For probably the thousandth time since sunset Annie hugged her sister for sheer joy and laughed as her wide blue eyes glittered in the firelight.

"This is sooo excellent! We've finally done it sweet sister mine; big bucks, all the dope we can use and plenty of delicious meat that's absolutely untraceable -- nine sexy pieces with no one who gives the smallest damn about them."

"Least of all us!" Julie snickered. "Momma's gonna go out of her mind! This will be the best Christmas ever!"

Annie and Julie Crawford had several years between them but as close as twins. Annie, a twenty-five year old beauty, was blond and blue-eyed with a slender build and lovely translucent white skin. Faint blue lines could be seen when her tender skin was wet; her pointy breasts were capped with swollen strawberries that most guys found irresistible.

Her younger sister, Julie, loved outdoor activities that had resulted in a tawny brown coloring but her blazing blue eyes marked her as kin to her sister. Though eighteen, Julie was still a boyish, flat chested beauty and longed for breasts as full and alluring as her sister's. She longed even more for freedom from school!

The two beauties were closer than lovers, and as dangerous as a dozen starving wolves. Since Annie's return from college the two had committed several violent crimes -- they shared a hatred for males and an insatiable lust for their hard cocks and naked bodies.

Humming happily, Annie walked into the kitchen, swinging her hips as she danced to the languid music filling the big ranch. Uncle Michael's mountain estate was deliberately built so as to give the illusion of growing from the side of the massive hill. Always fond of the mighty eagles whose ancestral home he had invaded he named the dwelling the Aerie.

After not seeing his pretty nieces for several years, he was delighted when they appeared on his doorstep in the rain one evening. That night he and Annie drank wine to celebrate their visit. Julie drank lemonade and carefully lowered the telephone ringers as she scouted the house to ensure no servants were present upstairs. Returning she winked at her sister; all was going perfectly.

That night Uncle Michael drunkenly passed out in the master bedroom while his nieces slept two floors above him. In the middle of the night the girls stealthily crept into his bed and wakened him gently with hot, sucking mouths and gaping vulvas. Without a protest the lawyer seized Annie and began fucking her tight pussy feverishly; so aroused was he that he never felt the sharp sting of Julie's needle until the room began to spin.

The sun was high when he climbed back to consciousness, groggily opening his eyes to the realization that he was naked and tied strongly wrists to ankles on his belly. A ball gag effectively reduced his outraged bellows to muted whimpers. At his feet his pretty nieces were rifling his drawers, evidently looking for cash. Annie wore a satin peach nightgown and Julie children's flowered pajamas. As he stared, the girls turned and saw him watching.

"Well, you're still a pig aren't you, Uncle?" Annie sneered. "When I was no older than Julie you used to grope my breasts. I remember well the day you took me into the woods and made me suck your nasty cock. You grunted 'Eat me, eat me!' as you made me swallow your sticky goo, and when you started in on Julie it really was too much.
Xxxx"THAT'S why we both stopped all communication with you. But we did not forget, as you're about to see. Nor did our Momma. Julie, please check the oven while I stay and visit with our uncle."
Giggling wildly, the young girl skipped down the stairs as Annie bent over her naked uncle and began whispering in his ear.

Long before Julie returned he was screaming uncontrollably, bouncing up and down on the bed in a frenzy of terror as he sought to escape. His huge erection pointed like a tower to the ceiling. Julie climbed up onto the soft feather bed and squealed as she slowly slid her tight mouth over the massive shaft, slowly swallowing it down her small throat. Holding it firmly with both hands she rhythmically slid her wet mouth up and down, while Annie rubbed his fat testicles between her hands and crooned at how well her baby sister suckled male meat....

"Merry Christmas, Uncle Michael. This is not for your pleasure but for ours. Regardless of the fact that you're a rat, you're also an amazingly hung stallion with a cock that begs for fellatio. This will be the last you ever get.
Xxxx"Your screaming shows you understand exactly what that oven's broiling coils will do your naked flesh ... by the time Momma arrives you'll be a scrumptious, mouth watering roast!"
Sweat beads burst out on the big man's forehead as he stiffened and came mightily down the beautiful little girl's throat. Julie swallowed hugely as she swallowed every drop of thick cream. Releasing the sticky cock, she wiped her mouth with the flannel front of her unbuttoned pajama top and burped daintily with a wicked grin.
"Looks like it's about time to carry you downstairs, Uncle," she grinned. "We'll not be getting much more cream out of those balls, that's for sure!
Xxxx"What do you say, big sister? Shall we bring the meat to his date with the broiling rack? I wonder if its caresses will pleasure him as did those of my warm throat minutes ago?"
Straining and cursing, the twin beauties dragged their big uncle off his bed, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. Thirty minutes later he was positioned inside the great broiler oven.
"Julie, let's run down to town while he's cooking -- we need some supplies if we intend to treat Momma to a real feast. Let's get some chestnuts and cranberry sauce...."
Annie chattered on as she steered her younger sister towards the door. Several hours passed and the great oaken door turned ponderously inward as the cheerful girls returned. Julie raced upstairs to the bathroom while Annie took off her boots and went to check Uncle Michael.

