She looked briefly at Emily and was pleased to note her agreement,
"Yes, well, I like them lean and hard with their muscles prominently etched -- as much as they can get them."

"Is diet a part of it?"

"You are the bright one, aren't you... Yes, it is. They have almost no fat. Plenty of fibre and protein and not too much carbohydrate -- at least not the processed kind anyway."

"Well, it certainly shows. From what I saw of the slaves downstairs, all of them, even the new one, niggerboy, have wonderful physiques."

"And that brings us to sex, Emily. What has been your experience so far?"

The girl, far from being embarrassed at the question, as she would most certainly have been if her mother had asked it, answered frankly,
"None, Jane. To this point, boys have not figured at all in my life. I've never had a boyfriend -- never wanted one really and I certainly wouldn't have let a boy touch me...."

"But you aren't interested in girls as sexual objects?"

"Oh no! Lesbians? Ugh. No, I suppose I hadn't understood what made me tick -- until now...."

"And now?"

"Now you have made me see what a joy it is to have males as slaves. To use as you want to use them and then discard them when they no longer appeal."

"That's my girl," beamed her aunt. "Alright, here's my plan. Tell me if it gels in with your own plans for your life...

"You stay here with me for the month and during that time we will explore the world of male slavery. But there is another side too -- business. We will spend many hours discussing my companies and the decisions I have to make on a daily basis.
xxxx"If you find you enjoy both these activities; and I think you are suited for the life, we will then discuss your future in clearer terms. It will be my hope that you will decide to come up here and spend your holidays with me and after you graduate, move in permanently to learn the details of corporate management and of course male slavery.

"As a start, we must let you experience sex with a male. I suggest you take James first. He is an expert lover and will lead you through the intricacies of foreplay, of sexual excitement and the final act, the culmination of it all...."

"Is he a slave too, Jane?"

"No, he's not. Barbara brought him with her when she came here. I didn't want any male employees at first, preferring all the males here be slaves but she persuaded me to give him a try and I haven't regretted it.
xxxx"He delights in training the male slaves and there is one part in their training only he can perform. I find it an essential part of their breaking down."

Emily grinned,
"You mean he rapes them?"
Jane grinned back at her,
"I sure do. I love to watch as he tells them he is going to fuck them then forced them to bend over, kicks their legs apart and rams his great stork in."

"I take it he's bisexual then?"

"I don't think he is, actually. He does it as a duty and boy does he make them feel it. But when he takes you, if you agree, that is, you will find him as gentle and caring as you could wish."

And so it was. Jane sent for the young man and asked him if he would see to Emily's introduction to sex. He turned to the young woman and took her hands,
"If you choose me, Miss, I would be honoured."
Upstairs, in her bedroom, James moved up to her and took her in his arms. He was dressed now more normally, wearing jeans and a shirt but she could still feel the huge bulge at his groin as he pressed his body against her. They kissed. It was her first real kiss as she didn't count the filial pecks she gave her mother and father as real kisses. It was electrifying for her and she pressed her lithe body hard against the boy's. They came apart only to gasp for air.

They kissed again and again and while doing so, James slowly undressed her, gently, tenderly and with love. Emily did the same with him but with more abandon. She ripped open his shirt and pushed her hand in to feel the broad planes of his muscular chest, not breaking the kiss though.

Slowly more clothes were opened and/or came off until both of them were naked.

"Why Miss, you are so beautiful," exclaimed James when she was totally naked at last.
He stepped back to admire her athletic body. He wasn't dissimulating either. Naked she looked so much better than clothed. Her fine, silvery hair shimmered down either side of her oval face. Her blue eyes looked out from clear skin. Her shoulders were a trifle too muscular for a girl and so were her arms but it all went so well with her fine body.

The breasts were smallish but well-formed. Her waist was slender and her belly flat and muscular. Her sex was easily discernible since her pubic hair mirrored that on her head being very fine and almost pure white. Down there it was also very sparse. James ran his hands over her body admiringly. She stood there and blushed at the praise.

"You're not so bad yourself, James... and I think if you are going to teach me about sex, you have better call me Emily."

"Very well... Emily, but only in here. Outside, you are still the mistress' niece and must be accorded the proper courtesies."

"Um, oh well, if you say so... Say, James, how did you get your stomach muscles to stand out so prominently?"