Annie carefully pulled the oven door open and at once the shrill whimpering of the suffering man inside flooded the room. A delicious aroma thrilled her nose as she inhaled the butter baking into his blistering skin. He glared at her frantically, but the ball gag effectively prevented him from speaking.

Annie hummed prettily as she slid on a canvas glove and patted his blistering belly, absently cupping his heavy testicles and squeezing his thick shaft, rigid with agony as it cooked from within.

"Uncle Michael you are coming along just fine!" she said softly. "Your dick has never been so big and strong -- even when you used to bring it to me for sucking when I was a child. How are you doing in the heat? Those blisters look terrible -- do they hurt very much? I certainly hope so!"
The girls had planned this for months; after carefully watching their Uncle's great house they learned he was alone most of the time and decided to "drop in" for reconciliation. His dick had been the first in their soft bodies when they were young -- and their hatred for him burned white hot in their hearts for the past ten years. Suspecting he might be eager to see them -- especially their wet open mouths -- the girls planned their revenge as an offering to their hardworking, long suffering mother.

Both girls were wanted by the law and had determined not to be taken. Their uncle's wealth and isolation offered them their best chance for freedom -- and their need for vengeance was the icing on the cake.

Laurie Crawford, the mother, was herself a bitter, hardened woman with a sensuous nature and tremendously strong sex drive. She had secretly been fascinated for many years by cannibalism and torture. Several times she wondered silently if it was her contamination that had made her daughters so wild -- and if the abuse of her husband's bastard brother Michael had influenced them.

In any event, this mysterious invitation -- virtually a summons, so adamant were the girls! -- came just at the right time. Laurie knew the two were in trouble with the law currently and figured they'd be planning to skip the country, so this may be her last chance to see them in a long time. Also she needed a break from that damned, thankless job and it's lecherous foreman!

It still bothered her that she'd had to fuck her way in -- and that she had to continue doing so! Her pig foreman just had no right, he had no right -- breaking into tears the curvaceous woman fought to regain control. Damn! This vacation would be wonderful....

Even at the airport, Laurie didn't realize the address was her brother's. If she had, she'd doubtless have gone no further.

Meanwhile, Annie had an incredible stroke of good luck. The doorbell rang in the old hall. Annie glanced in a mirror to ensure she looked presentable and peered through the spy hole. Two young men stood there, about her sister's age. She opened the door cautiously.

"What can I do for you, young men?" she asked sweetly.
The older-looking one answered.
"We are trying to raise money for a school trip, Miss. We're freshmen at Boulder U, and our band is accompanying our football team to the local bowl game. Not a big trip, but we still need money and we noticed your drive needs shoveling. Would you like to hire us?"
Annie at first intended to send them away but suddenly she realized how pretty they were -- much prettier than most college boys. They looked younger, but, she had noticed, a lot of the young men around here looked younger than they did most places -- something in the water, she mused to herself.
"What are you guys really doing up here in the mountains?" she asked, thinking their story sounded maybe a little fishy.
The answer nearly made her wet her drawers.
"Actually, Miss, we've run away from home. Our folks think we headed south but in fact we're heading for Hollywood. Young guys can always find work out there. If you're eighteen or nineteen but look thirteen or fourteen, the porn business really wants you. Tim and I both are eighteen but we don't look it, do we, Miss?"

"If anything, I'd say you two boys were twelve, maybe eleven," Annie said, only half lying.

So, the little slut-boy want's to sell his ass on the streets in Hollywood, no less. He'll serve me much better by allowing me to serve it up -- on a platter. This beautiful little boy is delicious -- and I want his dripping, roasted meat, Annie thought silently.
"Sure, boys - in the spirit of Christmas, I'll put you to work."
Three hours later the guys were done. Despite the cold, they were both sweaty, their skin shining with the blush only young guys have. Annie lured them in to collect their reward. The two younger-than-they-look-eighteeners were as unsuspecting as beautiful. "Miss Annie" led them in while pretending to hunt for her purse.
"You boys have done a great job. Aren't you thirsty after all that work?" she purred.
She set a pitcher of lemonade on the table before them. The boy with more baby-fat on his cheeks swallowed thirstily and poured himself a big glass. Draining it he sighed. Annie watched his Adam's apple slide up into his throat, disappear, then suddenly pop up like a cork bobbing when a hungry fish takes the bait.

Saliva pooled in her mouth. She thought about how delicious his flesh would be and how wonderfully he's shriek under her knives. Thinking of Julie, about the same age as these fine boys, she realized she absolutely HAD to have them. The setup was perfect -- by their own admission, their parent's had no idea where they were.

Well, she thought to herself, I don't believe these precious runaways are destined for stardom -- although they'll certainly be the center of attention in the kitchen when Momma arrives!

"Why don't you guys get comfortable?" she continued aloud. "We'll drink some beer and watch movies tonight and in the morning my sister and I will drive you to the bus depot."
Winking at Julie she placed her hands on her hips in mock anger and ordered the boys into the showers, telling them they were dirty and needed to land in Hollywood clean and fresh. She then gathered up their clothing and put them in the laundry, giving the boys some pajamas and robes she found in an upstairs bedroom. As the young men showered and chattered excitedly she had to restrain her little sister who wanted to bust in on them.
"Idiot! These guys are young ... you'll scare them and they'll bolt. Leave 'em alone. There'll be plenty of time to play with them later."
Grumbling, Julie agreed, and scurried off to ready the kitchen for the slaughter. Slapping her small butt as she left, Annie promised to let her take all the time she wanted between the stripping of their victims and the actual slaughter. As young as the young guys seemed to her, she realized that to Julie they were peers and her eighteen year old sister was undoubtedly dying to get her teeth in their genitals....

Hours later, the boys sat in their underwear, uncomfortably hot because Julie had cranked up the heating to ensure her prey would strip. The guys were getting uncomfortable for other reasons also -- they were getting leery of the glaring stares of the younger girl and the constant attentions of the elder. They noticed that "Miss Annie" seemed to constantly want to touch them and spoke about eating all the time -- and they did not like the way she and the girl constantly snickered and seemed to be sharing a private joke.

The baby-faced boy began to get scared; he'd been sitting in his underwear too long and was upset. Besides, it really hurt where Miss Annie had pinched him! His buddy was calmer but still fidgeted nervously. Deciding to separate them, Annie suggested that Julie take one boy upstairs to see her comic books. The older-looking boy brightened and agreed, to the other's concern.

The baby-faced boy was shivering uncontrollably. Annie watched his thick thighs clench and twist in nervous fear.

"When can I have my pants, Miss, like you promised ... like you promised."
He laughed nervously, eyes wide as he glanced rapidly about the cluttered room. A sob choked through his tight throat as he shivered on the cold steel table. Annie leaned down and slid her lean arms around his pretty neck, teasing his nose playfully.
"Soon enough dear boy ... soon enough. We'll take good care of you soon enough."
She felt her flat belly tingle as she thought silently just how they would take care of him! Julie was leading the baby-faced boy's pal back into the room and the two brightened as they saw each other. The older-looking guy was much taller than his baby-faced buddy -- Julie's head was almost level with his. Her blazing blue eyes ran up and down his scantily clad figure, lingering on the sweat-soaked crotch she was hungry for. Motioning to her sister she whispered as they stepped back and watched the brothers.
"How do you wanna do them?"

"I want to peel baby-face real slow ... I thought we'd tie him down across the table and start at his wrists. I bet his cock is real thick and stubby; I want to see how hard it gets when I lick it and how long I can keep it hard in my mouth while you peel his skin away! What about the big guy?"

Annie grinned and whispered,
"Why not treat him to the same pleasure? We'll bind him so that his buddy's blood sprays across him as we peel -- while I'm cutting him you can suck him too and announce each step in case he tries to look away or faints from terror. When do you wanna tell them?"

"Not for a while yet -- it's too much fun watching them figure out that something's wrong!"

Unable to restrain herself the pretty blond girl snickered loudly and the boys stared at her nervously.
"Boys", Annie began with a grin, "It's probably time to tell you something. We kind of invited you in under false pretenses ... you guys know what 'cannibals' are? You ever hear of torture?"
Unable to resist joining in, Julie snickered wickedly and licked her pink lips in anticipation.
"SURE you guys know what 'torture' means! That's when someone hurts you real bad and makes you cry and scream and bleed. Most women have a secret need to torture guys -- males being so easy to hurt, and so sexy and all. How would you guys like to make two pretty girls VERY happy for Christmas?"
The frightened young men began to weep and tremble as Julie advanced with a coil of rope in her strong little hands...

Meanwhile, the mother arrived at the airport and, humming happily, called her daughters to tell them she'd be arriving soon. She then hailed a cab and soon was at the base of the mountain. As Annie had girlishly insisted, she got out there and waited. Annie had stressed that no one must be aware of her final destination.

Checking to be sure their playthings were well tied, the girls reluctantly pulled themselves away from the fun and games and, within twenty minutes they were to where they had told their mother to go. She was there, anxiously waiting, looking round, wary of what could be a trap.

She startled as the bushes rustled, nearly jumping out of her skin before the bushes parted and her younger daughter flew into her arms with a delighted cry.

"Momma, oh Momma, it's so good to see you!"
Julie wept as she embraced the older woman.
"Just wait until you see what we've got going! We are gonna have such a kick-ass time, and we've loads of cash. This will be the best Christmas you've ever had!"
Chattering excitedly, the beautiful girls filled their mother in as they walked up the hidden path to the great house. Annie explained the situation with their uncle and the Serendip -- the two Hollywood bound pretty-boys out to seek their fortune.