"A lot of hard work, Emily," he said, grinning down at her. "But I think it's time we moved on."

He bent down and scooped her up in his muscular arms, laying her on her bed and then climbing up beside her,
"Foreplay is something most men ignore as unnecessary for their pleasure. They are wrong. It can enhance a man's pleasure every bit as much as a woman's but in her, it is almost essential. Oh I could make love to you and probably bring you to a good orgasm. But it would be good, not great... Here, watch as I caress your flesh...."

"Oooooggghhhh," she moaned.

Her moans were interspersed with giggles as he touched a tender spot,
"It's lovely, James. Do it some more...."
He smiled and then pointed down to his cock,
"See it likes it too...."
She raised herself up and looked down at his weapon which, thus far, he had kept quite slack. She was not to know that had taken a great deal of willpower on his part as he hadn't wanted to frighten her with the sheer size of it.

He was certainly abnormal when it came to genital endowment. In its quiescent state it was nine inches long and a couple thick. Erect it was twelve and three respectively. Not that Emily would have known. She had never seen a man's penis before (apart from those on the slaves and since they were themselves very well endowed that didn't help) and so she had nothing to compare it to.

Now it stood straight up his so muscly belly, quivering in anticipation of the pleasure to come,

"Oooohhh," she said.
She grasped the huge thing, delighting in its iron hardness,
"... and you're going to stick that in me?"

"Yes, but not yet. We have much more pleasure to come first."

He kissed her again and they fell back on the bed, their bodies commingling, their flesh alive and tingling, every nerve ending sending signals of pure pleasure to their brains.

James prepared her slowly, allowing the tip of his cock to enter her, seeking out her hymen, preparing it for the first penetration. And all the while his fingers and lips roved all over her body, rousing her to higher and higher planes of sexual pleasure.

After an hour, he judged her ready and told her to thrust hard against him. He had advised her this action would lessen her pain as her hymen broke and he was right. She hardly felt it and then there was just pure pleasure. Agonising, ecstasy she could hardly bear but couldn't deny, her body going every bit as frenetically as his while their flesh, sweaty and oily now rubbed together, their lips locked in a fiery union neither could bear to end even though they both desperately needed air...

Afterwards, as they lay together and her hand stroked idly over his still heaving chest, she wondered allowed that she hadn't wanted to try this before,

"All the girls at college said it was good but I didn't want to know...?"

"Perhaps it was better to have waited, Emily. I'm not boasting but I have had a lot of training in this and I know how to prepare a girl properly. Those schoolgirl fumblings can often put a person off for a long time...."

But she didn't hear him. She was asleep, her body turned against his, her head nestling in the crook of his shoulder.

The next day she witnessed another punishment. Like most such disciplines, this was not for a particular offence; rather for a perceived lack of willingness to get into the spirit of the boy's slavery. Understandable of course. None of these young men were willing slaves. Some had had promising careers and had looked forward to a life with a good job and a family. Now, none had any prospects at all, except life as a sexual slaveboy and after his good looks had waned, possibly as a slave worker toiling naked in a Korean mine, deep underground, never to see the light of day again.

But first she wanted to see niggerboy removed from the giant dildo...

Barbara opened the door and turned on the light. Niggerboy looked dreadful. His face was haggard and his whole body shook in a reaction to the rigours of his confinement. His eyes screwed up tight at the sudden light after a whole night of stygian darkness but his face turned towards them, marking his hope that perhaps he might now be released from his dreadful travail.

James released his toes from the chain holding them up to his body then removed the chains from his nose. Then he released the winch and unhooked it from his cuffs. He and Barbara then lifted the boy up off the huge ball while niggerboy whimpered in more pain as his anus was again stretched wide open by the girth of the iron ball.

Emily might have thought he would now be returned to his cell to rest. Not a bit of it. They frogmarched him down the passage to another room in which was set a giant treadmill. Niggerboy looked up at it wearily but he didn't resist as they pushed him up onto it, undid his cuffs and then re-fastened them to a bar over his head,

"Now work, slaveboy," snarled Barbara.
She lashed at his boyish buttocks with her quirt. He jumped and moaned a little but then began the endless stepping up onto the next tread to force the huge wooden wheel round.