Laurie fully accepted the situation and was introduced to three captives -- the nearly dead, cooked uncle, and the two bound boys. Tears came to her eyes and she half-cried,

"Oh! You make your mother so proud! I'm so happy!"
Her nipples were so stiff they irritated her as she slowly worked the barbecue sauce into the weeping young man tied down beneath her. Her work-lined hands slowly slid up and down his naked body working the tangy sauce into every fold of skin.
"Wh-why are you doing this ma'am! I told your daughter she could see my dick if you wanted ... same for you. Why are you putting that sticky stuff on me? It kind of stings ... AHH!"
His words were cut off as Laurie's fingers found his puckery virgin ass-hole. The hot sauce burned the boy's delicate mucous membrane and he yelped again. Leaning lower Laurie wiped the sweat off his forehead and kissed him gently.
"Dear boy, don't be such a big baby! If you think this hurts, just wait until you see what I've got in store for you tonight! I'm going to let this sauce slowly absorb into your skin until five -- dinner time -- and then give you a special flushing for another hour -- and then the fun REALLY begins!"
Scott began to cry in earnest -- he was getting very afraid.
"Look, ma'am, this is not at all funny ... let me up now or I'm telling my father the second I get home."
The mature woman's answer was a wide grin.
"You said you ran away from home. They have no idea where you are. So how're you going to make good on your threat, boy!"
She pulled his balls up over his cock and belly then let them go. As they started to sag back, trying to crawl over the edge and fall between his wide spread legs, she slapped them -- a good, hard, glancing blow. The boy yelped real hard and quivered all over.

Annie whispered in Julie's ear. From her daughters' mischievous smiles, Laurie knew they were going to make a wild announcement. She herself had no problem with their savage bloodthirstiness -- only stern Catholic upbringing had prevented her from following the same path.

"Sit down, Momma," Julie said.
She did, and her daughters joined her on the sofa.
"Momma how long has it been since you, umm, had a guy, umm, touch you kind of ... that is...."
Her sister cut her off,
"What's she's asking, momma, is how long since you had really good sex."
Laurie hesitated for a moment before answering,
"Far too long. Males are vile but their cocks sure feel good inside you. Hell, I'm forty years old -- most males have no interest in an old woman like me."

"That's bullshit Momma -- but it leads to what we were thinking. Here we are with a couple hot young studs we're gonna kill anyway -- hell, we're gonna eat their tasty bodies ... why not, umm, have a little Christmas fun with 'em first?"

Laurie didn't catch on at first.
"Why, we've been doing that..."
Then her brown eyes lit up.
"What ever would my darling daughters think of me if they saw me naked with some frightened boy's cock in my ass-hole?" she snickered.
The answer was a happy kiss from both her golden haired beauties.

Laurie stretched sensuously, her lean body shining with a sheen of perspiration. Her breasts sagged slightly but her nipples were long and hard. Shaking her hips she stood in front of the taller of the two boys and turned coyly, spreading her buttocks to expose her open anus.

"Lick me, boy!"
The girls unstrapped him enough to roll him over onto the floor. He dropped with a splat and an "Oooomph!" and then quivers and groans. The girls then grabbed him under his arms and jerked him to his knees as their mother turned round and stuck her ass towards him. The girls then forced the boy's face forward and buried it in her ass.

The girls untied his hands and pulled them round their mother, planting his fingers at her cunt. Maybe thinking, maybe not, the boy's fingers started playing inside her, clawing and groping, making Laurie shiver and quake. His trembling nose felt good in her sensitive sphincter but this only inflamed her for more.

Grabbing his head she started waddling forward, towards the nautilus. Her daughters grabbed the boy's shoulders and dragged him along, keeping his face buried in their mother's ass. At the exercise machine, the daughters flopped the scared-shitless boy into position and the mother she sat with her legs supported and spread wide -- that way the boy's was half a seat, half a saddle horn.

The girls ordered the boy to stick his tongue into their mother's ass and, frightened beyond words, he complied. Laurie squeezed her thighs, holding his head in place, his tongue inside her ass. Laurie motioned and Julie kicked the boy savagely in his kidney, knocking the wind out of him, fluttering her ass-lips as he sputtered.

"Suck my momma's cunt and make it good!" she hissed.
The young man whimpered as he moved his mouth and began sucking on the older woman's stinking, fishy cunt. The girls got the other boy and dragged him into the torture gym. They manipulated the baby-faced boy around so he was belly to belly with his buddy as his face was still held tight in Laurie's twat.

The two boys shivered as their heavy cocks hardened as their bodies pressed. Their erections rubbed together. They pushed apart but Julie's leather lash forced them back together.

"I like your rods rubbing together -- it only proves you sad fuckers are faggots! Now both of you lick my mother off! One gets her delicious ass, the other gets her delectable pussy."
Laurie's barely haired vulva glistened as she watched the helpless naked studs. She was moaning. God, it felt so good! Her two slave boys were licking for their lives -- they foolishly thought -- in fact the pleasure they were generating only made her more determined to torture them to death -- very slowly! Males are so fucking stupid!

Laurie massaged her big nipples as she rocked rhythmically on her strong calves while the boys pleasured her.

Suddenly the kitchen door closed audibly. The women instantly became silent as a male voice shouted from inside,

"I'm home! Hope you're decent!"
There was a bunch of plops and other noises that sounded like someone putting groceries away.
"Doing anything naughty?"
The two daughters silently crept into the kitchen then, still naked, Julie made a show of herself, pulling her shoulders back so her perky young breasts pointed up. She dimpled her butt and grinned at the beautiful nineteen/twenty year old Asian boy putting away groceries.

Julie put her lip to her bottom lip, grinning with her eyes. She said,

"Uncle Michael didn't tell me about you...."

"Is he home?"

"He's asleep, upstairs ... exhausted."

The boy looked at her then grinned,
"I can imagine why."
Then he wiped off his hand and held it out, introducing himself,
"I'm Whang Duk Long."
Then he blushed,
"I know what it sounds like. I've been kidded about my name since I was in kindergarten. I guess...."
He looked Julie up and down, getting an obvious hard-on in his pants,
"... it's OK to tell you what your uncle calls me ... Long Dong Sliver ... after that porn star that was in the movie that Supreme Court Justice was supposed to like so much."
Julie looked at his pants, tenting even more,
"Because of your name or because of...."
She licked her lips. Whang blushed and said,
"He was making fun of my name."
As Julie kept the boy distracted, Annie crept up behind. She startled him, so she said,
"Uncle's upstairs ... and we're horney. Wanna play?"
And before Whang could say anything the girls were on him stripping his clothes off and tying his wrists behind his back -- he was offering absolutely no resistance at all. Within a couple minutes he was standing there naked, his wrists tied behind his back, his cock just what was expected -- maybe even more -- the girls' uncle's nickname for his houseboy was no exaggeration. The girls French kissed each other and fondled each other as the boy's cock got harder and harder, twitching, ticking back and forth like an old fashioned metronome.

After a couple minutes of getting the boy hotter than hot, Julie grabbed his cock like a handle and pulled him into the torture gym where their mother was still smothering the two Hollywood bound hustler wanna-be's with her ass and pussy. The pretty Asian boy's eyes bulged -- he didn't know what to think ... whether it was going to be the fuck-fest of his young life or whether it was something much more serious.

Half not thinking, he blurted,

"Hey if this is a real orgy, the more the better! Mr. Chesnick, the gardener came back with me. He's outside somewhere putting things up."
Suddenly Whang realized he shouldn't have said anything because if something was not on the up-and-up, Chesnick maybe could have gotten help. Now if the girls seduce him too, there'll be no hope for any of them. He tried not to think of it. It would be all OK ... Mr Sanders had had some really wild parties in the past. And he'd gotten himself all worn out before and the party continued without him. But he had told his servants before. But first time for everything.

Getting a good view of the mixed-Asian boy's double-man-sized cock dancing in front of him like a third arm Nazi-saluting, she gasped,

"Honey, bring that boy here" I want to suck cock ... bad!"
Pulling a bench before the three hot bodies entwined like some obscene Laocoön, she ordered the now frightened Asian boy up. Trying to be braver than he was, he did what was expected and thrust his penis in Laurie's flushed face. She sucked him in hungrily and began milking him with skill.

Meanwhile Annie had gone outside to look for the gardener. She found him and had talked him into the kitchen, into stripping, and into letting her tie his hands behind his back. Men are so stupid! she thought to herself. If women just wanted to take over the world, it would be easy. Men think with their cocks, not their heads!

Annie left the gardener tied up in the kitchen and went in to check on what her sister and mother were doing. She stood in the doorway and watched her oversexed mother's fun and games with pride. Her momma was one fucking sexy lady! She could really suck cock ... and get a good cunt and ass licking at the same time. She sure hoped she could get the same when she was her mother's age.

Suddenly Annie had an idea. Time to let the guys get a hint! She went back to the kitchen to get the young gardener. As he stood there, slightly red faced, his hard cock wagging back and forth like a boxer's clipped tail, she admired his pretty chest. She could imagine watching him work shirtless in the sun. Now she was going to taste those flat muscles!

Leading him out of the kitchen towards the torture-gym by his cock, Annie suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him and began suckling his penis. His cock head flared wide inside her mouth in seconds, dripping pheromone-rich precum onto her lapping tongue. She pulled back and grinned up at him. His cock was already throbbing with imminent-orgasm. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and twisted opposite ways -- one hand clockwise, the other anticlockwise. Instantly the hunky young guy's orgasm was halted.

Annie then grabbed the hard cock again and led the boy into what was now a torture-gym. She grabbed his shoulders and twisted him around to face her mother.

"Another one, momma," she sniggered.
But Annie wasn't giving this one up. She was more than ready to do one of these boys, and he was elected. She made up something like she needed to justify what she was about to do,
"Mr. Chesnick's a real Ass-hole, Momma. He tried to rape me. Now it's payback time and I want these guys to see what payback really means!"
She pushed him up against a dry-sink that was in the gym for some reason no one cared to wonder about. It was mounted in a very heavy butcher-block kind of table with heavy-duty, locked castors.
"Lean back, Mr. Chesnick ... further, fuck your back!"
She kneed him in the balls. He "oofed" and started to bend forward and she grabbed her hands together and swung them up hard into his jaw, making him jerk back as she kneed him again, hard. Back and forth several times till the boy was knees were buckling.