There were spaces on the mill for up to six slaves but as Barbara explained to Emily,

"We can adjust the load so as to make it an appropriate level for however many boys are working it by turning this wheel. It applies a brake to the shaft... In this case, I will release it entirely. The weight of the wheel will be enough for him."
Emily marvelled that the boy could even walk let alone perform on this machine after his night on the dildo and in that dreadful position. She was sure she could not. But then she thought again: when the alternative is more and more pain, perhaps yes... perhaps she too would do anything to avoid the agonies of the quirts and prodders.

They stayed and watched the black boy's fine muscles straining to keep the wheel turning for half an hour but then Barbara led Emily out of the room, nodding to the female assistant to keep niggerboy hard at it for the morning. They then returned to the cellblock where she pointed to another of the young males,

"Bring cockboy out," she said, pointing in to a huge blond boy.
He was really a magnificent specimen. Easily six feet four tall, his physique matched his stature perfectly: broad and beautifully muscled shoulders, long arms with clean-cut biceps muscles and forearms; broad, slab-like chest and abdominal muscles to die for; a lean waist and tiny buttocks but muscled thighs and calves... really a Greek god in the flesh.
"He's fairly new, too, Emily. Another sharp lesson won't go astray with him, then we'll come back and collect the others for an exercise session up on the roof."
Emily nodded,
"Right, sounds great. Then I think Jane wants me this afternoon for some business talk...."
Barbara smiled,
"You're going to fit in very well here, I can see it...."
Emily grinned back at the so muscular trainer,
"I think I am too.."
James led the huge young slave out of his cell after cuffing his hands behind him and giving him a prod to his belly as a reminder to behave. Emily wondered at the pain of these jolts. Certainly they seemed to keep them on their toes. Cockboy had doubled over and screamed horribly as the shocks between the two sharp prongs jarred into his body. But he had been quite docile afterwards, moving along the passage almost willingly while James held his upper arm.

In the room Barbara opened, Emily noted the shower tray on the floor in the middle. Above this was another winch from which hung a long iron bar with manacles on either end and with chains hanging beside them. On the end of these chains were leather belts. Dangling beside it was a face mask, including a penis gag whose outer extremity was connected to the end of a flexible metal hose that came out of the ceiling. There was a small console set near the tray and draped over the top of this a clear plastic pipe with odd extensions on either end.

James led the huge blond over to the tray and while Barbara operated the winch controls from the console, he affixed his wrists into the manacles. Then he ordered the boy to lift his right thigh so he could buckle the belt on the chain's end around it, just above the knee. The left leg followed suit then James went over to the wall and returned holding an iron bar.

From behind the boy he slid one end of the bar through the belt on his left leg, pushed it further in and then through the one on his right leg. This had the effect of keep his legs spread very wide -- painfully so since they were now in a straight line beside his hips but his groin was perfectly exposed and so were his genitals.

Now Emily saw why he had been named cockboy. His penis was enormous. At least eleven inches long and his balls looked as big as large hen eggs. Like all Jane's slaves, he had been depilated so his body was quite smooth and this accentuated the enormity of his genitalia.

James now reached up and drew down the face mask with its penis gag and gesturing to the boy to open his mouth, inserted the gag then strapped the mask tightly around his lower face. Barbara operated some dials and switches on the console while James came over for the strange tube. He grinned at Emily,

"Come over with me and watch as I fit this to his body...."
She did, still mystified what it was. One end had a large plastic dildo with a tennis ball size ring at its base. The other had a long, hollow, steel catheter with a rubber hood at its base. The thin, clear, plastic tube between them was about three feet long.
"First the catheter," James explained.
He grabbing the enormous cock in his hand slowly inserted the steel tube into the urethra. He kept pushing while the boy struggled. Emily could imagine how painful this must be. Fully fifteen inches of steel went into his cock before the hood stopped any further insertion,
"Have to make sure we pass his internal valve, Miss," James said.

"When we pass it, it means whenever there is liquid in his bladder, out it comes. He has no control over it at all...."

She nodded,
"And the other end?"
James grinned even more widely,
"Come round the back...."
He squatted down and she followed suit, then he grabbed the dangling dildo and while she watched in awe, pushed it up between his so cheeky buttocks, forcing it into his anus and rectum while he struggled mightily now, his magnificent muscles rippling and cording in his bonds. Emily reached up to feel his flesh, glorying in the tawny smoothness of his skin and the feel of his muscles underneath.

James gave one more shove and the ring went into his asshole with a soft plop. His cock was now connected to his anus. Anything he pissed would now end up in his rectum.

Barbara called Emily over to the console and explained that she had set the water flow to two pints per hour and had added a diuretic to it so as to increase his urinary output.

"Within fifteen minutes he will begin urinating ... watch."
Emily went over to the hanging slaveboy and stared up and down his so beautiful body. She wondered what it would be like to have him make love to her. James had been so wonderful; so thoughtful and caring and she knew she loved him a little already but with the six slaveboys so brazenly displayed to her young eyes, she now wondered how they would compare with the handsome trainer.

This boy especially. His golden, silky hair, the handsome face with the tanned skin, the tawny smoothness of his flesh, the incredibly athletic musculature and above all the enormous genitals, all had her wondering what it would be like to snuggle up to him while he made love to her.

Then she saw it. Just a trickle at first but then a more copious flow of bright yellow fluid down the tube and up into his rectum. She was intrigued,

"How much can his bowels take, Barbara?" she asked.

"Oh a lot. He'll be in a great deal of pain of course as they will be stretched to capacity but we can feed a good eight to ten pints up there. Then we shut off the supply and let him sweat for the rest of the day.
xxxx"He'll stink of course. The urine will poison his system and his sweat will stink of it for days but we'll soon wash him through with gallons of clean water -- with him suspended like this but with the water passing straight out.
xxxx"After a week he'll be a very much chastened slaveboy, I can tell you... Do you want to stay down here and watch him, or come up and see how we work the slaves?"

"I'll stay for a while, if I may, and then I'll come up and watch you at work?"

"Fine. James can stay down here with you. I'll use Alex today to help me with the other boys."

Emily stood in front of cockboy, watching in pleasure as the catheter in his cock emptied his bladder into the tube and thence up into his bowels. He was already in pain. That she could see from the expression on his face and from his struggles but she wasn't sympathetic. Rather she gloried in his body: in the play of his biceps and other muscles as he pulled and strained at his bonds.

After an hour, now with more than two pints of liquid in his bowels and more in his belly, his middle was now already distended and she reached out to stroke and feel it, also fondling his cock and balls at the same time.

She didn't get up to see the remaining four boys at their exercises that day. She was too enamoured of watching cockboy as his bowels slowly filled with his own urine and his body tried to rid itself of it by other means -- by sweating it out.

She crinkled up her nose at the stink of it but she was also turned on by it. She whispered to James that she thought she would need him for a little chore in her bedroom before lunch. He grinned and said he would be only too pleased to assist if he could.

Barbara came down after four hours and pronounced herself well pleased with the distension of his belly. She turned off the water but left him affixed as he was and with the tube and mask in place,

"It will add to his suffering and that is our aim, isn't it?"
They went upstairs to prepare for lunch and James gave Emily's love-making skills another polish.

After lunch, Jane led her niece through more of the intricacies of the business world but then, seeing the girl's mind was on the room downstairs, bade her go and find Barbara and see to the boy's further lesson.

"Okay, he's about all in. Time to let it go. James, remove the tube from his asshole, please. Be careful...."
Barbara and Emily stepped back as the plug came out and cockboy's anus erupted with spurt after spurt of lightly coloured water that ran down his thighs and legs to drip onto the tray below him and run out of the drain-hole in the middle.
"And now we turn on the water again. This time it can flow straight out and down the hole. Twenty-four hours hanging up there with his belly being continuously filled with water will have him most obedient afterwards...."

"It won't hurt his joints or his muscles, Barbara, to hang there so long?"

"Oh it will hurt them alright but it won't damage them. He's in pain now but he'll be in agony by this time tomorrow."

"Tonight, Emily, I suggest we try one of the slaves with you... Which one appeals most?"

She looked at James. They all do, James but I think I want you...?"

He smiled,

"Thank you. But if you are going to learn all there is to know about sex and its enjoyment, you have to learn to try everything there is.
xxxx"I will be there to guide you and also to ensure the slave is satisfactory; not that there is much chance he won't be.
xxxx"When they fail to please in their prime function -- providing sexual pleasure to their owner, severe punishment follows -- and they know it."
She looked at him thoughtfully,
"Okay, the castrate, panther ... I have been wondering what it would like to rape a boy?"

"A good choice. You have had me in the more normal role and now you wish to try a more exotic coupling. Let us first go and choose a weapon for you."