Julie was beside her sister helping now. The two girls held the gasping, whimpering young man up as they unsnapped the handcuffs, shoved him down on the dry-sink, jerked his arms under and snapped the cuffs together before the boy could realize what was happening to him, before he could resist.

Now they were pulling his legs up under the heavy table, getting him balanced across the deep dry-sink. Terror filled the boy's wide eyes as he began to beg in a cracking voice. His broad chest glistened with sweat in the bright fluorescent light of the torture-gym.

Annie walked over and whispered in her momma's ear. Laurie spat the pretty olive-skinned boy's cock out of her mouth then shuddered her shoulders in pleasure as the two beneath continued slurping away.

The girls unlocked the castors then started shoving the strapped taut boy over to their mother. Laurie licked her lips, stretching and bending over so she could run her tongue along the naked gardener's belly.

"Uuummm! I feel SO good -- and I'm getting SO hungry. Mr. Gardener, sir, have women ever told you how good you taste?"
The muffled young man felt a cold lump of fear. Laurie began nibbling at his taut-stretch belly, trying to find a fold of skin to catch in her teeth. Not finding and, she pressed her teeth into his belly till there was a bulge and she clamped down on that, grinding her teeth back and forth lightly, almost erotically. Then she began to bite down.

At first not hard enough to break his skin -- Laurie found the idea of absolute power over this helpless male enormously exciting, even through the novel sensations engendered by two male tongues frantically working at her bottom orifices.

The naked man with hard belly muscle between her teeth was shivering -- and she bit harder and felt her teeth break through the soft skin stretched over over-hard male muscle as a spray of hot blood filled her mouth. Chesnick jerked and twisted ... the naked woman responded by biting harder, jerking her head to the side, like Spielberg's Tyrannosaurus Rex mother, ripping away a piece of skin.

The baby-faced boy sucking Laurie's cunt screamed like a young girl in a Halloween haunted house as the gardener's blood dripped onto his face; in horror he drew back and tried to twist away. In a flash Julie was driving him back with her merciless whip.

"You cowardly son of a bitch! You have too delicious a body to DARE to piss me off! I've been thinking that your big balls look good enough to eat! How'd YOU like my teeth gnawing into your thigh?
Xxxx"Get back and suck my momma's cunt, boy, as if your life depends on it -- because, boy, I promise you, it does!"
The terrified baby-faced boy's eyes filled with tears as he slowly pushed his back back into the older woman's thighs, between her legs, into her cunt, finally sticking out his tongue and forcing in into the well-sucked and licked slit.

By now Laurie had chewed and swallowed her first bite and a second and even a third and was pressing her bloody face into the raw, quivering meat, biting, throwing her head to the side back and forth, ripping away yet more of the muscle-boy's hard, meaty belly. She found a pocket of thick, hard yellow fat semi-liquid covering the boy's love-handle and slurped at the greasy fat. It was delicious!

Chuckling, the older brown haired woman began now stripping away chunks of hard, lean meat in earnest; Chesnick's lower abdomen was a mass of raw, red horror -- an immense open wound. While not uncovered yet, the coils of intestines were distending thin places in the abdominal muscle.

Grinning at her daughters, Laurie's eyes darted back and forth, pointing to the naked male's hard-throbbing cock. Despite all he was suffering, maybe because of it, his donkey-sized dong was stiff and throbbing, bobbing as it pulsed. This gave the beautiful woman an idea, and she lowered her head.

Seizing the partially eaten boy's thick cock with almost gentle hands she caressed his fat testicles as she began nipping at his spongy cock-head, first just drawing blood-blisters but soon breaking through the skin, licking the tasty blood mixed with precum, then started nipping and grinding, sawing off a bit of tasty cock-head sponge, then some more as blood gushed into her mouth. As more and more gushed through, trying to maintain the boy's erection despite the spurting leak.

Chesnick went insane, judging from his writhing, as she slowly nipped away, chewed, then swallowed more and more of the boy's pride and joy.

"Don't worry, boy. I won't neglect these delicious eggs of yours. I'm saving the best for last!"
The two boys in her ass and cunt were wailing in fear as they continued feverishly laving Laurie's sensitive orifices. Their cries and hiccupping breath fluttered her ass and pussy-lips intensely erotically.

Annie danced with excitement and rapturous excitement, like a woman dancing in some secret, long forbidden goddess rite of dominance over males all over the world. Her pussy was dripping with creamy vaginal fluids. Her small nipples were very hard and sharply defined.

Julie was twisting around like a snake, rubbing her hands over her chest, between her thighs, digging her fingers into her flared pussy. Annie noted through her ecstatic haze that her little sister would shortly need to start wearing a brassiere -- her breasts were getting much fuller, bouncier.

Although only eighteen, Julie was insanely mean -- Annie realized she could never be as cruel as the little vixen, but the realization brought no despair, only a determination to enjoy the competition!

The gardener was a mass of blood -- Laurie had completely eaten his genitals -- cock and balls both -- and had opened a gaping crater through which his intestines spilled, wetly hanging across the her curly hair, well matted with blood. Chesnick was still alive but his glazed eyes indicated he was slipping into shock.