They went down to the equipment room and James helped her select an appropriate dildo. It was big but not enormous. It would hurt the boy but give her a great deal of pleasure.
"Right, now we go and fetch the slave...."
They went down to the cellars and James pointed in at the sleek black boy,
"You, panther. Up. You are wanted upstairs...."
He opened the door and the boy shrank back against the back wall,
"No, please. Not more rape?"

"Do you want a dose of electrical stimulation, boy?"

The boy paled -- if a black can do such a thing and now came out docilely while Emily wondered what 'electrical stimulation' involved. James took him by the arm and they went upstairs to Emily's room,
"Undress the mistress, boy -- and make it sensuous."
He did. And it was with great panache and skill. His hands grazed her flesh, as if by accident, as he removed garment after garment. Once she was naked, James gestured to the dildo. The slave eyed it distastefully but he picked it up and carefully inserted it into Emily's vagina and then buckled the straps around her hips. Then he picked her up and laid her on the bed while James watched critically. The boy then laid down on the bed and drew his knees up to his chest, exposing his anus as he had been taught.

He hated this act. He hated everything about this place and the women who ran it but he had learned over the weeks he had been there, after much punishment and disciplinary 'education' to accept his new place. The final culmination of that education had been his castration when the hated Dr Marcuse had cut off his cock and balls while he watched (before he fainted from the pain, anyway).

Now with this new young woman, he had to accept an anal buggering yet again while the hated James gloated over his shame and humiliation.

He kept his face neutral though. He well knew if James thought he was being rebellious or even cheeky, he would be in for another day of agony at their hands. And so as Emily rammed the huge fake cock into his asshole, he opened it wide and accepted the so shameful act, hoping if he behaved, it would all be over soon.

Alas for him, he hadn't contended with Emily's athleticism and for her newfound delight in sex. She was a most healthy young lady and now that she had discovered how wonderful sex was, she wanted lots and lots of it.

She took it now, ramming the huge dildo in and out of the black boy's anus until it was raw and bleeding while she moaned in the throes of ecstasy. He knew better than to complain however and when James led him back down to the cells, waddling with his legs spread very wide rather than walking, he pretended that it had been wonderful for him too. James wasn't fooled but he recognised the boy was trying and he gave him a nod of encouragement.

James returned to Emily's room (since she had asked him to) and made love to her for another hour before they snuggled up and went to sleep.

"Jane, what is electrical stimulation?"

"Ah, it's a means we use with the supposedly full trained slaves to bring them back on the straight and narrow after a lapse."

"Oh. But how is it done -- what is it?"

"Ah, I see. Well if a slave is still whole, after stretching him out tight in a spreadeagle, we attach electrodes to his testicles and to the inside of his penis and then give him doses of electric shocks. In that area they are extraordinarily painful and after an extended period, say half a day, we seldom find it necessary to correct him again...."

"And what if he isn't whole -- such as panther?"

"Then the electrodes go into his anus and to the new flat area of his grin , just where the root of his penis used to be. That area is still very sensitive. It's not quite as painful but we increase the voltage to compensate and it then works very well.

"Mmmm, I see. I suppose there isn't a boy who needs it right now?"

Jane smiled,
"No, Emily. And I don't punish unless it is needed but if over the next weeks, while you are here, it is called for, I will make sure you know about it."
The girl looked abashed,
"Of course, Jane. It was wrong of me to suggest it.... Well, what about castrating them? Were you thinking of doing it to any of them while I'm here?"

"You would really like to see it?"

"Oh yes," the girl breathed, her face now flushed with excitement.

"Well, that's just possible. There is a boy whom I have tired of. He is fairly new and is very handsome but he doesn't suit me as a lover. I told him I was going to sell him to a lady I know of in Amsterdam and he actually had the temerity to beg me not to sell him. He said he wanted only me! I ask you. What are slaves coming to?"

Emily grinned,
"Disgraceful!" she said in mock sympathy. "And so?"

"And so, I told him he could have his wish. Sex only with me it would be. Elizabeth is coming up here next week and will castrate him."

"Which one is it?"

Jane looked at her for long moments then smiled grimly,

"Oh, I had him the other night. I thought he was quite good but then of course I am not really in a position to judge....."

She looked almost disappointed at the thought of the huge young man losing his cock and balls but then she thought of the coming operation itself and brightened up again,
"Oh well. No doubt there will be other just as good."

"Of course there will be, dear. And think of that stupendous organ mounted in my trophy room."

They both laughed together.

Cockboy was spreadeagled as tight as they could get him in the room set aside for operations on the slaves. He had pleaded and begged Jane not to castrate him and she had listened to it all, delighting in his abject begging -- for a while. Then she had tired of it and they had gagged him with a huge penis gag which was hollow and forced his mouth wide open.

The surgeon, Jane and Emily were wearing surgical gowns and caps but cockboy was still quite naked. Dr Marcuse was seated on a stool in front of him with her instruments on a small table beside her while the other two sat on chairs either side.

Emily had taken to the surgeon from the beginning. She was a world renowned urologist but this side of her practice was not known of course. It was nevertheless the part that she loved the most. Working on male sexual organs had been a strange choice for her but no-one knew that in her mind, she was castrating each of her patients -- especially the more handsome, muscular and well-endowed ones.

"First his balls," she said crudely.
She grabbed at them and brought her scalpel down to the root of the sac. She was quick -- but then she was practised at this procedure. Many of Jane's slaveboys ended up in here and Elizabeth was pleased to perform this service for her friend.

She opened the sac while cockboy struggled in his bonds, his fine muscles rippling wonderfully. It took but a few slashes and his testicles were sitting in the jar of formaldehyde while she trimmed the remnants of the scrotum and sewed it back together on the line of his perineum. In a few weeks no-one would know he ever had balls at all.

Then she started on the penis. This was more difficult -- if you wanted a pleasing end result. It would be simple enough to merely slice it off, cauterise bleeders and then sew over the stump -- but that wasn't what Janes wanted. Neither would Elizabeth have been satisfied with such a crude operation. No, if you wanted the lower belly and groin area to be smooth and flat, the penis had to be removed in its entirety -- and that meant the root as well.

The human penis begins a couple of inches inside the body. This is how it is able to stand straight up when erect. The root, or inner portion can be excised along with the exterior section, if you know what you are doing -- and Elizabeth Marcuse knew very well what she was doing.

The problem was not the removal of the organ itself but in knowing what to do with the urethra -- the tiny white tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis and through it. Jane liked her slaveboys to be totally smooth and flat down there so Dr Marcuse developed a stainless steel insert that could be fitted through a hole in the perineum and went into the urethra.

This contained a special valve that would only open when a bottle with an identical coupling was clicked onto the fitting. This had the dual effect of preventing accidents as the hole in the perineum was in front of the body's own tap and leakage could thus occur at any time without the valve. The other advantage was that the slave could be punished by denying him release since his owner could keep the bottle securely locked away.

Accordingly, the operation was made simpler. Dr Marcuse could seal the urethra off where it entered the root of the penis while she cauterised bleeders and the other tubes.

She first cut laterally down the two sides of the penis and then flenched the skin up and off the organ. Cockboy's face turned a deep red at this and he was crying and obviously trying to scream. Stripping the skin off the body is a most painful operation but they didn't mind.

When she had finished this careful procedure, she pinned it up to his belly and now opened his groin above and around the root. Emily couldn't see the details of what she was doing inside there but soon enough she held up his cock. She had left enough skin on it to stretch around it and also to allow for the scrotum to be attached to it once more for display in the trophy room.

Now it remained to cut away surplus skin at the groin and to sew back the penis skin, joining it to his body at the fold of the groin and thighs.

Cockboy was no longer struggling however. He had fainted as she cut off his cock.

"Have to find a new name for him now," remarked Jane. "Can hardly go on calling him cockboy now, can we?"

"What about cockless wonder?" said Emily.

"Perfect," said her aunt. "Cockless wonder it is."

Emily stayed the full four weeks and would have stayed on longer but that school was starting back,
"You can come up here every holidays if you like although I don't know what you are going to tell your mother, dear."
Emily grinned,
"Leave that to me. Oh Jane, you have opened up so much to me. I know I have to go but I would so love to stay and help you and Barbara and James and the girls with the slaves."

"Well, it has been a pleasure for me too, Emily. It's amazing how the genes will repeat themselves. I know you are going to fill my shoes perfectly as time goes by."

"But Emily, what did you do up there?"

"Oh heaps, Mother. Studied about business with Aunt Jane -- and other things...."