Laurie sighed as she edged forward to push her wolfish face deeper into the dying male. She flexed her buttocks and the terrified captives desperately pressed into her warm flesh to avoid angering her...

Julie's eyes were burning when the baby-faced Hollywood-bound hustler noticed them locked on his fearful face. He almost pissed in weak fear. Julie began waggling her finger adorably as her young face split into an evil grin.

"Baby, oh Baby ... come here, ya big hunk of man ... I want to talk to ya."
Kissing her mother she suddenly jerked savagely on the blond boy's ponytail, wrenching his head from her cunt, pulling harder and harder as her sister untied the two boys and the baby-faced cunt-lapper fell onto his ass

Catching himself on his elbows, he lay naked with his legs spread wide as the pretty young girl stepped between them. She winked and slipped her thumbs into her pussy, playing with it but not spreading the lips open, she tittered,

"Want to see my thing, boy?"
She sing-song whined like a spoiled little girl,
"I never showed it to a boy before. It's awful soft...."
The baby-faced boy gaped as Julie pressed her smooth young cunt into his face. He whimpered in terrified uncertainty. Julie dropped to her knees, pulling her fingers from her cunt and grabbing the boy's heavy scrotum. She played with it; the soft skin sack filled her cupped hands and she licked it slowly like a cat.

For such a young woman, her tongue seemed huge to the terrified male. She said nothing, enjoying her victim's tangible fear. He began to weep softly, despairingly. Finally the vixen broke the tension with an exaggerated little girl voice.

"Yummy yum yum ... I'm real hungry, Baby, and these eggs smell SO good. I'm gonna huff, and puff, and blow ya...ummm."
Slipping her wet mouth over the frightened male's erection she swallowed it deep and rhythmically bobbed her head up and down. Although almost senseless with fear, the blond boy could not help gasping in sensual arousal as the young woman sucked him hungrily. Soon he was grunting in an explosive orgasm, pumping his hips into the cutie's mouth.

Julie smiled wickedly -- she had sucked her prey off not only for a mouthful of thick male protein but also because she was aware of how sensitive a male's genitals were immediately after orgasm. Giggling, she continued in her faux little girl voice,

"What next? Ummm, oh yeah ... I guess I gotta eat you up, pretty boy!"
Lowering her head as Donnie began screaming in terror, she squeezed his scrotum and separated his big testicles. Licking her lips she then sank her white incisors into the rubbery lump of the naked male's left egg and, as he howled and screamed like some kind of monkey in a zoo, she slowly sawed her teeth back and forth, cutting through the thin skin then into the fatty flesh, grinding more and more as the rubbery organ spurted blood into her mouth, lubricating her sawing teeth till she cut all the way through, flipping the half-ball around with her tongue, slurping the delicious blood and oozy cholesterol-rich spermy fat.

She tongued the half-ball back to her molars and ground, back and forth, lapping and slurping noisily till she had ground it into deep red paste then swallowed, making a real show of it, squeezing the tears out of her eyes as she had to force it down her gullet into her stomach.

Chuckling, Julie slowly sucked the rest of the bloody testicle into her mouth and tongued it around in her mouth, pressing it against the top of her mouth, to the sides, against her teeth so the boy could feel how hard and strong they were before she sawed through the cords holding it to him.

She then clamped down hard and scissored her incisors through the tiny muscles and veins and nerves and all that held his ball to his body. But before she cut through them all, she decided she would give him more pain than that and sucked and tongued the still-attached half-ball to the back of her mouth and started grinding it between her molars.

The poor boy squirmed and struggled so much it was nearly impossible for her to keep grinding till her sister planted her foot on the male's belly and pushed all her weight down, holding him still enough for Julie to grind the screaming boy's ball to mush then swallow it a bit at a time.

For another fifteen minutes or so, she slowly played with the boy's other baby-maker, repeating her slow caress, then tearing at the long vein from the bottom of his still throbbing erection, nipping, sawing, grinding it, chewing it up alive as the boy screamed himself hoarse and so weak he could no longer struggle at all.

Julie's button nose and sharp cheeks were smeared to blurry non-distinctness with the boy's blood. If not before, she was now truly blooded -- like Diana, the huntress.

As consciousness faded, the baby-faced boy thought how terrible the beauty of this little girl was -- like of a bloody goddess from some pagan tribe. He writhed only weakly as he watched her small, slim form lying naked in a pool of his blood while she continued to devour his ruined genitals -- now biting chunks out of his cock, simultaneously fondled his tight young buttocks and belly with her tiny white hands ... her blond hair matted and darkened with his blood.

Annie meanwhile was standing over Tommy, mocking him between licks of Julie's discarded whip. She had the other Hollywood wanna-be out from under her mother, off the exercise machine, onto his back on a low table, his legs half-spread. The boy was stronger than the baby-faced boy and a good deal more courageous.

His genitals were not so massive but he packed considerably more muscle tissue on his broad shoulders and chest. Handsome and virile, he weakly attempted to fend off the stinging whip with one arm while shielding his face with the other.

Annie was twenty-five and had long experience with males. She had already decided to fuck Tommy before slaughtering him. Annie craved thick cock in her ass-hole. She dropped the whip and began licking the big boy's face as she sweetly asked him if he licked tight ass-holes. The boy stammered unintelligibly and Annie slithered between his legs, grabbed his cock and pushed it between her breasts. She played with it, licking and sucking it, teasing the boy before she was ready.

The boy was whimpering as she teasingly sucked his cock, sucking his throbbing cock-head into her mouth. After she sucked him to orgasm four times, draining his balls of nearly every last soldier-sperm.

After he was drained and was spurting blood instead of boy-cream, Annie was ready for a blood-fuck. She knee-walked around to his face and kissed his whimpering lips, then stood up and wagged her butt in his face, moaning for the muscle-boy to love her.

Teeth chattering in terror, the hapless young man lay there as she now straddled him as her baby sister stretched out in a pool of blood and rested on the baby-faced boy's quietly convulsing body while she played idly with her pearly clitoris.

Laurie, the mother, had since kicked the Asian boy onto his back. She had sucked his beautiful double-man-sized cock into yet another erection and slowly rode it as she watched her eldest child bending her knees slowly, taking the muscle boy's dick in the ass.

"You better keep that cock of yours hard, pretty boy ... I can think of several delicious ways to punish you if you don't! There's a small frying pan in the kitchen that's made to hold an inch of melted butter ... I wonder what kind of sweet noises you would make if I boiled that butter with your balls soaking in it while you squat over the grill?"
Lost in the exquisite sensations as she slowly pumped the boy's hard cock in and out of her clenched sphincter, Annie suddenly became aware of soft moans, and turned to see an astonishing sight -- her mother and Julie locked in a tight sixty nine!

As a game, first one then both women woman chewed a small bone from the living, suffering body of her own victim and lovingly sucked it shiny and clean. As they clenched hotly now, each slipped the thin, rounded bone in and out of her partner's clenched anus, adding to the sensation of sucking and chewing -- mother and daughter making love with fetishes they had taken from still living males.

Annie had never dreamed of sex with her kin -- not that she would let herself admit to -- but her clitoris tingled as she watched. First things first, though -- she was still playing with the Hollywood wanna-be muscle boy.

An hour later the three females were idly picking their teeth as they leaned against the butchered corpse of the gardener, watching the Hollywood muscle-boy shriek hysterically in a large lobster pot that boiled furiously on the range. What a struggle it had been getting the strong boy into the heavy pot!

Laurie had thought of the old pot as her daughters argued over the best way to make him scream himself insane. Two weeks ago she had accidentally spilled boiling water on her hand while preparing dinner -- the pain had made her cry. Remembering that scalding was supposed to be the most intense pain someone could ever live through, she remembered the massive pot designed for a dozen lobsters her brother had acquired from the estate of their mother. Looking carefully at the naked young male she had realized that he'd JUST fit in the pot if he was trussed tightly with his wrists.

Ordering him to his knees, she had seized his head firmly and kissed him passionately as her older daughter, Annie, slipped leather cords around his wrists and tied them firmly as her other daughter, Julie, did the same to his ankles.

When the muscle-boy was firmly bound Laurie asked him if he'd ever watched fish in hot water -- he stared uncomprehendingly as she then told him he was going into a pot for boiling. Suddenly the import of these words sank in and he began screaming hysterically, struggling and bucking while the sensuous women laughed delightedly and lifted him into the massive pot.

Every muscle in his body exploded into action against his bonds but he was helpless. Julie dangled her thin arm in the water between his legs, playing with his balls until the water began to heat. In her taunting "little girl" voice she pretended to weep, saying the hot water was hurting her. The muscle-boy began pleading desperately for release, offering every sex act imaginable in exchange for release. Julie couldn't stop laughing and once again Annie grinned as she admired Julie's absolute heartlessness.

Over the next week, the women ate all they could of the baked uncle, boiled muscle-boy, and fried and sauteed and stir-fried gardener and baby-faced boy. The Asian they kept alive throughout, cutting bits of meat off here and there all New Year's Day long, enjoying the best steak tartar imaginable, before biting his cock-head off and sucking all his blood out till he died.

Then over the rest of the week they got rid of him -- through their bellies and down the toilet. And after only little more than a couple weeks, the three women were ready to leave, having eaten five whole males, throwing only their offal out with the garbage, baking the bones in the self-cleaning oven and grinding them to powder and spreading them over the yard -- the best source of phosphorus around, bone meal.

The girls had found more than a million dollars in cash and enough gold and diamonds and emeralds to set them up but good in Argentina. Laurie hugged her daughters affectionately as their plane rose over the sunset and carried them to freedom.

"I hear South American men are handsome and well-hung. What do you say to really investing a little of this money -- construction costs are low anywhere on the continent -- we REALLY need to have a special chamber built under our new house."

"A SOUNDPROOF chamber, Momma!" Julie squealed with an impish grin. "A place where we can play with cute boys to our hearts content ... right, Annie?"

Annie, however, was not talking. A couple weeks of belly filled with rich male flesh and hundreds of earthshaking orgasms had left her exhausted ... still ... a smile on her beautiful face.